Wednesday, January 15 of 2014

Monthly Messages

My beloveds,

Today I come to announce to you the Power of Mercy that all must attain in this time and I reveal that I come to the world at noon time because this moment is known in the Universe as the primordial hour in which the Kingdom of God made itself visible to My eyes, and the Mercy that flows out from the Primordial Source permeated each space in My little being.  At this instant I was able to see the Celestial Greatness and all of Its mysteries, that were revealed to Me.  I received the Grace of being before the Consciousness of God because I recognized My littleness and Its Greatness.

The Lord allowed the most simple of His servants to enter totally into His Kingdom and there was nothing that was hidden from My eyes and from My Heart.

I understood then the essence of life upon the Earth and how that experience would commit Me with God for all Eternity.  The Lord showed Me there My true Self and He revealed to My Heart His plan of rescue for humanity, a Plan that would be carried out through the Christ King, incarnated in My Son Jesus.

From then on My eyes began to see the world as it is and all the pain and anguish that I would be able to feel for the chaos of My time were converted into Mercy.  I would no longer be surprised by the evil of the world, but I lived to convert, as long as I was able to, through the example of Love and Charity, this evil into Mercy for the souls.

My dear companions, today I tell you this because for all must come the time of being completely filled by the Mercy of God.  To all must be revealed the Kingdom of the Heavens because to Him you must return in this time.  But the key that allows you to receive this Grace is humility and the incessant search for the consecration of life.

Recognize each day the Greatness of the Universe and be willing to get to know something that you have never found on this Earth, because the Universe of God is as unpredictable as your hearts and so little known by humanity as the human being is by itself.

Today I want to give you an impulse to seek a life of humility and of service, a life of charity, of love and of conversion because it is to those who are willing to be nothing that the Celestial mysteries will be revealed.  It will be to those who become empty of heart and of spirit that the Divine Mercy will be able to fill totally.

At this moment of life upon the Earth there is nothing more important than walking in the direction of a superior life.

All of the Keys are being given to you, only be persistent and win on each day a little more of yourselves because your own cunning is what separates you from the victory in Christ and from the true Redemption.

My dears, count always on My intercession in the face of the difficulties of life.  I will listen always to your most sincere pleas and I will carry them with Love to the feet of the Creator, that for the humility of His Servant must concede Grace for the creatures of the Earth.

I love you and I conduct you to a Celestial life.

Your beloved Father and Instructor,

Saint Joseph