Friday, June 24 of 2016

Daily Messages

While you clamor for peace, children, clamor for the consciousnesses of the original peoples. Most of all in the region where nowadays you work – through the humanitarian mission that you are carrying out -, you will feel the suffering of the submission that these peoples have endured for many years, however that continues permeating the ethers of Paraguay, of the south of Brazil and of the northeast of Argentina.

Children, the missions with the indigenous consciousness are of the utmost importance in these times, because the debt of humanity with these peoples is unpayable, just as it is with the consciousness of Africa.

Today I will ask you to pray in a special way for your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness, mainly for those who are no more in this world, but who are tied up to the sorrows of a past that they have not been able to surpass.

The sorrows of the past still weigh in the hearts of your indigenous brothers and sisters and, often, are multiplied by poverty, by prejudice and by constant fight they live in to maintain their own cultures.

Children, many feel that to maintain the indigenous culture on the planet is to try to preserve something outdated that makes no more sense in this time. This thought, extremely ignorant, is fruit of a consciousness that is little spiritual, and materialistic, that caused the human beings not to know how to respect each other and, in past times, wanted to impose their own cultures, instead of learning with the sacred and with the pure that existed in the culture of the original peoples.

While you do not learn to respect the different cultures and do not open yourselves to see what is best in your fellow being, there will always be war and there will always be chaos. The cycle of incarnations will never end if you do not learn to share and to respect the differences.

Children, it is time to sow goodness and love and to extirpate from the human consciousness what is called vengeance and that is hidden behind the justice of Earth.

The lack of equality among human beings and the impossibility of a worthy life does not allow that your brothers and sisters remaining from the original peoples of the Americas to be able to live peace in their hearts.

Clamor for this peace and for mercy, and be with open hearts while serving, taking care not to feel better than them, but rather recognize that a lot of what they have to teach is ignored by you and, if the service is not mutual, there will be no Divine Presence.

Pray, children, pray for the original peoples of yesterday, of today and of always. May their purity and simplicity not get lost. May their contribution to the spirit of unity for the human consciousness be true.

Your Father and Server of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph