Friday, July 21 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Enter into prayer in the Reliquary of My Heart, so that you may be able to understand the truth about yourself.

Contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart as someone who is before a great mystery, which is theirs, intimate and unknown at the same time.

Human life holds many contradictions within itself; this is why it is so difficult for you to know yourself, just as the Universe is difficult for you to know, when contemplated from the Earth on a starry night.

Child, if you do not seek that which is beyond the stars, you will never know what is there. In the same way, if you do not seek what is within yourself, you will never leave the appearances, what you seem to be to human eyes, and you will not recognize yourself to be as infinite and as perfect as the vast Universe.

The science of Divine Creation is not revealed through studies and technologies, but rather through the wisdom of the spirit, which is born in the heart when this learns to be humble and simple.

That is the path to spiritually step into evolution and not come to a halt, to not hold back one’s own steps. For this reason, today I only tell you that if you want to unravel universal mysteries, begin with the unfathomable mystery that you are to yourself, then contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart and discover in humility and simplicity – which through the Grace of God, I achieved – the path to finding the Truth.

With this simple impulse, I bless you and I tell you: go in search of yourself, so you may find the Will and the Gift of God in your small consciousness.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, July 18 of 2017

Private Apparition of Saint Joseph in Fatima, Portugal, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

I come from a Temple where the priestly life is deepened. I come from a Temple where the Presence of God exists in each element, in the air breathed as well as within creatures, in each candle lit as well as in each spirit in adoration.

I come from a Temple where purity exists as a divine and original principle, not only within beings, but between them, in their word, in their actions, in their feelings and thoughts, in their least intentions.

I come from a Temple where there is not only communion with the Body and the Blood of Christ, but also His eternal Presence, His living wisdom, His sacrifice and His surrender.

I come from a Temple where time does not exist, where only Divine Presence, Truth, Essence, unity with the All exist.

I come from a Temple that sustains the planet, where souls constantly contemplate and adore so that this world will not disappear.

I come from a Temple where Divine Thought is living, within and outside of beings, like a flame that is fed by devotion, but also by actions.

Like that Temple, many more exist in different places of the planet, in its interior, hidden from most human eyes, although alive and so palpable for those who seek them and that, with faith, aspire to enter them. Those that are pure in their intentions will enter and know them, and will live in them.

The inner world of the planet, children, holds many mysteries from where the support of life on Earth truly comes. If those Temples of eternal truth did not exist, life in this world would no longer exist.

The Codes left by Jesus in His Passion entered the soil of the Earth and became fertile within it, inside it, in dimensions that were created without the knowledge of common humanity, for few were those who looked inward, within themselves, within the Earth. And like the soil that feeds the roots of trees, that generates life, those inner dimensions feed the spirit and the human heart with that which is true and allow them not be lost through the futilities of this world.

Today I come from a Temple that you aspire to know, a Temple where  you all find a place when you are sincere, when you can be what you really are. I would like to lift the human consciousness so that you could know the truth, the true life that dwells in this Earth and which should not be separate from surface life, but which exists to walk together with human evolution.

That Temple, from where I come today, belongs to a Kingdom, as perfect and as sublime as the Celestial Kingdom, because it responds to it,  unites to it, because from that it is nurtured, in that it comes to fullness. Like that Kingdom, many more exist, just as sacred as the Universe.

I come from the Kingdom of Lys, that very few know, but I would also like to present you to the Kingdom of Mirna Jad, the Kingdom of Aurora, where Sacred Life is hidden, because human eyes do not open to see it.

In each of those Kingdoms, the Sacred manifests, a healing is available, a path is kept so that you may return to the Origin. And to enter them, children, it is enough that you be simple, in mind and in heart, that you question less and surrender more, that you doubt less, love more, judge less, understand more, think less about what you have not achieved and more about the doors that are open so that you may enter; that you desire the things of the world less and aspire more to those of Heaven; that you are less imprisoned by the past and more alive to the present, that you be less attached to structures, to institutions, and more available to the new, to that which is renewed with the universe, to that which evolves with the Heart of Christ, to that which is renewed with God, that changes and transforms to return, return to the Origin.

Enter with Me into that Temple, that Kingdom, like so many others that open their doors for humanity, and learn here to take the path of return to the Heart of the Father, to heal the deviations, the deceits, to heal the lack of understanding and the wounds. Come to be forgiven so that you learn how to forgive; come to be healed so that you may become healers, healers in silence, that heal with the example, that heal with a look, that heal when they unite their heart with the Heart of God, that heal when they are humble in the face of pride, that heal when they are poor in the face of riches and of arrogance, that heal when they are chaste in the face of lust, of vanity.

Enter into that Temple to which I call you, so that you may aid this world. We are already, children, in the end time of illusion for the Earth, for the truth will emerge like a law that will move the spaces and the inner self of humankind, it will move the Kingdoms of Nature, will move this world, so that it may awaken.

Enter into that Temple to which I call you, so that it may build an unbreakable fortress in you, a fortress that is not overwhelmed by the wind, nor with earth tremors, that is not weakened with the assaults, that is not shaken by the threats of the enemy; a fortress that is built with the spirit of peace and that is unbreakable, not for itself, but rather because of its unity with God.

Let your consciousnesses be uplifted to a higher life, setting aside, even if for a few moments, the petty things of this world, those things that are so small they become large and take over the human mind and heart, because you are still children in the spiritual life and do not know how to set your priorities to find God.

Many still do not understand the urgency of these times, and thus they lose themselves in small things. The time has come, children, that you return to the sacred and that the Words we have given you for so many years come alive. How many times have you heard this phrase? How many times have we asked you to live Our Messages?

To respond to that request should no longer be an option, but a need, because this world is lifeless, and life comes from God. Real air comes from the Breath of Spirit, that nurtures you and supports you. One who does not breathe of this breath, even though they are standing, will die, even though they walk, they will be empty.

Help this world to awaken, help your brothers and sisters to find the truth, give a drink to those who thirst for God, show the source to those who are empty, because it is now time to grow up and prepare a path that is worthy in this world for the King of the Universe to return.

Get to know the Divine Kingdoms, that are mirrored within the Earth, in the Sacred Centers, because one day they will emerge on the surface, and those who recognize their doors will be able to enter to begin life anew on Earth, as it should be from the beginning.

If My Words are incomprehensible to you, simply feel them, let them enter within you as a truth that transforms you and, in this way, children, it will not be a burden for you to experience your transformation.

Today I leave the door open for you so that you may take a new step and enter with Me into that Kingdom, into that Temple, like in so many others that are under your feet that you do not see.

Pray from the heart and allow the Lord to reveal His Mysteries to you. Let your Guardian Angels lead you in each instant of your life, so that you take sure steps, anchored in Divine Will rather than in your own.

Let each beginning of a new cycle truly renew and uplift you; if you do so, when the last comes, it will find you ready to take a definitive step. Today I lead your essences to the Sacred Temples of the interior of the Earth, so that you may be renewed and allow the human strength to be substituted by the Power of God.

Today My Words are like a key that opens the door for you to that which was always unknown and that now must no longer be. Allow yourselves to be led, let yourselves be guided and thus, My children, you will be in the right place where God has need of you so that you may aid humanity, when you are ready for that.

Do not only ask where the Sacred Kingdoms of the inner Earth are or what they are. Humbly ask to know them in essence, and that they may live in you like a divine understanding, a wisdom that is born from the depths of your inner self, a healing that emerges and renews you, a water that washes and purifies you.

Do not expect that the Sacred Centers, the Kingdoms in the inner Earth will manifest like the Kingdoms of this world. They express in you like a state of consciousness, a state of spirit. Simply live and be those Divine Emanations.

Let Mirna Jad express as a healing that frees you from the past; let the Kingdom of Lys express as a purity that emerges from within; let Aurora express as a higher will that leads you to institute a new life on Earth.

I leave you today with these impulses, which are simple and profound at the same time, as Divine Life is, that are clear and mysterious at the same time, understandable and unknown. Simply let them live in each of you.

With My Words and by the authority God granted Me, I bless you and renew you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friday, July 14 of 2017

Weekly Messages

When the triumph of God in humanity is great, also great will be the battles that will come for souls to be tested and also be tested by the evil so that they may persevere in the good and in Divine Light.

Seek the path of trust and unity; follow the path of prayer and wisdom.

That battle will still be long and arduous, as the path of the desert and the climb to Calvary. Find your fortitude in the eternal Cross of Christ, in which Love overcame all evils, harassments, and conflicts that sought to destroy the Power of God, with all their strength.

Fix your gaze on the Cross of Christ and your heart on the immutable hope of His Return to the world. He will avail Himself of the strength of His companions to allow His Plan to triumph. Allow the power of the Cross to renew your human strengths and transform them into unity with Christ.

I do not speak to you of impossible things, but of spiritual mysteries that exist to be experienced and thus, you sustain humanity in this world, walking towards the sublimation of the past and the emergence of a new life.

The Christian life must give way to Christic life, in which hearts do not only adore the example of Christ but imitate Him and live Him in this time, renewing His Gospel with the testimony of their own experience.

To one day find, come to know, and live the Universal Gospel that Christ writes with His evolution in the cosmos, in order to follow Him beyond this world, you must first experience the Gospel written with His Acts on this Earth, in His passage through it.

Christ will no longer return as Jesus, but in the splendor of the Son of God, and He will not seek from humankind the same that He sought in Galilee. He will look for the new and will lead you towards the new. He will awaken the Truth and will open human eyes so that you may see the time of non-time.

Christ will no longer come to transform rough fishermen into disciples of His Word because they have already grown and understood that beyond His Words, behind them, there exists a horizon on which evolution continues on its course, and nothing stops but is transformed in every second. Those fishermen recognized that Their Master and Lord also transformed himself, without ceasing to be the same Son of God, Part of His Part and Bearer of His Spirit. He evolved, like the universe, to make room for those who would come after Him.

To be a Christ of the New Time is not to covet a holiness that does not belong to you, but rather, make the Steps of Jesus with the Cross worth it, imitating His example, following His path, and living that which He taught you, so that evolution may continue on its course.

Christ is no longer just Jesus. He is the Solar Angel of God, His Resplendent Son, Who will come in glory, to collect the fruits of the seeds He planted on arid lands, where fertility was hidden in the purity and simplicity of humble hearts. In His companions, He will search for those who have followed in His Footsteps and whose seeds of life, watered with the Blood of the Cross, caused their inner Christs, the Christs of the New Time, to be born within humankind.

For this reason, fix upon this goal, this plan, and this aspiration of fulfilling the Divine Will. Love the Presence of Christ until you merge with Him and become One with Him, as He is with the Father, so that unity may again be etched in the infinite cosmos.

Do not fear the trials that will come to test you, as the Father allowed them to test His Son so that He could become the greatest testimony of Universal Love. Renew this Love and this testimony, overcoming the tests that come for your growth, and never stop fulfilling this Plan, children. Never think that God has abandoned you, but feel His Gaze and His Hope upon humanity, constantly calling it to surpass Him in love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, July 8 of 2017

Weekly Messages

The Reliquary of My Heart must be contemplated in simplicity by those who aspire to discover and live the mysteries of the Plan of God and who have faith in the fulfillment of His Will.

The Reliquary of My Heart is kept spiritually at the House of the Pilgrim, where wayfarers who seek the Truth and a transformation of the spirit can find It.

This Reliquary must awaken in beings a reverence for God, for His Mercy, for His Plan, and for His Love for humanity.

In this Reliquary not only the Heart of a poor man, Servant of God and adopted Father of Jesus is kept. In it My whole journey as a Consciousness is kept, from the Origin to the return to the Origin, until the unity with God, that I once lived by His full Grace.

The House of the Pilgrim received the Grace of God of having a special connection with a Sacred Place, where the Reliquary of My Heart is kept, which is as mysterious for humanity as is itself and as is the Will of God for this world.

The House of the Pilgrim must represent a step towards the new consciousness for the new humanity and, that is why My Chaste Heart is there, pure, simple and in offering to humanity, so that the hearts of human beings may find in It a mirror that reflects the truth about themselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the awakening of the consciousness. My aspiration is that a simple, humble and silent place be dedicated to It, where souls can be in vigil and find God, just as this Heart found Him, in the silence of a carpentry shop.

I want there to be built, then, a simple space like the carpentry shop of Nazareth, where souls transform themselves, like rough wood, into an instrument of God, as they contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart. I will thus grant infinite Graces, so that humanity as a whole may live the awakening.

I leave you the blessing of My Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, July 7 of 2017

Weekly Messages

There will come a day in which souls will awaken to the need of Mercy in the world and not only sensitive hearts will feel the pressure of the chaos and the battle between the old human being and the new time.

There will come a day, children, when the eyes that were only focused upon themselves – and that believed that personal will was freedom – will see their illusions emerging in the face of Universal Truth.

There will come a day in which the strength of a religion, by itself, will not be sufficient to maintain the faith in the hearts of humankind. Those who are pure will recognize the need of unity and from this, the religion of Love will emerge, to which all beliefs will unite. A true congregation of Faith will emerge, which are the souls congregated by God to keep faith alive in the human heart, beyond beliefs, cultures, nations…

There will come a day when the Kingdoms of Nature will be recognized as part of the Divine Consciousness. That day will arrive late, and the evil caused to these kingdoms will already be irreversible, for human life is sustained by the deterioration of nature.

Human beings will recognize the need to surrender to a new time, to a new Law, to a new world. To maintain Faith alive, those congregated will teach that a pure essence is the only important thing to not lose; all the rest can be recycled in the containers of the Universe, because not only the human being, but all of this world, will need to be reborn again.

What is learned of Love will be kept in the essence of those who know to forgive and that, in spite of their mistakes and their corrupted matter, will understand the essence of the Plan of God and will accept it.

Those who remain pure of heart, body, mind and spirit will rebuild the world, and with their sacrifice, will multiply Love and will prepare, for those who leave, a new opportunity for learning to Love under other Laws and at another time.

Sacrifice will always be the doorway to an awakening and the growth of true Love, but it will not be a burden in the hearts of those who understand and live the Will of God. Sacrifice will not have the same meaning for the human mind as it has today. Love will be the Law and not the exception, and sacrifice will be the vehicle for the fulfilment of this Law.

To many, My Words will seem a utopia, and to others, a great hope. Do not fear the tests that the world lives and will live. Affirm your spirits in the Will of God and keep your hearts pure. Never stop striving to love and forgive your fellow being.

There will come a day when this Love will become Law, and with a smile on your face, you will tell those who come the history of the transformation and the redemption of humanity.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph

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