Tuesday, April 5 of 2016

Daily Messages

The heart that prays, even if it does not know how to do it, will discover little by little the powers of prayer.

First, you will pray as the only exit for a permanent illusion in which the human consciousness is immersed, in its majority. Afterwards, you will find peace and pray for yourselves, for your friends and relatives. Prayer itself will open your consciousnesses for the planetary reality. Thus, you will no longer dedicate all the time to yourselves, but also to the ones in most need. Here, prayer will impel you to service.

Step by step, prayer will unite you a little more to the sublime realities, where the Divine Consciousness dwells. Even though you know that everything you feel and live is real, the interior world will here find many conflicts with the external life, by discrepancy and, often, by the non-coherence with what you live internally and externally. Here, you will be impelled to great changes in your own lives and you will stop doing many things that no longer have a meaning, to dedicate yourselves to others that will approach you a little more to that what you live in your own interior.

Following this path, you will become good people, good servers and even good consecrated ones, but in spite of everything the material reality will still encompass a large part of your consciousnesses, and the interior world will search for its expansion. Another crisis between what you live internally and externally will occur, calling you to take an even deeper step, a transformation not only in your personalities and in your life styles, but also in your consciousnesses. Slowly, you will be invited to recognize the truth about yourselves and, understanding yourselves better, may you be consequential with what you already know.

When you have a more ample knowledge of higher life, larger is the battle of the soul, because material life will be even more distant from true existence. But, while the time of illusions does not dissolve in the real time of the universe, you must be persevering and help for this natural path of transformation to lead you to reality.

Remember, children, that every crisis, every test and every purification are impulses that the soul and the spirit give for the consciousness to live an even deeper definition and not to stanch in its evolution, but to approach each time more to reality and to be able to be consequential with it.

Trust the guidance of the Divine Messengers and let yourselves be elevated to another level, each time higher on the path of ascension. Thus, you will understand how, in such a simple way, the consciousness amplifies itself and in some instances of true prayer and perseverance in God, the heart opens itself as in years of studies and spiritual lucubrations it cannot do it.

It is in the time of simplicity, to find humility and through it, the union with God.

The One who guides through the path of prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph