Saturday, April 30 of 2016

Daily Messages

Serve God with your own life and offer your actions to the Creator in every moment.

Serve God, placing in His Hands your difficulties and resistances – because in a world where the majority of human beings ignores the presence of the Creator within themselves and often denies Him, those who surrender at His Feet, even if they are imperfect, render a great service with this.

Serve the Father, surrendering, each day, your limitations and that which seems to you impossible to accept, transform, transcend or even to attain – because in a world of so many walls, so many barriers that separate the consciousnesses from the Truth, even about themselves, those who aspire to transcend limits and barriers, and accept to do it every day, provide a great service through that.

Serve the Father, accepting His Will and being grateful to Him both in health and in sickness, both in poverty and in abundance, both in plenty and in the inner desert; because in a world of so much ingratitude to the Creator, who is Goodness and Mercy, those who are grateful open the Doors of Heaven and render a great service with that.

Serve God, praying from the heart.

Serve God, adoring from the heart.

Serve God, clamoring from the heart.

Serve God, understanding your neighbor.

Serve God, observing yourself so that you will not judge, condemn or criticize.

Serve God by means of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Serve God by means of silence.

In order to serve God, you only need to open your heart. All you do with the heart is a service to God. All that impels you to love is a service to God. All that approaches you to the Father is a service, because you, child, are not separated from human consciousness, and if all you do is not only for yourself, it will be a great service to God, because all the Creation will be benefitted by your small or great works.

Do you realize, then, that being a missionary of God is for all? Be a missionary of God. Make of your life a mission to fulfill.

Serve God in all things.

That one who calls you to serve,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph