Tuesday, June 6 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus, during the 47th Marathon of the Divine Mercy in the city of Assisi, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón:

We see Our Lord dressed in a lilac-colored robe, and at the center of His Chest appears the flag of Venezuela. But there is an important detail on the flag that Our Lord is showing, it has stars that shine, just as His Chest shines. Our Lord is deep within Himself, meditating in silence. 

And over this lilac robe He has a priestly garment, all embroidered from His Shoulders to His Feet.

He picks a chalice with His right Hand and, with the other, a small cross. His Eyes are of light blue color and His Face almost pale, surrounded by a golden light. Behind Him, there is a sky, as deep as it is infinite.

He tells me He is on Mount Avila, in the highest point of Caracas. He is not alone, He is accompanied by rows of regent angels that surround Him and contemplate Him as well.

My Silence today is for the innocent. 

My Presence, on this mount, is for those who are looking for Me and have not lost in themselves their divine essence. So, I am there as I am also here, on this land so appreciated by Me.

So today, I am in two places at the same time, because My Father has asked Me to be there, through His omnipresence.

While I am here, I dissolve everything that generates evil, such as chaos and despair, lack of faith, lack of trust and loss of love.

Today I pray for those who pray to My Heart, for I know that it is just that this supplication and request be answered by your Lord.

With the countenance that I show you today, similar to the one I had in the agony of the Garden of Gethsemane, I want to represent to you, through this symbol, that it is important to maintain serenity, calm and neutrality, virtues that My enemy does not know, because when these virtues are present in consciousnesses, My adversary feels lost, as if he did not have the ground under his feet.

The virtue of serenity builds positive things. It is like an invisible tool that, like prayer, works powerfully on negative structures and dissolves them little by little, until the evil consumes itself. In that sense, there is no battle, no war and no opposition.

Calm is an important tool that dispels the ideas that oppose the Plan of God.

Neutrality is another tool that keeps everything in balance and does not allow the consciousness to become involved in anything external. Neutrality is very similar to peace. It is not difficult to achieve it. It is necessary to seek it, because the more neutral you are, all that is not light will dissolve and you will find the inner strength to carry out My Works, the work of the redemption of souls, conversion of hearts and all that is necessary to reach the Light of God.

Thus, I come to protect the essences on their path of transformation. Therefore, I count the essences one by one, so that they may be contemplated by My Father, in the effort that the essences make to live My Christic Way.

Therefore, on this Mount Avila, in the highest part of Caracas, I come to build new bases, which will not be seen soon. Thus, they will be able to be contemplated by all those who pray to My Heart.

There can be no human will that lasts more than the Will of My Father. It will fall under its own weight, because it is a will that has no love, compassion or mercy.

In this way I come to demonstrate that, just as I am here, I am with those who need Me, with all those who cry out to God for His intercession.

These hosts, who are accompanying Me today, will be sent by your Lord to the nation of Venezuela so that they may start working on the Rescue Operation. It is something that you will not see on the physical plane, but trust that something will be happening.

Do not stay in what is superficial. Raise your consciousness more and more for all those who will not be able to raise it because they are immersed in suffering and agony. I come to relieve those states that are part of the human condition, of the very debt that humanity must pay.

Do not lose concentration. I am doing something risky for those who need God the most. Maintain that serenity that I ask of you and you will be far from the realities of chaos.

I would like all those who listen to Me, in your homes and prayer groups, to take on, together with your Lord, greater humanitarian aid for all these people. I do not only speak to you of something material, but also of something spiritual, that you offer to share with Me what few share: your silence and prayer.

Let us pray.

Prayer: Celestial Father (repeated three times)

All those who unite during adversity will always win, because in the unity among hearts and souls there is love, trust and hope in the Creator. Do not fear, because in the apparent horror, My Sacred Heart will triumph.

Today I dedicate this moment, along with the angels of the Lord, to My children of Venezuela, to all those who, in that nation, still have not reached Me, have not felt Me or have not been able to live Me within them because of fear, difficulty, suffering and disease.

Venezuela is a people of hope. Venezuela is a people of joy. In this people there exists the New Humanity. Venezuela is a nation of brotherhood, because it is ruled by the Mother of Heaven and by all Her choirs, which descend to help suffering souls.

Today I liberate suffering, on behalf of many more. Today I liberate the sadness of those who see, around them, everything that causes pain.

Venezuela will always be alive, because God wishes so. Venezuela will always be a people of equality, equity and hope.

Joyful will be those who believe in Me, because they will never lose peace and will be instruments that will radiate to the world the love that the world needs so much.

Today I want us to sing for Venezuela, Syria, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt and for all those who expect someone to pray for them, as they pray for those whom they do not know.

Let us sing.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Holy water.       

May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, bless Venezuela and all those who cry out to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit , for Peace. Amen.

Sanctify, Lord, all that Your children offer You and that emerges from the hearts that cry out for equality in these times.

Let the faces of My children, whose names are placed at the foot of My Altar, smile to the universe, for their freedom is near. Saint Michael the Archangel will leave His sword of liberation in Venezuela. So be it.

Today your hearts will be more relieved, they will find in you what you have long sought.

May the Lord bless the intentions of those who love the divine, supreme and infinite Justice. Amen.

May your people be anointed by redemption and thus find peace.

May all rejoice in this Supper that I celebrate with you today, may the healing of the heart be experienced. May My Blood wash you today. May My Body strengthen you today. May all feel within yourselves the great opportunity to love, beyond your lives and consciousness.

Let us sing with the angels.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us sing with the angels.

We stand up.

Today we will unite the peoples, the cultures of all those who seek peace and hope in these times. I also invite all those who listen to Me, companions, to imitate this example of brotherhood.

The Love of God will always win because it is a Love that grows, that is cultivated and regenerated in all those who believe in it.

May the Source of this merciful Love reach the beings throughout the planet, especially those who need it most.

May this Love bring the hope, the unity and joy of being in God, eternally. Amen.

I bless you, by the authority granted to Me by My Father. I especially bless Venezuela, regenerating in that people the joy and hope of continuing to trust God until the end of days, until I come to the world for the second time. So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I want you, as I rise, to continue to sing so that this supplication may be placed in the Heart of God. Amen.