Monday, August 31 of 2015

Daily Messages

Be grateful and become worthy of listening to the words of God through His Messengers.

In the simplicity of the heart, thank for not being submersed in the common humanity that ignores the existence of God.

While you are today before My Heart, there are many others that should be by your side, and however, ignore their own commitment to God and to His Plan.

While humanity purifies itself by suffering and by chaos, you purify yourselves by consciousness.

While the world loses itself in the technologies and in the supposed material progress, your spirits try to grow and progress in the fulfillment of a Superior Plan.

The Eyes of God are fixed on the small portion of humanity that will still have a chance to manifest His Purpose, but, for this, you must assume your own transformation with maturity and not with regret.

No longer cry nor ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you have made.  Recognize the Grace that you have received to take news steps and do not miss the opportunity of growing.

The Voice of God always pronounces Itself to lead you to evolution.   Listen with attention to the corrections of life and follow through the path pointed out by the Creator and not through your own paths.

The cure for all ills is in never losing the faith of heart and, with this unbreakable faith, taking the steps towards transformation, without lamenting it, just with profound gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to living the Will of God and to let oneself be shaped by it.  Never lose sight of it.

If you take with seriousness and maturity the goals proposed by the Lord and walk determined to them, all that happens around will accommodate itself, because the Ray of the Will of God will come in aid.

That each one take for oneself all the words that have been said to this day and walk without fear of losing oneself.

For the sake of the spiritual growth of humanity and for the awakening of all beings, I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of the Supreme God

Sunday, August 30 of 2015

Daily Messages

In the essence of human beings are found all the potentials to be developed in the awakening of love and fraternity.  The essence is the tabernacle of one of the greatest mysteries of the Universal Creation because there, is what God created of the most perfect, to be developed and manifested in favor of the evolution of all creatures, much beyond this world.

This treasure that inhabits inside of each one of you is silent and humble and it will never show itself if you do not leave in search for it.

All you need in order to express with perfection what you truly are is found inside each one of you.  What happens is that you are always very busy in showing to the world something you are not and that you place all your effort in not moving, not even a little, from this position, in order to not lose the appearances that you have already achieved, the respect you have gained and the example you have became in their lives.

Each time you try to appear to be something in order to delight others, more you distance yourselves from what you are in essence, because the more you achieve good appearances, the more you lose interest to seek what you must be and that is found in the opposite of what the human being learned to manifest.

Do not be afraid of not being recognized, because the less recognition and more anonymity, the more freedom you will have to distance yourselves from the old humanity and dive into your own inner world, seeking for the essential truths of the existence of humanity.

The human beings are entangled in their own traps and travel leagues away, seeking a truth that lies in their own interior, only for the fear of finding themselves alone with their own selves.

Dear companions, God allowed Me to bring to the world great truths with simple words and lead you to humility without hurting your hearts.  You just need to penetrate deeply into the love that I deposit in each phrase and let yourselves be permeated in the discovery of the inner world that I am revealing to you.

With love and patience, take each impulse and try to live something different each day, even if you never come to realize the results of your own transformation.

I love you and leave you My blessing, My peace and My serenity, so that you may progress in the discovery of your own inner truth.

Saint Joseph, Father and Instructor of all souls that walk towards the Heart of Christ

Saturday, August 29 of 2015

Daily Messages

The essence of silence is really the act of silencing one’s own aspirations.  Here lies the key to the ascension of the spirit as well as of matter.

While each one of the different aspects of the being seeks its own satisfaction and achievement, you will never manage to fulfill with perfection the spiritual goal of your souls and spirits.

In these times of purification, be ready to internally and consciously purify the most profound intentions of all the aspects that shape your being.

Build with prayer a fortress that may bear, with love, serenity and patience, finding the one thousand resistances that will emerge from the unconscious.  Be ready to come to know the root of all the movements that you are not able to transform, and with great calm, illuminate, with the power of the word that elevates itself to God, these spaces of the consciousness.

Praying is the key to many doors, not only for the salvation of souls but also to prepare you for all that you must live within and outside of yourselves in the very near future.

If you pray from the heart and are disposed to transformation, everything will be possible for you.  I do not tell you it is something easy to be lived because the worst battle is the one that you live with yourself, but it will not be impossible, and with a little courage and persistence you will be able to live bigger battles and help others that have not yet begun to traverse the path of the spirit.

While you do not purify your intentions, all the virtues that you live are temporary, such as silence, humility, charity and even fraternity, because, in the depths of all that, there will always be a  personal intention that must be purified.

When you discover the roots of your own imperfections, you will always be able to act, feel and breathe for God, and based on His Plan, and it is from there that all that you do will become truthful and the seeds of a New Race, that fully obeys God, will begin to germinate throughout the world.

For this reason, I encourage you not to be alarmed with what you find out about yourselves.  On the contrary, give thanks when you discover an imperfect aspect because you will be a step closer to the manifestation of the New Race.

Learn to live your own transformation with much simplicity and without great anguish, like someone who heals a large wound, cleaning it, day by day.  And, even if you feel pain or if sometimes the wound emanates a foul scent or becomes inflammed, at some point, it will heal.  The more peace and care, the faster the body, strengthened by the power of prayer, will heal the wound itself.

I bless you and lead you to the knowledge of yourselves, and to the inner peacemaking, in face of any circumstance of life.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, patient and humble servant of God

Friday, August 28 of 2015

Daily Messages

Enter in communion with the kingdoms of nature and learn to love the essence of the Creation.  Observe the kingdoms and learn how to live permanently under the sublime Laws of God, in perfect harmony with the Creator.

In His Divine Plan, the Creator granted an attribute for each expression of His Divine Face, for the kingdoms of the planet to manifest.

Commune with the peace, with the harmony, with the beauty of the waters; commune with the healing and with the liberation of the minerals.

Commune with the elevation of the trees and with the constant spirit of self-giving of the Plant Kingdom which, in its humility, always delivers the best to God, no matter how it will be treated, cared for or loved by others. The Plant Kingdom knows of the Divine Law of self-giving to God and to His Higher Plan. Contemplate this kingdom and through it discover the secret of the emptiness of self. 

Contemplate the Animal Kingdom, and learn from its love for life; learn to defend the Laws of God, to take care of your neighbor and to be always faithful to the One you fully love.  Learn from the plenitude of the Animal Kingdom and, with the same naturalness of heart, be a guardian of Life and of the Perfection of God.

Contemplate in your inner world the angels and devas, who in the invisible create and recreate the beauty of this manifested world.  Learn from them to manifest beauty in silence, to work in secret and to deliver the best, without the need for anyone to know of your existence.  Live the sublime attribute of humility that the angels and devas express in the world.

Contemplate the elements and how they complement one another; then discover how to share what the other needs in order to express themselves.  Be like the wind, which permits the existence of fire, and gives to its neighbor all possibilities for being that which is perfect and which is latent in their interior.

And, learning from the Kingdoms of Nature, express that which is most sublime that the human being has: its possibility of learning that which is most beautiful in all Existence, and of living it, within itself, in the essence of love for the Creation.

I love you and wait for you to have simple hearts and meek spirits, always willing to observe the Creation and to learn; always willing to love and to give from yourselves that which is missing in the other, for them to achieve perfection.

Your beloved Father and Instructor,

Saint Joseph, Apprentice and Servant of the Kingdoms of Creation

Thursday, August 27 of 2015

Daily Messages

There are mysteries that only are revealed to the simple soul, the one that, in its simplicity, stops aspiring to the things of the world and starts to place the focus of its evolution in living what is real and completely unknown by it.

Know that even that soul that is apparently traversing a spiritual path, when it has some goal or material aspiration for itself, will never understand the paths of God and will not be capable of entering truly in His Heart.

The soul that puts itself on the right path is the one that does not aspire to absolutely any merit in this world.  All that it builds up in its material life, including its own transformation, is done with the single intention of obeying what God asks it, knowing that something He will do with all that.  Its true aspiration is in dissolving itself in God, finding Him and being nothing within His Greatness.

That was the essence of the Sacred Family, which was an example to all of humanity.

In the material life, offer all with endeavor, effort and perfection, so that whatever God asks may be materialized, not for you to become the constructors of the work of God, but only to obey Him, no matter the purpose that He will give to all that you live.

If you make yours the goals of God, you run the risk to place your own will into the celestial designs; you will try to discover what the goal of God is and, at the thought of knowing it, when it does not materialize itself, you will feel that you have failed.

My dear companions, do you understand then the essence of being a worker of God?  The worker of God does not know how the end of this work will be, they do not know what they are constructing, they just lay, each day, the brick wherever it is asked to them.  And they make it with much freedom and with much love, because this work it is not theirs, it is of God.

The true goal of the worker is not to materialize the work, but to obey, each day, the great Celestial Constructor.

Set, then, your aspirations in the right place and abandon your own goals, even if they may seem spiritual to you.  Each day, let yourselves be constructed by God and do not want to know in what will result His work.  Just love being servants of the Creator, trust in His perfection, and with simplicity, you will find absolute union with Him.

In this way, it will not matter if you live failure to human eyes because in your interior you will know that only God, who is perfect, knows the results of His works.

The humble and simple heart will uncover many mysteries.

I leave you My Blessing and My Peace.

Saint Joseph, Eternal Worker and Servant of God

Wednesday, August 26 of 2015

Daily Messages

Devotional of Saint Joseph to achieve the Divine Spirit of Unity

Union Bead
By the Power that God granted You, 
Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
teach us to live in the Divine Spirit of Unity.

First decade
Under the intercession of Saint Joseph,
may all atavisms, selfishness and vanities
that separate us from the Heart of God be dissolved.

Second decade
By the power granted to the Most Pure Saint Joseph, 
may all stains and sins
that separate souls from the Kingdoms of Nature be absolved.

Third decade
Under the intercession of the Humble Heart of Saint Joseph,
may all evil aspects
that prevent unity among human beings
be expelled and transcended.

Fourth decade
By the power of charity and love, present in the Chaste Heart,
may all misunderstandings
that separate us from the Sublime Universe of God
be dissolved.

Fifth decade
For all the attributes achieved through the paternity of Saint Joseph,
may the virtues and gifts of the Most Chaste Heart 
manifest in humanity,
thus uniting the human heart to all of God's Creation.

This devotional is to be prayed by all those who aspire to achieve unity within themselves, with others, with the kingdoms of nature, with the Angelical Universe of the Creator and with the Divine and the Most Pure Consciousness of God.

If you pray with the heart, aspiring to transcend all the human aspects of separation caused by pride, vanity, and selfishness, you will be able to achieve My Holy Intercession.

By clamoring to God for the virtues achieved by Saint Joseph, you will allow My blessing to permeate you and My love to open the doors so that you may enter into a new cycle as humanity.

I love you, bless you and give you new keys for the transformation of life.

Saint Joseph, prayerful Servant of God

Tuesday, August 25 of 2015

Daily Messages

Stay in peace and listen in the silence of the heart to My words, that are the words of God, expressed by His Messengers.

Enter into the Divine Consciousness in prayer and find there all that you need in order to take your steps towards the transformation of life.

Dear companions, in order to find God it is necessary to never lose peace in your hearts.  Do not allow that the tribulations of the world disturb you and, whenever you feel that you are beginning to wander  away from God, silence and enter into prayer.  Remember, then, the presence of the Sacred Hearts in your lives and allow that all that was deposited into your essences be able to emerge and come in aid.

To keep yourselves in the path without hesitating and reach the goal established by God, never lose peace in your hearts and fight against yourselves so that peace may be established in your interior.

In the spirit of peace, you will find all the answers that you need and they will serve as tools in the Hands of God, to bring peace to those who have lost it and to those who have never found it.

May this attribute of peace, primary for these times, be the greatest treasure in the heart of those who follow Christ.

I love you, guide you and bless you always.

Your Father and Instructor, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, August 24 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions and servants of God,

Today I invite you to meditate, with the essence of the heart, on all graces that you have received and that you keep receiving until the days of today.  I invite you to meditate on the true reason why you have been gathered by the Divine Messengers and on what is the potential that is hidden inside of each one and that, in this time, God aspires to reveal to you.

Know, My beloved ones, that I do not come to the world only to instruct a part of humanity, so that in this way you may become wiser and may have a life a little more peaceful to enjoy.  My Chaste Heart has a clear mission, that has been delivered to Me since the beginning of My arrival to this world.  At the request of the Most High Lord, I come to open the human consciousness and provide to it the possibility to live according to the Will of the Creator.

I come so that, little by little, drop by drop, humanity may cease to be a wound in the Heart of the Father and may become the concretization of His expected Project, a favorite one in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

The responsibility of those who listen to Me is huge and it would neither fit into your minds nor into your little hearts.  It is for this that, day by day, the Divine Messengers invite you to trust in the Words of God pronounced by the Sacred Hearts, because the true essence and reason why we come every day to this world you will hardly be able to understand.

Know that the Creator counts on a few soldiers that are willing to follow Him unconditionally; that are willing to leave behind what they have been in order to be reborn in a new humanity, completely opposite to what today expresses itself in the world.

In the midst of the ignorant and blind humanity, the few who try to keep their faith are being suffocated by the armies of darkness, and you are before the Voice of God that instructs you day by day to be simple of heart and humble, because this is the only way to balance everything that today happens in the world.

As incredible as it may seem to you and sometimes absurd, I tell you, companions, that the Creator counts on each one of those who are able to listen to His Voice and follow It.  And your daily efforts to transform yourselves, even though they may be minimal, are being placed on the scales of the Celestial Judge.

All the instructions I bring to you are brought in order to mitigate the Justice that will descend upon the world, but for that, you must not only consider the words of the Messengers of God to be beautiful, but you must also live them.  If this were not so, what value would Our coming into the world have?

I will guide you and deliver My last impulses to humanity, in the Divine Hope that at least one soul will listen and live what I have to say and teach.

I plead to God every day for the awakening of hearts, so that at least a few may discover how simple it is to follow the steps of God and how true is the celestial freedom that is found by abandoning the old and opening oneself to be a seed of the new humanity. In Portuguese when you say “uns poucos” it means “a few”. The use of “ones” is redundant because it is implied that we are talking about people. So if we say “a few ones” it sounds very strange to the reader.

I love you and I will guide you untiringly.

Saint Joseph, the Faithful Peacemaker of God

Sunday, August 23 of 2015

Daily Messages

I come in this afternoon to reveal you the supreme truth of My Heart: one of pillars to the consecration of spirit is the love to solitude; solitude that finds the Heart of the Eternal Father, and inside Him, all the Creation.

The consecration of life requires from beings to abandon all the expectations towards the others and towards themselves.   May you not want to achieve anything,  not even an spiritual attribute, to demonstrate your progress to anyone.

As long as you are tied to the need of showing results in your transformations, you will always stagnate in the same point and, now and again, you will find the same miseries as always.  Because the definitive transformation comes from the true consecration to God and to be consecrated to God is to surrender to Him everything that you are.  Even if you may not obtain any results or achieve any goal, it will not matter what you have accomplished, because what you are belongs to God and to no one else.

When I talk about solitude, I talk about detachment from companions in your paths.  I do not mean by it that, from now on, you must be physically alone; I only mean that you must take your own steps, even if you are the only ones in the whole world assuming a path of transformation.  And even if everyone around you do not recognize this path and do not make any effort to traverse it, you must do it anyway.

The consecration must be between the soul itself, the spirit itself, and God.  No interference from life on Earth must move you away from the possibility of launching yourselves into the abyss of surrender to the Creator.

One of the reasons, My dears, why humanity does not reach the Celestials Principles, is the impossibility of most beings to detach themselves from everything that the others expect from them, and also to walk without depending on steps of others, on external encouraging from those who accompany them.

As you see, this path is hard and arid, but the source found once you cross this desert is eternal, and if a being is able to arrive at it, they can quench the thirst of all of humanity.

Know that, even though this path is filled by the spirit of solitude and of surrender, you will do it for all those that have not encouraged themselves to walk.  The merits generated by one of you will result into the salvation of many souls.

For this I tell you again: consecrate yourselves to the Creator every day and live for Him, and not for anyone else, nor for yourselves.  Thus, you will abandon the necessity of doing deeds that do not build the Project of God for the insecurity and the fear to not be accepted by the others.

The Lord expects you to clean the floor you walk, to remove the dry leaves and to see the marks of His Feet on the ground.  Follow His Footprints.  There was nobody more lonely and detached from Himself and from the world than the Son of God, His example and Eternal Salvation.

Under the Love of Christ, I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 22 of 2015

Daily Messages

 Where to seek the essence of humility? In the midst of human degeneration, where to find the purity and the simplicity that God expects from His creatures?

When we say: “Be humble”, the hearts ask themselves: How?

Humility is born from the love for others and for God; from the reverence that emerges from this love, because the heart that loves recognizes the sacred and the divine essence present in each thing.

The human beings have lost the reference of the sacred and trivialize the greatness of the Creation for the arrogance and the ignorance that have impregnated the heart of humans.

To return to the sacred is like entering into a universe almost completely unknown to you and, by trying to seek it and live it, many feel that they are fantasizing or living something that does not correspond to their reality in this world.

But today I tell you, dear companions, that you feel all that because your cells are so impregnated with the obscurity of the world and humanity is so separated from God that, as I already told you, this path of transformation is for the brave of spirit.

It will be necessary to overcome the world and, above all, to overcome yourselves.  Ask to your souls and your spirits to teach you to live in the sacred and to help you to find the path to live the attribute of reverence.

Humility can only be found when the consciousness is capable of recognizing the presence of God in every being, and feeling like this, you will act offering to others always the best.  What will not God deserve inside the other?

As an exercise of humility, seek to find the Creator in all things and in everything seek the best: the best attribute that expresses a brother or a sister, a kingdom of nature or any expression of the Creation.

Do not seek in the fellow human, the miseries, in order to rejoice to be better than the others.  Seek in the others that attribute that you still have not achieved.  Find the Creator in His Creatures and love them just as if you had God Himself before your eyes.  Serve this God, deliver the best to Him and, by doing like this, in the essence of simplicity, you will find open doors to humility, to reverence and to love, and little by little, you will banish from the interior, the old human, that only seeks to establish their own kingdom, the achievement of vantages and the security of being better than the others.

With simple keys for the human consciousness, those who may overcome their pride and may try to follow what I tell you will flourish in the gardens of the Creation as a flower that expresses the principles of God.

May peace and humility be living essences in the human heart.

Saint Joseph, the Tireless Servant of God

Friday, August 21 of 2015

Daily Messages

In the spirit of simplicity, surrender your own will to God and do not be afraid of following His Designs that are often incomprehensible to the human mind, but will always be full of perfection.

The Will of God always will echo in the interior of the heart that silences to listen to Him, and the one who aspires to follow this Will shall know that this profound feeling is real, is true.

God always speaks in the intimate of His creatures, but, in most of the times, the noise that exists in the interior of the beings is very big for the constant seeking of contentment that you will not achieve in this world.  In other cases, they occupy even the soul in purely material aspirations and they cannot listen to their own heart or, in order to not follow it, they doubt that this feeling and this inner voice are true.

But today I tell you that to follow the Will of God, you must be brave and firm in spirit, as in the heart, because humanity is far away from what it should express and, often, the hearts of good will, that try to walk to God, are making their efforts to the opposite path.

With this, I do not want tell you to abandon all that you do, but to listen more to the Voice of God in your own interior and to be more attentive to listen to Him and willing to follow Him when He gives you clear indications.

This possibility of uniting to God will never be taken from you.  The voice of God fulfills the spirit and rejoices the soul; do not confuse it with the voice of mind that quenches the aspirations of the senses and vanities.

This is My message for today: in the silence of the heart, listen to God and, in the courage of spirit, answer to His call.

I bless you today and always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, August 20 of 2015

Daily Messages

Sister Lucía de Jesús: When Saint Joseph appeared today, He presented Himself in a way I had never seen before.  He was dressed with a white tunic and a brown mantle that was held on His left shoulder and fell upon the tunic.  He had in His right hand a branch of tuberose a little to one side, with three little flowers almost on top of it.  His eyes were shining like never before, with a very light honey color.  He looked younger, about 40 years old.  He had the hair just above His shoulders and was standing on a green field among the clouds.  He said that this was the image of the day when He was chosen to marry Mary in the temple and that this was the face that He wanted us to know in this time, because it would give us the impulse we need in order to start a new cycle.  That moment represented to Saint Joseph the beginning of a new and definitive cycle, when He entered into the development of the archetype of God for humanity.

Today I come to meet you with this face because it is in this way that I will talk to you from now on, bringing to the world the impulses of the first steps of the sanctity of My Chaste Heart.

With this symbol, I want to demonstrate to you that the first step to start a new cycle, a new life, guided by the Will of the Most High God, is the transparency in the heart, in the mind and in the senses.  Being that transparent, do not hide from your fellow humans what you truly are and never try to hide yourselves from God.  It is by being true and transparent, before everyone and everything, that you will be able to begin this path.

Do not be afraid of proclaiming your own faith and spiritual journey; and do not live according to the tendencies of the world just to not look different to the eyes of people.

If you do not seek to hide yourselves from God and offer Him every day your own miseries, as well as your virtues, you will know then what must be transformed and what must be strengthened, under the spirit of humility and prayer.

May the simplicity of the heart open the paths so that you can be truthful, without fear.  If you aspire to this, you will discover in yourselves a potential that has always been hidden by the layers of the fake faces that you would like to appear to the world in order to, thus, feel as a common part of this degenerated humanity.

Feel now as a part of the Project of God and open yourselves so that, little by little, you may be able to lose what you appear to be today, in order to discover what you truly are.

I bless you and impel you,

Your instructor and guide,

the Most Chaste Saint Joseph

In the end of the message, Saint Joseph transmitted the following prayer:

Prayer to begin the spiritual trajectory toward the discovery of the New Human Being, which, in truth, is the beginning of the manifestation of humanity, which has never before found a space to descend to the consciousnesses of this world. Those who pray from the heart will open new doors for their own transformation.


Inspirational Prayer of Saint Joseph
to manifest the New Humanity

Saint Joseph,
may Your humility reflect in our hearts
as a symbol of simplicity
and the recognition of the greatness of God.

May Your sacred face inspire our paths
and, through You,
may we discover the essence of the New Humanity:
expression of the perfection of God,
profound likeness with the Creator,
living manifestation of the fount of His Divine Mercy.

In Your Chaste Heart,
Saint Joseph, Servant of God,
may we learn to let ourselves be guided
by the Sovereign Will of the Creator.


Wednesday, August 19 of 2015

Monthly Messages

As an enormous Grace brought from the Kingdom of the Heavens, My Chaste Heart comes to announce to the world the last year of Messages that I will deliver to humanity.  And as the main blessing for all the hearts, during the period from August 20th of 2015 to August 20th of 2016, I will deliver the first cycle of daily Messages from Saint Joseph to humanity.

It is in this way that, in the urgency of the days, My Chaste Heart begins to deliver to all the step by step for the emergence of the New Humanity.

When this cycle of messages finishes, I will not come to the world as before and this will be the sign that the time of definitive probations begins.

The Divine Messengers, for Your prayers and claims, have reached the grace to deliver this last impulse to humanity with the purpose that all you may need to transit in the times that will come be available for your souls and consciousnesses.

Never forget that this impulse will come as a last opportunity of following the steps of God and in this way, impelled by My Humble and simple Heart, you may be able to follow the steps that conduct you to the materialization of this superior Plan of Existence.

Through My words, I will take humanity to the discovery of the sacred and, with examples and revelations of My Holy life, I will try for the last time to conduct you to the holiness of spirit and heart.

Know that you are graced spirits, in the midst of a humanity that suffers and degenerates itself day by day through the consequences of its actions.  You must reflect and meditate about what the spirit of eternal gratitude is, because you are being deservers of this grace, and about what God expects from the souls that listen to Him by means of His Messengers.

While suffering and illusion expand themselves throughout this world, God gives you the grace of awakening and, with His Messengers, learning the true essence of humanity existence that has not yet manifested itself fully in this world, except in His Son and in the Sacred Family that followed Him and learned from Him.

May the spirit of peacemaking become life in your beings.  You will discover thus that it is on the most simple transformations that you will reach the manifestation of the New Humanity.  Many seek to do great works and forget that it is in the spirit of humility that you find the true key to open the doors of Heaven and to unite yourselves to the Consciousness of God again.

I love you and I expect you to be awaked and attentive to this new and last cycle of instructions of My Chaste Heart.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant and Apprentice of God

Wednesday, August 19 of 2015

Daily Messages

My beloved companions of the path,

Today I arrive to this sacred place, a Kingdom of the Universal Mother and Her Firstborn Son, to bring to all the humility and simplicity that I learned during the time I was here on this Earth as Saint Joseph, and that have followed Me ever since.

It was this humility and this simplicity that allowed Me to live holiness but, above all things, allowed Me to let Myself be guided by God, by My Son Jesus and by My beloved wife Mary.  She used to guide My internal steps with Her loving silence, a silence that I loved and venerated at that time, as an example of service to God.

Today I come to tell you that to overcome this purification that you, My beloved disciples, are beginning to live, only the path of humility and simplicity and the love of silence will lead you to pass all the tests; tests that you will face to leave behind the old human that must no longer exist, so that the wineskin that My Son must fill with His new codes of light can be empty and ready for Him.

I speak to everyone, but today I want to call especially those who are confused. I ask these children to find in the inner silence the possibility to hear the voice of the heart and in humility the possibility to accept the guide of the instruction left by us, the Divine Messengers.

I also speak today especially to those who have always been confident because they are strong and feel clarity in their interior.  I want you to know that everyone will live the collapse of those structures that do not let you take steps towards full fraternity and humility that the Most High Father designed for your destinies.

Open your hearts and thus, willingly, study My instructions, those that have been given since I began to visit you; in them are kept many keys that must be the ones to help you in such sublime and expected times for your souls.

Be strong and persevering and do not let yourselves be frightened by the adversary of this plan of God, that will always want to use your skills on his behalf without you being able to perceive it.

Place yourself always below the others, live to serve your siblings without putting yourselves in the limelight and thus the virtue that is kept in your essences, that which the Creator placed in your beings, will be poured in and out of you in order to lead this path of effort that you must travel towards holiness.

I will be there to guide you, to shelter you and to protect you against yourselves.  You must simply accept Me as your companion of the path.

Today I bless this house, the cradle of the new humanity, and all of you, children of the Most High.

May God be always in your lives.

My Chaste Heart keeps you,

Saint Joseph, humble worker of God

Wednesday, August 19 of 2015


While I pronounce My Words, just listen to My Voice in each of your hearts and receive the Will of God for your lives, for the portals of the Kingdom of the Heavens open today before your eyes, and the Divine Messengers cause to descend upon humanity the principles of perfection that, through the striving and the perseverance of all, will be able to transform humanity and cause the old human to disappear. And in this way, may you be able to accomplish the Will of God, the perfection of the human heart that is latent within each one.

Listen to me within you.

At this moment, Sister Lucía de Jesús stops to write in her notebook. On finishing, she again begins to transmit the Words of Saint Joseph.

Never forget that the greater the Grace that descends to the world, the greater is the urgency that is announced, so that you may quickly transform and live the Will of God.

I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May you continue in peace and in trust, so that the Plans of the Creator are fulfilled in your lives.

Song: Sacred Family.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: 

Brothers and sisters, we wish to share with you all that today, Saint Joseph brought us a great surprise, a Message that we did not expect.

And during the prayer, during the last beads, we saw Saint Joseph in a space of the Celestial Kingdom, and He was showing us a blank book that He held in His hands. And He told us that, with that book, He would write a last history with humanity, which He explained to us in today's Message.

(Sister Lucía de Jesús then read the Message of Saint Joseph of August 19, 2015).

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