Sunday, June 4 of 2017

Monthly messages

I come at a time of planetary crisis to give the last Grace to the world. Thus I have come to this place, companions, to bring you not only My Peace, but also for you to be carrier of My Grace and of My Mercy.

I bring you once again the opportunity to love. I bring you the way out to a new stage. Thus I need you to be by My side, just as I need each of My companions to follow My Steps of Light.

I need you to open your hearts to the new. I do not need what is already old. I need you to live Me in plenitude and in truth, because in this way you will be with Me and I will be in you, showing you the way out to a new opportunity and hope.

I have come to Assisi to convert it into what My Father expects so much, and that San Francisco lived at the moment of his first surrender. I need you to imitate Him with examples of truth, because He contemplates you from Heaven, and prays for all of His brothers and sisters, so that they may also live the same principles that He lived so long ago. He has prayed in order for Me to be here today. As well as all Master Saints that have prayed to My Merciful Heart in order for Me to be here today, among you and among those who most need My Peace.

I come to open the doors to a new Italy. An Italy renewed by the love of My Heart. Renewed by a true and fair love, charitable and humble, by the fellow beings that surround It. Thus I need you to live Me in plenitude, so that your Master and Lord may not suffer what the world does to him continuously.

I left you throughout times, precious lights of God in the world, through the saints and masters of all times and of all periods. A small percentage of humanity learned what they taught. Thus I am here, to reinforce this teaching, this potential of instruction, so that souls may live the Principles of the Universe and these Principles may mirror on Earth, in order for souls to practice them and in this way to give example of love and of truth.

Today My Heart beats to relieve the pain of the world, to relieve the indifference of humanity, to relieve the mistakes committed and all that humans of surface perform, by distorting the Project of God.

Today I open My Arms and I extend My Hands, pouring My Light, pouring My Justice, pouring My Truth upon an Earth that needs Me, even if it does not seem so.

I come to open the doors to the non-redeemed; they are the ones that I need in order to carry My Work forward, in all souls, and especially in those that do not seek Me, that do not listen to Me and that still do not feel Me. With this I bring you something so great, before such smallness of your lives.

My Father has send Me to bring you the Peace and the victory of My Love in all hearts that open to receive Me. Today I want to extend My universal Message to humanity. I want all consciousnesses to listen to Me in their different nations, in their different cultures and peoples, as well as in their religions.

I come to unite all in the center of My Merciful Love, because this will be the place and the moment for all to be able to understand all things, to be able to know the mysteries and that they may come to light for all those who sleep in this hypnotism of the world.

In this way companions, I come to invite you, just as in other times, to take a step in your consciousnesses, in order to be able to embrace My planetary Work, that goes beyond your lives, that reaches beyond your feelings and all your understandings.

I need that in this Marathon of the Divine Mercy you enter in My Merciful Heart, so that your souls may be washed in the Source and in the Ocean of My Grace. In this way you will be purifying yourselves from the codes of human precariousness. In this way you will be ready to follow Me; you must have much faith, trust and love at the moment of the tests and thus you will not leave My Path, you will not forget My Principles and you will remember that I will be observing you, protecting you, in your paths of redemption and of rehabilitation.

If you, as a group of souls that have come here, to Assisi, to respond your Master and Lord, for the love of your hearts, I may tell you, companions, that you will always be on the right path: the path of simplicity, of bareness and of humility.

I also come here for the religious Order that was founded here, to raise the bases and to lift again a new Temple, which is the Temple of the spirit, the Temple of fraternity, of truth and of unity, that must be in all My companions, so that I may continue to work through them.

I do not want that, what has cost so much to be maintained, get lost through time or by the action of human life, by the criteria and the forms that only lead to mental destinies and not to the destiny of love. I need you in these times to feel different, so that you may see the things differently. Thus I am extending My Arms and My Hands over Assisi, to protect faith and charity that have been part of My Christic Work in the world.

I have come here, to unite all in fraternity, so that you may learn to live now the times of tribulation in a group way and not individual, so that you may learn to sustain one another, despite of the storms, because your boat, that is My boat, must keep swimming into the sea, until being able to reach the harbor of the Heart of God.

When this happen, I will be able to say that My Work is accomplished. It will no longer be needed to go on a pilgrimage through the world to fight against tribulation in the great spiritual battle of these times. I will always be your Commander and Lord, who will guide this boat to its destiny. Thus do not doubt what I do or all that I ask you to, no matter how abnormal it may seem. Because behind each intention and each request, there is a reason, a purpose and a destiny to live.

If you unite your hands as brothers and sisters you will be in Me, in the reconciliation of God and living the Sacrament of faith. If you, as brothers and sisters, separate from each other, the world will be even more separated and greater will be the indifference, the spiritual blindness, and the mistakes will impart in an uncontrollable way in humanity. And who will stop this? Who will bear this wave of ingratitude? Who will paddle with My boat until the end?

In the most difficult times, the triumph of My Sacred Heart will be achieved. Because of this, very few follow Me.

I have special treasures that are not of this world, but of the whole Universe, for the souls that contemplate Me and that accompany Me.

I need to have each one give Me what they can give Me.

I do not come to demand great things. I come to ask you simple things, so that I can remain for longer time in the world as Divinity, because it will be My Divinity that will succor you in the tribulation and in the times of chaos.

My Divinity will be the light for the world, in the acutest moment of the planet.

It will be My Divinity that will conduct you toward the path of peace, of protection and of truth.

I come today to renew the religious life, especially: the consecration, the vows and fraternal life, with the aim that My Heart, My spiritual Heart, may keep living in you and amidst you.

If this is complied with in a simple and true way, remembering My Words every day, I will be longer time in humanity, so that the souls may not suffer, may not get lost, neither may abandon God due to their ignorance and blindness.

May this Marathon mean the union of two cultures, of the beliefs and of the religions, under My fraternal and Christic Love.

In this way, the nations will not tremble and will not oppose one another, because peace will be able to reign in those places of the world where life and nature express themselves, as fruits of the Creation of God, so necessary and urgent for all the nations that live the war, despair and conflicts that seem to never end.

Because of this I invite you in this Marathon to enter My Merciful Heart, with the aim that your Lord and Master can balance human injustice, the lack of love, the lack of charity and of fraternity.

Today I will ask you to be the ones who consecrate these elements, so that you may be more united to Me, so that humanity can be more united to the Father and can leave its spiritual blindness, to be able to open its eyes to Infinity and to find peace.

I rise to Heaven in radiance. I rise to Heaven in prayer.

I rise to Heaven and I take in My Heart all who feel Me, all who understand Me and all who live me beyond themselves and for a greater finality.

I absolve you with the celestial authority of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Just as I converted water into wine, I can convert the impure into pure and make shine in human matter the celestial codes of My Heart.