Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Secrets of My Life must still be revealed, because no one knows them in depth. That they are a secret does not mean that they are a mystery; they are a revelation that will come at the right moment and, in the face of this planetary situation, this moment is drawing near.

Also for this reason I am here today, not only to continue My spiritual task for Ukraine, but also so that all of you may prepare, on the inner planes, for the moment of revelation.

My Celestial Mother and My Celestial Father know these Secrets in depth, because when My Mother was on Earth, preparing the arrival of the Messiah, Christ the Redeemer, the Archangel Gabriel revealed these Secrets to Her, which would only be presented to the world in the end of times.

These Secrets will have repercussions not only in the Church and in all religions, the Secrets will also have repercussions in the awakened and the sleeping consciousnesses, especially those who do not believe in God and who have never united to the Eternal Father.

These Secrets of My Life come to elevate the consciousness of the whole world, to remove it from indifference and impunity, to remove it from the power and the control it believes it has. Because the Secrets of My Life are the secrets of My Universal Life, from the origin of My Consciousness, including the Aspects of God, and this planet and humanity until they ascend to the Heavens, to the Universe, becoming a part of the Spiritual Government of the entire One Source.

The Angels and the Archangels are the great guardians and caretakers of the Secrets of My Life. For this reason, the adversary does not rest even for a moment to deviate souls from the revelation of these Secrets.

Because when souls become aware of this revelation, they will cease to be in illusion, and they will awaken, they will become aware of how much time they have lost in worldly life; and many will repent and have a time of atonement, a time of Grace, to thoroughly live the mission they have come to fulfill.

From that moment, souls will become a part of My Command and not only will hearts be My apostles, but they will also be a part of My armies of the universe, just as I have so many armies throughout the universe. These armies will prepare My Return to the world, to re-establish My Spiritual Government in nations and peoples.

After so many errors and sufferings in this world, which will be dissolved by the Presence of the Light of God, through the Presence of the Most Sacred Heart of His Son, I, with My own Hand, will write this history of humanity again, from the moment of the Death of your Lord at Calvary, on the sorrowful Cross of humanity. From this moment up to the present, the history of humanity will again be written.

Because in My Return, at the moment of the revelation of My Secrets, you will not only come to know what some of the apostles came to know on Mount Tabor or what some participated in during the multiplication of the bread and of the fish, or even in the miracles of the Galilean Sea, you will live moments similar to these facts and, little by little, you will come closer to My Spiritual Government, to learn how to know and live it, just as I live it.

The main purpose of this reason is so that all may live in the Law, may live in the Law with joy and bliss and not as a rule or an imposition, as many believe. Because in the Law lies Peace, and in Peace lies the Happiness of God. In the Law you will always find the path toward the Purpose, and in the Purpose you will fulfill your mission.

These secrets will not only renew the religiosity of the world and the spirituality of all consciousnesses, they will change the dogmas and beliefs of those who have had greater resistance to the Truth. They will see it before their own eyes, because it will not be something that can be hidden, because, in this way, I will fulfill My promise that you will see the Son of Man come and all will recognize and feel Him, and those who have denied the Son of God will also feel and recognize Him.

But remember that I will not come as a Judge, but rather, in the end of times, I will come as the Great Advocate of the Father, to intercede for all souls and consciousnesses that went astray from the path of Light and Mercy, who were dragged toward the abysses and toward the life of the hells of the planet. But when I return, these doors will definitively close.

For this reason, this is the hardest time of all, and it is also the most demanding time of all, as a spiritual pressure is inevitably generated between what is superior and what is inferior, and the negative forces that are present on the surface of the Earth become agitated when souls simply achieve the Light of the Truth.

For this reason, I am here, gestating this moment, preparing this moment in all inner worlds, because when this moment of revelation of My Secrets comes, you will know much more than just My Transfiguration or even of the Transubstantiation of My Being; you will know Christ, your Master and Lord, in the Creative Manifestation of the Father, that Truth that emerged from the Source through Love and Wisdom, which brought to you, a long time ago, the Law of Redemption, when the Son of Man shed His own Blood for you and suffered for you.

But the moment of My Return will be different from those times, because now no one will be able to kill the Son of Man.

When the Hierarchy approaches the planet and, above all, humanity and some regions of the planet, this will allow the condition to prepare these spaces of the inner worlds for this moment of revelation, because it is not written in the Bible nor in any other sacred book.

My Secrets are alive in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, and this Sacred Ark will descend to the world again, and reveal and show itself in those sacred sites we know and revere as Sacred Places.

Because certain points of the planet, where there are special cosmic and divine sets of circumstances, are spaces that have been prepared since a long ago, for this very moment. So the sacred relics of the Brotherhood will emerge so that all can recognize and see them.

These are the signs that Heaven will give you, the signs announced through the Apparitions of the Mother of God, visible and inexhaustible signs that will awaken consciousnesses and lead each one of you, as well as each one of your brothers and sisters of the whole world, to position themselves in the place where they must be in order to prepare this moment, together with your Master and Lord.

In truth, I tell you that all that I am revealing to you today is not a theory nor is it something abstract or unattainable, it is something concrete that will come and be visible to the whole world.

And those who have not fulfilled the Law or who have rejected God, the Creator, will have a last chance and opportunity to mend their lives and actions so as to be filled with Divine Mercy, and, thus, they will be able to be a part of the New Humanity.

For this reason, your Master and Lord is upon Ukraine, because, through Ukraine, your Master and Lord is upon Russia, as well as upon other nations of the world that urgently need divine and cosmic intervention, not only of the angels, but also of all Hierarchies. Being upon Ukraine, I can be upon Russia, upon a people that has been conditioned for a long time by a spirit of hostility and rivalry against other peoples and nations of the world.

But do not think of how this will be solved, rather think of what you will do for this to be solved, what is the true action of each one of you on a spiritual and inner level for a solution to come, and to be a concrete and not a passing solution.

For this to happen, your hearts must be united to the Heart of the Hierarchy and they must unite to Our great operations, Our great interventions for the planet and for humanity, especially for those places in the world that are spaces of inflection and permanent hostility, and which attract many forces of evil that subject and condemn many souls, and which do not in any way allow the planet to enter the fourth dimension.

This is why the pressure of these times is very great, and the greatest pressure is inner; a pressure that has repercussions on all living creatures of the Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human and Devic Kingdom.

All are under this pressure of these final times, because the currents that descend through the Central Sun are very powerful, but they are quite imperceptible to those who live in the illusion of the world. But these currents will not fail to descend, they will not fail to fulfill the Divine Purpose entrusted to them.

The great filter of these currents is the Consciousness of Christ, through which souls can learn to endure, to live and accept them as a part of the end of times, so that this human project not be lost, so that the planet as a consciousness not disappear from this universe and not lose the quality of being Confederate. This is why we must work hard, as I have told you in the last few days.

The collaboration and contribution of each one are fundamental, because they will create the necessary condition for more suns on Earth to awaken and be part of this Confederate Firmament that gathers Hierarchies and Evolutionary Consciousnesses of this and of other universes, of this and of other galaxies, which are united in brotherhood for the redemption and peace of humanity.

Do you now understand your participation in this Local Universe and the importance that humanity may learn to live in the Laws so as to be united to the whole Brotherhood of this universe?

For this, in this final time, the task of the Sacred Places will be very broad, Places that will also prepare My Return to the world and that will physically show that which no one has ever seen, because the impact of the awakening must be very broad to completely change the involutionary frequency of humanity so that it may enter the frequency of peace and universal harmony.

We must pray for all this, but truly pray, with the commitment to do it every day, so that your Master and Lord may have the doors of all hearts open, which must come out of the state of illusion and involution, to enter the state of peace and brotherhood.

This is why today I bring you My Spiritual Priesthood, so that all priests may act in accordance with what this moment requires and may be true mirrors of the Divine Life, which help reconnect consciousnesses with the universe and with the Supreme Source.

I need all of you on this level of awakening, so that you may understand all situations of this world, outside the superficiality of things and within the universality of all My Commands. In this way, you will be able to grasp the essence of the Purpose and join Me in service to concretize the Plan.

May Eastern Europe, and especially Ukraine, keep being helped by the prayers of all. Remember that a humanitarian mission is still pending here, and also the expression of a monastery of this Order to give continuity to that task.

The same must happen in Garabandal and at other points of the Northern Hemisphere that we have indicated to you.

For this reason, it is time for all the stars that shine through the souls on the surface of the Earth to work for this manifestation, because it is your responsibility that Heaven may descend to Earth and all tools of the Father may be available in this final time. Do not expect that what must be materialized will happen by itself. Your help is important. And this is why it is a concrete and permanent responsibility.

Make yourselves available for this manifestation so that the Northern Hemisphere may not precipitate; because this would be unacceptable to God, as in the Northern Hemisphere there are many sacred tools in the Sacred Places of the Father.

Head to this task and carry it out the way it is planned.

Do not forget what I am saying to you, it is time to keep working for the Plan, taking a steadier and more decided step, so that the debts of your consciousnesses and those of your families may be dissolved. All is waiting for you, it is time to work.

I bless Poland and I thank it for the welcome given to Me, and thus, I bless the whole world, all those who have the courage to hear and assume My Words and to not allow them to go as if this were just another Message. Because, in truth, I tell you, that My task is not static, My mission is dynamic, it is a constant purpose that will only make you grow so that you may surpass Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Word became Flesh and dwelled among you, and the Word of the Lord was fulfilled on Earth within the lives of those who are consistent and selfless.

The Incarnate Word became One in the children of God and the Word of the Most High reverberated and will continue to reverberate throughout time, through those who hear the Word of God.

Of the most imperfect, I will do wonders for our Father. I will convert miseries into Mercies, and nothing will be impossible for Me, as it has not been until now.

With this, today I want to tell you, on this afternoon of Mercy and solemnity, that for the merits achieved by your prayers in these last seven years, the Most High God of the Universe, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Adonai, Emmanuel and Abba, He repays from His Source, for each one of his children, His Peace and universal atonement, amending the mistakes made by all humankind up to the present.

Thus, today I want to tell you that I will never abandon you, because you already know how to enter My Heart, and in My Heart there is only eternity, there is never an end.

Children of My Father, open your hearts even more as you did yesterday, on this afternoon of solemnity and Mercy, in which the Eternal Father was attentive to the voice of your supplications.

After the Celestial Church descends here and for the world, in the month of August, I will continue to come, but this time in a special way. On the third Friday of each month I will give the world the final spiritual and divine impulses that, for a certain amount of time, will erect humanity and prepare it for My Return.

The Eternal Father testifies to this moment through the presence of His children and all of His who pray. And even more, our Mother of Heaven and Earth, the great Empress of the Universe, will accompany My Sacred Heart after the month of August, only on the 13th of each month, in which she will finish carrying out the task that She once began in Fatima.

Celebrate this moment and thank God, because you will never be forsaken.

Saint Joseph will go to Heaven and from there He will continue to bless the world, just as He blessed the Son of God when he was still a child.

The last secrets will be delivered, the last mysteries will be unveiled and humanity will no longer be able to say that it does not know it because, through My Spiritual Government and My Celestial Church, I will give them what they need.

So that, after August, I may return and bring more relief to the world, I will trust and accept your prayers on the 5th and 6th of each month, even though I will not be present here. But you know that I will make use of your prayer work in order to bring My Peace and the force of My Mercy to the world.

I would not want to leave here without first seeing all the pilgrims one last time, those who pray and serve, when time permits. Because My aspiration is to merge your essences with Mine and, at the end of this time, to recreate Creation for the victory of Love and forgiveness.

Your Guardian Angels commit themselves to the Lord of the Universe to guard and watch over this moment.

While I am silent, I contemplate with you the world, hurt and in need of love, Mercy, healing and redemption.

Today I accept the surrender of those who have decided to live this path, for all the hearts and lives of this planet that did not correspond to Me and that have failed Me in recent times.

As I accept these offers, the power of My Blood is poured out upon the unredeemed so that they may once again look up to the Heavens and find the hope and peace that they once lost, and also the signs of My Passion, the five sorrowful wounds from Your Lord, that enlighten the world at this time and pour out the Grace of the Lamb of God upon the children of the Eternal Father, upon those who hear Him, feel Him and love Him.

Today a cycle closes, but a final preparation time begins. Commune of My Words, be filled by My Grace and move forward.

You can surpass Me in love. When will you prove it to me? The value of My Life can be surpassed for your lives. The surrender of your Lord can be surpassed by your surrender.

I do not come to ask you for the impossible, I want you to be part of My Mystical Body so that all My Mercy may descend upon you and the world, and you may purify yourselves within Me in order to achieve redemption.

Today I gather all the force of the Light of the universe, and the hells feel this repercussion because each drop of Blood poured out by your Master today has value and victory in those who have corresponded to it.

Even more souls are waiting to enter My Heavenly Church, this must now be spread to the world. All are called, without exception, to be at the doors of My Celestial Church and enter it in the month of August, in which the great celebration will be established between believers and God.

As I speak to you, I purify you and bring you closer to My Heart. Now let your souls lay their heads on My Chest, right now, do so.

And through this melody, which you listen to at this moment, feel My divine and universal embrace, and how each misery is transformed by the power of My Light and the force of My Love.

Surrender into My Arms, you have the opportunity and, in the void and in the emptiness, find My Peace.

I am who I am, I am the beginning and the end, I am the maximum for your lives.

My Love wants to be throughout the whole world.

Today be anointed by My forgiveness that dissolves your miseries, that forgives your sins, that renews you after each fall, that places you before God to feel the Love of His Heart.

Surrender into My Arms and everything will pass.

My Love merges with your love and a single Love is born, the Living Love of Christ that sanctifies souls and leads them to the Kingdom of God.

Thus, today I wish, in the depths of My Soul and Divinity, that you may commune of Me through the Sacrament of the Altar.

Bring the altar here and remain in My Arms, until I tell you what to do.

Stay in My Arms, feel the beat of My Heart and the triumph of Love through this perpetual Covenant with Me.

The Father is attentive to this moment, just as He is attentive to all the souls of the world that surrender in My Arms at this moment.

May we be worthy of this moment and that in the Arms of our Redeemer our hearts and lives be renewed in Christ, knowing that Love, above all, the one that renews all things, will win.

Today the Father will participate in this consecration. Place at the Feet of the Eternal Father your needs, the true needs that benefit other souls.

Today the Cherubim Angels, Guardian Angels of My children from Africa, are here to bring me the offer of their little hearts, for that wounded people and for the world.

My Love penetrates the core of the deepest human pain, because today you have accepted being in My Arms to feel God.

Let us celebrate.

"Oh, Eternal Father, how great is Your Love, Your Power and Your Mercy, that you are able to invite Your children to surpass Me in Love and in surrender, because a good Master works tirelessly so that His companions will surpass him, and someday be good people in charity and in good, in love and in transparency.

Oh, Eternal Father, so many offerings I have received into My Heart from Your children. So many prayers have I heard throughout the recent years. So much, Father, in the triumph of Your Love and Your Truth, faith and unconditional service have you built in the hearts of Your children. This is what brings Me here today to the world.

Adonai, once again I place at Your Feet that everyone can surpass Me and that the prices of My Blood was not in vain, because it pours out upon the oppressed and fallen.

Today I offer you, Beloved Father, the embrace that I have felt from each soul at this moment, so that You, Our Lord, may give them an opportunity like You have given Your Son, to save the planet.

Receive in Your Kingdom, Eternal Father, the love of Your children, the prayers of Your children, the service of Your children and the daily improvement of Your children to achieve Your Peace and Your Mercy.

And so, before the consecration and offering of this Sacrament, on this afternoon of solemnity and Mercy, the faults are erased, the sins are dissolved, because the triumph of Your Love was fulfilled. Amen".

Today the Cherubim Angels, the Guardian Angels of My children in Africa, will transubstantiate these elements together with their Master, because God shows Himself to the small and humble and hides His Power and His mystery from the proud and selfish. Holy Scripture is fulfilled once again.

On the night when He was to be given in, in spiritual company of My Mother and the holy women, who were praying for Me, I took the bread before My apostles, I raised it to the Father, thanking Him for the sacrifice, so that it would be blessed and transubstantiated into my body. And the spiritual Light of the Creator descended to Earth.

Afterward, I broke it and gave it to My apostles saying: “Take it and eat, because this is My Body, which will be delivered by humanity for the remission of sins.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
Amen, (in Portuguese).

And thousands of fallen who were in the depths of the abyss of the Earth, became aware of the moment of their redemption. The stars of the universe drew a sacred geometry for the triumph of Love.

Afterward, I took the Chalice and offered it to the Father, so that the wine would be transubstantiated into My Blood, and the divine Light of God descended. Then, I offered it to My apostles saying: “Take it and drink, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, Blood of the eternal and new Covenant, which will be shed by your Lord for the remission of faults. Do this in remembrance of Me. "

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
Amen, (in Portuguese).

The Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Father (in Portuguese and English).

May the Peace and Mercy of Christ descend to Earth.

"Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed. Amen".

Sister Maria Jerusalem, can you come here, please?

We announce spiritual Communion, with Our Lord Jesus Christ, for all our brothers and sisters throughout the world, by means of three sounds of the bells.

Heavenly Father who leads us all,
Accept our offer of surrender to You.
Guide us through the path of love
for Your Will to be done.

When you feel you cannot, be in My Arms.

When the night is too dark, be in My Arms.

When you think you will not succeed, be in My Arms.

When you feel hopelessness, agony or disturbance, be in My Arms.

When you have no inner strength, and only confusion and lamentation, be in My Arms.

When you do not find meaning in life or in your spiritual mission, be in My Arms.

Be in My Arms, be in My Arms, because I come to liberate the afflicted, I come to give Light to the blind, I come to fill the dryness of hearts, I come to transform miseries into the power of My Mercy, because I need you to be able to surpass Me, so that the Plan may be fulfilled.

There is a song that touches My Heart very much, like so many offerings that are given to Me. But this is special, because it reflects the improvement and persistence of My companions in the world. This song is called "Everything I Have Lived". I want you to make this last offer that closes, on this afternoon of solemnity and Mercy, a seven-year cycle of work, effort and hope, with your Master and Lord.

May peace be in you and may you be bearers of My Peace. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We will prepare for that song.


From the Spiritual Book of the Secrets of God - Part I

And it was at that time when your Master and Lord, after having walked together with the twelve, called three of His apostles to climb the mount Tabor and, under a divine, solar and cosmic point, they got to know the real Face of the Son of God.

Today, I tell you that not only the three apostles got to know who I really was, but also many more consciousnesses participated in that event in which, through a crossing and a perfect union between Heaven and Earth, a great portal was opened and thus Moses and Elijah appeared, showing their transfigured aspects to the three apostles.

At this moment, a kind of spiritual alchemy and a fusion of non-material Laws were established to sustain that important luminous manifestation of the real aspect of the Son of God.

It was on the top of mount Tabor and for one time that My people saw their Lord in His glorified and cosmic aspect, an aspect He had conceived before incarnating in this world as the Messiah.

During that occurrence, all atoms and cells of your Master shined and, through His ethereal Body, He showed His transfigured aspect as a vision to the apostles and to all who were present there.

For a moment, the spiritual Universe granted the revelation of this secret, which nobody had known until that moment, because the purpose of such a revelation was so that those closest to the Redeemer would be strengthened so that, when the most complex tests would come, to the life of each one of them, as they shall come to each one of you, they could learn to deepen into love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Special Apparitions
Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I have come from Heaven to give you thanks, and My Maternal Love again.

This is all I want to say to you today. This is My only message, because at the request of the Father, I must attend to humanity, at this moment in which the planet is in agony because of a great indifference.

But children, I ask you to celebrate with Christ and for Christ; may this new year which begins, be filled with the Holy Spirit, as it was this entire year, where we have lived a Universe of Graces and infinite opportunities together.

I ask you, children, to not worry because today I can only tell you this. Continue to trust in your Mother Who is in the Heavens, just as you have trusted up until now, taking the steps on the path of redemption, conversion, and peace.

My Son has also asked Me to attend to the world and you, together with Me, will also attend to humanity.

I thank you for being with Me every day in prayer and in intimate and eucharistic communion with My Son.

Before I leave, I come to reveal a secret. Accompany Me in the silence of prayer and of the heart, so that I may tell it. Although you do not know it, trust in your Celestial Mother and in all the Plans that My Immaculate Heart is carrying out for this world and this humanity.

Accompany Me in this moment in silent prayer so that the Angels are able to help Me in this revelation.

Let us pray:

Our Father...

I bless you for this new year, with the Breath of the Spirit of God, with the same Spirit that descended upon the apostles in the Sacred Cenacle.

May this Spirit of God renew you in your commitments with Creation.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you, dear children, for building this Mission of Peace together with Me on this planet.

May the fruits of Redemption and of deep Healing awaken hearts.

I thank you!


Like a sun that lights up essences and souls, we come to this world in this way. Like a pure light that comes from a Greater Light, today we kindle your souls, your spirits, your lives, so that they may be like a lamp in this world, in this nation and beyond it.

Today we have come as the Sacred Family of Nazareth to renew the principle of the families of this world. Together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the little Heart of Jesus, we are here to make your lives sacred, so that, again and again, you remember the true archetype you must manifest as humanity. If we still come to the world, it is because it is possible, children, that this archetype be expressed and you be carriers of divine perfection.

Today we are here as a hope, as an encouragement, because we know that many human hearts have already lost the hope of seeing a new world manifest itself and they believe it is a Utopia that this Earth can consecrate itself to God.

Look around you and do not see only the miseries, do not see only the spiritual and material poverty of humankind; do not see only the riches in the hands of a few, the great arrogance and the great misery of the human heart. Look at those beside you, see how they fervently pray, how today they opened the doors of Heaven so that Those Who were here more than two thousand years ago could return.

In this way, children, see that a celestial mystery exists that humanity still does not understand. An inner mystery exists that is hidden from yourselves. The truth is still silent, hidden in your hearts, that truth that makes you invincible and makes you capable of anything. When you fervently pray and when you are united with God, you can feel a drop of what you are in essence, you can feel that a vast universe exists, within and outside of you, that brings you great possibilities of life, of spiritual life, of divine life.

As the Sacred Family, we came to meet with you so that you may recognize that path of return to the Father, that you may find strength, the inner fortitude to persevere in the sacred and, through your own example, disseminate the life consecrated to the Father.

The despair in this world is born from the fact that chaos and evil are seen by all eyes, because they live by appearances, deceit and lies, and the truth and the good are hidden, showing themselves only to the eyes of the pure and those who enter into their own heart and strive every day to live them.

However, a drop of light overcomes all the darkness on this planet. An act of love destroys a war. A true prayer, said humbly, with the yielding of the human heart, causes the plans of darkness to disappear and does not allow certain things to manifest in this world.

However, the human heart has learned to live from appearances and only believes in what is expressed before their eyes, and what the mind can understand and verify. This is the greatest deceit, My children, that humanity lives, because the Mystery of God, as I have told you, is silent although powerful, because it unites with the Consciousness of the One, He Who created all things, He Who with a breath defeats all the evils of this world.

With everything I am telling you today, I want to draw you a little closer to what you truly are. I want you to feel and live every day what you felt yesterday and today when you prayed from your heart.

May that hope of seeing God be able to grow in your lives, and may prayer bring you ever closer to the truth and pull you away from the deviations that you once followed, which, as humanity, brought you to this point.

Through you, My children, we came to heal an ancient past, so that you may understand that with the simplicity of your hearts, we can perform great miracles, which in truth are miracles because you do not know the truth, because you do not know the true potential of your hearts.

Many do not believe in what we speak of, because day after day they become lost in their miseries and in the impossibility of persevering on this path. But if we are here today, children, it is because you can respond to this call, because you can consecrate the ground on which you live and have the Plan of God triumph.

Today, in front of your eyes, we are three, a simple, humble Family, which in the mystery of Its home, transformed the destiny of humanity and of all the universe, of all Creation. And in front of Our eyes, you are thousands, simple souls that must still unveil the secrets of God about themselves.

In front of Our eyes We see the transparency of your spirits and of your hearts, the possibility that God will manifest His Plan on Earth and in all the cosmos, the possibility that this wait will end which all of Creation is experiencing, of seeing Divine Love triumph.

In front of Our eyes, We contemplate your essences, We contemplate the potential for Love that one day expressed itself on the Cross and that today must be expressed in the calvary of this world.

One day, Divine Love emerged from the Heart of a Man who, today, expresses Himself to you as a child. That Love was born of His striving, of His sacrifice, of the struggle He overcame against Himself and against all evil.

Now, children, the universe waits for that same love to be born in your essences, through your striving, through the daily surrender of your sacrifice, through your perseverance in overcoming yourselves, in the simplest things, for I will not ask you for great things, I will not ask of you  great martyrdom, flagellation, crown of thorns, or death on a cross.

I will ask you to love your brothers and sisters as they are, to say 'no' to all anger, all criticism, to all value judgments.

I will ask you to renounce the pleasures and distractions of this world a little more each day. I will ask you to offer your purification and that you not complain so much, when, in truth, you receive everything from God.

I will ask you to be more grateful and that, on your knees, you pray to God every day, thanking the Father for the Graces you have received and asking Him for those who have nothing, neither in body nor in spirit; asking for those who are ignorant, for the indifferent, for the Kingdoms of Nature. I will ask you to help those Kingdoms, that you pray for them, that you pray with them, that you serve them, that you respect them as Creations of God, as bearers of the Divine Presence in the world; that you learn with them about a love that is also unique, which multiplies the love that exists in your souls.

I will ask, children, that each day you give something of yourselves to a fellow being. It is in this way that the cross of the world is carried.

With those very simple things, I lead you to God. I know that even with this, in spite of the simplicity of My Words, at this time it is difficult to defeat the human condition. That is why we are here, that is why every day we give you so many Graces, so many blessings, we give you so many opportunities to stand up after each fall. It is for this reason that Our hands are always stretched out to humanity and that, in spite of the flagellation that the Heart of God still experiences because of human actions, the Creator still allows Us to come to this world.

But I ask you from My Heart, with the humility of My Divine Heart, that you persevere, that you recognize your difficulties, but that you not hold on to them. Hold on firmly, children, to those instances in which a pure love can emerge from you.

And in this way, help Us to free this world from all the errors of the past. With these very simple actions, you change yesterday's errors. When you love and accept your brothers and sisters, you are bringing balance to all the faults committed yesterday through the lack of understanding of the human heart, through its inability to accept the different cultures and expressions of souls.

The divine mystery is immense and sometimes incomprehensible to the human mind; thus, before you try to understand, I ask you to experience and live every day this divine way of love, be it with your fellow being, with the Kingdoms of Nature, or in the silence of your own heart, be it in an intimate prayer with God.

With this very simple lesson, I come to take you out of yourselves a little, so that I can thus expand the liberation of this world, of this nation and all the beings that are listening to Us today. Because hearts take Us beyond this place, each home that opens its door to Us, also opens the door of their nation and offers humanity a further opportunity to reach God.

Now I will ask you to sing and cry out for peace, so that the portals of the Kingdom of God may open, and that what we came to do in this world may be done, not only by Us, but through the intercession of the human heart. Cry out for peace for all souls, for all the Kingdoms, for the whole planet.


And today I offer you a greater liberation and salvation of this world and of the whole universe: it is the Body and the Blood of My Son, given for you and for all the Creation of God. May that Grace multiply for all souls and for all the Kingdoms.

My small Child lifts up His Hands and blesses these elements so that they may be converted into a source of transformation for souls and of liberation for this world.

 Our Father in Aramaic.

May the Peace of Christ, of Mary, and of My Chaste Heart be in your lives and on the whole planet.

I thank you for being here and for multiplying these Graces for all of humanity. Pray, children, so that this doorway of peace continue to expand and broaden, so that more souls find God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and with the hope of being reborn in spirit and of being one with God.

I thank you.

At this moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on this same day, November 19, 2016.


Dear children,

In urgent times do not get tired of searching for the purity of the heart, because it will be purity that will embrace you and protect you.

You, My dear children, must purify yourselves in order to reach this state of Grace, and the Mercy of God will be the sustenance that will help you cross this time of definition, purification and spiritual war.

Every day, through the prayer of the holy rosary and by the interior effort, you will find the path towards the original purity that each one of your beings keeps in the depths of the soul.

Dear children, do not get discourage by finding difficulties, it is part of your constant transition to see and get to know the deepest secrets of the unconscious world, something to which humanity does not pay much attention.

With My love and Maternal Grace, My children, I will help you to conquer the kingdom of the purity of the heart.  Do not fear falling and rising many times, the love of your spirits will be the driving force which will remove the obstacles and will make you transcend yourselves every day, until you have finally reached redemption.

God needs the purity of your hearts to transmute the evil of the planet and the grave errors of the adversary.  When your hearts pray with Me they are able to triumph, and in the times to come, be the living example of an immediate conversion.

Dear children, let us work to reach peace and purity, the scale is already unbalanced and there is no one to repair it.  I am with you and I pray for your prompt sanctity.

I thank you for answering to My call for Peace!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Bring incense to Me here and nine candles to honor Me, incense to expel and purify, the candles I will bless and give to the nine mothers of this Order constituted by My Spirit.

After nine days that you have prayed to My merciful Heart, I will tell you what else I want.

I have chosen nine mothers for this task.

Now I will tell you a secret...

Now, listen to My Message for this time.

Seek My Heart at this moment and let that be the reason for being here with the Son of God.

I thank you for the offering you have made, My daughter, for it has pleased My Heart.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

"Brothers and sisters, today we were present before an aspect of Christ that was a little different, we could say that it is rather an aspect of justice, it was this Presence of Christ that is preparing to come in the time of the Final Judgment, as He said.

But this face of Christ came filled with a very deep love, a love that transformed little by little. Today He came accompanied by many angels.

And as the Master blessed each of the sacred elements, He brought us a passage from those He lived with while here on Earth. He brought this Presence, this information that He slowly worked in our unconscious, and in this way, little by little, He was renewing something within us that we did not know about.

And He then gave us this message; He also asked that the brothers and sisters present there in the name of everyone receive communion of His Body and His Blood.

We knew that this act He had us carry out with Him, of communing and of drinking from the Chalice of Christ, was for a planetary situation.

Now we are going to share with everyone this message He brought today.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón then shares the monthly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, received on August 21, 2015, transmitted during the Apparition to the visionary.

The angels witnessed My Death and the women of compassion surrounded My sepulcher with a gentle, perfumed and real incense that glorified My Heart. This is the incense of purity, humility and liberation, for hearts that believe God is present in simple things.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Look at these candles that lit My sepulcher, carried by the hands of the devout women of Jerusalem who, faithful to the end, believed in My Presence and in My Resurrection. Happy are those who receive the Light of Christ into their hands, for I assure you that nobody and nothing will blind your eyes, for you will always see My Glorified countenance.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And just like the twelve, drink today of My Blood and celebrate this ministry with Me, this priestly ministry that I bring you from the universe through the inner fusion of the Communion with My Body and with My Blood.

But today I want to pay special attention to this Chalice, for this is how your hearts must be, chalices, receptacles of My Divine Codes.

Some of your chalices must be purified, others must be restored, but few are prepared through, the fortitude of prayer, for receiving My Spirit in the sacred temple of the heart.

I make possible all impossible things. Happy are those who believe in the Presence of My Blood within the Sacred Chalice.

Drink and participate with Me in this perfect union with the Universe of God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the Holy Communion is found the covenant with My Divinity, and all spirits are assembled by My Great Spirit, because through My divinized Spirit, everything becomes possible in the life of souls.

Happy are those who commune in their heart with Me and have a remembrance of My first Communion with you, here on this planet.

After having fulfilled all My ministry, which is the ministry of My Heart and of My Peace, today I will be able to leave this place rejoicing, for your souls opened to respond to My Call, and through this Sacrament, have accepted My Will, no matter what the cost.

I thank you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

It is important to go over the Message of Christ again, at some other time and calmly.

Because He probably wants to send us an impulse so that we can awaken a little more each day.

Let us give thanks for the presence of everybody here and those that followed us in this meeting through Misericordia María TV.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The deepest secrets about the destiny of the humanity of today are revealed in the silence of My Maternal Heart. Those secrets are the inner visions of your Heavenly Mother about the Redemptive Plan of Christ for humanity, and about all those who will participate in these final events. 

To know the secrets of My Immaculate Heart is to feel the grief of your Most Holy Mother on seeing the lack of connection on the part of humanity.

Besides there being real prayer groups and good Christians, the awareness that something must change soon must emerge before it is too late. That awareness will demand a complete and total change from everyone so that the spiritual outcome of today’s humanity may be different.

The Celestial Universe knows that only with decisive events, marked by the Law, can this most necessary change be awakened.

In His Heart, the Father feels that the world does not want to abandon comfort to experience a beginning of transformation; it is for this reason that the greater demand will fall on just a few, in the name of sacrifice and surrender to the Plan of God. But this will not be for very long; only until the most severe cycle of the transition on Earth begins.

Those who sacrificed themselves and endured for others will be crowned by the very King of Love, and will be the living testimony of a victory achieved by Christ Himself. It is for the rest of humanity to repent soon, or at least as soon as possible, since the Law of Justice will be decisive and will separate the chaff from the wheat. 

There is no time to lose; let hearts and souls truly repent, confess, and receive forgiveness and absolution so they do not continue to commit the same errors. Let them commune and hold within their hearts a sacred space for when Christ returns; in this way, the Divine and Glorious Light of My Son will become visible in the world. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the true planetary reality,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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