A soul that claimed not to believe in God nor in a spiritual life, was in a state of great inner emptiness and, in light of its deepest anguish, it looked up and said:  "What is there after death? A new life? From where and why did life emerge? You, Who people call God, do You really exist? Where are You? Why do You not make Yourself visible to those who call themselves Your children?"

And the Lord, contemplating this soul with great compassion, responded: "From Me emerged life, a broad, deep, complex and very ancient life, before the existence of this world, before the existence of the human mind and the time of humankind, in a space that science does not reach, the mind does not explain and not even the patriarchs and the prophets could understand, for a reason that is held within My Heart yet not understood, but only loved and experienced.

I did not create life for a reason, but because of Love. And so I am not reached through an answer, but rather through a deep living of the same principle and gift that allowed Me to manifest all things. This mystery is within your little heart.

Beloved soul, when with humility you embrace the healing of your deepest wounds, you will know that I Am God.

When you allow yourself to be loved by a Love that is not of this world, but which comes from Infinity, you will know that I Am God.

When the knowledge of your smallness and fragility is greater than the illusion of your pride, maturity and vanity, you will know that I Am God.

When you place your forehead upon the ground and yield your mortal mind for an eternal Love, you will know that I Am God.

When in the emptiness of your consciousness and the solitude of your heart, you dare to look inward and discover that I am within you, you will know that I Am God and I am in everything.

Within you, I wait in silence, and within your silence, I will be able to speak to your heart. You will know My infinite Love and, through it, you will know what you call the reasons for which everything was created. What for you is a reason, for Me is a Purpose. There is no reason for life, but there is a Higher Purpose: that of renewing My Love and returning to Me."

May this dialogue with God inspire you, children, to turn inward and experience the Divine Presence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph





Remain at the foot of the Cross of the Redeemer so that you may understand where the Alliance between your heart and the Heart of Christ began to be sealed.

Remain at the foot of the Cross of the Redeemer so that there you may remember His call and know why today He calls upon you again, within the depths of your heart.

Remain at the foot of the Cross of the Redeemer, where there is no honor except that which is hidden in His Blood; where there is no glory except that which is held in the mystery of His Sacrifice.

And it is in this way, My child, at the foot of the Cross, that you will begin to understand the Will of God for yourself. He wants you there, always in adoration of His Heart, always united with His Sacrifice and following in His footsteps.

He wants you there, where you disappear and He shines; where the glory of the world fades away and leaves room for the Glory of God; where the anxiety for honor dissolves into the one need of justifying His Blood with the renewal of love in your own life.

Remain at the foot of the Cross of the Redeemer, and all your questions will be answered. You will know that the fear of the cross is in reality the fear of surrendering in madness, of losing this world to gain Infinity, of ceasing to be one in order to be All.

Remain at the foot of the Cross of the Redeemer, because the time has now come to fully resume what He had once began on Calvary.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Lent is a moment, children, for coming to know Christ again, to recognize Him with a new gaze, a gaze with neither veils nor fears so that you may know who He is and who you are as you stand before Him, what you are called to experience upon facing the Son of God.

Many are those who walk at the side of Christ, eat from His Body, drink from His Blood, participate in His wonders and hear His Words; but few are those who look at the Lord without veils before their eyes, without walls before their hearts and know Who He is, and also discover themselves before Him.

But Lent is this moment, for in it the Lord says to you: "I Am that I Am, I Am He Who Is; One with God, the very God made Man and Spirit."

And in hearing this revelation of the Son of God, your eyes open so that you can not only recognize Him but also recognize yourselves.

Lent is a moment for deciding to seek Christ and to experience the revelation of His Presence; let yourself be flooded by His mysteries and transformed by His Love. Or else, children, let yourselves see Him pass by and do wonders, see how hearts are transformed upon listening to Him and even so they remain blind and deaf to Him.

Choose life, life in Christ, life in Truth, life in the freedom from yourselves. Choose the fading of the dust.

Do not cling to yourselves, to your virtues and skills, to your convictions and knowledge, to your minds and beliefs. Cling to Christ, to His Celestial Truth, to His Presence, to His Life.

This is the meaning of Lent: to prepare and to define oneself in Christ.

You have My blessing for that.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My Work of Mercy on the inner planes will be carried out through a few souls.

Those good souls will be the entourage standing before the gates of Heaven. Positioned there and, placed with determination and love, they will fulfill everything that the Savior and Redeemer says and asks for.

Through these souls, I will satiate many more which, on their own and in this time, cannot manage to determinedly accomplish what I need.

Thus, My Work of Mercy will still be a divine mystery, a reality that will be shown to hearts with pure intention. In them, I will erect My Celestial Church again, and for them I will give My whole Being, just as I did on the height of the Cross, without exceptions or limitations.

In the same way, this entourage of souls will please My Heart concerning all the offenses, ingratitude, indifference that the world brings Me, and especially the souls that are in My redeeming Work.

I will placate the anguish of the Eternal Father with the goodness and Mercy that decided hearts may offer their Redeemer.

I will give inexplicable gifts and inner powers so that these souls, in spite of the deserts of these times and of all that they may see around them, do not lose their faith and conviction for accomplishing My Plan, because the Work will be accomplished with those who will be consequent with Me until the end of time.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 


One of the important aspects of God, within His Trine Source, is the Holy Spirit, an aspect that acted within humanity during certain occurrences with the aim of giving an impulse, of guiding and of helping the consciousnesses that were invoking it.

Until recent days, the Holy Spirit has not been a revealed mystery of God, which after having fulfilled Its mission, more than two thousand years ago, in this time Its manifestation, presence and action happens through the Mother of God, as the Lady of the Holy Spirit.

It is in this time that the Holy Spirit of God will work through the souls that offer to receive Its divine impulses and Its Gifts.

It would be of great importance if the human being were filled by at least one of Its Gifts, and this will help for the real task of each being to manifest, according to the necessity of the Divine Will.

The Holy Spirit accompanied specific events of humanity and, at the same time, It helped with Its science and wisdom in the culminating moments when only the Holy Spirit of God could deviate or reverse a fact that would happen.

Without the action of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of the human race, the planet, as a consciousness, that evolves and experiences, would have lost its spiritual dignity and its rescuable character.

For this reason, God sent His Spirit, in certain moments of humanity, to help His creatures, similar to Him.

God sent His Spirit to the patriarchs so that, from the peoples, the Gifts of the Father and His Virtues might arise, so that they could awaken the prophets and announcers of the Divine Truth.

God sent His Spirit so that His creatures, through Christ, might be baptized by the most potent non-material Fount, which is the Holy Spirit itself.

God sent His Spirit so that, from the main cell of His Project: the family, might arise the knowers and seekers of the Truth, so that the gifts and virtues of the healers, the governors, the mirrors, the hermits, the guardians and of the servers might awaken.

God sent His Spirit to repopulate the Earth with His infinite Love so that His creatures might learn to feel that the only guidance comes from the Eternal Father and that all Sources of manifestation emerge from the Father.

After two thousand years, during which the Spirit of God worked and became flesh among His children, through Christ, today the Holy Spirit will come by means of the Sacred Word to fill the sleeping and darkened hearts with the same gifts that the apostles and martyrs received, with a confirmation and an absolute trust that, through the Holy Spirit of God, the Project will be fulfilled and nothing nor nobody will prevent It from acting through the children of God, and the Spirit of the Father Itself will allow that, for all participants in His work of Pity and of Mercy,  the Holy Virtues of the Spirit of God can awaken and incarnate in the essence of His children, so that all talents and lineages may be at the service for this current crucial time of humanity. Because the one who opens and welcomes the coming of the Holy Spirit will have the inner force to represent the redeeming Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth; will have the strength to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of Peace and of the end of the planetary captivity; will have the impulse of faith to keep transforming their life completely according to this same spiritual model that the Celestial Father realized in the patriarchs and in the prophets. 

God comes to give you His Spirit through the Divine Body and Blood of His Son and through the message that is announced by His Divine Messengers.

May the Holy Spirit help you face the end of times, within and outside of you; and may you be able to sustain yourselves, in this definitive cycle, through the action of the Holy Spirit of God.

May the Holy Spirit bring you the force of renewal and of changes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I reflect Myself, widely, by means of the Sacraments.

The Sacraments and their forms are the extensions of the Attributes and of the Graces that come from Heaven.

When the soul comes into contact with some of the Sacred Sacraments, it has the opportunity of going through the divine mystery and of uniting, essentially, to the Supreme Truth.

The Sacraments and their forms are like spiritual bridges of Light that conduct the soul toward the fulfillment of its purpose and of its mission on Earth.

The Sacraments put us in contact with the diverse Designs of God and they provide wisdom, reverence and devotion to those who live them and adopt them as standards of inner conduct.

In this sense, the Sacraments are still pouring blessings and graces on the souls so that the human beings may learn, through them, to overcome the inner duality, to live their individual and group purpose and, mainly, for all to learn to share and to live the Christian ecumenism and human fraternity.

The Sacraments are gifts, but they are also a means to live redemption. Their practice in daily life and the devotional and ardent value that we place before each one of them will allow the human being to receive the necessary protection to transit the end of times, in this moment of planetary chaos.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Contemplate the perfection of the human body, its sciences, its systems, organs, cells and atoms, still so unknown to the mind of humankind.

Simply observe the perfection with which life was designed and open your consciousness to penetrate this mystery of love and grace.

The Spirit of God, with Its Breath, manifested the perfection of the stars in the human composition, and just as the Creator has His living Body in the Cosmos and in the different dimensions, human beings also, in likeness to their Father and God, in the mystery of their life, hold not only creative power, but also the infinite Cosmos which is reflected in each small space of the expression of humankind.

To discover the hidden and divine life manifested within yourselves, you need to learn to be reverent with your own body, mind, feelings, soul and spirit, because the key of reverence is what will open the deepest doors for you to self-knowledge, for the science of one's own body, spirit and consciousness.

To be reverent with oneself is to know that you are facing a part of the Creator, to know that your bodies are a temple that guards your soul for the learning in this world, and that they are also a divine dwelling place, a dwelling place for the essence of love and of the Spirit of God.

You respect your bodies when you live in gratitude, nourish yourselves with gratitude and stay consistent with what you carry inside of yourself each day, not exposing your minds and feelings to retrograde stimuli, trying to keep your bodies always stimulated for your origin in God, and not allowing them to be more and more lost and distant from the truth each day.

In this time, everything you are must be elevated, because human genetics are reaching the correct point for its transformation, returning to its origin of purity and, with consciousness, those who awaken must walk toward this, placing your bodies before Truth and Love, placing your thought on Divine Thought, your cells on what is pure, your feelings on what leads you to the Love of God and thus, little by little, one by one, your cells awaken and ignite in the purpose for which they were created.

I know that today I am speaking to you about a mystery, but toward these mysteries you must begin to walk, to discover the science of your own consciousness, to return to the Time of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Special Apparitions

Praise be God and may He bless this earth.

A cycle closes today to start a new one.

This new cycle comes to meet My children so that you can be strengthened, so that you learn to deepen in Love and in the experience of Divine Grace.

This cycle ends with Me today, and from My Heart to the heart of each one of My children.

I am glad to see the response of those who pray, the maturity of the consciousness, the responsibility of the believers; because although it may not seem so, My children, the Plan of God is being built in humanity, even if it is silently.

Today I come as that Rose of Light that must be opened in your hearts, which must be at the center of your essences so that, even more, the Mystery of God can be revealed to the world and, the creatures of the Earth, all human beings, become aware of the higher and spiritual life, so that you can live the Will of God just as He has written it.

Today, My children, I come to contemplate the wonders that God performs in the lives of people, in the soul of every believer in God, in the spirit of every being who is a participant in the good news for the end of these times.

Today I come to give importance to the strength that your lives have reached on the path of prayer and transformation, of dedication to the Divine Plan, of absolute surrender to the call of God, which is presented from time to time and age to age.

Today is the time to see, with the eyes of hope, the miracles of God in this humanity, even though the world is being purified and still cannot find peace.

But, yes, you My children, have lived that peace with Me, together with My Son and Saint Joseph, in every moment of prayer, in every moment of supplication, where your souls are confirmed in this celestial commitment that you came to live on Earth.

Today, because it is a special day for Me and for you, My children, the retrograde forces of the planet are quiet and a moment of peace is established in the consciousness of humanity, inexplicable death is not provoked, and souls have the opportunity of seeing God, because being immersed in the internal planes, you reach the Mercy of God and the Divine Piety.

This is the moment that I had been waiting so long to accomplish and be able to see with My eyes of grace: the fulfillment of God's Will on Earth, beyond imperfections, diseases or doubts.

The triumph of the Heart of God must always be present in your lives, strengthening this trust and this intimacy of being able to be with God in communion with His immaterial Life and with the entire Universe.

Today the Sky touches the Earth, the Aurora is reborn and the fallen stars rise by the impulse of the Light and the Redemption.

And in this heavenly firmament that is open above Me, God can testify to the response of the Love of His children, the Love that His creatures have for that which is unknown or unreachable.

But today, the mystery holds no secrets, the doors of the Heavens are open so that the Celestial Fraternity can work in humanity, and a deep and inner balance be established in all those who said "yes", for those who said "no ".

My children, the Spiritual Universe communicates with the Earth and this inner contact is established between your souls and God, with your attributes and principles that come to realize on Earth the Divine Will.

Many unpayable debts today are forgiven by My Grace.

Many inexplicable cures are granted today and you will see through the ages the work of Divine Grace that is born from the Heart of your Heavenly Mother, through the impulse that God sends to His creatures.

Therefore, My children, never cease to aspire to reach the High and may the Celestial Spheres come to meet you. Your hearts are already prepared to be in communion with the Celestial Universe.

Therefore, what I give you today is something very immaterial, one of the greatest treasures of God, from His Source, delivered and donated by His Eternal Heart for a sick and destroyed humanity, who forgot about Love because it could not see the Truth.

But you My children, who walked by My side and will continue to walk with Me for this surrender of life to do the Will of God, for the realization of His Plan, for the realization of His Grace and His Mercy on Earth, continue with perseverance and faith, because this is what will establish Peace within you and in the world.

In this new cycle that is coming, together with Our Sacred Hearts, great challenges will knock at the doors of your hearts, important missions must be fulfilled for this final cycle, in order to continue generating balance in humanity and on this planet, so wounded and outraged.

Together we will build the aspirations of God, as long as your answers remain unconditional, true and simple before the Heart of the Hierarchy.

While the Universe pauses to listen to My Word and contemplate My presence in the Presence of the living God, I bring to Earth a great opportunity.

Because on this special day I have prayed to God, in union with your prayers and hearts, to continue to come into the world, because My children cannot be without guidance and without instruction; but I hope that one day the word of the Hierarchy will be valued and it will be known that each of our words is a key that opens a door for liberation and redemption, for the guidance of the life of the spirit through the path of truth and goodness.

Now is the time to work even more with the planet so that the doors of evil may be  closed and for hearts to be reborn in faith, knowing that you are not alone, that you are not abandoned, that God expects to embrace each of his children so that they may feel the warmth of His fatherhood and His eternal, unchanging and inextinguishable Love.

It is this same Love that I offer you, My children, every day, through My Rose of Peace; because I know that your hearts and your lives can be transformed into a beautiful flower, which is offered to God all the time.

This is how your essence will shine, your purpose will be fulfilled and you will fulfill the mission that you came to carry out on Earth.

Your will not be far from the Truth, but very close to the Source of Wisdom, living and following the principles that the Divine Messengers have given you through recent times.

All these principles are a door for the healing of humanity, because many miracles have already been granted to the world. Now is the time for My children to conquer these miracles through your effort and prayer.

The door of Grace is open so that many more can plunge into its ocean of Light and Grace. It is just making the right and simple effort.

Today I gather with my hands your essences, transformed into roses of light, which will be presented before the Eternal Father, at this time and in this cycle, with the experience of love and forgiveness lived by you, so that this experience of love and of Forgiveness continues to multiply and expand, so that the whole Earth may be blessed by an extraordinary Grace.

I receive from your hearts your supplications and intentions, I welcome in My Motherly Heart each of your souls. And just as I had My Son in my arms, today I hold you, so that you know that you are under My protection and shelter, in the arms of the Love of God and His infinite Grace.

Light the flame of the Love of God in your hearts and may this flame never go out, may this flame be lit with your prayer and service for others, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I will be with you, My children, transmitting My instructions, from now on, every Sunday, until I fulfill what God has asked me to accomplish in this world.

Remain vigilant in prayer and watchful of the Eucharist so that the attributes of God can be established on Earth and souls never, never again forget that Love is invincible and will always triumph.

And now I want to hear a song, as if it were a prayer, which will be offered by each of you, in this important moment of renewal with the Hierarchy.

The song is called Mirarte.

And so, My children, I bless you and I pour out  My Peace so that peace is in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding to My call!


The Mystery of Faith

The mystery of faith is that which is kept, as a potential, deep within every heart, and that, in these times, God calls you to experience.

Faith rises and expresses itself in the hearts that, day by day, try to love and know God better, that deepen into the greatness of His Love and into the infinity of His Mercy.

These hearts find the Love of God within themselves, through the persistence in prayer, through studying and deepening into His Words, they start to awaken faith within themselves. Despite being invisible, the Love of God is tangible to them, and His Mercy is expressed in their lives, at each moment. 

Feeling the Love of God and experiencing His Mercy awakens in the beings an absolute trust that, when matured, becomes faith.

Faith is the certainty of the Love of God and His Presence. It is the unexplainable gift of knowing the Creator and of knowing that you are a living part of His Heart. It is the unexplainable gift of loving and trusting in His Plan, even if it is still a mystery.

To live the mystery of faith, you must seek the love of God and deepen into this love first. When you study and deepen into the Words of the Divine Messengers, you will know the Love of the Creator, more and more, and it is the same Love that transforms and removes covers of disbelief, doubts, fear, insecurity and uncertainty from your hearts, and shows, in the depths and innermost parts of your beings, how faith emerges. 

The love, the knowledge of God and faith all walk together, because they each awaken and gives life to one another. The more you love God, the more you know Him, the bigger becomes the awakening of faith. The more you know God, the bigger becomes the love, because the awakening of this love is inevitable and, in consequence, faith emerges.

When faith awakens, it must be maintained, and it must grow through the prayer that unites you to God, because the time will come when it will not matter what happens around you; faith will always be present in your hearts and it will support you. It will not matter the tests and the challenges that you experience; faith will always give you strength so that you may make out of all of this a triumph in the Heart of God.

For this, my children, in this time of great tests and challenges that is approaching, search for God, love and get to know the Creator, and let your faith consolidate and grow roots within your consciousness, that nothing will be able to pull out.

Today your effort and deepening builds the consequence of tomorrow. It is now that the triumph of God starts to etch itself within your lives. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Private Apparition of Saint Joseph in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

If a great mystery approaches your lives, live it. Do not let your minds detain the steps of your spirits.

Live in the sublime Mystery of God.

The time of the great revelations, of the last awakening has come. Today I speak to you about the mystery of life, of real life, that brings meaning to the whole of human existence.

I come here to bring you a new time, a knowledge that, in spite of being new to you, has accompanied humanity since the beginning of its creation.

Today I unite time and space, because where I am, time does not exist nor does space, limited by the mind, by matter or by the heart.

Through Grace, My Consciousness dwells in the Consciousness of the All, and it is from that All that I speak to you.

For this reason I am in Argentina, I am among the children of God who made themselves available to be seeds of a new life.

I come at the request of the Most High to awaken that which is most sacred within you, so that when the sacred within the planet emerges, your minds do not fear, your hearts do not hesitate, but rather your inner Mirrors emerge and allow themselves to be reflected in the Great Mirror of Creation.

I know that many will not understand My Words, because I am preparing you for something unknown to you today. Like a Gardener of God, I am today preparing your inner worlds for seeds that have not yet sprouted, for trees that have not yet grown, for fruit still to come.

For this reason, today I ask you that, more than understanding Me, you feel My Presence and allow My Word, which in truth is the Word of God that echoes on Earth through My Words, to prepare this inner soil in your essences, in your souls, and also in your human minds.

I come to prepare you so that you may be truly worthy of being called companions of Christ, so that your eyes do not fear to look on High when Heaven opens and, in the East as well as in the West, every living soul will see the Lord return to this world.

At this moment, you must allow My Words to be relived inside you. So that I may say to you within your heart, "Do not fear, because this is the moment that you have been waiting for, for over two thousand years, when the Son of God ascended to the Heavens and left you with the promise of His Return."

Together with the Son of Man, many mysteries will be revealed; mysteries that will alleviate the hearts of those who sought a meaning to human existence, that did not understand why God created humanity, that did not understand the reason of the existence of the Earth, that had their eyes prisoners of the injustices, the chaos, the illusions, and did not find God.

At this moment when I speak to you, those eyes will be washed by the splendor of the coming of the Kingdom of God in this world, a kingdom that will not just descend from Heaven, but that will emerge in the North, in the South, in the East, and in the West of this world.

That which was invisible to your eyes will show itself; what was hidden, like the roots of trees, will emerge; that which was unseen in Heaven, like rain in the clouds, will precipitate over the Earth and give you life.

Thus, the message I bring you today is, in truth, for the time that will come.

I am where time does not exist. I speak today for those who listen to Me.

I unite the days and the hours, the spaces, and I show the heart what you will live in the future so that you may prepare. For this reason, give thanks for this Grace and allow yourselves to be transformed by it, for many of those who say they are companions of Christ today do not believe in His Return and they will fall apart when they are face to face with the King of this Universe.

Thus, I tell you today to withdraw tepidness from your hearts and allow yourselves to be ignited by a fire unknown to you. Find your own fortitude in the overcoming of self.

I know it is a mystery that, while many feel tired, I ask that you to become stronger through overcoming yourselves. That which will nurture you will not come from the outside, that which you already have within yourselves will not come from God.

Look within yourselves; move past the layers of illusion, of the human ego, of weakness; move past the layers of pride, including of your own soul. Let your essences reveal themselves, and together with them, be revealed the microcosm that exists within you, this All that is hidden in the nothingness that you are.

That of which I speak is not a theory, eastern knowledge, or a philosophy. I speak to you about a truth without which you will not be able to move through the days that will come, for those who do not discover the unity with their own essence will never overcome themselves and will never unite with God.

If you only count on your minds, with what you believe you are, you will fall apart like the ignorant when the Lord opens the Heavens and the dimensions to come to this world.

But if you hear what I say and want to discover this mystery with spiritual eagerness, truly believe that God is hidden within you and want to find Him, even if, to do this, you see all your beliefs about yourselves, you masks, your illusions be destroyed.

Give meaning to the purification you are experiencing, and do not simply suffer or endure.

Let yourselves be broken with courage, knowing that behind those hard stones, there is a unique treasure.

Leave behind the vicious cycles of this Earth. Being born, growing and dying are not simply the purpose of human existence. But if you want to discover it, you must strive.

Never believe that you know what you were created for, because that mystery has no end, and up until today, the Son of God is revealing it in the Universe. The mystery of human creation is as unknown as God Himself.

Thus, do not detain yourself. Seek to awaken that truth, that only becomes known when you give all of yourselves, when you love with all that you are, when you transform the words of the Gospel into life and discover there that it does not end in the Sacred Books, but that it continues to be written through each of you.

Be a living Gospel. Do not be content with just a little.

May you want to express everything by being nothing. Do not let yourselves be broken a little; let yourselves be wholly broken. Why hesitate to know the perfection that dwells within you? If you do not discover the mysteries about yourselves, how will you know the mysteries about this Earth, the stars that are above it and around it, the dimensions that cannot be seen, a God that cannot be touched but can be felt?

Many hoped that I came here to tell you something extraordinary, reveal a mystery to you that would bring the human consciousness into conflict, that would abruptly awaken it. But I come to tell you that what seems obvious to you is still not a real experience. For that reason, I tell you all these things.

What today is invisible to you will no longer be invisible. But if you do not discover the truth about yourselves, you will cry out for the opposite of what you ask for today. If you asked to see what is invisible to human eyes, when everything is shown, you will cry out to God that your eyes not be opened, because you will not be able to bear what will be revealed to humanity.

To see the truth, you must be in it, be a part of it, with everything you are. And if today I ask you to immerse yourselves in that truth, it is because it is possible.

The doors for God are open before your eyes, and even though you are unable to see, you can walk and go through them.

Awakening the truth within your inner worlds, I come to awaken the truth of this nation, so that Argentina, as well as humanity, may know a new cycle. May all the tests you will experience not discourage you, but rather, cause you to go beyond yourselves.

If you are in the truth and are a part of it, you will let it expand and make this soil sacred. God is counting on you; for this reason, listen to these words.

Even if you do not believe, you feel yourselves to be imperfect, incapable, take these feelings out of yourselves, which are a part of an ancient pride, and say to the Father:

“If You ask it of me, I will live it,
because it is by Your Word, by Your Grace, and with Your Power
that I will transform this clay and will allow to emerge from it
that which makes me in likeness to Your Eternal Heart.”

With these words, with this prayer, open to a new cycle of greater perseverance, of greater faith. Disseminate the Divine Presence by example and be the greatest miracles that this Work has ever realized on Earth.

This is what I want to tell you today and every day, until you live it.

I thank you for listening to Me and believing that what I say is a reality in front of your eyes; it is only necessary to reach out your hands and touch it.

Today let the Spirit of God inspire you, and with the Gift of His Wisdom, bless you so that you may know how to walk, so that your decisions, your acts and your thoughts are guided by that Divine Presence.

With this, I bless you and I thank you once again and as many times as necessary, because gratitude, children, opens the Doors of Heaven and reveals the unknown to you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Apparition of the Glorified Jesus Christ during the Sacred Week, day 4, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

You will see a great sign in the sky: a Woman clothed with the Sun, crowned with twelve stars, with a Moon at Her feet, announcing the next coming of your Redeemer.

On Her right, you will see the prophet John the Baptist resume proclaiming the Word of God for the thousand years of peace to be fulfilled in the whole sphere of the Earth and in this local universe.

Afterward, you will see coming among the clouds, with a great crash of light, your Lord and Master, the Redeemer, surrounded by many legions of angels that will proclaim with their trumpets the awakening of the New Humanity.

But before this happens, the Eternal Father will come, through His Beloved Son, with all His Might, with all His Science, and with all His Wisdom He will make His small Heart shine, because the Heart that He will cause to shine, will be stronger than five million suns.

You will see the Divinity of the Father in His most beloved Son and in His beloved Lady, followed by Saint Gabriel the Archangel and by Saint Michael the Archangel, who will place His sword in the center of this world, in direction to the Earth and will signal to the tribes where they should congregate to be able to hear again, in consciousness and awakening, the Word of your Lord God Almighty through His beloved Son, the Redeemer.

Then the Judgement will come, the Universal Judgement, in which the souls will be judged according to the merits reached in their earthly life and, by all the sacrifices offered to God, many of these souls that live today on the planet this experience of love and forgiveness, will become blessed and simple, so similar to God that this sensation and this sentiment will be recognized by all the universes and beyond them.

After that, you will see the judgment of Lucifer, which will be made by the Holy Archangel Gabriel, gathering all the Lords of the Universal Judgement, he will experience the judgment in the face of the world and humanity.

And the Father, with all the power of His Mercy and Love, through Saint Michael the Archangel will make His Throne descend and will give to Saint Michael the Archangel, in one of His hands, the Scepter of Light of His Power, that will be used to defeat evil forever.

You will then see the Holy Lady of God calling Her children who are in the desert so that they can find peace again. In them, an unknown light will shine which will be handed by the Holy Father through the hands of the Archangel Raphael. This Light, that will be poured out as a rain of Graces, will be so potent and infinite that it will be seen from the universe. 

With all the strength of Love from the Father, you will see the new redeemed shining in those creatures, great mirrors of light that will give the signal, at that moment, that the last cycle of humanity is being completed.

Do not worry about the interferences, God allows them for the world to know and, above all the darkness, that the last hour is approaching to surrender oneself before the Power of the Almighty, as it was in the victory of Christ on the Cross. If I Am your Lord and King, you have nothing to fear.

I give you the prophecies for you to listen to them and do not place them in your minds but in your hearts. Let My Word sprout like a new source in your beings. And thus, as time goes by, you will be able to understand My Mysteries that are still unknown to humanity. Therefore, today I have brought here My Divine Mother and Holy Lady, and My beloved cousin John the Baptist. They represent for you the sign of a new announcement that comes, together with your King, to be proclaimed in humanity.

The prophecies do not exist to be understood, but to be humbly accepted because in this way the souls understand the Kingdom of God and His next Project for humanity. Protect these teachings so that, when you leave this Sacred Week, they do not vanish from your memories when you face evil again, that which must still be defeated in this final battle.

After the children of the Divine Lady are removed from the desert, having ignited the mirror of love and the inner sun within themselves, the beloved Son will descend to Earth, accompanied by the Archangels who will bring the Ark of the Holy Covenant between Their hands. Thus, the planet will be renewed and the spiritual and christic impulses will be experienced.

The chaff will be separated from the wheat and the souls will be like flowers, like redeemed flowers, in My celestial Garden, that I will cultivate on this planet and on the continents, with My own Hands.

You will then see your loyal Gardener sow the New Earth with new laws and principles. The angels and archangels will help the tribes of Israel, which are scattered today throughout the whole world for them to be able to congregate in a new ceremony, in the new Communion of Peace, that will be established and instituted after the Final Judgment.

The unfaithful father, the fallen angel, will be removed from the planet. With great solemnity and reverence, the most resplendent angels will prostrate their faces on the ground to ask for the Mercy of God and for the universal, cosmic, inner, soul, and spiritual atonement for all sins, for all outrages and evils committed.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: 
Our Lord is asking the choir to play "Así habló el Maestro".

When the time comes to expel Lucifer from the world, all his fallen troops will be placed in beautiful diamonds of light that the angels will elevate, with their chant and praise, to universes very similar to this one.

The living Eye of God, at that definite time, will be looking and contemplating humanity, while the tribes will gather around the Divine Lady and Glorious Mother. They will prepare themselves to receive their Master and King, in His Return to the world. Unknown lights will be ignited upon the planet, which will be seen in the East and in the West.

The ancient patriarchs of the desert and the prophets will reappear in humanity as living and resplendent beings. All the ancient councils of this humanity will follow the path of their Glorious King and with a serene and patient gaze, fixed on the horizon, they will see the Lord arriving among the clouds. They will hear within the Word and the Call of Adonai.

All will be attentive at that moment because the planet will be in a great universal movement. It will be the set and definite time in which the real-time, that time awaited by all the legions on Earth, by all the peoples of the desert, and by all the beings of goodwill, will enter into the planetary consciousness. A new sign will be given in the universe: a star brighter than the Sun, in the essence of the Holy Spirit, will shine in the firmament, very close to the Southern Cross.

The consistent will thus hear, first within themselves, the words about the return of their King. All will open their inner ears and thus will be able to recognize, in their interior, that the awaited hour is arriving.

Those indicated by the Holy Mother of God will feel bliss and unexplainable joy. After having ignited the mirror of their hearts, they will be in absolute and definite unity with the King. In this way, a profound communion will take place with the New Humanity.

The King, in the company of sages and prophets, will show the world the Tablets of the new Law, those Laws that will repopulate the new planet. All will pay attention to the new Commandments that will have as their fundamental basis to love God above all things and also love their fellow beings.

The Holy Trinity will descend. Finally, after so many mistakes and duties, the souls, in total plenitude and trust, will be in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The last trumpet, which by indication of the Archangel Gabriel will sound in the spiritual plane of the consciousnesses, will bring a new consciousness to humanity and many will recognize their sins, their actions and indifferences, and especially, the injustices committed to the sacred Kingdoms of Nature.

Out of nowhere, the souls will hear the essence of the Kingdoms. The soul group of each Kingdom will speak for itself. And this communication, that has never been able to occur between human beings and the Kingdoms, will be granted by God Himself. At the moment this happens, the New Humanity will become conscious of all the suffering caused throughout the times and centuries.

At that moment, the doors of the most sacred places will open. That which was before invisible and hidden will become visible and material to all. Nobody will believe what they will see, and this new humanity will become conscious of who has really accompanied the world from the beginning of this Human Project. They will have on their chests, written as letters of fire, the legends of the greatest sages that have accompanied humanity throughout the times and who have made it possible for this humanity, the current humanity, not to self-destruct yet.

The souls that have been congregated by the Mother of the World and by the Love of the Divine Lady will prostrate on the ground, will place their hands on their faces, and will cry because the world and the old civilization did not become aware of this, of the presence of the greatest sages in the innermost places of the Earth.

In the desert of Mongolia, a voice that has been very silent throughout the times will be proclaimed. An ancient and great Patriarch will show himself to Humanity and in his warmest and most expressive love, will show the consistent souls a divine and sacred legacy, well kept in the hearts of gold, because the souls will see the heart of that great sage shining like gold, and thus they will understand that a sacred knowledge, kept in the inner worlds, will be given as a key to those who will repopulate the Earth.

During the thousand years of peace, it will not be necessary to suffer, because in truth I tell you the New Humanity will finally have learned that it was not necessary to follow along this path and be distant from the Love of God.

At that time, the holy Divinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will be present in humanity. The Son of God will visit the Earth many times, and at that time many will know His true Aspect. They will not only see the Nazarene, but the Son of God Glorified in His most simple humility and Mercy. The hearts will feel at that moment the greatness of the Love of God and His infinite Pity.

In these times to come, everything will be more peaceful. No nation will oppose itself to another nation. The humanities will not be against the Laws of God nor the principles that lead the universes. Thus, the promised Earth will arrive, will come out alive from the Scriptures, and will be materialized on this planet, in the new congregated for peace.

And when the most sacred places are opened, as doors of light and great consciousness, to the eyes of all who deserve this, the Son of God, brighter than the sun and hundreds of stars, will be in Communion with His new people. The faults committed in the past will be erased. There will be a gap in time and space of the whole history of humanity, from the beginning of Adam to the birth of Christ, and afterward from the Ascension of Christ to the present. These times will be extirpated and this memory of your Master and Lord, in Israel, will prevail in the memory of the most humble. 

When the Holy Communion of the New Covenant between the consistent ones and Our God the Father is given, the essence of the Divine Trinity will be merged in each consciousness and all will rejoice, great joy will fill them, rejoicing, bliss, and glory will last a thousand years.

And finally, after that Holy Communion and the new covenant with the Glorified King, the Shepherd of multitudes and all races, will have all people, all nations and all languages understand themselves as they have never before understood because they will finally live in love.

The most dangerous weapons will be removed from the world. There will not be any weapon more potent than the one that God has through His Heart, which is the power of His Love.

The Earth will be free of many things in the days of the Final Judgment. The Earth will not tremble anymore, the seas will not be agitated when the Son of God comes among the clouds, lighting the entire universe upon the sleeping humanity.

I come today to give continuity to the prophecy that I once announced in the Temple. Joyful are those who believe in what I say, because times will go by, but My Words will flourish in the simple hearts. So be it.

Divine Hierarchy, of Angels and Archangels,
we open the door to you, let the Light in.
In the name of humanity,
we now invoke Your cosmic intervention. Amen.
(in Portuguese, three times)

Listen to the Voice of the Master with love, for the new codes that are being sown to enter into the consciousnesses of all, and within six months of your time, you will not recognize yourselves.

Today God wants the Son of God to be once more the Higher Priest for all the creatures on Earth and for all His followers.

May the souls be anointed by the sacred spirit of Healing, so that the Designs of God may be fulfilled in it. Amen.

Today I am pouring out the Rays of My Grace upon all the elements exhibited here so that My Grace is multiplied in all humanity. And now, not only you receive My Mercy but all races and cultures on Earth, which I am going to meet with, in a short time.

It is through the mystery of the Communion, of every bread and wine offered at My Altar, that I multiply, at this time, all the Rays of My Grace for them to reach all cultures of the world and for My Voice to be heard on all continents and languages. Remember that I still have this aspiration. Do not delay yourselves, because many souls agonize without being able to meet with the Lord again and not even being able to understand Him in their own languages.

My Message of Peace in this Sacred Week is extended throughout the whole world and, above all, on all those regions of the planet that do not live in peace but only in war and destruction.

Today I have gathered the priests and adorers because My Priests represent My disciples and the Adorers represent the peoples of God, those who listen to the Living Word that comes from the Heart of their Master.

Through these elements, companions, I am confirming that this is My Body, and this is My Blood and that My Word, the Word of God, will also reach the farthest places of the world, through the work and action of your beings in this Plan, united to your Redeemer.

Europe will have to reopen the doors for the Sacred Hearts to reach Asia and Oceania in the next cycle.

Today My Heart shows you the ardent desire to visit Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Australia, where My Message will multiply itself for the world and for all souls that are there.

Raise your offer to God.

Our Father (in Aramaic)

Our Father (in Portuguese and Spanish)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Our Lord is asking that a brother who speaks English comes here to pray Our Father in English, please, to complete this consecration.

Our Father (in English)

Be in peace, My son, My Grace is upon you. I thank you.

Glory to God in the highest and peace on Earth to all beings of goodwill.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you, dear companions, for having been with me today in this sacred proclamation of the divine Prophecy of God.

I thank you.


Like a sun that lights up essences and souls, we come to this world in this way. Like a pure light that comes from a Greater Light, today we kindle your souls, your spirits, your lives, so that they may be like a lamp in this world, in this nation and beyond it.

Today we have come as the Sacred Family of Nazareth to renew the principle of the families of this world. Together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the little Heart of Jesus, we are here to make your lives sacred, so that, again and again, you remember the true archetype you must manifest as humanity. If we still come to the world, it is because it is possible, children, that this archetype be expressed and you be carriers of divine perfection.

Today we are here as a hope, as an encouragement, because we know that many human hearts have already lost the hope of seeing a new world manifest itself and they believe it is a Utopia that this Earth can consecrate itself to God.

Look around you and do not see only the miseries, do not see only the spiritual and material poverty of humankind; do not see only the riches in the hands of a few, the great arrogance and the great misery of the human heart. Look at those beside you, see how they fervently pray, how today they opened the doors of Heaven so that Those Who were here more than two thousand years ago could return.

In this way, children, see that a celestial mystery exists that humanity still does not understand. An inner mystery exists that is hidden from yourselves. The truth is still silent, hidden in your hearts, that truth that makes you invincible and makes you capable of anything. When you fervently pray and when you are united with God, you can feel a drop of what you are in essence, you can feel that a vast universe exists, within and outside of you, that brings you great possibilities of life, of spiritual life, of divine life.

As the Sacred Family, we came to meet with you so that you may recognize that path of return to the Father, that you may find strength, the inner fortitude to persevere in the sacred and, through your own example, disseminate the life consecrated to the Father.

The despair in this world is born from the fact that chaos and evil are seen by all eyes, because they live by appearances, deceit and lies, and the truth and the good are hidden, showing themselves only to the eyes of the pure and those who enter into their own heart and strive every day to live them.

However, a drop of light overcomes all the darkness on this planet. An act of love destroys a war. A true prayer, said humbly, with the yielding of the human heart, causes the plans of darkness to disappear and does not allow certain things to manifest in this world.

However, the human heart has learned to live from appearances and only believes in what is expressed before their eyes, and what the mind can understand and verify. This is the greatest deceit, My children, that humanity lives, because the Mystery of God, as I have told you, is silent although powerful, because it unites with the Consciousness of the One, He Who created all things, He Who with a breath defeats all the evils of this world.

With everything I am telling you today, I want to draw you a little closer to what you truly are. I want you to feel and live every day what you felt yesterday and today when you prayed from your heart.

May that hope of seeing God be able to grow in your lives, and may prayer bring you ever closer to the truth and pull you away from the deviations that you once followed, which, as humanity, brought you to this point.

Through you, My children, we came to heal an ancient past, so that you may understand that with the simplicity of your hearts, we can perform great miracles, which in truth are miracles because you do not know the truth, because you do not know the true potential of your hearts.

Many do not believe in what we speak of, because day after day they become lost in their miseries and in the impossibility of persevering on this path. But if we are here today, children, it is because you can respond to this call, because you can consecrate the ground on which you live and have the Plan of God triumph.

Today, in front of your eyes, we are three, a simple, humble Family, which in the mystery of Its home, transformed the destiny of humanity and of all the universe, of all Creation. And in front of Our eyes, you are thousands, simple souls that must still unveil the secrets of God about themselves.

In front of Our eyes We see the transparency of your spirits and of your hearts, the possibility that God will manifest His Plan on Earth and in all the cosmos, the possibility that this wait will end which all of Creation is experiencing, of seeing Divine Love triumph.

In front of Our eyes, We contemplate your essences, We contemplate the potential for Love that one day expressed itself on the Cross and that today must be expressed in the calvary of this world.

One day, Divine Love emerged from the Heart of a Man who, today, expresses Himself to you as a child. That Love was born of His striving, of His sacrifice, of the struggle He overcame against Himself and against all evil.

Now, children, the universe waits for that same love to be born in your essences, through your striving, through the daily surrender of your sacrifice, through your perseverance in overcoming yourselves, in the simplest things, for I will not ask you for great things, I will not ask of you  great martyrdom, flagellation, crown of thorns, or death on a cross.

I will ask you to love your brothers and sisters as they are, to say 'no' to all anger, all criticism, to all value judgments.

I will ask you to renounce the pleasures and distractions of this world a little more each day. I will ask you to offer your purification and that you not complain so much, when, in truth, you receive everything from God.

I will ask you to be more grateful and that, on your knees, you pray to God every day, thanking the Father for the Graces you have received and asking Him for those who have nothing, neither in body nor in spirit; asking for those who are ignorant, for the indifferent, for the Kingdoms of Nature. I will ask you to help those Kingdoms, that you pray for them, that you pray with them, that you serve them, that you respect them as Creations of God, as bearers of the Divine Presence in the world; that you learn with them about a love that is also unique, which multiplies the love that exists in your souls.

I will ask, children, that each day you give something of yourselves to a fellow being. It is in this way that the cross of the world is carried.

With those very simple things, I lead you to God. I know that even with this, in spite of the simplicity of My Words, at this time it is difficult to defeat the human condition. That is why we are here, that is why every day we give you so many Graces, so many blessings, we give you so many opportunities to stand up after each fall. It is for this reason that Our hands are always stretched out to humanity and that, in spite of the flagellation that the Heart of God still experiences because of human actions, the Creator still allows Us to come to this world.

But I ask you from My Heart, with the humility of My Divine Heart, that you persevere, that you recognize your difficulties, but that you not hold on to them. Hold on firmly, children, to those instances in which a pure love can emerge from you.

And in this way, help Us to free this world from all the errors of the past. With these very simple actions, you change yesterday's errors. When you love and accept your brothers and sisters, you are bringing balance to all the faults committed yesterday through the lack of understanding of the human heart, through its inability to accept the different cultures and expressions of souls.

The divine mystery is immense and sometimes incomprehensible to the human mind; thus, before you try to understand, I ask you to experience and live every day this divine way of love, be it with your fellow being, with the Kingdoms of Nature, or in the silence of your own heart, be it in an intimate prayer with God.

With this very simple lesson, I come to take you out of yourselves a little, so that I can thus expand the liberation of this world, of this nation and all the beings that are listening to Us today. Because hearts take Us beyond this place, each home that opens its door to Us, also opens the door of their nation and offers humanity a further opportunity to reach God.

Now I will ask you to sing and cry out for peace, so that the portals of the Kingdom of God may open, and that what we came to do in this world may be done, not only by Us, but through the intercession of the human heart. Cry out for peace for all souls, for all the Kingdoms, for the whole planet.


And today I offer you a greater liberation and salvation of this world and of the whole universe: it is the Body and the Blood of My Son, given for you and for all the Creation of God. May that Grace multiply for all souls and for all the Kingdoms.

My small Child lifts up His Hands and blesses these elements so that they may be converted into a source of transformation for souls and of liberation for this world.

 Our Father in Aramaic.

May the Peace of Christ, of Mary, and of My Chaste Heart be in your lives and on the whole planet.

I thank you for being here and for multiplying these Graces for all of humanity. Pray, children, so that this doorway of peace continue to expand and broaden, so that more souls find God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and with the hope of being reborn in spirit and of being one with God.

I thank you.

At this moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on this same day, November 19, 2016.

Special Messages

Today I cast the stars of My Crown upon the Earth, so that the celestial brightness that covers the Queen of the World may awaken those who are still asleep and those who remain in the darkness of the consciousness, in ignorance.

My children, when My stars cross the threshold that exists between Heaven and Earth, a new dawn breaks in the lives of all beings. Each of My stars symbolizes the living attributes of My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.

I bring upon My head a crown of 12 stars so that each time My feet touch the Earth, the hearts of the world may receive this luminous sign that descends from Heaven, this symbol of redemption that brings with it the Gifts of the Holy Spirit of God.

A great mystery is kept within My Crown of stars. Each of the new apostles of Christ will have within My Crown of stars the inspiration and instruction for their apostolate.

Contemplate with your heart the brilliance of My stars and allow this mystery of the Woman clothed with the Sun to enter into your consciousnesses. 

My beloved ones, through these stars, God pours out the awakening of His Holy Spirit into creatures, pours out upon the world the hidden teachings that live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The stars that form My Crown are the keys to the awakening of your spirits, they are the keys to open the doors of the heart and to open the doors of Heaven.

Those of My children who seek the Creator, carrying in their heart one of My stars, will be recognized as children of God and His faithful Servant. The one who permanently assumes this celestial star on their chest will be recognized as a beloved child of the Woman clothed with the Sun.

If you receive this symbol of love within your hearts, you will be protected from all evil, and if you sincerely trust in this mystery that I deposit into your hearts, the dragons that roam the world will not find you.

Perceive, My children, the stars that descend from Heaven to Earth, stars that come from My blessed Crown and are here to seal the commitment of My children with My Immaculate Heart.

Be as the child from the prophecy of John, the Apostle, be in My arms, protected by the Sun and by the stars of My Crown; in this way, no evil will approach your hearts.

The Heavens count on the faith in the hearts of humans, they count on the response that each one can give to the Lord when they listen to My Words. Be faithful to the voice of your own heart when My Voice, full of the Holy Spirit, echoes within you. Be simple and humble to understand, always through the heart, the Words that I pronounce.

The most hidden mysteries that live within My Kingdom are unveiled through the purity of the heart and not from the cunning of the mind.

My beloveds, it is already time to unveil some mysteries to your beings. Those who open their hearts to listen to them will receive from the Spirit of God the necessary discernment and comprehension to understand and live the Will of God contained within these mysteries.

Those who try to hear My Words and find their veracity through the mind will suffer the darkness of ignorance and will not allow the Spirit of God to echo within their hearts, to search the depths of their spirits and tear the veils of their consciousnesses.

Receive My call today with love. Receive within your hearts the mystery enclosed within My Crown of stars, seek and ask the Lord that these stars may be present within your hearts, because if one of My stars finds space in the hearts of humans, the Holy Spirit can descend upon the Earth and ignite the human heart with Divine Fire.

I thank you, My beloved and little children, for allowing yourselves to be guided by My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the World and Queen of Peace

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