Saturday, October 31 of 2015

Daily Messages

Seek within yourself the true union there is with Christ and, through Him, with God. The Lord has already been before you many times; some of those times, you were able to feel Him, others not, but He left a seed of the tree of Christification within you, so that you may be in likeness to the Christ that was born in His Son.

Your soul suffers and feels lonely, for it has not recognized Divine Omnipresence yet and ignores the Presence of God and of His Son in everything and everyone. For you, Omnipresence is still a theory which you know but do not fully live.

Christ was not before you and then left; Christ illuminated you with the most intense ray of His Solar Light, and you were able to feel It, but His clarity illuminates all things, within and on the outside, all the time.

It is now time for you to recognize that you are united with Christ, united with God, because a part of the Project of God must be born from you, which will seek nothing less from humankind than the Christs of the New Time.

Contemplate the Lord in the Eucharist, as well as within yourself. Contemplate Him with the eyes of your heart, in an apparition or hidden in all things, and find Him.

May the peace and unity with Christ be a reality for the human heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, who united with Christ and God for all eternity.


Friday, October 30 of 2015

Daily Messages

Meditate on this day about your return to the Origin and do not seek the mental concepts, that inside of your consciousnesses, become confused by the distance that exists between what humanity knows about the Truth and the Truth itself.

You are in a time in which you will receive many keys, in order that, in a harmonious way, the being may find the unity with the Creation and recognize itself inserted into it, inside of its laws and in obedience to the course of its evolution.

I know that many feel without the inner and outer resources to meditate concerning something so sublime and apparently so distant from you. But the Origin, as well as the whole history of your spirits, can be found inside of your own hearts. What happens is that you occupy yourselves much more in thinking of the non-existence of all these things, or even thinking of how they are inaccessible to you, tan of seeking them and to follow the instructions that I deliver to you.

I only ask you to be humble, so that you do not confuse and interpret, with the mind, what only the heart can understand. Because in the same way that the mind takes many resolutions that the heart does not understand and does not accept, the heart also has within it truths that only it can understand.

The time of this world, marked by the hands of the clock, is already ceasing to exist, in order to give way to an eternal time, in which only the present is the reality and everything else is kept as an experience in the consciousness.

Hence, you must start, from now on, to deconstruct the concepts of the human existence of life upon Earth and also the concepts that you have formulated in your minds about God, His Plan and all of the Creation, because the Truth will come to light and It resembles nothing of what you know.

The human consciousness has mixed principles of truth with fantasies in all means of communication of the world and, thus, has given a sign to itself that the only truth that existed was a great illusion in which you were living in matter.

I ask you, once more, that you listen to Me with the heart. Contemplate your own interior and seek there the truth about yourselves and the unity that exists between what is alive in your own essence and everything that I tell you.

I love you and because of this I give you small keys and impulses to the awakening of your consciousness.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, October 29 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear servants of the Most High God,

On this day I tell you that, in order that you may yet live in this world, the Superior Laws that are lived in the universe, you must find the sacred again.

The sacred is the gift of knowing the presence of God in all things. The sacred fulfills the soul and approaches the spirit to the corrupted matter, so that it can make it pure and clear.

To find the sacred is a simple way to say that the consciousness is walking the path of the Universal Laws. And the key to discover the sacred in all things is reverence.

Every day, the forces of opposition to the Plan of God try to destroy the sacred as a concept in the human life, and this begins from childhood, degenerating the family relationships.

It is for this reason that My Chaste Heart descends to the world, in order to make a special plea to the families. As well as I could live the sacred, together with the Holy Family of Nazareth, today I ask you to look after the sacred within your families.

That, from childhood, children may come to know love, reverence for God, as well as for their neighbor; reverence for ceremonies, for prayer, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for life.

The purity that the little ones bring, may it not be lost from their hearts. Beware of the influences that they receive; give preference to the contact with the Kingdoms of Nature rather than the contact with technologies. Do not seek only to distract your children, siblings, grandchildren, nephews and nieces; but instead assume these little souls and be the example for them to follow. May they find, in the life of spirit, the joy of being in life, and this will happen through your example.

A life empty of love, empty of God and of His Holy Spirit is creating the current youth of the world, those that no longer find a meaning for living, because their souls, that came to the world in this time to fulfill a specific mission, are not finding, in that which the planet offers, what God has entrusted to them.

Therefore, look after the youth and the children of the world and make yourselves responsible for those who are by your side. Show them the life of spirit, of prayer, of spiritual quest, of things that transcend life in matter.

Because those who are being born in this time have the mission of remembering their origin, in this way attracting to the world the new time, the new humanity. Therefore it is important to lead them to the right path, before the soul gets confused by all that the world offers, as superficialities and false spiritual paths.

Do this for the Plan of God and for the future of humanity, as well as for the whole Universe.

I love you and I leave you My loving impulse of salvation, above all for the youth and for the children of this world.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, eternal Servant of God

Wednesday, October 28 of 2015

Daily Messages


May the peace in the hearts of those who follow God be the visible sign of His Sacred Presence in the world.

May the fraternity and the love among brothers and sisters united for a single evolutionary purpose be the reason of inspiration and of surrender for those who do not know in which direction to walk.

May the unity with God, reached by means of prayer and shaped in all of the instants of life, be the light that illuminates the eyes of those who walk in the darkness.

May the communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, the care and the love for these smaller brothers and sisters, be an example for the human hearts that have lost the hope of finding a new world.

May the love for the Plan of God be greater and stronger in the heart of His companions than their own plans and human tendencies.

May the aspiration for the constant transformation in Christ impel the beings so that they are no longer the same every day and so that they may come closer to God, through their own inner world and also through their conduct in the material life.

May the new humanity no longer be only a prophecy for those hearts that follow God: that it may be a goal to be reached in life with effort, prayer, love and persistence in the truth.

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart, if you believe in My words and have faith in the presence of the Sacred Hearts, then never lose the opportunity of you being different and of walking towards the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose.

More than announcing Our presence with words, I ask you to announce it with your own transformation. The beings of this world need to have an example to follow, even if you are in silence.

If you want that the Plan of God be established in the world, never be doctrinal about something that you do not live. Before you bring the Good News of the Sacred Hearts, at least try every day to live Our words. I assure you that, if you do so, your example of fraternity, charity, forgiveness and reconciliation will go further than if you were disseminating for years a word that did not find life in you.

I love you and I impel you to the experience of the Will of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, October 27 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions and servers of Christ,

Today I invite you to understand the importance of immediately uniting with the Purpose of God and, as soldiers of His Army of Light, to be ready to surrender your own plans and aspirations so that the One Plan, the Plan of God, may be accomplished, which is for the good and for the salvation of all humanity and the whole planet.

In these times, my dear ones, the whole universe assembles in each instant, through its representatives, so as to guide the beloved humanity in the best way.

It is in this way that impulses of light, redemption and reconciliation descend to the world that many times, hearts would not be worthy to receive, but that through the intercession of the Divine Messengers, together with the true praying soldiers of the Earth, are bringing new possibilities for the beings of this world.

Some time ago, the probability that God held for humanity was about the awakening of a few, that would be the seeds for a new future. Now, thanks to the power of prayer, this probability is increasing. Thus, other brothers and sisters of yours, who would not awake in time, will be receiving the possibility of recognizing their origin and thus, at least partly fulfil their own mission.

At each turn in the spiral of evolution, human beings surprise the universe, and now the task of the Divine Messengers finds the space to expand and reveal to hearts what they came to do in this world, thus awakening their potential to love and forgive the past that tied them to an involutive chain.

I know that many will not understand My words immediately, but hold them in your hearts, because those who do not understand them today will see the coming of their own awakening, and then yes, they will finally understand them.

I tell you all of this at this time so that you can adhere to the changes in the Plans of God, which are permanent, because humanity is unpredictable in the eyes of the Creator. In these times, when no soul must be lost from the true path, the Lord is giving everything for the manifestation of His beloved project of healing and of universal redemption through human beings.

I love you and I ask you once again to only keep My words in your hearts; even though not understanding them, your hearts will receive the impulses that come from them, to one day be able to understand them.

Peace and redemption for all.

Your father and instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, October 26 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions and servers of Christ,

Today I ask you to reflect upon everything that I have told you in the last times and that within yourselves, you seek to perceive if you are trying to live the instructions transmitted by the Sacred Hearts.

With the simplicity that is characteristic of the Consciousness of God, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Saint Joseph and Mary are leading humanity to a great awakening; however, it will depend on each one for this awakening to be able to come out of the sheets of paper and the word that the visionaries pronounce to the world, when they repeat Our words, and become life and a source of awakening for other beings of this world.

At this moment of the planet, we are looking to awaken not only prayerful beings, but soldiers of prayer: consciousnesses that are capable of immediately obeying the indications of God and who understand that love, forgiveness, unity and fraternity, which are achieved when hearts pray, are the most powerful weapons of current times.

May, equipped with the Power of God, His Armies be able to cause Light to triumph through the descent of Divine Light into the hearts that pray.

The armies of the adversary do not tire, do not stop and are not distracted not even for a minute; but the victory of God must be the only certainty of the hearts that respond to the celestial call. With this inner conviction, you will encourage other souls to transform their lives and convert into the peace makers of this time of planetary chaos and damnation.

My dear ones, awake to an immediate transformation and never think that you are already in a good place, that you have reached the goal and that now you can rest, for the rest of the soldier of God will not be in this life.

You are now here, to permanently transform yourselves, every day a little more, until you merge with Christ in your heart, soul and spirit. Do this for those who ignore the existence of God and His Plan and that are surrendering their souls to the abyss of this world, believing that they are experiencing the best that the Earth can offer them.

I love you and wait for you in prayer.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, October 25 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I call you to the awakening of the true faith, the one that is born from the union of the spirit with God, and that is not fed by miracles or rewards of any sort.

The faith to which I invite you is the faith in the invisible, so that you can trust and thus live the instructions of the Divine Messengers.

I know that for many it is difficult to awaken faith in the heart, when it is purely spiritual. Many believe in the presence of God among humankind, through the current Apparitions of the Sacred Hearts, but the belief comes from the acceptance of the mind and faith is the adherence of the spirit to the Will of God.

A faith which is born as a result of phenomena and miracle is a faith that may be as transitory as such phenomena, but the faith which is born from the heart of the one who believes without seeing is a faith that will never be extinguished and that will conduct them to find the true life of the spirit.

Those who keep their faith, even in the invisible of the heart, might find God, which it is not visible to the human eyes and will overcome the limits of matter and of the senses in order to enter you into a reality that transcends the material existence. It is for that reason that the Divine Messengers come to the world in this time, by means of this group of souls.

Throughout the human existence, God tried to awaken humanity in many ways, but every time they were awakened through the senses, they could never leave the boundaries of their own material and concrete sense.

The devotees and the faithful of God in the whole world are almost always simply aspiring to things that concern the material life and at no time they glimpse the true existence that starts after they transcend the illusions of this life.

Many believe in God, pray and seek to live in peace, but almost always this only intends the personal well-being and the success of their own material life.

Do you understand that the Plan of God does not start and does not finish on this little Earth?

My dears, when you are called to awaken faith in the invisible, you awaken, as a result, many other things, such as the understanding that life does not end in matter; you understand the existence of a superior life; you can transcend the appearances and the messengers and reach the essence of the message; you can deepen in the consecration of the material life, so that you may have the life of spirit as a priority.

Today, the Divine Messengers are conducting humanity to a greater understanding of live and they do not seek to build, in this world, anything which concerns comfort, convenience and material welfare, because this is not the goal of God.

The goal for this world is to be another one, so that the spirit may inhabit matter; so that the Earth may be a new Earth; so that humanity may be a new humanity, because this concerns to the descent of the Kingdom of God to the world.  That is, what is invisible to the human eyes today must become a reality of this planet. But, for this, you must start from the beginning, which is developing faith in the invisible, so that it may cease to be a mystery to the human heart and may become the reality.

I love you and I call you to the awakening of the true faith of the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, October 24 of 2015

Daily Messages

When a nation lives the consequences of millenary human actions and which were so intense that inflicted themselves in their social and political culture, as they say in a certain way, as it is the case of Venezuela and many other nations, the only way out for such illusion and human ignorance is a life of a true prayer.

If at least a small group, inside of each nation, truly prayed every day and if, even more, they could transform their own lives in a permanent action of prayer, it could change completely the consciousness of the nation and, as a consequence, its physical and spiritual destiny.

I say that because a being that prays permanently begins to enter with their heart in the Consciousness of God and there they recognize the true purpose of their life on Earth or, at least, they can recognize what is out of this purpose and, in this way, the illusions of matter are dissonant to them and them cannot stand them.  It is in that moment that the soul is impelled to the constant quest of the Truth and lives its elevation.  This experience is marked in the consciousness of the nation that, little by little, is conducted to a superior quest, by means of its inhabitants, of its guardians, as those who live inside of each nation are, for God, the guardians of the purpose for it.

It is for this that the Divine Messengers have arrived in Venezuela in the beginning of its crisis and now they return to renovate the impulse of the Venezuelan hearts as well as of the whole world.

The Sacred Hearts arrived in Venezuela not to end the social, political, economic and spiritual crisis that this country lives today, but rather so that it, as nation, may learn to transpose the material events through the life of prayer and may keep alive the purpose of the nation, that attribute that God deposited within all beings who live under its aura, so that they may develop it and, in this way, they may help in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all of humanity.

If Venezuela, as a consciousness, can live this experience of finding the truth and getting out of the material illusion by means of the praying life, this learning will serve to many other nations and for all of humanity in the times that will come, times in which the spiritual crisis, with physical consequences, will be the daily living of humanity.

It is for this that My Chaste Heart blesses this nation and all the Venezuelan today, impelling them to the true and peaceful praying life and so that, in this way, they may live it as a service that you do for all of humanity.

Remember these words in the days that will come, because today I pronounce them to Venezuela, but in a near future, they will serve to many other nations.

I love you and I give you My Peace, so that you keep you hearts peaceful before all the events of life.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, October 23 of 2015

Daily Messages

To overcome the tests of a time of chaos, you must learn, still in these times, to overcome yourselves, to love praying and to seek the permanent union with the Divine Hierarchy.

Every time that you open yourselves to support a purpose, an attunement1, you receive from the Heights an opportunity of getting to know what is hidden in your own inner world.

It is when the universe places you in a situation of being praying supporters and of remaining in vigil, that you start to feel how far you can surrender yourselves to God and from where you can overcome the known limits to give of yourselves what you do not know.

These instances in which the Messengers of God ask you for constant prayer are to test you, prepare you and to give, to each one, an opportunity of self-knowledge.  For this it is important that you observe your own inner world in this moment and make sure that you are truthful in your prayers as the hours pass.  In this way, you will be able to be training your consciousnesses for the days that will come and that will need the soldiers of Christ to be in permanent and constant vigil.

May the learning of a few be able to be deposited in all human consciousness, as a living experience of union with God and with His Purpose.

I love you, and I bless you so that you may keep answering to the needs of the Plan of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


1Saint Joseph was referring to a request of the Divine Messengers, made to the Communities of Light and to the Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order, to make supporting prayer to the group that was travelling throughout Colombia.  In the moment in which we received the message of Saint Joseph, we had been praying for about 8 hours and we were going to continue until we completed at least 12 hours of continuous prayer.

Thursday, October 22 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions,

On this day I want to tell you, about the words that I have been pronouncing in these last times, that if I instruct you in such matters, it is because I trust in the potential of all the hearts that listen to Me, regardless of the life that you lead and the degree of consecration you hold.

My Chaste Heart was sent to the world to accompany the Most Holy Mary in the awakening of the 144 thousand that must prepare the return of Christ and recognize Him among humankind. It is for this reason that Our presence is purely spiritual and touches the spirits of those who committed to God at the beginning of this whole human project.

My beloveds, the 144 thousand are the spirits that were sent to Earth to experience redemption and to help in the human project, and who committed to experience in themselves the codes left by Christ.

Do not think that Jesus came to the Earth to be the only existing Christ in the Creation of God. He came to be the Path that all of humanity was to walk through, the Truth that each being of this world should love and follow, the Christic Life that was manifested in Jesus, and that must manifest also in all those who are willing to make themselves an expression of the project of God and make the universal and christic principles left by the Son of Man alive in their own flesh.

My beloveds, the time has come to assume your true role in the Plan of God, and this is achieved when you are able to step out of the pettiness of material life, and in this way step out of yourselves, so that you may have as a priority in your lives what really matters, which is love and forgiveness, redemption and unity with God, and as a result, with all His Creation.

The 144 thousand must be the spearhead that opens the way to the New Humanity, the example to be followed for those who are blind, groping the air before them. The 144 thousand must be the hand stretched out to humankind and to the Kingdoms of Nature; they must be the representation of humanity itself, elevating the planet to the manifestation of the Truth.

Think about this and feel My words in your hearts, for they must impel you each day, so that at least you long not to be the same, and thus experience what I teach you.

Your beloved father and councilor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Wednesday, October 21 of 2015

Daily Messages

For these times of transition between the old and the new human being, the original human being, you must know a divine universal attribute: the Ray of Omnipresence.

The Ray of Omnipresence is the one that allows the Consciousness of God to be alive and present within all things.  The Ray of Omnipresence is the vehicle of God Himself in His Creation.

And why must you know it?

Because when humanity is very far from God and when the Divine Messengers are no longer among humanity as now, you will need to know that the Creator is in everything, and not just know it, but you will also have to experience and live this.  In this way, you will never feel alone nor helpless, because the Ray of Omnipresence will be visible and palpable to the heart.

In order to know the Omnipresence of God, you must seek it from now on, and I will tell you how.

In the concentration of the mind, of the heart, of the soul and of the spirit, silence, and only be in the present, without thinking of the past or of the future.  Feel the present moment, feel the elements of nature, such as the air for example, because regardless of where you are, the air will be present.  Feel the air as the bearer of the Ray of Omnipresence and perceive that the same God fosters life by means of the air and animates the universes with it, within the center of the entire Creation.

Discover the Presence of God within the life that sustains you, inside of your own body, giving movement to the elements that compose the being.  The God that inhabits the perfection of matter and conducts the functioning of an organism is the same one that inhabits the Cosmos, conducting the Plan to the different galaxies.

The Omnipresence of God is discovered when the same God is perceived in the small and in the great proportions of life.

The Creator is alive in all that was created by Him.  Find Him within each one of you as in the center of the Creation.  Find Him within your neighbor, as in all things.  In this way, you will be able to feel guided, even when alone and, if in a moment of need you listen to Him, the God that is in everything will be able to lead you to the fulfillment of His Will.

The Divine Messengers speak directly to you and with such human words so that you may learn, someday, to speak with the language of the heart and to listen to the voice that is pronounced in the silence of your own inner world.

I love you and I lead you to the times of transition.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, October 19 of 2015

Daily Messages

Peace can be a reality in the world, as well as it is in the Kingdom of God, where His Supreme Consciousness fully expresses itself.  However, in order for this to be possible, it is necessary that the human beings want to be with God, as well those who live in His Kingdom want.

When a being aspires to be permanently with God, they seek Him in all things and expect to find Him in everything, in the certainty that the Creator deposited a part of His Consciousness in all that He created.

For this, in order that peace establishes itself, you must seek and find God in everything and in everyone, transcending the influences of the world and whatever people who transit through it appear to be.

Permanently remember the existence of the spirit of each being and that, to each one, the Creator has a perfect plan, an idea and a divine thought.  Remember that, inside of each consciousness, in the its innermost, are the codes that it needs to fulfill its mission.

Today I want to reveal to you a mystery of the Kingdom of God, of His Plan for humanity.  When He created the human beings, God deposited in each essence a divine attribute, called Universal Ray, which is a way of expression of His Divine Spirit, This one that creates all the things.

The Rays of the Creator are responsible for conducting His Creation to perfection, but, in the case of the human beings, there is a secret, a particularity: the experience of perfection in humanity depends on the expression of love, and that perfection activates itself not only when a being loves, but also when it is loved.

The love of which I speak to you is not the love that you know because the human beings are used to love what is convenient to them, what pleases them and what causes them some gratification, but that is not the Love of God.

The Love of God is that one which looks at a being and transcends its imperfections, finding thus the truth of the essence of each one, and this is what it loves: it loves the Will of God for His creatures; it loves the perfection of God hidden in the beings; it loves God Himself, by means of His creatures.

This love is not impossible to be lived, but to find something that is lost in the other, you must find what is lost in yourselves, which is the possibility of truly loving.

For this I am here.  For this I descend every day to the world, to make simple the spiritual life, to make simple what, for humanity, has always been so complicated.  Because what difficulty there could exist in truly loving, if you were created exclusively for that?

Seek inside of you the truth about what you are.  When you take the first steps, I will help you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the awakening of love in the human consciousness

Sunday, October 18 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions in Christ,

I want to bring to you, each day, more than words, because I have the possibility of leading you to live what you truly are, not only as individuals, but also as humanity.

For this, I insist, time and again, so that, in each moment of your lives, you will offer everything that you do for the human consciousness, especially for those who do not know God and that, independently of their social class and of their physical situation, live in ignorance and in full illusion.

My beloved ones, when I was in this world as Joseph of Nazareth, in everything that I used to do in My work, in the rest or in the daily liturgies, prayer was always what would move My Chaste Heart and thus, praying, I would offer everything for the other siblings of the world.

I would work for those who did not do it; I would rest for those who could not rest; I was true and simple for those who could not be so.  And like this I was with everything.  So, I began to discover how to love the imperfections of humanity.  In this way, while I was working for someone who did not do it, I started to understand why those who did not work were in that situation and, in My intentions, I would always offer to God the difficulties of My siblings.

Seeing the purity of His servant, that did not use to pray for himself, but rather so that the Reign of God would expand itself throughout the world, the Lord started to show, to the eyes of My Heart, different situations of the planet in places that, in life, I had not gotten to know, but I knew the reality of all that I would see.

God gave Me the grace of serving more profoundly and of being certain that, in every instant of My life, He could intercede for some soul.  It was in this way that I began to gradually learn the art of interceding before God for souls and for the beings of nature, these that would never be forgotten by My Most Chaste Heart.

Today I tell you that the secret to be an intercessor before God is never losing the purity of intention and not believing yourself to be anything but only a servant of God.  Wherever there is pride for some work offered to God, that work will no longer reach Heaven.

Many believe that they intercede for souls when, in fact, they are losing a precious time of praying with the heart to, instead of that, feed their own pride and vanity.

I come to teach you to be as pure as the children and to pray such as a little child prays to God: there is no vanity in their words or even pride, there is just the pure union with God.  The children do not seek anything while they are praying, they only surrender their prayers.  Those are the true intercessors.

My dears, I do want you to be intercessors between God and the lost souls, but before that you must find yourselves in the own essence of purity and of humility.

I come to the world to give you this possibility, but do not think that this is impossible, only unite to My Spirit of Love and, each time that you see that you are not praying with purity and humility, remember Me and be like children walking to the Heart of God.

I love you and I leave you the purity of My Chaste Heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, October 17 of 2015

Daily Messages

If you do not understand something that I tell you, enter the precinct of your own heart and there, seek to transcend the imperfections, the ideas about yourselves, the concepts already constructed around your own personality or even what you believe to be, in soul and spirit, because the Plan of God is completely unknown by the heart.  Even those who are considered to be wise live in the same time and space of illusion, separated from the Supreme Truth.  Thus, even though they may be able to glimpse something about the Superior Life, they will never be able to know it completely, but only when the time of God starts to be one with the time of this world and the illusion of you being alone, in an infinite Cosmos, disappear from the human consciousness.

For not knowing anything about the Plan of God, neither you know about yourselves, because you are part of a Supreme Creation, which, as a whole, is a great mystery for humanity.   But the time will come in which the mysteries will have to be unveiled, because the Plan of God must be lived by His Creatures.

Contrary to what many think, the Divine Messengers are sent to the world so that you can live the Plan of God and not so much for you to be able to know it.  That is why, throughout the centuries, we only delivered to humanity words that would lead it towards a new principle of life through love, faith and charity.  And these principles, by themselves, would lead humanity to live according to what God thought for it.  And after having lived and experienced the Plan of God, then, you would start being able to get to know it and to understand better the reason for you to live all those things and why you could not continue living the ordinary human life of the surface.

As the times are accelerating and the Kingdom of God is approaching the world in order to make it sacred and to remove it from illusion, the Divine Messengers give Their last great impulse to the human consciousness, trying to make it live the divine principles and, at the same time, understand, whatever is possible for it within its limitation, about the universal life, the Plan of the Creator and to where it is conducting you from this new cycle.

That is why I ask you that, before you listen to the Words of God in the word of His Messengers, you enter in the depth of your own heart and forget everything you think about yourselves, about humanity and about the planetary life, so that thus you may be able to find a door to get in touch with the truth of all those things.

I leave this reflection and the Peace of My Heart to you because knowledge must be always reached with the spirit of peace, since the transformation only occurs when it is guarded by peace, as well as the correct fortress builds itself with the peaceful heart.

Your Beloved Father and Companion of the Eternity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, October 16 of 2015

Daily Messages

When I was on Earth as Joseph of Nazareth, many used to seek Me, asking for an advice about how to be united to God.  My Chaste Heart was discovering, in the Child Jesus, that God was within all beings.  But in a time in which people did not think about a Living God, except in the Scriptures, it would be very difficult to conceive the existence of God within each being.

Today, there are already enough knowledge and experiences, as humanity, for you to understand the things of Heaven and how they express themselves in the world.  In this way you will discover in the world the potential that it has to live according to the Celestial Life.

In the same way that God is alive in each being and few can see Him, His Kingdom lives in the original idea of the creation of the Earth.  In this way, the Living God must arise in the beings as much as the His Kingdom must manifest itself in the world.

To find the Lord within your own hearts and recognize yourselves as similar to God, you will have to stop knowing yourselves as imperfect individuals and merely human in the point of view of the Earth.

So that the Kingdom of God may be a reality in the world, everything that does not conform to that Kingdom must cease to exist.  And it will not be God who will make all the things disappear and, thus, solve all the planetary problems.  You, My beloved ones, are the ones who must make disappear, firstly from your own consciousnesses, all the concepts, the principles, the ideas and the intentions that construct all those things that separate you from God as humanity.

For instance: even though you may not be governors and may not have the power of starting or ending a war, to abolish the wars of the world, you must placate, in your own consciousnesses, wrath, competition, avarice and greed.  And, in this way, you must act with everything, because it will be little by little that the Kingdom of God will descend to the world.  But, for that, the harmony with which that Kingdom will install itself will depend on how prepared the human consciousness is receive it.

Many fear such mentioned planetary transition, but few are recognizing that the course of that transition will be the result of what each one can do to transform, in themselves, the human consciousnesses and, as a consequence, the planetary consciousness.

Meditate on what I tell you and on what I told in the previous days.  You will find in My words the keys to achieve redemption in a peaceful and harmonious way.

I leave you My Love and My paternal advice, as well as I did in other times.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, October 15 of 2015

Daily Messages

In the presence of My Holy Daughter, Teresa of Jesus, I am glad to see you liberating the world with the power of devotion and of the joy of serving God.

This is the spirit of a true life of consecration and it is what Teresa of Jesus always taught the world, through My example: that joy must never be absent in the heart of those who surrender themselves to God.

Joy must be present as an essence in everything that you do: the joy of silence, the joy of transformation, the joy of sacrifice, the joy of correction, the joy of praying, the joy of serving, the joy of being a living part of the Plan of God.

If this joy were alive in the heart of all servants, it would be like a fire that keeps love alive in the heart of all beings and transforms all rigidity and every difficulty in simplicity and lightness.

Today, beside My daughter Teresa, to whom I never failed and who never failed Me, I come to bring you an impulse for the consecration of life and that you make of the day-to-day of your beings the eternal joy of walking to God.

When the Divine purpose is clear both in the consciousness and in the heart, the soul never loses joy because – even before the current scenarios of the world – it knows the truth to which it walks and it is always seeking to elevate the sorrow and the sadness through joy.

Dear companions, both Teresa and My humble Heart have been upon the Earth and know the difficulties of reaching the true surrender, but both of us reached in life two virtues, with which we could fulfill the Plan of God for Us and which we continue to live so that we may be eternal servants of the Lord: those virtues are perseverance and joy.

Be tireless before the obstacles that the world places to you and that your own interior makes emerge, and make life become light and simple through joy.

Therefore, you might be a source of the Presence of God in the world and, in a time in which despair is the common living of the hearts, you might be a breath and a balm of love for those who suffer.

I love you and, together to Teresa of Jesus, I want to show you the simplicity of the life consecrated to the Plan of God when the heart is truly tireless and joyful.

We leave Our blessings over the whole world and may Our joy bring lightness for the afflicted hearts.

Your Father and Companion, Saint Joseph, in the presence of Saint Teresa of Jesus

Wednesday, October 14 of 2015

Daily Messages

Throughout the history of humanity, as well as the one of the universe, each act, feeling, thought and intention of the beings remains embodied in the planetary consciousness.

When a being acts in a correct way and lives an important learning that must be experienced by all, something that would lead the race to take a great evolutionary leap, such experience is distributed as a code of light for all the human beings and, in this way, everyone receives an opportunity to evolve and learn.

When humans act incorrectly and unite to the actions of chaos and of evil, these experiences also remain embodied in the human consciousness and in the consciousnesses of the nations, preventing the souls to live according to the Plan of God.  While they are not liberated from such situations through the forgiveness and the understanding of what they lived, they can spend centuries remembering the same suffering.

Also the executioners, those who committed the mistake, do not receive an opportunity to redeem themselves before God and balance the past, because, for that, humanity itself must generate codes of love that may be more powerful than any darkness.

When the Divine Messengers arrive to the different nations, They do not only come to bring peace and the awakening for those who dwell there, but also to liberate and to forgive, with the power of Their Love, all the past that prevents the Kingdom of God to descend to those places.

Therefore you must be more conscious of the invisible task of God by means of His Messengers and also be participants of the liberation that you carry out in each pilgrimage.

To this, be whole during your prayers: devoted, truthful, united to God with the word, with the spirit and with the heart.  Feel yourselves as a part of the human consciousness while you pray and, as well the human body unites its energies to heal some wound, unite as human consciousness in order to deposit the Light of God in all of the spaces of the world.

You know that humanity has made many mistakes throughout the centuries and continues to distance itself from God; for this, now has come the moment to generate the correct balance, until the scale will allow you to live a superior live in this sacred world that must live Redemption.

I love you and I thank you for being more conscious of the Will of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, October 13 of 2015

Daily Messages

My beloved companions and seekers of the celestial truth, today My Chaste Heart only comes to ask you to carry on deepening yourselves in the path of prayer and surrender.

I ask you to not forget of the campaign to which I invited you some time ago, and remember the sacred mission that the missionaries of Mary must carry out as soon as it is possible.

Know that the adversary of God will do everything in order that the missionaries are not able to reach the destination set by the Lord; for this, from now on, as praying soldiers of God who live to fulfill His Plans, place in your prayers and in your hearts this sacred mission, in order that, thus, the paths may be opened and the obstacles imposed by the evil may be dissolved.

For the Sacred Hearts, this mission is of vital importance as well as the campaign to sow the Love in humanity, because – if you fulfill these two purposes – humanity will be sending a sign to Heaven that it ardently aims that Light descends to the world and that evil be dissipated.

Today I tell you that, for all the evil that humanity causes to the planet, to God and to their own fellow humans be dissipated, it is not enough to want; you must pray, act and make many efforts and sacrifices.  You know that the greatest sacrifice of the human being is not the martyrdom of the body, but rather the living experience of humility.  It is for this reason that I send you in order that you will ask for forgiveness and will live the reconciliation, because in this way you will overcome what humanity has always nourished, which is pride and vanity, in favor of the fulfillment of a Superior Plan.

All the conflicts of the world are based on the pride ingrained in the human heart; for this, in order to establish Peace, be humble of heart.

I love you because I know about the greatness of your hearts once you express the truth that is latent in your own interior.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, October 12 of 2015

Daily Messages

Blessed are those who will keep in themselves the Kingdom of God and make of their own consciousness the tabernacle for the new seeds of the sacred humanity.

My dears, once more I ask you that, in the unity of the human consciousness, you offer your efforts and sacrifices, your conquests and transformations for the whole planet.

Today, your Mother Mary touches the ground of a very sore nation and that is hurt by the eagerness of the human power.  In the levels of the spirit, Colombia still suffers the mistakes committed in the past and many souls live without peace, for the consequences of all the evil that the first colonizers caused to the original peoples.

This, My beloved ones, is the reality of the great majority of the nations of the world, that – by the lack of light and forgiveness – continues to suffer the evil actions that have been submitting the souls for centuries, without them being able to understand what they live.  For this, it so important that the Divine Messengers can reach the largest number of nations possible, mostly in America, that needs to be liberated from the past, so that they may live the new future.

Today I tell you this because, as companions and servants of God in this world, you must be knowledgeable of these realities and know that not only the Middle East suffers by the cunning of the adversary, but many other nations live situations of deplorable darkness, without the human eyes realizing the seriousness of the situation in which the souls are found.

Know that the world suffers much more than the social crisis.  You are transiting through a definitive spiritual crisis in which you have all the help of God so that Light will establish itself in the world and defeat the terror of chaos.  You just have to be more conscious and know that the most important thing today is to pray and to work so that the Plan of God will manifest itself.  To work for that, My dear ones, is to constantly transform yourselves, letting the old human in order to discover the true human archetype and, thus, be what God expects from His creation in this world.

I love you and I make you conscious of the planetary reality, in order that you will serve more and better every day of your lives.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, October 11 of 2015

Daily Messages

My dear companions in Christ,

While humanity worries about the material growth and about the accumulation of assets and wealth that will rapidly perish before the imperious Light of the Redeemer, I invite you to prepare the return of Christ to the world.

The Lord will come once the hearts of the world have learned to value the true wealth and the true assets, those that you gain when you lose all the assets of the world and when you lose yourselves, surrendering yourselves to Christ.

The Lord will come when humanity understands that the only safe path is the one that leads to Christ.  This moment is not distant from your lives, because the events of the world themselves will make collapse all the structures that bring the comfort and the safety for the beings in the material life.

The Lord will come when the consciousnesses finally understand more widely His first coming to the world.  They will discover that by seeing the example of those who followed His steps and that, trusting His Spiritual Presence, did not falter with the tremors of the world and did not let their inner fortresses collapse, even with all the attacks of the enemy.  On the contrary, the companions of Christ will help to construct the fortress in the interior of the neighbor, even in the midst of great storms, because higher than the wind and the rain will be the power of the love infused in them by Christ.

The Lord will come, finally, when humanity starts to know its own history, the origin of this world and of everything that has happened here, since the first human beings started to develop themselves.  In this moment, humanity will seek in Christ the answer for all questions that the soul will make in order that the mind may awaken, and will find in Him the confirmation of all.  Because the Lord will come in Glory and, just by seeing Him among the clouds, the unbelievers will repent, the ignorant will understand and the false will fear to see themselves before their own lies, but all will feel the Power of the King and His Majestic Forgiveness.

He will return in order that, in His Presence, humanity may finally understand the Plan of God and, even though many may not manage to fulfill it, they may follow their destinies in the evolution of the Universe, with reverence to the greatness of the Divine Thought and confident in the Will of God.  They will walk from the point where they are, in order that, some day, they may be as God thought.

The return of Christ is not a fantasy, it is the Supreme Truth.  Those who believe in His coming and persevere, even if against the world and the doubts of their own minds, will sigh relieved when they see Heaven opening itself and, on their knees, they will thank God when they see His prophecy being fulfilled.

Blessed are those who believe in the return of Christ because they will walk behind the Lord, following each one of His steps.

I love you and I leave you My Peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, October 10 of 2015

Daily Messages

While we were finishing the devotional of Saint Joseph, I saw that the portals started to open, but this time I did not see Heaven, but I saw a place of the Earth.  Saint Joseph approached and I saw that behind Him a war was occurring, and He was coming from that location, in which He was trying to help.

Saint Joseph remained in silence for a while, with a pure gaze, though a little sad. Then, He started to say the following prayer that He asked us to write down, and He delivered us the daily message, speaking very slowly.  Although His words were simple, we felt that Saint Joseph made a plea to the world for Peace.

Prayer and Petition to the Most High God for World Peace and for Redemption

Lord and Most High God,
full of Mercy and Pity,
under the intercession of Saint Joseph,
Your humble servant, we beseech You:

End the conflicts, the disagreements, the wars and the curses.

Forgive the sins of humanity and take them to Your Holy Light.

Calm the suffering of the afflicted,
the loneliness of the abandoned and the sorrow of the sick.

Placate the anger of the ignorant and the craft of those who do not believe in You.

Establish Your Peace in the world.

Establish Your Divine Mercy.

Redeem and consecrate Your beloved humanity and Your sacred Kingdoms of Nature.

Make this planet similar to Your Kingdom of Peace.


What I most want today is that you may be peacemakers in your lives.   All that the Lord needs from the human hearts, on this day, is that you live peace and sow peace in the world.

My beloveds, the planet can no longer bear the conflicts of the world; therefore, balance this evil with your own actions of peace.

Do not allow yourselves to enter into conflict with your neighbor, with yourselves or with God and His Plans.  Seek the essence of peace.

Do that for the world in which you live, because it is agonizing.

Peace, peace, peace for this planet.

I leave you My Spirit of Peace and My most sincere request that you awaken to the eternal peace of the heart.

Your beloved Father and Peacemaker of Christ,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, October 9 of 2015

Daily Messages

As the human heart of a simple man without great intellectual learning, I learned to trust in what cannot be seen with the eyes of the body, only with those of the heart.

As Joseph of Nazareth, I lived the greatest miracle of life –the conception and the birth of My Son Jesus– whom I assumed as Mine, knowing that He was, in truth, the Son of God.

There has been no greater proof of trust and faith in God than this one that Joseph and Mary lived by knowing that the Son they had in their arms, in that manger in Bethlehem, was the Living Son of God, the Messiah so expected by all generations that preceded Ours.  It was like constantly living inside of a dream and not knowing what the reality was: if it was that which we were living with the Child God – in the trust that God, in His Humility, made Himself a child among us and allowed us to take care of Him and protect Him – or if it was that which everyone around us were living, most of them could never conceive the truth that such a Little Boy was, in reality, a great King.

Every day, by looking at Little Jesus, I would ask Myself: how can God, Who protects us and guard us, surrender Himself in this way into the arms of humans and place trust in their care and in human paternity?

That was how My Heart opened to discover that there was something in the human heart that only God knew in order for Him, who was the great Father of Creation, to surrender Himself as a child into the paternity of humans.

Only the humility of My Heart was what opened the doors so that I would understand that God was showing our likeness with Him.  He came to the world as a Son, in order that we could discover within ourselves the Father, Himself, the Most High God.

I tell you these things because your human hearts are also before many mysteries and they will be before even greater truths that will awaken within you the faith or the disbelief, according to the way you may place yourselves before the learning which God brings to you with His Perfection.

If you are humble, you will be able to understand the Humility of God, Who in many ways surrenders Himself to His children so that they may discover what they in truth are, and thus, awaken to the likeness with His Most Sacred and Great Heart.

Today I leave you this reflection, and these codes of light of My life with Christ Jesus, Who now reigns throughout the whole Universe.

I love you today and forever.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, October 8 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions,

I would to remind you that the world still agonizes and suffers for the actions of humanity, but I do not tell you that in order martyrize your consciousnesses and make them suffer an ill that you do not know; I tell you these things because, with all that you receive every day, you must be a little more consistent with that in your actions, in your thoughts, in your feelings and in your aspirations.

Many frequently forget about what happens in the world and let their consciousnesses get lost in the daily distractions and in the little inner problems, which become large, such is the attention that you place on them.

The beings, in their majority, do not truly recognize that we are in apocalyptic times.  Even those who consider themselves more conscious will need a great impact in their consciousnesses in order to know that, in truth, the end of times has come for the current humanity.

God expects that those who believe in His Messengers and who follow Their instructions be more vigilante than ever and seek, over all things, to manifest in themselves the Purpose of God, in which they trust.

I have always told you that you needed to be brave, but many take these words with a merely emotional enthusiasm and believe that will be brave when they are before chaos that spreads itself throughout the world with violence.  But what I come to show you is that this same chaos dwells within the creatures of the world in their due proportions and must be purified and elevated by the transformation of the consciousness.

It will do little that My Chaste Heart may descend every day to the world and deposit, in the beings, a part of the codes that I reached as Joseph of Nazareth, if your hearts do not do anything or almost anything to develop these codes within yourselves.

I do not want to discourage you or to disregard your efforts, but you must recognize that your distraction is very big and that you often still allow yourselves to live the old human patterns, even with all the knowledge that you have of the planetary situation.

Today My paternal Heart talks to those who aspire to live the transformation and to those who will not feel hurt with what I tell you, but rather impelled to maturing, because I come in this definitive time to deliver the best that there is in God to those who will move forward.

You will no longer have thirty years more to follow with a slow and precarious change, because what you build inside of you today is what will result in the years that will come and it is what will dictate the steps that you will take as consciousnesses in the future of the planet.

I assure you that nothing will stay as it is and that, with those who accept to move forward, the Plan of God will be fulfilled.

I love you and I warn you.  I guide and I always protect you, especially from yourselves.

Your beloved Father and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, October 7 of 2015

Daily Messages

Throughout the history of humanity, few were the hearts that opened themselves to discover the truth of the superior life, because humility has always been an attribute very rarely found in the human heart.

So it was that many preferred to believe that there was nothing beyond their own existence and even God was a myth for these hearts, such were their ignorance, their pride and their arrogance.  And, often, the few who managed to find a ray of light of this great Sun, which is God, fell in the pride and in the ignorance of believing themselves knowledgeable of all truths. So great was the pride of these beings that they separated themselves from God, believing that they were fully living within His Heart.

It is for this reason that today the Divine Messengers come to speak to the humble, the meek and the simple ones.  It is for this reason that we have approached you, talking to you as if we were talking to little children, because you should be like this in order to be before the teaching that we would bring in the end of times.

The arrogant believed that they already knew everything that we were telling them and did not realize that they could know the path, but – arriving at the doors of Heaven – they would not have the keys to open them, because humility is the master key that unites the hearts to God.

Understand that without humility you will never be able to follow the Plans of God, because only a humble heart can follow indications that it does not understand, that it does not accept and that, sometimes, go against everything that it has always believed.

Now that many have already been faithful to the celestial indications, you might start to understand some truths, and the puzzle will begin to be assembled before your eyes in order that you may strengthen, thus, your trust in God.  Because larger tests of faith will come to your lives and the small tests that you have experienced until today will prepare you for the days that will come.

Never forget that you must be like children, that you can never lose the spirit of humility, because thus we will be able to reveal to you great mysteries of this Divine Creation.

I love you and I bless you always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, October 6 of 2015

Daily Messages

In the midst of a world that submerges itself each day more in the darkness of its own ignorance, I come to call you to awaken the Christic flame in your interior.

While the ordinary humanity seeks the progress in the discovery of new technologies that may hypnotize and submit the beings even more, I call you to discover the truth about what you are and for what you have come to the world.

Today I tell you, companions, that this incessant search for power and for manipulation is a fruit of a seed that you have brought from the universe, where there are also spirits that do not seek anything besides their own mental development and ways to conquer the consciousnesses through the material power and the force.  But I tell you that greater than those two energies is the invincible Love of Christ.

Love is unknown for those who only seek their own material growth because, if they knew the true essence of love, they would know that there is not a greater wealth than the virtues that are consolidated in the hearts that abandon themselves.  They would also know that there is no greater kingdom to be conquered than the Kingdom of God, that which is found inside of each being that opens itself to live love above all things.

Today I will answer to you a question that many do by observing the ills of the world: 

“Where is God? How can He allow these things?”

Know that the ills of the world are caused by the lack of control of the forces that the planet human beings themselves have brought from the universe in order that they would be healed by the potency of love that you can live here.

Especially on the current days, those uncontrolled energies will emerge from the consciousnesses and the chaotic forces will stimulate their growth in the beings.  If you have a heart pure and a strengthened by the power of prayer, you will be able to balance these forces with the light generated by your own spirit in redemption.

If you open yourselves to live love, beyond your own mental judgment and beyond all the degenerated teaching that you received hereditarily, you will be able to defeat all the darkness that inhabits your beings and that you often do not known.

This is a very solitary struggle that is assumed only by the brave because you will have to go against all the decadent human principles that are already engraved in the cells of this world’s beings.

But everything is possible, because huge is the light that is being delivered to you in order that you will illuminate the abysses of the inner world.  I only ask you, beloved companions, that you trust in the leading of the Divine Messengers and do not fear to lose yourselves in order to find a new and true being.

I love you and lead you under the Celestial Blessing of Christ.

By the power given to Me by My Son, I impel you to the emergence of a new race.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, October 5 of 2015

Daily Messages

When the heavens open themselves for humanity each new day, a hope is lighted up in the interior of the creatures.

Whenever you pray from the heart and activate the potential of love that is hidden in your interior – in the midst of all suffering that most of humanity causes to the Heart of God -, the Lord receives a joy, a sweet relief for His eternal sorrow, because humanity itself starts to balance the weight generated by the chaos of the world.

If you knew how important it is for the manifestation of the Plans of God that you pray every month in the Marathon of Divine Mercy, you would count the days and seconds of each day to come to this sacred moment.

The Marathon of Divine Mercy is the true act of redemption and conversion for all those who pray from the heart.  When you clamor for Mercy, you are awakening your cells and atoms for the living experience of love; you are teaching your own consciousness that the most important in this moment is to transcend your own limits, for love to those of your siblings who suffer and who do not have the possibility of clamoring to God, except in the silence of their sorrowful heart.

When you pray and sing, remember to elevate the word with devotion for those who have their faith suffocated by the terror of the world.  Sing in unity with each other and all with God and Christ, because, by doing so, you create an unbreakable fortress in your own consciousnesses and deposit this code in the human consciousness.  It will be in this way that those of your siblings who are so distant today and that do not know anything else but loneliness and despair will be able to glimpse – even if it is in the spirit – the hope of one day living fraternity,  unity and love.

Make of your lives true Marathons of Divine Mercy, in which every pronounced prayer opens an infinite fount of Mercy for the salvation of the souls.  Live every day this manifestation of unity and fraternity that flourishes in the hearts by uniting yourselves for a single purpose: the one of relieving the planet and bringing a little of peace to the world.

As you feel in the Marathons of Divine Mercy, as I would like to see you every day.  In this way, you would understand and widely live the Sacred Plan of God.

I love you and I thank you for praying together with My Son Jesus for the planet.

The Sacred Hearts are attentive to each word that you pronounce on these days.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, October 4 of 2015

Daily Messages

Before life had manifested itself in this world, it was already being developed in many others, in this and other universes.  It was the life that expressed the Consciousness of God in creatures that evolved to reach the purpose of, one day, return to the perfect likeness of the Creator.  But, as you can comprehend, the creatures in the universe are also learning and they made many mistakes in the schools in which they attended to reach their objectives and, overall, in the great school of life.

This world in which you live today is a reflection of what have already existed in the universe for eons of time – an existence that is not measured with the time of this world.

You might ask yourselves why you do not known this life and why you feel it so distant from the reality you live, and I come to explain to you that, in the beginning, the idea of God was that you would not remember it, except with the essence of the heart.

Those human beings that started to enter the precinct of their own hearts and opened themselves to the unity with God would remember little by little the existence of the universe and of the great Plan of the Creator.

Why did you not remember that before? Because, until then, you would not have developed in the heart the sufficient degree of love and the capacity of forgiving needed to heal all that you lived in the universe.

Now, more than two thousand years after the world lived the apex of the manifestation of love, through Christ, His Family and His apostles and disciples, humanity began to silently develop this potential of loving and, then, came the right moment to begin to awaken.

I know that many feel that they cannot even forgive the things of the world and neither they live the true love in their interior, but I tell you that this love is already in the human consciousness, available for all those who seek it.  Inside of you, this love is a seed that has already sprouted, that will find a fertile soil for all that you have received in the last times and that you will be able to put into practice in the times that will come.

Christ knew about the existence of life beyond this world, He recognized His Mission and the Plan of His Father, because the Love of His Heart was full and the unity with God was His natural state of consciousness.

If you want to experiment by yourselves that what I tell you is not a great fantasy, so open the heart to learn to love and you will see disappear the limits of the mind and the boundaries that separate this world from the Infinite Creation of God that has been waiting for you for so long.

As seeds of light in your consciousnesses, I will reveal to you, little by little, the Truths of God and, if you open yourselves to love, you will be able to understand and live what I tell you.

I love you and I lead you to a New Human, which is in truth the Original Human, this one that should have always existed in the world.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, October 3 of 2015

Daily Messages

In these times of the planet, you must be very vigilant with yourselves, with everything that you think and feel and with wherever you allow yourselves be taken by imagination, because the small permissions that you give yourselves and the small gaps that you allow to be opened in your spiritual fortresses will become the reason for the rupture of a construction, elevated with much effort and arduous inner work.

Much it will cost you to construct of an inner fortress, to achieve the consolidation of a virtue or to manage to transform an ingrained aspect of the being, because the planetary forces have already reached a certain reign within the human cells, within the genetic code of most beings.  So, all your tendencies will take you to succumb to the ordinary life and to the capital energies.  For this a slight thought or an apparently innocent imagination can lead you to get lost in the endless labyrinths of the earthy energies of this time.

It is for this reason, My beloved ones, that you must be very vigilant with yourselves.  Give priority to the life of prayer that, little by little, will strengthen you and will enter with the new codes in your cells, codes that will make you more strengthened before certain influences of chaos and of evil.

While you do not know yourselves and you do not develop your own spiritual potentialities, prayer will be the greatest instrument for the maturing and the growth of the spirit.  Therefore, pray and do not allow that the mind digress and live, in the mental and astral levels of consciousness, those things that you have already proposed yourselves to not live.

Pray, pray much, because you will need to be more and more firm in the times that are to come.

I love you and I lead you with small keys, but very valuable ones, when they are used with the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, October 2 of 2015

Daily Messages

In order that you can transit in a period of planetary chaos and be a source of peace for the beings, and non-collaborators of the large dissociation network of the planet, you must start to strengthen the spirit with the knowledge of a superior life and with the living experience and the self-experience that such life exists and that the material dimensions of consciousnesses are only a reflection of all that manifests itself in the universe.

The differences between a conscious group of the planetary reality and other prayer groups that exist in the world and that support themselves only in the invisible of their faith are the tools that each one will have in the end of times and with what they will be able to contribute as a support for humanity, when the truths that have been always hidden start to emerge.

For a long time, Our Divine Spirits were extremely silent and delivered to humanity small impulses and signs that used to demonstrate Our Divinity, but they would not reveal to the human eyes what exists between matter and the Spirit of God, which is the life manifested in the different existent dimensions between 3rd and 12th dimensions.

Today Our Voice starts to deliver new signs and unveil new secrets to all of humanity, because, in this time, the adversary of God will try to confuse many spirits that are seeking the true Light and, thus, many beings will have visions that are not true or will receive instructions that more confuse and than clarify the heart.  It is for this reason that we start to reveal what humanity will have to recognize in order to take its evolutionary leap.

I want you to know that an instruction that comes from God is the one that leads you to the spirit of humility and of faith; it is the one that brings, in its interior, the purity that the heart can feel by coming in contact with it.

For this, I ask you to not listen to all what they say in the world, both outside and within yourselves; do not let yourselves be lost by the confusions or by your own need to fulfill certain functions within the Plan of God, because for each one the Creator has a perfect idea and a single plan.  Besides that, many of those who are in the world wanting to be something came to learn to be nothing.

Have trust that the Messengers of God will tell you everything that you need to listen, and follow Our Words with attention.

If you could live, at least, one message of the thousands that we have transmitted in the last years, you would be already closer to the existence of the new humanity and you would even already be able to know who you are or, at least, what you are not and, thus, be guided by the Spirit of the Divine Humility of God.

In order that My Heart continues to reveal to you the celestial secrets and awaken many consciousnesses from the dream, I need you to be consistent with all that is being delivered to you.

I love you and I hope that I can lead you each time more deeply to the fulfillment of the Plans of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, October 1 of 2015

Daily Messages

The principle of every learning in this world must be love, the living experience of love, of unity and of fraternity and, inside these three attributes you shall find all the other virtues that are part of the Most Sacred Spirit of God.

From the universe, your spirits observe you permanently.  Some learn from the love that develops in those of you that fulfill the Will of God; others learn from the love that they receive from the neighbor, and others learn by observing the registers generated by the errors from the past and that are reflected in matter.  But all those who have arrived at this world, something they must learn.

When a child goes to school, they can learn many things.  Some learn everything the school has to offer; others only learn from the group consciousness and very little from what the school offers, and others do not open themselves to learn anything and, even, hinder the learning of the others.  But these last ones will grow up and will be able to observe the opportunity they have had with a look of greater maturity, and it is from there that their learning will happen, and they will take something in their consciousness for having participated in this school.

You are in the wider and most profound school of all the Creation of God.  Here are synthesized all the teachings of the universe.  From the attitude of each one before the Masters and Guides of this school, will result the development of humanity.

While you have the grace of still being in this world, seek without delay to learn from it everything that you still have not been able to learn.  Give of yourselves to the others, donate yourselves as much as you can, not only to the poor, but to everyone and to everything.  Seek to unveil the power of love and ask God to lead your steps because He will listen to you.

I bless you and thank you for opening to Me the doors of this great school of heart, for Me to teach you the essence of the Project of God to humanity.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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Association Mary
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