Friday, November 3 of 2017

Weekly messages

The wisdom of the end of times is held in the unity and the humility of the heart, in order to trust in the Heart of God, in the Heart of the Hierarchy.

The wisdom of the end of times is held in silence and in prayer, in the quest for higher Truth and in a discernment that does come from this world and that transcends its laws, above all the Law of the end of times.

Seek, then, the Infinity and the unfathomable and find there your strength. Seek, beyond human understanding and beyond the human mind, your fortitude. You must learn today to be children of the end times.

In order to bear these times, you must be beyond the law of chaos and of Armageddon, in which everything will be permitted. Your minds will no longer be able to judge the events and human actions based on what you have learned on this Earth, because there will be no coherence and few will know self-control.

Seek, in the depth of your hearts, what has been built by God: the union with the Infinite and with His Perpetual Mercy. Be part of a Divine Law that acts on Earth through your hearts.

Today I call on you for a new step, a new time, a new path and a new learning.

On this pathway, only those will remain who know to deepen and to mature the fruits that were given to them so that they might multiply them.

That is why, children, if you do not understand My Words today, keep what I tell you in your hearts, in your essences, and when the time comes, you will know how to cross the portals of consciousness to seek, in the Life that inhabits you, as in Infinity, your own fortitude.

Do not fear! Do not cease your steps! Only know, today, that it will not be in known laws that you must dwell.

Seek the unknown. Seek Higher Truth, being in permanent prayer, because only there will you be able to bear these times and the tests that will come.

Unite with the Heart of God and take your siblings with you, because the wisdom of these times is held in Unity.

Renounce the understandings of the Earth. Renounce the concepts of the world and let yourselves be raised up to a new time.

In prayer and in vigil, you will understand My Words.

I want to lead you to a new step, but for this, you must allow your hearts to cross new portals and begin new cycles. The laws are changing and the times are in constant movement. Allow yourselves to be transformed and elevated.

I wait for you for a new and greater step, in which your beings will allow themselves to live in a greater wisdom and union with God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph