Monday, February 29 of 2016

Daily messages

In the deepest entrails of God, where the Purity of His Divine Consciousness dwelled, laid a life principle, a living molecule of Divine Consciousness from Adonai. As the Love of God could not stay in Himself, the Creator gave life to this Most Pure Principle, thus creating a Divine and Universal Consciousness which encompasses more than a small body or a material consciousness.

Mary is the Divine Womb, She is Life, She is what gives birth to the creatures of every kingdom and what sustains them throughout their entire evolution.

Mary did not come from humankind and ascend to Heaven; Mary descended from Heaven and, through Her infinite Love, became flesh among humankind to accompany the Son of God.

Mary is not a part of humanity: it is humanity that is a part of Mary.

When the Creator thought the human project, a project that would experience in itself a powerful degree of Love, He needed a Pure Creative Source, a Consciousness that emanated the Love that the human beings needed in order to develop. And so the Angels and Archangels of the Celestial Father resorted to that Pure Principle of God – which was the energy of motherhood, purity and love itself – to create, from that perfect Source, the codes that the human beings would carry in themselves.

In Heaven as on Earth. In order to give birth to Love in the planetary consciousness, just as it had been born in the Universe, the Creator manifested His Divine Purity in mind, soul and spirit. Therefrom comes the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus.

Mary is the Grace of God, She is Goodness manifested in a sublime Consciousness.

Mary is the Maternal Gift that, even after having ascended to the Heavens, does not cease from projecting Herself among humankind; She does not cease to represent, in the Universe as on Earth, an example for the material creatures.

What you have had before you all these years is the Perfection of God manifested in the Love and in the maternal Goodness of Mary.

Dears, I tell you this so that you learn to be before a Consciousness that, despite Its Greatness and Divinity, although It does not fit inside a human form, keeps manifesting Itself among humankind, keeps expressing Its likeness to the creatures of the Earth, keeps demonstrating the path to everyone.

Her Love is unchangeable, Her Perfection is incorruptible, Her Peace is eternal, because She hopes that someday you will joyfully accept to live in Her absolute Peace again.

Allow yourselves to return to the arms of the One who created you as part of God. Allow yourselves to be guided by the One who comes from the Holy Spirit of the Creator and who manifests Her Gifts in all creatures.

While there is still time, children, surrender to the arms of your Heavenly Mother and, like the Holy Family, let yourselves be loved and led by Mary. Her Love will reveal to you many mysteries and Her Purity will open to you the Gates of Heaven.

The One who loves you and delivers you every day, in prayer, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, February 28 of 2016

Daily messages

Live in the Kingdom of Peace of God permanently and learn to be united to the Father as the only way out to the imminent tribulation of the Earth.


Wars will still continue on the planet, inside and outside beings, in nations, in cities, in the families, in the inner world of consciousnesses. These wars are fruit of the submission that the adversary causes in great part of the planetary consciousness.

The adversary believes that his reign will expand even further throughout the Earth and that he will triumph with his darkness at the end of everything, since the creatures of God are so distracted. But, in truth, I tell you that the impulses to the awakening - even though they touch only a few, when they truly permeate souls and withdraw them from the dream they are living, leading them to place themselves correctly before the Plans of God - they have a planetary spiritual repercussion that balance ancient evils.

We repeat these things so that they are well imprinted in your consciousnesses, because, in spite of the caos, the triumph of Good is a law and no matter how much hearts are apparently sinking in endless abysses, it will always be worth making efforts and sacrifices for the salvation of souls and spirits.

In these first times of the Armageddon, the planetary consciousness is being observed by God, and the merits of the Light are being placed on the scale with the actions of chaos, so that, by the result of this measure, the Creator may come to a fair decision over the destiny of each nation and over each of His creatures.

For this reason, you may feel many times that nothing happens on the level of the matter and that your efforts and prayers do not result positively in the evolution of the Earth; however, move forward without seeking any result.

Do not be tired of always surrendering yourselves a little bit more and of giving all of yourselves for those who give nothing. The actions of today will dictate the direction of tomorrow. The merits generated by the awakened beings of America may result in the salvation of the souls of the East, because God has no borders nor preferences; if humanity generates merits for salvation, He conducts His Graces to where they are most needed.

Trust in what I tell you and never cease to abandon yourselves everyday a little more, because this is the crucial moment to offer everything out of Love for the Plan of God.

When the Creator gives the ultimatum to the creatures of the Earth, there will be no longer a way to generate new merits, because the fate will be already sealed and there will be no other path than to experience the designs of Divine Justice.

All the merits generated by the awakening of  beings at the end of times, in the time of Justice, will serve only to drive the fate of souls after this world, but not to change the fate of the planet, because it will have already been sealed.

Think about what I tell you and do not be distracted, because everyday the enemy feeds the scale with the weight of chaos and the Creator expects the correct balance to be generated by human actions and transformations.

The One who always warns and blesses you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, February 27 of 2016

Daily messages


Fill your soul in the permanent and daily sacrifice. Behold the Hand of God that calls you to serve at each moment of your life. Listen to the Voice of the Creator that tells you the real necessity that you have before your eyes.

God calls many to serve from far away, and you, the Lord will call you to serve all the time. Discover God hidden in all things. Even when you are alone, He is inside your hands, calling you to work by means of prayer, to make the beads of the rosary your instrument of service, so that you may cross borders with your little heart that – united to the Heart of God – becomes infinite.

Child, realize how, despite fatigue and spiritual and physical wear and tear, your soul is filled when you live a real sacrifice.

Be willing to live not only those tests that you will inevitably have to live because destiny organized it for you; be aware of your actions and overcome yourself every day with a clear purpose.

May the missions lived by your brothers and sisters, and the impact they have in the life of the spirit, make you reflect on the spiritual impact that your surrender could have if it were permanent. You have been called by God to make your life a mission. Each creature that consciously responds to a call from God could be considered a missionary of peace.

Have you thought of how many imbalances could receive the necessary assistance if your simplest works were offered to God consciously and sincerely?

Meditate on what I tell you and do not think that it is a fantasy or an illusion, because it would not be worth the years that We have come into the world every day if we did not know the great treasure that is your surrender for this humanity and this planet that are so sick by sin and indifference.

Love what you do - when you do it for God - and let your love make your surrender grow and become unconditional. Let the love of God be greater than the love for yourself and thus live what you pray when you say to the Father that you do not chose the day or the hour to serve Him.

Never stop being cheerful with the joy of the soul because joy, when it is pure and true, makes you feel that your cross is lighter, without it being taken away. The cross will be put on you in every way because this is the law of these end times. You can either embrace it with love and make light the yoke that corresponds to you or take it with fear and make the transition of the planet eternal and sorrowful.

Contemplate the victory of God in you and your brothers and sisters, regardless of your miseries. Thank every day the opportunities God gives you to serve and to imitate His Son so that, through your imitation, one day He may inhabit in you and be one with you without you noticing.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, February 26 of 2016

Daily messages

While the hours are passing in the time of this world and the days of the Armageddon are approaching, humanity still fears sacrifice and the absolute surrender to God.

The true sacrifice and its repercussions are little understood by the human heart when it is handed over to the Celestial Altars.

Children, We call you to sacrifice and to service because most part of humanity is very far from God and His Celestial Principles. There are no longer on the planet many consciousnesses willing to abandon comfort, convenience and even the battle of the common life, the struggle for the establishment of their own purposes, of their own goals. Very few are those who put aside their own goals and their own “dreams” – which, by the name it is called, you can already understand it is part of an illusion – to, at least, try to find a divine goal for humanity and for themselves.

While the consciousness holds on to its own desires, and its aspiration remain restricted only to those things which can be adapted to its skills and abilities, it will never discover the true human potential.

The common thought of humanity is making their own skills grow, and if a person has a certain ability, they get stuck to this expression, without knowing that this is not the first time that their experience of life is based on the development of such ability. And it is in this way that, life after life, people never get out of the material development and do not come know or penetrate the Laws of spirit, the evolution of a higher being.

The Creator calls you to the unusual today, He invites you to do that which you have never thought about doing. He calls the skillful to do simple things and calls those who consider themselves simple to develop their skills, not for the skills themselves, but so that they learn to break the barriers and the limits of their own consciousnesses and to get used to live the unusual, opening themselves everyday to the new and not being afraid of fulfilling the Will of God.

The Creator calls you to overcome yourselves, to burn in the fire of His vigilance, to transcend yourselves in the love to the sublime sacrifice, the one that becomes sacred for bringing, in itself, a Higher Purpose.

The Lord leads His creatures to this experience, because He expects that does not pass one more cycle of the planet and His children be involved in the illusions of matter and in the poor human development.

The Creator calls you to overcome the limits of matter so that from this self-transcendence emerge, from the cells, the experience of the higher Laws. It is the love to sacrifice that leads you to know new laws and also the true potentialities of the human heart. But to discover and live what I tell you and make a divine gift emerge from your own cells as well as did Jesus in His Passion, it is necessary to love sacrifice and only live it.

Reflect on what I tell you and take your steps.

I bless you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, February 23 of 2016

Daily messages

When the purification is greater than the understanding and you no longer know who you are, where the characters of this world end and where the true expression of your soul begins, only unite with God in prayer. Leave for your mind the despair of not knowing who you are and put your heart in the Father, in the certainty of not being anything.

You do not know who you are and you are not certain of what you must be because the Truth escapes your comprehension. You are nothing of what you think. What you know and understand of yourself is a fruit of the education and of the experiences of this world. Your essence has been created to live something which is completely unknown to you. So distant is the planetary consciousness from the Truth that this world will start again.

As well as the planet, you also will start again: you will live your purification, and if you let yourself be transformed and molded by God in trust, overcoming the fears of losing yourself, soon you will be nothing to finally be fulfilled by the Divine Spirit, the One that should inhabit you from the beginning.

You have been called to be an expression of God in the universes and not an expression of yourself, of your skills and abilities.

That which is called a skill in life on Earth is often known as misery in the Kingdom of the Heavens and it needs the balsam and the Grace of the Divine Mercy to transform itself into a virtue, into a Divine Gift.

It is time to live that which your soul aspires, but it will not be easy or simple because it will be mostly spiritually and mentally inevitable and painful. I say that it will be painful because you will have to break the structures of beliefs about yourself, the false truths that you have created with your thoughts and the thoughts of the others about yourself.

You will break what you think you are and you will see yourself be devoid of what you know of yourself. You will not find anything but emptiness and suspension in God. But soon a breath will come, when your soul recognizes the light of the essence and, by the means of it, which was hidden behind the hard structures of what you thought you were, you will remember the Purpose that God has for you, and there will not be a greater grace or a greater gift than this one, the encounter with God in your own interior, by the means of that which makes you similar to Him, which is your purest essence.

To find purity, you must be clean, and to be clean, you will be purified.

The path is only one and the Law already conducts the human consciousness.

Those who elect to remain in their own darkness will be blinded by the light of Truth because It will shine in the radiance of Christ, inevitably.

The One who loves you and prepares you to the encounter with the Light,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, February 21 of 2016

Daily messages

For the times of transition, you must develop your intuition and wisdom, virtues that act together in consciousnesses.

Intuition and wisdom are developed from the union built first with your own soul and spirit, and then with God the Creator.

When by Law, the voice of the Hierarchy cannot be pronounced otherwise than in the inner world, you must have this connection built with higher life so as to hear and correctly understand the guidelines that will come from the Heights.

The ancient peoples, guided by the Patriarchs, fully experienced what I am telling you. The Patriarchs used their inner bond with God and, through intuition and wisdom, they listened to Him.

It is in this current time, which for many is the beginning of the building of their inner stronghold, that you must begin to be aware of this need.

We ask you for so many instances of prayer so that you may learn to remain in a prayerful state all the time and so that, in this way,  divine indications can flow in the times of greatest emergency, because in times to come, the confusion in the human consciousness will be very great, and few will be truly lucid of heart, mind and spirit. For this reason, We try to form as many soldiers as possible, capable of living peace, through the Grace of God, and of transmitting this peace to the world when most needed.

When We instruct humanity, We are not thinking about the evolution of a few so as to leave behind those who did not listen to Us and who will not take the steps in the correct direction. We are here on Earth for the most ignorant, for the most blind, for those who will deny the existence of God until the moment when they truly need Him so as not to self-destruct. We are forming in humanity those who know how to listen, so they may help others, and so that in this way, the Plan of God may be accomplished. We are building the time of spiritual rescue of this planet through the very members of humanity, who must be aware of this.

Be aware that all you receive is not for you, because the fact that you are participants in Our Presence in the world should be enough for you to be at another stage. We continue to deepen and instruct everyone in order for you to become true instruments of God, and not only praying beings.

Knowing that you do not live for yourselves, but rather for the concretization of a Higher Plan, may each one immediately begin to empty themselves and have their personal stronghold consolidated in the union with God, rather than through their own skills, because the time will come in which the mind will be deprived of intelligence for not knowing the solution to what is being experienced, and you will be guided only by intuition and wisdom, the fruit of the union with God.

The One who instructs and accompanies you always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




Friday, February 19 of 2016

Daily messages

Because of a severe storm in Aurora we were not able to go out to the monthly Apparition of Saint Joseph in the Marian Center; we gathered to receive the messages of Saint Joseph and Mary in a private manner with some brothers and sisters from the monastery.

During the prayer Saint Joseph took us to different places in the Middle East, showing us situations of a lot of suffering which He relieved because of the merits we created as we prayed.

When He appeared, together with Mary, He showed us the missionaries working in Turkey. They were in a simple activity, only talking to some people, and I saw that with these people there were many souls who were connected to their families and friends and who could not escape the war. Because of this they had been in painful situations and now they were there asking for help. Saint Joseph conducted these souls that were lost so they would go through a luminous door that was behind Him.

In this place I also saw, besides some children in the physical plane, many souls of children who had disincarnated in the desert while emigrating, because of the cold or because of the war itself. They were there looking for help; and because of the love of the missionaries, Saint Joseph was able to rescue the souls of those children. He replaced the experiences of suffering they had had for experiences of love, with the simple aid offered by the missionaries.


What seemed to be the end and the pinnacle of suffering, anguish and frustration of life, exile and war, can be transformed into the beginning of a great learning of love.

Even though we did not want humanity to go through suffering, which is a fruit of its own actions, of absence of faith and lack of seeking God, now all that is left is for us to lead what you experience so that from the sometimes atrocious experiences may emerge a learning of love and forgiveness, and the human heart may learn what it could not learn through different means and paths.

The triumph of love is always a possibility in the human heart, but we can no longer stop the Divine Justice, and its first signs are visible to everyone.

Through service, children, and through the discovery of Christic charity – a charity which brings in itself a goal of Christification, a divine principle – we are trying to redirect the souls whose destinies would be no other but perdition and absolute darkness.

The Heart of God is injured every day because of the choices of humanity, but the Creator, who is the Higher Law Himself, cannot be but Just.

In the face of what you have chosen to live as a school of redemption on Earth, we, the Divine Messengers, as well as the Saints and the Blessed Ones who work in the spiritual levels for the concretion of the Plan of God, are alert and with our eyes and hearts fixed on humanity, collecting each small merit generated in order to intercede for the ones most in need, those who would have the smallest chance for salvation.

What we ask you is that, as the active part of humanity and as the active part of the Plan of God on the surface of the Earth, you try to hold firm among many storms and inner battles; do not lower your arms, do not believe the effort you do is enough because most human beings surrender before the potency of the opposing current and prefer to be taken by them than to swim until there is no strength left.

The Law of Sacrifice must grow in the consciousness and in the hearts of those who have summoned themselves for these times. The more conscious you are of the planetary reality greater must be the degrees of love, sacrifice and surrender in everyone.

We no longer count on many soldiers and, among those who have raised their hands to be a part of this army, few are the ones who will truly overcome fear to be in the front line of this battle for the triumph of good and peace.

We say this is a battle, children, because you must permanently fight to overcome the influence of chaos inside and outside your beings; to persevere in the Law of Love, of Renunciation and of Surrender all the time; so that you are not overcome by loss of hope when you face suffering; so that you are not overcome by indignation when you face an atrocity; so that you are not overcome by resentment or fear when you face the reflection of the actions of darkness in the world.

This is a great and real battle that you must carry forward until the end of your days because not everyone will have the Grace of seeing the Sun of God shine again in the horizon, in the resplendence of His Son. Still it will be necessary that you surrender even your last drop of sweat, your last drop of blood, as Christ taught us when He was a Living Example among people.

As it reaches your consciousness, evil must be converted. An information of terror, pain or suffering which impregnates human consciousness as a whole, as it touches the individual consciousness of each self-summoned cannot grow and multiply in the same way as it does with the common denominator of humanity.

You must be active converters of the codes of evil; you must transform resentment into love, into peace, into fraternity; you must convert suffering into conscious sacrifice for the elevation and Christification of the race. This is the real school of love and redemption on Earth.

How will you learn to experience love any other way? Christic love is the one which gives its life for its friends and in the same way for the enemies: it is the love that loves everyone as it loves itself, as it loves God.

The merits of your transformation will be surrendered for the salvation and redemption of the entire universe and not only of a few. You must act out of love for the Plan of God and inside the love of the Creator you will find love for everything that has been created.

Learn, children, to resize the events and experiences you live; that an attack from darkness to destroy you and cause you damage be a cause for forgiveness, strength and unity. If you are before someone who experienced something they could not forgive because of the great terror and pain that they lived, place there an experience of love.

Pray without stopping so that the Doors to Heaven stay open and so that we can continue interceding for this world.

I thank all those who persevere with the heart. When you do not have any strength left and your limits have been surpassed you will find the Grace of being sustained by God and not by yourselves, therefore I encourage you to always move forward.

The One who loves you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Wednesday, February 17 of 2016

Daily messages

Acting with the heart


In these times, when each action is measured in the scale of the Divine Justice, it is not enough that you simply act with an action empty of spiritual meaning and of true intention of transforming.

It is not enough that you attend a liturgy if, while you are praying, when pronounce the words, they are empty of intention and the word does not create with its transforming potential.

It is not enough to obey an order, an indication, if the heart is not totally adhered to these instructions and does not understand that they are the correct guidance for your elevation.

It is not enough to read the messages we deliver to you only for knowing that it is necessary.

You must put the heart in everything.

If you will make your own consciousness available for something, do it truly and with actions filled by the love to the Plan. In these times when everything is transparent and visible, even to the eyes that were most blind it is not enough an apparent action.

The effort you make to accomplish an action will always be seen, but for this action to count on the scale of the Divine Justice, it must be truthful. For instance: the effort you make to attend a moment of prayer will be seen, but if, when you pray you do not put your hearts, this prayer will not be balancing the planetary evils and neither the evils of the praying beings themselves.

I tell you this so that you learn to do the right effort towards the right direction, and so that you no longer deceive yourselves believing your apparent actions are enough for you to comply your own part because many, by seeing the Divine Justice descend, will wonder why they are living certain things if they have always struggled to comply their own part.

It is time of acting with the heart, of being true in everything.

It is time to discover, in your own interior, the love to the Plan of God and to be able to surrender all and live any transformations in the name of this love.

All that I tell you is to perfect your paths.

Now that you are already willing to act, make it with the heart.

The One who loves you and guides you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, February 16 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

As a servant and tireless missionary of God, I come to the world to make a petition to all the spirits who aspire to awaken to service. I come to ask you for the foundation of the Planetary Mission Network. May the Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, as the heart which unites all the streams of light that expand themselves through the Earth, gather all those praying beings who also have spiritual, mental, emotional and physical availability for an active service.

In this way, in each region of the planet where there is a group of the Network-of-Light, there must also exist a group of Missionaries of Peace in training. This group can be formed by members of different praying groups in each region, and even by the souls that will awake through selfless service.

Each group of the Missionary Network must pass through a training proposed by the Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, which must contain the basic course of first aiders and other in-depth studies in the areas of rescue and nursing.

The Missionary Network groups can be heterogeneous, and each member will contribute with their virtue, to compose the group dynamics.

The groups of the Missionary Network in each region should meet in a Missionary Meeting twice a year, in the Marian Center of Figueira, where they will deepen their learning with the main Missionary of Peace group and in which will be placed the goals of service for the semester.

The groups of the Missionary Network will be in charge of continuing the missions already carried out and also will open new doors so that new missions can occur.

Different members of the Missionary Network groups can take turns to form the official missions requested by the Divine Messengers, and thus, enrich their own training for the times of transition.

In the return of the Middle East, the main mission group, under the coordination of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, will organize the first Missionary Meeting with those Missionary of Peace souls who are willing to live that training, to provide their service for the balance of the Earth and also so that the group consciousness of this work will be able to meet the needs of rescue where they arise.

As no region of the Earth will be free from living their purification, it is necessary that all be ready to assume their places where there will be the greatest need. In this way, between the active prayerful spirit and the missionary training, you will be able to help many souls to live in peace during the times of greater tribulation.

I will always guide you.

Your Father and Companion, in service and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, February 12 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I will ask you to perform a spiritual exercise that My Heart used to perform more than two thousand years ago when It was incarnated in this world. I will ask you to meditate on the Wounds of God which are manifested in the planetary life and, in this way, to recognize that all the suffering, outrage and abandonment that the creatures of God endure on this Earth are sufferings of the Heart of the Father Itself, which must be relieved by your prayers and by the sincere and conscious transformation of your lives.

For this reason I give you today the Orandium of the Wounds of God in the World.

Union bead
to recognize Your Presence in all that You created,
and to relieve the suffering that You experience in this world,
we ask for Your Mercy,
we cry out for Your Forgiveness,
we invoke Your Sacred Ray of Restoration.

First decade
For the suffering of God,
in the outrage that the Kingdoms and elements of Nature endure,
Lord, purify the whole world with
Your Pity and Mercy.

Second decade
For the open wound in the Heart of God
from the abandonment and martyrdom of children,
for the torture, hunger and sorrow
that the little ones suffer,
Lord, send us Your Universal Restoration,
dissipate and heal the ignorance in humankind.

Third decade
For the open wound in the Heart of God
from the wars and conflicts of the world,
Lord, send Your Peace to the hearts of humanity
and turn us into Your peacemakers.

Fourth decade
For the open wound in the Heart of God
from the disbelief and lack of faith of the creatures of Earth,
Lord, reveal to us Your Face
and convert our lives into Your Redeeming Purpose.

Fifth decade
For the open wound in the Heart of God
from the separateness existing amongst His creatures,
Lord, teach us to love unity.

Sixth decade
For the open wound in the Heart of God
from the ignorance and indifference of humanity
towards the perfection of the Divine Project,
Lord, may the love of the Celestial Universe
be reborn in the human heart.

Last seven beads
To restore Your Heart, forgive us, Lord.
To repair our faults, forgive us, Lord.
To dissipate ignorance, awaken us, Lord.

After each decade we say: Amen.

Know that all evils you see before you in this world are open wounds in the Heart of God. Citation to all of them would not fit this orandium.

While you pray, meditate on all that must be repaired in the consciousness of humanity to thus relieve the Heart of the Creator.

I love you and I will pray with you every day.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, February 11 of 2016

Daily messages

Letter to everyone who considers himself or herself as a server and a consecrated to the Plan of God


Renounce power every day on behalf of those who sacrifice the neighbors and brutally murder them to impose their own ideas and needs.

Renounce your eagerness to express your way of thinking and feeling to everyone as you try to convince them, with the lucubrations of your mind, to make what you want to be done. Follow what I tell you on behalf of those who not only sickeningly express their own thoughts, but force the others to live according to their way of thinking.

Renounce your judgments, abdicating to find in the other what you have as ideal principles of life upon Earth, because you still think as a human mind, which – among all the existing creations – is the most dense and limited. Open yourself to understand the neighbor – their way of being, of feeling, of thinking – however imperfect it may be. Construct the spirit of unity on behalf of those who destroy it in the world.

Live purity, chastity. Renounce to seduce the others, even in thoughts. Make it as an offer for those who get out of control in the capital energies and abuse women and children in the whole world. Seduction must be understood as whatever induces someone to make what you want. Surrender your magnetism to God, so that only He attracts the souls to Himself.

Detach yourself from accumulations, donate your surplus. Be rigorous with what attaches you to your material life. Offer this act on behalf of all who are miserable, suffering the true needs that transcend matter and make the spirit suffer.

Be more silent and humble, obedient and even resigned. Observe the world around you and feel, inside of yourself, that it is much more important to make an effort to balance the planet than to let yourself be defeated by your necessity of permanently calling attention and feeding your aspects that gratify themselves when they have power over the others and the energy of all of them over you.

Pull out from yourself the roots which lead the planetary consciousness to sink into the abyss of this world. Make yourself responsible for the Plan of God and take on your part in the day-to-day. Your conscious transformation can save many lives.

The act of understanding the neighbor can save a brother or a sister of yours who is about to be murdered for thinking in a different way to their murderers.

Your effort to attract purity can prevent the abuse of a child in the world.

Your silence and your obedience can prevent an increasing confrontation between nations and religions.

Your prayers can change the destiny of humanity.

Am I wrong to contemplate the planet and find the only solution in the conscious effort of a few?

Will you trust Those who know and handle superior Laws?

Will these words be so real to you that they will lead you to an absolute change in your life?

Child, God expects your answer.

This is an appeal from That One who observes the world and does not find another hope, but in the awakening of those who say they are conscious.

Convert your life into a source of peace. May your actions generate merits for the planetary redemption. Only the “yes” of humanity can change the destiny of this decadent race.

The one who loves you and, for this reason, seeks your awakening.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, February 9 of 2016

Daily messages

Open yourself to the greatest service that lies hidden in the acts of charity you aspire to live daily. Open yourself, child, for the experience of the absolute, profound and unconditional love, a love that does not have preferences, a love that does not direct itself to a specific goal because it simply lives and expresses itself in the heart.

Love both the poor and the rich. Understand the miseries of others as if they were your own and, from your understanding, find the way to help in the transformation of the planetary consciousness.

See the facts from a spiritually more mature point of view. Face the difficult situations that present themselves with the neutrality they need, so that you find thus, a way out of the abysses of Earth, as well as of your own inner world.

Learn not to be emotionally involved with the difficulties because - if you do so - you will open a gap in your consciousness so that the emotional confusion of the planetary unconsciousness blinds your heart and does not allow you to attract the wisdom that God needs you to live in this time, as well as in the times that will come.

With the minor difficulties, learn to build the strength that will face the true test of life on Earth - which is not yet this one you are currently living.

You are being forged, with your own purification, to support one day the purification of the planet and assist those who will barely be able to keep themselves in mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Before the tests, recognize the difficulties; recognize your own need of transformation. Be in silence, pray, meditate and seek, in your own spirit, the connection with God, so that He, who created you, can conduct you to the perfect principle that He has for you, and from which you have deviated so long ago.

If, as a part of the human creation, you dispose yourself to straighten your paths out and bring your life back to the right direction, towards the manifestation of the Purpose of God for you, little by little, you will help the human consciousness as a whole to find the Truth.

When a child finds some difficulty, they cry, beat their feet and, sometimes, lie on the floor, without knowing what to do. But an adult reflects, seek to discern until they find a better solution and, if they cannot solve it by themselves, they look for the assistance of those who have more experience than they have. That is how God calls you to mature your consciousness, so that you can be before the current probation of humanity as an adult, a soldier, a disciple, an apostle of Christ, and not as a child.

You will not be released from the difficulties and, sooner or later, you will live your own purification: you will face those aspects of your being that need to define themselves, so that your consciousness, as a whole, be directed to the place that corresponds to you, according to your elections. This same process will live the planet in a future time: each consciousness that inhabits it represents one of its aspects which will have to live its own definition, so that, from this answer the planetary consciousness be directed in the way it needs.

As you must be purified by superior flows that revolutionize your inner world, the planet will also be purified by natural and cosmic forces which will lead it to its own transformation.

Both in your personal and in the planetary processes, you must be neutral and determinately and courageously walk to the Divine Purpose that you already know. Keep yourself in the Law of Love and do not resist. Seek to see in everything the need of the fulfillment of a Higher Purpose, and you will immediately find, within you, the fortress you need.

Only those who renounce their own strength become strong. Only those who let themselves be entirely broken are renovated in Christ.

The Most High God has decided to restart the planetary life, but – before that – you must spiritually and internally restart, so that you make part of the spiritual reconstruction of Earth.

The one who guides you in this and all times,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, February 8 of 2016

Daily messages

May the Lord take your eyes and place over them His Eyes of the Mercy.

May the Lord, God the Father of Infinite Kindness, take your hands and place over them His Hands of Mercy.

May the Lord, your Path and your Life, take your feet and place over them His Feet of Mercy, so that you walk on His Divine Footprints.

May the Lord, Who manifests the Word that brings Life, take your mouth and place over it His Sacred Mouth, a Powerful Source of Mercy.

May the Lord, the Father-Mother Creator of the universes, take your mind and place over it His Divine Mind, from which do not come lucubration and thoughts, but rather the Source of the Divine Mercy.

May the Lord, Who manifested this race, Who has so many times ceased to see your sins, take your arrogance and put, in its place, the pure gratitude, that attracts the Infinite Mercy to the world.

May the Lord, God of Love and of Truth, take your heart and place over it His Pitying Heart, so that you know not only to serve, but also to love and live mercy.

May the Lord, Miraculous Potter of the Celestial Universes, take your clay, already so worn-out by its existence on Earth, break it and mold it again.

Let yourself be broken and softened in the Hands of God. Be again a new clay, ready for new creations. May, thus, the Lord make of yourself an empty chalice to pour His Mercy into it.

You have been called since the beginning to be reborn in spirit, in soul, in matter and in consciousness, so that the endless well of your miseries would be converted into a Source of Mercy both for this planet and for the whole Universe. That is possible because of the magnitude of the Divine Action in the hearts that allow themselves to be transformed by God.

The Lord calls you to be a living miracle, an instrument of His in this world. Let yourself belong to Him not just with words, but with actions, with truth.

Do not be afraid to be something else because the transfiguring miracle of God needs to be absolute in your life. For this you have been called.

Open yourself to the Divine Alchemy of the spiritual transformation in Christ.

That One who prays for you, day and night,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, February 6 of 2016

Daily messages

Feel the silence radiated by your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness and discover the mystery of sublime worlds.

Understand that it is the spirit of peace that lives in the original peoples which has allowed them, throughout the history of the Earth, to cross dimensions and come to know the life of the spirit, making them guardians of this reality.

But do not only contemplate with joy what they emanate, do not only admire what you see and feel; aspire to learn from them, aspire to be a guardian of the archetype that they bring to the world.

Do not wish to take your customs to a people who you must only learn from. Just as they keep silence and observe you, do the same.

Commune with silent fraternity and with the silent love of the original peoples. Allow that your service be a door to mutual learning, in brotherhood.

Place this into your intentions while you serve and you will obtain a rich learning from this experience which will contribute, not only to your own transformation, but also to the development of all of humanity.

Your Father and Companion in service and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, February 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Offer your joy for those who live in sadness.

Offer your faith for those who are in despair.

Offer your love for those who live in fear.

Offer your peace for those who live without consolation, between wars and permanent conflicts.

Offer your home for those who do not have a safe roof under which they can be.

Offer the food you receive every day for those who live in the uncertainty of having something to eat or not.

Offer your prayer for those who do not pray, do not believe in God or pray to a false God and feed the reign of darkness with their ignorance.

Make of your own life a constant offer at the foot of the Celestial Altar. Live fully, in absolute gratitude for all you receive because – despite any need or difficulty – you have the greatest treasure of this world and of all others: you recognize the presence of the Creator in your small essence.

Child, so great is the imbalance of this planet and so abyssal is the human ignorance that you must make of your life an act of perpetual prayer, of selfless service and of surrender, in order to balance the evil that humanity generates for itself and for the Kingdoms of Nature. It is necessary more than a few prayers or even some days of service.

The missions you participate today, as a part of this group, are opening a door in the human consciousness so that it reaches greater possibilities of donation and surrender.

Do not remain only with the act of serving. Do not see these missions as all the others that have already been lived, but rather open yourself to the extraordinary that they offer to the consciousness of humanity and make use of this impulse to never be the same again. 

It is a mystery for you how the Laws of the Spirit move. Many times you will think there is nothing different in the material facts between the past missions and the present ones, but I tell you of a transformation in the consciousness because it is there where the change consolidates itself and becomes true.

If you believe that I speak through these words, then seek deep within yourself to understand what I tell you and launch yourself into a discovery of the grace of selfless serving in each instant, of the grace of converting yourself into a true, permanent, constant, tireless, praying being.

Place your attention in your own heart, see the world through the window of your chest. Do not be afraid of being naïve because it is not of naivety that I speak to you about: I give you to know the Wisdom and the First Law of this world, which is Love.

Reflect on this truth and take, yourself, the decision of the path that you your life will follow. We can impel you, but not walk for you. We can show you the path, but not predict the results.

Persistence and rhythm in the walking of the pilgrim dictate the moment and the way of reaching the goal.

I love you always.

Your Father and Instructor, your Companion in this Evolutionary Walking,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, February 4 of 2016

Daily messages


May this next marathon be, for the planet, a unique opportunity of liberation, before the Armageddon precipitates itself with all its strength upon the planetary consciousness.

On the next days we will unite to all the praying beings of the Earth so that, from the Marian Center of Aurora, a door of liberation, of salvation and of rescue to the most sinful and suffering souls of this world be opened.

On the days of the marathon, we will unite to the liberating coordinates of Aurora, in connection with Chaco and with the Middle East, with the intention of sending a great impulse to the planet and, thus, to disarm the plans of the adversary of God, of converting this world into a land of darkness, and the potential of love of the human heart into a potential of hatred and resentment, which destroys the essence of humankind.

Children, the human beings are part of a single creation of God still very mysterious for yourselves as well as for the universe. Its true potential has not manifested itself in any other human but in The One who came to the world to show you the path of the human development, the ability of loving and uniting to God and the love that transcends the laws of matter and that even defeats that law which is, for many people, the only certainty of life on Earth, which is death.

If many believe that the only certainty they have is that they will die eventually, do you realize the ignorance and the distance that the human heart is from the truth?

If you have had, before your eyes, the example of that One who defeated death thanks to the profound Love of His Heart, your only certainty should be that you do not know anything about yourselves and, for this reason, you should walk avidly to the development of love.

Are you not at least curious about what you could actually live and express if you came out of your own smallness to launch yourself into the experience of the absolute love?

It is to show you a little of your potential of love that we send you in missions to forgotten places of the world, and that we ask you to let go what you are doing to respond to a praying call which dictates the true planetary need. Because in such moments you minimally experience what love is, because you renounce to your own priorities to recognize the need of the planet.

I hope that on the next days you make the exercise of forgetting yourselves. Seek all the time to provide the needs that present themselves both in the neighbor and in the material things. Do not expect that others do for you a work that is reachable to your hands and, besides praying in union with the missionaries, also live the spirit of selfless service and experience, for an instant, fraternity and love. This experience, if it is lived with plenitude, will remain engraved in your consciousnesses for all Eternity, in such a way that you will no longer be able to live in the same way, immersed in your own selfishness. Love is the reason for the human existence and, when you experience it in a true way, you can longer be the same.

Launch yourselves into this simple adventure of self-discovering and, for some days, allow yourselves to come out of own selves. Allow that in your faces runs the sweat of the sacrifice for love to the Plan of God. Allow that in your hearts rises the most sincere request of mercy and that from your mouths come out a word that converts itself into life, into liberation, into redemption and into salvation to the planetary consciousness.

May, from Heaven, the Lord contemplate the points of light which expand themselves on Earth and may in His Heart be a new hope of fulfilling His Project of Love.

Your Father and Companion, a Praying Being and Servant of all times,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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