Thursday, June 30 of 2016

Daily Messages

For the divine Life to find in your heart a door to enter into humanity, you must have the manifestation of this life as priority.

When you are conscious that the most important is the union with God, you do it at each moment and you do not need to be closed in a chapel for this, because there are many forms to be united with the Father and one of them is to be His worker and building in the world His Work, so that not only you, child, but many others, unite themselves with Him.

You would not have to lose the opportunity to contemplate the Heart of God and to be perfectly united with Him, but as long as your tasks are still for yourself, they will separate you from God and, even if you believe that you do it for Him, you will not be able to find this union in your work.

The depth of the consciousness of each one is only known by themselves, and if you search it within you, you will know if your intention is to build something for God or if you are searching to big up yourself and receive the merits for fulfilling these tasks that you help to manifest.

Why did Santa Teresa of Jesus attain contemplation, if she spent so many days and so many hours occupying herself with foundations, constructions, with forming consecrated beings, with contacts in society?

Because she knew that what she was doing did not have any other end but to manifest a work that allowed the union of the human heart with God.

How could Father Pio contemplate if he was so busy with confessions, with administrating the construction of a hospital, with the pain that the wounds on his body caused him and also the wounds of his heart, caused by the incomprehension of beings?

Because he knew that everything he did had no other end but to expand a divine reign whose king he was not, it was Christ.

Child, if you want to grow as a soul, as a consciousness and as a servant of God and if you want to be a real instrument of God and builder of His Work in the world, forget from now onwards the merits that you may want for yourself.

If you are doing something and deep inside you gratify yourself for manifesting it, meditate and ask for mercy for your ignorance and for wanting to be recognized for a work that is not yours. In each moment, meditate on your intentions, and everything that you do, do it for God and not for yourself.

If in your activities you exercise what I tell you and in everything you are searching to please the Lord and to create conditions so that humanity has a form to unite itself to Him, when the moment to pray arrives, it will not cost you so much to find the Father, because in no moment you left Him.

Thus, child, your life will not be anymore an eternal falling and getting up, an eternal distancing and approaching yourself to God, and every day, in every liturgy, you will have the opportunity to unite yourself even more with Him.

The possibility to evolve and to fly to sublime worlds or to stay within yourself, with the illusionary merits of a task that is not yours, remains in your hands.

For the inner growth of humanity and its union with God I tell you these things.

I leave you My blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, June 29 of 2016

Daily Messages

As misery and the abandonment of the indigenous consciousness are a result of a millennial mistake, other situations that take place on the surface of Earth and in the invisible worlds for the human eyes are also consequences of these and other mistakes.


The human being has not opened itself for its real potential, and it is blind and deaf due to the well-being in which a few live through material illusions.

Human life today is like an "industry of illusions" that will have, as a consequence of its products, the absolute degeneration of the planet.

To be conscious of the human situation, it is necessary to carry out service, to meet and see with one's own eyes the spiritual and moral misery with which our brothers and sisters have reached.

To awaken, it is necessary to leave oneself, many times, because the indifference of the hearts is so great that even seeing in the news a small percentage of the tragedies in which you live as humanity does not remove you from the point in which you are.

Children, I cannot place My eyes on yours for you to see the world as I do, but I can place your hearts in Mine, for you to feel as I feel, so that you may experience a little of reality.

The physical misery that you know in part is minimum before what happens spiritually. If aside from serving, you pray with your heart, you will find that there is an infinite field of service, hidden in the planetary ether.

Deepen into prayer, really, and you will understand by yourselves what I tell you.

Do not pray for wanting to know, for wanting to do or for wanting to be something; pray to speak to God; pray because this is the language of the heart and the spirit, and it is in this dialog with the Divine that the Creator will make you understand that which is of His will.

To balance the evil in the world pray, transform yourselves, serve and be true peacemakers and apostles of Christ.

Abandon your positions in the "industries of illusions" and do not make the same mistake of a past that generated the present. Live the transformation that prepares the future and that brings to the planetary life redemption and reconciliation with God.

Do not read these messages as pretty words nor take them as simple impulses. The human gaze is still cloudy in the face of higher things. If you want to find in what I say the absolute and reachable truth for yourselves, read, and reread what I have already said, pray, serve, and in doing so your eyes will be cleansed, to be able to see with the potential of a child of God.

I bring in My hands the water that washes you, and I place in these words the human language, for you to be able to serve yourself of it. Wash your faces and awaken. Experience this which I tell you.

I love you and I bless you, for you to go ahead without stopping.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, June 28 of 2016

Daily Messages

To heal the present and to prepare a new life for the future, you must forgive the past.

It is only love, children, that enters the depths of the human consciousness and erases the record of the mistakes committed. Words, actions and even acts of charity and of service are only vehicles to experience this love that must emerge from the depths of the heart.

Prayer is the language of love, it is the door that opens within each being so that this love flows from God to every consciousness and from your consciousnesses to the planetary needs.

To search for an external result for your own actions is to close the doors to love, because the return is not something sought by the one who really loves. Whoever loves only gives and does not seek, in anything, to receive.

For you to be vehicles of a divine and higher love for the planetary consciousness, you should be a little more humble and simple, but not want to be one of those who transform and redeem all things, because what transforms and what redeems is love, such love that does not come from you, but from God.

Children, when you serve, know that the most important is not the service in itself, it is the love with which you serve. When you are in contact with someone and you offer them a word of relief and of hope, know that what is important is not what you say or how well you express yourselves, but rather the degree of love and of union with God with which you do so.

Before serving and even in your daily life, as the first exercise of your day, unite yourself with God and say, “Lord, make me a vehicle of Your Love.” If you are sincere and true when pronouncing these words and letting the word be the vehicle of a pure intention for it to reach the Father, this will be sufficient for the Creator to bring meaning to your lives and to make every moment of it worthwhile for the triumph of His Plan.

That your actions, thoughts, feelings and words be impregnated with something more than yourselves. That everything be for the manifestation of love and that love, by itself, be the result of your service and of your life.

For the healing of the human and planetary consciousness, launch yourselves into the discovery of the divine love and allow the Creator to make you bearers of this love.

I bless you and lead you to the true service that you already know that does not start and does not end in your actions, but that has its true acting in the life of the spirit and there should have its essence and its principle.

Your Father and Companion, in service and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, June 27 of 2016

Daily Messages

Facing misery, cry out for Mercy.

Facing suffering, cry out for Compassion.

Facing ignorance, cry out for Grace.

Facing abandonment, cry out for Pity.

Facing despair, cry out for Faith.

Facing pain, cry out for Healing.

Facing the consequences of the past, cry out for Forgiveness.

Child, place yourself facing each situation as a servant of God, as a bridge for His Divine Consciousness. Be the one who unites the creatures to the Creator and, by means of this service, you will unite your own consciousness to God.

I will not say much on this day, because My silence is also something that you need.

Facing doubt or incomprehension, silence.

Facing something you do not know how to solve, observe and, in silence, search for the answer. Not all solutions will come from you, but if you place yourself in the correct posture, the Lord – who created all things – will work out what you do not know how to solve.

This, child, is the era of faith, because you will only be able to support yourself through it. This is also the era of maturity and of forgetting yourself, because only by growing up and taking firm steps you will be able to consolidate your inner fortress.

May the foreign winds not make you tremble and may the storms not confuse you.

Maintain lit within you, as a secret, the sun of the new time and illuminate your interior, even if the world is in darkness.

Take each symbol that I bring you and develop them in your interior. They will become keys that will open the doors of your consciousness for the higher life.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, June 26 of 2016

Daily Messages


Today I will ask you again to pray for the original peoples, for the indigenous consciousness of today and of yesterday.

That in your prayers you may ask for forgiveness for the mistakes made in the past and that, on your day by day, you may revise if they still exist, in your consciousnesses, the roots of millennial evils that hinder the unity among the beings, in spite of the differences.

A service is real when it is performed with the heart. However, it has a planetary repercussion when you are conscious of this service in the invisible life of the planet and when you observe, within yourselves, what must be transformed and transcended for that the situation in which you are serving to be able receive a more profound aid.

For example: if, when serving the original peoples, you search within yourselves what led them to this situation of poverty, of abandonment and of indifference by most of the human beings; if you search in yourselves to cut the roots of power and the need of transforming everything and everybody, adapting situations and consciousnesses to your own needs, you will deepen this service.

Children, the being who colonized had their own idea of what the human civilization should be and believed that everything should adapt itself to this idea and that which did not fit into their thoughts should be extirpated.

Although so many centuries have already passed, this form of thinking and of feeling is still present in the human heart and the majority – even though they may believe they have – has not learned to discover what the other has to contribute; has not learned to transform their own idea and to open themselves to share a different thought that comes from their fellow being.

The roots of the human and ignorant power are still alive in the consciousnesses of all and feeds on small and great actions, on thoughts and feeling that often manifest themselves impulsively.

In order to transform the present human condition you must self-observe and try to pull out from the root the old patterns of a degenerated race for them to give place to the newness.

May the conjuncture of this mission in brotherhood with the original peoples lead you revise, in your own interior, what I told you. Thus, you will make of this service a profound and true act that transcends a social action or even the charity of this world.

If prayer and service are always followed by transformation, you will soon see in the horizon the dawn of a new sun, announcing a cycle with greater clarity for the human consciousness.

I love you and, therefore, I guide you day by day.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, June 25 of 2016

Daily Messages


As long as there are negative experiences in the human consciousness, there will be purification to be lived. The old man is being expurgated from your inner worlds and, more than that, from your cells.

Many want to transform themselves and cannot bear to see in others their own mistakes. This incapacity to see themselves in a mirror generates rage, indignation and sadness. But I tell you, companions, that this human reaction in face of purification is fruit of an old pattern to deal with inferior aspects.

The new man must emerge at the same time in which the old one is expurgated, that is, the patterns of behavior of a new life must start taking the place of the old human patterns. This means, children, that – when looking at yourselves in a mirror, through mistakes and aspects of the other – you must love them and be compassionate.

Put reins and brakes on yourselves by means of the comprehension and of the love to the Plan, that surpasses the own love and will to control and guide all things.

When reacting towards the mistakes of others, you are wanting to fix a mistake by making another one. This is the same principle that generates wars and the conflicts of the world: hate towards the other is the fuel that ignites hate in one’s own interior, this hate is often hidden and subconscious.

In order not to enter in this circle of rage and darkness, contain your own oxidizer and replace it by interior pacification.

I know that many have difficulties in controlling themselves and their own inferior aspects, but you have to try to do it every day until your consciousness definitely understands the smallness you live in face of the universal vastness and can take more concrete steps.

I would like to talk to you about universal things, but how am I going to take you to the universe, if your feet are tied to the world of earthly appearances and if your consciousnesses do not encompass the essences of the beings, but only their shortcomings and the human conditions?

All are in the same school and each one on their level must listen to what I say today and consciously work on their own incapacity to love and to self-control.

Children, when at least you start dealing with yourselves with more maturity, I will be able to take you to the Cosmos and deepen yourselves in the universal roots. But first you need to grow up, everybody needs to grow up, including those who consider themselves grown-ups and old. Grow up in spirit and in virtue.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, June 24 of 2016

Daily Messages

While you clamor for peace, children, clamor for the consciousnesses of the original peoples. Most of all in the region where nowadays you work – through the humanitarian mission that you are carrying out -, you will feel the suffering of the submission that these peoples have endured for many years, however that continues permeating the ethers of Paraguay, of the south of Brazil and of the northeast of Argentina.

Children, the missions with the indigenous consciousness are of the utmost importance in these times, because the debt of humanity with these peoples is unpayable, just as it is with the consciousness of Africa.

Today I will ask you to pray in a special way for your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness, mainly for those who are no more in this world, but who are tied up to the sorrows of a past that they have not been able to surpass.

The sorrows of the past still weigh in the hearts of your indigenous brothers and sisters and, often, are multiplied by poverty, by prejudice and by constant fight they live in to maintain their own cultures.

Children, many feel that to maintain the indigenous culture on the planet is to try to preserve something outdated that makes no more sense in this time. This thought, extremely ignorant, is fruit of a consciousness that is little spiritual, and materialistic, that caused the human beings not to know how to respect each other and, in past times, wanted to impose their own cultures, instead of learning with the sacred and with the pure that existed in the culture of the original peoples.

While you do not learn to respect the different cultures and do not open yourselves to see what is best in your fellow being, there will always be war and there will always be chaos. The cycle of incarnations will never end if you do not learn to share and to respect the differences.

Children, it is time to sow goodness and love and to extirpate from the human consciousness what is called vengeance and that is hidden behind the justice of Earth.

The lack of equality among human beings and the impossibility of a worthy life does not allow that your brothers and sisters remaining from the original peoples of the Americas to be able to live peace in their hearts.

Clamor for this peace and for mercy, and be with open hearts while serving, taking care not to feel better than them, but rather recognize that a lot of what they have to teach is ignored by you and, if the service is not mutual, there will be no Divine Presence.

Pray, children, pray for the original peoples of yesterday, of today and of always. May their purity and simplicity not get lost. May their contribution to the spirit of unity for the human consciousness be true.

Your Father and Server of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, June 23 of 2016

Daily Messages

In the beginning of everything, there was only the Creator; Omni-encompassing Consciousness, without matter, only vibration on different scales that expressed themselves in Light, Color and Sound.

From Light, the Spirit arose, from color, ultra-terrestrial life arose, and, from sound, matter was born.

The Breath of God was heard, and vibration descended into the dimensions until it became palpable in one note, in one word: the Divine Word.

From Sound, the elements were born, from the elements, the creatures.

To emit a sound is to return to God. To sing His sacred Word is like building the inverted path of what had been done until the lives of each individual existed.

When you sing with the heart, you subtilize the word and make it cross the dimensions, turning it into higher and higher vibrations. This word, subtilized by love, returns to the origin of Life, to the Consciousness of God.

Whoever sings with the soul, with the spirit, with the heart and with the consciousness, rebuilds the bridge between humanity and the Creator, they dissolve the density of matter, reconverting it into the Sound of God; it again becomes the Breath of the Divine Spirit.

What you call the Breath of the Divine Spirit is the beginning, it is the vibration that was emitted before sound made itself heard.

From the Breath arose Sound; from Sound, life was born; from life, spirit; from spirit, humanity; from humanity will be born love; from love, a new breath will arise, a new sound, a new life, a new spirit, a new being. Thus, the Creator recreates Himself in His creatures.

It is through sound that life unites to the Origin, and the Origin permeates life, renewing the creatures. It is through sound that the hearts return to God, without needing to cease to exist as individuals, for it is in the life of the spirit that individuality gives way to unity, it is in the consciousness that life separates itself and again unites.

Sing with the true intention of elevating humanity. Sing, subtilizing your own sound, turning it into vibration and divine breath. Create a bridge, which often no longer exists between humanity and its origin. Be true co-creators of the new life.

Multiply the presence of God with the word that makes you like Him.

Seek to unveil the mysteries that exist in My words and grow so that your actions may be truly spiritual and so that your life on Earth may have a universal and divine purpose to manifest.

I love you and I thank you for trying to understand what I tell you, and for practicing My words.

On this evening, may a new bridge be created to the Kingdom of God and a new Principle of Divine Life arise in the planetary consciousness.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, June 22 of 2016

Daily Messages

Where there is love, unity and fraternity, there will be peace.

Where there is disposition and effort to overcome oneself – not to shed over the neighbor one’s own inner unbalance – there will be harmony and brotherhood.

Children, the great battle of these times will be for inner pacification and for building an inner fortress that may sustain you and help you to support your own purification and the purification of the planet.

Every day try to give a little of yourselves to your neighbor. Try to build brotherhood and fraternity as priorities in your lives, because in these times it is the group fortress that will sustain you and keep you standing.

Along the years, we have impelled you to the experience of group life with the Communities-of-Light-because in the group life you have the opportunity to develop forgetfulness of self, the love to the neighbor as they are, patience, forgiveness, self-transcendence, transformation, fraternity and the most important: unity.

It is by living unity that you approach the purpose of human existence. By experiencing this divine principle and by becoming each time more alive you can lead the human race to fulfill the divine Plans.

The planetary transition, one’s own purification and all the tests of these times have the function to lead you to the living of unity. Because, when you are facing these situations, it is only the true unity that will make you survive. The unity will be for the spirit like water and air are for the body; if there is no unity, there will be no life.

You might believe that you are on the right path, but without unity with the neighbor and with God, you will lose the meaning of your own existence and will walk in the world like bodies empty of spirit and essence, as dead in life.

Do you understand the importance of overcoming yourselves to love the other?

Do you understand the importance of leaving aside your own concepts and ideas of how the human being should be to accept the neighbor as they are?

Love is what transforms and, if you do not love your neighbor, they will never leave the point they are in and will never express what they really are, because to reach Truth, you must transform yourselves and – to transform yourselves – you must live love, give and receive true love.

Children, enter in the essence and in the heart and let them be commanders of their own life. It is in this way that the new principles and the new Laws will act in your lives and will be able to flow like the currents of a new time, for them not to drag and destabilize you due to your resistances.

This path is simple and does not need to contain suffering, but each one chooses the form to learn, according to one’s own effort and consciousness.

I love you and therefore I am telling you all these things.

I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, June 21 of 2016

Daily Messages

The age of mind destabilization


This is the age of mind destabilization, because it is in the mind level where the biggest resistances of the beings are found. It is in the mind level where the energies of power, of property, of control, of competition, are found, all these forces that must be extirpated from the human consciousness.

The man who resists the Power of God will lose discernment, because the heart will try to speak louder and the fact that it is repressed by the mind will cause a state of discouragement to the soul, a feeling of lack of meaning to life.

The resistances of the mind will reflect in all levels of the being. Led by the flow of energies of the new time, the soul will cause a pressure over the resistant mind, which will destabilize it, causing what is known as madness.

This madness, which will be like an epidemic in the current humanity, is the consequence of the mental resistances of the beings; it occurs when the mind can no longer control its own consciousness, however neither does it surrender or open itself to the command and guidance of the soul, of the spirit and of the heart. This will be the world madness.

Children, I do not tell you that for to you judge the ones who are destabilized in this time, but for you to understand them and also to understand yourselves, in case it happens to you.

For you not to be destabilized, it is necessary to flow in the divine Laws, to let yourself be guided, to obey, to have faith, not to think of yourself as a knowledgeable of everything, to recognize your own ignorance and open yourself to learn.

Many times the mind resistance will be a consequence of a higher resistance and, in this case, it will cost much more for the beings to be conscious of what is happening to them, and collaborate with themselves. Because of that, children, facing the unconsciousness about your own spiritual, mental or physical process, let yourselves be conducted by the ones who still live in balance.

For you not to enter in this circuit of resistances, ask for help to the Father, to your own inner world and to your neighbor. Pray, meditate about the times you live in, breath correctly to attract the balance of the spiritual levels to the physical plan and trust that the Creator will help you.

Do you own part in respect of love, of obedience, of fraternity, of prayer, of vigil, and do not fear. Even when you feel that alone you cannot get out of the tests that you are living, do not fear, simply ask for help and search for peace.

The unity with each other will give you strength. The fraternal life will protect you. The codes of a new world will transmute, on its own, the old patterns of the consciousness and, if you make an effort to be different, you will not need to enter in this epidemic of madness and resistances which I speak to you about.

Be humble to recognize the point in which you are and do not hesitate to ask for help and to let yourselves be helped. Humility will be a great key for the inner protection.

It is for the understanding of these times and for you to know how to deal with yourselves and with your neighbor that I tell you these things. As a Father, I warn you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, June 20 of 2016

Daily Messages


All that the planet needs the most is Peace, for which you clamor everyday to wait for My arrival. But to receive this true and celestial Peace, it is necessary to open yourself to it, to ask for it to come closer to your lives, and also to create the conditions so that it manifests itself.

Many feel today trying to remove the sand of a desert, when they work to end the chaos and the evil of this world. They feel alone facing the planetary situation, that is the consequence of a millenary degeneration, and it is as if everything they did were little.

Children, We always thank you when we arrive on the Earth because you are like children facing reality: you do not see and neither know what happens in the world – spiritually and physically – and neither know what happens when you pray with the heart, opening the doors so that the Messengers of God may arrive over here.

As well as you only know a small parcel of the planetary reality and of such chaos in which the planet lives, you also know only a small parcel of what We make with the love and the opening of your hearts.

What matters the most in these times is the spiritual rescue of the life on Earth; it is the rescue of the consciousness of the Kingdoms of the Nature, of souls and spirits of all beings; the rescue of the consciousnesses of the nations, of its angels, of its guardians and of all the invisible life which sustains them. Because matter is part of an illusion, of a time and a space that are out of reality, isolated from the Divine Creation as a whole.

What I am trying to tell you today it is that you do not be dependent on the material results of the divine Works, because the development of faith and the transformation of the consciousnesses are the biggest testimony of the veracity of this Work.

You will not be able to prevent humanity from killing animals, exploiting vegetables and minerals and outraging its fellow beings, because chaos – in the plane of matter – has already been installed in some consciousnesses and in some parts of the planet, which must live their purification as the only way to stop these actions.

What you can do is to take care of the Kingdoms that surround you and pray for those who do not have love, do not know peace and do not count on the contribution of the human consciousness in their evolution.

What you can do is to give a reason to the Creator for Him to maintain the spiritual consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature on the planet, demonstrating to Him that you are willing to learn with the Kingdoms and, with your own example, collaborate with their evolution.

What you can do for humanity is to live, as members of the human heart, your own evolution, unite yourselves with the Father and pray for those who do not find Him. Bring the Light of the Divine Kingdom to those who, more than suffering in their bodies, are suffering in their souls, in their spirits, and are having their essences erased by the actions of evil.

Children, there will be days in which your prayers will not be able to stop the events of the world, but they will be able to save souls, to prevent essences to lose themselves, and just as it is in the case of the Kingdoms of Nature, to prevent entire group-consciousnesses to lose themselves.

Do not try to end the chaos of the world trying to remove by yourselves the sand of the desert of darkness. Pray and have faith. Serve and sow the principles of good. Know that is in the life of spirit where you find Truth and it is there where the roots of evil must be cut, so that new seeds may sprout, seeds that later will be planted on the ground of the Earth.

Develop faith, perseverance and the trust in God above all things.

I thank you today and always for being part of this Work of love.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, June 19 of 2016


If on this day, I spoke to you about the yielding of your souls, of the great need for yielding in the human heart, and disregarded the need of the Kingdoms of Nature, perhaps I would not be fulfilling the Will of God.

If on this day, children, I set aside the planetary consciousness to sustain your human hearts, in your tests and purifications, to bring you a breath of hope, My Mission in this place would be incomplete.

I would like, with all of My Love, to hold you in My Arms and ask for the intercession of the Father for your little souls.

I would like to dissolve in your hearts what stops you from finding God, of yielding to Him, of saying 'yes' to Him, in spite of any difficulty, in spite of any illusion about yourselves.

But today I must show you something a little broader. Today I have to carry your consciousnesses to the Consciousness of God in a different way, because not only the human heart has great needs; the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature also has, in this place, as well as all over the planet, a need for your prayers.

My children, I bring you here to contemplate the mountains, so that you may revere them and thank them for supporting the Earth, for transmuting and transforming the psychic, emotional, and mental load that the human being generates and that, by remaining on the Earth, would end it in a single day.

Through those mountains, I reveal a mystery to you: the living consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature. A consciousness that feels, that loves, that observes, that seeks to understand the evolution of humanity so that, in this way, it may experience its own evolution.

Contemplate a beautiful valley in front of you; in it, however, there dwells a great sorrow: the sorrow of the indigenous consciousness, the sorrow of the Kingdoms of Nature, not only in this place, but in many other spaces of the planet. In this valley dwells a great sorrow: the sorrow of the Heart of God because of the non-awakening of humanity, because of the ignorance and the egotism that still live in the human heart.

Within this great valley there also dwells a hope, the hope that you, who are waking up, can commune with nature, not only to enjoy its presence on Earth, but to consciously collaborate with its mission. It is not only humanity, children, that must grow and evolve in this world; each living creature must evolve. And when I refer to life, I am speaking of a life that you do not understand, because many do not believe that a mountain is alive, that the minerals are alive, that the elements are alive.

On this Earth, everything that you can see, that evolves, that grows, that transforms, is alive. Also many invisible things are alive.

Today, in this valley, I reveal a life to you that, although it is no longer in the world, continues to suffer its experience in it. The indigenous consciousness that dwelled in these lands, needs the help of the human heart. And many wonder: how to help them? Understanding them, learning from them about the unity with Nature, about simplicity, about fraternal and communal life, a life with no competition, a life of mutual collaboration.

Today I ask you, children, to go in aid of those brothers and sisters of yours of the original peoples that still live on this Earth and are suffering the degeneration of the purity of their origin. Because just as it does to all the purity of hearts, the density of this world is causing that Divine Gift that the Creator gave the original peoples to disappear: it is the spirit of service, of Christic Charity, that goes beyond an act of charity, as you know it.

Christic Charity is filled with a Divine Love; it is a charity that gives of itself without expecting results, without expecting the transformation of a fellow being, without expecting gratitude. It gives of itself for the simple need of loving and that is what is so hard for the human heart. For this reason, until today, these peoples that so many centuries ago were on Earth, still suffer the same sorrow, because to free them, children, a unique, real and pure love is necessary.

Today I brought you here because I wanted to place this love in your hearts and wake you up so that you could experience it during what is left of your experience here on Earth. Although for many there is not much time left, even if it is in the last instant of your lives, if you experienced true love, that love will open the dimensions and will transform the destiny of this universe in which you live.

Today I will ask you to pray with Me to forgive and dissolve the ignorance of those hearts that, in this instant, do not ask God for forgiveness.

Children, if in the face of the need of the world you recognize how small your own difficulties are, if in the face of the suffering of the world you recognize how small your own suffering is and ask God for forgiveness, on this day, I will grant you the grace of forgiveness. By the authority that God granted Me and by the intercession achieved by My Most Chaste Heart, I will open a doorway to Divine Consciousness, and in the hearts of those who have faith and those who want to have it, I will place the grace of forgiveness. It is in this way that I will help you to not only take your own steps, but also to help this Earth, so wounded and forsaken in the vast universe.

I say this world is forsaken, not because the Creator has forsaken it, but because to receive a Grace from God, you must open a door to Him, as I will do now. I will open this door because you say 'yes' to Me and because My Heart also was human, and in some way, still belongs to this world.

To receive forgiveness, ask for forgiveness.

Ask for forgiveness for human ignorance.

Ask for forgiveness for not being able to open your hearts, for resisting the Will of God.

Ask for forgiveness for not knowing to love or understand a fellow being.

Ask for forgiveness for setting aside an ancient suffering that many times is hidden under the ground you walk on.

Ask for forgiveness for ignoring the Kingdoms of Nature; for only taking advantage of them.

Ask for forgiveness for having so many times missed a chance to forgive.

Ask for forgiveness, as humanity, for not living the divine Project and preferring a human imperfection rather than choosing the Perfection of God.

Ask for forgiveness for continuing to generate so many conflicts within and outside of yourselves; for not understanding the grandeur of these times and so many times getting lost in such small things.

Ask for forgiveness for the past, the one you know and the one you do not know; the past of this world and the one that did not belong to it, but which brought consequences to the life of the Earth.

I will not forgive you just through My authority. I will forgive you because I am in likeness to the One that first forgave and placed the essence of forgiveness on Earth. I will forgive as My Son did, because He forgives you every day, but you do not always know how to value that forgiveness.

I will forgive you in the name of the One Who gave up His Body and his Blood and I will renew His Surrender, showing humanity that it is eternal and that, by His merits, more than two thousand years later, our hearts continue to forgive. With this act, I invite you to make a real surrender and to also forgive.

Sing the song that you sang in the beginning, but this time, sing it with greater truth and receive healing and forgiveness, which together with My Son, I will place in this Eucharist and through it, you will receive this Grace.

After having received the expiation of My son, through His Infinite Mercy, do not hold this expiation just for yourselves. During the communion with His Body and His Blood, offer the Grace of forgiveness for those most in need, for the Kingdoms, for the original peoples, for your brothers and sisters that are on this path trying to persevere. 

In union with the Heart of My Son and with the Most Holy Heart of God the Father, and through the intercession of His Divine Servant, I forgive you and ask you to at least strive every day to not make mistakes. Strive every day to remember the grandeur of life and of the Plans of God and the smallness of your own soul.

Remember every day that the Grace of God is infinite and the Creator merely expects you to open your arms to Him so as to be able to help you and wake up the Love of His Son, Christ, in your hearts.

By the sign of the cross carried by the Son of God, I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, June 18 of 2016

Daily Messages

Awake the essence of hope in your heart. But not the hope you know in this world, but rather the one that comes from the Heart of God.

Awake in yourself the divine hope, a fruit of faith and of the certainty of the Perfection of the Creator.

Put your hope in something higher, in goodness, in light, in the divine Purpose for each creature and for the planet.

The hope that you know in this world is something that often only nourishes the human ego, something that makes you persevere in the fulfillment of your own will and that does not allow you to weaken before the challenges and the trials of life, because you believe that what you want, some day, in some way, will manifest itself.

I speak to you about a different hope: the hope that is placed in the Plan of God and that does not know the way that this Plan will materialize itself on Earth, but trusts that everything will happen as the Creator hopes for.

The origin of the hope of which I am speaking about to you is the divine Will and not one’s own. Therefore, this hope does not bring frustrations, sadness and bitterness, because there is not a self purpose which is awaited with faith.

Put, child, the consciousness in God and await in Him for His Will to manifest. Be willing to be His instrument, at His service, for His Will to be fulfilled, and allow that this awakening of hope renews your strength and your joy to serve, because you know that, although you do not understand the Paths of the Father, they will reach the right goal, which is His Divine Will.

Hope is nourished by faith and expresses itself in the joy of the heart.

Faith renews and gives strength to the fallen ones; therefore, before the difficulties of the planet, always cultivate hope and, with your example of persevering in it, multiply it in the hearts of the world.

For the awakening of the divine hope in the hearts,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, June 17 of 2016

Daily Messages

To forgive is simpler than many think it is. Rehabilitation is within reach of everyone and, in the minimum act of lifting the hands in sincerity, the Creator receives your offers.

Children, it is really difficult for the human heart to recognize in humility the need to rehabilitate and to renew themselves before God.

Many want to receive forgiveness, but there are not many who bow before the God who lives in the fellow being to ask for forgiveness for something.

A real disciple of Christ cannot keep, in their interior, the wounds of the past, opening them one time and another, for not being brave to take care of them as needed.

Children, how will you heal the history of degradation of the consciousnesses of the nations if you have not yet forgiven not even yourselves and your neighbor?

The acts of forgiveness must be permanent because the mistakes are as well. You must forgive and ask for forgiveness each moment, until one day you learn not to hurt, but to take care, to protect and to shelter all those who are around you.

Search within yourselves the Gaze of Christ for those who arrested Him, flagellated Him, tortured Him. There is the essence of forgiveness that lasted throughout the centuries.

Our Lord could have only demonstrated His Forgiveness with His Silence and with His Actions of submission and humility, but before everyone, attached to the Cross, He spoke up: “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.” And, thus, He taught the human heart to conquer its own pride – and even that which you call injustice – in order to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

There was no bigger mistake in the world than to crucify the Son of God and, even so, those who did it were forgiven by Him and returned to the world one time and another, receiving the opportunities to start again.

I know that there are things that, for the human mind, are very difficult to be understood, but if you place your consciousnesses on the Love of Christ and live it, everything that seemed unattainable to you will dissolve: barriers will fall to the ground and your hearts will feel the Grace of being able to forgive and ask for forgiveness, without fear.

No longer keep rancor and pains in your hearts. No longer feed small conflicts and competitions, because one day they will become large and will put at risk the evolution of a soul that needed to live love and to be forgiven, but however, it was ignored with its wound during its whole life.

I would like to make you work consciously with the nations, but as I am here today and I gathered you in this sacred place, I will first ask you to meditate on what has to be forgiven in your own hearts and on what you still have to ask for forgiveness. Because it is this way, children, with this living experience of forgiving, that I will lead you to be intercessors of a whole nation, because you will be able to live, in yourselves, what you want for the planet. And you not only will proclaim and diffuse the instruction, but will live it.

I leave you with My impulse, because Argentina needs to know forgiveness and this will start with each one of you and with those who listen to Me in the four corners of the world and who want to respond to this call for the planetary salvation and rescue.

I bless you. Go ahead.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, June 16 of 2016

Daily Messages


Making mistakes and being ignorant before the Wisdom and the Truth of the Creator has become a commonplace thing in human consciousness. And going astray from the path and getting lost is not the biggest sin of humankind, as the stimuli of the world offer them so many paths along which to get distracted and to get lost.

The big sin of humankind is to continue to walk in the wrong direction, when they have in turth realized they are not in the correct place.

The big sin is not to accept the Hand of God, which extends to you and invites you to return to the point where you were before making the mistake.

It is the big human pride that keeps you from discovering the truth. It is the big ignorance that hides behind pride that makes you feel cognizant of all things and masters of your own destiny.

Some souls, children, have committed themselves with God, since the beginning, to carry out the reparation of universal mistakes by means of their own redemption. It is for this reason that the Lord insists so much and tries in every way to help you take your steps.

However, the effort of God alone is not enough, because the Creator cannot live redemption within your spirits and cannot overcome your tests for you, because otherwise there would be no merit in coming to the world.

Children, in prayer for the souls, I come to ask you to surrender before God, to submit your own resistances, despite the fear you feel, and to let yourselves live this surrender and remove from you the control of your own lives.

Live surrender without fear of losing yourselves.

Live surrender without fear of not fulfilling your own goals.

Live surrender without fear of letting go your own plans, aspirations, desires, conquests and defeats.

Live surrender without fear of truly coming to know yourselves and discovering that nothing you appeared to be is what you are.

Children, come to the Heart of God without fear. Nothing bad can happen to you. The pain you will feel is part of the illusion that you live; it is the pain of dying to the world and discovering a new life; it is the pain of hurting that which you have always nourished and strengthened through the illusions; it is the pain of acknowledging your own mistakes and of discovering that you are imperfect.

Live the freedom of knowing that you do not belong to this world and that, in truth, you are not this corrupted matter.

Live the truth of uniting to God and of letting yourselves be guided by Him without having to worry about your own destinies.

Live the freedom of not having to seek anything, not competing, not coveting, not wanting to be, to know, to feel or to live, but only to let yourselves be, feel and live for God.

It is the intention that will lead you to this encounter. It is renunciation that will open the path to you. It is surrender that will make you free.

That one who came to know the truth and who now calls you to this path,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, June 15 of 2016

Daily Messages


Be reborn in spirit every day, because there will be no other form for you heart, that still is so human to support the attacks of these times.

Dispose yourself to get up and to start again, renewing yourself before God, renewing your commitment to Him and asking Him for the Grace of being received again in His Kingdom of Love.

Direct yourself in consciousness to the House of the Father every day. For an instant, prostrate your spirit before God and say, “Lord, here I am. Grant me the Grace to persevere in You today and, if I fall, grant me the Grace to get up tomorrow.”

In a battle, child, one cannot assure that the soldiers will remain standing, and without any wound. The one who fights on the side of the Light knows that they will never be defeated, because in truth, it is your Lord who is invincible in His Love and in His Mercy.

As in every battle in this world and outside of it, soldiers fall, get up, fear, get wounded, think about the past and about the life they left behind to be there. They reach, sometimes, the pinnacle of death, but at the end of everything, there will be no greater plenitude than the victory in Christ.

Child, this battle will be long and difficult, because you will not only fight against the enemy, but also against yourself, because not all the matter that forms your consciousness is willing to surrender all for a higher purpose, to surrender even your own life, if the Creator provides it so. Therefore, every day, I ask you to affirm your fortress in Christ, so that each day your union with God be greater than your resistances in surrendering to Him.

Pray, meditate on the surrender of Christ, meditate on the greatness of the Father and let yourself be permeated by something higher that places you before your smallness and shows you how, in truth, that fear which consumed you is small and how truly great and unfathomable the Love of the Father is, of which you have only experienced a drop.

In this world of so many prisons and of so many stimuli to keep the consciousnesses isolated from Truth, open a window in your chest and contemplate the infinite, contemplate the Creation and feel that you are part of something greater and that God has something greater than this life for you.

Life on Earth, child, is the trampoline for you to take a great leap and, from this leap, to really start your experience as a child of God. Look at the events in this way and let yourself be elevated by means of the celestial trampoline that represents the opportunity you live today to listen to Our Words. May they not pass like the wind, but leave an echo within you and lead you to a greater understanding and, as a consequence, to a true transformation.

Enter My Heart. I invite you to live in My simplicity.

Your Father of yesterday and today, your Companion of all eras,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, June 14 of 2016

Daily Messages

The great battle that is fought on the levels of spirit has already begun. The definition of each human being is in course and it will not be only by the working of Justice that you will define your steps: it will be by the surrender and the adhesion of each spirit to the Plan of God.

Children, the human Project is loved and waited by many, but there are also those who, with all their strengths, will struggle for this project not to be concretized.

The ties with the past will emerge from the beings – and I refer not only to the past lived in this world, but to the whole history of each consciousness, from its origin until now. This past will emerge demanding of all that you definitely cut your bonds with darkness and that you resume your ties with Light.

Those consciousness that represent the negative experiences you lived in some moment will return and will seek from everyone the adhesion to their plans of degeneration.

Children, the enemy is recruiting their soldiers and the time has come to say “no” to their stimuli, because the least permissions to correspond to the stimuli of darkness can make you get entirely lost from the path.

The great battle is already in course and those who persevere in God can feel how much it costs them to affirm the Light and how easily they are deluded and confuse themselves every day.

Now, it is the moment of an even greater courage, it is the moment of a real consciousness of what happens on the planet and out of it. We can no longer hide from the human hearts and minds a truth that precipitates over the world.

The soldiers need to be ready for what will come and they need to understand the tests they will live, as a way to remain firm and strengthened.

Firm the roots of the spirit deeply within you and consolidate your union with God. Do not let yourselves be taken by the remembrances of a past that emerges to be erased of your consciousnesses. Do not let yourselves be disheartened by the remembrance of mistakes that have already been forgiven.

 Acknowledge the renewal of your souls and the purpose of these times, permitting that the ties with evil be rooted out from within you. Embrace redemption, fearless of returning to God, and above everything, children, do not fear proclaiming yourselves His children, His Soldiers and His companions.

Affirm the Light every day – do it, above all, to yourselves – and before any inner stimulus to give up and ease up, ask for the Father’s help and reconfirm yourselves. These stimuli come from something deeper than consciousness itself and have their origins in the great battle of the Cosmos.

Ask for the Grace of faithfulness to God and be firm in your hearts. Overcome yourselves in the inner appeasement and unite yourselves so that your more human aspects may find the refuge they need in the unity with your neighbor. Help one another in the spirit of fraternity, because your are still on the Earth and you will not only live on cosmic stimuli and impulses: you need to feel the support of one another.

What I say to you, children, is more than an instruction, it is a clamoring for the awakening, because few truly understand the urgency of the times.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, June 13 of 2016

Daily Messages

For the Spirit of Christ to awake in your hearts, you must truly look for it and learn with Him just as Jesus day by day looked for the Father and with Him learned and grew in perfection.

Before acting, Jesus meditated and felt in His Heart the best way to do all things. There were no superficialities in Him. There was no rule or common sense for His Actions: when dealing with each creature that He would meet on His path, He searched in God for what they needed and, thus, He acted under the Laws that are not from this world.

Human minds are tied to rules from this planet and close themselves when facing the so-called contradictions, when God Himself, children, is a great contradiction for the human beings, because He loves the imperfections of the beings, even when it seems that many walk with speed towards the abyss, He never closes the doors to Heaven, in the hope that, even at the last moment of perdition, the souls may look backwards and regret the path taken, giving themselves the opportunity to return.

Is God a permanent contradiction, children, or is the human mind the one that is distant from Truth and the Divine Laws?

God is Fair, but, at the same time, aspires to pour His Mercy, and facing the minimum movement of the human heart, gives – to the indifferent and unfaithful ones – the best of His Kingdom.

To be able to become a Christ, you must love the way the Father acts and imitate Him in all things. You must extirpate from your consciousnesses the permanent search for the mistakes of others, to search in everything for the opportunity to be merciful.

I am not telling you that you will stop being fair, because the true Justice – that is not from this world – is within the divine Love and only descends to Earth when the human beings choose to learn through it.

Every learning of your hearts depends only on yourselves. Even though it may seem incoherent to you, your paths are marked by you, and even God only observes you before acting.

The life of each one could be simpler, if you simply opened yourselves to unite to the Father.

Until today you do not know the power of Grace, and for not crying out for it you miss the opportunity to live what for you is impossible and unreachable. Grace is in the Hands of the Father ready to be shed, but the majority of the beings chooses to live in their impossibilities rather than to transcend the human laws and to live in this world with all the potential that, in truth, they bear inside themselves.

Many think that they do not reach Christification because they bring burdens from this life and from other ones that they are not able to stand and wounds that have not been able to heal yet, and so it is, but the power of Grace dissolves the weight of the past and closes the wounds of the heart. Also the Mercy of God is the greatest antidote of healing for the sick of spirit; but who cries out for it? Who believes in the power of the Divine Mercy?

Children, the service of being a Christ balances not only the mistakes of your own past, but also of entire civilizations of the Universe, and that is why you are here, in this world, at this time. That is why everything is at your disposal for you to reach this goal, but if the power of your faith is not greater than the limitations of the minds, you will always be tied up to yourselves and to the things of this world, without being able to contemplate the Truth, and to be Truth itself.

Believe that it is needed that you be very strong for this, however you use more strength to resist love than to surrender to it and to live it; you use more strength to keep your own will than to surrender to the Will of God; you use more strength to keep yourselves in the illusion than to discover the Truth, because the Truth no longer hides from anyone, only the one who clenches their eyes in order not to find it does not see it. You are taking more strength, children, to press in the hands the reins of your own life, believing your are controllers of yourselves and of the whole existence.

Open your hands and allow yourselves to be guided. Open your hearts and lose the fear to love. Recognize that you are ignorant and let yourselves be permeated by Truth. Recognize yourselves as imperfect and do not judge the imperfections of your fellow being.

But also recognize yourselves as children of God – creatures with a unique possibility to unite to the Father – and search for Him, find Him and live in Him. Search in Him for the answers, for the way of being, thinking, feeling. In humility say, “Father, I am here.” And wait to hear His Answer, saying “Child, come to Me!”.

Go to His Arms and, from there onward, start living and discover what Life truly is.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, June 12 of 2016

Daily Messages

May the heart of each server of this Work of love unite and merge, forming thus only one heart. May the unity among praying beings build the unity among nations and prepare them for a new time, an Earth without frontiers, without divisions.

Children, the unity that comes from God ardently aspires to live in each human heart, it is enough that you open the doors to them and that, with your actions and intentions, show the Creator that you aspire to live His Principles.

While the storms have not yet reached all fields, sow, among the herbs that have already been born in this world, the principles of a new life. Unite yourselves without distinctions, pray and cry out for the nations of the world.

Time has come for the Americas to be the cradle of a new life, but other nations will depend on the union of your hearts to be able to have an opportunity to remain on Earth and to evolve under divine Laws.

This is the moment for you to heal your wounds, to forgive and to be merciful so that you can be reborn as a humanity without so many burdens of the past.

After teaching you the path for transformation, I see now, children, that many do not take the steps to which they so much aspire because their souls are prisoners of pains and wounds that, so often, consciously, they do not know. Therefore I asked you for the campaign Sowing Love in Humanity. As long as there is rancor in the human heart, this campaign must continue.

The Divine Messengers are working in many nations at the same time and we call you to follow Us consciously so that in the name of the whole of humanity you may live a renovation not only as individuals, but as a race.

The moment has come to live a more profound healing that transcends one’s own heart and that goes within the consciousnesses of the nations. Because so it is that one’s own transformation and learning of love will have repercussions in the evolution of the planet and will give you new opportunities to fulfill the Will of God and to follow His Laws.

Children, I ask you that if you want to grow as spirits and as servers of the Plan, you do not only listen to Our Words, but that you act and live them. Truly pray for the nations, ignite your hearts and sow the principles of a new life.

I will be beside each one of you in this sowing, and soon we will collect the fruits of a new humanity.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, June 11 of 2016

Daily Messages

May the path of those who peregrinate in search of the Kingdom of God be always blessed and illuminated by the Presence of the Creator.

Children, today I come to leave My guidance over all the groups that leave for the manifestation of the Divine Plan. May the different missions that you carry out in these days rebuild the spirit of unity among nations.

You must unite spiritually the peoples of Paraguay1 and Argentina, that one day, through the consciousness of the Guaranis, were only one, without distinctions. May through the mission in Europe you heal the wounds of separateness, wounds that have grown and that until nowadays make many hearts suffer, mainly among the original peoples.

May among these three groups of work there be unity, a unity that transcends the apparent difference between the goals that each group has to work for. A request from God is always full of many mysteries, and the human consciousness can only encompass a part of what it represents.

Beloved children, may in your inner worlds be the firm determination of healing the past. May the prayer groups of Europe place Paraguay and Argentina in their prayers in the following days, and may these two nations unite in the essence of forgiveness, so that – through service and prayer – the evil that ties the souls to states of misery and spiritual suffering can be liberated.

When praying and crying out for peace in Argentina, remember the unity among nations, remember especially the original peoples and of awakening forgiveness in the hearts of everyone.

When serving in Paraguay, do it without a social identity, without a nationality, without a culture. Do it as consciousnesses sent by Him who is One and who bears within everything. He in whom all paths start and end.

Serve, children, recognizing human misery, but not fixating your hearts in it. Fixate yourselves in the essence of each being. Concentrate yourselves in living unity. Remember your brothers and sisters in Argentina and in Europe and, with a simple intention, let the Creator heal the past and prepare for the future His Unity within the consciousnesses. Dispose yourselves, each day, to be instruments of God and let yourselves be guided. The material need will be great, but the true mission is on the levels of the spirit.

I bless you and unite you in the Heart of God, for you to recognize theses missions as one only mission, in the name of the establishment of peace and redemption on this planet.

I leave you My Blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

1 Saint Joseph is referring to a mission that the Missionaries of Mary
         will do in Paraguay at the end of the of June of 2016


Friday, June 10 of 2016

Daily Messages

The essence of humility is searched and loved by very few.

Many are those who say they want to be humble, but how they fear, child, this sacred humility. They do not recognize the greatness which there is in being nothing and the smallness and the poverty that hide in wanting everything, in possessing everything and in believing to be everything.

Ignorance blinds the eyes of those who believe themselves to be cognizant of everything. Vanity hides itself in those who search humility by competition, by pride, by wanting to be holier and wiser than these or those. And therefore they want to be humble.

Child, often the vanities also hide themselves in those who think they are simple and who take pride in being the last ones, for not being recognized and for not having great responsibilities, because they believe they are humbler than the others.

Any thought about yourself, child, is great vanity.

As a human being does not know themselves, their origin and the reason for which they have come on Earth, they will always be distant from the truth and, therefore, any speculation about themselves will be full of ignorance and, consequently, full of vanity.

To recognize that you do not know anything is always the best medicine. To resort to God, who is the only one who knows all things, is the best refuge. And to live to fulfill His Plan, resigning your own will to His, without thinking anything about yourself, is the best path not to lose yourself.

Child, to be humble is, at the same time, simple and very difficult and, sometimes, unattainable.

It is simple because there are no mysteries: live for the plan of God and forget about yourself and soon you will be inundated by the truth of being nothing. There is humility.

It is difficult and unattainable because the human being never searched for the path of humility, never searched for the path of nothing. Always searched for the path of everything: to be everything, to possess everything, to reach everything, to know everything. The path of everything for yourself is full of ignorance. There is nobody more ignorant than the one who believes to know everything. There is nobody more distant from the truth than the one who believes to be truth itself.

If you really aspire to fulfill the Plans of the Father for you, child, serve God in all things and abandon yourself. Do not think about yourself for anything and in everything obey and resign your own consciousness.

To be nothing, you must not search for anything, not even for emptiness. Put your consciousness in God and in His Plan and only that. Live to manifest it. Among the greatest mysteries there is the mystery of being nothing. In the nothingness, you will find everything.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, June 9 of 2016

Daily Messages

We were at the Marian Center of Aurora and it was the day of the “Reparative Group Effort”, a biweekly meeting of group activities in the Community of Fraternity, instituted by Saint Joseph. We worked throughout the whole morning and at noon we gathered outdoors to pray and receive His daily message.

During the prayer of the devotional, I started seeing that some doors opened on the ground through which I saw dark places that seemed like real hells. I saw many angels approaching these openings on the ground and they created, around them, channels of light directed towards Heaven. From these hells, bodies of animals of all sizes started appearing, in different situations of suffering. The angels asked us to continue singing and asked for mercy for these Kingdoms, while they performed this liberation.

After some time, the portals of the Celestial Kingdom started opening and Saint Joseph approached to deliver His message. He asked that while He transmitted His words, the group that was present would pray the Rosary for the Kingdoms of Nature. And the whole time in which Saint Joseph was with us, the angels helped the consciousness of the Kingdoms.

Saint Joseph showed me several images of slaughterhouses and how the souls of the animals remained tied to situations of suffering. He showed me images of laboratories where animals were manipulated genetically and animals without fur, without feathers, deformed, only for consumption were created. He explained that these animals do not bring within themselves the divine essence because they were not created by God, but by human beings, and that the fact that the human beings manipulated life in such a way is causing the spiritual life of the planet to die, little by little.

Saint Joseph explained that the fact that human beings kill and eat animals is taking away their capacity to love and we begin confusing love with the feeling of possession, that is, we believe that we love, but, deep inside, we only want to possess, for example, our families. He said that little by little love begins to be erased from the essences without us perceiving it.

He showed all these things while transmitting His message:


The support of the planetary life comes not only from human evolution but also from the evolution of all the Kingdoms of Nature. For there to be life, there must be a balance among all the manifestations of God within each one of His creatures.

Children, today and always, I will ask you to cry out for the Kingdoms of Nature and that, within your lives, you build unity with the Kingdoms that humanity as a whole was not able to experience. The degeneration of the human consciousness happens in part by the incapacity of many to learn with the love and the self-giving of the Kingdoms.

The lack of love and compassion in the human heart, that causes you to kill and eat animals, is making the possibility to love dissappear in many hearts. The human consciousness is exchanging the meaning of love for the meaning of possession and does not perceive that, deep in its essence, the flame of true love is increasingly hiding itself.

If you are not able to love the Kingdoms of Nature, and if you kill and eat animals, how will you be able to cry out for peace among human beings?

How will the human heart be able to stop killing each other while every day the desire to kill animals increases?

Children, the time has come for humanity to deepen its spiritual path because some moments of prayer will no longer be sufficient if in your lives you are not consistent with what you ask for.

How can you be instruments of God, for the descent of His Peace, if you are not peaceful with the Kingdoms, if you are not loving and caring with the life that is around you?

How will you want to establish the inner and mental balance of the beings if each day you create an imbalance in the inner worlds of the animals that are born already feeling the anguish of suffering?

Today I want to reveal that the growing mental and emotional unbalance in which the human beings live, and the growing diseases without cure that many are suffering, are caused by the imbalance of the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature.

The fact that life is manipulated in laboratories to create animals and vegetables only for material consumption is generating in the planetary consciousness, as a whole, the imbalance that destabilizes the souls. These animals and vegetables created in laboratories do not hold within them the essence that comes from the Creator and they are matter that does not hold spiritual life. This means that the spiritual life as a whole starts to die in the consciousness of the planet. With this, human beings lose the possibility to love and to unite themselves with God, just as it happens with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Children, there are many realities that you ignore and, therefore, you do not understand the importance that, more than praying for the Kingdoms, you must be examples of the care and the love for these creatures of God. Do not let them lose the possibility to evolve because there may come a moment in which the Creator will have to take away the essence of the Kingdoms of Nature from the planet, for it not to be lost by the manipulation of human beings.

Do you understand now the urgency of times?

Just as these events, many others are being avoided by your prayers; however, something else is necessary. It is necessary that an example be radiated to the world and show that love still lives within beings and that it is still possible to live in communion with the different forms of life of this world and of all others.

Today, I thank all those who consciously work to help the Kingdoms of Nature because many times, unknowingly, these are the guardians of Lives, they are the ones who support the spiritual existence of the Kingdoms on the planet.

It is for the awakening of humanity as a whole that I tell you these things.

I bless you and thank you again for listening to Me and for living what I tell you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, June 8 of 2016

Daily Messages

The great secret of the peacemaking of the heart is in watching oneself all the time and to choose to live in the Heart of God, independently of the inner and outer influences of this world.

To cry out for peace is the beginning of the path, is to get into this spirit that will take you to an infinite path of transformation, because – even though peace is everything that humanity and the planet need most of all – the search for peace is not among the priorities of the human heart.

Peace is a state of union with God, a state in which, for an instant, the consciousness dissolves itself in the Divine Consciousness of the Creator Father, and there are no longer individuals there, but rather full unity.

Peace is a state of spiritual fullness. Peace is when the consciousnesses experience what they really are: particles of the divine life.

Many confuse peace with the fact of being able to act freely upon their own will, the fact of being able to affirm themselves, their personalities. Many believe they search for peace, but they search to establish their own convenience and opinion.

True peace is not separated from spiritual life, it is not something material. True peace reflects the common joy among hearts. In true peace, the spirits fulfill themselves together because there are no differences, there is only unity and communion with the Creator.

Search for the true peace, the one that comes from the union with God.

Proclaim peace, watch in yourselves those aspects of the consciousness that separate you from God and from your neighbor and that do not allow you to grow in spirit.

Cry out for peace, always knowing that to cry out is only the first step.

Be peacemakers, in the certainty that the spirit of peace descends upon the world when beings decide to live it.

To live peace is what will transform the planetary consciousness.

Peace is unity; unity with God, with the Kingdoms of Nature, with the fellow being; unity with the Plan and absolute willingness to live it in harmony.

Peace is the expression of Truth in the beings. To be what one is, is to be in peace. To create the conditions for the fellow being to be able to find themselves is to sow peace. Where there is Truth there are no conflicts.

At the end of this path, you will discover that the Creator, who is One, contains all things in Himself. And all the attributes for which you cry out and the ones you search so much for, you will find them altogether within your own essence. Unity will be the result of the concretization of the Plans of God. Unity is the unveiling of all mysteries. You will discover in your own essence the meaning of unity. You will discover that, in the diversity of Creation, within each creature, there is something unique, unchangeable and incorruptible: God.

Today, children, I only call you to want to discover a little of God that lives within you and it is in Him that you will learn to live peace as a principle of unity and unity as an establishment of peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, June 7 of 2016

Daily Messages

May peace be a living reality in the hearts of those who seek it.

May the union with God, children, transcend the outer reality of your lives, and may you be able to maintain your inner fortress even in times of chaos.

May prayer be the sustenance of souls and that which reminds you again and again of the true purpose of your lives, so that you do not confuse spiritual life with the trials of matter.

Know that the Truth is found on the levels of the soul and above. Everything that you live on the lower planes of consciousness are experiences that allow you to grow, and give you opportunities to mature the spirit and develop love.

May the chaos of the world lead you to seek God, and not confuse your paths.

May the growth of illusion in the planetary consciousness demonstrate to the awakened hearts that, more each day, they must hold on to the truth, which is found in the divine Purpose, in higher life.

May the numbness of souls have you understand that a higher life exists.

From the chaos that permeates the world, may your hearts be led to discover universal life, cosmic reality, since such an immense and great God could not limit His Creation only to life on Earth.

Children, allow your hearts to find their fortress in higher life and find meaning to material life by removing from your eyes the blindfolds that have, so far, prevented you from knowing the truth.

Dive into infinity and allow yourselves to be permeated by the mysteries of Creation. Faced with such a big illusion in the world, only the knowledge of higher life will make you persevere. This is why we have come to the world to reveal these things to you.

In this time, nothing will be hidden; the darkness and the chaos will not be hidden, but the light and the truth will also be visible for those who have faith and for the unbelievers, for those who have always waited for this moment, and for those who never wanted to believe it would come. The opportunity to awaken will be the same for everyone. The path you will choose to follow will depend on each one, and this choice will define the evolution of your beings.

Hold on to the light, the good, and the truth. Open your eyes right now to that which we are placing before your consciousnesses and embrace the awakening with gratitude.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, June 6 of 2016

Daily Messages

Convert your being into an instrument of God for the establishment of His Plan and the triumph of His Heart on the planet.


May the power of your faith, united to the Will of the Father, make you persevere as a server of the Divine Work, which has repercussions not only in this world, but in the whole universe.

With all the influence of chaos and evil upon the consciousnesses, and with the intense processes of purification within each being, the servers of the Plan must strive every day to remember that they are in this world for a Greater Purpose.

It is the love for this Purpose, child, that draws consciousnesses out of the nets of the illusion of chaos. It is the love for this Purpose that makes hearts overcome obstacles and stand firm on the path of union with God.

Each time your vision is blurred, remember the Sun of Truth that dispels this illusion. Remember the Purpose, remember the Plan, and realize even how small your own life is before it.

What gives meaning to the existence of creatures is their evolving and uniting more and more each day to the Creator; their multiplying His Love and filling with truth and light the life that is manifested in the different dimensions.

Life on Earth has true meaning only when beings are willing to persevere in the Light, to live transformation and redemption; when they are willing to consciously convert each particle of their consciousness that knows neither union with God nor His Love.

Life on Earth gains meaning only when the soul awakens and guides the dense bodies of the being, when the will to live love overcomes the forces of matter, and beings stop thinking of themselves to become pure love and divine truth.

Life on earth only gains meaning when the veils that cover the essences of beings fall, and they discover what they truly are and acknowledge their likeness with God.

Child, give meaning to your existence, give meaning to your experience on Earth; give the Father a reason for Him to continue multiplying the essences and souls in the eternal hope of renewing His Creation, and for some of these essences to discover the perfection that dwells within their beings.

Always remember the Plan of God; love the Purpose and the Will of the Father. Seek the Truth in all things; seek the essence of all beings.

Cut the nets of illusion with your heart and be free! Be free from yourself.

He who leads you to freedom,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Sunday, June 5 of 2016

Daily Messages

Mercy is the result of the Divine Piety.

Mercy is the fruit of the Love of God for His creatures and of the certainty of the Creator about the triumph of His redeeming Project.

Mercy is the fount of the Faith of the Creator that pours over the souls to announce that God has never given up the human potential.

Mercy is the vehicle of sacrifice, it is the ground that supports the feet of those who walk in the quest for a higher love, which unites the universes and the dimensions.

Mercy is the Womb of Creation, it is what permits the Creator to keep generating new essences, even with the apparent result of His creatures – especially those who live in the human project.

Mercy is the door that opened for the Son of God to become flesh amidst humankind and it is the door that will open for This same Son, in perfect union with the Father, to return to the world.

Mercy is the healing balm that will restore vision to the eyes that were blind, so that they may contemplate the Redeemer.

Mercy is the restoring power that will give back, to those who were lost and without strength, the possibility of serving God.

Mercy is the door that will open by means of forgiveness, which will wash and heal the souls from all the past – lived in this world and in all the others.

Mercy is what you are called to live, to then give.

Mercy is what you are called to give, to then be.

Mercy is what you are called to be, in order to live in yourselves the Christification, the perfect union with the Son of God and, through Him, with God Himself.

Mercy is the Water that quenches the thirst of those who walk in the desert.

Mercy is the Blood that is poured out to redeem and rescue the souls.

Mercy, children, is that which this world needs the most in this time. For this reason, seek, clamor, find, receive, give and be Mercy.

Your Father and Companion, This one who teaches you to be merciful like the Son of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, June 4 of 2016

Daily Messages

For a nation to be consecrated to the Plan of God and for the seeds of a new life to germinate in the soil of the Earth, it is not necessary that all members of such nation be aware of that consecration or that they adhere to that Plan.


If only a few, but truthful of heart, surrender their lives to the concretization of the Project of God for humanity and if through their own examples, they leave within others that seed of the new time, many of those who are on the Earth will receive an opportunity, and nations as consciousnesses will be able to take a step towards evolution and towards the fulfillment of the divine archetype for them.

Therefore, We tell you time and again that it is not much what We ask from you. What happens is that the most difficult thing for the human heart is to be integrated into its offering and in total adherence to fulfilling one only Plan, the Plan of God, and not their own.

For the Creator to manifest His Will, it must be the only thing to reign in the human heart. As long as creatures are susceptible to their own will and to the influences caused to them by the will of others, the Will that is perfect and divine will not descend to the world.

In these times, it is necessary that the offering of your lives may be absolute, that you place your souls and spirits on the celestial altar as offerings to the Creator so that He makes you His instruments of conversion of the current planetary situation.

In order to convert the absolute perdition of some spirits and the total rendition of many to the forces of chaos, children, it is necessary that you be creatures completely available to become instruments of the Celestial Father, and thus the power of Light itself transform the human condition through the door of your hearts.

Children, today I encourage you to consecrate your lives to a higher purpose. I invite you to balance the darkness of the world with the light of your hearts.

May each moment of prayer deepen that surrender within your beings, and may you enter, more each day, into the understanding that you are in this world for a universal purpose and not only for personal evolution.

May the awareness of the true mission of humanity in this world make you grow and take steps in your own surrender and transformation, as an impulse for the surrender and transformation of others and, as a result, of the whole planet.

I love you and bless you so that you take true steps in your mission which, in truth, is the mission of all, it is the mission of God.

Your father and companion in the consecration of life,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, June 3 of 2016

Daily Messages

Experience in yourself the essence of forgiveness and begin by forgiving yourself: your past, your mistakes, your deviations, your ignorance. Forgive the present and leave to the future the learning of an even greater possibility of forgiving.

Then, forgive your neighbor, remembering your errors and your imperfections. Forgive based on the understanding of the origin of humanity and of the depth of the roots that lead it to make mistakes. Forgive, uniting the capacity to support your heart with the knowledge of your consciousness and make use of each aspect of your being in order to learn how to love and to forgive.

Child, forgive then the consciousness of nations and all that, as nations, they cause to the planet. Forgive humanity as a single consciousness and open a door for the source of the Forgiveness of God to descend upon souls.

Argentina – where the Divine Messengers are heading at this moment – needs to receive from the Creator the source of His Forgiveness, not only to be forgiven itself, but so that each one of its members, those who today form this nation and those who are no longer part of it, but that are tied to it by bonds from the past, may learn to forgive and, through forgiveness, may liberate their bonds with evil, with darkness.

That is why I will ask you, child, that in the depth of your heart you work on forgiveness and, especially during this month, that you keep this Attribute of God as a priority to be attracted and manifested.

It is the willingness of each creature to experience a certain divine attribute that makes it descend to the world. Therefore, you shall start by forgiving and attracting forgiveness, so that the liberation of souls may happen in a harmonious way and those that are trapped in the pains of the past may find a way out towards light.

May forgiveness be the first step for the path of redemption. May the search for forgiveness be the key for Mercy being poured out upon souls.

Even if you have no apparent bond with the history of certain nations, remember that the errors committed today have very deep roots that do not come from this world. Therefore, all humanity must collaborate in the redemption of the planetary life as a whole and, above all, those that are more conscious must generate merits for the awakening and salvation of those who are asleep.

Thus, search for the essence of forgiveness, and cry out to the Father for His creatures to recover the capacity of forgiving.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, June 2 of 2016

Daily Messages

Unlink from the material life your aspirations and goals. Every trial that you live in the matter comes to place your consciousness in the higher life, in the life of the spirit.

Child, many search for the concretization of a mission that starts and ends in the personal realizations of the world, but they ignore or forget that the real mission of a spirit does not begin nor end on Earth.

The experience of the material life is a mean to live a learning, but the reason for having to live it and its result are not in this life.

Child, look at all things in this world as a vehicle of a greater experience. Live each day as a mean to reach higher understandings. That each personal, familiar link, your professional experiences, your experiences of studies, of group life, of consecration, all of these be a vehicle of a greater learning, be a vehicle of ascension of the spirit to a higher goal. And do not confuse the spiritual goal with the experiences of the Earth because if you do so you will get stuck in the matter, and neither you will live a true learning nor you will reach the goal. The experience on Earth will not be valid to you and you will lose a unique opportunity in the whole Universe.

May each instance of your life, child, lead you to search for God; may each learning conduct you to Him.

May your task, your day by day, your relations with other human beings, be an instrument to lead these souls to something higher. May your awakening be an example for many. May your effort be an impulse for those who got stuck in their evolution.

Do not stop your steps, child. Do not make your soul a prisoner of the worldly illusion, when the doors to freedom and to the Infinite open themselves in front of you every day. Cross with your heart this portal and always remember that you are here as a mean to live a greater learning.

Your Father and Companion, the One who teaches you to understand life in this world.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, June 1 of 2016

Daily Messages

Rediscover every day the love of the Plan of God. Feel in your heart how this Plan is alive and does not shape itself to the structures of the human mind. Observe how the Will of the Creator moves – by means of requests and words of His Messengers – and so learn to think and to feel as He does.

Child, you must dispose your inner world to the transformation every day, for you to follow the permanent movement of the universe and for you to learn, in this way, to flow in the divine Laws.

Before wanting to limit the words of the Messengers of God to the small comprehension of your mind, let it be transcended by the potency of the heart and allow your consciousness to live an expansion that takes you to the universal Thought.

In order to be an operating part the divine Plan and for the Creator to make of you His instrument, you must open yourself to feel and to think as He does: without limits, without rules, without logic.

Your heart already knows the higher reality, but it needs to remember; therefore, let it deepen internally in the contact with the Father, and that vigilant and attentive to the divine Thought it may reencounter the higher Laws, from which it once emerged.

There will come a time in which the human beings themselves will have to lead this planet under the Will of the Creator, but until this moment comes, you must rebuild the capacity of union with God every day; you must relearn to enter into the divine Thought; you must love His Will and reencounter, in your consciousnesses, the capacity to unconditionally obey the Plan of God, that is unique and perfect for each creature.

Observe yourself, child, and watch yourself every day for you to leave each time more aside the old being and their linear thought, for you to discover the gift of thinking and feeling with the heart, when it is within the Heart of God.

He who blesses you and leads you to the new humanity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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