Friday, August 25 of 2017

Weekly Messages

When My Heart comes to the world, it is not only to bring souls the Gift of Peace. I come to teach them to experience this Gift that God has already given them through the presence of His Divine Messengers.

I come in humility and silence so that souls may understand that the great things are only achievable when the heart knows to be small. The most infinite and hidden mysteries are revealed as a higher understanding to the heart that knows how to be humble, even without recognizing this in itself. Because God seeks the least to reveal His Face to them, seeks the most imperfect, yet who are willing to be someone else every day, allowing their hard clay to be molded by the Hands of the Celestial Potter.

Those who love the appearance of their own clay and take care of it as if it was a treasure will never be able to become receptacles of a true treasure, of a Universal Legacy. That is why, children, I continue to come to your encounter, because you have a long way to go in your yielding to God, a long way to surrender. This Work is not complete yet, but it can be constant if you were willing, every day, to begin again and be different. Every day offer the Father a small part of your clay so that it may be transformed and, thus, He can little by little design His Work through you.

Children, find the true meaning of life in transformation, so that at last, you can one day discover the truth about yourselves.

There is a meaning for human existence; there is a truth that transcends appearances and there is an experience to be lived that transcends all teachings and all wisdom written in the Sacred Books of this world.

Contrary to what many think, in order to know, you must be, and in order to be, you must allow yourselves to be transformed. I am here to help you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 19 of 2017

Apparition of Saint Joseph at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When Baby Jesus was small, Most Holy Mary was a young woman and I had to leave their Sacred and Pure Hearts to be beside God. My Heart was anguished.

My life had always been a life of resignation, from the beginning to the end, this was the form God shaped My human condition and manifested in My Being, in all My consciousness, His Divine Purpose.

To resign, children, was never a simple thing for Me. My Heart - as each human heart - was full of attachments, wills, that little by little were sublimated, but it was in the last minute of My life, when I had to resign being with Mary and Jesus, that finally I was able to surrender the human will and experience the Will of God.

This is the impulse I bring you for the last day of the novena (1) that I am transmitting to you, because in order to start a new cycle it is necessary to resign the past cycle, placing all in the hands of God so that nothing belongs to you, only the Grace of being in emptiness.

On this last day, you will pray to the Father in My Name, for you to learn to resign and, like me, take sure steps, because you will be empty of yourselves and full of God:

Lord, as you taught Saint Joseph to resign,
until the last minute of His life,
teach us to resign, teach us to surrender our lives
and give us the Grace of being in emptiness,
in the nothingness that leads us to the plenitude of Your Heart.

Today I come on a special request of My Son, because He honors the hearts that are small and that are simple. I came here not only to speak to you once more, I came to imprint in your essences the example of My life, of My Chaste Heart, so that this way you learn to take secure steps.

Today I come to invite you to surrender, at the feet of this altar, all the pride and human will, for you to start this new cycle in a different way, a little emptier of yourselves. Because in Heaven you are considered soldiers of God, an army that works for Peace and that makes an effort or should make an effort every day for this purpose of Peace to manifest itself not only in your lives, but on the whole planet.

Children, the Consciousness of this world, which is a Consciousness of perpetual sacrifice, is agonizing. Its Spirit cannot support the Earth anymore, cannot sustain the chaos and the evil that struggles in humanity.

Therefore, I come today in the name of this Consciousness, in the name of this Sacred Consciousness, of the spirit of resignation, of abnegation, that comes to deposit its experience on the planet, for humanity to learn what is the essence of the Plan of God for Earth. All those who came from heaven, from the stars, to learn in this world, came to experience a learning of resignation, of surrender, of service, in order to balance their debts and to learn to love.

Those who fulfilled this Purpose experienced and are experiencing to this day, with plenitude, the constant surrender of their hearts, of their evolution and often, children, resign also to the Will of God for their consciousnesses, to wait for others to be able to take steps together with them.

Today, I want to reveal to you a mystery for strengthening your lives. Not for you to take it with the same indifference with which humanity has seen all the revelations that the Universe presented them pass by.

This planet is very ancient and guards within it many stories, however, the Universe and the Cosmos, that are upon you all the time, are much more ancient than it.

This infinite Cosmos, that came from the Divine Consciousness as a great aspiration of God to be renewed, followed its evolution. God created the angels, the archangels, the suns, the planets, He created the dimensions that little by little separated Him from His creatures, not so that He would not be with them, but for them to strengthen themselves, crossing one obstacle after the other, until returning to the Divine Consciousness.

And these creatures multiplied, monitored by angels and archangels, and started developing their evolution. The archangels were respected as the real governors of the Universe because They brought the Divine Thought. Their will was the Will of God. They represented the nearest expression of the Creator to His creatures. This way, they were loved and respected by all. Their word was law that was kept alive in the heart of all creatures.

But the beings of the universe - who knew how to share goodness, but lacked something - were not able to cross the dimensions to reach the Heart of God. And the Creator manifested a Divine Project that would be full of difficulties, but that would keep in itself a great potential to transform all life on Earth.

This Project was created by an archangel, who got confused with his own creations, to the point of allowing himself to be deceived by those creatures that were manifested to be the obstacles of life on Earth. His eyes did not shine like the light anymore, but even so, many creatures respected him. His deceits, his mistakes, led many beings of the universe to commit serious, irreparable mistakes, that caused wounds that reached the Heart of God. But the Project on Earth was not stopped because, even so, the creatures that would live on Earth kept a potential of a unique love, capable of converting even the darkest of the creatures, and this way, bringing back the shine of the eyes of that Creator Father, so loved by the Universe, that sovereign archangel, who, confused by false laws, fell into error.

The Project of Earth, children, is still a hope in the Heart of God, not only for the souls to experience Redemption, but also for those who are in the Cosmos and still wait to be able to cross the dimensions to reach the Heart of the Father, to be able to  return.

And I reveal to you a greater mystery: these creatures, all the creatures who left the Heart of God when He multiplied Himself into Three, must return not only for God to experience Unity, but also for the Creator to renew Himself, overcome Himself in Love through His creatures, who are living parts of His Heart; thus, one day a new evolution begins, based on the love that was born on Earth, that redeemed human life and the Universal life, until the Heart of God is renewed and overcome.

Many may think that this destiny is distant, that this reality is so far away from their lives, but I come to tell you, My children, that this reality begins within each one of you when you are able to transcend the human condition, the very small difficulties, the petty thought that is always upon you and that does not let you understand that you are not on this Earth only for your own evolution, but for the divine evolution, because you are part of the Consciousness of God; that you are so mistaken and so lost as that Creator Father who got confused in the Universe.

Today, I come to open your eyes, at the request of My Son, for you to awaken to a superior Truth and not be mistaken anymore. The priorities of your lives must be different, even if your feet have to touch the ground every day until the end of your evolution on Earth.

Through you, by the real awakening of your hearts, life on Earth transforms itself and this smallness of everyday life will not be the only reason for human existence anymore. You did not come to the world only to be born, study, work, get married, have children, get old and die. This is not the meaning of life. It was not for this that God created humanity.

Let this hidden potential, that reveals the real meaning of the human existence, awake in your essences. Let this Purpose, My children, convert your lives and transform them, not for you to quit studying or working, but for you to become an engine of transformation in the places where you study, where you work, where you live. Be the living seed of this superior Purpose that little by little converts all around it to, some day, transform life on Earth and make it sacred.

If there is no rain, rivers do not become full, lakes dry out. Each drop of rain is important for rivers to be renewed and lakes to grow and reflect the Universe in the life on Earth. If you think that you are a small drop in the human existence, I say that this is right, you are a small, simple, almost insignificant drop in humanity; but if your hearts are filled by the divine Grace and if you let yourselves be part of this rain that comes from the Cosmos to renew life on Earth, then yes, My children, this drop has meaning to exist and will make a difference, not only in the life of this world, but in the whole Universe.

Let My words resonate in your hearts, because today I do not speak only to your minds, I am awakening your spirits. I am bringing each one of them here, for them to contemplate your hearts and feel what you are feeling in this moment.

What will you show to these spirits in evolution? I know that many do not believe in My words and, as you cannot see Me with the physical eyes, many do not believe that I am here. But, today, children, let My presence reveal itself inside your hearts. Feel My words as a universal ray that descends onto the world to transform you permanently. And finally, let your spirits in evolution feel hope, even if only for an instant, when your hearts are open to listen to the word of God in the echo of His Messengers.

Today, I do not come to close a cycle with you, I come to begin a new cycle. Therefore, My Verb opens the doors of a new life to you.

Each one of you, My children, must be responsible for your own steps to enter or not enter, through this door that I open to you, that leads to the Universe, to the Infinite; that leads to the Kingdoms that hide inside the Earth, for you to recognize them when they emerge on the surface; for you to have your hearts united to the hearts of the Hierarchies when They manifest themselves in the eyes of the human beings, because many will not understand My words and will not remember them when everything happens. But you must remember, you must keep the heart in peace and experience the moment for which you came to Earth, for  which you prepared yourselves for so many years, for which I prepared you in the silence of a persistent instruction, almost invisible to humanity.

Yes, times are getting acute on the planet, but your attention must not be on the human suffering, but in all you can do to repair and balance the life of humanity.

This way, even if the souls suffer, even if he Kingdoms are in pain, the essences, children, can be saved and have an opportunity through the merits generated by your hearts.

At the request of God, soon I will no longer be coming to Earth every day. But, while the Creator allows Me to, I will be with My children, My friends and companions, in a constant attempt that you experience the awakening every Friday. This way, children, God wants to teach you  to value the teaching of the Divine Messengers and understand that, truly, times are changing and the soldiers and companions of Christ must be consistent with this change.

Although you will not see Me every day, I will be with you, because My house will not be here only, but the whole planet. My Instruction must expand to all humanity. If My Heart distances itself, apparently, it is not a symbol of abandonment, but a symbol, My children, that you have already grown sufficiently to, little by little, start liberating the Divine Messengers for them to fulfill larger tasks.

During this time, grow, mature your hearts and generate merits so that, one day, you may know the real history of this humanity, that goes way beyond all that I have told you.

Today, once more I hand you the Reliquary of My Heart as a symbol of My eternal gratitude for responding to My call.

Although many of you still do not believe it, when My Son places His feet upon the Earth and His Holy Mother also becomes visible to the human eyes, I will be with Them and the Sacred Family, that one day was the symbol of hope for the humanity, will show itself to the human beings with Divine Hearts, resplendent Spirits that will show you the path and the definite time to begin again.

Today, for a divine Grace, not only the Heart of My Son will be manifested in this bread and in this wine. Today, I take the Reliquary of My Heart off from My chest and, at the request of God, once more, I empty Myself of everything, for love of humanity, for love to the Plan that the Creator has for this Earth and mainly, children, so that one day you may imitate My example, you may return to the Father and make your evolution a triumph to renew and surpass the Heart of God.

Receive this Grace from My Heart that multiplies itself. Extend your hands to Me. And as an infinite mystery, as I consecrate this bread and this wine, I consecrate your souls, your lives and ask you not to be the same. To not surrender to human pride, to the smallness of your personalities. That, finally, you experience the Will of God for each one of you.

May My Heart multiply itself, touch not only your hands, but all your being, entering into your essences, removing the cloaks of illusion, for God to manifest Himself inside of you.

Put the hands on your heart, elevate the bread and the wine and pray with Me Our Father in Aramaic, as My Son taught you such a long time ago.

I ask you to paint, in a very simple way, the Reliquary for My Chaste Heart so that in each Marian Center, every Friday and especially on the 19th of each month, you can contemplate It and remember that It is not only before you, but that, on this day, I deposited It inside of you, for It to transform you little by little, until you are able to be an expression of the new humanity.

With these words, I thank you, I elevate Myself to the Heavens, to the Sublime Kingdoms, with the song of the angels and archangels and in the divine hope that you may renew yourselves, renew the Heart of God, be a breathe to the Heart of Christ, a triumph to the Heavenly Mother and a symbol that it was worthwhile to be among the human beings for so long at the end of times.

I thank you.

Sing. And offer this moment for all of humanity, to the Kingdoms of Nature, for the spirit of the planet and also relieve your wounded heart.

I bless and renew you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The most chaste Saint Joseph

1. Novena of Saint Joseph to Start New Spiritual Cycles

Saturday, August 19 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Ninth day of the Novena

When the Child Jesus was little and the Most Holy Mary was a young woman, I had to leave Their Sacred and Pure Hearts so as to be beside God, and My Heart was distressed.

My life was always a life of renunciation, from beginning to the end; it was in this way that God polished My human condition and manifested in My Being, throughout My whole consciousness, His Divine Purpose.

Renouncing, children, was never a simple thing for Me. My Heart - like every human heart - was full of attachments, desires, which gradually became sublimated, but it was at the last moment of My life, when I had to renounce being with Mary and Jesus, that I was finally able to give up human will and live the Will of God.

This is the impulse that I bring to you for the last day of the novena that I am transmitting, because, to begin each cycle, it is necessary to renounce the cycle that has passed, surrendering everything into the Hands of God so that nothing belongs to you, except the Grace of being in emptiness.

On this final day, you will pray to the Father in My Name so that you learn to renounce and, like Me, you take safe steps, because you will be empty of yourselves and filled with God:

just as you taught Saint Joseph to renounce up
to the last instant of His life,
teach us to renounce, teach us to surrender our lives
and give us the Grace of being in the void, in the nothing,
which leads us to the fullness of Your Heart.


The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 18 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Eighth day of the novena

When we were in Jerusalem and noticed that we had lost Our Son, the Son of God, My Heart was filled with anguish and affliction. I felt I was the worst of men, the most unworthy and the most distracted, because I was not able to take care of the greatest Treasure of the Universe.

For a moment, I failed in the test of thinking that the responsibility of the Plan of God corresponded to Me and that, as I had failed to the Lord, losing His Son, everything was lost with Him. The Most Holy Mary remained serene, as if She knew where the Boy was, but My human and fragile Heart was about to take My own life.

That anguish lasted three days until we found Him in the Temple, filled with His Father and in the most resplendent expression that His small consciousness had manifested. Jesus was in the House of His Father, taking care of the things of His Father, doing what He came to do in the world. At that moment, My ignorance gave place to humility and I understood that the Will of God is inalterable. He gives us the possibility of collaborating with His Plan for our own salvation, but this Plan does not depend on anyone but God.

Children, for you to be before the mission that God has ordered for you with humility and to understand that His Will will always be fulfilled beyond human actions, pray to the Father in My Name, saying:

just as you tested Saint Joseph,
for Him to awaken Divine Humility within,
test us so that we may be humble,
and show us that it is not You Who have need of our service,
but we are who need to serve You in order
to reach the Redemption and Salvation of our souls,
for Your Plan will always be fulfilled.

May humility awaken in your hearts and overfill you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, August 17 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Seventh Day of the novena

When the Angel warned Me that I should leave with the Holy Virgin and the Boy to Egypt, because people would try to kill Him in Bethlehem, in My Chaste Heart I saw everything that would come to happen. I took the Boy in my arms and placed My Holy Spouse on the mule. There We understood that Our life would be an eternal battle until the Boy could fulfill His Mission.

The Most Holy Mary was also able to see what would happen with the children in Bethlehem, She could hear the screams and tears of their mothers and could feel the pain of God in Her Pure Heart. We had to leave without looking back, trusting in the fact that we were leaving so many children for the salvation of One Child who, someday, would return their lives to them. In Our Hearts, we strengthened the faith in God and during the whole journey, we prayed for His little children and We knew that He was listening to Us.

Sometimes, children, God asks you to walk without looking back, to apparently leave alone people whom you love, who need your care, but you should know that your spiritual steps provide greater support than your presence. Physically you can protect a body and, spiritually you can save a soul, an essence, the whole evolution of a being.

For this reason, if one day God calls you to walk without looking back, do not fear to take these steps, because they will, someday, be the motive for the salvation of those who stayed behind you. For you not to fear, and to strengthen your own faith, pray to God in My Name:

just as You called Saint Joseph,
and He responded to Your Call,
call upon us and teach us not to look back;
lead us and strengthen our faith in You;
guide us so that we may know
that life in this world fades away,
but the merits of the spirit endure forever.

Children, during this transition, trust in the fact that taking spiritual steps is what matters the most because even if the world trembles and life fades away, it will be the merits generated in the purity of your hearts that will allow life to be recovered and the Earth to be rebuilt with principles of Love and Unity.

I saw the world tremble, I saw war consume the hearts of humankind. I left Mine behind to support the Boy and, one day I also left the Boy, by the Will of God, and it was from Heaven, with My Invisible Eyes placed upon the Earth, that I saw souls recover life and Love be stronger than war.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, August 16 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Sixth day of the novena

When I was called to go to Bethlehem with the Most Holy Mary, when She was so fragile and about to give birth to the Child, I found Myself in the face of another test of faith. I knew that the Prophecies were starting to be fulfilled and that the Son of God would come to the world as it was stated on the Sacred Scriptures, but My mind and My heart were being tested and harassed at every moment of that mission. I had to innerly bear all discouragement from the enemy of God and hold my faith above its false strength.

The journey was long and, although the Virgin Mary was helped by the angels and archangels, She was tired, for She also had to bear the harassments of the enemy. The Son of God was about to come, and both Light and darkness had their eyes set upon Us.

Arriving in Bethlehem, I wanted to search for the best place for the Child and His Holy Mother, but all we received were humiliation and successive contempt. We prayed to God for Him to guide Us, until We were conducted to the caves of Bethlehem. After so many tests, I understood that God had not abandoned Us with His Son, but in His Divine Thought He did not have my human idea of what was best for the Child. The Father wanted His Son to demonstrate His Humility to the world from the beginning. And so, it was among the poor and amidst the humblest and most serving animals that the Son of Man came to be born.

Sometimes, children, we need to be tested, humiliated and even despised in order to purify our human will and find out that God has not abandoned us, but that He was waiting for us in the inner compound, where our hearts can experience humility. Therefore, when you feel lost, tested, humiliated and lonely, pray to the Father in My Name and, with My intercession, I will help you to find the place of inner humility, where God awaits you:

like the Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
test me, so that my faith may be fortified;
purify me, so that I may set aside the old human;
and teach me to let myself be humiliated
so that I may discover that, in humility, You wait
to reveal Your Heart to me.


Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, August 15 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Fifth day of the novena

When the Holy Spirit descended upon the Most Holy Mary, placing in Her Pure Womb the Savior of the World, the Son of God, the Messiah awaited by the people of Israel, My Heart trembled before this mystery.

Between the feeling of not being worthy of such Grace and the struggle with My human condition, to truly understand the Will of God for Our Family, I had to take a leap of faith and of spiritual maturity, because I knew that after the "yes" of the Holy Virgin, My response would be definitive for the fulfillment of that Plan.

Many times, God places His greatest trust in His smallest and most imperfect children. This leads them to grow and overcome themselves, and with the step of these children of His, all of humanity takes a step in their inner growth.

When God entrusts you with a mission that seems great, even if you do not understand its greatness and do not embrace the responsibility it brings, say "yes" to the Father, praying in My Name:

just as Saint Joseph, Who was small and imperfect,
accepted the great mission that You entrusted to Him,
help us to accept Your Will, to assume our mission
and to grow in maturity and love for Your Saving Plan.


Your Father and Companion, with a Heart similar to your heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Monday, August 14 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Fourth day of the novena

When I was called to the Temple to marry a Saintly and Pure Virgin, My Heart was before a challenge and an inner test.

For Myself, I had planned a life of silence, chastity and solitude. I had not thought of marrying, of constituting a family and sharing My experience on Earth with one, because I thought My mission could not be understood by anyone, as it was even a great mystery for myself.

When I saw the Most Holy Mary, a profound Love for God awakened within me, and this Love reflected in Me as a purity never experienced before.

I was solitary in this world, like the dry tuberose staff I held in My hands, and the Purity of the Most Holy Mary, reflected in Me, made the staff blossom. I thus understood the Will of God and renounced everything I had thought of for My life.

When the Will of God calls you to renounce your own plans, even though they may seem spiritual, so that you may live something you never thought to live, empty yourselves of yourselves, and pray to the Father, in My Name, saying:

You, Who awakened Purity in the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph
and caused Him to renounce His human will,
give us the Grace of being pure and simple
so that we may renounce our will
and live only Yours.


There is no greater gift than living the Will of God and seeing it made manifest in your own life. For this reason, lose the fear of tearing up your own plans and of opening your hands to receive the Scroll of the Divine Will.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, August 13 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Third day of the novena

I was still young when I came to know the Essene people in the desert. God placed a great mystery before Me, which, at the same time, was absolutely different from everything I knew - as a culture, as spiritual life and as a social way of life- but it was also known within Me. It was like a mirror of everything I held within Me, like a hidden life that could not express itself because it could not find space for manifestation.

Even being before something new and unknown, a lesson that transcended the Sacred Books and was renewed in each instant - just like Life- I launched myself into this experience and allowed My inner world to find that safe place, which it had searched for, for so long, in order to express itself.

When you are before a new teaching or a new way of understanding Life, when you are faced with something that calls you to a renewal, meditate on My example and pray to God, in My Name, saying:

just as Saint Joseph recognized
Your Impulses and Your Truth in His Life,
teach us to be before the new and 
allow us to be renewed, without fear,
by Universal Truth.


These will be times of many tests, but also of many revelations. You will be faced with Truths that you did not know and you will also be able to more broadly understand what you were taught through symbols and parables.

For this reason, children, pray and prepare your hearts so that you do not fear being faced with that which is new.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 12 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Second day of the novena

On the second day of the novena, you will meditate on my youth, when My Heart was faced with all the earthly stimuli, all the impulses that were calling Me to be like other young people of My time; when I experienced the rejection, humiliation and misunderstanding of My brothers, sisters and friends, because God was calling Me to a life of surrender, of chastity and of silence.

In a time-period when the human condition was coarse and stood out beyond any spiritual aspiration, My Heart prevailed in the face of the stimuli of the body, and I was able to offer God an instrument of His in the world, by means of My Life.

When you are faced with earthly stimuli, capital energies, humiliation, rejection and the misunderstanding of the world, pray to God in My Name:

for the sake of the overcoming of Saint Joseph
and for His absolute surrender that conquered the human condition,
help us to overcome the atavisms, the lusts
and the superficiality of this world.


Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 11 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Children, the planetary need dictates:

That the hearts, beliefs, races and religions unite. That they unite under the principle of Truth and Love, the essence of each people, culture and true religion. That the hearts unite themselves in the families. That the parents, with the children, find a way to understand and respect, to guide and lead, especially by example.

The human heart is sick and to perceive it, it is not necessary to see beyond the dimensions. Life itself shows you, children, that to continue enduring these times and, more than this, to become a triumph of God in the world, you need to renew yourselves and there is no renewal that does not comes from unity.

The best that each heart expresses is what allows life to be renewed. A father does not renew himself without his child, a nation does not renew itself without the contribution of another, a religion does not renew itself if it does not open itself to discover the potency of sharing and not of competing. Earth renews itself when it opens to the Universe, the hearts renew themselves when they open to service and find, in the beauty of the fellow being, the inspiration for newness within themselves.

All that this world needs to progress is within its Essence, but this Gift divided itself among creatures, cultures, nations and religions.

It you not only search to see the misery of others and that which makes you better than others, but seek in your fellow beings that which inspires them to communion, the essence there is in Truth and that makes them unique, in God; thus, you can renew yourselves and have strength to overcome the harassments of this time.

While the enemy separates, search for unity. God is unity through His creatures when they hold hands among themselves. This, children, is the great secret to overcome the times you experience and to see, in the horizon of Earth, a new life being born.

That  religions do not attach themselves to institutions, but to their Essence. That from Truth may come the Law that governs them. Thus, you will never fear to unite yourself to your fellow being because you will know how to find the same Truth, that exists inside of those before you.

I inspire you and help you to cross these times with humility and I bless you to be valiant enough to conquer yourselves and to find the Truth of God; that must guide you at this time, beyond ancient laws that one day dictated the path to be followed.

Times have changed, and you must find the Essence and the Truth that govern this moment of the planet. Everything begins by opening the heart to unity.

Your Father and Friend,

The most chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, August 10 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Today I will start by giving you a novena to begin a new cycle, not only between My Chaste Heart and humanity, but so that each being may find within themselves the way to be renewed, take steps and embrace the cycles that come with joy, with a free heart and in peace.

Each day will represent an impulse lived by me, through humility, perseverance and persistence, to transcend the human condition and embrace the new spiritual cycles that present themselves.

May these impulses reach your hearts and strengthen them, through the Grace of prayer and unity with My Chaste and simple Heart.

On the first day, you will meditate upon My Childhood, as a poor and simple child, before the Mystery of God, He who was calling Me to take steps that seemed impossible due to My smallness and childishness. Embraced by the spirit of faith, I responded to the call of God and, even while being so small, I allowed Him to make Me great.

When you are facing challenges that seem impossible for you to overcome, pray to God in My Name.

as you did to the Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
concede us the Grace of Faith to live Your Will,
even if to us it seems unreachable and sometimes impossible.
Transform our smallness in the Grace of Your Greatness;
our weakness into Your Strength.

You may pray for 14, 33 or 72 times, according to how you feel the need of your souls.

With My Blessing in your lives, receive from God the Grace to go forward, fulfilling His Will and manifesting His Purpose of Love.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 4 of 2017

Weekly Messages

When the cycles ask you for renewal, allow yourself to be renewed. The clocks of this world no longer show the time that goes by in the cycles of Nature. The Time of the Universe is arriving on Earth.

When the cycles ask you for transformation, allow yourself to be transformed. Change is part of the Laws of Life; transformation is part of the action of Love in consciousnesses.

If need asks you, child, to surrender to others the castle that you built for yourself, leave this legacy for those who most need it. With this, I want to tell you that the past is only valid if it can be given as a foundation so that the future can be built, which may be different from all you designed in the plan of your life.

I come to ask you to be grateful for all that you have lived, but to not look back with nostalgia and the hope of again living what has already passed. Through you, God wants to build a new life, a new design, a Plan that is new for humanity, but which is eternal for the Creator.

Without sorrow and with joy, allow the Universe to guide you to the fulfillment of the Laws of these times, which are selfless service and absolute love.

You are no longer in the cycle of building and of strengthening your inner being. Life is knocking on the door of your heart, with a cycle in which humanity has need of your immediate assistance.

The Points of Light that God has founded on Earth must be on the table of the planetary consciousness, illuminating abysses and causing souls to come to know the path to redemption and a return to the Origin.

The Islands of Salvation, in which God called you to serve, must open their doors to the new time, because the planet is already drowning and souls already need the support and the refuge prepared for them so long ago.

I come to tell you, My Child, that the time for service has come and that your heart must be placed in the right position for the giving of self to others. Keep within yourself – as a Temple of Peace and Unity with God – what you have built up to today by means of all the Instruction received, but do not expect that outside of you, child, the cycles will be the same, that the forms and life will remain the same.

The time has come for you to give up the comfort of your home for those who never had it. To you all has been given, so that you may learn to give of yourself when it is necessary. The time of giving, of unconditional service, of absolute love, and of fraternity has come. May your heart in purification gain equilibrium through the love you allow to emanate from it for others.

The true secret for finding peace in these times is to know how to love and let yourself be loved, without resistances, so as to find in a fellow being, the Living Heart of God.

I invite you to this new cycle, and as Your Father and Friend, I guide you into giving all of yourself for love of your fellow being, and above all, for love of the Plan of God, which is designed with the pencil of your life.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more