Friday, December 8 of 2017

Weekly messages

If the final times knock on the doors of the world, open yourself to the New and let your old and outdated self fade away. Open yourself to awaken an unshakeable faith. Open yourself to love without limits, even when you are denied, humiliated, and offended by those you try to love.

Do not let the miseries of this world be stronger and more intense than your capacity to be merciful. How many reasons did your Master and King have to hate men? To not bear them? To decree before His Father the end of humanity? And meanwhile, child, God has revealed a mystery to you: the mystery of living the times of war and chaos in Peace; the mystery of triumphing with humility and renunciation, in a world of selfishness, pride, and vanity; the mystery of serving without receiving back, loving without expectations, and dying to give Life.

Your Lord and King, your Father and Creator, did not come into the world through His Son just to Love you, because His Love is infinite, inexplicably. He came, as a universal and divine sign, to reveal an unfathomable mystery to all of Creation. He came to remove the veils from the human consciousness and reveal the deep Love that lies behind the miseries of humankind.

The Cross was the water that washed away the muck of humanity and revealed the pearls hidden by ignorance, by a lack of self-knowledge, by not knowing who they are, where they came from, or what they came to do in this world.

The Life of Christ and His Cross revealed the purpose of human existence and made known, to all of Creation, the power of this Divine Project and why the Father still persists with His Hope placed upon human beings.

Therefore, take your cross and let it be, for you, the revelation of a great inner mystery. Find the purpose of your existence in the imitation of Christ and prepare yourself for greater steps, because the cross of this world, of this final cycle, the cross that opens the door to the new time still waits for you.

Meditate on what I tell you, and every day find the way to transcend challenges, the scourging of the conscience, executioners of the capital energies of this world, and live Love, live Peace, and prepare your spirit for the new time, when your example will announce to humanity the new purpose of human life.

So far, life on earth has been sustained by the Love achieved by Christ on the Cross, but now God calls you to a greater step, because a definitive change is needed. He calls you to be a multiplier, a renewer of life, a spearhead for the new time. And it is enough to Love without conditions.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph