Thursday, December 19 of 2013

Monthly Messages

Those who permit themselves to enter into My Most Chaste Heart discover in their inner the life of simplicity and of purity which I talk to you about day after day.

Before seeking with the mind to live My words and to understand through reasoning My instructions, dive into the depth of My Chaste Heart that today is given to you.  By means of My Chastity you will sprout in your beings the chastity and the purity that is held in your hearts.

The instructions that I bring to you are unveiled in the silence and are lived in the purity and in the simplicity.  Be simple of heart, of mind and of spirit and seek in the joy of praising God the key for the most consistent transformation.

Seek to express that which your souls ask you and seek to be as God inspires you because that which comes from God is serene, pure and truthful and radiates light to those who need to exit from darkness.

Everything in your lives must be in Glory to the Creator: each action, each thought, each feeling, each prayer and each song.  If you think only in God you will soon forget about your own selves and you will see the light of the transformation of Christ acting, without you realizing it.

My dear companions, it has come the time to receive one more impulse from My Son Jesus, because for those that know how to see and that open the heart, the birth of Christ will not only be in the memory, but it will be alive in the inner and in the essence of all beings.

Prepare for the Child King the most simple dwelling because it will not be in ornateness that you will receive Christ.  Within the kingdoms of nature that humbly express the simplicity of the Son of God must be prepared the crib for Jesus Christ, the King of kings of this Universe.

Beloved companions, by means of My presence and of the Light that I radiate through My Most Chaste Heart, feel in your hearts the greatness of the moment in which you are living because, by means of My presence, I bring to the inner memory of your hearts the birth of Christ and the infinite joy that was lived in the Heavens and on the Earth with His great arrival to the world.

Meditate today on this birth and permit that it happen again and to be a reality not only in the Sacred Family but also in the life of each one of you.

Year after year this mystery will become more visible and to those who may know how to transcend the worldly festivities to discover the Divine celebration, an impulse will be given and, to the extent of the openness of each consciousness, a living Christ will be born and will awaken in the inner.

I thank you eternally for being united to My Chaste Heart.

I accompany you permanently.

Your faithful companion,

Saint Joseph.

Thursday, December 19 of 2013


On this day I bless the Marian Center of the Child King, which on every December 24, is to celebrate his birthday.

They must prepare a nativity scene for the Lord that will symbolize the Birth of Christ in all of humanity.

Through My little children and the pure devotion they radiate to My Heart, in each of you I place this seed that will awaken on the coming December 24.

My dear ones, with Joy, celebrate the Birth of the Lord and contemplate this grand moment when He comes to the Earth once more, to redeem all hearts in spirit and consciousness.

I bless you.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Today, Saint Joseph appeared all in white, with a white robe and a white mantle over it. And for the first time, He came with His Most Chaste Heart exposed. It was a Heart that beat, surrounded by white lilies, and radiated much Light to each of us.

While He spoke and transmitted His Message through His Heart, images of the Birth of Christ began to appear from that Light He radiated. He explained to us that He was placing that inner memory in each of us, He was transforming that event into a reality in each of our hearts.

When He called the sisters of the Marian Center of the Child King, He said they had a special task in that Marian Center, especially now at Christmas. He called them guardians of the Child King. When He blessed each of them, from His Heart came lilies that appeared above the ears of the sisters. Those lilies were reaching the whole Marian Center of the Child King.

Saint Joseph showed that, in His omnipresence, He was also there on this day. In His hands, He carried a crown of white lilies, which He place on Pama's head.

(Sister Lucía de Jesús reads the Monthly Message of December 19, 2013.)


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

 We wish to share an experience that Saint Joseph asked we transmit to everybody.

Everything that Sister Lucía saw, I also could see, just as she described.

When Saint Joseph was present, He approached in a very overwhelming way. We remained in silence, following that great moment. He then focused His gaze on us and said: "Through Me, you will see something that I want to show and reveal today."

Saint Joseph opened His arms, just as our Divine Mother does, and began to project the Light of His Chaste Heart over us.

At a certain point, a door behind Him opened, and in awareness, we saw ourselves transferred to a moment in the story of the Sacred Family.

In the story He was showing us, several facts were presented, and He silently followed this and showed it to us little by little.

The scene began with the Sacred Family going to Egypt to take refuge. At that moment, in the scene appeared an oasis and many palm trees, a line of palm trees, and the Sacred Family went through them. It was a desert, and when the Sacred Family went through there, the palm trees reverently bowed down; all the Plant Kingdom made this gesture.

At a certain point, the Sacred Family stopped at a mirror of water in that oasis, and the Child Jesus, who was around three or four years old, was sitting in that mirror of water, refreshing Himself a little, while Mary was sitting at the margin of that mirror of water, and Saint Joseph was on the other side of the lake, gathering up some water in a skin bag.

At that moment, the three gathered together and something divine happened: Heaven opened, and a white Light descended over them. They showed Their Three Sacred Hearts, which began to blend. Then a triangulation among the three was projected, a golden triangle that united Heart to Heart.

At that moment in the Apparition, Saint Joseph said that was the first instance in which humanity was being saved, experiencing its first step in redemption through the Purity that Jesus radiated when a child.

At another moment, He was showing when they were entering Egypt: many images of other gods, that appeared to the right and the left of the Sacred Family, began to fall.

All the Egyptians that appeared in that moment faced the Sacred Family, crossed the path they were traveling, and just from the passing of the Sacred Family, Saint Joseph was showing us how those brothers and sisters were also being healed; some were physically sick, other spiritually so.

But the Sacred Family was arriving in Egypt silently.

At another moment, Saint Joseph showed us the scene of the Visitation of Mary, when Mary was visiting Isabel. That moment was very intense because from inside of the two sisters, who recognized each other, the Holy Spirit was emerging. Saint Joseph showed us that Mary's and Isabel's gestation was sublime, divine; not only God was incarnating, as in  Mary's case.

After a moment, Saint Joseph showed us when Jesus was very small and John was a little older than Jesus, and the simplicity they radiated was very strong, but they also radiated the Presence of the Father.

Another moment Saint Joseph showed us, which He said was another step that humanity experienced in its redemption, was when Jesus preached in the temple. At that moment, the Words Jesus was speaking were transformative to all those beings that heard Christ. And in spite of Him being twelve years old, said Saint Joseph, He could already manifest the Will of God, and all the beings were quickly transformed. Saint Joseph says: "That was the first time in history that God made Flesh was able to speak the Word of Life through the Presence of Jesus."

Saint Joseph carried on, also showing us other scenes, and the last one, which was marked, was when Jesus was already an adult. He said that scene referred to the moment before Jesus began His public life. Saint Joseph was already a mature man, with white hair and a white beard.

In that scene, He was together with Jesus and Mary; They were going through a definitive time. Saint Joseph looked very tired, while at the same time, very loving, supporting the task that Jesus would carry out. They spoke to each other through gaze and silence; at no moment of the experience did they speak physically to each other, but rather through deep feeling. This reflected a very intense purity in each of the facts, a purity which could not be resisted; it was beyond our control. At that moment, Saint Joseph was observing Christ, who was at the point of beginning His task. Saint Joseph was saying goodbye to Mary and Jesus.

Something that Saint Joseph added in that scene was that He was able to incarnate as Patriarch, as a Messenger of God.

So once again He projected His Chaste Heart upon us, and a much higher and stronger energy, which could be felt in the heart, was like tearing our inner world apart, and He said: "In the offering of My Chaste Heart, I can dissolve your sorrows."

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