Saturday, April 30 of 2016

Daily Messages

Serve God with your own life and offer your actions to the Creator in every moment.

Serve God, placing in His Hands your difficulties and resistances – because in a world where the majority of human beings ignores the presence of the Creator within themselves and often denies Him, those who surrender at His Feet, even if they are imperfect, render a great service with this.

Serve the Father, surrendering, each day, your limitations and that which seems to you impossible to accept, transform, transcend or even to attain – because in a world of so many walls, so many barriers that separate the consciousnesses from the Truth, even about themselves, those who aspire to transcend limits and barriers, and accept to do it every day, provide a great service through that.

Serve the Father, accepting His Will and being grateful to Him both in health and in sickness, both in poverty and in abundance, both in plenty and in the inner desert; because in a world of so much ingratitude to the Creator, who is Goodness and Mercy, those who are grateful open the Doors of Heaven and render a great service with that.

Serve God, praying from the heart.

Serve God, adoring from the heart.

Serve God, clamoring from the heart.

Serve God, understanding your neighbor.

Serve God, observing yourself so that you will not judge, condemn or criticize.

Serve God by means of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Serve God by means of silence.

In order to serve God, you only need to open your heart. All you do with the heart is a service to God. All that impels you to love is a service to God. All that approaches you to the Father is a service, because you, child, are not separated from human consciousness, and if all you do is not only for yourself, it will be a great service to God, because all the Creation will be benefitted by your small or great works.

Do you realize, then, that being a missionary of God is for all? Be a missionary of God. Make of your life a mission to fulfill.

Serve God in all things.

That one who calls you to serve,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, April 29 of 2016

Daily Messages

For each soul, there is a unique mission. For each spirit, there is a unique gift. The Creator, who is infinite, thought something pure, perfect, for each one of His creatures, that only this essence can manifest.

I tell you this, children, because not all must be missionaries, not all must be monks, not all must form a Family, not all must become hermits. Each role of life has a function; each experience brings an apprenticeship that the soul needs in order to grow.

It is true, I tell you, that many who should have a Family are alone and many who should be entirely consecrated to God have formed a Family.

The anguish of many servers is to know what their own mission is and the anguish of others is not to be able to understand that a mission is not to live like a hero.

Many times, children, the occult and true experience of a few makes humanity take a leap in their evolution.

Some have as a mission to learn how to love, surrendering all and consecrating their own lives to God and to the service to their neighbor, but a mother may love her child so much that she discovers the essence of true love and expands it to all the creatures on Earth.

The mission of each one is unique, and you must seek it in the depth of your hearts and nowhere else. Do not ask outside yourselves what you must do and where you must be; ask inside, because often you already know the answer, but you do not have enough courage to accept it.

The true mission, children, is spiritual and gains sense when you are entire in what you do, sincere and in an offering to God. This is the essence of the spiritual mission. That the action is simple, or that the external life is occult does not matter; what does matter is that you be in God at each moment.

In this world, the true mission is to return to the Creator and to remember the times when you were with Him. For this, each one will tread the path that suits them, the path they need to tread.

I speak these things because many become sad because they cannot be this or that, when in fact they must not be it. Understand that it is in the spirit of humility that resides the dwelling for the Creator. It is in the inner fortress that the Lord will dwell.

Those who need these words of Mine will understand them.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, April 28 of 2016

Daily Messages


The Planetary Missionary Network emerges as a way of awakening humanity a little more for the active balance of the evils that permeate the world. This Network was created to unite the teaching with the prayerful spirit in the daily practice of everything you have learned.

The regional missionaries will slowly acquire the experience they need to carry out broader activities.

As a first step, you must make your consciousness and heart available for service and, from that point, look for the needs of others—beginning with those beside you—from the most simple and small to those that require a greater effort.

Then, you will deepen your own training with the experiences of service in the House of Saint Joseph, which will be completed with the services done in the House of Light on the Hill, the Francis of Assisi Park and the Crer-Sendo Service Nucleus. Those four branches of service will complement each other, giving the consciousness ready to serve, the tools it needs in all spheres of the being, from the basic training to spiritual openness, so that it may be a bearer of love and of mercy in its acts of service.

The groups that have not had contact with the core and secondary missionaries during the official missions, before becoming part of the Planetary Missionary Network, must go through a minimum experience in the places cited by My Chaste Heart, since these places are not just associations of altruistic service, but rather places in which the Divine Hierarchy has deposited Its trust and Its Grace for the awakening of love and of Christic charity in the hearts of humankind.

After having these experiences, the groups of the Planetary Missionary Network that are trained under the guidance of the Fraternity–International Humanitarian Federation, will begin their activities, which will be coordinated according to the availability of each group.

As part of their learning process and their training, the most experienced and pioneering groups may unite fraternally, in service, with the groups that from then on will be formed.

When there are more than one group in a specific region, they may carry out group service tasks under the guidance of the Fraternity–International Humanitarian Federation, uniting the different groups of the region. They may also unite to take a specific course together, deepening their training.

The services will be according to the region, according to the needs of each one. The universe will make use of the openness and the readiness of all to have you face the tests you may need to experience for your own growth.

As you gradually grow in fraternity and love, your service will radiate to other consciousnesses and will awaken in hearts an interest in more deeply knowing the roots that move you to serve with so much love. This example of true service is what will be the greatest healing for souls and what will really aid humanity.

Therefore, children, it does not matter if you do great or small works, because the repercussion of each action is measured by the degree of love you bring to what you do. Even if you do very little, let it be true and from your heart, may you be whole and willing to be bearers of the Divine Presence. In this way, the merit generated in Heaven will be great.

It is from the small and sincere actions full of God that will be built the great fortitude which will sustain the world.

I leave you My blessing and My vows of the awakening of the missionary spirit in all the suns of the Earth.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, April 27 of 2016

Daily Messages

To all My children who are willing to live in a missionary spirit


The missionary spirit is one that takes you to promptness, service, charitable and selfless action, and also to transformation, overcoming of self, and to absolute and true love.

To be missionaries, you must first want to transform yourselves and accept living the new patterns of life on Earth, which are based on the love of your neighbor and the Kingdoms of Nature, as well as of yourselves, and of God above all things.

When you decide to be missionaries all the days of your lives and put this into practice, you will find out how much you used to think about yourselves and how distracted you were from the needs of your neighbor.

A true missionary makes their own life their main mission and, they deepen into it, are formed, and mature, in order to fulfill other missions amid the neediest and forgotten.

If you do not make your life a mission to fulfill the Divine Purpose, your service will be very scarce and poor when you provide it for others, because the more you live the missionary spirit and the more impregnated you become with charity and love, the more possibilities you will have for being true instruments of God in these times and the times to come.

It is for this reason that, before summoning you for an official mission, I founded the Planetary Missionary Network, for in this way, you will be consolidating the bases of the missionary spirit in your own consciousness, and even in your homes and daily lives, you will allow the Creator to make you His instruments in the world.

If you are attentive to the needs of others all the time, you will develop your intuition and will be closer to Divine Thought.

When you experience the love that transcends the personality and when it comes from the soul and the spirit, you will be entering into the Love of God and will be able to experience how the Creator loves His creatures. In this way, children, you will be apt to represent Him when His Voice is no longer pronounced in the world as it is today, and when it is up to human beings to guide their destiny according to how they act in the tests they will experience.

Remember: the foundation of the Planetary Missionary Network is to be a missionary every day and thus prepare oneself to supply the needs of the planet wherever they are.

I bless you in this new cycle and I leave you My impulse of charity and love so that you may take fruitful steps in the mission of your own life.

Your friend and companion in the missions,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Tuesday, April 26 of 2016

Daily Messages

When incomprehension overcomes the faith that was emerging in the heart, and the consciousness finds itself in the darkness of doubt again, it is necessary to experience extreme pain or extreme love, true love, a love that comes from God and is imprinted in the hearts of humankind.


In these times, the enemy is attentive to all your movements, words, and actions. For this reason, you must be careful in talking, exemplary in your actions, and prayerful in everything that you do, because — while he very easily imprints a doubt or an incomprehension in your hearts — you will have great difficulty in opening again to feel God and draw closer to His Love, to His Heart. And when you need to go through an experience of extreme pain to feel God again, you will also have great difficulty in healing the wound left in your hearts.

It is for this reason that I ask you to be attentive and vigilant, like a soldier in the midst of a battle. And if the enemy has already touched your hearts, I only tell you to allow yourselves to be loved by God and by your brothers and sisters, for in this way you will once again recognize the potential of love and experience it.

There is no evil that cannot be defeated with the Grace of feeling the Love of God; but this Love is felt in the hearts that are open, however slightly, to receive it.

Thus, children, I tell you that even though the sorrow might be great and the lack of understanding or the doubt be infinite, try to offer your hearts to receive from God what He ardently aspires to place within you.

The goodness of the Creator is so immense that He asks nothing of you, just that you make yourselves truly and minimally willing to be with Him, to be within Him.

Who guides you into reconciliation with God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, April 25 of 2016

Daily Messages

Peace will be established in the world at its time and hour. The destiny of this planet is traced every second according to the actions of humankind. The more you cry out, live and manifest peace, the nearer it will be to all of humanity and to all the life on the planet.

Children, many still resist in perceiving the urgency of these times and the greatest part of the support of this world is done by the Hierarchy and a few others who often are destabilizing themselves because they carry the weight that does not correspond to them.

I would like to make all of you more conscious and that you could see with the same Eyes of God the true situation of this world, but I cannot do it because your souls would not stand it. To see with the Eyes of God, you would need to be in Him and, perfectly united to Him, you could take advantage of everything that He is. But what I am able to tell you, once and again, is that you to pay attention to the signs of life, to the events of the planet. This sacred Earth is already trembling and soon you will not have how to restart and rebuild the material life in the same way as you do nowadays.

I do not want to cause fear, I only give you a warning because the more the heart is in God, the more you will be able to understand what you live and less importance you will give to the material losses, because you will know about the spiritual collapse in which this world lives.

When I tell you, children, that some nations must be the cradle of the New Race, I am speaking about a spiritual cradle and of beings that are conscious of the Truth, because the matter needs its purification as – to be a New Race -, it cannot start from old bases.

The material world that comes to surface nowadays will collapse and purify itself, but those who are strengthened in heart and in spirit will persevere to see emerge from the sublime worlds, the bases of a new life. These bases will emerge, principally, in the Americas and we are here today, supporting this part of the world for the souls not to lose themselves and rather to open themselves to the Truth so that there can be many beings who generate merit to live the apprenticeship based on love and not on pain. We are here, children, because this nation cannot lose its faith due to the consequences of the misleading actions of a few people.

The enemy is trying to confuse the hearts to establish chaos, but those who maintain themselves firm in God, independently of the resolutions taken in matter, will not corrupt themselves and will be an example and a guide for many.

Pray for this nation, as well as for the Americas and for the whole world. But do not pray for a certain material result, pray so that, in the inner world of each living being, there will be peace and union with God. Pray for those who will see the world collapse to be firm also to see it being reborn.

Remember like each of you collapsed and was reborn so many times. Remember the grace it is to overcome incomprehension and to find peace and be firm and brave to always remain in this peace.

I bless you and I will pray with you day and night to intercede for your souls and for all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, April 24 of 2016

Daily Messages

The false power that spreads on the planet is only unmasked when the consciousness finds the Power of God, the one that manifests itself through Grace and through what is known as miracles; the one that manifests itself through the awakening of beings and also manifests itself through the elements of nature and of the different climatic movements that nature expresses.

Many choose to know the Power of the Creator through what is called the “Wrath of God.” This is an expression used by the human mind, due to its ignorance, to denominate the action of Justice. The way in which the human beings understand the amplitude of Justice and its consequences is by calling it the “Wrath of God.”

Others will be able to abandon the false power by the awakening of their own heart and, by the potency of the Love of God, they will feel that there is no true power but the one that comes from the Father.

Children, whereas the majority of human beings abuses the use of force and confuses it with power, abandon everything that makes you feel superior to something or to someone. Let the spirit of humility impregnate your consciousness because the false power will be ripped from the hands of human beings, who will see themselves impotent and small as they are when they are distant from God.

The false power will be the first to be purified because it is the one that causes more damage to the planetary consciousness. The human beings that abuse of the false power and submit their fellow beings have not realized that they are the ones who are submitted to the forces of darkness.

We are in the previous times of the spiritual Aurora of the planet and, for more that darkness floods Earth today, it will be dissipated from the planetary aura by the magnitude of the Light and, together with the darkness, their false powers will be expelled.

I tell you these things because the time of the development of humility urges as the only path to find God and to live peace.

If you want to know the Power of the Creator by means of His Grace, surrender every day at His Feet what still ties you to the need of power and discover the freedom of living under the Power of the Creator. It is within this Divine Power that, although being nothing, you will possess all things, because you will be all things and you will not be separated from any particle of life.

He who awakens you to the experience of humility and the surrender of the false power,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, April 23 of 2016

Daily Messages

There is no spiritual transformation that does not come from the adherence of the consciousness to the Plan of God. For this reason, before any change, any visible result of the action of the Light, first there is the awakening of the being, the adherence of each person to the mystery that the Divine Purpose is to the human mind.

For now, you must adhere without knowing, act without knowing how to, comprehend without understanding — because I am speaking about the understanding of the heart, which does not need concepts nor ideas.

It is for this reason that We first awaken you, place within you the potential of love of the Plan of God, and then, gradually, you will be able to act in it more aware or less.

In order to be more aware of the Plan of God, you must love it more. The degree of comprehension moves together with the degrees of love and surrender of consciousnesses.

I tell you these things because the Creator needs awaken beings and beings aware of their actions and the manifestation of the Work they do, but for that, you need to love the Plan of God above all things and prove it.

While the incomprehension, the doubts, the love for personal aspirations and material plans are greater than your adherence to the Plan of God, much of what the Creator has for this humanity will remain hovering on the sublime planes of consciousness, waiting for a doorway to enter the planet.

Children, the Most High Lord has in His Plan the correct balance for all the evils that humanity has generated throughout its existence, and with His Power, He can convert darkness into light. But you need to make a greater effort than that which you are making today, and that you consider yourselves to be true soldiers and missionaries of God, whose mission is the manifestation of His Will in this world.

I will always guide you and instruct you, but if you want to be more aware and be true instruments of God, you must deepen into your own surrender.

I leave you with this reflection as your father and instructor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, April 22 of 2016

Daily Messages

I have summoned you here so that you could pray with Me for this nation and so that the darkness that today blinds the eyes of many could make space for the Light of God.

I do not come to impose a change; I come to offer an opportunity for changing the destiny of this nation, to offer an awakening for souls through the authority that God has given Me.

Just as My Chaste Heart represented, for humankind, the awakening of faith and absolute loyalty to God, so I also want to offer each human heart the possibility of representing, as one who prays, the awakening of a gift that will change and balance some evil of this world.

Children, I am here because confusion is blinding the hearts of humankind and, at this moment, nobody is absolutely certain of their life's purpose. Even those who began the chaos – through the influence of the darkness – are confused today, for one who serves the forces of chaos, lives in the chaos and is deceived by their own poison that they drink each day.

I come to remove the fog that covers the hearts of beings because of indignation. I come because the enemy distracts you with the confusion of the struggle for power and absorbs you in the search for a solution to a question whose roots are lost and hidden from the human heart,  for they are not found in matter, but rather in spirit.

The enemy confuses you in such a way that you become entangled in its deceits and no longer know how to think or discern and, little by little, give more importance to reason than to faith, in search of an answer.

In truth, children, you must search now, more than ever, for the spiritual path, because it is only there that the roots of chaos will be pulled out. It is the light that must balance the dark at its origin.

That is why I am here, to wake you up and tell you not to try and understand a situation in matter that is being degenerated in spirit.

Do not allow yourselves to be confused and do not waste time seeking material solutions. Rather, plunge into the spiritual planes with no intention of leading anything and allow the light itself,  attracted by your prayers, to dissolve the knots that confuse humankind.

Pray with Me during the coming days so that the Light of God may descend and bring you the clarity that will balance the darkness.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, April 21 of 2016

Daily Messages

Love God in all His manifestations. Love His Plan and His Will, way beyond your small life.

Love the Father, just as His Son loved Him, Who not only rejoiced when the Power of God was His and He could perform miracles to the eyes of humanity. The Lord also loved God, more than ever, when He was on the Cross.

The One Who came to the world to show the path of every living being, suffered like no other human being on this planet, and He did so to demonstrate to everyone that love, when true, is unconditional, and that the Will of God can be in joy, as well as in suffering; it only depends on how one experiences the events in one’s own life.

Child, if your life is difficult and you are experiencing trials that at times it seems you cannot bear them, before losing your faith, revive it. Remember the sacrifice of Christ and be grateful for being able to somehow repay His suffering.

I want you to learn to be by My side not only when I grant you Graces, but also when I grant you pain so that in this way, I am able to alleviate the pain of others through you.

If the suffering of your fellow beings brings woe to you, then balance this sorrow with the love of your heart. Give your faith to others so that they may overcome fear. And remember that if you create a path of love for those who are suffering beside you, when the time comes for them to leave this world, with their feet they will walk on the pathway you built and will find the light and peace that they need.

Make your life an act of service and understand that you are also converting the hearts of humankind when you give an example of self-overcoming.

The Lord wants to make you a complete server, for many love Him in Grace, but few offer Him a sacrifice.

Trust that every test comes for your growth.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, April 20 of 2016

Daily Messages

In order to truly understand the urgency of the times and find a real path for the experience of what I tell you, it is necessary that you let yourself deepen into your inner world. Otherwise, you will always have the instructions and information about these times, you will mentally know that these instructions are correct and will not question them. However, child, your heart will not live according to what necessity dictates and you will not become the instrument that the Creator needs of you.

Today you may already do many things that are helpful to humanity, but God needs, through you, to convert millenary patterns degenerated in the human consciousness, so that, from you, new principles may live inside humankind and a new race may emerge in the horizon of this world.

This thought of God is not just an ideal, it is an urgent need. Many know it and agree with it, but they have not understood that they must transform, in themselves, these degenerated patterns.

If the human consciousness does not see an example before its own eyes, it does not change and does not awaken. This is why, child, I have called you to fulfill this mission, because I know that I can do it. I know the Power of God latent within you, while you just know the power of your personality and, perhaps, of your soul.

I know you hear these words and feel, weighting down on you, a responsibility that humanity as a whole has not wanted to take. Now, you must understand that your commitment is to God and that you must not expect others to do for you what is incumbent on you to do.

If you read these words and know what I say to you, then, child, I am not referring to the one who is beside you. While the majority walks toward regression, I call you to evolution. You must be like a spear that not only breaks the barriers of the old patterns, but that bears the countercurrents and overcomes these patterns in itself.

Try to be more with God, child. Accept spiritual solitude with joy. This is the only way for you to understand and live what I tell you.

Do not worry so much about how those around you will respond. Live it first and, behind you, the paths shall open.

I leave you My Blessing.

The one who speaks to each one and to all who know how to listen,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, April 19 of 2016


May peace be granted to the human heart, to the consciousness of each Kingdom of Nature and to the heart of this planet, because when you cry out for peace, the Creator, Who is infinite kindness, grants you the Grace of feeling His Peace in your little hearts.

Today I want you to recognize the potential for love that exists in each of you.

How different the world would be, companions, if you cried out in this way every day; if the joy you felt today for accomplishing the Plans of the Most High flowed from your hearts!!

That which you felt this evening and which causes you to sing with the truth of your hearts, is the Purpose of God, it is His Love, which manifests in your hearts. A love that always existed within you from the beginning, but that many, My beloveds, do not want to experience.

Why is it that you refuse to live wholeness? Did you happen to feel something today that was not good for you?

Many felt wholly in God for the first time, because the Creator manifests among humanity whenever a sincere door is opened to Him.

I would like you to pray like this every day. If this were done, the Divine Messengers would be in your homes, accompanying your groups of prayer, they would fill the chairs that were empty, because you would have opened the door for Us.

Humanity, children, does not live that love that you experienced today; and it is for that reason that we came to the world so many times; it is for that reason that we descend every day and speak to humanity as we have never done before.

The urgency of the times is such and the need so great that Our Hearts offer Themselves to be among you and among the most needy.

When you pray from your heart, We are not only with you, but in Omnipresence, We are with those most in need of Us: we move through the planet, assisting the hearts of humanity and also the Kingdoms of Nature - ever more outraged by the ignorant, by the blind of spirit.

There is no longer balance in this world, because love is hidden, it is imprisoned within consciousnesses. Many believe they love, and yet, My children, they seek possessions and appropriate others.

One who loves, loves freely, loves so that a fellow being can experience the Will of God rather than their own. To love, dear ones, is not to want to manifest your own will in others, even though you believe it is a good will, that they will become good people if they were the way you think.

To love is to create the conditions so that God may manifest in the world, and in this way, His Will can take shape in each heart. Love does not make choices; true love, which comes from the Heart of the Father, descends to the world for all creatures, just as it descended this evening. Only those hearts that do not open to receive it do not feel it.

I wish, My children, that those who blindly walk on the streets of this city could hear My voice, as well as the gentle voice of Mary, as well as the sacred voice of Christ. But hearts do not seek peace, they do not know it. For them to know it, they need a living example, a true testimony that would completely transform them.

In the same way that Christ walked on the roads of this world, being a living testimony to the Presence of God, so the Creator expects each one of you to do. Many think it is impossible, but for what then would you be on this Earth, if not to follow the example of Christ? He did not come to the world only to found a church. He came to the world to be an example for each creature that lives on the Earth. He gave His Body and His Blood on the Cross and also becomes Life through the bread and the wine, to perpetuate His example, so that those who came after Him over the centuries never forgot that they are to follow in His footsteps.

The urgency of the times dictates the true need of your lives. The priority in your hearts must be transformation, the experiencing of love that comes from not expecting results, that loves without wanting a return, without being loved, for you will face many that will even hate you, but who will need  your love so as to have an opportunity.

The Light lives in very few, while darkness dwells in almost all creatures; however, the Law is the triumph of the Light rather than the establishment of darkness.

One who lives in the Light, lives in the Power of God; that is why they have the authority, given by the Father, to transform all things. But to live the Power of God, you need to be in Him, follow the example of His Son, and in the same way He transformed the darkness with a single look, may your examples also transform this world.

If I tell you these things, they are not impossible to be lived, but you need to have faith, just as the Son of God, Who - when in a human heart - never lost His faith in the union with His Father, and even when He felt alone and abandoned on the Cross, He did not desist from fulfilling the Plans of God and loved His Will even more.

Listen to My words and also feel what I place in your hearts. I am not here to convince you about anything. I am here to transform you, so that you transform others.

On this evening, I want to give thanks for the effort of each of My children; I say you are My children because I learned that parenthood, when real, has no limits. I felt Myself to be the father of Jesus, even though I knew that He came from the Holy Spirit. You come from God, but I feel Myself to be the father of each one of your essences because I love you and want to teach you and have you grow - not a growth of this world, but rather, a spiritual and real growth. For this reason, I thank all My children, all those who opened their doors to Me so that I could be here, healing the heart of this city and of the whole world.

Know, My children, that the Sacred Hearts had a specific purpose on coming to this place, the purpose of healing each of your souls and through you, many others.

Now I will ask you to pray with this same love that you prayed with today for all the Christians of the world, and also for the non-Christians, but who experience love and should remain in it, regardless of the persecutions, the chaos, and evil. 

Pray so that those who someday found the path of peace may remain on it and not lose it, however much it may seem to have disappeared around them.

If you pray every day and live in the peace of the heart, you will discover that true peace is to be found in God, and that the path to it is within each of you; thus, do not seek it outside. And even though someday the world will seem to be in full chaos, you will know, children, that peace never ceased to exist.

To say goodbye, while I rise up to the Heavens, I would like to move through this world, place My hands on My children of Nigeria, of Syria, of Turkey, of Brazil, of the whole world, so that they feel the peace of My Most Chaste Heart. I would like to take the love of each praying being to those who have lost hope.

If in this place I open a door of peace, will you accompany Me with your singing?

Sing with Me, because I too cry out for peace.

I thank you for being with the Divine Messengers and ask that this not be the last time.

Monday, April 18 of 2016

Daily Messages

Prayer of Trust in the Designs of God

I trust in the Will of the Creator of all things,
       that made me be born as an essence in the heart of the universe
       and makes me be born again, each day,
       in the depths of His Most Sacred Heart.

I trust in His Justice, as in His Mercy,
       and I know that He will always guide me along the path
       of light and good for my inner growth.

I trust in the fidelity of The Sacred Hearts towards humanity,
       and I know that, responding to such Grace
       of the permanent guidance of the Messengers of God,
       my life will always be a manifestation of the Divine Will.

I trust in the Power of God,
       and I know that from my faith will be born the perseverance
       to understand the future times, the present
       and the experiences of the past.

I trust in the return of Christ,
       and I am willing to be His instrument within the world,
       a heart that, in spite of being small,
       will let itself turn into a living miracle,
       a fruit of the spiritual presence of the Redeemer among humankind.

I trust that Grace is true and that it descends upon me
       each time I offer my heart to receive it.

Therefore, I repeat, and, with love, I announce to the world
       that I trust in the Designs of the Creator,
       I trust in His Work and I know that He will make my days full of His Presence.

In trial or in Grace,
in mercy or in Justice,
  in joy or in surrender,
       I trust, Lord, that You are with me
       and that I will always be your faithful servant.



Trust that, despite the events of the world, the Lord will guide your steps.

Trust that all the tests come for your growth.

Trust that surrender and defeat are the doors to humility, because the heart that is not defeated many times, is not able itself to be filled by Christ.

Do not allow yourselves to become frustrated, upset or discouraged because the events do not flow as you expect. If you do what We tell you and follow the guidelines of Those who see all things, although you live in the same school as all human beings, you will understand them in a different way. And you may live the same trial as other thousands of brothers and sisters of yours, but with your spirit full of God and your heart filled with faith.

For many, you will seem to be crazy and you will take your own strengths from human weakness to raise not only yourselves from the ground, but also other millions of fellow beings that have forgotten to be in God.

Trust in the Creator and, if you follow His Designs, do not fear anything. Rather, fear yourselves and take care not to let yourself be deceived.

Those who have faith will persevere. Those who do not have it, but want to find it, will find it out. And those who do not want to listen to God will wait on the ground for a hand to help them.

Children, will you want to be with your hand up, for you to be raised from the ground, or will you be with Us on the Heights, with your hands outstretched downwards, helping the neighbor? Each one will put themselves at the level that they choose to be.

The destiny of each being is mapped out first by themselves, later by God, because even the Creator respects the free will of human beings.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, April 17 of 2016

Daily Messages


The false power of this world blinds and sickens the hearts of human beings. Those who search for their own power lose faith because they do not know the Power of God.

Each day, My beloved ones, there are before your eyes the visible signs of the decadence of humanity. But those who are not with their consciousnesses on the Divine Purpose can perceive little about the truth, and let themselves be deceived by the superficial and obscure stimuli that influence them from all sides.

The only way for not losing peace and faith in your hearts is to pray. The only way for you to maintain yourselves healthy and in balance, in all levels of your beings, is allowing your consciousnesses to cross the thresholds of the dimensions of matter so that placed on the levels of the spirit, you be able to understand the true meaning of the events of the world and do not allow yourselves to be confused.

Prayer, children, is more than an instrument to reach personally peace. Prayer is what will sustain the spiritual life of the planet and the non-collapse of human consciousness. Therefore, I ask you to pray, to pray much for this moment that you live in.

Pray for the Americas, for the cloud of illusion and of confusion that nowadays obscures the minds and hearts to be able to give space to the clarity of God.

Pray for the unity among beings, and for the desire for power not to take away from you the possibility of loving. Recognize that the true power only comes from the Creator, and for you to be participants of His Kingdom, you must live love and unity, always.

In a few words, I awake you. Listen to Our call with the heart.

May the fear of an uncertain future not confuse you. You must not fear, you must only remain in God.

The one who is in the Father will manifest His intentions in each instance of their life.

I love and bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, April 16 of 2016

Daily Messages

Do not be afraid of the harassment of the enemy. Instead be consequent with your own faith and you will balance the evil that the darkness imprints in the world with the potency of the Love of Christ in your heart.

Do not be afraid of the threats made by the enemy, because your perseverance in Christ will make your destiny a victory of God, no matter what that may be.

Child, occupy yourself by being in truth. Occupy yourself in deepening your union with the Father. Occupy yourself in growing rapidly to be worthy of inheriting the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the world. Occupy yourself in making your life a witness of the true miracle of Christ, which is the transformation of essences and the redemption of consciousnesses.

Your protection lies in the union with God.

The victory of Christ in you only depends on your surrender and on your perseverance because the Lord has open arms before your heart and He offers everything to you so that you may be like Him, so that you may love like He loved and so that you may discover the truth about yourself, just as He discovered in His transfiguration.

Recognize that evil exists and be vigilant but, above all, know that your attention must be upon the triumph of the Creator and upon your effort for this triumph to be true.

You must have your heart as pure as that of a child, but as wise as an elder. Everything depends on where you will place your own consciousness.

Do as My Chaste Heart: in the face of the atrocities of the world and of the greatness of the celestial mysteries that I lived by the side of My Son and My Holy Spouse Mary, I chose humility so that the atrocities would be converted by the greatness of love and the mysteries would be revealed in the passivity of silence.

Your heart must be in the evils as well as in the mysteries. However, you will treat each one with the virtue that corresponds to it.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Friday, April 15 of 2016

Daily Messages


I have already instructed you much about the spiritual path and the way to reach plenitude within it. You already have many instructions, including almost practical ones, about how to tread this path. Now, My beloved ones, the experience of these principles depends on the election of each one.

What will move you away from the enemy is the humility and the deep love that you may be capable of living. Today, the adversary of God is very close to the hearts that search for the light and in every way he will try to extinguish the flame that illuminates your steps, your path. Therefore, children, there is no longer time for naivety. Do not confuse being naïve with being pure, because purity is full of wisdom, while naivety is fruit of immaturity, including spiritual, of the beings. The one who is wise lives in themself the principles of God and overcomes darkness, being themself the bearer of Light.

At these moments, in which everything is allowed for the final trial of the consciousness, the only fortress and the only refuge of all will be the living of Truth.

When you live in God and shine Him through, you disarm the plans of the adversary by your own potency of love. But if you still resist and let yourselves be carried by the influences of this world, with small intentions of enhancing yourselves, you will fall again and again in the traps and confusions of the enemy.

Remember, children: your fortress must be the living of the teaching; your testimony must be alive.

I know about the effort and the will of everyone to persist and, therefore, I tell you these things, because there is still much about yourselves that you do not know. The potential is within everyone, but to find it and develop it, you need to decide to divest yourself of everything that fills you with your own selves and with the things of this world. Because it is by being nothing, including invisibles for yourselves, that you will make true echo in the world.

In a land of prides and vanities, the humble heart shines without realizing it.  

Keep in your hearts what I tell you and develop My teachings in your consciousnesses.

Your Father and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, April 14 of 2016

Daily Messages


With your hearts inside of My Most Chaste Heart, contemplate today the great need of the world.

I must always remember you the immense suffering of God for all that still happens on Earth. And, on this day, I will ask you one special prayer for all the Christians of the world, all of those who, in their hearts, have been called to unite to the sacrifice of Christ and to renew it with actions of love and peace.

Children, this love is being lost from the hearts of many of those who claim to follow Christ and again the beings are surrendering to hatred and fear, to – in the name of the Lord – fight battles and respond for the wars that happen in the world.

The more the Christian spirit is lost in a part of the world, the greater must be the conscious effort of those who are awake. Because I tell you, My beloved ones, that much worse than the wars in the matter is the unprecedented war that one lives in spirit, in the invisible levels, where the forces of chaos act freely, encouraging the souls to perdition and leading them to the abyss.

Children, a heart that cannot live love and responds to a war, in the name of Christ, has already lost its possibilities of following the Plans of God, because its actions demonstrate the darkness in which it is found.

Pray so that other Christians are not encouraged to wars and to the chaos of the world. That those who have a mission of following the steps of Christ may not lose themselves because the new Christs must be a reality, and love must prevail in the human consciousness.

Behold, the events of the world, My children, and feel in your interior the urgency of these times. Feel the urgency of being different, feel the urgency of transforming this world from your own interior. Those who are more conscious will have to live a greater sacrifice. Do it consciously, with freedom of heart and with love for the Divine Purpose. The Creator needs you awake.

Pray, pray for the Christians of the whole world and for all of those who must awaken to the principle of true love. May the purpose of loving remain active in the human heart.

Your Father and Companion, The One who awakens you to the urgency of the times,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, April 13 of 2016

Daily Messages


To find true peace, you must aspire to live it and search for it beyond yourselves, your own tendencies and your own stimuli. Because at this moment what the human consciousness is impelled to live is the search for power, competition, victory over others in everything, no matter the way it takes to reach its own goal. In these times, the minds want to be right, they want to prevail and to excel. All of this makes it difficult to establish peace, for constantly generating stimuli for conflicts, inside and outside beings.

To live in peace in this time, you will have to renounce: renounce being right, exceling, imposing you own opinions, concretizing your own ideas.

To be at peace, you will have to live in the spirit of humility. It does not mean that you will be inert, indifferent or without acting on the Plans of God. You will renounce what comes from yourselves, because what comes from God will open the doors of manifestation, without being necessary to impose anything.

What comes from God manifests itself also under the spirit of humility, and when you give an example of renunciation and live in peace you are dissolving the obstacles imposed by the adversary for the manifestation of the Plans of the Most High.

The higher life is based on other Laws, different from the laws of this world. To live them, you will have to be humble and peaceful.

The one who loves you and calls you to the pacification of the heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, April 12 of 2016

Daily Messages


Unite your heart with the Heart of God, so that He raises your small being to the Truth, reveals to you the reasons of the events of your life, shows you His Mysteries, and allows you to understand why He guides your steps in a certain way.

In these times, the Creator is avid for revealing Himself to the hearts of humankind, because the more the planetary purification approaches, the bigger is the need for the human consciousness to enter into the understanding of Truth and to be able to be conscious of the spiritual faces of the coming events, so that incomprehension and doubt do not have a place in the hearts of the self-summoned.

That is why, child, I call you to deepen in your own spiritual path, in your own union with God, as a service to be provided to all human consciousness.

Now is time for the self-summoned to deepen in their spiritual path, because what you have lived until today is part of a preparation and an inner growth, but the next events will bring, to all, tests that will take you to instant maturity and will not allow any place for energies that confuse you or distract you on the path.

Today I speak to each heart of the Earth that is willing to live the Truth.

I speak to you, who have opened yourself with heart and in spirit for the guidance of My Chaste Heart, because you know that My example is true and My words, when lived, will lead you to God.

Child, I call you to be an example to the others, because the confusion in the human mind grows each day and it will cost much to those who are awakening now to truly unite to God and transcend the limits of human consciousness in order to do it.

If you listen to Me and understand Me at this moment, it is because, at some point of your evolution, you have already lived the union with God and now you must remember it.

Many souls want to awake and take their steps, but concepts and spiritual instructions are not enough: they need a living example, just like you, child, that have needed the living example of Christ to awake.

Just as the Lord renounced all things to be an example of union with God to your heart and to those who were capable to see it, now your time has come, as a conscious servant of the Creator, to make your renunciation and to surrender at the Feet of the Creator what still prevents you from living His holy Will, so that you become a true instrument of God in this world that is each day more lost.

Child, if I tell you this now, it is because the time has come.

Meditate consciously on what I tell you and make yourself your own choices, because We will no longer be able to stop the events of the Earth and they will require from you, after all you have received, a faithful example, a true union with the Father, a heart that is willing to be an instrument of the Lord, eyes open, that will recognize the Master among the clouds and that will point Him out to the others who were searching for Him among human beings.

Unite to the Father, try to be awake, so that He will deposit His Gifts over you, and make yourself available for a complete transformation, more than you have ever been available until today.

My Chaste Heart will accompany you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, April 11 of 2016

Daily Messages


For these times of chaos, the need to live love and peace will unite religions and cultures, races, peoples and hearts, to proclaim the victory of the Light.

The spirit of ecumenism is conceived in the youngest, for those who come to the world in these times have the mission of living unity with their fellow beings and, above all, with God, so that, from the union of creatures with the Creator, illusion may dissolve, the veils may fall from the human eyes and the time of the Universe may unite with the time of the Earth, bringing the truth of higher life toward the human consciousness.

Because you have not cultivated a path of prayer and communion with God, this ecumenical mission of the youth of today is often confused with the experiences they have through different ways of perdition in the abysses of the world, believing that they are opening their consciousnesses to the new.

The errors and the rigidity of the past – typical of the polishing of the human consciousness of that period – distanced many hearts from God. And now, children, the time has come for the youngest to be able to awaken to the life of the spirit, and for that to happen, those who are sleeping and deluded need the example of those who have already awakened. It is for this reason that we ask that the youth themselves give an impulse to others.

With time, the spiritual energy itself will cause you to grow, mature and become true instruments of God. Spiritual life is very broad and infinite, and human ignorance concerning that life is so great that those who decide to walk will never experience monotony or discouragement, for they will always have something new to experience.

In these times, children, humanity needs to get out of a degenerated pattern of consciousness to at least take the first steps in a life consecrated to the Divine Purpose, and gradually institute the principles of the new humanity.

Trust that in the youngest this possibility exists, regardless of their appearance, because appearance is the result of the illusion in which creatures still superficially live. Truth only comes to light when the spirit awakens. Until then, children, you must seek to contemplate the essence of beings rather than what they appear to be.

Today My Heart is grateful for the impulse received by all the young people that have inwardly accepted to experience awakening. As Father and Companion of all, I will guide you and I will always be at the side of each of you.

I bless you today and always.
The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, April 10 of 2016

Daily Messages


The awakening of the soul begins when your heart opens to discover the truth about yourself.

When a path to redemption is presented to you, do not fear and do not have suspicions, but rather know that you will never be the same from the moment you say ‘yes’ to the proposal that God has for your lives. 

In the vastness of the Universe, the Creator multiplied Himself in His creatures, those essences that give Him an opportunity to develop the Love and Unity of His Sacred Heart.

Since the creation of your essences in the Cosmos, you have received from God a purpose to manifest a spiritual and divine attribute, that in all Creation, contributes to the possibility of continuing to evolve.  

Since you were created, you have already had many experiences in the Universe and, you have tried, in many ways, to express the Divine Thought for each one of you.

This world in which you live is a great school of love, but also an opportunity of definition for your spirits. Even though you do not understand what I say to you at this moment, allow My words to open your eyes and awake you to a truth that is latent within every one of you.

I tell you that this planet is a school of definition because it is through your experiences in this world that you will dictate the course of your own evolution. Children, you have here the greatest opportunity for loving in the entire Cosmos, but you also have all the abysses in which to sink your own spirit. Because just as the intensity of the Light is, so it is also the intensity of the darkness. And in a very mysterious way for the human mind, a great divine Project is being designed here.

Today, children, I come to congregate new spirits in the purpose of living peace and love, because the times for experiment are now ending and, little by little, the laws of chaos take over the inner and outer life of the beings of this world.

I know that the awakening is sudden for many, and perhaps the leap we ask of you is great, but those who can see the events of the world with their hearts will know that we ask very little from you and that we multiply the sincere responses and the true prayers to intercede for this planet.

Children, it is for this reason that we call on you to take a step and discover the vast Universe that awaits you. We call on you to give meaning to your own existence and to realize that in transforming your own spirits, you can change the destiny of the Earth. Because that which you most need in these times are not material solutions, but rather the Mercy of God and unity with the Father, because, without food for the spirit, this world will perish.

I leave you My impulse of Peace and Love and I invite you to go forward.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, April 9 of 2016

Daily Messages


While the world experiences its first contractions in this planetary birth, I call upon you to contemplate with love that which will be born after all the effort that you will make as humanity during this birth, because this birth will be painful and will require constant effort, bravery and perseverance from all; however, only God knows the grace that comes after this painful planetary birth.

Today, and for some time, you will see a lot of suffering and despair in the hearts that did not find God. In your own heart, you will feel the sadness of the Creator for not triumphing in all His creatures but, in spite of everything, you must contemplate the purpose and the goal of your lives, the goal given to you by God the Father.

You will feel the fury of the enemy in each victory that you achieve, for each soul that awakens, at each step that you decide to take, for he knows that what seems very little to human eyes, for the Creator it means the manifestation of His Plan and the triumph of His Sacred Heart.

Today, I will tell you something that you must know: Children, God composed the human spirit with His most pure Essence, with His Love and with His Truth; however, the matter that your beings carry is also composed of dark parts that represent duality and the need for the redemption of your consciousnesses.

That impure part of matter is what many times encourages you to move against the Plans of God; it is what impedes you from being wholly before the Divine Purpose, and that will also be healed in this time. However, you will need to establish the foundations of your consciousnesses in that which makes you in likeness to God, which is the essence that you hold within yourselves, rather than in that which holds you to the world, which are the capital vibrations that compose your cells. For this, children, you must always seek peace of the heart through prayer, through gratitude and through unity with your fellow being.

Because We know that the battle you are experiencing and will experience is not only with the world, but with yourselves. We return every day to the Earth, and we encourage you to continue onward, dictating the steps that you must take.

Today I am here to strengthen you and, in the simplicity of My Heart, to give you the courage that you need for taking the steps the Creator expects from each one of you.

I know that the battles of this world are hard, because I Myself experienced them, and I continue to experience them for all of you. For this reason, children, I leave My encouragement within your hearts and My Light within your essences.

Do not give up and do not fear, because the greater the conflict and the harassment of the enemy, the greater is the Light of God within your lives.

I love you and renew you within My Heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, April 8 of 2016

Daily Messages

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

The one among you who aspires to move with wisdom through the times that will come must observe, right away, the planetary events and try to learn with everything, try to find peace in the situations of pain and chaos.

Children, most of you have the grace of deepening first in your own transformation before facing the processes of planetary purification. This is so because you must set the bases so that others be able to live them in harmony. You are creating the conditions so that your brothers and sisters who still live in ignorance be able to awaken.

In the meanwhile, the Creator permits other soldiers of His to live the consequences of chaos. But you must live them, children, as a unique learning that will help others in the future. You must use the works of chaos to strengthen your own inner world and not let the enemy defeat you with his plans of destabilization.

The Mercy of Christ is trying to refrain to the utmost the work of chaos and Justice, but the nations as a whole do not seek this Mercy and do not pray for peace to be established; on the contrary, darkness reigns in many hearts that should be ambassadors of peace and harmony for the nations of this planet.

This is why, My dear ones, you must now accompany the planetary events with wisdom; know that every trial strengthens you and develops in you the potential to love, which otherwise has never emerged from your interior.

Be Strong and let your own faith ignite the faith in the hearts of your brothers and sisters. See, in these events, that there is no other way out but the Heart of the Father, and conduct other souls to be nourished from this source. You will find there the supply for every lack, and will discover that, when you have faith, the life of the spirit can supply what you need in matter.

Make of poverty the greatness of the spirit. Let the heart experience forgiveness and piety, understand the ignorant and forgive those in mistake, redeem the lost ones and bring life to those who die in spirit.

Thank God for the opportunity to practice the instructions of His Messengers and make of the defeat in this world the victory of Christ.

What the opponent does not know, children, is that true love arises also from the material weaknesses and that the grace of forgiveness and of mercy transcends what has been lived in matter.

See the example of the Master and do not fear to imitate Him.

God is at your side, because you are at the side of God.

The one who loves and guides you,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, April 7 of 2016

Daily Messages


On this day I would like to tell you that the planetary events are already demanding from many servers their inner fortitude and a decided spirit for persisting in peace and in meekness, irrespective of what happens around them. Many are already being called to transcend what they think and what they feel for supporting not only themselves but also others that do not know prayer nor live in peace.

On this day, with the intercession granted Me after the inner appeal of My beloved children of Venezuela, I ask you for a greater spirit of unity and fraternity, and that from now on you recognize yourselves as one body of light, one army that seeks the establishment of peace.

Let those who are not experiencing the planetary purifications so directly, in their prayers, consciously support the inner worlds of those who are personally witnessing the action of the laws of chaos.

I ask that you pray for the establishment of inner peace in the servers. Because if those brothers and sisters of Venezuela, who today need your support and unity, persist and achieve peace, you will be able to help them with your own experience, when chaos also knocks on the doors of your inner worlds.

It is for this reason, children, that I call on you to truly feel yourselves part of the purification of Venezuela, and even though you cannot physically interfere in what they are experiencing there, through the clamor of your Venezuelan brothers and sisters, peace is able to reign in the hearts of beings again, and despair will not make them fall, but rather will strengthen them for helping others in the future.

Let fraternity be a living virtue in the hearts of all those who pray.

Unite with the Hearts of the Divine Messengers, so We can nurture with peace and hope those of Our children who do not know them and that day after day suffer because of the planetary purification, which will gradually enter into the American continent.

Pray, My beloveds, pray a lot and awake new hearts to the path of prayer.

Unity will make you strong. Unity will make you the Power of God, because you will be worthy of experiencing it.

Your Father and Companion, The One Who is ready to support, in the heart, those most in need in these times.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, April 6 of 2016

Daily Messages

So that other souls may awake, you must be and live what you already know. After having been children of the Divine Mercy, you must now live and multiply it, spreading this Mercy on the planet.

Be merciful not only with yourselves, but also with others. If you do not know how to do it, look for the example of Jesus both in His passage on Earth and in His effect on the life of each awake being in this time. Christ always gives you what you do not deserve and does not apply the Justice that, many times, you should experience.

In the same way that to reach true love you need to be humble first, it is so for you to be merciful. Mercy cannot abide the heart of the prideful, because if you judge to know what each being needs and you want to be more judgmental than the Celestial Judge, how will you be able to provide a fellow being with an opportunity for transformation and evolution through Divine Mercy? How will you become channels of this divine spring if you are full of yourselves and your own opinions?

Many believe themselves to be merciful, but the majority are barely on the path of this discipleship of Divine Mercy. For I tell you, children, that to express Mercy itself, you must be like the Creator, Who gave the best of Himself to be destroyed and rejected by humanity, only to continue giving opportunities for His creatures to learn about love.

Throughout human existence, many made the sacrifice of Christ worthwhile, because they understood and lived the essence of His Love in themselves. And now, children, at the peak of the manifestation of chaos, you must again express that christic essence, deepen it and multiply it among the most lost souls.

Merciful love defeats terror and defeats chaos, but you must fully and truly live it. Begin by seeking the path of humility, patience and meekness. Little by little, these attributes will be converted into understanding, love and mercy. You must try every day and start building this fortress and divine archetype.

An athlete does not become professional from one day to the next: they train every day, overcome difficulties, many times get hurt, think about giving up, but when they persist, strive, and allow themselves to be corrected by those who train them  they soon reach their goal. Thus, it is the same for the disciple of Christ. If you let yourselves be corrected by the Master and follow His indications, even though you will not become Christs from one day to the next, at some moment, the Lord will achieve His victory in you and you will be in likeness to Him or will even do greater things than the ones He has done; just like a young athlete surpasses his trainer when he is dedicated, obedient, and humble of heart, to be always ready to learn and allow himself to be shaped.

Go ahead, companions, towards living the Will of God.

The One Who leads you to the Great Universal Master,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, April 5 of 2016

Daily Messages

The heart that prays, even if it does not know how to do it, will discover little by little the powers of prayer.

First, you will pray as the only exit for a permanent illusion in which the human consciousness is immersed, in its majority. Afterwards, you will find peace and pray for yourselves, for your friends and relatives. Prayer itself will open your consciousnesses for the planetary reality. Thus, you will no longer dedicate all the time to yourselves, but also to the ones in most need. Here, prayer will impel you to service.

Step by step, prayer will unite you a little more to the sublime realities, where the Divine Consciousness dwells. Even though you know that everything you feel and live is real, the interior world will here find many conflicts with the external life, by discrepancy and, often, by the non-coherence with what you live internally and externally. Here, you will be impelled to great changes in your own lives and you will stop doing many things that no longer have a meaning, to dedicate yourselves to others that will approach you a little more to that what you live in your own interior.

Following this path, you will become good people, good servers and even good consecrated ones, but in spite of everything the material reality will still encompass a large part of your consciousnesses, and the interior world will search for its expansion. Another crisis between what you live internally and externally will occur, calling you to take an even deeper step, a transformation not only in your personalities and in your life styles, but also in your consciousnesses. Slowly, you will be invited to recognize the truth about yourselves and, understanding yourselves better, may you be consequential with what you already know.

When you have a more ample knowledge of higher life, larger is the battle of the soul, because material life will be even more distant from true existence. But, while the time of illusions does not dissolve in the real time of the universe, you must be persevering and help for this natural path of transformation to lead you to reality.

Remember, children, that every crisis, every test and every purification are impulses that the soul and the spirit give for the consciousness to live an even deeper definition and not to stanch in its evolution, but to approach each time more to reality and to be able to be consequential with it.

Trust the guidance of the Divine Messengers and let yourselves be elevated to another level, each time higher on the path of ascension. Thus, you will understand how, in such a simple way, the consciousness amplifies itself and in some instances of true prayer and perseverance in God, the heart opens itself as in years of studies and spiritual lucubrations it cannot do it.

It is in the time of simplicity, to find humility and through it, the union with God.

The One who guides through the path of prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, April 4 of 2016

Daily Messages

To search for union with God is an arduous, tiring path, and for the human ego, it is full of many defeats. While walking, divest from yourselves, and stop being what you have been up until today.

To not recognize oneself as a human personality is often despairing and distressing. Therefore, I tell you, children, that if your first goal is not found in God, but rather in yourselves, even if in your own holiness, you will suffer a lot when the Creator takes you towards nothing.

The veracity of this path is found in the love of God. Even if you are not wise, if you do not have skills, if you do not express virtues, if you love God and His Plan, this is enough to fulfill His Will.

The Creator does not look in you, children, for many skills and apparent virtues: He looks for a true inner world.

In this world, you have learned the path contrary to that of transformation, because you believe that appearing to be something outside of yourselves will be sufficient enough to reach the goal. However, children, the true fortress is internal. You must first consolidate the inner adhesion to the Plan, not caring so much how you can express it; later, little by little, you will make emerge what you truly are. If you build this inner fortress, you will be able to count on it when the planetary need dictates it so. But if you are only making efforts to appear to be something, you will see how, with the first wind, this false fortress will fall apart. It will be enough that events may not flow according to your will, and already you will see that you were not as strong as you appeared to be.

My beloveds, today I leave you this key: before anything else, hold the inner and true union with God, even if it is invisible to the eyes of the world. Do not try to show anything, just make an effort to be it.

Your Father and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, April 3 of 2016

Daily Messages

It is time to live the Love of God in your hearts, or at least, to seek it. The search for that love will dissolve from your consciousnesses all the interferences of the mind, the doubts and the distrust that constantly impede you from stepping out of three-dimensional human thought.

Only those who experience the Love of God, even if a little, can perceive that the limits for surrender are imposed by each person; in the same way, the Gifts of God in the life of each being are manifested to a greater or a lesser degree, depending on the openness of the being itself.

I tell you these things because time continues to go by, and even though your hearts may be opening to the life of the spirit, that openness is very partial, and your consciousnesses have not completely surrendered to the celestial mysteries.

When surrender begins to become unknown, the soul loses control of its own life, and there, the consciousness stops.

Even though on various levels you may be consecrated to God, I am speaking about a much deeper surrender. I am speaking about aspects that you believe nobody sees, aspects that continue to cling you to doubts, to fears, to your own ideas and ways of thinking. Aspects that even control where the soul launches into the abyss of God and the point where it begins to impede your steps. Children, I speak of the invisible life of each one, a life that, in reality, you think is invisible but it is noticeable that this is stopping you from really taking steps towards the New Humanity.

Small transformations are occurring in many people, and you can already consider yourselves to be good people, but what is needed in these times is true soldiers. A soldier knows to follow the strategies, knows to fulfill the plans and lives for them. A soldier of these times must be aware of the truth, aware of their mission, and that which they must do in order to accomplish it.

You may ask yourselves: how can I be aware of all these things? I will respond to you: growing in spirit, adhering your own being more and more to this purpose that the Creator placed in your lives, defeating the resistance to transformation, entering in prayer within the Heart of God.

Do not be satisfied with what you have achieved, because this will make you go backwards. The path of prayer is permanent transformation, and it has only one destination: union with the Consciousness of God. Until reaching that divine union, you must continue walking.

Blessed are those who listen attentively to My Words and make them their handbook for their own lives. Those will understand the reason for My remaining in this world.

I love you and bless you.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, April 2 of 2016

Daily Messages

To love your neighbor, you must be humble of heart. There is no true love that is not born of the source of Divine Humility, because true love does not seek returns or merits, does not create ownership or property, does not expect to be loved to love, does not expect others to be perfect to then love them.

True love is the one that recognizes the essence of each being, that knows what each one is, that is nothing like what they seem to be. For this reason, I tell you that in order to love, you must be humble.

It is not simple - for a humanity that always cultivated pride, recognition and superiority - to live a love that does not bring returns visible to human eyes.

This love has its true merit in the life of the spirit. Even though you love somebody that hates you and who never wanted to receive your love, that invisible experience will remain marked in the human consciousness.

I know that all of you aspire to love as Christ; all aspire to achieve the degrees of surrender of His Sacred Heart, even though only a few truly believe that they will achieve this, because they do not believe in their own striving and courage, because you do not know yourselves and believe that, with the knowledge of your superficial and material life, it is enough to know what you can offer God and what you cannot.

Children, My eyes contemplate the Earth and find you transparent. I see in you something that you never knew, and I know that if you came to this world, it was not just because of a great mistake committed in the universe, but also because of a great potential to love. What happens is that ancient human pride stops you from being humble, of asking for forgiveness from others and from yourselves, of giving without receiving, of surrendering everything and not wanting anything.

One who dares to have a minimal experience of love and forgiveness, as I have asked of you so many times, and who is not afraid to be empty of self so as to recognize their own errors, will see before them the door to their own liberation. There is no greater freedom than loving without conditions, than gifting without the need to receive.

The greatest prison of humanity is the constant search for results, for recognition and for the superficial love of others.

You spend the greater part of your lives struggling to be "somebody," when in truth, you are here to be "nobody." It is for this reason, My beloved ones, that true joy is known to few, and wholeness to almost nobody.

Christ, Who came to the world to give you an example, was awaited as a king and came as a wanderer. And even after having performed many wonders, He surrendered everything into the Hands of God, even His own Life, on dying on the Cross.

Today, I leave you one only key: in order to truly love, you must be humble.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, April 1 of 2016

Daily Messages

If you want to learn to serve, you will have to be meek, humble and simple. The true server does not impose their service. The Father is the One who disposes of their surrender to bring to Him the hearts in most need and the more urgent situations, to be healed and solved by the spirit of love and peace.

Children, the greatest service in these times is the experience of love and unity among the soldiers who have been self-summoned. When your souls learn to love and to transpose the obstacles imposed by your own incapacity of accepting the differences and limitations of others, when you are able to live unity and fraternity without fear, without competitions, without offenses, you will see that you will open in the world a larger door then the one you open with a plate of food to a poor and hungry soul.

With this I am not saying that you should not serve the poor and hungry ones because helping the ones in most need is the foundation of My instructions. But today I need to make you understand that in these times there is a greater and priority service to be provided, a service that for many is invisible, a service that does not reveal itself to the eyes of those who are distracted in their own will.

In these times you must to deepen yourselves in your own spiritual growth because this will rebound in the future in the lives of many poor, blind and lost ones who will need help not only for their bodies, but mainly for their souls. They will need an example of true love for them to live their own redemption and, if there is not this love in your hearts, it will be no use to take a plate of food or a medicine for the body, when those who are truly sick are the soul and the spirit.

If the servers discover that the essence of service is the love and the union among them, if they build between them an unbreakable fortress based on the unity and love of the Divine Plan, then, yes, they will be in these times and in the times to come, true instruments of God. Therefore, every day, before thinking of serving faraway, think of serving nearby, think of serving those you are at your side. Serve your fellow being, understanding their limitations and difficulties, loving their imperfections, to help them to transform them.

Be true disciples of Christ and, amidst the present humanity, so blind and ignorant, there will not be a greater service to do.

If you live love, everything you do will become charity.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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