Like a sun that lights up essences and souls, we come to this world in this way. Like a pure light that comes from a Greater Light, today we kindle your souls, your spirits, your lives, so that they may be like a lamp in this world, in this nation and beyond it.

Today we have come as the Sacred Family of Nazareth to renew the principle of the families of this world. Together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the little Heart of Jesus, we are here to make your lives sacred, so that, again and again, you remember the true archetype you must manifest as humanity. If we still come to the world, it is because it is possible, children, that this archetype be expressed and you be carriers of divine perfection.

Today we are here as a hope, as an encouragement, because we know that many human hearts have already lost the hope of seeing a new world manifest itself and they believe it is a Utopia that this Earth can consecrate itself to God.

Look around you and do not see only the miseries, do not see only the spiritual and material poverty of humankind; do not see only the riches in the hands of a few, the great arrogance and the great misery of the human heart. Look at those beside you, see how they fervently pray, how today they opened the doors of Heaven so that Those Who were here more than two thousand years ago could return.

In this way, children, see that a celestial mystery exists that humanity still does not understand. An inner mystery exists that is hidden from yourselves. The truth is still silent, hidden in your hearts, that truth that makes you invincible and makes you capable of anything. When you fervently pray and when you are united with God, you can feel a drop of what you are in essence, you can feel that a vast universe exists, within and outside of you, that brings you great possibilities of life, of spiritual life, of divine life.

As the Sacred Family, we came to meet with you so that you may recognize that path of return to the Father, that you may find strength, the inner fortitude to persevere in the sacred and, through your own example, disseminate the life consecrated to the Father.

The despair in this world is born from the fact that chaos and evil are seen by all eyes, because they live by appearances, deceit and lies, and the truth and the good are hidden, showing themselves only to the eyes of the pure and those who enter into their own heart and strive every day to live them.

However, a drop of light overcomes all the darkness on this planet. An act of love destroys a war. A true prayer, said humbly, with the yielding of the human heart, causes the plans of darkness to disappear and does not allow certain things to manifest in this world.

However, the human heart has learned to live from appearances and only believes in what is expressed before their eyes, and what the mind can understand and verify. This is the greatest deceit, My children, that humanity lives, because the Mystery of God, as I have told you, is silent although powerful, because it unites with the Consciousness of the One, He Who created all things, He Who with a breath defeats all the evils of this world.

With everything I am telling you today, I want to draw you a little closer to what you truly are. I want you to feel and live every day what you felt yesterday and today when you prayed from your heart.

May that hope of seeing God be able to grow in your lives, and may prayer bring you ever closer to the truth and pull you away from the deviations that you once followed, which, as humanity, brought you to this point.

Through you, My children, we came to heal an ancient past, so that you may understand that with the simplicity of your hearts, we can perform great miracles, which in truth are miracles because you do not know the truth, because you do not know the true potential of your hearts.

Many do not believe in what we speak of, because day after day they become lost in their miseries and in the impossibility of persevering on this path. But if we are here today, children, it is because you can respond to this call, because you can consecrate the ground on which you live and have the Plan of God triumph.

Today, in front of your eyes, we are three, a simple, humble Family, which in the mystery of Its home, transformed the destiny of humanity and of all the universe, of all Creation. And in front of Our eyes, you are thousands, simple souls that must still unveil the secrets of God about themselves.

In front of Our eyes We see the transparency of your spirits and of your hearts, the possibility that God will manifest His Plan on Earth and in all the cosmos, the possibility that this wait will end which all of Creation is experiencing, of seeing Divine Love triumph.

In front of Our eyes, We contemplate your essences, We contemplate the potential for Love that one day expressed itself on the Cross and that today must be expressed in the calvary of this world.

One day, Divine Love emerged from the Heart of a Man who, today, expresses Himself to you as a child. That Love was born of His striving, of His sacrifice, of the struggle He overcame against Himself and against all evil.

Now, children, the universe waits for that same love to be born in your essences, through your striving, through the daily surrender of your sacrifice, through your perseverance in overcoming yourselves, in the simplest things, for I will not ask you for great things, I will not ask of you  great martyrdom, flagellation, crown of thorns, or death on a cross.

I will ask you to love your brothers and sisters as they are, to say 'no' to all anger, all criticism, to all value judgments.

I will ask you to renounce the pleasures and distractions of this world a little more each day. I will ask you to offer your purification and that you not complain so much, when, in truth, you receive everything from God.

I will ask you to be more grateful and that, on your knees, you pray to God every day, thanking the Father for the Graces you have received and asking Him for those who have nothing, neither in body nor in spirit; asking for those who are ignorant, for the indifferent, for the Kingdoms of Nature. I will ask you to help those Kingdoms, that you pray for them, that you pray with them, that you serve them, that you respect them as Creations of God, as bearers of the Divine Presence in the world; that you learn with them about a love that is also unique, which multiplies the love that exists in your souls.

I will ask, children, that each day you give something of yourselves to a fellow being. It is in this way that the cross of the world is carried.

With those very simple things, I lead you to God. I know that even with this, in spite of the simplicity of My Words, at this time it is difficult to defeat the human condition. That is why we are here, that is why every day we give you so many Graces, so many blessings, we give you so many opportunities to stand up after each fall. It is for this reason that Our hands are always stretched out to humanity and that, in spite of the flagellation that the Heart of God still experiences because of human actions, the Creator still allows Us to come to this world.

But I ask you from My Heart, with the humility of My Divine Heart, that you persevere, that you recognize your difficulties, but that you not hold on to them. Hold on firmly, children, to those instances in which a pure love can emerge from you.

And in this way, help Us to free this world from all the errors of the past. With these very simple actions, you change yesterday's errors. When you love and accept your brothers and sisters, you are bringing balance to all the faults committed yesterday through the lack of understanding of the human heart, through its inability to accept the different cultures and expressions of souls.

The divine mystery is immense and sometimes incomprehensible to the human mind; thus, before you try to understand, I ask you to experience and live every day this divine way of love, be it with your fellow being, with the Kingdoms of Nature, or in the silence of your own heart, be it in an intimate prayer with God.

With this very simple lesson, I come to take you out of yourselves a little, so that I can thus expand the liberation of this world, of this nation and all the beings that are listening to Us today. Because hearts take Us beyond this place, each home that opens its door to Us, also opens the door of their nation and offers humanity a further opportunity to reach God.

Now I will ask you to sing and cry out for peace, so that the portals of the Kingdom of God may open, and that what we came to do in this world may be done, not only by Us, but through the intercession of the human heart. Cry out for peace for all souls, for all the Kingdoms, for the whole planet.


And today I offer you a greater liberation and salvation of this world and of the whole universe: it is the Body and the Blood of My Son, given for you and for all the Creation of God. May that Grace multiply for all souls and for all the Kingdoms.

My small Child lifts up His Hands and blesses these elements so that they may be converted into a source of transformation for souls and of liberation for this world.

 Our Father in Aramaic.

May the Peace of Christ, of Mary, and of My Chaste Heart be in your lives and on the whole planet.

I thank you for being here and for multiplying these Graces for all of humanity. Pray, children, so that this doorway of peace continue to expand and broaden, so that more souls find God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and with the hope of being reborn in spirit and of being one with God.

I thank you.

At this moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on this same day, November 19, 2016.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Place your left hand over your heart and before My Father, revere this moment, this third meeting with Me. That in this month of August ends a stage and begins a new one for all the missionaries of the Earth, for all those consecrated in My Plan of Redemption and of Light.

A stage on this day is closing and a new door is opening, so that you may cross it in consciousness and brotherhood.

I have come with the Celestial Beings, the Elohim, all the Shining Beings. A part of Them has descended to find you in this sacred desert and to finish instituting the Plan that once began and has not yet been able to end, the Plan of establishing the Light of the Sacred Centers on the surface of the planet, and for a humanity still very much asleep.

It is this inner Light, which is born from the Sacred Enclosures, that will help in the transition of the Earth, and all the consciousnesses that sleep in the dream of the illusion.

So, in this third meeting, companions, I come to open the eyes of your consciousnesses a little more. I come to bring you the synthesis of all that has occurred in this meeting of prayer, of the possibilities that you had of taking new steps through this spiritual exercise, this universal command that I invite you to live.

I come to bring you the synthesis of the experience of love in each one of you, of what after three years and in this meeting, you were able to give Me with all of your hearts, with all of your souls and spirits united with Me.

I come to bring you the synthesis and the response of this task carried out during the two days of this divine fusion that was lived between the Sacred Desert, in which I find Myself, and Aurora.

This union was radiated to all; that door was opened for all, and it does not matter where you may have been. But if your hearts were here, just as I brought your souls for this meeting, for this new stage that begins this August, a part of the Mission is fulfilled.

The response of the servers is important; this makes the Plan evolve and concretize in humanity, in spite of what may happen around you, or in the whole world.

This meeting is marked by an important Ray, that separates the old cycle from the new cycle. This is the Ray of Transfiguration, the Ray that I lived for you, and thus I was able to show you My true face.

It is this spiritual face that I want you to seek, your true face, what you truly are and have come to fulfill on this planet.

Thus I form My disciples, thus I create My soldiers: in the strength of prayer and in the living of service for fellow beings.

Today I come to synthesize this experience that you have lived in the desert with Me, naming Me the Son of the Sun, of the emanation of the One Source, of the Wisdom and the Absolute Understanding about the Truth of the Universe.

I wanted you to go through this desert, companions, so that when it is your time to cross it again, you know how to do it, without fear and with much valor.

This task here, with all of you in Peru, in consciousness and in spirit, allowed Me to withdraw some of My disciples from their very deep deserts, in which they were lost; because with My Grace, everything is possible, and when souls invoke My Divine Mercy, it also is possible.

So I tell you again, companions, that I leave no one behind. But I respect the time of each beloved of Mine, until he finally fulfills the service that he has come to lend Me, in the name of God.

From this desert, today a Greater Light goes forth, a Light that ascends and illumines the Planetary Consciousness; it is the Solar Light, it is the Divine Fire, it is the plea, the aspiration, the ardent devotion of the hearts that cried out for this humanity and for this planet in redemption.

Thus, I prepare you for that great moment in which you will see Me come among the clouds with the Face of My Glory and of My Divine Mercy. I will come with the Consciousness that many do not know. For this reason, I send some of Mine to the deserts, so that they may prepare as I prepared to live the Passion, and thus, live My Resurrection, which was to withdraw the whole race from spiritual death, in the past. 

This Sun that I Am, illuminates the Universe and brings the Good News, the message of hope and the new path which those who have been lost will again be able to tread.

It is this Sun that I Am, which illumines and warms the spirit and the body, bringing them renewal and healing for all wounds.

Today I say, especially to all those who were in their deserts, to come to Me. I Am that Sun which illumines your paths, and that gives you eternal life.

The darkness will pass, but My Word will remain. There is nothing that separates those who are united with Me. This Sun illumines all the stars and the consciousnesses that unite with the Purpose of My father, where each one fulfills  his part.

I Am that Sun of the constellations; I Am the Greater Governor, the Christ, Who was here on the planet to teach you the Truth, to teach you about Love and about Mercy.

Now that in these three days, companions, you have crossed this Sacred Desert with Me, where darkness could not triumph, but rather the Light of My Love, I ask you: shine, like this Sun that illumines you. Be Suns on the Earth. Be the Love of God, that illuminates inside and outside, and each space of this planet. Suns of My Father, stand up!

The morning has already begun, and a new night approaches. But do not fear, who is in My Heart knows everything and will be guided until completing their mission.

Suns: awaken and do not sleep! It is time to shine from within, it is time to illuminate the abysses and to dispel evil in the name of the Love of My Heart. Shine and be what you never were; be worthy children of God, and you will be making My Heart glad. Be as I was, even if you are not. Be Suns that illuminate from the heart and bring peace for a time of chaos.

The most difficult hour approaches, but I will not abandon you. Happy are they who have heard Me with attention, because they will be rewarded by My Father.

That now, the prayer that you have lived during these two days be life, be love, be unity and brotherhood. Do not look for similarities in your brothers, look for the beauty in the hearts of your fellow beings so that the curse will end, the curse that causes the world to suffer every day.

See the best that there is in each one, and help one another, because thus you will help Me. Sustain and support the one who has fallen, because you too will fall and I will not deny you, because My Father does not deny you.

If the souls could see the essence of these things, there would be no sense in the world being purified.

Do not be what you do not have to be. Be more than what you live, and live it truly.

I bless you with My Divine Consciousness, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Companions, may this moment be kept within you, because the Son of the Sun came to meet you to bring you Peace.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Account of the third meeting with Christ, here in the desert of Chilca, in Peru.

When we gathered to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, at the end, the Consciousness of Christ began to approach here, the region of the desert of Chilca, as He did the two previous times.

The sky, which was overcast, gradually opened up and the sun began to radiate its light and its heat here in the mountains. Immediately, Christ showed us, we saw that He was coming close to us in a very different way than He has shown Himself at other times, and we could see the Master was coming with His Feet resting on a blue triangular platform that was floating.

He was on this platform. It was a very intense, strong blue color and it began to descend. As it descended, the Universes, the Heavens, were opening towards other planes, until reaching the spiritual plane, where we understood, comprehended that the Consciousness of the Father, Adonai, was, and so He opened that path when He descended; He was, in this third Apparition, dressed in White, there was a subtlety, something very light, delicate, above all, very loving; with the same features as the Glorified Christ, but this time, dressed all in white.

When He appeared, when He drew closer on this triangular blue platform, the first thing He took out of His Chest was His Heart, and He offered It to us. The Heart was on the palm of His right Hand being offered, and when He offered it to us, we could perceive that He did so for all the consciousnesses of the planet, above all for those that He says are indifferent. And He was Offering this Heart for Creation, He offered this Heart for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the Consciousness of the Kingdoms; it was something that was expanding to all, without distinction.

And in this way, He began to direct His Words, in the Message that He gave for this meeting. And when He spoke, at a certain point the Elohim, when we were still seeing the open Heavens, the dimensions, up to the spiritual plane, armies, that is what we saw, armies of the Elohim, they began to  position themselves to the right and to the left of Christ, above the mountains, here, in the desert.

There were many, all dressed in tunics down to their feet. They were resplendent beings like angels, but did not have wings. They were present there, and we saw that they were carrying out a task. In one moment, the Elohim accompanied all the work that Christ did through the message; because as He was talking, He was showing many things, above all, for example, what had to do with the Solar Consciousness, or what we know as the Sun.

At one point, when He began to talk about that Sun that we should be and what we should represent on the surface of the Earth, as missionaries, He brought, I don't know how He did it, a copy of another Sun that was shining on us.

Then, between Christ and the Sun, the physical sun shining on us, there was another extremely powerful Sun, and in its nucleus, in the center of that Sun, was the Consciousness of God. To say it in some way, cosmically, we saw ourselves represented, before a representation, so to speak, of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in a universal and spiritual way, that we had never seen, something very intense to see.

At the moment in which He makes that presentation through the Sun like the fundamental Consciousness of God, of Him as the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, He ascends, even while He was giving the message; He ascended and entered into this physical sun, which gives us light every day.

He began to transfigure and became like a Solar Being, which was a total Being of much light. It was a light that dazzled to see, it was a Light that was concentrated and was generated within this physical sun that gives us light.

I don't know what He wanted to show us with that, what it was He wanted to tell us, as an example, as a symbol, but at that moment, He was representing us, He showed Himself like that, like transfigured to the apostles on Mount Tabor.

Lastly, when He descended again from that Sun, more resplendent, more illuminated, naming Himself as the Son of the Sun, because the Son of the Sun, He was saying is the Son of God, of the living God. At that moment, He returned to that blue platform, and between that physical sun that shone on us and the Sun that He had brought, that copy of that Sun, let us say, of that more immaterial Sun, He made appear to His right and to His left, all the constellations within the heavenly vault, which were in perfect harmony and balance.

That was the experience and the accounts of the Apparition.


Emmanuel listens to you with His deep feeling of Love and Truth.

The scale of Justice is being balanced for some parts of the world where peace and especially My Mercy are lacking.

As a Solar Angel, I bring you what exists in the Kingdom of Heaven, that which is most pure, among all that is pure in this Kingdom.

And to close this seventh day, let us pray, as you have been doing in these days.

The whole Order at the feet of My altar. Those who cannot kneel before My Throne may stand. Reverence is born from the spirit and not from matter. The spirit is filled by the Light of God and thus you are vivified in His Love. 

Our Lord asks the Order to say the prayer that the angel taught us in Fatima, the prayer of reparation, when He so indicates.

In the meantime, companions, see Emmanuel present here, in His deepest emanation, through His beloved Son who manifests His Power, His Source and His Love for this Earth compromised with the insignia of evil.

Reparation is what many souls need to achieve redemption. Without reparation there will be no cure and the cure is born from Love, and it is Love that repairs all deep things in the souls.

The end is drawing near. The Omega is being drawn in the Sideral Universe. That is the visible sign of a great change that will lead humanity to a change in consciousness, permanent and continuous, without stopping, beyond the hours and time.

It is the great inner change in the open hearts, which live in the Lord, which dwell in His Spirit and which transcend the times with nothing hurting them and taking them away from God. For it is the deep communion that will lead you to Peace.

Let us pray, companions, the hour is setting it. Those who do not know prayer may unite through the heart, to the great path that I will open on this seventh day.

Oh! Beloved Lord, 
Oh! Beloved Christ, 
accept our reparation through our love, 
our surrender and our prayer, 
so that Your flagellated Heart, Lord, 
be relieved by our devotion to You.
(repeat seven times)

Raise your prayers to God and intercede lovingly for this sleeping humanity, which needs to awaken the spirit of redemption.

Freed from mistakes and sins, during these last seven days, be worthy in the Lord to receive again His Grace.

And thus prepared and willing to face the end of times, you will be able to help all those brothers and sisters who will need your hands and prayers. This will be a visible sign to all and that will show that the end has come.

Emmanuel is the source of all just causes for this Universe. From His Heart the Truth is born and that Truth is provided to all the heavens of this Universe, until it reaches here, your plane in this material life and thus many souls recognize His Will.

But when most of this humanity is disconnected from that Truth of Emmanuel, other paths are taken. They are not the paths of the Lord, souls are distanced from the purpose and lose the strength of their inner light.

For this reason, My companions, My God sent Me into the world; and God manifested Himself before you in Body, Soul and Heart. He was scourged, martyred and humiliated, but this was to save this whole race.

Many of those who are not here today, and who will be witnesses that I have been here, when they know My message, will be grateful and repent for having wasted their time and for having turned their backs on the Universe that welcomes them and calls them to redemption.

But the Father needs you strong and purified because the signs will come one after the other and, by that time, there will be no more time to wait.

From the source of that Justice the Omega is born, and that is the predestined symbol for the world, the one that will close a stage at the end of the purification to start another cycle, a new Earth liberated from all evil.

But for that to be possible, companions, the effort will be great. The demand will also be great. Many will give everything to reach that goal, even their own lives, as many did in the past to maintain the balance of humanity.

But you will not have to think about these things. Your Lord is the true existence, He must be the aspiration of your trust so that the bases are truly built and no pillar will be crooked, so that the Temple of Light, in righteousness and harmony, may be raised before the Lord, your God.

The floor of your feet must be removed. The Earth will tremble because it will cry out at the moment of its great birth. And there the beings of Light will gather around the Omega to begin the final ceremony. And you will see protective lights, shining in some points of the Earth, that will fill the souls of an unknown spirit, of an unknown force that will strengthen them and bring them to peace, before all things. And that will serve as a support for many hearts that are not destined to make use of that Greater Light.

Now remember, companions, the Source of Holy Justice. Today, your Lord, Christ Jesus, reveals to all the essence of the final time.

Do not think of your families and children, for if you have truly given your lives to My Heart, what should you fear, are you no longer a part of My unfathomable Mercy?

In the difficult moments you must remember Me, and there more than ever, my companions, the virtues and gifts I have given you in these days, which are invisible to your eyes, must be made available for service to the planet. It will not be necessary to shout for the things you will see, nor to be divided through your foundations.

Remember to seek the essence of humility that I taught you, that is the true home that is invincible and strong, that will not be destroyed by evil. Build in your foundations the essence of humility, so that the temple will be erected correctly and no wind greater than your strength can tear you down.

Thus, I will be able to enter your temples as I have done many times before to help the souls towards liberation.

Sing to Emmanuel, your Eternal Father. Through My Heart, He hears the offerings of the simple ones, when the inner emanation is truly born from the heart of each being.

Song: Emmanuel Padre-Madre Creador (Emmanuel Creator Father-Mother).

When you sing, not only do the doors of the Universe open. The souls are filled with an unknown spirit, whom they love very much from the beginning of their birth. That spirit is that of Love, the invincible strength for times of chaos.

On this seventh day, companions, My last blessing will be together with the apostles, instituting in this small space My Sacred Cenacle, where the image of the Sacred Heart must be erected. And thus many will remember that I was here among you, not only walking among the orange trees, visiting your souls, but consoling your sufferings and giving life to what was dead.

If the Sacred Heart were present here as an image and as light, here you would find a place of relief next to the house of My Mother and the chapel of Saint Michael.

The Universe gives you three spiritual and profound spaces, so that in this material life you may find the help you seek so much. The healing will always be within you and thus the sick body will be healed.

Make the right path now. Heal the deep things. Free yourselves from your beings and thus you will find peace in this spring which I leave open for all today.

Know that in this humble, small and simple place where this altar is located today will be My Presence, the beating of My Heart, not only for this country that owes so much to the Lord, but for this entire region of America.

But if your spirits connect with My Presence here, regardless of where they are, My friends, I will come to your homes creating a bridge of light, from here to your homes. I will pour My graces upon you, as long as you need them.

The times of trial will come, so I am giving you a little piece of Heaven that is deposited in this place through My Most Sacred Heart. This will be the precinct of the King, the One who does not rule only in the simple hearts. That is the true King.

Through My Words and instructions, I have consecrated all the elements. And just as you did during these days of prayer of Mercy, I invite all of the faithful and congregated to raise their rosaries to carry this Light of Mine, the Light of God, wherever you go.

Remember that everything is distributed with love and charity, without manipulation nor power because then my Light will not act. The sincerity of your heart will mark the way to bring My Light to the world.

Thank God for this final encounter and like the sun that shines in this galaxy, the one that illuminated you many centuries and eras ago, today, I pour out that Sun that is the presence of My Heart, the perfect code for the salvation of souls, the profound healing of wounded souls, the liberation of lost spirits and the Mercy for all humanity.

Under the power that God granted Me, on the basis of faith and trust in your lives, I bless you and absolve you from all sin so that you may sin no more, be transformed and become in perfect communion with My Heart.

Remember that I will always forgive you, but the time of justice is coming and the fountain of My Mercy is being gathered. Drink from that Greater Fountain. Submerge into that Ocean of Grace for the door is closing.

Under the angels of the Lord, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now, brothers, place your rosaries on the palms of your hands.

Oh! Blood of Christ, 
poured out over the world, 
purify our soul, 
relieve our heart.
Have mercy on us, Lord.
(repeat three times)

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