Sunday, May 19 of 2013

Monthly Messages

On this day of Graces and infinite Glory in the Kingdom of the Heavens, may the Holy Spirit be in your hearts.

Dear companions of path, I come for those who have said yes to the presence of the Holy Spirit of God and, in commemoration of this Holy day, the Spirit passes over the Earth touching all that may be open to Its Fire of Transformation and of Rebirth. 

Dear children of the Lord, the presence of My Most Chaste Heart comes one more time to touch the world so that little by little the inner world of each one of you may see itself transformed and consecrated to the Heart of God.

I come to dictate to you the steps towards humility by means of service so that in the same way that My Most Chaste Heart did 2013 years ago, your hearts and your spirits may be able to have a deep encounter with God through abnegated and silent service.

To the consecrated Missionaries who live and serve in all parts of the world, I give today a key: in silence may you encounter God and in service may you manifest this encounter. Because service empty of God does not nourish the essence of the neighbor, but it only magnifies the vanity of My servers. And God, for those who aspire to serve tirelessly, will be found in silence.

When I was upon the Earth, full of the Holy Spirit, by the side of My Son Jesus, it was the silence in My Heart that allowed Me to understand that which I was living.  And this same silence allowed Me that the Holy Spirit come close to My Heart and conducted It to eternal contact with God.

The Sacred Family grew up in the constant trust in God because by means of the love that each one of us nurtured for Him, and by means of the silence that this same love caused in our hearts, God showed us His Face. And His Spirit instructed us to live a life of simplicity and eternal charity, one with the other and with all of those who surrounded us.

Let us allow today and forever that silence be able to spring in your inner, a silence that is born from the deep love for God and that is manifested by the simple will to be more close to His Sacred Consciousness.

To achieve the true archetype of service it is necessary to first to encounter with God, and to encounter with God call Him in your hearts and encounter Him in the deep silence of your inner temple.

I accompany you and I guide your steps towards transformation and to the consecration of life.

Let us allow My presence to be in your hearts.

I thank you for accompanying My steps.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph