Thursday, February 28 of 2013

Daily messages

My Peace and Mercy come to the world to sustain it in the new changes that approximate themselves for all of the consciousnesses. For this of great importance will be your humility and emptiness of yourselves before the situations that will be seen in the world in this time and that the humanity will not consider as a grave offense to God. Hold on to the writings and teachings of the Gospel so that less souls may distance themselves from the only and true path of the Shepherd.

Today My Heart rejoices itself for those who in faith continue working for the redemption and the conversion of the heart. But My Heart grieves for the actions that day by day men and women commit in the name of the common good.

Be attentive, praying people! So that vigil may be a true shield that protects your homes and families. My Merciful Heart opens itself to receive you inside of My Sacerdotal Temple, My light diffuses itself through those servers who give all in this time.

I Am calling the flocks so that once more they may relieve My flagellated Heart, a Heart that receives great offenses that hurt the Heart of the Father.

Convert yourselves, convert yourselves, convert yourselves! Because you are still in time. Pray! Fast! And repair in the Holy Communion all of the causes that transgress the Law of the Highest.

If you do like this, My Merciful Heart will once more intercede for all of those who deny the presence of the Love of the Father. The more prayer, the more reparation. The more sin, the greater the Divine Justice.

Pray with the heart and offer to My Sacred Heart all of the love that you guard for the Father. This will repair the causes that offend.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for repairing My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, February 27 of 2013

Daily messages

Blessed are those who live and proclaim My Faith because they will be called converted children of God.


I come this morning to announce to you that the Morning Star, the Mother of the Universe, announces the glorious coming of Her Favorite Son.

After the splendor of the Great Star of the Lady will come the Glory of the Son, as bright as the sun, to pour the Light over the consciousnesses in redemption.

For this moment your hearts must be open to the new time that the Morning Star will announce. Rejoice in My Glorified Heart so that My Holy Heart may be able to be visible as a sign before humanity.

Today I leave for you My Merciful Compassion because as humanity you will need to reconcile yourselves with the Most High Lord. The Father loves all of His Creatures but many of His children still do not love the One and Only God.

I Am present among you to be the bridge that may lead you through My Sacred Heart towards God the Father, towards His Kingdom of Love and of Unity.

Dear servers,

Never lose the aspiration of imitating My Path and of encouraging yourselves to consecrate your consciousnesses to My Divine and Sacred Heart. If you did like this you would relieve the sores that the actions of the world open in Me day by day. As the Redeemer I give you My loving absolution and My Peace for all.

Under the Infinite Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for lovingly receiving Me during this morning!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 



Tuesday, February 26 of 2013

Daily messages

It pleases Me to know that many of My Servers make an effort every day to love My Redeeming Love. I am able to know in the depths of your beings what is the dimension of your unconditional love for Me. This love that matures and grows through true experiences of love, I distribute it in the hearts that have been without love for a long time.

Now, in a time of great changes My Redeeming Love must be lived, known and contemplated through your union with Me in the Eucharist. By means of the Sacred Communion I will be able to straighten and harmonize you in life, in the day by day, even in your feelings and thoughts.

But today I come to remind you again of the commitment that you have with the Unfathomable Source of Peace and of Mercy. Today My hands bless those who work in this time to have a pure and wise heart, a heart surrendered to My precepts and designs.

I want to be the sign, the visible and living mark in your little souls so that those who will cross the path may be able to recognize Me through your love for Me, though your sacred devotion for My redeeming Task.

My brothers and sisters,

I Am here in Spirit and in Consciousness opening the Doors of the Heavens in order to redeem, convert and liberate the hell that many live today. Delay no longer to step into My Boat of the New Time. The Shepherd and Fisher of people has prepared precious designs for those who may live the sacrifice, the adoration to My Sacred Heart and the prayer of the heart.

The Navigator of the Universe will steer the new Ark of Noah to discover in the humble hearts the gifts that were given to the ones who once said yes to Me without restrictions. I feel the love of each one of My children, this sincere love without possessions, that relieves the pain that My Heart feels for this sleeping humanity.

You, My friends, awakened to the new time, must carry in your hands the torch of My Liberating Fire. I hope to enlighten the deepest spaces in the consciousness of those who for a long time have been in eternal obscurity.

My Light comes to enlighten what is dark.

My Love comes to give life to what is dead.

My Mercy comes to the world to rehabilitate it before God.

My Faith comes to stand up those who have fallen.

My Redemption comes to purify those who are blind and deaf.

My Eternal Glory comes to seek My companions, to go soon to Paradise, to the Earth Promised by My Lord.

I told you once that I could not bring you with Me to where some time ago I went, and now after so much that the world has been through, I come to call you: Wake up, My soldiers of the Divine Mercy!

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to My words!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, February 25 of 2013

Daily messages

Children and companions of Mine:

I love the bravery of those pilgrims that with faith in the Higher and the heart surrendered to the Lord accomplish the celestial call of the Divine Mother from Heaven.

In this first special Apparition, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I want to pour over you My Blessing; especially to all the pilgrims of My Holy Mother who, on this 25th day of February, in conditions of effort, prayer and sacrifice have corresponded to the divine call of Our Father.

Today I say to you My Companions, that the merciful rays that sprout from the Most Holy Heart of Jesus have been able to touch the heart and the essence of many souls that suffered agony in the hells of this world.

With this I want to say that the Merciful Christ embraced your sincere offer of prayer and of ascent to the Hill of Salta during these two past days, and the day of today has culminated with the divine accomplishment of the redeeming task of Christ before the souls in agony and perdition.

The Heavens, My children, will be touching with love your hearts, because I will pour My Graces over those who today, during the peregrination of the heart, gave Me an absolute yes. I share with your souls My Gratitude and Divine Graces, because you have received for this task the absolution of the possible offenses that wounded the Most Holy Heart of Christ.

Out of Love to the One and Only Father, the Divine Mercy is in this moment pouring itself victoriously not only over you but also over those who, condemned to hell and to purgatory, have received liberation and the tablet of salvation.

For this I say to all: “By their fruits you will know them and by them you will be saved, because they will be called servers of Christ…”.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed by My Restoring Love.

Thank you for answering and for listening to the divine call!

Christ Jesus



Sunday, February 24 of 2013

Daily messages

Remember My companions that all of My Flocks are brothers and fraternal hearts that respond to the call of consecration to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

For this, today open your hearts in humility and joy to each one of the tests that My Heart manifests to you; tests of faith; tests of true love; tests of compassion, of service and of surrender.  In each test you will find the powerful joy of learning and of growing with consciousness.

I am accompanying your inner movements and, as the Eternal Heart of God, I open to you through My message the pious door of the Kingdom of My Father, because in love you shall enter into the Source of His Compassion.  The times warrant changes and divesting of the consciousness in the same way that I saw Myself divested before being nailed to the Cross.

I want that you learn to live the law of silence in order to be able to reach the sublime action of neutrality and of peace.  In each action in which you are participants a part of the immature consciousness sees itself affected; for this, discover that each test of life will be a secure confirmation in your path to the Lord.

Under the Love of God, be humble and good every day.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus



Saturday, February 23 of 2013

Daily messages

I want that My Heart be the shining sun in your hearts.

I want to satiate My thirst for good souls through your surrender to My Heart.

I want to be the star that guides you during the night.

I want to be the victory of the redeeming love in your lives.

Every day I aspire that you save for Me a special place in your lives so that the Shepherd may guide His sheep.

I want that you feed your spirit with good feelings and actions.

I want to make you distant from the temptations that the world offers, a world that promises illusions to My Children and that misleads them until it makes their hearts get distance from My Heart.

For this, as I have said to the Apostles, “wake up and pray with Me!” Today again I say it to My New Disciples. Who prays, vigils, but who vigils and prays with the heart will protect themself from the arts and from the mirages that are used by the cunning of the enemy.

But if you do not only vigil for yourselves, for your thoughts and attitudes, but also for those who still do not manage to vigil themselves, you will be serving in love all those who, for lack of consciousness, get distracted and fall into the traps of the enemy.

If you vigil, pray and serve you will be awakening in your beings the three aspects of My Lord that are named as the Holiest Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Father, as a gift, you will find in the permanent vigil, in attention to all that moves itself in the surroundings. The Son you will find in prayer, in the state of elevation of the word and of the sacred word which is what represents the prayer of the heart. And the Holy Spirit you will find through the service to your neighbors because the Holy Spirit of God manifests itself in the word for that which it has to express; in the thought for that which it has to discern and meditate, and in the action for that which it must do through the gift of science and of intelligence.

In this way you will find the true approximation to the Holy Trinity because even in the good works, in the warm and loving prayers, as in the vigil of walking towards the Divine Purpose, Father God presents Himself to all men and women through the hearts of His Beloved Children.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving the Holiest Trinity in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Friday, February 22 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

I Am present on all of the paths of life and, as a conductor of souls, I guide all of those who open themselves towards the Beloved Kingdom of My Father. I share My Love with all of the flocks and I prepare, in the heart of My children, the inner dwelling that will receive Me when soon returns My Spirit.

I accept all of My Children and I especially love those who are indifferent to My Law of redemption. In them I will try to redeem the past and, through the Source of My Mercy, I will want to give them life and salvation to take them out from the abysses of sin in which they live.

I need all of the days of My Disciples of Mercy that, entirely surrendered to My Sacred Heart, love the difficulties because this will make them more humble; that renounce to themselves because this will make them simpler, and that accept the tests and the challenges because this will make them wiser and more charitable.

In My School there are many flocks but still, few are the sheep who have the courage to follow Me in faith and in surrender. In My Arms I will always receive you and I will give you My Kind Comfort because I expect from My ones the promptness and the relief that your hearts may generate through good and through wise examples of love towards the peers.

As all know, My Light diffuses itself and awakens in those hearts that open to Me the door of the inner temple of the spirit so that My Merciful Consciousness may enter and remold the spaces in the consciousness.

I Am the carpenter, son and companion of Saint Joseph, Most Chaste Heart. I Am the one who molds with the hands the new wineskins, those which will receive the light and the water of conversion. I will put My New Wineskins over My New Supper, the one which I will soon share with all in My Return.

The new wineskins will serve as springs of pure and crystalline water to My other Flocks. They will receive, through My Instruments, the Redeeming Water of Life, Water that I will spiritually give to drink to all of those who recognize in Glory the coming of the Son of God.

Under the Love of God, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for waiting for My Words from the Heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Thursday, February 21 of 2013

Daily messages


I observed your trip to Salta, Argentina. In the great obedience many rules of the Hierarchy are learned because from the first moment in which you listen to the voice of the heart, new doors are opened for learning.

I lived with you all of the tests. In the difficulties that were presented I confirmed the love of My Friends. This is how I treat My True Friends as I also treated Teresa of Jesus. The persistence on the path approximates you to live in the humility of Our Lord.

Carry My Peace, only My Peace.

In the Love to the servers,

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, February 20 of 2013

Daily messages

If you call me by My Name, My Merciful Heart will be present amongst you.

If you adore Me as a Sacerdotal Consciousness in the Eucharist, My Redeeming Heart will redeem you and free you from sin.

If you call Me to enter your house, I will do so because you will be opening the door so that My Heart may dwell perpetually amongst you.

Dear ones: if you are in My Universal and Celestial Fire, My Most Sacred Flames will burn everything that does not form part of the Good and of the Light. When you purify the body, the feeling and thought, My Wonders accompany you to relieve your transition until the total transcendence of self.

I do not return to give you suffering, this I have already lived for you and I know that pain is still not liberated from the heart of people. But My Fire purifies you, at the same time It consecrates you as souls worthy to live in the Kingdom of My Father.

My Source is another of the glorified gifts that My Father has conceded to Me in order to baptize in My Love all those who have committed themselves with Me for this final time.

I Am the Vigilante, I Am the primordial Guardian of all of the Christic essences. Do not fear in this time for what you may be seeing of yourselves. This is what I give you, My friends, the true face of what My sheep are.

For this I come back, I come back between clouds, rays, stars, lights and suns to demonstrate to the world that the Son of the Man is who complies with the Highest requests of the Creator. I take between My arms your hearts and I contemplate you with My only aspiration, which is that you, in simplicity, reach Eternity.

My Kingdom, the one which was announced, is near, more than all of My Flocks may imagine. First will come the Holy Spirit which will prepare in wisdom the soldiers so that they may face the battle between Heaven and the Earth.

All will be healed, even the smallest particle created by My Father.  At the end all will be redeemed and consecrated through the centuries of the centuries to My Holy Lord.

Be encouraged by the presence of My Heart, live all of the days in My Redeeming Law.

Under the Grace of My Father, be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

At the end of the daily message the Master opened His Arms and radiated towards those present an intense light of love and said: “I know that still not all understand the commandments, for this I tell you that My Beatitudes are Commandments too”.

At this moment Master Jesus transmitted the following prayer: 

Prayer to live the Commandments of the Lord

May the Laws be the manifested life between Heaven and Earth.

May the Law of the Divine Purpose
permeate our cells with light.

May the Celestial Laws
be an expression of the laws on Earth.

May I consecrate myself everyday to the Highest Law of God.

May the Holy Spirit
be the path to live the Sacred Commandments.

Through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
may our souls find the living of the Divine Laws.

May humanity be redeemed and forgiven
by the Merciful Law.

In the Celestial Father,
may we live forever the Eternal Law of His Grace.


Christ Jesus, your Eternal Lord.




Tuesday, February 19 of 2013

Daily messages

I walk by your side to guide the movement of your steps.

I remove the weight of sin from the heart of all of those who day by day are lacking My Father.

I relieve the essence of the creatures, I feed you with the Word of Life and I radiate to you My Love so that you may feel Me.

How to not wait for these Merciful Graces? The souls day by day forget all that we pour over their consciousness, for this some listen to My Words, others guard them in the heart but who will bring them into the spiritual practice of life?

As a Master I wait for your daily encounter with Me because I hope to reveal to you the mysteries guarded in My Heart and in the stars of the Universe. For this you must have your eyes open so that the wisdom of My Spirit may impregnate you and awaken you to the new.

I recognize that many love the Hierarchy but how much longer will you take to make the leap of return to the true inner origin which is the purity of your hearts?

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, February 18 of 2013

Daily messages

Your prayers are like the flowers in My garden of redemption. Your gestures of love are like the wisdom that allows the understanding of things. Your charity and service is like the door of Heaven, the one which opens itself to give salvation to all.

Today rest in My arms and trust that every purification will elevate you soon in the same way as the flight of the birds but, what will elevate itself will be your spirit, that which will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to consecrate itself to the Will of My Father.

I distribute among you My Gifts and My Graces so that they, with reverence, may be presented before the Throne of My Father. Do not forget to carry the cross that the learning of life has given you because to carry your cross and follow me will mean the rescue of other consciousnessess, of the consciousnessess that lose themselves from the lack of their faith and of their love.

A short time ago I was among you to reveal to you the mysteries of My Lord and now you have known a part of My Kingdom. Returning over the clouds I ignite with My Light are the hearts that need the fire of redemption. Some disciples are prepared, but still are missing the ones who have distanced themselves, who have yet to say yes. 

Guard the present and the grace of My Words because there will come a day that They will not resound anymore and they will only have to be listened to with the inner ear of the heart. You have received so much that now each soul must give its testimonial of life for these definite times. Looking at the Great Law of My Father, trust in it and open yourselves to be able to lose a little bit more of yourselves and to enter thus into the awaited Kingdom of Paradise.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Infinite Peace for all,

Christ Jesus, your beloved Instructor. 



Sunday, February 17 of 2013

Daily messages

Like the beat of My Heart is the pulse of My Love for you, it is infinite, constant, uninterrupted, compassionate, prodigious and redemptive. In this way I want to teach you to live My Love in you, a love that heals, a love that redeems, a love that accepts My Mercy to reach redemption.

Whoever loves their friends will be giving all for the whole, will be giving life for the purpose of My Father. I hope that as a flock you grow up and mature in love and in truth because My Sacred Heart throughout the centuries has already seen the world suffering much, and I continue on seeing it suffering intensely. If you do not live in My Love and My Love does not live among you it will be like building temples of sand that will soon fall down at the first onslaught of the times.

If you make an effort all of the days to seek My compassionate Love you will find the fastest path to transcend your lives, because between the disciple and the master there must reign a fraternal love that may dissolve the cunning of the enemy. If you live in My Merciful Love your hearts will receive the clarity and the wisdom that you need all of the days. Remember that My Love is also present as much in the difficulties as in the joys.

Dears, how will you reach Christification if not only through the tests that may confirm the amplitude of your inner love? For this the paths of transformation and of consecration are for the brave who encourage themselves to follow it for a Greater Love. My path marks a new trail of possibilities and of deep changes because in My wise and prodigious Love will be erased the wounds, the separations and the dislikes. My Love can be present among the hearts of two beings that love each other, that love the task that God entrusted to them for love.

Now My purifying fire is removing the last particles that rusted the good wineskins from being full of other elements. My fire liberates but at the same time it sustains and forgives all that must be given to the universe so that it may be converted by Me.

I am present even in the bitterest moments of life because to those who follow My Path I give them to drink from the vinegar that they gave me on the Cross, so that by seeing yourselves completely you may know what it is that which must not live anymore in your dwelling places.

My Passion has redeemed you and My Mercy heals you and liberates you from past. It is time to throw yourself with confidence to the merciful love of My Celestial Ocean.

Under the Divine Love of God, live My commandments.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Peace for all.

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, February 16 of 2013

Daily messages

The essence of Humility.

The emptiness of oneself is reached through the forgetting of all that controls the material life. This represents an important step to find the path of humility.

The encounter with aspects of life may reaffirm the human condition, but it can be liberated by love and by the essence of humility. To live in this essence that seems to be unreachable for many, humility can manifest itself in the life of those that open themselves to the universal life, because at the end of all the universe is as humble and as wide as is the infinite and wise: there also is found the essence of humility.

Whoever seeks the path of humility receives a sign, the first step for the dispossession of oneself, which is the forgetting of grievances and disillusionments that the material life generates.  Humility as a sister essence, you will be able to find it manifested in other attributes that allow the awakening of the Christic consciousness in the creatures.

Humility is present in the essence of service, in the essence of the common and fraternal good, as also in the essence of truth and wisdom. Each soul may have affinity to some of the aspects of humility and this will awaken a more conscious work of surrender and solidarity towards peers.

The essence of humility is one of the great Christic shields that protect the souls from the abysm of lack of control and of the excessive possession of spiritual and material goods. To find the path of humility one must have travelled the trail of making peace.

A humble being must be a Christic and active peace maker because this inner estate will allow humility to have good bases from which to rely on to work inside of the spirit of each creature. The essence of humility is one of the gifts most defeated by the personalities of creatures, but the essence of the Christic life of humility and of peace affirms the existence of the spiritual gifts of the Father, those which allow the consecration of the beings to the Divine Plan of God.

Without humility it is like navigating in a boat without a paddle. Humility as essence is everything, even more for this time when the flocks must be more vigilant of themselves to be able to bear the merciful currents of transformation that will come to the aid of humanity.

For this My dears, still the steps that you must take so that you may divinize matter are many, but everything starts with the wanting to reach it and aspiring it. May humility be a rule for the ones who have consecrated themselves because in humility you will help the ones who ignore My Savior Name.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Friday, February 15 of 2013

Daily messages

Blessed are the little of heart, because they will achieve Mercy.

Blessed are the poor of spirit, because they will inherit the Promised Earth.

Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will see God.

Blessed are the free of heart and the pure of feeling, because they will find Peace.

Blessed are the missionaries and the faithful servers, because they will be called the New Flock of God.

Blessed are the crystalline of thought and the simple, because they will see the powerful Flame of My Heart.

Blessed are the sincere, the truthful and the meek, because they will find the supreme truth of God.

Blessed are the loving, the charitable and the kind, because the will see the Universal Paradise.

Blessed are those who, day by day consecrate themselves to Me, because they will be called Servers of Christ.

Blessed are the humble and the silent, because they will acquire My Pastoral Knowledge.

Blessed are those who fight for the Holy and Divine Justice of the Universe, because they will be called Mediators of My Heart.

Blessed are the open of heart and the empty of self, because they will receive the Holy Spirit.

Blessed are the saints in life and those who constantly donate themselves for love to God, because they will be called Free of Spirit and Consecrated.

Blessed are those who love their brothers and sisters as they are, without judgments or criticism, because they will find Wisdom.

Blessed are those who love with the essence of the heart, because they will be the New Christs of the new time, the apostles of the Divine Mercy.

Blessed are those who believe in My Return and those who open themselves to receive My Message for all days to come, because they will be called Children of the Firstborn, Servers of Christ the Redeemer.

Blessed are those who live in the Law of the Hierarchy, because they will be able to recognize the Instructor of Love. 

Blessed are the free of self, because they will be filled with the Merciful Love of God.

With My New Beatitudes prepare your hearts in consciousness so that in these commandments of life you may recognize the instruction of My Wise Heart of Love. Because if you live My Beatitudes you will receive the table of My Salvation, your hearts will be redeemed and you will be called Disciples of the Savior.

Be blessed so that you may reach the Grace of living in the Eternal Paradise of My Father.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed are all of the days of your lives.

In the Love to the One and Only Creator God,

Christ Jesus



Thursday, February 14 of 2013

Daily messages

In My Kingdom, a Kingdom that is not from this world but from the Universe, there is neither sadness nor suffering but there is joy, peace and eternity. This will be My Promise, the one which I will accomplish with the flocks after My second visible coming to the world.

While you are learning and growing up in the world by means of tests and confirmations, affirm your lives inside of My Heart, feeling it, loving it, adoring it, reverencing it as the Most Holy Heart of Redemption.

Now, before the changes in the consciousness of the whole world, the enemy mobilizes its cunning to tempt My Flocks with other food. But facing this cycle, some mature sheep will assume the care and the protection of the other flocks because, from their humility and surrender, they will be fulfilled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit which will give them sight to be able to discern; the wisdom to be able to comprehend; the understanding to be able to have intelligence, and the peace to be able to be all the time in the Love of God and in My Sacred Heart.

Still, the definitive battle has not started, and humanity will be responsible to give an account before the universe for all that it has done. But whoever is inside love and makes an effort to be alive in the Love of the Firstborn Son, will have enough strength to sustain the helm of the boat that will take all of the flocks through a new path of consecration towards the Promised Earth.

For this may no one loose courage in following Me, even more, that for this new time that has already started, may you unite your heart with Mine, so that we may be One in My Father, without separation nor differences.

Gathered at the end of all at the table of the New Supper, the Apostles of the new time will congregate My Followers in love and for love to form those that in My Instruction will take the word of Life, the word of Healing, the word of Redemption, words that will redeem the Earth by the simple and wise examples of the Apostles that will live firmly in Me.

With them I will be and through them My Shepherd Priesthood will be recognized before My Return to the world.

Under the Love and the Grace of the Father, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Wednesday, February 13 of 2013

Daily messages

My Sacred Heart rejoices when the sheep return to My flock.

My Heart expands with peace and joy when, among brothers and sisters from the same path, they recognize themselves for love to God.

My Sacred Heart rejoices to see returning to Me those to whom I have belonged.

Each soul has its path drawn through the Will of God. My feet mark the new path for those who will return in time. For this, with courage we must sustain the torch of the transmuting fire that My Heart is giving to you.

Before any test do not allow yourselves to fall down into the abysm and, by means of prayer, illuminate your steps towards the Good and the Light.

I Am amongst you to leave you My legacy, the one which must be considered by all of the groups that pray together with Me. This legacy speaks of the sublime journey that My christified Heart lived on Earth. Follow the signs and the signals that I am revealing to you.

How will you be able to live the Eternal Life if it is not through the faith of My Heart? I wait in silence for those souls that will walk, in less than six months, towards My flock. The sign that has given by My Mother shows you the time of the great purification, of the changes in the consciousness and in this movement there is time to change the everyday life.

Carry in your hearts the visible sign of My Redeeming Cross. I Am with you in the inner of the heart.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Tuesday, February 12 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

My Light comes to the world and primarily to the souls to liberate them from the path of sin and of the loss of faith in the heart. For this all of the days I wait for the soldiers of My Mercy so that they may live My Message and transmit it as a sublime balm of life for all of the hearts.

Dear companions, you still must sustain for some time more the flag of sacrifice and of peace, of faith and of love. Live the Gospel in the days that will come because in My Parables you will find the path to transcendence of material life, the impetus of the inner spirit. I take all in My Merciful Heart, I absolve you from past and I open to you, in My Return, the door towards the Kingdom of My Lord.

Dears, unite your lives with My Life, unite your feelings with My Divine Redeeming Feeling, unite your souls with My Soul, unite your hearts with My Sacred Heart. There will be no emptiness or desolation that awakens in you despair or distress because in My Merciful Source you will be able to heal all the wounds.

I hope that you understand My New Precept of Love which is the compassion and the peace that I give to all. Encourage yourselves to follow through the path of the cross, carry it with all that I have entrusted to you, trust that all will transform you and liberate you from past so that the healing of My Spirit may heal your hearts.

I Am the Path that reveals itself to you all of the days through each neighbor. I Am the Kind Heart that will relieve you when you only tell me: yes. I deeply want your souls because I know them since before your birth. I come from the Source of Love, to this Eternal Source I want to take you. Accept My arms to live in the patience of My Law.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Monday, February 11 of 2013

Daily messages


For you I gave My Life and today I come to the world again to give My Spirit for all of you. Thus I want that you know My unfathomable, strong and powerful Love, a love that redeems you and forgives you, purifies you and liberates you all of the days. Come today to the Source of My Unfathomable Love because thus you will recognize that My Light also illuminates the great abysses of the world.

I come to pour over your hearts this unfathomable and majestic love, a love that I poured on the path towards the Cross, a redeeming love that I radiated to those that deserved it and did not deserve it. In the same way that the love of My Heart opens the doors of the deepest abysses, in this way I can also see the strength and the intensity of your love for Me.

Dears, I come to you to strengthen you and to encourage you to walk in the power of the faith of the heart. Love and faith will sustain you above all things and at the right time you will know how to act. For this leave your beings in the Source, in the Fountain of this Love because abandoning yourselves entirely to My Heart will erase from your memories the times that you have not felt beloved.

My Love converts you little by little, it molds you like a new wineskin so that the instruments may be at service of My Creator Father. Companions, may the love be your important mission because in love you will heal yourselves and for love you will redeem many causes that still are not solved in your hearts.

But when you trust in the power of My Love you will be able to take the step that you so much wait for, the definite step for consecration of the spirit and of the inner world. Be part of this Love of God, be a reflection and flashes of this inexhaustible Source of Graces. Be peaceful to be able to get close to this Infinite Love.

Under the Divine Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for feeling My words of love and comfort in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Sunday, February 10 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Remember that all of the days you can come towards Me and let your beings rest in My arms of salvation.

For this today I invite you, as has said My Mother, to constancy, to what is to come, to live in the holy hope of the heart because with your good works of peace and of love, you too, My Companions, will transmit My Good News for all.

Today I can already get to the depths of your hearts, but still My Soul has thirst for those who do not even look at the Heights of Heaven, of the Universe. With this aim I am forming the warriors of the Divine Mercy so that as much in prayer as in humility, the one which you must reach everyday, you may be a proof and living example of My Redeeming Message made flesh in you.

My Dears, accept to live the lessons of love and of forgiveness because through these two lessons you will learn to love and to redeem the heart. I wait in prayer for you as My Mother of the Universe, in all of the moments of the day. Just allow that My Love may radiate on your faces, in the examples and in the daily actions of life. I want and I can be present for longer in your inner temple only when you are able to tell me: “Come Master, you are absolutely in Me and I am in you!”, thus you will open to Me the door of your houses, families and of the dearest beings.

If I redeem your lives with the Source of Life consequently I will also redeem your closest brothers and sisters. Before all that happens I want to show you the Love of My Mercy and the Faith of My Spirit Divinized by the Supreme Father.

I want to have you near, for this I wait in silence, in the contemplation of Creation and of Life. As I Am part of God, I am everywhere. When you unite yourselves to Me I will help you because My Love for you is still unknown for many.

Trust in My Spirit because at the end of all I will resuscitate you from death and I will take you to the Promised Earth, to the Earth and to the Paradise blessed by the Creator God.

Under the Holy Spirit of God, be always merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Shepherd. 



Saturday, February 9 of 2013

Daily messages

May My Peace be in you!

My words are unmistakable because each time that My Heart talks to you without hurry and without time I pour My Merciful Love over you as souls of the Creator.  Who gives me everything, gives me all and empties themselves of themselves to walk without any weight and, free from the past, finds light in future.

Today I open one more time the door of your hearts so that they may feel that My Heart seeks to redeem you and to transform you into true servers. Sometimes My Words resonate little because you listen to me all the days. My Voice wants to awaken in you My Consciousness, for this I am with you all of the days and I do not get tired because I see the greater need for your lives.

If you just heard me in silence your life would reach the harmony and the order that you so much seek for. I am here as your beloved Savior and Redeemer, hoping that through your consecration you take more steps forward, so that they may be larger, the number of souls that receive the impulse of awakening to My Heart of Love.

If you as souls walk and maintain the common purpose the world will be already able to be another, and from your inner beings, it will reflect the light of Life, of Peace and of Love. For all and with all there must be love, including in the moments of great and chaotic mistakes and for those that make the souls less prepared in consciousness.

If you love, love will heal you. If you love, love will make you understand. If you love, you will be able to get out of yourselves because love will always show you the way out and the answer that you, with anxiety, seek for. Nourish yourselves through love and prove the power of its existence. Transform your inner world entirely for Me.

I will help you, I am here waiting for your important yes.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Lord. 



Friday, February 8 of 2013

Daily messages

Fear no longer, I come to the world to awaken in you My Eternal Grace. I come to the world again to close the doors of evil but firstly I come to your hearts so that they may be liberated from any distress, pain or fatigue.

My Redeeming Love transfigures you, then it consecrates you and later it elevates you, forgives you and redeems you.

My dear followers:

While you glimpse the sublime power of My ocean of Mercy, many souls which I have thirst for lose themselves in the desires and the gratifications of the world. The true promise for your lives is the redemption and the sanctification of your souls, hearts and essences.

However, there is no other way but to pass ardently through My transmuting Fire, a divine fire which purifies you and liberates you, turns you more sublime as consciousnesses that work on Earth for the beloved Plans of God.

Today for the first time My Voice extends itself and diffuses itself through three of My Children so that you may feel with the heart how are the merciful power and the love of My Father. Opening one more time the doors of Heavens My Heart today gives you, as I have said, to the arms of the Creator.

Cheer up My Companions, to follow the course and the path that leave My Footprints for the return. See for this time the special Grace that waits for you because in every circumstance I love you, I know you well and I understand the inner world of all.

Allow that the Love of My Heart, the one which manifests itself in some of My Children, may heal and strengthen you, encouraging you to go forward without any fear. Remember that your sacred tabernacle of adoration is the power of My Most Sacred Heart, a Heart that relieves you, Light that leads you and renovates you all of the days.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for receiving me today in your spirits!

Christ Jesus, your Redeemer.



Friday, February 8 of 2013

Mensaje especial


Children of My Father, come and enter into My Heart if you truly want to be apostles of My Sacred Mercy.

Today I come to wake up one more part of My flock. I come to summon the sheep that faithfully follow My Heart so that they may confirm the vows of trust in the words of God.

If your beings truly aspire to live the Laws of My Kingdom I tell you that you will have to walk much, that there is much sacrifice to live from now on. But those of you who say yes to Me and who renovate the commitment with Me will always have My hands to sustain you and to elevate you each time that you see yourselves fallen.

Dears, do not worry about the falls because only the soldier that takes the risk of walking can fall. And for those I come every day.

My sacred eyes of Mercy observe you always and accompany your awakening and your walking, ready to impel you each time that it may be necessary.

I asked to be among My favorite flock because I know the need that each sheep has of being by the side of its Shepherd and Redeemer.

Feel at this moment and all of the days, by means of My words, the true power of My Mercy because the time has passed, all have before themselves the keys for transformation. I am no longer able to see soldiers that stay behind from being asleep.

Soon will come the time in which I will knock on the door of your houses to reclaim that which was given to you so long ago so that it could be multiplied.

From those who so many times have heard My Call I will seek the multiplied gifts and talents. And about those who have never heard the Voice of the Master, I will try to enter into their hearts

and I will deposit there the Sacred Mercy that will exist until the last moment of this test that My soldiers and My servers are taking today.

Listen to My Voice and multiply My Love.

Today I bring all to you.

By the Grace of God, be blessed.

Christ Jesus.



Friday, February 8 of 2013

Daily messages


Listen to My Voice, the one which resounds in your inner.

I Am your Master, your Savior and Redeemer who returns for all of you.

As I have promised, thus it will be.

Prepare your hearts, your temples, because I will call for you loudly at the door and all will hear me.

Take care, My children, so that My Call may not find you distracted in the things of the world, a world that agonizes in selfishness because it is far from My Father, the Father of Love.

Listen to My Voice, the one which resounds in your minds, to dissolve every dissociation, every fear.

Listen to My Voice, the one which makes your cells vibrate filling them with the light that comes from the universe, light that is poured over you from My Heart.

Companions of yesterday and of today:

Be attentive because My Voice will arrive like the thunder, My presence like the storm and My Love like the cosmic fire that will burn your past and will bring an end to your purification.

But I will also come like the sweet voice of the nightingale for those that have prepared themselves since always.  I will come like the perfumed breeze of geraniums and honeysuckles for those who are faithful, meek and humble, those who wait for me kneeling before the Eucharist.

I will come soon when you least expect and My Love will enter in your beings like the water penetrates the earth giving to it a new form. With this mud I will mold My New Wineskins and in them I will deposit My Blood so that My Ones may share it across and throughout the world, from north to south and from east to west.

I need to find you ready because once again I will send you two by two.

And you will take My Word impregnated by My Mercy, by My Peace and by My Salvation.

Be attentive, companions, because I am coming.

In you I am.

Christ Jesus.



Thursday, February 7 of 2013

Daily messages


If there is love between brothers and sisters you will free yourselves from entering into false judgments. If there is love between brothers and sisters it will not matter who makes a mistake, what will matter will be that the other brother or sister loves beyond the mistake.

This is what My disciples have to learn, to love each other above all things so that they may get to know the mutual respect between beings. If there is no harmony peace will not be able to exist and if peace is lacking there love and unity will be lacking. All has its cycle, including the great tests, but it is in them where the great weaknesses make themselves evident. Who has more consciousness must remember that God does not deal with human mistakes, but with compassion which is the action of acting and forgiving through peace.

For this: be careful with saying that which is not well known or what is not understood because this will be like feeding the wolf. While you are in this world, all will learn. My second coming is to remove the crown of illusion that many carry over themselves, above all in those who deny My Heart.

For this I bring you My Celestial Peace so that you may heal yourselves and love each other. Do not forget the power of love because the love of a soul is that which accepts the mistakes of its peers and which helps to comfort the despair of the neighbor. Thus you will be able to know that your Christification has a long path to travel. You are just at the beginning of My Christic journey. 

Under the Mercy of God, be loving and patient.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Savior. 



Wednesday, February 6 of 2013

Daily messages

Be calm in My Heart because inside of My Soul you will find the relief and the true comfort that no one will be able to give you. As I come from the Source of Love, this love I pour over the souls and over their mistakes, but in this time, My dears, the one who weakens themselves by not trusting My Mercy must learn much.

My constancy is to sustain you in all of the moments of life, including in those moments in which you by yourselves as persons are not able to overcome. When I talk to you about the Source of wonders I talk about the moment of Grace that you can live with Me.

But today may your hearts not close themselves from the tests and indifferences that exist between souls. You must remember that while you are on Earth there will be much to forgive and to purify.  To enter the Kingdom of Heavens you must consecrate yourselves as the little heart of a child where there is no sadness, lack of love, nor rivalries between consciousnesses.

You will be able to see how the heart of a child is: pure, transparent, crystalline, simple, happy and free. This is what you sometimes lose in your hearts by the interference of your ideas, understandings and aspirations. For this the world is how it is, it is a world to redeem again and to free it from all of the indifferences that do not allow manifesting the Love of God between souls.

Try to have in these moments the heart of a child and perceive thus how your deepest feelings are, above all, those that are kept in the consciousness. I meet today with the desert that many of My children are crossing. I Am the spring that will quench you completely and that will give you Life so that through Me you may renovate yourselves.

Now you must learn to live My message so that My words may not become a theory but a Path of transformation for your hearts.

Under the Love of God, be humble, and brothers and sisters.

Thank you for guarding and living My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Tuesday, February 5 of 2013

Daily messages

Brothers and sisters, and servers of My Father:

Today I am here in the Divine Heaven of God to irradiate to you My Love and My Grace, My Mercy and My Forgiveness.

I need your inner emptiness, your detachment from ideas and projects, so that My Heart of Love may be the true project in your lives. This means to follow me, to walk as sheep, as a server or a companion at My side so that I may share with you the expressions of My Redeeming Love.

For this, day by day I am with you, encouraging you in silence, because as a Big Brother I want that you live in the Will of My Lord. I find in you many expectations, aspirations and longings that you must consecrate to the Will of God. Thus you will get to know the vast universe of the Creator because empty, you may be fulfilled of the Spirit of God.

If love is in you, you will be able to love the Will of God and thus you will receive His Wisdom to resolve your daily needs, because in all is My Father, even in the smallest. He shows Himself if you open the inner door, so that in this way, you may get to know His different phases of Love and Compassion. Infinite is your Father, so infinite that He gave His Son for you to recognize Him in Christ Jesus.

Under the Mercy of the Universal Father, be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, February 4 of 2013

Daily messages

Children of My Eternal Father:

The universe is in your hands, it is enough only to see how many Divine Graces you have received in the passing of recent times.

For this today I tell you that you should not upset your hearts for what you still resist to change, but that by venerating the Father who is in the Heavens you open your eyes and contemplate the infinitude of the greater universe. Towards there you must direct yourself without delay but with hurry because many look down, look to the world, to themselves and forget that the truth of the Whole is found through My Heart of Peace.

I know about your feelings, I know about your thoughts, the Shepherd knows well His sheep and knows what each one of them need. For the sheep to grow strong and wise it must trust first in its Shepherd because the Shepherd will guide it, will free it from the wiles of the ferocious wolf who only wants to torment it on the path.

In each test count on My Confession, count on My Relief, on My total Liberation of any feeling of bitterness. You just tell me yes and there I will be to show you the way out.

But you must remember today the rule of love because without love for God there will be no transformation. The soul who consecrates itself must contemplate with love what it does, without conceit. It must seek the path of humility in order to recognize that without My Father it will be nothing. My Lord gives all to it, even the most insignificant things. All comes from the Source of Good and of Truth.

For this seek to be, for the longest time possible, united to this Source, even when your beings manifest to you opposite feeling and reactions. Like good vigilantes of My Call, aid all the needs of the souls because behind all My Spirit will be present. Each sign tells you a little more each day.

Under the Grace of the Spirit of God, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Sunday, February 3 of 2013

Daily messages

I come all of the days to this world to free you from sin and from perdition, to take you through the path of faith. I come to the world all of the days to give you My absolute and immense Peace that must be lived as the only hope that will strengthen you and save you.

Dears, with eyes of kindness and mercy I come on this day to announce to you My Path, My Truth and My Life, that which you must seek above all, leaving behind your mistakes and tests.

My Heart comes to redeem the hearts and souls, lives and experiences of the many who passed through this school of love and forgiveness. I come to the world not as a judge, but as the King of your hearts who hopes to find you happy, including in the mistakes, loving as well the equivocation and walking even in the paths that will look uncertain to you.

I Am the Light for the world, I Am the Divine Spirit who lightens your deepest spaces to redeem you and consecrate you all of the days. I know the talent of each one of My Children; I know what each one can give me despite the indifferences that life presents to us.

I want to form in you the renovated and loving hearts that simply may learn to live in My Mercy. I Am with you all of the days because your souls need to feed the essences with the Light of My Redeeming Love. When you start to live in My Redeeming Love your souls will quench the thirst that they have of being longer in My Peace, in My Savior Love.

As Shepherd I guide your steps, including those that you still have not been able to transcend for some reason. I want to see you smiling at life to relief the suffering in the world. I want to see you awaken to the Spirit, to wake up in this way many sleeping souls. I want to see you loving so that in this way you may recognize My Apostolate.

Under the One and Only Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, February 2 of 2013

Daily messages

I rejoice by seeing that My followers make an effort to be united and gathered in My name.

For those who in these times are losing the faith and the trust in My Plan of Rescue I say: may each one of you take your own cross and follow me through the path that I am silently tracing for the souls.

Now some of My followers are found almost on the top of the Calvary, prepared to transcend the last stretch of the battle that overwhelms them, that tires them and that takes out from them the necessary force, wanting to make them give up following Me until the end.

The path of Glory will not be for many yet, but My Mercy is so kind that I will be able to advance those who are many steps behind. I come today to you to give you My Encouragement, My Aspiration, My Comfort.  By now there is nothing more important, My dears, than to move on without looking backwards, leaving to the side the mistakes, the anger and the misunderstandings.

Allow one more time that My universal rays transform you and purify you so that shining like a new pearl I may give you crystalline and pure to the hands of My Father. There is nothing to do anymore, there is nothing to look backwards to.  I know you so much that I know what it is that you need in each second of your lives.

It is not the moment to allow yourself to lower the arms nor to rest, as if it were normal times, because the battle still has not begun. Be transparent like water and crystalline like rain so that nothing may dirty you, nothing that comes from this world. Try to be united to My purpose, leave behind the ideas that exalt you, it is the moment of being as empty as a new wineskin, so that My New and Transfiguring Blood may consecrate you as servers of My message.

Dears, it is time to sustain with fervor the torch of faith and of light, do not allow the enemy to awaken astute disagreements between your hearts, and be attentive to the only and lasts signs that My Heart will pronounce in a short time. Above all things My Paternal Spirit sustains you in impossible times and in irreversible situations.

Those who are willing to follow me, that follow me and renovate themselves with Me day by day in the infinite faith of the heart, I am at your side without rest, I wait ardently for the new Apostles.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding and meditating My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.



Friday, February 1 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

May this day of reparation to My Most Sacred Heart be considered for your consciousness to be of the highest religiosity, devotion and prayer.  Because, in this state of union with My Universal Spirit you will thus be repairing the great scourges that some souls cause Me and, as consequence of this, the power of My Mercy will save and will intercede for the souls that need  it the most.

Dears, the day of Friday must be considered a day of much inner prayer with Me because week by week I will be preparing you for the Saturday days of Mercy. This inner exercise will consist in:  that all those who aspire to be more consciously in My Sacred Heart contemplate me during three key times: at dawn, at noon and at dusk.

These are the culminating moments in which My Christic Consciousness will be present irradiating itself to the world and over those consciousnesses that may unite themselves to the Glorified Christ.

Children, you are called as a group of souls to worship me in these three significant times, those which make reference to the moment of My Passion:

during dawn when I was given to the scribes,

during noon when I was condemned and

during the night when My flagellated Body rested in the Holy Sepulcher.

I transmit to you that if you worship me to repair and restore these three moments that My Heart remembers, even when humanity day by day flagellates My Heart, the miracle of My intersession may happen for those that in the world condemn themselves gravely for their faults.

But My Mercy will not observe as a judge the actions that offend God, My Heart will be the Savior for many. And especially over those who worship me during these three times under the advocacy of the Merciful Jesus, I will pour My wonders and My Graces in the hearts that open themselves to receive me through Worship.

At least I aspire that this exercise be carried forward in My communities so that in this way the souls may learn to feel with the heart Who guides them for this final time.

I will thank you for this spiritual time that you may dedicate to My Consciousness. Whoever worships me may get to know through silence My Restoring Love. All those who in their homes, families and cities respond to the call of the days of Friday may be helped by My Sacerdotal and Shepherd Consciousness.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for worshiping My Most Sacred Heart of Love!

Christ Jesus.

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