Thursday, December 19 of 2013

Monthly messages

Those who permit themselves to enter into My Most Chaste Heart discover in their inner the life of simplicity and of purity which I talk to you about day after day.

Before seeking with the mind to live My words and to understand through reasoning My instructions, dive into the depth of My Chaste Heart that today is given to you.  By means of My Chastity you will sprout in your beings the chastity and the purity that is held in your hearts.

The instructions that I bring to you are unveiled in the silence and are lived in the purity and in the simplicity.  Be simple of heart, of mind and of spirit and seek in the joy of praising God the key for the most consistent transformation.

Seek to express that which your souls ask you and seek to be as God inspires you because that which comes from God is serene, pure and truthful and radiates light to those who need to exit from darkness.

Everything in your lives must be in Glory to the Creator: each action, each thought, each feeling, each prayer and each song.  If you think only in God you will soon forget about your own selves and you will see the light of the transformation of Christ acting, without you realizing it.

My dear companions, it has come the time to receive one more impulse from My Son Jesus, because for those that know how to see and that open the heart, the birth of Christ will not only be in the memory, but it will be alive in the inner and in the essence of all beings.

Prepare for the Child King the most simple dwelling because it will not be in ornateness that you will receive Christ.  Within the kingdoms of nature that humbly express the simplicity of the Son of God must be prepared the crib for Jesus Christ, the King of kings of this Universe.

Beloved companions, by means of My presence and of the Light that I radiate through My Most Chaste Heart, feel in your hearts the greatness of the moment in which you are living because, by means of My presence, I bring to the inner memory of your hearts the birth of Christ and the infinite joy that was lived in the Heavens and on the Earth with His great arrival to the world.

Meditate today on this birth and permit that it happen again and to be a reality not only in the Sacred Family but also in the life of each one of you.

Year after year this mystery will become more visible and to those who may know how to transcend the worldly festivities to discover the Divine celebration, an impulse will be given and, to the extent of the openness of each consciousness, a living Christ will be born and will awaken in the inner.

I thank you eternally for being united to My Chaste Heart.

I accompany you permanently.

Your faithful companion,

Saint Joseph.