Sunday, July 19 of 2015

Monthly Messages

As well as disbelief emerges in the heart of humanity, also faith will emerge.  The spirit of God raptures those who in trust are willing to live according to the designs of the Creator.

Many will be the destinations presented before the human eyes and will be the small but true impulses from the heart, the ones that will dictate through which path will enter the consciousness.

Humanity, companions, is in its great moment of definition and many do not want to see and feel; they close their eyes to what happens around them and lock the heart to the reality of a superior life.

Throughout all the human history, the Creator placed you before a great step that would define the course of humanity, but almost all the times you preferred the material power to the simplicity of spirit.  Now there is no longer time to deliberate on which paths to follow; it is no longer time to experiment, but to define.

The human heart was created by God as a form to cure all the universal ills, because, in the life of the universe, one thing would thwart the beings from reaching God: the impossibility of abandoning their desires, aspirations and goals, even the most spirituals one, to merge themselves with their Creator.  For this was conceived and manifested this human project, that from the beginning contains in itself all the capital forces that are capable of imprisoning humanity, with profound roots, into the matter.

Great would be the challenge and for that God sent to Earth the most perfect that existed in the Universe.  To demonstrate to humanity that this human project was possible and how it was loved by His Creating Heart, He had sent to the Earth His Son, The One that was conceived to fulfill a mission of reigning in the Universe and showing to all of the creatures the true path to reach God: surrendering everything, their merits, their knowledge, their goals, their lives.

He also sent That One who became flesh to manifest the perfect feminine Principle.  That one who is the Mother of all that has been created, who is the pure consciousness of Maternal Love for all the Infinite and who was sent to the world to demonstrate to the beings how to reach God.  As the perfect maternal principle, She renounced to what She had of most valuable: Her Son, that She knew that was the Son of God, made man, made wound, to heal the deviances of this world and of all of the cosmos.

He also sent a Servant of His, in whom He trusted, because He knew about the perfection of the human heart.  He made be born a man in this family that would renounce to what was the most honorable at that time: to His paternity.  He renounced to Himself to recognize the Will of God and to rejoice in It for its perfection.

Now, this family returns to the world, time and again, because this planet will cease to be a school and will become a living example of the perfection of God.  Everything that lives in it and that does not move towards this perfection will find a path in other universal destinations.

I do not tell you that for you to be afraid, but rather for you to awake, because you are living inside of the most perfect manifestation of the Divine project, which is the planet Earth, and you are here not to enjoy life in the world, but to renounce to it, to surrender to the Lord even the least aspiration, as spiritual as it may seem to you, in order to find, in the divesting of self, the Truth of what God expects from each one of you.

Remember that His Son renounced to the recognition of humanity,  carried humiliation, denial and all the sins of the world and of the universe on His back, in order to reappear in Glory and to announce to the world that the true path is the renunciation,  that the true victory is the defeat of self, and the true achievement is the loss of all the things to find God.

Do not fear the failures of humanity.  Know that you truly understand nothing of the paths of God.

Remember that, such as disbelief emerges in the hearts, faith will emerge, and it is on this faith, which is the manifested Power by God, that you must find the support for your souls and your spirits.

I thank you always and I will guide you through the path of the Victory of Christ in your interior.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, eternal Servant of God

Sunday, July 19 of 2015


When the Most Chaste Saint Joseph appeared, He transmitted His monthly message to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús and a special message to Mother María Shimani de Montserrat. He then dictated some words through Sister Lucía:


Before I say goodbye, I want to request from each one of you that when you hear My Words, you try to open your heart, your consciousness; for in this way, My Word will be able to enter into the depths of your beings and help them to transform that which on your own you are not managing to do.

I come to the world, My dear ones, as an impeller, as the one that gives an impulse to your lives so that you may accomplish the Will of God.

Each day that goes by, you will understand My presence in the world, that I am not here just to bring a little relief to your hearts, but rather to lead you to a higher truth; in this way, you may discover within each one of yourselves why you are in this world, what you truly are, what perfect principle of God you are to express and should take into infinity to place in His Heart, in His Divine Heart.

I thank you for persevering on this path and I bless you so that you may continue in peace and in eternal trust.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Sister Lucía de Jesús: Saint Joseph came to us in a somewhat unexpected way. The skies began to rapidly open and, like a sun of light, He arrived here, accompanied by many angels and by some saints. We felt that He was determined to give an impulse not only to us, but to all of humanity.

At the moment when He arrived, He blessed us, opened His arms and placed many codes of light upon each one of us. At a certain moment, He asked Mother María Shimani to sit, listen and write down His Words, because today He wanted to give a fairly greater impulse to the world.

Sunday, July 19 of 2015

Special Messages
Special Message of Saint Joseph, transmitted on July 19, 2015, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Mother María Shimani de Montserrat

My beloved companions of the path:

Today I come to this sacred place, Kingdom of the Firstborn Son and of the Universal Mother, to bring to everyone that simplicity and humility I learned during the time I was here on this Earth, as Saint Joseph, humility and simplicity that have accompanied me ever since.

It is this humility and this simplicity that allowed Me to live sanctity, but above all things they allowed Me to let Myself be guided by God, by My Son Jesus and by My beloved wife Mary.

She, with Her loving silence, guided My inner steps; a silence that I loved and venerated at that time as service to God.

Today I come to tell you that to overcome this purification that you, My beloved disciples, are beginning to live, only the path of humility, simplicity and love of silence will lead you to overcome all the trials you will face, to leave behind the old man and the old woman, those who must no longer exist so that the wineskin which My Son must fill with His new Codes of Light can be prepared and be empty for Him.

I speak to you all equally, but today I want to make a special call to those who are confused. To these children, I ask that this inner silence may be the one that allows them to hear the voice of the heart, and that humility may allow them to accept the guidance of the Instruction left by Us, the Divine Messengers of God.

Also today I speak especially to those who have always been so certain of themselves, because they are strong and feel clarity within. I want you to know that everyone will experience the collapse of those structures that do not allow them to take steps toward the full fraternity and humility that this humanity must live.

The day will come when the energy of this end of cycle, by Law, will touch those structures, and they will begin to tremble. It will be at that moment that the arrogance and pride that you have cultivated along with what you built of yourselves, will begin to fall to make way for the truth of your essences, that which the Father Most High designed for your destinies.

Open your hearts and, thus willing, study My instructions, those that I have given you since I began visiting you. In them are kept many keys that should be those that help you in these so sublime times, so expected by your souls.

Be strong and persevering, and do not let yourselves be intimidated by the adversary of this Plan of God, who will always want to use your skills in his favor without you noticing.

Always place yourselves below others, live to serve your brothers and sisters, without protagonism, and thus the virtue that is kept within your essences, that which the Creator placed in your beings, will be poured inside and outside you to lead this path of effort that you must tread toward sanctity.

I will be there to guide you, to shelter you and to take care of you. You must only accept Me as your Companion of the way.

Today I bless this house, cradle of the New Humanity, and all of you, children of the Most High. May God always be in your lives.

My Chaste Heart guards you.

Saint Joseph, humble Worker of God

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