Sunday, June 25 of 2017

Weekly messages

I was in prayer, meditating upon the Reliquary of Saint Joseph, which holds His Divine Heart, when He came to continue transmitting His story. I asked Him if He could help us reach this Reliquary to understand it, to contemplate it. In that moment, Saint Joseph brought the Reliquary with His Heart there and transmitted an extraordinary message to us, saying the following:

From the beginning of my evolution until the end, I shared in the Divine Gift of Renunciation, lived by God on manifesting His Creation.

Wrapped in the Holy Love of the Father, over and over again, I meditated on everything that He lived and suffered so that His children could continue growing and developing in this world. The Reliquary of My Heart holds that Love that I feel for God, and the constant renunciation that I lived and live for Him and with Him.

If the Creator, the One God of the Universe, suffers and bears, renounces and sacrifices for humanity, where would I find My Joy, if not in imitating Him, although imperfectly? How could I?

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the perfect Mercy of God for a heart that loves Him with humility and to where the Creator guides that heart, which loves Him in this way.

In the mystery of this simple Reliquary lies a hope. That on contemplating It, souls do not seek to worship the imperfect heart of God’s Worker, but rather the Divine, Unfathomable and Immaculate Grace of the Father, His Infinite Mercy and His Perfection, which converted this poor heart into a Unity with His Heart.

This is the mystery of the Reliquary of My Heart, which, in truth, must manifest in all hearts of the world: the miracle of transformation and unity with the One, which reveals the Truth of the human Essence, when its imperfection is replaced by what was hidden within, which is God Himself.

Contemplate the mystery of the Reliquary of My Heart and you will see yourselves, as potential, hidden in this Holy Reliquary.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, June 23 of 2017

Weekly messages

Behold, what has come to be healed and redeemed from the beginning begins to emerge in the world and in the hearts of humankind.

The “end” is only the concretization of the beginning, of the true reason why your spirits came to the planet. But souls became distracted, became attached to illusion and took it to themselves as the only great and real truth, and now, you fear what is true and invent as many fears as illusions in order not to not accept what is there before your eyes and what no longer hides from your hearts.

Behold, what was created by humankind will also fade away with it. The boundaries within and outside of hearts—among races, religions, cultures and thoughts—will fade away before the unity whose existence the Universe will demonstrate to you.

The Heart of God will be mirrored in the hearts of the pure and of those who, in spite of their impurities, aspire to live the good. All will feel the imperative need to discover and live Love. The borders will be knocked down by humankind itself, by those who will receive into themselves the grace of the Heart of God and who will be given the impulse to build the new world.

There will be pioneers, who will activate and inspire the others. They will first lose their fear, for they will be protected by the grace of Truth.

The youngest will conduct the new ship, because their hearts will open more easily to find the Universe. They will not see, upon the futile Earth, the meaning for their existence and while thirsting they will seek a Truth that will calm their anxiety to find something unknown to them, but that they know exists.

The chaos of the world will inspire many to sainthood, because the Law states that opposites balance each other. The love for God will be awakened as in the past, and, with madness and truth, they will proclaim His Name. Although it will seem they are heard by very few, their cry will resound beyond the Earth, and the Cosmos will hear their call, which will be enough for a higher help to come to Earth.

To the pure, I say: never give up. Your word must go beyond the stars, like a key that is born of the essence and of the heart to open the doors of this world toward inner truth.

The skies and the earth will shake, beasts will roar, which have their false power built on appearances, but none of that must make the faith fail of those who have found God and His Messengers.

So build today the fortitude that will sustain you tomorrow and that will be like a lighthouse in the dark night of the world, inspiring others to say “yes.”

Simply pray and do so from your heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, June 16 of 2017

Weekly messages

A heart finds Peace when, although it is imperfect, it makes an effort and does everything that is within its possibility to fulfill the Will of God and not its own.

A heart finds Peace when it surrenders in the battle it lives of fulfilling its own aspirations and allows it to be transformed into an instrument, for the Plan of God to be fulfilled.

A heart finds Peace when it does not fight anymore for somebody else’s transformation, but it rather makes an effort to be itself, a mirror of what God thought for humanity, seeking in the Father the grace of being an example for others.

A heart finds Peace when it finds in itself the roots of the conflicts of the world and knows that in reality, it can transform all things when it starts by itself.

A heart finds Peace when it prays for a Superior Purpose, when it unites itself to the Heart of God and, even if it feels the pain of the Heart of the Father, it does not lose Peace, because behind this pain there is an inextinguishable certainty and hope of the triumph of His Plan and of the establishment of His Will.

A heart finds Peace when it abandons the doubts and distrust and awakens, in itself, the true sense of faith in what it does not feel, it does not touch and it does not see.

A heart finds Peace when it does not resist anymore to letting itself be guided by the God who dwells in its brothers and sisters and finds in them a constant opportunity of transforming itself and of walking.

A heart finds Peace when it allows Peace to enter its life in forms least searched and most feared. Because, to find Peace, children, you have to get lost from yourselves in many senses and to forgo those things that humanity has always fought to live and to be.

If there is lack of Peace in your heart and you are afflicted and depressed, open the doors for Peace to enter your lives and, surrendering yourselves in your own battle and fight for the establishment of your own ideas, become obedient soldiers of an army that only follows and lives the Designs of the Creator. For it is in the little, in the small, in the simple and in the invisible that you will make the Plan of God triumph.

Know: it is in humility, in silence and in unity with God that Peace is found.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, June 9 of 2017

Weekly messages

When a heart is sincere before the Grace and the Greatness of God, the Heart of the Father responds to it.

It is only necessary, children, that you be sincere and simple of heart, so that the Mysteries of God may be revealed. It is only necessary to be grateful, so that you can find within you the resources to return to the Origin and find in your own inner self what unites you to the Universe and to the Creator.

There are plenty of truths to be revealed. There are plenty of mysteries hidden for the human heart, because it lacks simplicity and gratefulness, when you are before the opportunities that God gives you.

The Creator waits for His children to awake, because He did not create humanity to live in illusion and ignorance forever, believing that reality begins and ends in their material and human life.

This is the time of the awakening of the truth, a truth that began to unravel on Earth since the originating peoples opened to commune with Life and to live in gratitude and simplicity, united to the Whole.

That truth was revealed to men, in one way, through Buda; it was announced in the symbols of the Prophets; it was materialized in the Example of Christ; however, many ears remained deaf, many eyes blind and many hearts closed to learn about it and to know it.

All lines of knowledge, philosophy and true religiosity are doors for something which is wider, a Universe that does not fit in the mind nor in the human heart, but through that heart, you can begin to know It.

It is time, children, to discover the potential of simplicity and gratitude, the potential of brotherhood and of love of neighbor, because through these simple attributes, which are in the essence of all true spiritual path, a great mystery will be demystified.

It is time to discover the truth and start to return; to read the Will of God on the mirror of the heart; to see the unity that exists in all life reflected on the mirrors of nature; and finally to discover that nature has always mirrored the path, and that in nature the Greatness of God is hidden, reminding humanity every day the path of the return to the Origin.

Killing nature is like killing the possibility of returning to God and destroying, little by little, the thread that lets you leave illusion.

It is time, children, to live unity in life, synthesizing in the heart the essence of all impulses that generated the inspiration for the birth of all different religions and philosophies. Because, today, everything makes sense when you find unity, and the religions will no longer achieve plenitude within themselves, but all, united by Love, in God, will find the truth that will make sense and will show them the way they must follow.

With this, I tell you that the planet must find the truth, with each being in the place where it belongs. But for this, it is enough to be simple and grateful, it is enough to be fraternal and it is enough to be open to learn to Love all.

Your Father and Friend, the same Companion of always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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