Friday, March 30 of 2018

Weekly Messages


To take part in the mysteries of Christ, you will also have to discover the mysteries of His Cross.

The Lord seals the commitment with His companions by offering them to drink from the same Cup of His shed Blood: Chalice of Heavenly Will that transcends the flesh, the condition and all the human life.

To take part in the Glory of Christ, you will have to take part in His Cross, accepting from God the renunciations and sacrifices that He invites you to live in this time, not to make you suffer, but to make you discover the Grace that is hidden in the renunciation made with love and in the sacrifice lived with peace and in reparation of the sins of the world.

Christ came to this world as a living part of the divine Consciousness and, being God Himself, He experienced and lived human condition in a profound way. He was tempted by all evil that surrounded the Earth; He was proved in the fear that dwelt in His human bones, in His intimate human frailty. He endured what human beings fears the most - suffering - and converted the greatest sorrow of His creatures into an act of Love that transformed the history of this universe, as well as of all its creation.

After having lived all this, he left open to the world the path of spiritual calvary, of absolute surrender, of Superior Love. And having lived everything that no creature could bear, now He only calls you to do your part.

Your cross is not as heavy as the Cross of God; your calvary is not as long as the one the Feet of the Lord have passed through; you have no crown of thorns nailed upon your face; you are not insulted and humiliated by humanity, your brothers and sisters; you have the Father who stretches out His hands to you; you have the Son who comes to encounter you and you have the Holy Spirit of God waiting at the door of your inner house to make you reborn as consciousness, as a heart.

He wants to give you a new heart, worthy of being inhabited by Him who created you and all you have to do is follow the first Law, a commandment on top of the commandments, in which all the designs of the Father meet: to love your neighbor as you do to yourself and to love God above all things.

On the way to Love lays your calvary. You have no more obstacles than those you yourself put in your way.

Decide to give more to God, because He, having all things, left everything to you.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, March 23 of 2018

Weekly Messages

May the agony of the world find the Peace of God's Heart.

In fidelity to His Path and to His Will is found the strength to overcome the harassment in the Gethsemane. And beasts and thunder may roar, the floor may tremble under the feet of the chosen, but they will not falter. Their strength lies in the memory of the overcoming lived by God Himself, through His Son.

The time for confirmation has arrived, just as it arrived for Christ in Gethsemane and for all those who have committed themselves to Him throughout the history of humanity.

God offers you to drink from the Chalice of sacrifice and surrender, of effort and overcoming, of understanding, of unlimited forgiveness and love. But in this Chalice, children, are also found faith, fidelity and strength. There is found peace and the flame of compassion, which ignites the spirits and helps them to persevere.

The Chalice of God is not filled only with trials, but also with Gifts. His instruments have everything that they need to fulfil His Plan; It is enough that each one is willing to do their part and to discover in themselves the potential of love and surrender that is still hidden in the human condition.

This is the Gethsemane of these times, in which the souls confirm themselves, accept the Chalice that descends from the Heavens in the Hands of God and drink of His offering. Ignited by the Love that comes form the Creator Himself, they take their cross and follow Him.

Feel part of the Consciousness of God, which renews itself. Let the potential that you do not know emerge from yourselves. Let the monotony of your lives give space to a Universal Mystery and allow yourselves to be called by God as His elected, His apostles and truly His children.

May each principle lived by the only begotten Son manifest and renew itself in your lives. You have the doors open for that.

Your Father and Companion,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, March 19 of 2018


If you wish to be tested, transformed into that which God expects of you, He will test you, but He will give you everything, so that each test may have its Grace, its merits, and its reason for existing.

I was not only tested by God; from Him, I received the greatest treasure of His Creation, which was His Son and His Servant, Who taught me to be tireless, just as today I teach each one of you. She also taught Me love, just as She teaches you; She opened My heart to a truth which was unknown to Me, in spite of My knowing that God was preparing Me for something since the beginning of My life in this world.

God will test you, will purify your consciousnesses, and will cause to emerge in you that so hoped-for new human being for which you cry out every day in your prayers. I too cried out for a new human being, because I did not feel worthy of being part of this very Sacred, Divine family on this Earth.

But I learned, children, that human dignity does not come from its condition; it does not come from what humankind has built on this Earth. This is not being a human being.  

The human being is that one prophesied in the Scriptures, clay which comes from God, in deep likeness to His Heart, to His Divine Source. And this is what, little by little, I come to have you know.

Today I humbly reveal My Aspect to you, so that you may also see Me just as I want to express Myself to the world in these times. I do not come to be worshiped. This image exists so that you may unite your hearts with Mine, so that you may recognize this moment in which My imperfection was set aside to give room for the perfection of God. This image exists so that you may understand the essence of human existence and the path you must follow in these final times.

I am not the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  I am on the Way, in the Truth, in the Life. I feel Myself to be part of the Heart of My Son because His Mercy opened the doors to me so that I could enter His Heart. That same Mercy presents Itself in your lives, that same Way, that same Truth, that same Life, which transcends life in this world, is also here, available to your hearts, to your spirits, to your human condition.

This image represents the impossible, the moment in which this dried, dead, staff blossomed. Humanity is also like this, it seems dead and dried; but in truth, children, unique seeds of flowers still unknown in the Universe, are held within you so that they may blossom in a truth which should no longer be unknown to you. Let this image be the water poured out over the seeds of your hearts so that before it, the truth may blossom and each of you come to know your true being.

May this Reliquary, small and simple in light of the Greatness of Creation, be the symbol, children, of the treasure that is held inside each one of you.  

Today I bring the patterns of a new life, which in truth, is that which God thought of from the beginning. Today the Creator observes you with joy, with deep happiness, because He will be able to awaken His Gifts within those who say 'yes' to Him. His heart is offered to the world through the humble Reliquary of my Chaste Heart. This wood allowed itself to be transformed, in spite of its imperfections; it gave its life for something perfect, for a new life that will resurrect those who have died, even though they still walk on Earth, because their spirits are empty and their lives have no meaning.

From all over the world they will come to contemplate this Reliquary, because its Graces will speak through the testimony of the transformation of beings, and that which seemed impossible will manifest.

The Creator granted me the Grace of placing part of My Heart in this small Reliquary, because everything I received belongs to God, and today He wants to give it to humankind, to His children, to create a bridge to His Divine Heart.

The Creator gave me a part of the Heart of Mary, a part of the Heart of Jesus, so that I could transcend My human condition, grow in spirit, manifest His Will, multiply His Graces, and today could be here, uniting these three parts into a single Heart, which in truth is His Heart, and which today is kept as a treasure in this little Reliquary. Believe this. Believe that this Heart is a bridge to the Heart of God, and pray before it for the world, for peace, for the end of wars, for the union of religions, for understanding among cultures, for respect among beings, for love. Pray that the children of this whole planet may accomplish their mission in this time and do not lose their purity. Take from this sacred Reliquary the purity of My Heart so that it may reach those who have lost it for some reason.

Let the service multiply through sincere prayer; the Father will thank you.

I shall ask you now that, for an instant, you again sing this little song that with much joy, you prepared for Me to honor the Reliquary of My Heart. If you sing with love, you will demonstrate to the world and to God that you have understood the grandeur of the Grace that He grants you through the intercession of My Chaste Heart.

In the same way that the tests of this world will be unknown, so also shall be the Graces. In the same way you will not believe the atrocities which you will see on this Earth, the grandeur of God which is expressed among humankind will also be unlimited. For this reason, do not think it is too much if the Father wishes to place His Heart in a little Reliquary on this Earth, through the intercession of My Chaste Heart. Let God express His Greatness, for He can do all things, just as He could give His Son on a Cross in the Calvary of this world. 

Sing and let the portals open to the Heart of God, of Mary and of Christ, because I am a small part of each of Them, and it is with these rays coming from the Sacred Hearts that I complete this Grace given today to the world.

I hear many minds sometimes thinking: “How is it possible that the greatness of God is placed in material things, such as images, such as this Reliquary?” Do you perhaps doubt that God is in all things?

Sometimes I help you with such simple, everyday things, not because of these things in and of themselves, but because I learned with the Child Jesus to transform this material life and awaken faith with small services, with the little things. He opened My Heart when He helped me in the carpentry work. He, Who was a child, taught Me to be a carpenter while it seemed as if it was I who was teaching Him.

In this same way, I come to the world to bring you these Graces, and teaching you material things, being in your daily life, I gradually transform your lives, like Christ and the Most Holy Mary transformed Mine. Who knows, one day, children, in the new humanity, you may be helping others, you will be learning about life, about the renewal of Divine Consciousness, and you will remember this moment when you were little children in the human evolution and I had to come to the world to teach you these things.

In the simplicity of My Heart, a greatness is held, which is the same greatness hidden inside of you. Let yourselves be guided by My simple words. Let yourselves be guided by My silence, just I did with the Most Holy Mary.

Today I bring you the memory of My life as the Most Chaste Saint Joseph to place it in this Reliquary, as in this image, and in its multiplication in all the homes of this world. The same Grace which I grant you, I will multiply each time you multiply this image. Believe in this.

Today I had you understand, with the sun and the rain, that I need you to expand My house. I hope you have understood My message. I want many more than those who are in it today, because they will arrive here as pilgrims and will need to be welcomed. They will transform your lives as much as I have transformed them. Someday, among them, I too will arrive.  I hope you will welcome Me as I today have welcomed you.

Give thanks to God for sending His Messengers to the world.  Do not be like the humanity of My time, the majority of which did not understand the Grace they were receiving. The human indifference was so great, that today the world is how it is, asleep.

Let yourselves become new apostles, renewed in your faith, in a faith that is built in silence, in the invisible, a profoundly spiritual faith, whose only miracle is the transformation of the consciousness.

I thank you for expressing devotion to My Heart. May this devotion transform into a source of redemption and salvation for the souls that today are being withdrawn from the abysses of this world, even though no one sees it. 

Keep in your hearts a little Reliquary of My Chaste Heart, a Grace that is born of the gratitude I feel for your being here and for listening to Me in the four corners of this world. Receive this Grace with faith, for the gratitude of My Spirit unites Me with God, and this Grace that I give you, I received from His Heart.

Hold My Words within yourselves, as well as all the impulses that I brought you today.  And as if this were not enough, I grant you something greater: Communion and union with Christ through the priestly intercession of My spirit.

Together let us pray the Our Father in Aramaic, offering the Father not only these elements but each of the Graces that He has given you today; through the priestly intercession of My Chaste Heart, may the angels of the Presence come here to change these elements, fruits of the soil and the work of humankind, to the true perfection of the human heart in the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Abvún debachmaia
Netcádech chmor
Teitê malcutar
Nerruei tseviánar aicána
Debachmaia af ba-ár há
Ravlán larma dessuncanan iarmana
Uachpoclan raubéin uartarréin
Aicána daf renan chuórren Olrraiaben
Uela tarlan letnessiuna
Ela patsan min bichá
Metul delarre malcutá
Uarraila uatechpurta
Lar-lam almin,


Through your spirits, may peace come to this world. With this, I thank you for being here, for listening to My voice, for making My Presence alive.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Multiply these Graces into the world and sing so that I may rise up to the Heavens. May the Reliquary of My Heart expand so much that it will not fit on the Earth and reach the four corners of this universe.

I thank you.

Friday, March 16 of 2018

Weekly Messages

The Image of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

The Image of My Chaste Heart must be contemplated by those who seek humility, simplicity, the maturity of spirit and the awakening of the spirit of service and charity.

This Image represents the moment in which My Chaste Heart pronounced Its “yes” to God and accepted, despite Its imperfections, to fulfill the Mission that God had entrusted to it.

This Image is the symbol that in order to serve God it is not necessary to be perfect, children, because Perfection, which comes from the Father, manifests in the soul and in the heart, as the being decides to walk.

Before this Image, you must ask the Father for the Grace of knowing to say “yes”, despite the apparent audacity of His Plans. Because today I tell you: it is not God Who asks you great things, but it is you who do not know your own potential, do not know yourselves and think you cannot give what God asks you.

Before this Image, pray the “Novena to begin the New Spiritual Cycles” and let My Heart inspire you so that you can say “yes” and know what is hidden until today and is unknown to you about yourselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the Plan of God consummated in human imperfection. I will place in it all the Graces that the Father granted Me to fulfill His Will and before it, children, you will pray not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, so that these Gifts of Surrender and Rendition, which made this Heart become a Divine Triumph, can reach each one of your brothers and sisters, in the four corners of the world.

Through the Image of My Chaste Heart and the Reliquary of My Heart, the Creator grants you two new and unique Graces so that you may know that all you need in order to become a celestial victory is within your reach.

Today I ask you for a small replica of the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart to pilgrimage around the world and to be at all altars of My Apparitions. Because in this Reliquary I will place the Gifts that humanity needs to renew itself, the standards of conduct for a new life, which will be irradiated in the nations and on the continents, as a teraphim of the New Humanity, so that those who contemplate it and pray before it may achieve the Grace of knowing and living who they really are.

I love you, I bless you and I thank you for manifesting this Work of Miracles and of Graces in this world.

Your Father and Companion,


The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, March 9 of 2018

Weekly Messages

My child, find in your heart the essence of these times and your strength.

Understand the tests of the planet not with sorrow, but with Peace. Finally, it is being fulfilled on Earth as was prophesied from the beginning.

May your faith be on the Plans of God and on nothing else. Let His Victory be a deep certainty in your heart, in spite of the apparent defeats that are to come.

Divine Victory does not manifest itself like human victory, and in order to know how to understand the Plans of God and allow yourself to be guided by Him, it is necessary to love Him above all things.

Remember what I tell you today so that you do not regret before the cross. Just as the Son of Man knew everything He would suffer before those events were manifested in His Life, God makes you aware of the tests of this planet through the words of His Divine Messengers.

Place these words in your heart and let them forge that strength in you that you will need not only to endure the times that will come but so that you can make of each test the reason to multiply the Love within your heart.

It is of no use merely to bear the cross, for many were those who died on the cross throughout human evolution. The sense of your surrender must always be Love. There too lies the reason for your existence and the mystery of human Creation.

Love, in spite of all things, and see, in everything, the opportunity to serve and of surrendering for Love of God. Do not lose a single second of the school of this world. May everything be to make worthwhile the Grace that the Creator has given you, of being upon the Earth.

Even though life may be to you a mystery still to be revealed, embrace the circumstances of your life with gratitude and everything will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, March 2 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Child, let the Heart of God show itself in your heart, so that you may know that you are not just this human smallness in which you entangle yourself every day without knowing how to get out.

Let the Living Heart of God show itself in your heart, not only so that you may live a spiritual experience but rather for an emerging need that you need to meet in order to manage to be on Earth.

What do you fear purifying, if you have been called to this world for this? Why do you fear acknowledging the truth about yourself, if you lived all your evolution on Earth for this moment?

You came to the world to heal your spirit, grow and be a miracle of conversion not only in the concepts of the Earth but for the whole Universe.

You already know that the Infinite waits for you. You already know that you must become something new and unknown. Why, then, do you not surrender to what God has for you?

My little child, soul in redemption, let what God has thought be fulfilled in you. And be it in humiliation or in exaltation, be it in solitude or among multitudes, embrace what He designed for your life, because everything is so that His Will may be fulfilled.

Be it among humans or alone with yourself, let the Heart of God that dwells in you emerge from your heart. Do the exercise and live the Grace of feeling the Presence of God inside of you, because it is He Who will give you the strength to be among multitudes or in the trial of Gethsemane. It is He Who will give you the humility to be acclaimed and honored and to carry the cross with the same love and the same inner emptiness.

It is God, child, in your heart, Who will live each test, as well as each triumph. It is He Who will renew Himself though your heart. But if you do not believe and do not live this, you will be alone in this world, with your human condition, without knowing where to go, even if the path reveals itself in your own inner being.

Do not want to be alone with yourself, but rather with God. Do not want to be yourself, but rather an expression of the Father.

Christ, child, achieved all that He achieved because He was One with the Father and He knew it, He lived it and He proclaimed it. He experienced being a living part of God and told you that this was the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no Way, Truth and Life outside of God.

Do not be dead, walking through this world without knowing where to go. Be born to Life; let God, who is Life itself, express Himself in you. Give to the Father the place that corresponds to Him in your heart. You just be a simple servant, His instrument in this world.

I bless you and invite you to surrender your heart to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 



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