Sunday, April 24 of 2016

Daily Messages

The false power that spreads on the planet is only unmasked when the consciousness finds the Power of God, the one that manifests itself through Grace and through what is known as miracles; the one that manifests itself through the awakening of beings and also manifests itself through the elements of nature and of the different climatic movements that nature expresses.

Many choose to know the Power of the Creator through what is called the “Wrath of God.” This is an expression used by the human mind, due to its ignorance, to denominate the action of Justice. The way in which the human beings understand the amplitude of Justice and its consequences is by calling it the “Wrath of God.”

Others will be able to abandon the false power by the awakening of their own heart and, by the potency of the Love of God, they will feel that there is no true power but the one that comes from the Father.

Children, whereas the majority of human beings abuses the use of force and confuses it with power, abandon everything that makes you feel superior to something or to someone. Let the spirit of humility impregnate your consciousness because the false power will be ripped from the hands of human beings, who will see themselves impotent and small as they are when they are distant from God.

The false power will be the first to be purified because it is the one that causes more damage to the planetary consciousness. The human beings that abuse of the false power and submit their fellow beings have not realized that they are the ones who are submitted to the forces of darkness.

We are in the previous times of the spiritual Aurora of the planet and, for more that darkness floods Earth today, it will be dissipated from the planetary aura by the magnitude of the Light and, together with the darkness, their false powers will be expelled.

I tell you these things because the time of the development of humility urges as the only path to find God and to live peace.

If you want to know the Power of the Creator by means of His Grace, surrender every day at His Feet what still ties you to the need of power and discover the freedom of living under the Power of the Creator. It is within this Divine Power that, although being nothing, you will possess all things, because you will be all things and you will not be separated from any particle of life.

He who awakens you to the experience of humility and the surrender of the false power,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph