Friday, December 29 of 2017

Weekly messages

Child, at the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, cry out for mercy and discernment, so that your steps may be right, and the path chosen by you always take you to the Heart of God.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, let yourself be flooded by the Humility that comes from the Heart of God.

Your Lord is already beginning to take the first steps towards the Earth and it will not be the gold of the world that will make you shine before the Eyes of God, for Him to find you. It will be the pearl revealed in your heart, when you clean and purify the mud of your miseries, that, for God will be the sign and the seal so that He may find the redeemed-on Earth.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, do not let the shame and fear of seeing yourself humiliated be greater than the Grace of achieving humility. Let yourself be stripped away of the things of the world and let them only belong to its vanities.

The day will come in which God will seek to receive from you the multiplication of the treasures given to you, but if you have not known them, how will you come to multiply them?

God did not give you the riches of the Earth, but rather the virtues hidden in the heart, sometimes even covered over by skills and good appearances, but those are really not what your Creator expects from you.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, search in your heart for the greater virtue of giving up, the treasure of faith, the richness of charity, the joy of surrender. Heaven and Earth will pass, but what God placed inside of you will multiply.

Give yourself up, as God gave Himself up, becoming a child in the arms of the Most Holy Mary,

Give yourself up, as the Creator did, escaping death and going to Egypt, in profound surrender in the hands of His Holy Children, made His Parents there.

Give yourself up, in the silence of God, denied on the Earth He had chosen to sanctify, walking towards distant peoples who would know how to listen to Him.

Give yourself up, as does God Who know how to forgive, who throws casts upon the ground the stones of the sins of men and does not throw but Forgiveness and Mercy at them.

Give yourself up, as did Christ Who – being perfect – sat at the table of sinners, and inviting them as they were, forgave them and redeemed their sins.

Give yourself up and transform the loneliness, the sacrifice and the pain of the cross into a real and perfect love, that crosses and transforms the Universes.

Give yourself up, as God gave Himself up to death, but also giving Himself up to the mystery of faith, that gives life back and resurrects with the One Who died for you, Who lives today to teach you to return to life.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, child, give yourself up and do not judge any longer, do not criticize, do not defame, do not pretend and do not sin any longer.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 22 of 2017

Weekly messages

When God calls you to fulfill His Plan, He gives you a challenge and at the same time, leads you to the fulfillment of a Law.

If you were created to manifest a Divine Thought, what else could you want if not to live this Purpose that the Creator has for you?

Mystery among mysteries is the human creation among all the material creations of God.

Unfathomable mystery, even for the angels who accompany humankind without understanding their steps; that another creature, recognizing that it was thought of with perfection for a unique Purpose, would want to live something else, a personal path, far from what God had thought for it.

Child, the Will of God is still waiting for you because, to live it, it is necessary to renounce to your paths, give up your will, and surrender yourself to something that is unknown to you and that, at the same time, is the only purpose of your existence.

Surrendering to love is a difficult goal, because the Love that comes from God, that which He taught you when He multiplied Himself to give life to His children, is donation, surrender, renunciation, emptiness.

God abandoned His Sovereignty to give Life.

He multiplied Himself and hid His Perfection in the miseries of humankind, so that one day His mystery could be unveiled.

But love is also fullness, it is sovereignty, which is found in unity, because God is once again One when His children unite to Him.

Love is also infinite and overflowing Grace that is hidden in emptiness, freedom that is hidden in obedience, rest that is hidden in service.

It is the act of receiving that hides in surrender. It is when you give all of yourself that you will receive from God the wealth that is hidden in the emptiness, the macro that is hidden in the micro, the All that is hidden in Nothingness.

When Jesus was born, child, I was before this mystery made life, and from that moment on, all My understanding of evolution was converted into a single aspiration of being as small as that Boy who hid in Himself the Father of all Life.

God is within humankind. He is hidden in you. And this great mystery will only cease to be a biblical story and a theory for you when you experience being small, when you surrender to nothingness.

Lift, then, your eyes to Heaven, as I lifted them when I came out of the grotto of Bethlehem to see that the same Universe that was among the stars was found in that small Boy, and say as I said:

 “Lord, Your Mystery is unfathomable, Your Thought, incomprehensible, but Your Will is immutable and invincible because, not enduring the indifference and the ignorance of humankind, You made Yourself small, the littlest of them, and flesh of His flesh, You came to Earth. Your Nothingness reveals the infinite Love of Your Heart. Make me nothing with You so that one day I may reach the Grace to be part of Your absolute Greatness. Amen”.

Reveal, thus, in the mysteries of these times and no longer deceive yourself by seeking the Perfection of God in greatness, because there you will only find miseries and confusion.

First look within yourself and let yourself be nothing. There something mysterious will be revealed.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 15 of 2017

Weekly messages

The Art of being humble to reach God and His Mysteries

To be humble, children, in spite of being simple, is not something easy for the human condition.

Humanity has learned, during its evolution on Earth, to always desire something: knowledge, material goods, and gifts that aggrandize the personal consciousness and affirm the self.

Until now, a human being, in spite of the examples already been set, has not yet learned to love the essence of life on Earth.

I do not say that they do not know it, because indeed, they know it and know that the Will of God was expressed in His Son and that His example was like a ship that rowed against the current of the human condition and showed that the efforts of humanity were going in the opposite way of its true evolution.

In spite of knowing the essence of the purpose of its existence, humanity does not love that purpose more than itself, and this is where all the roots of the resistances and difficulties for truly manifesting this purpose reside.

To love the Will of God more than oneself is to throw oneself into an abyss where personal control does not exist, where one’s own ideas and desires are always an option, but not a truth.

I Am not telling you that to be humble is to be indifferent, is to not think, to not have an opinion, to not participate in life with one’s own discernment.

Humility is to know that there is always a truth that transcends the human capacities of thinking, knowing, and discerning.

There is always a truth beyond what beings can know, and the path is the constant search, the eternal attempt to find the true path, but always willing to be corrected and illumined in order to step away from ignorance and mistakes.

Humility is the consciousness that, no matter how well you act, think, and feel, there will always be something more, a reality that transcends your possibilities, and that, by yourselves, you will always have degrees of ignorance that must be filled as you allow yourselves to be corrected, opening to learn and recognize that each being receives a part of the Divine Knowledge and all together, you can learn and allow yourselves to be complementary.

There is nobody on Earth who has absolute wisdom.

The great mystery of God is that His Legacy was divided amongst all His children, and from the most miserable to the most saint ones, all have a piece to complete the framework of fullness.

Recognize, then, your own ignorance and let your beings enter into a new cycle of greater humility, because by being willing to learn, you may teach the world in silence, and one’s own example will be of more value than a thousand sermons and words pronounced without life.

Vanity does not hide nor is it silent, no matter how much your mouths are closed, and the lies circulate in your thoughts.

Everything is visible.

Simply be pure in what you do, think, and feel.

Seek the consciousness that you know nothing, and you will be able to be truly ready, not only to listen to the Words that come from God, but also to live them. And you will no longer keep them in your books or in your minds, but will write them with your own lives in the story of human redemption.

I love you and I call you to a new and real cycle of emptiness of yourselves and of absolute surrender.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, December 8 of 2017

Weekly messages

If the final times knock on the doors of the world, open yourself to the New and let your old and outdated self fade away. Open yourself to awaken an unshakeable faith. Open yourself to love without limits, even when you are denied, humiliated, and offended by those you try to love.

Do not let the miseries of this world be stronger and more intense than your capacity to be merciful. How many reasons did your Master and King have to hate men? To not bear them? To decree before His Father the end of humanity? And meanwhile, child, God has revealed a mystery to you: the mystery of living the times of war and chaos in Peace; the mystery of triumphing with humility and renunciation, in a world of selfishness, pride, and vanity; the mystery of serving without receiving back, loving without expectations, and dying to give Life.

Your Lord and King, your Father and Creator, did not come into the world through His Son just to Love you, because His Love is infinite, inexplicably. He came, as a universal and divine sign, to reveal an unfathomable mystery to all of Creation. He came to remove the veils from the human consciousness and reveal the deep Love that lies behind the miseries of humankind.

The Cross was the water that washed away the muck of humanity and revealed the pearls hidden by ignorance, by a lack of self-knowledge, by not knowing who they are, where they came from, or what they came to do in this world.

The Life of Christ and His Cross revealed the purpose of human existence and made known, to all of Creation, the power of this Divine Project and why the Father still persists with His Hope placed upon human beings.

Therefore, take your cross and let it be, for you, the revelation of a great inner mystery. Find the purpose of your existence in the imitation of Christ and prepare yourself for greater steps, because the cross of this world, of this final cycle, the cross that opens the door to the new time still waits for you.

Meditate on what I tell you, and every day find the way to transcend challenges, the scourging of the conscience, executioners of the capital energies of this world, and live Love, live Peace, and prepare your spirit for the new time, when your example will announce to humanity the new purpose of human life.

So far, life on earth has been sustained by the Love achieved by Christ on the Cross, but now God calls you to a greater step, because a definitive change is needed. He calls you to be a multiplier, a renewer of life, a spearhead for the new time. And it is enough to Love without conditions.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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