Friday, February 24 of 2017

Weekly Messages

When the Law of God descends upon spirits, this Law is moved by His Love and His Will. Divine Justice is also Love.

If a heart does not open by itself and does not let itself be touched and molded by Divine Mercy, so that the Law of Evolution may not stop in the Creation of the Father, His Justice descends upon beings. But Divine Justice is also Love.

Divine Justice is not a punishment which descends upon humankind, Justice is what moves the Law of Evolution and what dissolves the obstacles which prevent creatures to keep growing. Justice is moved by Love, but not the human love, not a love for a single creature, but rather for all the Creation.

Mercy is a Law that, for the salvation of a single soul, puts at risk many others. For this reason all the impossible causes find solution in Divine Mercy, but for it to act in a consciousness, this consciousness needs to open itself, ask, clamor and surrender itself, giving in all pride, haughtiness, and vanity that blind its eyes and do not allow it to see God before itself.

When the being surrenders itself and humbles itself before the One who is Life itself, Mercy acts and it does not matter the weight of its faults or the severity of its mistakes: if sincere is the heart, all can be healed.

Justice only comes when hearts close their doors to Divine Mercy and prefer keeping themselves blind before the Father to truly surrender themselves to Him. And the surrender of which I tell you is not a word that comes from a mouth of a man, not even a movement that your body can make before an altar. In order to surrender yourselves, you must get tired of what you are and assiduously seek to be others.

It is not enough to give in something to God: you must make your surrender reach His Hands and strive so that your own condition of mistake may give space to that which, in truth, you must be.

Justice comes to put you in the place that your are supposed to be, a place which you will be able to observe yourselves and realize how many times the Hand of God has been outstretched before you and you said “no” with your actions, you little faith and your lack of effort and true perseverance.

Justice, children, is not a punishment. Justice is Love; Love that values and takes care of all Life and places each being where they must be so that evolution may flow in all levels.

If someday the acting of Justice touches you, do not fear, but give thanks because Justice is Love. Allow this Justice to wash your eyes and bring you new opportunities of growing. Because what God offers to His Creatures is His Infinite Love, and some receive it through the vehicle of Justice, others receive it through the vehicle of Mercy, according to how much they open their hearts and dispose their consciousnesses.

Either through Justice or through Mercy, feel the Love of God that calls you to be different, and ask for the Grace of fulfilling His Will. Maybe, one day, neither through Justice nor through Mercy, He may have to send His Love, because this Love will be able to emerge from the hearts of those who essentially unite to God, and those will find, in themselves, the likeness of Him.

With these words, I prepare you for the times of Justice and Mercy.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, February 19 of 2017


Today I want to introduce a Kingdom to you, a Kingdom that has always accompanied you from the beginning of this evolutionary walk and although you have been on this walk for so long, very few know it.

Today I want to introduce a Kingdom to you that remains on the planet, in the spiritual worlds, where the eyes of matter do not see it, but hearts feel it.

The time has come for you to know this Kingdom upon which you have your feet, so that, the moment it emerges like a seed of the New Humanity, like a door to the New Jerusalem, you can recognize it and do not fear entering it.

Today I want to introduce a Kingdom to you where My Divine Consciousness dwells and also the Universal Love of God; I want you to feel that love in your hearts, so that you dissolve all the fear of knowing the truth about life on Earth.

This planet, just like your hearts and all of Creation, holds many mysteries within itself, many truths that humanity has not known, because its eyes were in darkness, its minds in illusion, and its hearts closed to the life of the spirit.

After so much time with your feet walking on sacred ground, the time has come for your spirits, your souls and your consciousnesses to finally be able to enter into it; the time has come for the planet, My children, to recognize that the sacred dwells within it, to recognize the grandeur of the spiritual life held within it, and to awaken to that life, so that it does not only exist on the levels of the spirit.

May this sacred life exist here, on the surface of the planet. May your feet not only be on sacred ground, but may everything you touch, each space in which you live be sacred; may your beings become sacred, may the sacred emerge in your essences, converting your spirits into that which the Creator expects of each one of you.

You are My children, you are children of this Kingdom, and you must now truly become My companions, whom I can count on to build the Divine Work in this place, and, responding to the Will of God, I may send you to many other places of the world where the sacred also exists and which humanity overlooks.

I want to awaken you so that you awaken others, and in this way, you create a network in the human consciousness so that those who so much hope to, may find awakening and the meaning of their lives.

Close your eyes and enter into this Kingdom that I am introducing to you today. Its temples are not only for healing, but come to free you and awaken love for the Plan of God in you.

Light the mirror of your own heart and unite it with the Mirrors of this Kingdom; in this way, that which is purest within each of you will be able to be reflected in the Mirrors of this Kingdom for all of humanity, and will be able to grow in your consciousnesses, so that each day you may become greater servers of this Plan of Love.

This Kingdom has been waiting for you since the origin, because you made a commitment to God to manifest it on the surface of the Earth. The children that live here today are those who will build the New Jerusalem, that land that is not only a divine promise; it is a divine truth, a higher archetype that is still waiting in the Celestial Kingdom to descend upon the planet. 

I do not come to convert your spirits into sacred spirits just so that you may know a little more peace. I come, children, for a higher purpose, because for this sacred Kingdom to emerge, and for the New Jerusalem to descend, your souls must be crystaline, your hearts pure and your spirits awake to higher life. That life is not found beyond the stars; it is to be found within each one of you and must emerge from within the planet to convert life on the surface of the Earth. With all this that I am telling you, I open the door of this Kingdom for you so that you may finally enter and achieve an awakening.

Many among those who are on this sacred ground are experiencing their last opportunity, because it is a time to convert the errors of the past and awaken the heart for the manifestation of love and the fulfilling of the Plan of God, beyond personal plans.

On the ground you touch and stand on, today place your plans, your goals, your aspirations and your desires so that, with the radiation of My Hands, I can place in your essences the Divine Plan, the goal of the Father for each one of you, the aspiration of the Creator for His creatures, which is so far from all that you want for yourselves.

On this floor that you stand on, today place all material aspiration, all competition, all the need for power, of conquest, because on this afternoon you will no longer conquer anything, but rather it will be the Creator that, through the yielding of your spirits, will conquer your hearts, and will show you, children, the great truth that He has aspired you to live from the beginning.

Enter into this Kingdom, through the doorways of redemption, without fear. Let your spirits be welcomed by this Kingdom of love.

Here you will find brothers and sisters from yore that have accompanied you in the invisible of your lives.

Here you will find the Divine Consciousness that made this His Kingdom, His home, so that He could thus manifest His Plan on this planet.

The Consciousness of the Creator had one of His Faces descend to this home so that, in this way, children, it may become even more sacred, and each day, the archetype of the new life, the new humanity may emerge from it.

Enter into this Kingdom and allow yourselves to be healed. Let your spirits live redemption, and with this symbolic step, attract many more souls, which are connected through the streams of life and need you to take a step so that they too can enter into that school of love and of forgiveness.

Contemplate the doors of this Kingdom today, and recognize that behind you, there is a very long line of souls and spirits that cry out for redemption.

Take a step without fear and enter with your whole consciousness. Within this Kingdom, contemplate its lakes of light, which are reflected in the mirrors of your hearts.

In this Kingdom, contemplate its gardens of healing, of rehabilitation, which lead you to peace and unite you with the Heart of Mary, because you are deeply connected to Her Celestial Kingdom.

Contemplate its temples, enter them, feel the peace, the presence of the angels that accompany the Creator in their new mission on Earth.

Feel, children, the liberation of your lives, of your hearts, and say 'yes' to God, and that you aspire to accomplish His Plan.

Be ready of heart so that after being healed, you can serve and aid humanity, which will find a doorway to liberation here, for the salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature, for the relief of the spirits that suffered in wars, in the conflicts of this world and beyond it, because it is not only here that wars exist; the whole universe experiences the duality that you face on this planet, and it is to balance this universal duality that you come to the world to awaken unity and love in your hearts.

Thus, today I have your consciousnesses before an even greater mystery, which is to transcend your lives, not only through the conversion of life on the planet, but through the life of the whole universe, because even though you may not believe, the 'yes' of your hearts has repercussions in each star that you see in the sky when the night falls. And in each of these stars, there are many eyes that contemplate you, many hearts that wait for you to say 'yes' and to convert your lives into a source of transformation for all of existence.

Enter this Kingdom and patiently endure your own purification, endure with gratitude the old human that will be uprooted from your beings, the atavisms and the commitments with evil that you were once able to make through ignorance and illusion.

Enter this Kingdom and do not resist, because its waters will wash your spirits and will renew you so that you may accomplish the Plan of the Creator.

Today I place you before this mystery and I ask you, children, to simply contemplate it, to feel it, and to not leave this place to simply experience just another day.

Leave this place with an aspiration, with the divine aspiration in your essences; leave this place with the resolve to wake up to higher life, to not doubt the existence of a Greater Plan, which transcends the mind and human understanding.

Leave here with the determination to know and to come to know your true origin; leave here with the determination to be different, knowing that there is a truth that transcends all the teachings that have already been transmitted to Earth, that even transcends the truths of the sacred books, because they hide in the symbols of the words written there.

To seal your commitment to God and definitely unite you with this Kingdom, I will give you to drink and to eat of one of the great universal mysteries, so that the conversion of these elements may also convert your consciousnesses; and with this living mystery within you, you can unveil the mystery of your own existence and know that, in the same way that this bread is not just bread and this wine is not just wine, you are not just what you see, the matter you seem to be, the emotions that you feel, the thoughts you emit, but that a hidden truth exists, and it is there where the hope of God rests.

Within this truth, this mystery, in the same way that you unveil the conversion of the bread and of the wine, you will little by little unveil the conversion of matter into what it really is, and the conversion of these houses into what they really are, the conversion of these valleys into what they are, and the conversion of this world into what it should be.

Today you will commune with the codes of a new life. Today I place these elements in the hands of those that guide you, that are responsible for this Kingdom both in matter and in spirit.

I place these elements into the hands of those that untiringly have served you since the beginning. This is a Council that represents not only this Work, but also a large part of the Plan of God on Earth.

With your hearts open, children, emanate gratitude to the Universe so that, in this way, you may heal the past and prepare a life of greater companionship for these times.

The time has come for you to be companions not only of My Chaste Heart, of the Heart of Mary or of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but that you be companions of those that guide you, so that in these times, this Work may expand and the Plan of God can count on you to encompass more spaces on the planet that are so in need; for it is not only here that there are souls that must awaken, because it is not only those that watch us in their homes that must receive this life instruction. In each corner of the planet, no matter how hidden or forgotten it is, there exists a heart that has a commitment to God, and that commitment must be fulfilled.

By the authority that My Child gave Me and by the fatherhood that I once shared with God, protecting the One Who descended from the universes to be the Son of Man, I bless and convert these elements.

Together with the priests of this Kingdom that consecrate their lives to the invisible, that serve, that pray, that contemplate and support the planet, may the elements be converted, so that your lives may be converted, and you may go two by two, expanding the Plan of God on Earth.

Feel the Presence of the Most Holy Mary, so that Her Purity and Her Divine Consciousness, still not understood by humanity, may touch your hearts and help you in the transformation and in the consecration of your lives.

By the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I convert these elements and I thank you.

Remain united with the Sacred Hearts, because a new cycle is rising and will expect from all a new consciousness, a new awakening.

I thank you.

While the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesus transmitted the Words of Saint Joseph, the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón was receiving the Daily Message of the Virgin Mary, which, at the end of the meeting of prayer, he shared with everybody.

Friday, February 17 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Child, while the world agonizes, the spirit of the Earth clamors for Divine Mercy and souls are distracted, seeking the meaning of their existence on the things of the world, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

While the Kingdoms of Nature clamor for the awakening of humanity, so that there will be no more suffering or wars for the lack of love in the human heart, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

While so many young people lose themselves in the search for pleasure and distraction, in order to not realize the emptiness of their lives, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

The minds are unbalancing themselves and the hearts getting dark, because beings resist in seeking God. Pride has blinded their eyes and they do not recognize the freedom of returning to the Father. To balance the human mind, child, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

The desire for power has blinded many men and women, who no longer measure the consequences of their actions, and with the injustice they generate, they only attract, every day, the Divine Justice. So that Mercy will protect innocent souls, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

While the desire for conquering has no longer boundaries in human hearts and minds and very few recognize the Grace of not having anything and being nothing, child, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

Everyone realizes that chaos is growing within and outside themselves, but many are seeking to hide themselves in the illusions that the enemy offers them more each day. But you, child, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

If the stimuli of the world knock on your door and call you to a life void of meaning, put your heart in the Heart of God.

There is no meaning to a human life outside of the Truth and there is no Truth distant from God.

Child, put your heart in the Heart of God and make true your surrender.

While the world seeks all, be nothing.

While the desire for power and for conquering expands, be nothing.

While souls distract themselves and do not measure their actions and their thoughts, be nothing.

The only way to make the world different and prepare, for the years to come, an Earth that knows Peace, is putting the heart in the Heart of God and making true your own surrender.

Serve, child, with the greatest service you can give to this world: not to want anything, not to desire anything, to be nothing and, beyond all things, to love with your heart in the Heart of God, making true your surrender.

I will accompany you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, February 10 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Children, you must discover today the art of living in the end of times and of transforming yourselves without ceasing to place your attention beyond yourselves.

Place your consciousnesses in the universal love, thinking in the Heart of God, feeling this holy and great Heart. From there, imagine all Life, the vast Cosmos, the universes, the planet Earth, its nations, its Kingdoms of Nature, each being, each essence. Recognize yourselves small before the Creation and, at the same time, recognize that you bring, in your smallness, a great responsibility: to make, of your own conversion and transformation, the conversion and transformation of all the universal Life, because the Creator still expects that you follow the steps of His Son, because for that He sent Him to the world.

Reflect upon the nations, upon the human suffering caused by the lack of love and unity, by the inability of beings to see beyond their own needs. Let the eyes of the heart find the sad eyes of a child in Africa, or a child who suffers by wars, by abandonment, by hunger. Find the eyes of children in the great cities with much wealth and who, even so small, are empty of the spiritual meaning, without the purity which God delivered them, looking forward to respond to all the influences of the capital energies that surround them.

Find, children, the pain of the Kingdoms, when you see fauna and flora in so many wildfires, when you see the unlimited slaughter of animals to feed greed and human vanity. And after all that, look at you, hearts which are opening in the Presence of God, called to give your lives to balance the error and the arrogance of this world; called to leave your own interests and wills in order to surrender to a Higher Will.

There is a Love that transcends the human condition. There is a Love that is silent and patient and that awaits that at least some men may look up.

There is a Love that calls you to imitate Him, that has already shown you the path that leads you to contemplate the neighbor with compassion.

There is a Love that is humble, because It knows that beyond Itself lies the Truth, beyond what is seen, what is felt, what one thinks to know.

This Love guards the Essence from all that was created and it is by means of It that you will be able to transcend the human condition.

Love with the Love of God for life. Love the possibility of the neighbor to evolve. Love serving so that the other can grow. Love giving yourself until you can do no more, so that others, who today do not have strength, can stand up. Love the power of prayer that unites to God. Love His Plan, which is Love Itself. Love and forget yourselves. Let your own needs be nourished by love itself.

Love in silence, without anyone being able to see you, and love in the same way publicly. Only love, children. And if you do not know how to love, think in the eyes, that no longer shine, of the children in war; serve the sick hearts of those who are losing life and do not know love; contemplate the Cross of that One who knew how to love and who, with His own example, called you to follow Him.

Seek Love, the true Love, which does not possess, does not want for itself, which does not gratify itself, which does not seek to be requited, which does not seek to be known, which exists by the simple fact of truly being Love of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, February 3 of 2017

Weekly Messages

We are still in times of Mercy. We are still in times of definition.

The planetary purification that starts to expand is a sign sent by the Universe so that the children of God may open their eyes and listen to His Call while there is still time.

May the tepid of heart renounce to their conveniences and weaknesses in order to make of prayer, service, and absolute surrender, the meaning for their existence.

There is still time, children, for those who squeeze their eyes shut not to see the truth – and who do not want to grow as these times demand from all of humanity – to define themselves and say “yes” to the Plans of God.

The purification of the planet shows that you are no longer apprentices, and that you are no longer studying for the test that will come one day. The test is already before you and the clock hands of this world are already marking the last seconds of the time of Earth.

Do not get confused: affirm yourselves in your own surrender and definition. Affirm yourselves as soldiers of peace and forgiveness. No longer wait for the response of others to be able to grow. Do not wait for the chaos of the world to precipitate itself upon your houses and lives, because humanity is only one and everything your brothers and sisters live, in the four corners of the planet, is a responsibility of all.

Therefore, take your orandios, rosaries and beads of all religions! May every true heart unite to God, as each one recognizes Him, because it will be up to the Father to unite His children in His Most Sacred Heart.

Children, there is no longer any silence that can hide the clamor of souls and of the Kingdoms of Nature. Be conscious that something larger and more important than your lives and your problems is happening now in the world.

Clamor for peace, act for peace, propagate and live peace.

Clamor for the Kingdoms, love the Kingdoms, serve and rescue, on all levels, the spirit of Nature, because Life comes from the Kingdoms, which are the true tireless and eternal servers of the Creator and of His Laws.

Sow peace and act for peace. Propagate the Divine Mercy with your lives.

For the awakening of the souls in this time of transition,

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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