Friday, May 25 of 2018

Weekly Messages


Look deep within your heart and search there for what God built inside of you; this is your true treasure.

The sign that God never abandons you is deep within your heart, within the fortitude of your consciousness, within the virtues that remain in your essence and that express themselves in your life.

The signs of God are not only in your material conquests and in what you call success in this world. Into dust, as the dust of flesh, will become of everything that comes from matter.

See material things as something you conquer in order to know how to donate because what you need in this world is no longer only to struggle for life but to learn to elevate it. Therefore, God gives you Graces; therefore, destiny gives you what you need to do something superior.

Perceive, My child, that the greatness of God is beyond all that your eyes can see and your hands can touch.

The triumph of God is beyond your human conquests and it will often be invisible for you because this is the sole way for you to remain humble and grow in what the Father expects from your heart.

The support of God in your life shows through your capacity to imitate the steps of His Son because you came into the world for this and it is toward this that your Lord, your God, leads you.

Therefore, do not get confused and mistaken; know that your material conquests are a Grace, but do not stop there, because every Grace has a reason, and the Father gives all to those from whom He will ask for all someday.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, May 19 of 2018

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesus

The winds blow to cleanse the hearts of humankind, for they need this.

The winds are blowing to purify the Earth with the Divine Breath that comes from the Spirit of God.

Let them blow, let them cleanse, let them take with them that which no longer corresponds to you.

Let the wind blow and bring you the truth, so that it may be placed in your hearts.

The elements revere God, they become His instruments and let the Father act through them to reach the human heart.

Feel the wind that blows and let these elements be an example for you of how to be an instrument of God.

Be like this wind that blows, that comes from the Father and reaches the world.

Let the Heart of God lead you to where you are most needed.

Let Him carry your prayers to the four corners of this world.

Give to this wind, which blows today, your difficulties and imperfections, your limitations, your errors and your past.

I know that you came here with the hope of something new, with the hope of finding a path, of receiving a Grace.

I know that many came here without knowing why, impelled by the heart, without the understanding of the mind.

Now that you have come, children, let the wind blow and purify you.

Surrender your aspirations and your fears, your uncertainties and your doubts.

Ask the Father for this wind to blow and cross borders, to not have any limits, to reach the hearts most in need, for they are many, unknown and lonely in the four corners of this world.

With this wind, receive the Grace of God, the Presence of His Holy Spirit, which is preparing to come to Earth on the day of Pentecost.

May this Spirit prepare you for something greater.

Know, children, that your lives are precious to God; that there is a perfect thought that comes from the Heart of the Father for each one of you.

And today it is this thought that I call on you to manifest.

I come to invite you to make, out of your lives, lives in the service of God.

May your prayers be for a fellow being, for the Kingdoms, for the establishment of  peace in the new humanity.

Let the Divine Breath purify you of your anxieties, vanities and curiosity.

May Its simple Presence reveal to you that which you should know.

The Holy Spirit does not manifest as a concept in the mind. Its Presence is inexplicable; it can only be lived and experienced. Its Gifts become visible in a way that the mind does not know how to understand or explain. 

The Spirit of God is only within humankind, because that was how it was in the beginning and must be at the end. For this reason, this Holy Spirit approaches the Earth and today knocks on the door of your hearts.

That which is a mystery to you, let it be life.

Do not think of the Spirit of God; live in the Spirit of God. This is done by opening the heart, surrendering your own spirit, your mind, body and feelings, so that you may become something new, so that you may change into that which you should have been from the beginning, children.

Today the Spirit of God fills this place. 

Feel the invisible Presence of God and allow it to make Sacred that which was lost within and outside of yourselves.

There is no way to explain the Spirit of God, His Holy Spirit, immaculate, perfect, part of a One God, who calls you today to awaken.

Today the Presence of God manifests like a breath, so that tomorrow it may descend as a fire and ignite you in a flame of awakening that will make new those who open their hearts.

Believe in this Grace, in this Divine Presence.

Today God grants you something special, a unique opportunity, because you need it.

You have already been distracted for a long time in the illusions of this world.

Your Spirits are thirsty to fulfill their own mission, and this mission, children, is not your being heroes in a world of chaos; it is your making a difference in a world that is being lost, it is your being a light on the table when the house of this Earth is dark.

Your greatest mission is to be true, transparent, to love your neighbor as yourself, and God above all things.

And it is by respecting and living these Laws that all mysteries will be revealed to you. Respecting and living this Law, you will be worthy of knowing the other laws, which walk behind the First Law, which is Love.

Love is the doorway to the higher worlds, to the dimensions that are unknown to you, because they are hidden before your ignorance, but that will not always be so, because the time, the moment, and the hour to awaken has already come.

Knowing the human condition, the Spirit of God makes itself present and blows within the hearts that know how to say "yes", to thus help them in this awakening, in the living of love that you came to manifest in the world.

Throughout the centuries and in all human evolution, the Spirit of God was present among humankind to awaken them and remind them that it was time to live something new.

The Spirit of God manifests when the cycles must change, when humanity needs an impulse to be reborn. And that time has come.

Thus, open your hearts and feel the Spirit of God, which awakens within you that which you should have manifested from the beginning, because you received from the Father the Gift to do so.

What the Holy Spirit does with Its Presence is to touch within you that which is dormant so that it may awaken. 

You live in this world expressing something that you are not and you keep unknown that which is real. 

Thus, The Spirit of God comes to the world, blows away the dust that covers the truth within you so that you may see it. 

The Spirit of God will blow day and night, preparing the fire that comes from His Heart and that ignites souls in a definitive way.

Give honor and glory to the Spirit of God and to  His Presence.

Let your hearts be glad before Him and do not fear to be new, to be other, to be true; do not fear to ask for forgiveness to free the past and forgive yourselves, so as to not hold within yourselves your own errors.

Do not fear to express Love and to risk saying "I love You" to the Father, just as to all creatures.

Love the God who is present in all things and, even though you do not know Love and it does not seem real to you when you say "I love You," say it anyway, because little by little, that truth will awaken in your hearts.

I call you children because I love you in the same way that a father loves his child.

I am not the Supreme Father, Who is in the Heavens, but I love you in His name, just as He loves you, because He taught Me. 

Let this Love awaken in your hearts and love your neighbors as your children, love the children of war and those who suffer in illusions, love the lost youths and those who are helpless on the streets of this world.

As if they were your children, love those who today ignore you, who hate you.

As if they were your children, love those with whom you have no affinities, and instead of constantly judging them, understand them and love them as a father and a mother love their children and understand their paths and their choices, always being an example to them, but surrendering when you cannot transform them.

You, children, will not transform all the things of this world on your own.

Your mission is not to force people to be different, but rather to give an example, to understand and love above all things.

You will not participate in the errors of others; you will always be there, showing them a different example, and when you make a mistake, be glad for seeing the example of your neighbor, which shows you a path that you could not see.

In My Presence, may the Spirit of God awaken within you the Gift of humility, so that it may open the path to you for learning about Love.

With these simple words, in this Great Presence, I bless you and I tell you that I will always be here, because I love you like a Father who loves his children.

In the Presence of the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart, I draw from it a memory that I lived on the spiritual planes, because God granted Me that Grace, and in that instant, through the Authority of My Son, Who was the Son of God, I was consecrated Father and Priest so as to give souls the Grace that He had given Me.

Together with Him, I lifted up that Cup, as He taught Me, just as I do today, blessing it together with God, so that it may transform into His Blood.

I also lifted up that bread together with My Son, the Son of God, just as I do today, blessing it before the Father, Who contemplates all the Priests, all those chosen by Him to bring Heaven to Earth, and this bread converted into His Body.

Also today, I bless this water as a symbol of the maximum mercy that sprang from the side of Christ when He was on the Cross.

Drink of the blood and of the water, so that mercy may be made flesh within you and so that you may be merciful.

That memory, which I radiate today from the Reliquary of My Heart, enters these elements and transforms them, because that is the Will of God for this moment.

Be glad and let your spirits rejoice in the Spirit of God.

Give Him your sorrows, your illnesses, and difficulties on all levels, so that He may heal you and teach you to live in peace, to multiply peace and carry it to the world.

Contemplate this humble Reliquary not to adore it, but simply to find in it a Bridge to God, to place at His Feet your human imperfections and find that seed of the new human that dwells in your hearts.

For this, I have consecrated this Reliquary together with God, so that He may help you to achieve those things that are impossible for you, just as I achieved them when it was impossible for Me to transcend the human condition.

With that Grace, I bless you again and I thank you.

I will eternally thank you because, amidst a blind humanity, your hearts are awakening, your eyes are opening and the Spirit of God will be able to live within each one of you.

Thank the Father, together with Me, for all that He gives you.

I leave you My Peace and My Grace, a Grace that God granted to My Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.

So that I may rise to Heaven, sing the song of the Reliquary of My Heart and let It radiate, radiate its Gifts together with the Gifts that come from the Spirit of the Father, which comes to the world  this morning.

Remember the children in the wars; remember the mothers that lose their children; remember the men and women that yield to the manifestation of chaos and terror.

Cry out for mercy, no matter the errors that humanity makes. What is most important in this time is that you repent and that there always exist those who cry out, in His Name, for a new opportunity.

May the Gifts of the Reliquary of My Heart pierce your hearts and, through you, who are part of humanity, may they reach this whole planet.

I thank you and will always thank you.

Friday, May 18 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Calm your heart in the Fount of Peace that comes from the Heart of God and remember, before anything else, to cry out to the Father so that His Peace, His Grace and His Mercy may descend upon the world.

Remember to place your small heart in the Heart of God so that the Creator may enlarge it with His Presence within you and thus, child, you may be able to fulfill all that He may ask of you in this time.

Remember that you are an instrument of God, called on to be an extension of His in the world so that the Father may renew Himself within you, as He did with His Son, from His birth until Calvary and His death on the Cross.

Never forget the purpose of your life, which is broader than what you conceive for yourself. Remember that life does not begin or end in this world, but that it has only a passage in it, a school, a learning experience to be added so that this life may be enriched and renewed.

Remember, then, that not only you, but each one of your brothers and sisters have a higher purpose to manifest and that your example will always be important to remind your fellow being and the world that there is much more to be lived and learned; there is much more to be loved; there is much more to serve.

Just as My Words remind you of the purpose of your existence, and with the Love of My Heart, I place you again in the point of faith where you need to be, be yourself also, child, a living reminder for your sisters and brothers, not with words, but with actions, with transparency, with truth, with love.

May the world see you and see God trying to surpass Himself within the human condition.

Be more than a reference for joy or for consecration. Be an element which uplifts the world to something higher. Be the one who, with their simple presence, is a reminder that something higher exists.

Your being is magnetized by all the Graces you have already received, because if today you hear these words, it is because the Grace of God has acted upon you and allowed your ears and your heart to be worthy of listening to His Designs.

Be aware of all that you have already received and, above all, be grateful in the certainty that everything has to be multiplied, added to, and shared for all beings.

Be, child, a multiplier of the Graces that you have received, and thus, let God make you a living fount of Graces and Peace, because He knows that your heart shares and allows this Grace to flow like a river that does not keep the water to itself, but gives of it to drink for all those who allow it to flow.

The grandeur of these times is still unknown to you, and this ignorance is part of your human condition, but to transcend it is part of your mission.

So open yourself to understand, to live, to feel, and to be, more each day, the Will of God. Do not stop it with your thought; let it encompass your heart, your intuition, the soul and the spirit.

May it be incomprehensible in yourself, may it be alive, even if imperceptible.

May the Love of God, My child, live in your heart.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and eternal Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 11 of 2018

Weekly Messages


When the spirit of the planet cries out, do not forget to offer some time to listen to it.

How little it is to dedicate a prayer to that wounded heart, which, in spite of its wounds, sustains and protects you so that you can grow and evolve.

Never forget that this world has a spirit that animates it and a Purpose that impels it to go forward.

This planet is a living part of the Heart of God and, as His part, all suffering lived in it is felt by the Heart of the Father. Therefore, do not see, with indifference, wars, the outrages of the Kingdoms of Nature, the abandonment of human beings toward themselves and toward their fellow beings, the ignorance of the human hearts concerning Superior Life.

Feel life as a part of a Whole, of a Unique and Creative Heart. And, for all that happens in this world, pray and repair that wounded heart. Pray as part of God, so that your prayer may be a balm that heals the Heart of the Father.

Do not cease to hear Him when He calls you, not only to console you or to grant you something. Listen to God and to His clamor that emerges from the entrails of this wounded world and offer the Father a repair for this world.

Pray and offer every instant of your life for something greater than your aspirations.

Pray and offer your time to something other than your tasks and your responsibilities.

All you do is for God, but prayer, child, is the healing balm that the world needs today, that God needs through your siblings, the Kingdoms, the nations, so as to keep Himself alive in His creatures.

Creatures need God, and God, to respond to His children, needs to be listened to.

Therefore, today I invite you, on this day of repair, to silence your heart for an instant and listen to the Heart of Father, listen to Him in the world, in the Kingdoms, in human beings, in the profound of the Earth and in the immensity of Heaven.

And pray to repair His pain, pray to repair His wounds, pray for Him to be known and to be God expressing Himself in all life, visible and palpable to all.

Today, child, I call you to find the Father in front of you and repair Him with the love that comes from Him, and that dwells in your heart.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 4 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, because the world agonizes and needs the potential that God has birthed in you. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit and no longer be a child on this path, seeking your benefit and the supply of your needs. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, because many definitions in this time depend on you, who listens to the Voice of God. 

Your "no" closes the doors of Grace and does not allow souls to receive a new opportunity, while your "yes" opens the doors of Divine Mercy and, in a time of justice, allows the rescue of those who would not deserve anything. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit and overcome yourself every day, not only for the love of this Work, this path and your spiritual mission. 

Overcome yourself and give more of you to the world, which agonizes; for those who are lost; for the outraged and tired Kingdoms, that – at the height of their pain – make their last effort to sustain the planet and allow humanity to live their learning until the end. 

Child, grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, and stop at once making your little problems so great, your little pains so great,  your little life immutable. 

See the world with the eyes of your heart and your conscience and know that after all you have received, within you is the potential to overcome yourself every day and, more than that, in every moment of your life. 

Grow in heart, in soul and in spirit; believe that this is the last cycle of the planet and reflect on what else you must do for the Plans of God.

Do not stagnate, do not stop, do not get tired. Discover, in your heart, the power of the renewal that God has granted you and that grows in your heart, in soul and in spirit. Grow and be a light to the world; do not take your siblings into the abyss of your stagnation. 

Grow and lift the world into the heart of God. Within you is the resemblance of the Father; let it express itself, manifest itself and absorb you, so that you may be a living truth, part of the Heart of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Grow up, child, grow in heart, in soul and in spirit, because this planet still needs you.

Your Father and Companion, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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