Sunday, September 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

May Peace be in your hearts forever. Let us adore God because it is He who allows the manifestation of that Grace.

Ask God for forgiveness for your offenses, so that His Son full of Mercy be in Glory among you.

We pray the Our Father.

While I stretch out My arms to you, companions, My Heart expands in your lives, bringing you again the Law of Love, so that you remember it and live it in these times that will come.

It pleases Me to see your hearts open to receive Me, and My Spirit draws closer to all your consciousnesses to bless you again in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May this blessing multiply in all those who need it.

Be My Apostles of the new time and retransmit My impulses of Light to the world.

In your souls I find charity and service, the true fullness where God can express in each little action of His children.

I come here to give you the impulse to move forward, because in these times, companions, the Grace of God will be your fortitude.

And victory will take place in each one of you when your hearts vivify Me even more than they already vivify Me.

You have adored Me and you have contemplated Me in the Blessed Sacrament, and My Heart was restored by you and by the Glory of God, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

I come here to bring you, My companions, what you have given Me with so much love during these last times. The adorers of My Merciful Heart through the Holy Eucharist are indispensable for these times.

You will be able to be custodians of My Light; each time you contemplate Me in the Blessed Sacrament, I will be able to deposit in your hearts all the Graces that will not belong to you, but rather to those who need them the most; in this way, I invite you to be My mediators between Heaven and Earth just as you have done in these last months.

A thread of Light is established between God and humanity when souls adore My Heart.

The reparation becomes deeper in the spirit and the soul of each being, and each consciousness can find its path through each exercise of adoration.

The adorers are the epicenter of My Christic Energy. Even in this humanity, companions, there are many consciousnesses, many devoted souls that adore My Heart of Light.

And it is through that adoration, perpetual and permanent, that I am allowed to be present today among you.

I come to give office to your sacred task so that you continue forward, sustaining this Project of God, which each one is called to live in this time.

It is for this reason, companions, that today I bring you My Merciful Heart through the symbol of the Blessed Sacrament; powerful Light of God, solar and infinite, which interpenetrates all the souls of the world and especially all those who contemplate the Power of the Heart of the Son of God. In them is My Kingdom, and thus My Kingdom is in the world.

Despite all adversity, may your hearts become even more in peace, because My Codes of light of the Universe come to place themselves in your consciousnesses; believe in this because it is true and you will see this shortly.

If your souls were encouraged to contemplate Me in the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament, what more could you do on behalf of this so lost humanity?

May your eyes never cease looking at My Heart despite the adversity that surrounds you, despite the tests that come, despite the challenges that you may live in these end times.

Believe that I am present in the Blessed Sacrament emitting impulses of Light to consciousnesses, which are retransmitted, accordingly for all of humanity.

Today I do not come to do battle against evil; I come today, dear companions, for us to enter into adoration, in union with the Infinite, with the One, which is present through His beloved Son.

I come to establish in you a Temple of light that is built in each new adoration. Maybe you will not understand the mystery of observing the Blessed Sacrament, but adore, adore My Merciful Heart, for It is very full of Graces and many souls reject them because they are looking at other things.

Looking at the adversities of the world, the lack of control, the capital sin that overflow the hearts that are lost in the illusion of humanity.

Seek union with My Heart and I will give you peace always, and peace will be in your homes, in your family members, in each place where you are.

Because if your hearts adore My Heart in the Blessed Sacrament, you will be the peace makers of the New Time, the apostles of the last hour that apply for entering the columns of My Armies, that will help in the transition of this humanity.

I know you are feeling many mysteries; love them, adore them, live them, and after, you will understand.

Adore My Heart in the Blessed Sacrament so that your old codes can change, and I may pour out into each one of you the Codes of God, of the Celestial Kingdom, which want to be close to each one of their creatures.

Let us adore the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, because the Most Holy Trinity is present at this time through the Heart of Its Beloved Son.

Feel how My Heart can live in you; in the silence of prayer ask for what you most need. Ask for your fellow beings, ask for all those who live the consecration and are in their transition.

Ask for those whom I have called to serve Me, so that My Heart does not suffer the lack of understanding of My Apostles.

Ask for Me to be present in those who instruct you, because it is of vital importance so as not to leave the path and become blinded by your own light.

Ask so that I may stay here longer.

This is why I have come here, companions and adorers, because I know that you can ask for this when your souls open to recognize the Will of God through His Son.

Ask for Heaven to descend to Earth, so that the darkness can be dissipated and My Merciful Heart may triumph in all those who are fallen and are blind of spirit.

Ask for My Peace to be among you and in your brothers and sisters; the Justice that will reach the world will be very great and few will bear it.

While you purify yourselves, My friends, adore My Heart, and I will alleviate you in the Blessed Sacrament. Because in the silence of a good adoration, My Mother is to be found, God is to be found, and the holy angels of Heaven who unceasingly adore the Most Holy Trinity.

In these times, My beloveds, imitate the angels of the Universe, be similar to them and in this way you will draw peace to the world, the peace that is ending because the world prefers to live its own will and not the Will of God.

If you adore Me, I will be able to contemplate those who most need Me, and we will be one single Fraternity, a Sacred Family, which responds to the end of times, to the last call of God.

Ask for all who are suffering the consequences of My adversary.

Ask for those who are in darkness and who work through it.

Ask for souls so that they are able to wake before My return to the world.

This moment, companions, is a time of preparation and I will still continue to do it for some time, until the last day comes, the last day of the planet, before the New Humanity, and this is not far away.

Because who lives in My Heart knows that everything will take place, and that what the Son of God says is True and is Law.

Today I have brought the Angels of Heaven, a part of the Elohim, so that they may receive all supplications from your hearts and souls.

Adonai is listening. In the silence of the Heart the true enunciations are spoken, the voice of the soul makes itself felt, in union with the Celestial Father.

Today I have come here, not only to be with you, but with the world, and together with you to ask the Father of the Universe for this Project of humanity that still must be fulfilled in the life of each being.

While I speak to you, your hearts are liberated, and your souls can feel the relief of the Kingdom of My Peace. The Divine Word makes itself felt in the spirits to ignite the flame of the heart that will illumine the end of times as the precious sun that each one of you is.

At the request of the Master, we will sing “Adonai, Holy Spirit” several times. Making the offering to the angels, to the Elohim.

I thank you for the love of your devotion, but enter with your consciousnesses and even more with your hearts to this blessed moment in which the Son of God surrendered on your behalf, to save you on that day.

When the angels descended to the poor ground of the Last Supper, the Most Holy Mary with Her disciples, as with some of you, entered into adoration and said yes, to live Me in this time.

Remember the time when I offered this same bread and this same wine to God that today you offer to the Creator.

In this small mystery of the sanctified bread and wine, Love is to be found, in something so insignificant, but very great, like communion with the Son of God; to mend all the faults and what has been committed, all offenses and all sins that souls live through ignorance, when they are persecuted by My adversary.

Adore the moment when Your Master and Shepherd of all the flocks of the world, and throughout all times, is offering Himself in the Sacred Eucharist so that souls may finally find God and live in Him.

I took the bread, companions, and said, Father, may this be My Body, to save all souls and liberate them from evil in honor of the triumph of Love and of the Sacred Unity of Your Most High Heart.

Commune, My apostles, and live Me.

In the same way, I took the Chalice and said, Father, may this be My Blood, the Precious Blood of Renewal and of Peace in all those who drink it in reparation for all the outrages to your Most Sacred Heart.

I offer Myself in this Supper so that souls be in Me, in deep adoration and reverence. And in this manner, I may be in them, at each point of the planet for whoever invokes My Holy Name.

In this way, companions, without your perceiving it, in the center of this city My Heart triumphed and the doors to evil are closed, so that souls may truly live Me.

You asked Me to return here, in your task of adoration and in each moment of prayer, and here I Am, friends, so that you never forget Me.

Praised be God, glorious is His Kingdom, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!

May this Marathon, companions, be dedicated to adore Me on behalf of all those who do not adore Me, on behalf of all those who do not live Me, on behalf of all those who reject Me after I have appeared on their paths.

Restore My Heart, and in this way I will be able to restore the world, especially the unborn, who need many prayers.

May your spirits be ignited in this Marathon, and the joy of being in God, the joy of serving God, and feeling Him in the depth of your hearts reign.

I leave you the Gift of My Peace, so that you may work with it every day, and your souls transfigure into the perfect model that I hope for in each one of you.

I thank you, adorers, for responding to My convocation.

Your Master and your King,

Jesus Christ