Like a sun that lights up essences and souls, we come to this world in this way. Like a pure light that comes from a Greater Light, today we kindle your souls, your spirits, your lives, so that they may be like a lamp in this world, in this nation and beyond it.

Today we have come as the Sacred Family of Nazareth to renew the principle of the families of this world. Together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the little Heart of Jesus, we are here to make your lives sacred, so that, again and again, you remember the true archetype you must manifest as humanity. If we still come to the world, it is because it is possible, children, that this archetype be expressed and you be carriers of divine perfection.

Today we are here as a hope, as an encouragement, because we know that many human hearts have already lost the hope of seeing a new world manifest itself and they believe it is a Utopia that this Earth can consecrate itself to God.

Look around you and do not see only the miseries, do not see only the spiritual and material poverty of humankind; do not see only the riches in the hands of a few, the great arrogance and the great misery of the human heart. Look at those beside you, see how they fervently pray, how today they opened the doors of Heaven so that Those Who were here more than two thousand years ago could return.

In this way, children, see that a celestial mystery exists that humanity still does not understand. An inner mystery exists that is hidden from yourselves. The truth is still silent, hidden in your hearts, that truth that makes you invincible and makes you capable of anything. When you fervently pray and when you are united with God, you can feel a drop of what you are in essence, you can feel that a vast universe exists, within and outside of you, that brings you great possibilities of life, of spiritual life, of divine life.

As the Sacred Family, we came to meet with you so that you may recognize that path of return to the Father, that you may find strength, the inner fortitude to persevere in the sacred and, through your own example, disseminate the life consecrated to the Father.

The despair in this world is born from the fact that chaos and evil are seen by all eyes, because they live by appearances, deceit and lies, and the truth and the good are hidden, showing themselves only to the eyes of the pure and those who enter into their own heart and strive every day to live them.

However, a drop of light overcomes all the darkness on this planet. An act of love destroys a war. A true prayer, said humbly, with the yielding of the human heart, causes the plans of darkness to disappear and does not allow certain things to manifest in this world.

However, the human heart has learned to live from appearances and only believes in what is expressed before their eyes, and what the mind can understand and verify. This is the greatest deceit, My children, that humanity lives, because the Mystery of God, as I have told you, is silent although powerful, because it unites with the Consciousness of the One, He Who created all things, He Who with a breath defeats all the evils of this world.

With everything I am telling you today, I want to draw you a little closer to what you truly are. I want you to feel and live every day what you felt yesterday and today when you prayed from your heart.

May that hope of seeing God be able to grow in your lives, and may prayer bring you ever closer to the truth and pull you away from the deviations that you once followed, which, as humanity, brought you to this point.

Through you, My children, we came to heal an ancient past, so that you may understand that with the simplicity of your hearts, we can perform great miracles, which in truth are miracles because you do not know the truth, because you do not know the true potential of your hearts.

Many do not believe in what we speak of, because day after day they become lost in their miseries and in the impossibility of persevering on this path. But if we are here today, children, it is because you can respond to this call, because you can consecrate the ground on which you live and have the Plan of God triumph.

Today, in front of your eyes, we are three, a simple, humble Family, which in the mystery of Its home, transformed the destiny of humanity and of all the universe, of all Creation. And in front of Our eyes, you are thousands, simple souls that must still unveil the secrets of God about themselves.

In front of Our eyes We see the transparency of your spirits and of your hearts, the possibility that God will manifest His Plan on Earth and in all the cosmos, the possibility that this wait will end which all of Creation is experiencing, of seeing Divine Love triumph.

In front of Our eyes, We contemplate your essences, We contemplate the potential for Love that one day expressed itself on the Cross and that today must be expressed in the calvary of this world.

One day, Divine Love emerged from the Heart of a Man who, today, expresses Himself to you as a child. That Love was born of His striving, of His sacrifice, of the struggle He overcame against Himself and against all evil.

Now, children, the universe waits for that same love to be born in your essences, through your striving, through the daily surrender of your sacrifice, through your perseverance in overcoming yourselves, in the simplest things, for I will not ask you for great things, I will not ask of you  great martyrdom, flagellation, crown of thorns, or death on a cross.

I will ask you to love your brothers and sisters as they are, to say 'no' to all anger, all criticism, to all value judgments.

I will ask you to renounce the pleasures and distractions of this world a little more each day. I will ask you to offer your purification and that you not complain so much, when, in truth, you receive everything from God.

I will ask you to be more grateful and that, on your knees, you pray to God every day, thanking the Father for the Graces you have received and asking Him for those who have nothing, neither in body nor in spirit; asking for those who are ignorant, for the indifferent, for the Kingdoms of Nature. I will ask you to help those Kingdoms, that you pray for them, that you pray with them, that you serve them, that you respect them as Creations of God, as bearers of the Divine Presence in the world; that you learn with them about a love that is also unique, which multiplies the love that exists in your souls.

I will ask, children, that each day you give something of yourselves to a fellow being. It is in this way that the cross of the world is carried.

With those very simple things, I lead you to God. I know that even with this, in spite of the simplicity of My Words, at this time it is difficult to defeat the human condition. That is why we are here, that is why every day we give you so many Graces, so many blessings, we give you so many opportunities to stand up after each fall. It is for this reason that Our hands are always stretched out to humanity and that, in spite of the flagellation that the Heart of God still experiences because of human actions, the Creator still allows Us to come to this world.

But I ask you from My Heart, with the humility of My Divine Heart, that you persevere, that you recognize your difficulties, but that you not hold on to them. Hold on firmly, children, to those instances in which a pure love can emerge from you.

And in this way, help Us to free this world from all the errors of the past. With these very simple actions, you change yesterday's errors. When you love and accept your brothers and sisters, you are bringing balance to all the faults committed yesterday through the lack of understanding of the human heart, through its inability to accept the different cultures and expressions of souls.

The divine mystery is immense and sometimes incomprehensible to the human mind; thus, before you try to understand, I ask you to experience and live every day this divine way of love, be it with your fellow being, with the Kingdoms of Nature, or in the silence of your own heart, be it in an intimate prayer with God.

With this very simple lesson, I come to take you out of yourselves a little, so that I can thus expand the liberation of this world, of this nation and all the beings that are listening to Us today. Because hearts take Us beyond this place, each home that opens its door to Us, also opens the door of their nation and offers humanity a further opportunity to reach God.

Now I will ask you to sing and cry out for peace, so that the portals of the Kingdom of God may open, and that what we came to do in this world may be done, not only by Us, but through the intercession of the human heart. Cry out for peace for all souls, for all the Kingdoms, for the whole planet.


And today I offer you a greater liberation and salvation of this world and of the whole universe: it is the Body and the Blood of My Son, given for you and for all the Creation of God. May that Grace multiply for all souls and for all the Kingdoms.

My small Child lifts up His Hands and blesses these elements so that they may be converted into a source of transformation for souls and of liberation for this world.

 Our Father in Aramaic.

May the Peace of Christ, of Mary, and of My Chaste Heart be in your lives and on the whole planet.

I thank you for being here and for multiplying these Graces for all of humanity. Pray, children, so that this doorway of peace continue to expand and broaden, so that more souls find God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and with the hope of being reborn in spirit and of being one with God.

I thank you.

At this moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on this same day, November 19, 2016.


May peace be in this place, in this city and in the whole world.

May peace expand through your hearts, lighting up every dark space in this world, for this is possible when you are true of heart.

May peace illumine your minds, bring you harmony, balance and discernment for these times of tribulation.

May peace take away your doubts, convert your errors and lead you onto the path of Christ.

Today, with My Holy Wife and Queen, I bring you peace, a peace greatly missing in the world and in the hearts that live in it.

I come once again to awaken you to the higher reality, prepare your consciousnesses for the times that will come, so that you can grow, mature your spirits, experience redemption and manifest the perfection of God in your lives.

Children, many are still confused with the things of the world, because it is still necessary to live in it, but not to adhere to its tendencies, but rather to transform it.

Since the beginning of this human project, the Creator allowed the two opposites of the duality of the universe to exist here: great darkness, a great evil, but also a great love, an infinite light, which comes to the world not only through Christ, but also through each heart that awakens to express that light which dwells in the depths of your essence and which, even though it is darkened, it is because of the things of the world, and not by the Will of God.

You still do not know, children, the perfection that dwells within you and within your brothers and sisters.

In their hearts, many ask Me how to reconcile the life of the spirit with their family life, their work, and their daily activities.

I want each one of you to be an example for your fellow being, an example of persistence, of perseverance, of love for the Plans of God.

To love another is not to be consequent with their errors. To love another, besides accepting them as they are, is also being able, when you see an error, to give an example of something that will balance them and do the opposite, for in this way, you will convert, not through judgment, nor through the criticism of your minds, but through the example of your hearts.

In these times, children, the minds are very confused, and even though they recognize they are not on the correct path, they do not know where to go. Within their beings, the darkness that permeates the world is much stronger than the love that tries to appear. For this reason, on this day, I ask you to give true examples to your families, in your day to day, in each instant of your lives. If you want to transform your fellow being, transform yourselves, for that is the only way this world can be transformed in a true way.

You will be able to understand the celestial mysteries and experience them when within you, there is a determination to follow the Plan of God. This does not mean hurting the other, for you will neither judge, nor criticize anyone; you will simply give pure examples of your union with God, and the union with the Creator, in itself, will transform all things.

As always, I would like to talk to you about divine universal matters; I would like to tell you the true reason why your spirits came to the world, reveal to you that this is not the first time, nor the last time you are on the Earth.

I would like to show you, to your hearts, how many lessons, how many triumphs and how many mistakes you experienced throughout your existence so that you could learn that you are not perfect, but that not all is lost, for an experience of true love exists within your beings, for if this were not so, you would never be here.

Those who are listening to Our Words today in the four corners of the world, throughout the history of humanity, have already heard the echo of the Voice of God many times, be it through prophets, patriarchs, saints, My Son Jesus, be it from the Creator Himself, Who breathed the essence of a truth into your heart so that simply with that breath, you might commit to Him during the whole history and, in this end of a cycle in which humanity must definitely manifest His Will, you could remember and finally fulfill the Divine Purpose.

I tell you these things because while I speak, I show your heart these truths, I attract your souls and your spirits so that you, children, may recognize that you are not just this matter, this mind that listens to Me, this heart that feels Me.

Something exists between you and Me that is unique, that unites us, that makes us in likeness to God.

Your essences left a Divine Origin, but never lost the link with the Origin, never lost the link with the Creator. A part of your consciousness remains in the Source, as a promise of your return to the Heart of God.

For this reason, today, for those who open their hearts, I have you feel that essence. I rebuild the thread that unites you with God and I promise the Lord that I will take care of you always, so that this thread does not break again, but rather, that the light of divine essence can flow more and more within your hearts.

Today I come to the world not only to talk with you, but to give you a spiritual impulse, which will resound in the whole human consciousness. I want you to leave here filled by the Spirit of God, so that you lose the fear of announcing the Return of His Son, and, more than that, of preparing the dwelling place of Christ within yourselves, because your Christic Essence is already before your hearts. Open your arms, open your heart and let this Christ express Himself and dissolve from your beings all links with evil.

Today I show you the Kingdom of God, which few know, for many seek to understand with the human mind something that is divine. The pride and vanity of humanity do not allow it to knock on the doors of Heaven, for they still prefer to feel self-sufficient rather than ask for the help of God.

Children, lose your fear of feeling the joy and wholeness of finding the Creator. Lose your fear of saying 'yes' to a new way of uniting with God, which is not to be found in any religion, in any belief; it is to be found in the depths of your beings. It is a union that has always existed, but that humanity has never wanted to see.

Religions are a doorway so that you can find the Father, but the time has come for you to cross the limitations of all the teaching you have received up until today, so as to learn from the act of reconnecting, which exists within you and that no institution can teach you. Religions exist to congregate souls, form the flocks, awaken them and lead them on a unique path, which is the Love of the Creator. If you experience a true love, love your neighbor as yourselves, and God above all things, it does not matter where you go, because you will find the Creator, and He Himself will show you His Truth, dissolve illusions, break the barriers, and transform human understanding of His Truth, of His Kingdom, of His Origin.

Today I come with My Holy Wife Mary so that you may receive a special Grace, a divine atonement, for We do not tire of giving Graces to the world; on the contrary, Our arms are always full, but the human heart is also full of itself.

Empty yourselves of all concepts, of all ideas about God; empty yourselves of all comprehension, become nothing, for, in this way, everything will be comprehensible to you.

The greatest mysteries of the Creator are kept in the simplest things; that is why we came to the world, because humanity was seeking great teachings, great insights that aggrandized itself, and not unite it with God.

This is why we came as the Sacred Hearts, for that was the expression of simplicity on the Earth, and it is in this way, with this example, that you will come to know divine mysteries, and will be capable of living them. In simplicity, all instructions will come alive, and you will not need to read so many books, because the greatest book is written in the history and experience of humanity. That is the book of those who are dressed in white garments. That is the most sacred book that they write and rewrite every day. If you want to read a great history, write it and you will read it in the Universe.

Bring the communion here, the symbol that the greatest mystery can be found in the least things. Would you be capable of believing that in this little piece of bread and in this fruit of the grape is hidden the Presence of God, the sacrifice of His Son, each of His steps with the Cross, His Blood, His Water poured out to the last drop for the salvation of humanity?

Will you believe, children, that by eating this bread and drinking this wine you will unite with this sacrifice of Love and will be invited to renew it in each small sacrifice of your lives? For this is the greatest truth that I bring you today. And as a symbol of this truth, I show you that grandeur in the change experienced each day by those who commune of the Body and the Blood of Christ.

By the authority given to Me by God, today I dress as a Celestial Priest, because before My Son experienced it on the Cross, I already contemplated His surrender and communed each day of His permanent sacrifice. I learned with Him to convert matter and place His Divine Presence in these elements.

Pray with me an Our Father in Aramaic, as in other times when you prayed with My Son, and thus, once again, you resume your commitments with God, disconnect from all evil, free yourselves of all pain and find peace in union with Christ.

Our Father in Aramaic.

Commune of these elements as you communed in other times. Lose your fear, as you lost it in other times, surrender your lives, as you surrendered them in other times. In this world there are now not so many deserts, but your voices must echo now among the cities, in the hearts of the men and women of this world, so that all may come to know the greatness of God and all may prepare for the Return of His Son. Let all know that His Spirit is already on this Earth and the time has come to awaken.

With this I thank you, and with Our hands upon you, We leave you Our blessings. Receive them and hold them in the depths of your beings, so that they may be a divine nourishment that gives you the impulse to always walk, to transform, to change into a living image of the likeness with God.

By the blessing and the redemption granted to you by the Sacred Hearts, I free you, cleanse you, wash your souls, and leave upon you the sign of the Holy Cross.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and renewed.

I thank you. 

At that moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on that same day, October 19, 2016.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

On this first of April and in preparation for My pilgrimage, I want to ask the more than three hundred groups of prayer of the Light-Network for special prayer assistance.

The spiritual request will consist in praying the Holy Rosary for six months, each day for a nation or group of nations of the Americas which I will indicate. For this cause and for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, with Me you will pray a mystery of the Holy Rosary on Monday for Venezuela, on Tuesday for Uruguay, on Wednesday for Brazil, on Thursday for Paraguay, on Friday for Argentina, on Saturday for Chile, and on Sunday for Central America and the Caribbean, which will encompass Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, the Lesser Antilles and Mexico.

This request for prayer is so that you help your Celestial Mother, so that Her Immaculate Heart may triumph not only in souls, but also in the spiritual consciousness of the nations. The social, political and human disorder that some nations of the Americas experience cause interference in the Plans of the Father, and My adversary takes advantage of these conflicts to keep My children from waking up to the call from the Heights.

I come to ask that all the groups of prayer meet at least once every fifteen days, to pray together through the means of communication you have used to support the prayer task. In this meeting every fortnight,  your Mother expects that a consecrated representative of the Order will be present.

The visionaries will accompany the meetings of this six-month prayer mission. Uruguay and Argentina will correspond to Mother María Shimani; Brazil and Chile, to Sister Lucía; Central America, to Friar Elías; and the others who are consecrated will accompany the rest of the nations.

With this mission, we will help to prevent a future social and political disorder which threatens the integrity of the peoples in the Americas.

I will be accompanying these meetings closely.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today I will ask you to close your eyes and find Me standing before you.

I am over the sky of Aurora, with bare feet, a white tunic, a wine-colored mantle. In My hands I have a rod of tuberose, which represents purity and also consecration. I hold this rod with My left hand and, with My right, I touch My Most Chaste Heart, surrounded by three lilies that represent chastity. My hair hangs to My shoulders, My eyes, the color of honey, are focused on the world, radiating the humility that God imprinted in them, so that I would be able to see all things under His Truth and His Justice. This is how My humble eyes are granted what I see.

Behind Me, I show you a path, a path to the desert, the lands that once were sacred, but that today you have allowed to be submerged in malice, in hate and in the damnation of the hearts that dwell there.

All this evil was known by God when He sent His Son to this people. He also sent Me, as a common man, to demonstrate to humanity that it is possible to experience transformation, live the transformation in Christ and a union with God.

I was a man born on this Earth, and therefore I return to it to rescue My companions and friends from other times, who did not want to listen when My Son was pronouncing His Words in the valleys and hills, who closed their eyes so as to not see Him go by, because they feared experiencing a change and being struck by His Love, which they knew was invincible.

Many of those who turned their face toward Christ are still in this world to learn to look at Him without fear and let themselves be defeated by the power of His Love.

We did not desist from this Earth, because for Us, it is still sacred.

How could the Earth cease to be sacred where God placed His Feet, where He spilled His Blood and opened the flow of His Divine Mercy so that it could permeate all the universe through this world?

How could this Earth, which is really a school of Love for all civilizations in the universe, cease to be sacred? 

How could your souls cease to be sacred, which carry within themselves the unique possibility of learning to love, of uniting with God, and making that God even greater in His Glory?

How could your essences, your hearts cease to be sacred, however much they sin and live in the illusions of the world?

You can never lose the truth of what you are, because that which comes from God is not corrupted by the worst evil of this world nor of any other; for God is the All Powerful, He is Purity Itself, He is the Truth, is Love, is Creation. How can He corrupt Himself?

If you are in this world, it is because you are to learn something through it. Do not waste the opportunity that God gives you, because you are on a very sacred planet, upon which God has His Eyes focused all the time, for He ardently aspires that more creatures become able to be in likeness to His Son and be true living gods of this world, to return to Him in perfect unity with His Heart.

When I speak to you of these things, I am not speaking about a dream, because the only dream of this world is what you have experienced up to now. The time has come to wake up to the reality, to the true Purpose of God for your souls.

The time has come to set aside your smallness and launch into the greatness of Creation. The time has come to set aside illusion and allow your eyes to be illumined by the Source of Divine Light that the Messengers of the Lord bring to the world.

Do not resist, because this Light will burn like a fire inside your cells and will burn up the molecules of damnation, so that the darkness in your consciousnesses will cease to exist. Only the Light will prevail.

Do not be sad, be happy! This is the moment that all of humanity has been waiting for, for such a long time. How many consciousnesses in the universe are observing you and waiting for you to say 'yes'!

Imagine, My dear ones, in different civilizations of the cosmos, beloved creatures that are part of this Plan of God and are on their knees crying out for your awakening, that feel pain in their hearts each time humanity denies the existence of the Light, that feel a great sadness each time the civilization of the Earth prefers to unite with the darkness and affirm ignorance rather than launch into the Light and discover the infinite love that all beings hold as a potential in their essences.

To some, these words will sound beautiful; to others, they will sound difficult to understand, because it will be difficult for them to step out of their own existence to contemplate Creation in themselves, the different worlds and civilizations that await them, because they do not want to believe that the evolution of the universe depends on their transformation.

But so it is, My beloveds, because the Lord is so humble, that He placed His greatness in such small creatures, His greatest hope in hearts that ignore Him or even deny Him, because they do not know Him and do not love Him.

I come to the world as servant of God to have humanity come to know the Grace it is to serve such a good Lord. You will never be sorry for serving Him every day. When you come to know His Grace, His Goodness and His infinite Mercy, you will set aside everything that you are and will not look back when only a touch of God is able to reach your consciousnesses. You must allow those Divine Hands to touch your hearts and, with His Love, dissolve your barriers and your resistances.

For a moment, you will seem to be suspended in the air, because you will not know who you are and you will want to become secure in what you were; but do not be afraid, because that will not last long. Yield to the wonder that it is to be nothing, so that you may immediately be filled by God, in the Grace of Unity with Him.

I am trying to lift you up to a state of greater Grace, so that you may be able to understand life on Earth as it really is and so that you permanently cease to be lost in the fantasies of this world. For I will not become tired of saying that it is possible to achieve the Purpose of God, even with so many imperfections. Yield!

Do not wait, My dear ones, for your strength to end and you are defeated by pain, by the suffering of no longer being able to bear living in this world, because you can no longer bear to live with yourselves. Yield now, while joy can still permeate your hearts, while you can still bring hope to those who are lost and be a source of help, rather than being hearts that need so much help.

Feel My peace, feel the gratitude that I pour into your hearts, because everything I say to you at this time is not only for you; it is also to bring to this sacred land that is behind Me a little healing, the hope that is born in this Kingdom, this Kingdom of Aurora, which manifests in your hearts and is radiated to the most lost souls.

Why do you fear living in peace? Why do you fear humility so much?

I know that you will experience pain on being defeated by God, but it is the pain of a great victory of the Creator in your hearts.

Place all that I have said in the depths of your hearts and seal My words with My Chaste Heart, so that they do not escape; but rather, within each one, they are able to carry you into a transformation of consciousness, of life, of humanity.

Today I speak to you as a father, because the Heart of the Father is within My Heart.

When I present Myself as the father of humanity, it is because I am humbly one with God. He manifests through Me, because it is through His Will that I come to the world. I come to pronounce His Words through My mouth. No movement of mine on this Earth is separate from the Will of God, and this I do, dear children, so that you may learn from a human heart like yours, because this humanity will continue evolving and will need many fathers and many mothers that are able to guide the consciousnesses that for the first time learn to love.

This is My message for today. Just as you have listened to Me now, you must listen to Me every day. When you read My words, hear My voice, because it is I who speaks to you within your hearts.

Before I say goodbye, I will shape a request, because human minds have need of this: in this place, I want a house that represents the humility of the Sacred Family; let it be simple, like Our home in Nazareth, full of peace, and let it be a Source of Grace for the whole world. At the door of this house, I will wait for you, so that you may confess to Me and enter pure of heart. Inside of it, you will find the Sacred Family that, in humility, will give you the impulse for a new life, for a redeemed life.

It will be this way because humanity needs icons, physical refuges in which to place their hope, that allow their faith to emerge so that they may continue on their path, awakening peace and unity with God every day.

In this humble home, may you celebrate a union with Christ through the Eucharist, in the moments when you may need a more simple and humble heart so as to find God.

With these words, I bless you and also bless this image that you placed on My altar.

As a symbol of My presence in the Kingdoms of Nature, I wish to place this image in the garden that you prepared for Me with so much love, so that you never forget that to find the New Humanity, to find the new human being within each one of you, you need to live in union with the Kingdoms of Nature; you need to awaken a love for these Lower Kingdoms and discover in them what each came to manifest in this world, so that in this way, My beloveds, you are able to express the Perfection of God as a planetary creation.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today I will not ask you for anything more than a sincere prayer from your hearts. That you be peaceful, fraternal and true in all that you do. That you make this place, as you do in your homes, small lights that little by little illuminate the world.

We can no longer count on so many soldiers, because few will persevere in the face of all that will happen in the world. I only ask you to be brave in spirit, in soul, and in heart; that you discover the truth about each one of your lives; that you find fortitude in the existence of the universe, in the Plan of God, in all those that wait for you and that trust in the potential for loving that exists in each one of you.

Find fortitude in the hope and the faith that God has in humanity, for at no time did the Creator cease to believe in His Project. His faith remains alight. Thus, day after day, surrender the best you have to the world. Thus, His Son will return, because, His Passion not being enough, the Lord asked for His Return.

Reflect on this, My beloveds. Seek within yourselves what it is that is so perfect which exists and causes God to never give up on the human heart, in spite of all the atrocities that take place on the planet.

Not only God, but also all His creatures that live in the universe, await the triumph of humanity, that in truth, is the triumph of the Christification of the human heart.

If Christ lives and reigns today among the Blessed, after having been in this world, the whole universe waits for a race of Christs that, one by one, are able to return to their origin so that, as soldiers of Christ, they demonstrate the grandeur of Creation, opening the doors of Heaven and bringing peace to all that exists.

Today I thank you for recognizing Our Presence and I ask that you deepen the awakening of your consciousnesses. May you live in peace, may you live in unity, today and always.

Under the blessing of your Mother Mary, Mother and Queen of this universe, continue in peace and pacify this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


On ending the Apparition, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón read the daily message of the Virgin Mary, and Sister Lucía de Jesus read the daily message of Saint Joseph.

Weekly Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Dear children,

Let your hearts rejoice, for the time of the Apostleship of Christ begins. The Lord waits with Love to know which of His children will raise their arms and announce their name for this Holy Apostleship.

To be an apostle of Christ, My children, is to fully trust in His Heart, to strive with all of your being to live His teachings, and through example more than through word, disseminate His Message.

Heaven has waited a long time for this moment, in which the Good News of the Lord will be announced on Earth again; in which hearts will again be able to burn in love for Christ, and devotion be the strength of those who walk.

Beloved children, to the Glory of God, the time has come to definitely live your faith, to consecrate your hearts to the Plan of the Lord and live to fully accomplish His Will.

My children, today in your hearts I sow the virtue of faith and of ardent devotion, so that in this way, you may be ready to take the first step toward the Most Holy Heart of Christ.

I wish to find in My children the living example of fidelity to God, so that once again, the world may have before its eyes and its heart an impulse of those who surrendered in holiness to the Words of the Lord and fulfill, in love, His Commandments.

I invite you today to be brave soldiers of Mercy, so that God may establish His Mercy within your hearts, and these be sources of Divine Mercy for the world.

I invite you today to follow the example of those who were crazy in the eyes of the world and truly lived the Gospel with absolute fidelity to Christ.

I invite you to surrender your fear, which many times permeates your hearts, in order to experience something new, a celestial freedom that will transform your hearts into a bridge to the Universe of God, where My Kingdom is a reality.

I wait for you to joyfully respond to this call. I will take you by your hands and together with Me, you will discover a new world that awaits in your hearts.

Allow Me, little children, to light the flame of devotion in your hearts, a devotion that you still do not know and that, many times, will cause you to surrender your life out of love for God.

Do not fear the intensity of My Words nor the greatness of My call. It is time for great spiritual works out of love for the Lord, and I will be guiding your hearts always. Simply open up to discover My call and to live it with your heart.

I love you always and I am by your side.

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more