Friday, September 19 of 2014


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Saint Joseph asks that we sing with joy in the Presence of the Three Most Sacred Hearts.


Sing with the heart, while the Most Sacred Hearts pour out over your souls and over all humanity celestial blessings. May this afternoon, your hearts be joyful, because Heaven has descended to Earth and your spirits once again impel you.

I thank you for responding to Our call!


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Today, Saint Joseph came accompanied by Christ Jesus and Our Lady, the Virgin Mary. For a time, They were observing us. Their Most Sacred Hearts were exposed and radiated a lot of Light. During the prayer, several portals around the room opened through which other beings from the Celestial Kingdom entered and began to work with us.

When we saw that the portal was opening for the arrival of Saint Joseph, we observed that in reality, three portals were opening: one of a rose color, one of a blue color and one of a golden color. The Most Sacred Hearts arrived here through these three portals. It really seemed like Heaven merged with Earth, because the energy of the Celestial Kingdom was not only here on the altar; through all those portals that were opening, the whole room lit up, and the Kingdom of God descended to the planet.

Saint Joseph called the monks and began to transmit His Message.

(Sister Lucía de Jesús begins to read the monthly Message of Saint Joseph of September 19, 2014.)

At the end of the Apparition, from the Heart of Jesus came a ring, which gradually grew, becoming very large; it was over a red pillow. From the Heart of Mary came another ring. Those movements took place at the same time, and the Virgin Mary, looking at Jesus, says to Him: "This is the ring that I offer you in the name of all of humanity, sealing this union with You." Those rings joined together and descended over the group; then they disappeared.

Mary was explaining to us that this consecration of today is not only of the Grace Mercy Order, it is of all of humanity.


Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

To explain what this ring is about, we want to share that today the Grace Mercy Order will take a very important step, because its pioneer spirits accepted an invitation of Christ Jesus and will carry out a perpetual spiritual union with the Consciousness of Christ.

And in spite of none of us being prepared for this step, in our heart we open a space for giving up our own will so that Christ can make of us the instruments He needs.

We don't know what will happen afterwards, but in the same way that some years ago, nine of us bowed down for the first time to Christ, and had no idea of what would happen, today, many more than nine will make this commitment for all the times that will come.

We invite you all to be inwardly with us, because even without knowing much, we believe what the Hierarchy tells us: that this will be a step for all of humanity.

We thank you all and ask you to pray for us, so that we can remain firm until the end.  And we thank the Most Sacred Hearts from our hearts for Their constant company. Thank you all very much.

Friday, September 19 of 2014

Monthly Messages

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I come in the Presence of the Most Holy Mary and Her Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to share about the opening of this new cycle, not only for you but for all humanity, that crosses the threshold of the old human to definitely tread the path of Christ.

Everyone rejoice! And glorify the Creator, because through pioneer souls, His Plans are being accomplished, and His miracle of transformation is becoming a reality for all the consciousnesses that dare to say "yes".

My beloveds, Our Presence comes to tell you that one day, in the Celestial Universe, you will comprehend the Graces you received today.

Know that from those who are given much, all will be asked. Today we offer you the Grace of union with Christ, which the consciousness of the Order is carrying out. But in the near future, you will understand that this Grace came to strengthen you and so that you do not desist from the path when facing the great tests of humanity.

The consciousness of humanity, through its representatives, will finally yield at the feet of the Redeemer, so that in this cycle and for all eternity, you live the union with Christ, so awaited by all the Celestial Kingdom.

To human eyes, it will seem a simple action, but in the eyes of God, it is the first definitive step in the fulfilling of His Plans.

As the Most Sacred Hearts that guide humanity, we invite you all to feel yourselves part of this great step, to commune of the Celestial Joy and, as humanity, allow to be born in your hearts the hope that what is perfect and descended from the Heart of God will finally have space to take shape in humanity.

We know that you will not understand the greatness of this moment, and may this ignorance at least preserve your humility. But each day, seek to go deeper into your heart so that you may correspond to the offer that was made to you, and that your lives be sacred like The One that comes to them.

My beloveds, with Our Hearts in Our hands, we offer humanity the possibility of merging with each of Them, and that the celestial attributes that are placed there may not be a reality only for the Kingdom of God, but may this planet no longer be so distant from that Most Sacred Kingdom and may it find the sacred and the Divine within itself.

I am deeply grateful for your acceptance to continue on this path, for taking in your hands the alliance ring with Christ and, in the name of humanity, eternally merge with Him.

In humility, the Most Sacred Hearts bless and thank the Grace Mercy Order and all this workgroup, because, in spite of yourselves, you continue on this path and, even without understanding, you respond to Our Call.

May Divine Grace be upon you and upon all of humanity.

Your beloved Father and faithful Instructor,

Saint Joseph, in the company of the Most Holy Mary and Christ Jesus

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