Friday, April 29 of 2016

Daily Messages

For each soul, there is a unique mission. For each spirit, there is a unique gift. The Creator, who is infinite, thought something pure, perfect, for each one of His creatures, that only this essence can manifest.

I tell you this, children, because not all must be missionaries, not all must be monks, not all must form a Family, not all must become hermits. Each role of life has a function; each experience brings an apprenticeship that the soul needs in order to grow.

It is true, I tell you, that many who should have a Family are alone and many who should be entirely consecrated to God have formed a Family.

The anguish of many servers is to know what their own mission is and the anguish of others is not to be able to understand that a mission is not to live like a hero.

Many times, children, the occult and true experience of a few makes humanity take a leap in their evolution.

Some have as a mission to learn how to love, surrendering all and consecrating their own lives to God and to the service to their neighbor, but a mother may love her child so much that she discovers the essence of true love and expands it to all the creatures on Earth.

The mission of each one is unique, and you must seek it in the depth of your hearts and nowhere else. Do not ask outside yourselves what you must do and where you must be; ask inside, because often you already know the answer, but you do not have enough courage to accept it.

The true mission, children, is spiritual and gains sense when you are entire in what you do, sincere and in an offering to God. This is the essence of the spiritual mission. That the action is simple, or that the external life is occult does not matter; what does matter is that you be in God at each moment.

In this world, the true mission is to return to the Creator and to remember the times when you were with Him. For this, each one will tread the path that suits them, the path they need to tread.

I speak these things because many become sad because they cannot be this or that, when in fact they must not be it. Understand that it is in the spirit of humility that resides the dwelling for the Creator. It is in the inner fortress that the Lord will dwell.

Those who need these words of Mine will understand them.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph