Saturday, January 5 of 2013

Daily Messages

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón: During the Prayer, before finishing the Orandium of the Passion and Transfiguration of Jesus, He was already present.

He appeared with a group of twelve angels. Each one of them had in their hands a chalice that was offered to all of us. The angels wore luminous white tunics, forming a half Moon behind the Master. They had short golden hair.

We say that He appeared because we felt the presence of Christ, but at this moment we could not see Him. After we sang the last part of "Redeemer Christ" and the song "Christ Returns" He made Himself visible. He appeared in the same way that the Divine Mother appears. He descended from Above as a light, and when He got closer to us He manifested, and we could see Him clearly.

When he appeared He made the sign of the cross with His right hand as a blessing, and He said:

Praised be the Lord!

He wore a white tunic, His hair was down past His shoulders, as in the image of the Merciful Christ. He wore a golden mantle and He was barefoot. His face was etched with a beautiful and soft smile, and His bright skyl blue colored eyes shone. His arms were facing outward, to the side of His body, a little bit open, with His palms facing toward us, and light was emanating from them.

From His heart came two rays that were of a turquoise crystal color. Behind Him there were many open heavens and he was upon the clouds. He said that He was showing us the face of His Return. Then He stayed in silence for a while, observing us, contemplating us. It seemed like our essences were transparent before His eyes. He let us understand that He could read all  of our feelings at the same time, that all was put in evidence before Him.

At this moment we didn´t know how the task He had asked us to do was going to be carried out. He was present and we were just observing Him, we didn´t know what He was going to say until He started to talk and transmit the message.

My dear ones,

I have ardently waited to share this moment with you, especially with your hearts. After almost two thousand and thirteen years, now, in mercy and forgiveness, I come in the name of the Supreme Will of God to guide your hearts more closely.

But My second and awaited return has not yet begun.

I come today in Spirit and in Essence to fill your little hearts with My Light. To those who still do not hear Me, may you hear Me, because I am coming. To those who do not see Me, may they see Me, because My Peace is getting closer. To those who ignore Me and flagellate My Sacred Heart, may you feel Me, because I come to this part of the world to bring you My Peace and My Glory, My Help and My Counsel.

I have already been amongst you once, and now I return, I return to My flocks to remind you that now it is the moment for the Eternal Communion with Me, with My Soul, with My Heart, with my Divine Dwelling.

I Am the poor one, I Am the Dying one, I Am the one who suffers in each place of this world.

Come to Me, so that I may illuminate you! Come to Me, because I thirst!

Be blessed in the Glory of the Spirit of the Lord.

Thank you for receiving My final redeeming call into your hearts!

Christ Jesus

When He finished the message we asked Him what He most wanted from us today.

He said: 

Today I Am giving you permission: that some of your brothers and sisters, whenever you heart indicates it to be so, may take part in the daily meetings with Me at 3 o'clock pm.

At this moment we must pray to wait for Him. He said that we should not forget to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy because He will be carefully listening to this prayer. At the end, before He left, we asked Him something else. Will the Master appear anywhere that we may go? He answered:

Wherever you go, wherever you may be, I shall guide you.