I especially adore My daughters who by loving Me day by day glorify My flagellated Heart; I call all of them My Spouses, spiritual spouses of Jesus, the Spouse who loves the souls of all daughters who adore and honor My Sacred Heart.

I call My Sons My beloved servers, who walk towards Me to find Me in prayer as well as in the Eucharist.

My dears, today I leave you a lesson of love and an inner task: that you may recognize Me and find Me in all the souls, because the pain of a daughter or a son is My pain manifested in different ways so that the soldiers may cure and heal the scourge that My Heart still lives.

My Love for your hearts is infinite and great, My Kindly Love shows you My Face in all the Faces of My children, thus those who serve Me without tiring and without delay may help me to assist and to alleviate, and in this way will be repaired the Universe, which is full of offenses that come from the blind humanity, the one which does not want to see Me nor want to hear Me.

You My companions must first learn to free yourselves from your own selves so that My Love may find a great space where It can work and irradiate My Mercy to the hearts which are without God, which are without the great Redeemer Love. In your hands is the power of prayer and prayer will give to you the power to be in vigil with the heart, the power of guarding through the vigilant prayer all souls which that day by day are escaping from My hands.

I want to intercede before God for all. For this My servers must be innumerable and abnegate so that they may always see My requests by means of each being. I Am revealing to you how to also reach Me through those who are the most sick and in need.

My dears, there is still a lack of love in many creatures and now all My disciples have the responsibility to alleviate the great evil that lives in the world.  From Me is born the Source of Mercy and in you may be born My Redeemer Love.

In the Grace of God, be blessed

Thank you for guarding My lessons in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.


O soul that has wedded the Lord, surrender to Him your being, body, soul, mind, spirit and heart so that, in this way, you may be in your Spouse, and He in you.

Be faithful to the One Who called you by your name and Who, among so many beings of the Earth, allowed you to hear His sweet Voice, His firm call.

Seek to be, soul of the Lord, an eternal companion of your Spouse, faithful in the graces as well as in the cross, giving Him all virtues and miseries, everything you achieved and also that which you have not even tried for. Place everything in the arms of the Lord and surrender your heart before His greatness.

Do not wait any longer to experience an alliance with your God. Renew your union with the Creator in each instant of your life. Understand the union with God, not like the marriages of the Earth, but like a spiritual marriage, an alliance that is made between your soul and God, representing that everything you are and what you have experienced, up until now, is placed in the Hands of the Most High, so that He may dispose of your consciousness and of your spirit to accomplish His Will.

Learn to love God more each day.

Learn to be faithful and dedicated.

Learn to always offer all of yourself, so that His Will may be accomplished.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Receive, in your hearts, My love, My peace and My reverence because today I revere you, Mothers and companions of Christ, spirits of love and abnegation, who, throughout your evolution, left printed on Earth the sweat of your effort for corresponding to God and for manifesting His Plan.

Today I revere you because, in spite of the human difficulties, you seek to serve and renounce until the last minute of your lives.

Today I revere you because in your consciousnesses a unique legacy is kept; in the mirror of your hearts is reflected the history of redemption of humanity, the manifestation of the Plan of God that, throughout time, has transformed you so that, as part of humanity, you would always correspond to the Divine Will.

Today I revere you, nuns, mothers, companions and spouses of Christ, because with your love you keep alive the legacy of the Hierarchy on Earth and, until the last minute, you will leave, for those who come after you, all the teachings you learned and lived throughout your lives.

Today I wanted to be here and, as an inner movement, gather you in My presence to give you thanks for your life and existence and to leave you the open door for a new time in which you will have new and eternal children and companions.

As I revered the most Holy Mary at each moment of our lives, today I revereyou and say that it does not matter if nobody sees you or if the service you do today is simple and many times silent; God contemplates your effort and knows about the eternal renouncement that you live in this time. May surrender be your eternal companion, may renouncement and humility be your service in this time.

Greater than any humanitarian mission, in the most miserable places of this world, is the service of a sincere soul who, with love, renders each moment of life to God, even if only the Creator knows about this surrender.

Today I come to renew your vows, perpetual vows of love to God, so that you understand that your mission now is between each one of you and God. By truly renouncing and being humble of heart, you will keep the doors open, which unite humanity to the Father, and this is what matters the most in this time.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.