Monday, June 6 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Secrets of My Life must still be revealed, because no one knows them in depth. That they are a secret does not mean that they are a mystery; they are a revelation that will come at the right moment and, in the face of this planetary situation, this moment is drawing near.

Also for this reason I am here today, not only to continue My spiritual task for Ukraine, but also so that all of you may prepare, on the inner planes, for the moment of revelation.

My Celestial Mother and My Celestial Father know these Secrets in depth, because when My Mother was on Earth, preparing the arrival of the Messiah, Christ the Redeemer, the Archangel Gabriel revealed these Secrets to Her, which would only be presented to the world in the end of times.

These Secrets will have repercussions not only in the Church and in all religions, the Secrets will also have repercussions in the awakened and the sleeping consciousnesses, especially those who do not believe in God and who have never united to the Eternal Father.

These Secrets of My Life come to elevate the consciousness of the whole world, to remove it from indifference and impunity, to remove it from the power and the control it believes it has. Because the Secrets of My Life are the secrets of My Universal Life, from the origin of My Consciousness, including the Aspects of God, and this planet and humanity until they ascend to the Heavens, to the Universe, becoming a part of the Spiritual Government of the entire One Source.

The Angels and the Archangels are the great guardians and caretakers of the Secrets of My Life. For this reason, the adversary does not rest even for a moment to deviate souls from the revelation of these Secrets.

Because when souls become aware of this revelation, they will cease to be in illusion, and they will awaken, they will become aware of how much time they have lost in worldly life; and many will repent and have a time of atonement, a time of Grace, to thoroughly live the mission they have come to fulfill.

From that moment, souls will become a part of My Command and not only will hearts be My apostles, but they will also be a part of My armies of the universe, just as I have so many armies throughout the universe. These armies will prepare My Return to the world, to re-establish My Spiritual Government in nations and peoples.

After so many errors and sufferings in this world, which will be dissolved by the Presence of the Light of God, through the Presence of the Most Sacred Heart of His Son, I, with My own Hand, will write this history of humanity again, from the moment of the Death of your Lord at Calvary, on the sorrowful Cross of humanity. From this moment up to the present, the history of humanity will again be written.

Because in My Return, at the moment of the revelation of My Secrets, you will not only come to know what some of the apostles came to know on Mount Tabor or what some participated in during the multiplication of the bread and of the fish, or even in the miracles of the Galilean Sea, you will live moments similar to these facts and, little by little, you will come closer to My Spiritual Government, to learn how to know and live it, just as I live it.

The main purpose of this reason is so that all may live in the Law, may live in the Law with joy and bliss and not as a rule or an imposition, as many believe. Because in the Law lies Peace, and in Peace lies the Happiness of God. In the Law you will always find the path toward the Purpose, and in the Purpose you will fulfill your mission.

These secrets will not only renew the religiosity of the world and the spirituality of all consciousnesses, they will change the dogmas and beliefs of those who have had greater resistance to the Truth. They will see it before their own eyes, because it will not be something that can be hidden, because, in this way, I will fulfill My promise that you will see the Son of Man come and all will recognize and feel Him, and those who have denied the Son of God will also feel and recognize Him.

But remember that I will not come as a Judge, but rather, in the end of times, I will come as the Great Advocate of the Father, to intercede for all souls and consciousnesses that went astray from the path of Light and Mercy, who were dragged toward the abysses and toward the life of the hells of the planet. But when I return, these doors will definitively close.

For this reason, this is the hardest time of all, and it is also the most demanding time of all, as a spiritual pressure is inevitably generated between what is superior and what is inferior, and the negative forces that are present on the surface of the Earth become agitated when souls simply achieve the Light of the Truth.

For this reason, I am here, gestating this moment, preparing this moment in all inner worlds, because when this moment of revelation of My Secrets comes, you will know much more than just My Transfiguration or even of the Transubstantiation of My Being; you will know Christ, your Master and Lord, in the Creative Manifestation of the Father, that Truth that emerged from the Source through Love and Wisdom, which brought to you, a long time ago, the Law of Redemption, when the Son of Man shed His own Blood for you and suffered for you.

But the moment of My Return will be different from those times, because now no one will be able to kill the Son of Man.

When the Hierarchy approaches the planet and, above all, humanity and some regions of the planet, this will allow the condition to prepare these spaces of the inner worlds for this moment of revelation, because it is not written in the Bible nor in any other sacred book.

My Secrets are alive in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, and this Sacred Ark will descend to the world again, and reveal and show itself in those sacred sites we know and revere as Sacred Places.

Because certain points of the planet, where there are special cosmic and divine sets of circumstances, are spaces that have been prepared since a long ago, for this very moment. So the sacred relics of the Brotherhood will emerge so that all can recognize and see them.

These are the signs that Heaven will give you, the signs announced through the Apparitions of the Mother of God, visible and inexhaustible signs that will awaken consciousnesses and lead each one of you, as well as each one of your brothers and sisters of the whole world, to position themselves in the place where they must be in order to prepare this moment, together with your Master and Lord.

In truth, I tell you that all that I am revealing to you today is not a theory nor is it something abstract or unattainable, it is something concrete that will come and be visible to the whole world.

And those who have not fulfilled the Law or who have rejected God, the Creator, will have a last chance and opportunity to mend their lives and actions so as to be filled with Divine Mercy, and, thus, they will be able to be a part of the New Humanity.

For this reason, your Master and Lord is upon Ukraine, because, through Ukraine, your Master and Lord is upon Russia, as well as upon other nations of the world that urgently need divine and cosmic intervention, not only of the angels, but also of all Hierarchies. Being upon Ukraine, I can be upon Russia, upon a people that has been conditioned for a long time by a spirit of hostility and rivalry against other peoples and nations of the world.

But do not think of how this will be solved, rather think of what you will do for this to be solved, what is the true action of each one of you on a spiritual and inner level for a solution to come, and to be a concrete and not a passing solution.

For this to happen, your hearts must be united to the Heart of the Hierarchy and they must unite to Our great operations, Our great interventions for the planet and for humanity, especially for those places in the world that are spaces of inflection and permanent hostility, and which attract many forces of evil that subject and condemn many souls, and which do not in any way allow the planet to enter the fourth dimension.

This is why the pressure of these times is very great, and the greatest pressure is inner; a pressure that has repercussions on all living creatures of the Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human and Devic Kingdom.

All are under this pressure of these final times, because the currents that descend through the Central Sun are very powerful, but they are quite imperceptible to those who live in the illusion of the world. But these currents will not fail to descend, they will not fail to fulfill the Divine Purpose entrusted to them.

The great filter of these currents is the Consciousness of Christ, through which souls can learn to endure, to live and accept them as a part of the end of times, so that this human project not be lost, so that the planet as a consciousness not disappear from this universe and not lose the quality of being Confederate. This is why we must work hard, as I have told you in the last few days.

The collaboration and contribution of each one are fundamental, because they will create the necessary condition for more suns on Earth to awaken and be part of this Confederate Firmament that gathers Hierarchies and Evolutionary Consciousnesses of this and of other universes, of this and of other galaxies, which are united in brotherhood for the redemption and peace of humanity.

Do you now understand your participation in this Local Universe and the importance that humanity may learn to live in the Laws so as to be united to the whole Brotherhood of this universe?

For this, in this final time, the task of the Sacred Places will be very broad, Places that will also prepare My Return to the world and that will physically show that which no one has ever seen, because the impact of the awakening must be very broad to completely change the involutionary frequency of humanity so that it may enter the frequency of peace and universal harmony.

We must pray for all this, but truly pray, with the commitment to do it every day, so that your Master and Lord may have the doors of all hearts open, which must come out of the state of illusion and involution, to enter the state of peace and brotherhood.

This is why today I bring you My Spiritual Priesthood, so that all priests may act in accordance with what this moment requires and may be true mirrors of the Divine Life, which help reconnect consciousnesses with the universe and with the Supreme Source.

I need all of you on this level of awakening, so that you may understand all situations of this world, outside the superficiality of things and within the universality of all My Commands. In this way, you will be able to grasp the essence of the Purpose and join Me in service to concretize the Plan.

May Eastern Europe, and especially Ukraine, keep being helped by the prayers of all. Remember that a humanitarian mission is still pending here, and also the expression of a monastery of this Order to give continuity to that task.

The same must happen in Garabandal and at other points of the Northern Hemisphere that we have indicated to you.

For this reason, it is time for all the stars that shine through the souls on the surface of the Earth to work for this manifestation, because it is your responsibility that Heaven may descend to Earth and all tools of the Father may be available in this final time. Do not expect that what must be materialized will happen by itself. Your help is important. And this is why it is a concrete and permanent responsibility.

Make yourselves available for this manifestation so that the Northern Hemisphere may not precipitate; because this would be unacceptable to God, as in the Northern Hemisphere there are many sacred tools in the Sacred Places of the Father.

Head to this task and carry it out the way it is planned.

Do not forget what I am saying to you, it is time to keep working for the Plan, taking a steadier and more decided step, so that the debts of your consciousnesses and those of your families may be dissolved. All is waiting for you, it is time to work.

I bless Poland and I thank it for the welcome given to Me, and thus, I bless the whole world, all those who have the courage to hear and assume My Words and to not allow them to go as if this were just another Message. Because, in truth, I tell you, that My task is not static, My mission is dynamic, it is a constant purpose that will only make you grow so that you may surpass Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.