Friday, November 25 of 2016

Weekly messages

Child, contemplate today the agony of the world in which you live and pray with your heart. The time has come to send your response to the Kingdom of God and raise to Heaven a true prayer that will cross the dimensions.

You are in the moment of the agony of the planet, in the Passion that this world has already begun to live. Just as your Lord, you must deny all temptations that will draw near you, to confirm before God your adherence to His Plan of Love, as much as the divine victory in the human heart may require true sacrifice, sincere renunciation and humility from you and all those who follow God.

Renounce, then, to the thrones of this world, just as Christ renounced to be a king, as humankind expected, to demonstrate to the world and the Universe, that the Divine Reign is not built with appearances but rather in the invisible of the spirit.

The world in which you live, child, offers you many illusions and falsehoods, much superficiality and distraction, and you so often get lost from the divine purpose for you, to surrender yourself, weak, to the things of the world. Find then your strength in the spirit. Pray and adore the Eucharistic body of your Lord.

See the events of the world as Christ saw the soldiers approaching in Gethsemane. Entrust your life to God and let Him lead you through the best path, although for many it will seem a path of failure and defeat.

Around you, the world will seek to keep their possessions for themselves, and people will want to protect their lives without realizing that they have already lost themselves in the darkness of an experience empty of God. You will walk against the current of the world and your example will cause others to reflect about their own lives.

Do not fear being on the wrong path, if - when following God - you see that no one accompanies you. Few will be the ones who will respond to the divine call, but the merits generated by these few ones will save the essences of all those who denied God.

If there is love in your heart and faith in your surrender, child, you will never lack the discernment to walk with steady steps. And if, one day, you feel confused, God will guide you and speak to your heart, so that you do not allow yourself to be deceived and lost in the last hour of this battle.

The time has come to pray with your heart for the planet and let that prayer draw you closer and closer to God. The acute times of suffering and tribulation dictate the degree of surrender that those who serve God must live.

Balance this world with your surrender, child, and open yourself to a true christic experience.

I will accompany you.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, November 18 of 2016

Weekly messages

Today I come to teach you, children, the art of loving God to liberate this world from the sin and from the evil that inhabits it.

Today I come to encourage you to surrender and to sacrifice as a way of truly opening the doors to the descent of the Kingdom of God to this world.

I want you to understand that every test and every suffering, as well as your own purification, when assumed with the correct spirit, can alleviate this world of a millenary weight, and you will not be living a personal and individual process, but rather an act of offering to God in order to alleviate the planetary situation.

I come, thus, to teach you to be true instruments of the Lord, whether you are full of graces and joy or of difficulties and sorrows.

When you live each second of your days offering your own life to God, without complaining of Him or of anyone else, something better or lighter might awake in your spirits and in your consciousnesses the maturity that these times demand from all humanity, above all from those who are more conscious.

No longer seek in these times the gratification of the bodies, of the mind, of the emotions and neither of the soul. Seek only to awaken gratitude and surrender and may it not be something that the mouth pronounces, but the heart does not live.

Whenever you are not satisfied with yourselves and with your own lives, remind yourselves, children, that in truth you are the most privileged creatures of these world and that, if it is offered to you an opportunity of living a conscious sacrifice, it is for you to grow and to be a fertile principle of the transformation of humanity.

In face of all there is to be liberated on the planet, too little is the sacrifice you live and have lived up to this day, however – in the mystery of the divine grace and of love which there is in the human heart – the more conscious you are of your own surrender and sacrifice, the more grateful you are before tests, whether they are material, spiritual or interior, the greater will be the balance generated on the planet.

When the door of the heart opens, the door of evil closes. You may not know and you may never come to know, but when you renounce with joy and are grateful for a difficulty on your paths, on the other side of the world a soul is liberated of its ignorance and finds Light.

Today We call you to go through spaces of the planet that need a lot of help. Some will do it consciously, others from the heart and others will go with their entire being. And I ask you to not wait only from God and from His Messengers the grace of liberation, but be yourselves the providers of grace through the permanent offer of your lives.

I leave you My Blessing, so that you may grow in spirit each day more and so that this growth may approach you to God, as consciousnesses and as humanity.

Your Father and Instructor, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, November 11 of 2016

Weekly messages

Children, again I will ask you to pray for peace and also for the unity in the hearts of humankind. Today I will ask you to look beyond your own lives and to contemplate the world with the heart, because – beyond the agony that the planet already is already living – many who are asleep and prone to evil are surrendering their souls in the hands of the enemy.

The Heart of God is suffering for the ignorance of human beings and for those who, more than that, consciously elect evil for their lives and for the world.

Reinforce your prayers not only for the Americas, but for the whole planet. Agony spreads out among humankind and the Kingdoms of Nature, and those who are in the middle of chaos, as much as they wish peace and good, do not have strength to establish this peace and are not managing to defeat the hatred and the resentment of their hearts for the injustices they see before their eyes.

Those of you who are still not living in an extreme of chaos, of conflicts and of wars, pray with fervor for the world! Pray much, because the enemy designs his plans day and night and is finding among humankind those who are willing to manifest his will and his false power.

May the hearts of good will unite, willing to live love and good wherever they are! It is time that the religions join hands in order to make a chain in the world, strengthened by the Power of God, so that in this way they will support the planet. It is time that the differences and the prejudices be dissipated by the need of peace!

Pray together. Pray for each other. Unite yourselves to all the hearts that proclaim peace because there needs to be voices that elevate themselves to the Heavens and clamor to God.

Open the doors of the heart and break the barriers of indifference that are upon the human consciousness. Let the dimensions unite themselves through the power of Love, which is still only an asleep potential within the human beings. Serve, pray and demonstrate to God that you aspire to awaken this unique Love of your essences.

I tell you this, children, because it is only with this love that you will be able to overcome the tests and the challenges that today are approaching humanity. This Love is the only thing that will defeat the fear of souls and that will cause peace to be established, regardless of the circumstances of the world.

For this reason, pray and live prayer! Awaken the Power of the Love of God in you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, November 4 of 2016

Weekly messages

Children, proclaim peace in a world that does not know it. Be the precursors of a new time, of a new age, marked by the spirit of unity. Cross every day, with the consciousness, the threshold between the old and the new humankind, transcending in yourselves what still attaches you to the patterns of behavior that degenerate the planetary consciousness.

With each word that I delivered to you throughout the years I have instructed you, I have brought a key that will help you to take this step. However, you need to be constant, persistent and take care of those things that you already know you must transform.

I ask you to be more attentive and committed than ever because – at the same time that purification is accelerating – the Universe and the planetary life will charge, from those who are awaken, to fulfill their mission, the commitment they have made before God to help His Plan to be fulfilled.

Children, when a soul is not conscious of its purification and it is not working to transform what emerges from its being, it loses itself more and more in the abyss of its imperfections, and surrenders itself each day to the darkness of its miseries and to the unhealed bonds with the evil. That is why humanity needs a reference in these times, as the Sacred Family was in earlier times.

The holiness that some live inside the cloisters, in many parts of the world, is not enough for these times. It is necessary to complement the balance that the contemplative life generates with a holiness lived in the world, in the ordinary life, before the eyes of humankind, as an accessible example to everyone.

For this reason, we send you to serve and not only to pray at your homes. For this reason, we send you to proclaim peace and to be peacemakers in your families, among your friends, in your day-to-day, at each instant. For this reason, we permanently invite you to the transformation of the consciousness. For this reason, we reveal you with depth the universal mysteries because the Creator is giving you all the available tools for you to achieve the perfect expression of the unity with Him and for you to be a bridge for those who are in the world and do not know Him, do not find Him.

Each day, children, this world adheres more to wars and less to peace. That is why I ask you to heal within you what generates the wars and the conflicts, what leads you to be combative with one another, so that you will be peacemakers, precursors of a world that lives peace and unity with God.

Everything is possible when you work from the heart, because the human potential is very unknown to all. The love of your hearts is similar to the Love of God and, with a single drop of this true love, you could change the world because love transforms and heals all things.

Today I encourage you to persist.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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