Tuesday, March 26 of 2024

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Listen, brave heart, do not tire of persisting. You must always remember that there is a Higher Love that blesses and embraces you, even under the severest conditions.

Today I come to remove from you the weight of your cross a little, so that you may rest in My Arms and may feel the infinite greatness of My Love, the same Love that I taught when I was on Earth.

What do you fear, if you will not lose anything?

I need to build, in you, My Victory, still not revealed to your human eyes, the ardent victory that your soul has waited for since your conception in the womb of your mother.

I need you to learn to dissolve in My Love, because My ocean of Grace is infinite, it purifies all impurities and sins.

Remember that each drop of My Blood touched the earth, and each drop of My Blood, which was shed upon the surface of the Earth, was permeated with a high code of Love, which did not become known to those who were blind in soul and spirit, to those who were against Me, even those who crucified Me without any pity.

But you, My soul, listened to My Word on the top of the Mount, as well as in the desert and on the boats in the high sea.

How many followed My footprints, which I would leave marked on the ground! How few waited for My Resurrection! But many kept watch at that moment.

Today, I bring that which overcomes all adversity and all tests. I bring you the essence of My Origin, which impelled My manifestation in the Life of the Spirit, in Divinity, in Soul and in matter, until I was born here, in this world, in a humble manger.

Why do you fear your falls, if I fell for you on the path of the Cross?

Why do you fear your wounds, if I was flagellated for you so that you could be healed by My Wounds?

The price of My martyrdom was very great and is still unknown to the whole world. This is why I come to demonstrate it to you through the essence of My Origin, which is the very Source of God’s Love, which impels life, elevates the soul, consecrates the spirit, which opens up the Grace of redemption.

And this does not mean that, throughout your human life, you will not continue falling or suffering. But you must extract a lesson from each fall, to learn not to fall again in the same circumstance or situation. Because I have taught you to stand up, not only through My Will, through the most difficult moment of My Life, which was the agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, but I also taught you to stand up and persist through My Love, a very great and unknown love that is capable, even in your life, to forgive any situation, under any circumstance.

If I forgave you, even while nailed to the Cross, praying to the Father to forgive you all, because I knew that you and your brothers and sisters did not know what you were doing, by any chance, My soul, do you not believe that God has already forgiven you?

So that you do not fall again under the same circumstances, you must truly live My Word, with dedication and justice, until each one of My Words may be part of your life, just as I Am a part of you in the Communion, breaking Myself and sharing of Myself with Mine, through the consecrated Bread and through the transubstantiated Blood.

My beloveds, at each Communion lies the deep renewal of your being, of each atom and each cell, because your Master and Lord renounced for you, did you know that? In the same way, the Lord renounced for the whole world, assuming, on His Back, all the sins of the world, without complaining or condemning. Because it was the Living Love of God, through His Son, that amended all the errors, from Adam and Eve to the end of times.

This is why I Am here once again, to remind you of this. You cannot leave here without keeping My Words in mind, because the world provokes great thirst in Me, a very bitter and severe thirst, like the one I felt on the Cross, when they gave me gall to drink. Who would be capable of enduring this with Me?

In what is apparently unjust is the great key to overcoming, the key that opens the doors of love to someday live compassion, the compassion that perpetually shone in all My masters of the East. Remember that they visited Me in Bethlehem and found Me through the signs that the Sky gave them.

Out of love and reverence for everything that is sacred in the Far East, I returned their visit, and learned and remembered wonderful things, so wonderful and important as the ones I remind you of in these times, especially through My last Christic impulses.

I do not come to place you before your own reality. My soul, which still belongs to Me, I come to place you before the truth, because, as I once told you: “The truth will always set you free.” And you will be able to live the truth, if you live justice and transparency, recognizing that you, My soul, are still neither perfect nor pure. But My Love can consecrate you and transform you into something pure and true, by your simply living fidelity to Me.

Dare to take steps toward Me and allow My Love to rapture you completely. Do you, by any chance, fear the power of My Love or losing the control of your life?

In truth I tell you, My soul, that there is no greater Love that you can come to know, as the one that many Saints have known and comes from the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Help Me for Christs of the New Time to exist, in the simplicity of the spirit, in the communion with the soul, in untiring service to those who suffer the most and to the poorest among the poor.

If there were more charity in the world and if more souls practiced it, I assure you that it would not be necessary to purify the planet, because the one who responds to the Will of God is free from their own prisons and agonies.

Today I come to speak to you with the sweetest Love of My Heart. Do you dare, My soul, to experience it?

Do not just say ‘yes’ to Me, because you must demonstrate it until the end of your days when you have left here.

Christic Love is not unattainable, it is close, tender and secure in simple and humble souls, in those who do not allow themselves to retrogress, but rather move forward with bravery, courage and determination, just as I taught you at each passage of the Calvary.

Today I confess to you, My souls, that when I fell, and My Most Holy Mother came towards Her suffering Son, the flame of Her Love pushed the contrary forces aside and raised Her Son again. In the same way, I raise the dignity of each one of you again.

Because if you have been struck on one cheek, you must, in humility, offer the other cheek. Because if you have been offended, you must have the courage to forgive. Because if you have been hurt, you must have the bravery to see the Lord disfigured, and remember that Love is capable of everything, it is capable of renewing all things.

I leave this lesson to you, because it will be essential for you in these critical times. Because when I Am no longer here to speak to you, you must be My own Living Word on Earth.

Today, My Spirit will baptize, through the Sacrament, the souls that have asked for it, the souls that have been chosen by Me and need it.

I tell you all that today, through the symbol of the Sacrament of the Baptism, to renew, before God and in a spiritual way, your first Baptism, so that, through this Sacrament, the lost souls may be rescued in different parts of the world, and the union of these souls with God, the Creator, may be re-established.

Let us then prepare ourselves now for the Sacrament of Communion.

And so that My Words may enter even more into your hearts and essences, I ask you to sing to Me again, so that God’s Love, inexhaustible and inextinguishable, may be poured out upon you and the world, especially upon those who suffer the most.

I bless you and encourage you: Forward, New Christs! There is still very much to be done.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Our Lord has just removed His Heart from His Chest and placed it to levitate over the public.

Why do you do this, Jesus?

Behold the Love that never ends, the Love that burns with Love for the souls that dare to be victims of My Love until the last days of their lives.

Behold the Sacred and Pierced Heart of Jesus, which does not retrogress, but rather moves forward, and transfigures, with Its Fire, all those who let themselves be touched by My Light.

My Heart lives for you. This is the reason for My Life.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now, His Heart has returned to His Chest and beats strongly, strongly, through the fire of His Redeeming Love.

We thank You, Jesus, for this moment, and because You always demonstrate to us that it is possible to continue moving forward.

Do not distance Yourself from us, Jesus. We need You.

I Am here to give you life in abundance.

May peace fill you and renew you, so that peace may be renewed in the whole world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Jesus Christ will stay a little longer to listen to us singing. Those who feel like it, may kneel down.

We will sing: “Everything I have lived.”

And we make our offering, through this song, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, inexhaustible Source of all prodigies, miracles and mercies.


Account on the Apparition, made the following day:

I want to make a little synthesis of the Apparition of Christ, as several brothers and sisters asked me about some moments, and I would like to explain to you what Christ clarified about these moments.

I will begin with the end of the Apparition. You remember that Christ, at a certain moment said that He had removed His Heart from His Chest, and placed this Burning Heart levitating over the public, over you.

As much as Christ’s Presence is in Divinity, Soul and Spirit, and His Presence is real and impactful at each moment, on these planes of consciousness there is also life, just as it exists on the physical plane.

And Christ made this movement so that we might meditate upon how it is possible for a Consciousness such as Christ to remove His Heart and continue alive? Because I know that many wondered: Why did this happen? It is an attempt at understanding the Message through this symbol, because He is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

So, as He is one of the manifestations of the Most Holy Trinity, He, in a simple, yet also powerful way, comes to manifest what God really is, above all through Love.

Some asked me: “Friar, to whom was Christ speaking?” He was speaking to each one of us. Because when Christ is present, He can see everything: what we feel, what we think, what we live, what we silence, everything. We know that we cannot hide anything from Our Lord.

And when He speaks sometimes in singular form and sometimes in plural form, He gradually builds the path to the extent that we allow it.

His Christic Energy, which is a very high energy, as you were able to feel, is an energy that gradually enters us according to our openness. Because He, who is the King of the Universe, will never transgress our will and our permission. This is why He is the King, do you understand?

So, He gradually works in us as we give me permission. Most of the times, He manages to reach those spaces of the consciousness in which there are situations that are not well solved and we do not even realize it by ourselves.

And He knows it, He does not judge it, does not condemn it. On the contrary, He raised our human dignity above the different situations that each one of you has lived in this lifetime, even with someone close or distant, which seemed very intense to me.

So, when He says “My soul,” Christ speaks to that aspect of our consciousness that has the possibility to unite to God. Because He speaks to souls, not to minds. And the soul of each one of us knows what Christ is saying. Therefore, each moment that is lived with Christ goes beyond any emotion, it is a deeply inner movement, which our souls express and many live.

And thus, when Christ works with our soul, He also works with our spirit; with our spirit, which knows divine life and knows what it is about, although it may seem a little abstract to us. It sends its impulse to our soul and our soul and our soul discharges this energy upon our human being, and then, at this moment, when the Christic energy enters, we feel liberation.

To conclude, I want to tell you something that I always tell my brothers and sisters who travel with us all the time, because it is something that we have lived for sixteen years, every day: that the Divine Hierarchy, as much as we live the same ritual, the same prayer, the same Apparition, never manifests itself in the same way.

Because Christ, just as at so many other moments that we live with Him at each Sacred Week, has demonstrated to us, once more, how infinite His Love is.

And each time He demonstrates this infinite Love to us, what He tries to do, in this instance that we give Him, is not only to liberate souls from their prisons, but also unite souls in communion. And when this happens, brothers and sisters, there is no contrary force that could prevail. Because at that moment, we make Christ triumph on Earth.

Thus, I invite you to stay motivated. We still have a few more days in this Sacred Week, until the Sunday of Glory. Give yourselves the opportunity for Him to do what He wants to do to each one of us, at last. Ok?

Thank you! I wish you a good work!