Friday, April 27 of 2018

Weekly Messages

When God announces His designs and reveals His Will, ask Him for the grace of knowing how to respond to His Call.

Child, place yourself always before the plans of God with humility. Who are you to analyze the Divine Will and evaluate if that Will corresponds to your life or not?

These are times of definition, and you already know it. Therefore, place your head on the ground, as well as the desire to know everything, to understand and to control everything, and open yourself to the mystery of these times, which throws you into the unknown, not only externally, but also internally.

Do not hold on to what you already know about yourself. Do not remain only consolidating what you are and the memory of everything that you have already done for God's Plan and for the planet. Today everything must be new and tomorrow everything must renewed.

Enter with your heart into the rhythm of the new cycles and let Your Father and Creator make emerge from you that potential that today is hidden from you. Launch yourself into the new, launch yourself into service, launch yourself into overcoming and do not fear weariness, do not fear fatigue, do not fear the result of the Work that the Father fulfills in you, because only He, Who created you, knows the true reason of your existence and can lead you to it.

Ask the Father why and for what He created you and let His answer echo within your heart. Do not fear to know His Will and to walk toward it. Do not fear to get rid of your plans and embrace something superior.

Remember, child, that - after manifesting His Grandeur and the apex of His Grace - the Son of Man lived rejection and human incomprehension; He suffered all the resistances of the retrograde condition of humanity and revealed to you the key to the transcendence of all things: Forgiveness, Love and Mercy. And, to get there, he crossed the door of humiliation, of overcoming, and of faith in God and not in Himself. He surrendered His Will to the Father and, even knowing that His Heart was participant of all the Powers and Gifts of God, He chose the Will of His Father and remained in nothingness.

You, child, have the potential to achieve many goals. As a creature of God, you can do many things, but I tell you: nothing is more appreciated by the Father, at this moment, than your fulfilling His Will, surrendering yours; that you live His Mystery, surrendering what is known to you; that you defeat your human fear and be, for your brothers and sisters and for the world, a witness of the faith and love that is born within you.

Live the Plans of God with joy. Adhere your heart to His Will and inspire others with your example of faith. Because today God calls you to no longer seek spirituality for you, but to be a bridge of spirituality for the world.

I bless you and invite you to follow the footsteps and example of He who guides you.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, April 20 of 2018

Weekly Messages


When the soul agonizes and stirs from within, seeking something that it does not find, give thanks to God and just let His renewal reach your spirit.

Do not resist, do not give up and do not be sad for something that, in fact, should bring you peace because it means that your interior is willing to go through a transformation.

When the soul cries out within the heart of someone who is trying to follow the Will of God and gives their life to it, it is a sign that a change and renewal is necessary. And this change comes from the Divine Will itself; it will be for you to not resist, to not give up and to not be sad for something that, in truth, should bring you peace.

In truth, what you feel as an inner agony is your soul, elevating its voice beyond the aspects of your body, of your mind and of your feelings.

Listen, then, to this voice that wants to make itself heard, and let it express itself before your soul gets exhausted from screaming inside of your inner world for a new step, a new cycle, a new being.

Listen to the voice that elevates from your soul and let it express as it feels, may it be a chant, a prayer or even a cry that expresses the freedom of the soul to manifest itself, and that all of this, your singing, your prayer, and your cry, be the impulses for a new cycle and a new step in your life.

May your soul not shout without being heard. May your mind not close the window to the soul, again hiding what is removed from your inner world.

Just as the soul of the planet screams to be heard by the hearts of humanity, their own souls also scream and stir within.

Life is a mirror of itself in different proportions. So today, I say to you: listen to the voice of your soul to know, one day, how to listen to the soul of this planet, and that no inner voice will elevate in vain.

God speaks through the souls and spirits of beings and it is He who calls you to a new cycle, that does not have to be great, but that needs to be new, bringing what you already know you must be and that you know you are not yet, not because it is impossible, but because you turn a deaf ear to the voice that screams within you.

Without fear, listen to what brings you to this new time. Thus, you may be one, in the multitude of this world, capable of listening to the soul of the planet and guiding your brothers and sisters according to what God speaks through the voice of the heart of the Earth.

Do not feel like what I am telling you is a mystery because it is not anymore. Just listen to that voice within your interior and follow it.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, April 18 of 2018


In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be over you.

I speak where time does not exist, there is only unity between creatures and God. And this dimension from where I come is where I want to take you so that you can perceive evolution on Earth in a different way, so that you can perceive life as it is.

For a moment, let your heart unite with Mine, let your eyes unite with My eyes, so that they may contemplate with me this world just as I see it.

I look at the world and see souls that seek awakening; I see hearts so distant from God and from the Truth, that they make their own consciousness suffer for their ignorance, without knowing that the healing and the path lie within themselves, and that with a simple change in attitude they can become another..

I look at the world and see the companions of God so many times confused by life on Earth, by its appearance, by its illusion.

Many ask themselves, “And who will be in this world without submerging in this illusion? How to stay in the Truth?”

In order to know the Truth, children, you need to love it, love it with all of your heart, wish to be in it and to be tired of so many illusions, so many mistakes, so many stumbles. This life has something unique to teach all of humanity, because all those who live on Earth today were summoned to live this cycle, some as their last opportunity of redemption and others as the last necessary step to cross the Portals of a new evolutionary cycle where they will no longer need to be so entangled in the things of the Earth because they will serve Creation in another way.

I look at the world and also find sincere hearts, which sincerely struggle with their human condition, but whose love for higher life is still not sufficient, because otherwise, this battle would not need to be so great. They still love the things of the Earth very much and nourish these aspects of consciousness of this life they would like to enjoy in a very human way. And when I say “human” to you, I speak of the humanity that was created in this world, distant from God, and not of what the human being is in truth and should express as was thought by the Father at the beginning.

All of you know, children, that what is missing in this world is Love, a Love directed to the Truth, a love directed to the correct place.

I cannot tell you that you do not know how to love, because for this you were created. It would be like saying that a pair of scissors does not know how to cut, that a shell cannot retain water. This is how it would be to say that the human heart does not know how to love, because it does know. But its will has deviated and its heart loves all things except that which would be the most important, which is the Will of God, His Purpose and His Plan.

What you still love is your own will and all that which corresponds to this will. You love those who are dear to you, because they act the way you want. You love those things that you like, the instructions that resonate in your hearts. You love the truth when it corresponds to your own will. And when God sends you something different, to correct your paths and redirect your love to the correct place, you no longer know how to love and believe that you cannot do it, that you cannot feel love for that which you do not believe, that you do not like, that is not convenient for you.

But today I tell you that the human heart can love all things, all.

It can love life and can also love those who destroy it, to give an opportunity of forgiveness and of redemption to your neighbor. You can love finding God on the top of the hills, love the plenitude that is to be with the Father, but you can also love God at the feet of the Cross, broken down on the floor by the weight of the wood on your backs.

This is the human heart.

The human heart can love when the Father speaks to it through His Messengers about the celestial Mysteries, the Mirrors of the Cosmos, the union with Nature, Unity and Peace, but it can also love when God asks them to be another, to make the efforts they do not want, to be in a way they think they do not know how to be.

I look at the world from Heaven and see how the purest Love of God gets lost within men, how the greatest divine treasure that was expressed in the beauty of Nature was expressed in each detail of the creation of the planet, in the perfection of each part that composes the human being, from its smallest particle to its spirit.

The human being is a small creator, so similar to its Father and Lord, but it does not know itself.

If you want to know yourselves, children, you must begin by recognizing your own ignorance and, knowing you are ignorant, awaken humility so that the Father may teach you what you truly are, what you were created for and why you are living everything you live on this Earth, what is the reason for these cycles, what is the reason for human existence.

All of this has an answer, an answer that the Divine Breath ardently expects to give you, because there is nothing so expected to God as the return of His children to His Heart.

And do you know what this return is? It is not that creatures will cease to exist and will become a luminous particle that will return to the Divine Consciousness. Creatures will keep existing, but they will recognize they are part of God and will express as He does, they will think of Him, they will live in Him, they will be Him. And His Heart, which seemed to be so distant from every creature, will awaken in each being and will manifest His Infinity.

He, who is is all things, will be visible through His children.

There will no longer be individuals, but rather living parts of God that renew His Creation every day through the Love that overcomes itself in an eternal, incessant cycle.

Does what I tell you seem impossible?

But today, children, this is what I come to tell you, because the time has come to leave aside the pettiness of this life a little, in order to seek a little of this Truth.

The time has come to let God remake you on the inside and on the outside; for the human heart to return to the Father and for the Father to return to the human heart.

I look at the world and see God willing to express Himself in His creatures.

I look at the world and see the Father waiting for the answer of His children, expecting that the most important be not a job, money, comfort, the weekends. Because the Father is where time does not exist, and time will gradually cease to exist here because He will come to dwell in humans.

I know that many will hear My words and will not know what to do with this.

If you just aspire to live them, to know the truth about yourselves, in the depth of a spiritual science totally unknown to men. If you just consider that the most important thing in this time is for souls to be able to awaken and that if you cannot respond to the call of God, give the opportunity for those who can do it to do it, because the Father will first dwell in those who say “yes” and through these ones, He will awaken all men, will dissolve illusion and will attract His Truth to this world.

But for this, children, it is necessary to announce, to spread and to make the Divine Presence known. It is necessary to love, to make the heart available for Love, in spite of your difficulties and limitations.

Before you know what is unlimited, you must surrender to God because if you do not surrender to That which is Infinite, you will always hit the ceiling of your limitations when you try to uplift, because you want to do it by yourselves.

Surrender. Surrender every day. Say “no” to the human condition, say “no” to that which makes you give up, retrogress, stay at the point where you are.

And cry out, cry out to the Father, for Him to express Himself within you, cry out for His Truth to be alive, for illusion to disappear from your cells.

Cry out for your atoms to express the Infinity that they are, that from them the likeness with the Father may expand. That from them you may be reborn in life.

Cry out, make an effort to be different. And God, who is avid to respond to His children, will hear you.

Just as My eyes, the Eyes of the Father are put over the Earth, waiting for the slightest movement of His creatures to establish His Peace, His Kingdom and His Presence in this world.

Believe in what I tell you, and have Faith in a new life. In spite of all human, planetary, universal purification, have faith in a new life. Do not let the suffering and fear of your bones make you believe that you are barely this human condition.

Have Faith in a new life. Commune with the Body and Blood of Christ consecrated by His spiritual Presence at the altar and have faith that He is the new life.

Let the Eucharist be like the balm that enters your cells and awakens the God that dwells within you because, in a very mysterious way, He enters your bodies and permeates your consciousness, but He only manifests His Truth when you have faith that He is the Truth.

In this way, I bless you, and consecrating these elements on the altar, by the Power that God granted me through the Paternity of His Son, with the help of the angels and of the Archangels who bring the Ray and the Gift of Transubstantiation to this place, these elements are transformed.

Commune with them and have Faith in the new life, in the new man, in the new Consciousness, which today I tell you is the One that manifested at the beginning of all and from which you one day got lost.

That which is new to you, in reality, is the only Truth that you should manifest and live. Believe and have faith that his Truth awaits you, waits for you to seek it, to love it, not only with thought but to love it with the heart, to love it with conscience, conscience that is manifested in your actions, in your way of living, of treating your brothers and sisters, of being in the world. Thus Love is expressed.

This is what I wanted to tell you today.

And may My Words become life. Have faith and believe that this Word comes from God, although it is manifested through a human mouth.

The Lord has many Mysteries and, through different paths, reaches His children, until all creatures open the door to Him and let Him manifest Himself in their beings.

With this I bless you, I bless your lives, your families and this altar, so that it may become worthy of the Presence of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, April 13 of 2018

Weekly Messages


In spite of everything, gladden your heart.

The moment and the hour you have so awaited for and in which you prepared for, for so long, has arrived.

Gladden your heart in spite of everything that happens in the world, for the moment and the hour to open yourself to a higher Love has arrived, of transforming your human condition, of living according to the Gospel that guides you, and thus, of renewing, in life, the Words of the One Who gave His life for you and freed you from eternal death, from suffering, and from spiritual stagnation.

In spite of everything, gladden your heart.

I know that the world is agonizing and so many suffer, but you can never lose the gladness that will heal the wounds of your brothers and sisters throughout the world and will help them to clearly see the times they are transiting as humanity.

The joy in your heart does not represent indifference in the face of the suffering of your fellow beings; the joy in your heart represents the balm that God causes to flow through it to the entire planet when your consciousness is set in the right place, and in spite of the circumstances, you open yourself to be an instrument of God, a mirror of His in the world, which reflects not what is logical, but what is necessary.

In spite of everything, then, do not lose the gladness in your heart and do not lower your arms.

Place yourself in the Heart of God to understand the difficulties of life as your opportunity to overcome yourself and, one day, to do greater things than He who taught you to work and to live.

Be, then, a living prophecy; be the living mystery of the Words of Christ. And if it seems to you that this time presents great challenges and difficulties, overcome them all with your face clean and restored from tiredness; overcome them with a peaceful gaze and a heart in God; overcome them as a service that reflects hope to those who thought everything was lost.

Today I only tell you, child, that you, in spite of everything, in spite of anything, never lose the gladness of your heart.

Be the salt of the Earth; be the light of the world, with the One who is, and that is in all things.

You Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, April 6 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Seek the Truth and it will be revealed to you.

Search deep within yourself, as in the firmament of the Earth, which hides the depths of the Cosmos, the answer to your innermost concerns, the calm for your anguish and the meaning for your life.

Seek the Truth and it will be revealed to you because this is the time for unraveling mysteries. The Law dictates that nothing be hidden any longer, neither from the eyes, nor from humankind’s heart. And, little by little, this revelation will manifest itself on the surface of the Earth.

From the peoples of the beginning of the history of humanity to the present days, many mysteries were born and flourished. They are called "mysteries" because the human consciousness does not know them. But that which is a living part of the history of each being will no longer be a mystery.

The mysteries of human life are those facts that hold the true potential of humanity, as well as the reality that their existence did not begin with Earth, but rather in the depths of Divine Thought, before everything was created.

What you consider a "mystery" must be unraveled, because this is the cycle of the Truth, and the first Truth is that each being must know itself, understand its history, its roots, its errors and difficulties, and also recognize the virtues and Gifts it has received from God, throughout its evolution.

To know the Truth, you must thus seek it, knock on the door of the inner mystery and humbly allow it to reveal itself.

Ask God for the Grace of being in peace, in the face of your deepest miseries, whose roots transcend life on Earth. And also ask for the Grace of humility, to recognize that this human project is unique and that you are part of a Divine Treasure ready to manifest itself.

The gold of your spirit can become a precious celestial gift that, illuminated by the Light of God, causes hope to shine in the abysses. But you can also allow this gold to turn into dust, cause ignorance and indifference to make of you an eternal and permanent mystery to yourself. And even though all may be revealed, your eyes will see nothing.

Let your heart, child, open to the new cycles; that your concepts of life, of knowledge, of existence, and of spirituality be renewed. Because you are facing a cycle in which the Truth will emerge, and, even though it is held within you, you have never been absolutely united with it.

Everything will be new. Everything will be renewed and will show itself to the world as something unique, although obvious from the beginning, for there is no being on Earth that does not feel at their core that their ignorance hides a higher reality.

This reality will emerge. This Truth will show itself. Mysteries will cease to be mysteries, and you will finally know yourself and recognize yourself in God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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