Saturday, February 16 of 2013

Daily messages

The essence of Humility.

The emptiness of oneself is reached through the forgetting of all that controls the material life. This represents an important step to find the path of humility.

The encounter with aspects of life may reaffirm the human condition, but it can be liberated by love and by the essence of humility. To live in this essence that seems to be unreachable for many, humility can manifest itself in the life of those that open themselves to the universal life, because at the end of all the universe is as humble and as wide as is the infinite and wise: there also is found the essence of humility.

Whoever seeks the path of humility receives a sign, the first step for the dispossession of oneself, which is the forgetting of grievances and disillusionments that the material life generates.  Humility as a sister essence, you will be able to find it manifested in other attributes that allow the awakening of the Christic consciousness in the creatures.

Humility is present in the essence of service, in the essence of the common and fraternal good, as also in the essence of truth and wisdom. Each soul may have affinity to some of the aspects of humility and this will awaken a more conscious work of surrender and solidarity towards peers.

The essence of humility is one of the great Christic shields that protect the souls from the abysm of lack of control and of the excessive possession of spiritual and material goods. To find the path of humility one must have travelled the trail of making peace.

A humble being must be a Christic and active peace maker because this inner estate will allow humility to have good bases from which to rely on to work inside of the spirit of each creature. The essence of humility is one of the gifts most defeated by the personalities of creatures, but the essence of the Christic life of humility and of peace affirms the existence of the spiritual gifts of the Father, those which allow the consecration of the beings to the Divine Plan of God.

Without humility it is like navigating in a boat without a paddle. Humility as essence is everything, even more for this time when the flocks must be more vigilant of themselves to be able to bear the merciful currents of transformation that will come to the aid of humanity.

For this My dears, still the steps that you must take so that you may divinize matter are many, but everything starts with the wanting to reach it and aspiring it. May humility be a rule for the ones who have consecrated themselves because in humility you will help the ones who ignore My Savior Name.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.