Thursday, December 31 of 2015

Daily Messages

Oh, memorable day on which Heaven descends to Earth to glorify the Mercy of God expressed in the Heart of His Holy Servant, the Virgin Mary.

Oh, day of Graces, of joy and of celestial praise, day on which the hearts receive from the Divine Source the piety to convert their lives and to find the salvation and the fullness in God.

A day of mercy will be this, on which the Lord will synthesize the Graces poured out by the womb of Creation, so that the souls receive over and over again the codes they have lost in the path.

Oh, day of salvation and of rejoicing in the Holy Spirit, because The One who conceives the Trinity in Her most pure womb will turn Her sweet eyes to the world, so that this Holy Spirit impregnate now the hearts and the consciousnesses of the pure of intention.

Today is the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity, a day chosen by God so that, before a cycle finishes and it starts another in the planetary life, the creatures may renovate themselves in Christ and receive from the Sacred Hearts the Graces they need in order to persevere.

Blessed will be those who will recognize the greatness of this day and who will they disseminate them in the world, announcing that hope still lives in the human heart.

Blessed will be those who will believe in the words of God and will receive, from His Divine Hands, the celestial treasures for the fulfillment of His Plans.

Blessed will be those who will consecrate their lives and will renounce to the stinginess and to the futilities of the world in order to live something pure and truly spiritual.

Blessed will be those who will take the impulses given in these days of special Grace and will live them in every instant of their lives, because those will be called multipliers of the Divine Grace.

Be joyful, rejoice and unite to God, in reparation of sins and perditions of souls that voluntarily launch themselves into the abysses of the world.

May this Earth be liberated and finally find peace and merge itself into the Spirit of God, with humanity conceiving the gifts of the Most High, because today is the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant and faithful Husband of the Holy Virgin Mary

Wednesday, December 30 of 2015

Daily Messages

Enter the precinct of your heart to understand that, in these times, the first law is love; love above all imperfections, defects, disagreements, prides and vanities.

The only tool that will be able to protect you from evil, child of Mine, is love; love to the neighbor, love to the Kingdoms of Nature, love to the Plan of God.

If you do not open your heart to learn loving things as they are – and thus, lead them to be transformed into what they truly must be –, you will submerge in the misunderstanding, in arrogance and in the permanent competition. You have before you two outstretched hands so that you choose a path to follow. There are no other options: one is the hand of God and the other, the hand of chaos.

Many have already chosen the hand of chaos and today they are found in the midst of a dark battle without rules; but you, child, have before you the conscious option of transcending the darkness of your interior through the triumph of love in your heart. That is why I call you to ask for forgiveness, to overcome your pride and to discover the grace of being humble and fulfill the designs of the Creator.

I ask you to reconcile yourself with the neighbor, in offer to the Middle East1, but also with your own heart, which in its immaturity and ignorance, has not learned how to love.

I ask you these things, Child of Mine, because you no longer have so much time to plant seeds in the flowerbed of your existence and of the human life as a whole. Soon the time will come in which you will only harvest what you have sown, and you will eat from the fruits of the trees that have grown in your garden.

When I tell you to ask for forgiveness and register what you have done, it is in order for you to deepen yourself into your exercise of humility and reveal to everyone your imperfections, so that thus, you give an example to humanity of how simple it is to take a step towards love.

Today I tell you, child, that I will not ask you only that. I will also ask you not to only make an act of forgiveness, if every day you live far away from fraternity. This act of forgiveness of yours must be permanent, constant and eternal, because the closer the Armageddon gets to the planet, the more you will have to forgive what happens in and outside of you.

That is why I need that you keep on forgiving, that you keep on giving examples of love and forgiveness to humanity, so that these examples may reach all those of your brothers and sisters who need an inspiration to take their steps. But do not only be an example recorded on a video in the social networks: be yourself, child of Mine, a daily, permanent example, who let yourself be humbled by yourself and ask for forgiveness each time that your heart is separated from the God that inhabits in your brothers and sisters.

Do not be afraid of doing what I ask you, because – when the time passes by, and you may no longer be able do it – it will not be enough to regret for not having done it.

I leave, in your heart, My blessing and My impulse so that you move forward.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

1 Saint Joseph refers to the Campaign “Sowing Love in Humanity”.

Tuesday, December 29 of 2015

Daily Messages

Love your fellow beings without limits, as if God Himself multiplied in each of your brothers and sisters and called you to serve Him and accompany Him in His development within beings.

Love your fellow beings without limits, so that your love may fecundate the hearts of your brothers and sisters with the seed of hope of one day fully experiencing fraternity and unity among you all.

Love your fellow beings without limits, and even though your works are sometimes not able to reach all creatures of the Earth so directly, love all the same, and in your spirit, let love permeate all beings, just as the Lord your God and your Father does, calling you to follow in His footsteps.

Love your fellow beings without limits, with a true, spiritual, mature, simple, in service and fraternal love, for in this way, God Himself will be able to love through you.

Love your fellow beings without limits, and give all of yourself for the concretization of the Divine Purpose in others and on the planet.

Love your fellow beings without limits, pray for the world, cry out on your knees for those who lose their faith. Feel in your chest the pain of those who live without hope and carry your plea to the feet of the Creator in such a true way as if the despair of your brothers and sisters was yours.

Love your fellow beings without limits and learn to help them as God expects rather than how you want to. Love with the Heart of the Father within your heart and you wholly within Him. In this way, you will know how to love beyond emotions and serve beyond the impulses of the human ego.

You will love just because love dwells within you, and you will not gratify yourself because of experiencing love, because love is in you and it leads you into a giving of yourself, in a natural way.

What is love worth if not to be gifted?

Love your fellow beings without limits, with prayers, with silence, with service, with understanding, with welcome, with a smile, with a correction, with a warning, with an embrace, with care or with distancing. Love as each one needs and not how you need to love.

Love and give the other your love, even if for you the way of doing it causes pain.

Learn to give of yourself, to be and to live the Law of Love, which is the law of this Earth, it is the beginning and the end of human existence.

I will accompany you and will love you always, so that you may avail yourself of My example to love your fellow beings even more, without limits.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, December 28 of 2015

Daily Messages

In times of battle for the mind, for the body and for the spirit, keep your heart in peace.

Hold onto the purpose of these times and not so much to the tribulations that disturb your being, in and outside of yourself.

If you cannot pray, then simply unite your heart to God and ask for His assistance. As a soldier of His army of love, the Lord will never deny due help to you.

However, little by little, talk to your bodies, with the life which inhabits your consciousness and which expresses itself in different ways, because times have changed and the density of the planetary atmosphere itself will seek from you the spirit of the permanent transcendence.

Just do not surrender. Be a little braver and more determined to overcome yourself and the energies that are around your consciousness, because inside of you and outside of you there will be resistances not to allow you to be a triumph of Christ in the world.

Do not allow your consciousness to be an instrument of disunion. Always cherish the unity, yours with God and with your brothers and sisters and of all with the purpose of the Creator.

You will have to learn to find within yourselves pure airs to breath and nourish your soul and your spirit, because there will be days in which you will find no breath in what surrounds you. Therefore, construct today a path of union with your inner world. There are found the codes left by God on the many occasions in which He came to you. There you will find peace.

For the inner deepening of all beings,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, December 27 of 2015

Daily Messages

I know that the forces that emerge from your interior, in purification and transformation, sometimes are so strong that blind your eyes for love and for forgiveness.

I know that after eons of existence feeding prides and vanities, power and property, it is very difficult for the consciousness in evolution to say “yes” for a learning of humility, when it precipitates in your lives.

Many are those who say they want to be humble as the Lord in His manger in Bethlehem, but – before the tests that God sends them – they react and not only do not accept them with humility, but also feel deeply offended and seek a way to attack those who have unconsciously served as instruments for God to test them such as they always ask for.

Understand, dear companions in Christ, that the Lord cannot allow everything to be given to you without bringing to your lives the tests that consolidate the Christic purpose in your interior.

After receiving so many impulses from Heaven, when you are disregarded, humiliated, calumniated or mistreated – according to the understanding of each one -, simply receive the opportunity as a celestial gift and, without fear, let the structures of pride fall to the ground, at your feet.

I know that many realize that they have not passed the tests that God has sent them and that the resistant structures of pride were greater than their aspiration to humility, but it does not matter because we do not ask you for perfection, but for persistence. Now, get up from the abyss of ignorance and recognize your own learning; place yourselves before the Father, available to new lessons and move forward.

I want you to understand something at once and forever: humanity needs your examples of humility, which are codes that are becoming extinct from the human consciousness, because the reactions and protests are already well known by all.

When someone put you before a situation of humiliation, accept it with humility, because – no matter who is right or if this situation is fair or unfair – the Lord expects His soldiers to bend their heads and win the battle, overthrowing pride and living humility.

Remember what I told you today and be attentive to the situations of life, because if you say “yes” for a Christic path, you cannot expect anything else but to imitate the One who was humiliated, rejected and placed on a cross, to make you learn to forgive humanity and to open the flow of His Infinite Mercy to the world.

I bless you and I expect you to be willing to restart without fear to make mistakes, because only with the experience of the mistake and recognizing your own faults you will be able to help and warn others.

I love you and I accompany you always, day by day, step by step.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, December 26 of 2015

Daily Messages

Prayer of Union to the Humility of God

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God,
transcend the barriers of my ignorance.

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God,
defeat my resistances.

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God,
open my eyes to the true Light
and remove my consciousness from the abysses of pride and vanity.

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God,
dissolve my smallness into your greatness
and show me the true purpose of human creation.

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God,
unite me to my neighbor and to the Kingdoms of Nature
for the concretization of the Divine Plan.

Allow my consciousness to recognize
the presence of the Creator in all things
and glorify His existence in all forms of life.

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God,
allow me, now and always, to live You with perfection,
as did the Lord,
Who reduced His greatness to be among humankind
and confirms His Infinite Mercy
by returning to the world.

Sacred Humility that comes from the Heart of God, 
may You be a fruitful principle within the human heart.


On your knees, pray and ask God to help you to imitate Him, because only the truly humble heart will overcome the tests that will come and the ray of the Justice of God that will break and destroy the structures of the pride, of the arrogance, of the haughtiness and of the vanity of the human heart.

Be firm in humility, and surrender yourselves to love. Be brave, so that you let yourselves be overcome by God. Be strong, so that you stand up with hope and willing to be reborn in Christ, when the Lord overthrows the old humankind inside of your consciousnesses.

Humility and peace are the keys for these and all times.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Father of the Sacred Humility

Friday, December 25 of 2015

Daily Messages

As the Sacred Family, we have come to encourage humanity to respond to the Call of God and to fulfill His Holy Will.

As the Sacred Family, we invite the world to learn from the purity of children, and to let them teach you how to find God.

As the Sacred Family, we encourage you to open your hearts to experience mysteries that absolutely transcend human understanding, and completely transform all that is known about life upon Earth, and even about yourselves, opening your eyes to that which you truly are.

As the Sacred Family, we encourage you to offer your souls as instruments of God, to overcome the fear of losing the things of the world, and even yourselves, because everything that you keep as treasures, whether it is ways of life, material things or sentimental relationships of any kind, as well as that which you know about life itself, all this will pass with a breath of Divine Justice, while the experience of Truth strengthens the power and action of Mercy.

As the Sacred Family, we call you to live true love, a love that transcends possessions, that does not seek rewards, that only gives and receives nothing, except from God, Who, each time you open yourselves to give something, infuses you with a greater will to give everything.

As the Sacred Family, we place you before the Grace of the return of Christ, a gift that is incomprehensible to the mind, and only acceptable to the heart that has already discovered faith within itself.

As the Sacred Family, we invite you to discover the possibility of living peace in times of chaos and of maintaining trust in God, even in the face of the greatest suffering, when the Lord asks us, even for our lives, for the love of His Plan, just as it was in the Passion of Christ.

Receive through your prayers the codes of the Sacred Family, and do not leave them guarded under seven keys within yourselves; allow them to take life, to expand and multiply in those who come to you, just as it was with the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

I leave you My peace and absolute trust in the presence of Christ within humanity, because the Lord has been reborn.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, in the Sacred Presence of the Most Holy Mary

Thursday, December 24 of 2015

Daily Messages

May each day of your lives bring you new opportunities for experiencing peace.

May each test bring with the gift of overcoming, and the blessing of transcendence.

As humanity, you are walking towards Bethlehem, having to experience efforts, sacrifices, the overcoming of limits and trusting in the protection of God. You are faced with the mystery of the New Humanity, which you know to be a reality, for it is already being gestated and at the point of being born within the womb of Divine Creation, which expresses within all creatures. However, you do not know what that New Humanity will bring to the world, how it will grow, how it will develop or how it will fulfill its mission.

You are on the road to Bethlehem, looking for the cradle of humility so that God may return alive to His Creation. As human consciousnesses, you always want the best for God and for His Plan, but the Creator will surprise you, bringing His Son into that which is simple, small, poor of self, humble. Christ will be reborn in the hearts of those who do not fear giving the kingdom of their own inner self so that a Universal Sovereign King may establish His Reign. He will come to dwell within the hearts of those who do not fear being defeated and that, out of love, become eternal servants of that beloved King of the Stars.

You are on the road to Bethlehem: you are no longer what you were as a race or as a human consciousness, because God has already begun to descend towards the earthly spheres. However, you are still before the mystery, that for you is the rebirth of Christ, of the multiplication of His existence, which will be renewed in the hearts and in the flesh of many.

I come to the world as a guardian of this divine principles, which is the Christ within you, because I have already walked towards Bethlehem, I have already experienced the anguish of not knowing what the world would become after the birth of Christ, and the fear of not being worthy to hold such a King, hidden in such a small creature; the fear of not being a good guardian for the Child God and of not managing to let Him grow and manifest as the Lord expected.

But that fear was defeated by Faith and by the Love emanated by Christ, Who even though being so small and fragile, He never hid His Glory and His Filiation with God. The fear vanished when I perceived that God is the real operator of His Will, and it is enough to flow in it for His Plan to be accomplished.

I tell you all of this because you are on the road to Bethlehem, faced with a great event, marked by difficult tests and severe lessons, which lose their severity in the greatness of the return of Christ.

After some time, those hearts that have opened will begin to understand what the Will of God is, on Its own; that He not only "commands" but He also sends the means and fosters the fulfillment of His Works. It is only necessary to trust and let the Lord make of your lives simple instruments for the concretization of His Plan, which is already a truth and a reality that needs to manifest.

Do not stop walking towards Bethlehem and, now that you already know where God wants to be born, do not seek comfort, luxury, nor the refinement of good dwellings, according to human concepts; follow the path that leads you towards simplicity, peace and true humility, for it is there that God will manifest His Glory.

Praise be the Lord, Who returns to the hearts of humankind, to one day return, not just in Spirit and Divinity, but also in perfect likeness to His creatures, in sanctified and resplendent flesh and humanity, showing humankind the path of their evolution.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, who prepares for the birth, the rebirth and the return of Christ, Our Savior.


Thursday, December 24 of 2015


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

I hear the voice of those who cry out for an opportunity, and through My Most Pure Womb, which gestates new things in all hearts on Earth, today I bring you the Spirit of the Nativity of the Lord so you may feel the Peace, the Good and the Mercy that are expanding throughout the four corners of the planet.

Today the prayers were gathered up by My angels and are being poured out as Grace upon the hearts most in need of the infinite Presence of My Son.

But today, I am not alone here, dear children, I am with the Presence of Saint Joseph and all the angels that guide Us toward the infinite Purpose of God, with all the Guardian Angels that pray for your souls and for your families.

A greeting is sent, a greeting of Peace is emitted from the Heart of the Universe, the Heart of Adonai.

Today, My Son is with you, open your hearts to be able to receive Him with humility and in peace. Do not cease, dear children, to seek He Who gave you life, He Who died for you and Who still pours out His Mercy upon the world, in spite of the wars and confrontations, in spite of the exiled families or the families that have experienced the flood in Uruguay.

The Spirit of God is attentive to the need of all His children in the world.

Today, dear children, offer this time of transition so that peace may reign, mainly in those that do not seek it. Today, My eyes gently look at your hearts. Today, My hands touch your heads, just as I touched the small Head of Jesus, to feel the Presence of the One God among all.

Today, My Heart speaks to all the inner Christs, which emerge from the depths of your hearts to bring Peace and Light to the planet. It is that Light, dear children, it is that Christ which you must always seek, in spite of the time of tribulation.

Today, dear children, you stand before the sacred spiritual Manger which reminds you of the Birth of the Messiah, the incarnation of the Mercy of God in the world and the sacred opportunity for all souls.

While I give you My Words of Love and of Peace, place all My children in your hearts, all those who distance themselves from God on this night, for today My feet step on the head of the evil serpent, for the Grace of God triumphs through the Light of My most pure Womb, which renews you, which assembles you in Love and Truth.

Today, take each other's hands, all of you, just as I take the hands of My Husband, Saint Joseph, before the Celestial Kingdom and all the universe assembled on this sacred ground.

Aurora again rises in unredeemed hearts. Debts are forgiven, accounts are balanced, and the scales are in their just law through the loving giving of Our Sacred Hearts.

Honor God in the Highest. Bring Peace to Earth for all suffering spirits, for the souls that cry out for the Mercy of God, for those that suffer in darkness, for all those that are in the deepest spiritual loneliness, for the children and the sick in hospitals, for those who exiled themselves from their homes in order to find a new path of hope.

Congregate, through this union, the Spirit of the Peace of Christ, the healing of hearts, the Peace for all beings on Earth.

And now, dear children, place your sublime intentions in My most pure Womb, so I may gestate them and your beings may be born again through the redemption of the Lord.

Star of Bethlehem, circle the universe!

Star of the Brotherhood and of the holy fraternity, shine in the hearts that open to find peace!

Let us pray to God. Let us pray to His Mercy so His Rays may be poured out on those that most suffer in these times of chaos.


Prayer: Our Father.


And thus, dear children, I want to always see you united, in joy, in sadness, in brotherhood, in tribulation, in chaos, and in the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Now listen, through the softness of Our Words, to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. That man who offered himself for all of you, so that the Project of God could be accomplished in the whole world.


Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the Words of Saint Joseph:

On this night I only tell you to be humble of heart, for it is in humility that your most genuine aspirations will become real.

Seek the path of simplicity, for it was in the simplicity of this night, in the pure joy of your hearts, that the skies opened again for the Earth, in forgotten spaces of the world, where the Light of God was no longer able to shine.

Discover, dear children, that on this night, simplicity reigns in your hearts.

Discover the mystery of living with pure joy, of being like children that express themselves exactly as they are and offer it to the Creator, so that purity can reign again in the heart of humankind.

The Presence of God in the world is unknown to many, and little by little, humanity must again recognize that God is the Supreme Father of all the creatures of this Earth so that, united with Him, His Kingdom may be established in this world and unity again be a reality among all the Kingdoms of Nature, today including the Kingdom of the Angels and the Archangels, those that wait for you day and night so that with them you learn to create Light, to praise God, to build His Kingdom of Infinite Peace on this Earth.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Dear children, if your arms are tired, that is what you must feel. Untiringly seek unity among all beings of the Earth, because today I reveal to you the Mystery of the Birth of Jesus.

The unity of My Heart with the Heart of Saint Joseph, and with all those who assembled for this task, made the salvation of humanity possible.

In an act of humility and of reparation, we will again pray to God. But, dear children, on your faces I want to see the joy of communing with the Child King so that sadness, hate, lack of understanding, and disunity among hearts disappear; and that, in the name of My Immaculate Heart, before My Most Holy God, you promise to strive every day for this Sacred Unity that is disappearing from the Earth.

Let us pray:

We are a sacred family.
We are future seeds of the New Humanity.
We are worthy children of God.


And now, place your hands on your heart, because Christ was again born in the hearts who today cried out to Him and sought Him from any place on this Earth.

I thank you, and we thank you for having responded to Our call.

Let the sound bowls and the bells ring. The King has been born in the tabernacle of the heart of all beings.

Proclaim this greatness to God. Praise His Name for the centuries to come. So be it.

While We rise, carrying the pleas of all beings, let us sing. Today a night of Peace is established.

I thank you!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Wednesday, December 23 of 2015

Daily Messages

Sister Lucía de Jesús: When Saint Joseph appeared, He was showing us how the majority of people in the world were preparing for the Christmas festivities just for pleasure and for the material celebration of this day. He told us that for God, it is very important that aware human beings prepare for Christmas from a spiritual point of view and open the way with singing for the coming of the Spirit of Christ to the hearts of the world.

Saint Joseph dedicated this message to the meeting of Music for the Healing and Elevation of Humanity(1), because today He wanted to disseminate a different way of life for everyone, a quest for higher life through the singing done in the Light-Communities, so that the brothers and sisters who are at home looking for a light to follow the Path are able to be inspired by this moment of singing.

He said:


On the day before the celebration of the greatest universal event, when God became man and decided to live among His creatures so that He Himself could be the example of how to concretize His Supreme Will, I will ask you to rejoice your hearts and that you announce to the world the Grace of experiencing the full consecration of your soul to the Heart of God.

This evening, while you sing, fill your hearts with humility, the same humility God had on being born in a poor manger in Bethlehem. It is the humility experienced by the human heart that prepares the path for a Greater Light to make your hearts Its dwelling place.

Not only on this day, but on all the days of your lives, allow peace and joy to prevail; let it be a true joy, that transcends that which you know as happiness, because humanity is very confused and has already lost the sense of seeking an inner joy and only tries to complete its existence with pleasure and comfort; in this way, it experiences permanent dissatisfaction, because what comes from God is only completed in Him.

Demonstrate to the world that it is possible to find true joy, a joy that comes from the union with the Father and the Grace that it is to live for Him.

With actions, prayers, and songs, fill the emptiness in which the human heart is to be found.

Through the word, bring spiritual meaning to life on Earth and allow the light that emanates from your hearts, when they are devoted and simple, joyful and whole, to illuminate the eyes of those who are blind and walk in darkness, looking for a way out of the gloom of their lives.

I bless you and with joy I tell you I will sing at your side to alleviate the world and the wounded Heart of the Most High God.

Your friend and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


1. Program created at the request of the Virgin Mary, transmitted by Misericordia María TV on the 23rd of each month.

Tuesday, December 22 of 2015

Daily Messages

In order for that which you consider necessary for your lives to manifest, you must first, in your own hearts, contemplate the needs of the world, of your fellow beings, and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

God, who is perfect, will always send His protection and care to those who care for their brothers and sisters - their fellow beings and the least of them. The Lord has a preference for manifesting the needs of those that do not think of themselves and who place others first, before all things.

When something does not flow and does not manifest in your lives, ask yourselves why, and for what reason you desire such a thing.

Remember that you must forget yourselves every day, and allow the Lord to work His wonderful miracle in your lives and pour His infinite Graces upon them.

Do not limit the Power of God, asking Him for what you need, all the time; before this, observe what a neighbor most needs, and provide it. Some will need your respect; others, your obedience; some, your love; others, your silence; some, your words; others, your most secret prayers.

Some will need you to pray for them; others, that you pray with them. Some will need material things; others, symbolic acts, filled with the love which holds the true intention of that action. Many will need your example; for this reason, observe the needs of others, all the time.

If you lived according to charity and fraternity, not only regarding material things, but also regarding spiritual things, you would find a short path toward God and achieve all that you always wanted, and yet never achieved, because you looked for them along the wrong paths. The Graces of Spirit are achieved through spiritual paths. Virtues are gained when virtues are given. Graces are received by those who open themselves to live through the granting of Grace.

Learn, little children of God, to observe life from this other point of view. When you are faced with a great opportunity, seek who is most in need, and then you will see how it will come to you, without you even realizing it.

The humble and poor of self are the richest in the Kingdom of Heaven because, by not wanting anything for themselves, God gives them everything, for within their hands, the Divine Benefit will reach the right place.

Never forget what I have told you today. Practice these words, every day. Think of your neighbor, pray for them, act for them, live to give of yourselves, and God will make bridges of your consciousnesses, so that His Graces may reach the world.

I leave you My Peace and My example of perpetual giving of self, because My Most Chaste Heart drinks today from the Celestial Founts, but I always searched for this Water in order to satiate those who are thirsty. Everything I received from God is to give to His creatures, to bless His creation, and to make perfect that which comes from Perfection itself.

Your father and companion, that lives in perpetual charity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, December 21 of 2015

Daily Messages

I wanted to speak to you about the unity with God and the absolute fusion with His Divine Spirit; however, before that, you must learn about the unity among one another and with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Unity is a primordial Divine Principle for human creation, which must reach its peak of evolution through it.

In the same way that the maximum expression of the human project is the perfect unity with God, the minimum expression also must be based on unity. So that you may minimally achieve your expression as Divine Creation, unity must be a goal and a reality for your consciousnesses.

So that you may experience unity, you must remove from your human consciousness that which leads you to disunion, which is competitiveness.

When there is no competition, hearts can unite under one purpose and walk as a race towards a common goal. But when you want to occupy places that do not correspond to you, when you want to stand out among the rest, when you try to draw attention to yourselves, when you want to make of your presences something irreplaceable, when you look for the defects in others and affirm them so that your own skill and abilities are raised, when you do all of these things, so well-known in current common human behavior, you distance yourselves completely from the purpose of God. With apparent good intentions of experiencing holiness, when you want to be more saintly than somebody else, you are feeding the kingdom of the one that reigns in the abysses of human pride.

You must understand, feel, and experience that each piece that is part of humanity has a primordial role, a unique mission, that must be accomplished so that the Plan of God may be manifested.

Before you judge or lessen somebody and try to stand out over them, think about how there are whole civilizations in the universe that depend on the victory of Christ within the consciousness of that somebody.

Before you overthrow your neighbor with criticisms and judgments, help them to take their steps, because the Plan of God, which everybody supposedly works for, depends on the triumph of His Heart in each of His creatures.

In these definitive times, you must struggle against everything that works towards disunion, even if this is within yourselves, because many soldiers have already been left behind because the Army of Christ itself overthrew them due to their lack of love and unity.

Walk with a single heart, and instead of allowing yourselves to be involved with the forces that reign in the world, involve the world in the Power of God that dwells within you.

Love one another always. Help each other, stand up, walk together. Live fraternity as a doorway to the unity with God.

If you work on this point, many inner paths will be opened to you for your own transformation.

Your father and instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, December 20 of 2015

Daily Messages

My child, seek to defeat yourself in all things. Practice renunciation, allowing others to express their ideas and feelings, and try being led by your brothers and sisters onto new paths.

If it is very easy and simple for you to be in silence and allow yourself to be led, practice the opposite then and allow those who express themselves so much to learn from you; make your thoughts and feelings available to the universe and allow the Creator to show you a different path to follow, so that in this way you discover spaces in your consciousness that you do not know about until now.

As I speak to the world and to different creatures of this Earth, I need to instruct those who are silent because it is more comfortable not to express themselves and those who express themselves all the time due to the need to impose their thoughts. 

Humanity needs to find a balance and learn to commune with what each creature contributes to the world, including here all the Kingdoms of Nature.

So that you may find your balance, you need to go on paths unknown to you, paths that are the opposite of those you always walk, so that in this way, you may discover within yourself other ways of living and manifesting, until you find the perfect balance with everything and when there is no difference for you between speaking or being in silence, teaching or learning because both things are necessary, each in their time.

Practice these little examples and you will find ample paths before you.

For the balance of the human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, December 19 of 2015


Today I will ask you to close your eyes and find Me standing before you.

I am over the sky of Aurora, with bare feet, a white tunic, a wine-colored mantle. In My hands I have a rod of tuberose, which represents purity and also consecration. I hold this rod with My left hand and, with My right, I touch My Most Chaste Heart, surrounded by three lilies that represent chastity. My hair hangs to My shoulders, My eyes, the color of honey, are focused on the world, radiating the humility that God imprinted in them, so that I would be able to see all things under His Truth and His Justice. This is how My humble eyes are granted what I see.

Behind Me, I show you a path, a path to the desert, the lands that once were sacred, but that today you have allowed to be submerged in malice, in hate and in the damnation of the hearts that dwell there.

All this evil was known by God when He sent His Son to this people. He also sent Me, as a common man, to demonstrate to humanity that it is possible to experience transformation, live the transformation in Christ and a union with God.

I was a man born on this Earth, and therefore I return to it to rescue My companions and friends from other times, who did not want to listen when My Son was pronouncing His Words in the valleys and hills, who closed their eyes so as to not see Him go by, because they feared experiencing a change and being struck by His Love, which they knew was invincible.

Many of those who turned their face toward Christ are still in this world to learn to look at Him without fear and let themselves be defeated by the power of His Love.

We did not desist from this Earth, because for Us, it is still sacred.

How could the Earth cease to be sacred where God placed His Feet, where He spilled His Blood and opened the flow of His Divine Mercy so that it could permeate all the universe through this world?

How could this Earth, which is really a school of Love for all civilizations in the universe, cease to be sacred? 

How could your souls cease to be sacred, which carry within themselves the unique possibility of learning to love, of uniting with God, and making that God even greater in His Glory?

How could your essences, your hearts cease to be sacred, however much they sin and live in the illusions of the world?

You can never lose the truth of what you are, because that which comes from God is not corrupted by the worst evil of this world nor of any other; for God is the All Powerful, He is Purity Itself, He is the Truth, is Love, is Creation. How can He corrupt Himself?

If you are in this world, it is because you are to learn something through it. Do not waste the opportunity that God gives you, because you are on a very sacred planet, upon which God has His Eyes focused all the time, for He ardently aspires that more creatures become able to be in likeness to His Son and be true living gods of this world, to return to Him in perfect unity with His Heart.

When I speak to you of these things, I am not speaking about a dream, because the only dream of this world is what you have experienced up to now. The time has come to wake up to the reality, to the true Purpose of God for your souls.

The time has come to set aside your smallness and launch into the greatness of Creation. The time has come to set aside illusion and allow your eyes to be illumined by the Source of Divine Light that the Messengers of the Lord bring to the world.

Do not resist, because this Light will burn like a fire inside your cells and will burn up the molecules of damnation, so that the darkness in your consciousnesses will cease to exist. Only the Light will prevail.

Do not be sad, be happy! This is the moment that all of humanity has been waiting for, for such a long time. How many consciousnesses in the universe are observing you and waiting for you to say 'yes'!

Imagine, My dear ones, in different civilizations of the cosmos, beloved creatures that are part of this Plan of God and are on their knees crying out for your awakening, that feel pain in their hearts each time humanity denies the existence of the Light, that feel a great sadness each time the civilization of the Earth prefers to unite with the darkness and affirm ignorance rather than launch into the Light and discover the infinite love that all beings hold as a potential in their essences.

To some, these words will sound beautiful; to others, they will sound difficult to understand, because it will be difficult for them to step out of their own existence to contemplate Creation in themselves, the different worlds and civilizations that await them, because they do not want to believe that the evolution of the universe depends on their transformation.

But so it is, My beloveds, because the Lord is so humble, that He placed His greatness in such small creatures, His greatest hope in hearts that ignore Him or even deny Him, because they do not know Him and do not love Him.

I come to the world as servant of God to have humanity come to know the Grace it is to serve such a good Lord. You will never be sorry for serving Him every day. When you come to know His Grace, His Goodness and His infinite Mercy, you will set aside everything that you are and will not look back when only a touch of God is able to reach your consciousnesses. You must allow those Divine Hands to touch your hearts and, with His Love, dissolve your barriers and your resistances.

For a moment, you will seem to be suspended in the air, because you will not know who you are and you will want to become secure in what you were; but do not be afraid, because that will not last long. Yield to the wonder that it is to be nothing, so that you may immediately be filled by God, in the Grace of Unity with Him.

I am trying to lift you up to a state of greater Grace, so that you may be able to understand life on Earth as it really is and so that you permanently cease to be lost in the fantasies of this world. For I will not become tired of saying that it is possible to achieve the Purpose of God, even with so many imperfections. Yield!

Do not wait, My dear ones, for your strength to end and you are defeated by pain, by the suffering of no longer being able to bear living in this world, because you can no longer bear to live with yourselves. Yield now, while joy can still permeate your hearts, while you can still bring hope to those who are lost and be a source of help, rather than being hearts that need so much help.

Feel My peace, feel the gratitude that I pour into your hearts, because everything I say to you at this time is not only for you; it is also to bring to this sacred land that is behind Me a little healing, the hope that is born in this Kingdom, this Kingdom of Aurora, which manifests in your hearts and is radiated to the most lost souls.

Why do you fear living in peace? Why do you fear humility so much?

I know that you will experience pain on being defeated by God, but it is the pain of a great victory of the Creator in your hearts.

Place all that I have said in the depths of your hearts and seal My words with My Chaste Heart, so that they do not escape; but rather, within each one, they are able to carry you into a transformation of consciousness, of life, of humanity.

Today I speak to you as a father, because the Heart of the Father is within My Heart.

When I present Myself as the father of humanity, it is because I am humbly one with God. He manifests through Me, because it is through His Will that I come to the world. I come to pronounce His Words through My mouth. No movement of mine on this Earth is separate from the Will of God, and this I do, dear children, so that you may learn from a human heart like yours, because this humanity will continue evolving and will need many fathers and many mothers that are able to guide the consciousnesses that for the first time learn to love.

This is My message for today. Just as you have listened to Me now, you must listen to Me every day. When you read My words, hear My voice, because it is I who speaks to you within your hearts.

Before I say goodbye, I will shape a request, because human minds have need of this: in this place, I want a house that represents the humility of the Sacred Family; let it be simple, like Our home in Nazareth, full of peace, and let it be a Source of Grace for the whole world. At the door of this house, I will wait for you, so that you may confess to Me and enter pure of heart. Inside of it, you will find the Sacred Family that, in humility, will give you the impulse for a new life, for a redeemed life.

It will be this way because humanity needs icons, physical refuges in which to place their hope, that allow their faith to emerge so that they may continue on their path, awakening peace and unity with God every day.

In this humble home, may you celebrate a union with Christ through the Eucharist, in the moments when you may need a more simple and humble heart so as to find God.

With these words, I bless you and also bless this image that you placed on My altar.

As a symbol of My presence in the Kingdoms of Nature, I wish to place this image in the garden that you prepared for Me with so much love, so that you never forget that to find the New Humanity, to find the new human being within each one of you, you need to live in union with the Kingdoms of Nature; you need to awaken a love for these Lower Kingdoms and discover in them what each came to manifest in this world, so that in this way, My beloveds, you are able to express the Perfection of God as a planetary creation.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, December 18 of 2015

Daily Messages

While you do not understand that, in the world, peace is born within each being, you will continue to live in times of chaos and indifference to God.

To live in a peaceful world, you must be peacemakers, not only in the great works, but in all moments of life.

The beginning of conflicts in the human heart is always the same: the impossibility of renouncing your own opinion, the inability of allowing yourself to be humiliated, the eagerness for manifesting things in the world according to your own understanding, the lack of fraternity and inability to adhere to others's ideas and of trying to understand the way of thinking and feeling of others, so that they may show you what you cannot see on your own.

The lack of peace is always connected to the lack of humility, because a humble heart that does not fear renouncing and learning with others and with the situations in life, always lives in peace, at least with itself. If there is something that takes away its peace, it is the sadness of perceiving that few have woken up to the Truth and are missing the opportunity of knowing peace, because they prefer to affirm themselves all the time.

In the world, human beings sin through ignorance, through the influence of the forces of oppression and involution and through their inability of giving themselves the opportunity to be reborn through the conversion to a higher purpose. But those who hear Me, just like they hear the other Divine Messengers, they sin because they prefer to affirm themselves rather than trusting in everything that they have learned from God.

Who has the greater sin?

Peace will not emerge in the world through the hearts of the ignorant, for these are blind in their ignorance and will need the emergence of the Light to find the path to redemption.

Who will then open the doors and windows of the world for the entry of the Sun?

My companions, servants of the Most High God, you listen to these words not so that you may become better people in a world of absolute indifference to the Plans of God; you listen to all this so that, through Divine Words, the Lord may at least awaken a few human hearts that are willing to become nothing and renounce everything, to make their own consciousness a fountain of peace for the world, so that drop by drop, this peace may quench the thirst of those that never knew it in life.

The heroic work of these times is not to martyr the body, it is to sanctify the consciousness; because it is much more difficult for the human heart to renounce its opinion rather than to renounce its life. Also, there are those that prefer death to humility. For this reason, I entrust this mission to the brave of spirit, who will battle silently and will overcome in the anonymity of their public defeat, for the victory of the humble ones is only known to God.

In love and peace, who awakens you to the spirit of humility,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, December 17 of 2015

Daily Messages

The world around you must keep you in a state of vigil and prayer, but never of fear.

Become an observer of your own life and of the life on Earth and in this way, recognize the movements of nature, the movements of your inner world, and how your brothers and sisters react in the different situations that are presented in their lives.

I do not call on you to act at this time. Only observe and, in your prayers, meditate on what you observed.

Know yourself a little more each day: the way in which you try to achieve what you want or how you try to be understood by others. Observe what image you try to transmit to others about yourself and, in your prayers, meditate on the true intention of those movements that emerge deep within you and are expressed through your way of being.

To develop any virtue, you need to know yourself and about yourself, especially what separates you from a pure and true path.

To be humble, you must find within you that which does not lead you to humility, and you will work with the same peace of one that separates the chaff from the wheat to prepare the flour that someday will become bread. And you will not suffer, for you only place the chaff and the wheat each in its place and direct them towards their transformation.

That which is wheat, which is to say, the principles of virtues within you, must still be worked a lot in various stages of transformation, so that one day it may become bread. The wheat will be ground and will become flour. The flour alone does not make the bread, for it will need other elements coming from God. The bread will be kneaded and will go into the fire, until it is ready. And for it to be the Bread of Life, it will need to be consecrated on divine altars, where the Son of God becomes One with this bread and then consecrates it, shares it in gifting and surrender, to multiply the graces received amongst many more.

You must be like this wheat that one day will become bread. You have already grown in fertile soil and have given the grains that God needed. Now you yourself, with your effort and dedication, will observe in yourself and will separate in yourself the chaff from the wheat, so that afterwards, Divine Hands may transform you, step by step, until you reach your destination.

Do not be in a hurry, but be precise. If from now on you work on the wheat of your virtues, you will dictate the result of your union with Christ and the purity of the codes consecrated by Him, which He will share through you for all universal life.

Love the transformation. Let each step be a reason of glory for you, rather than of resistance. Allow yourself be ground, for it is only in this way that you will be the adequate flour for a good bread on the Celestial Altar.

The more peace there is in your transformations, the more perfection there will be in your steps.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, the one who allowed Himself to be shaped and transformed until the union with the Eternal God.

Wednesday, December 16 of 2015

Daily Messages

When the Sun rises on the horizon of this world, announcing a new day, in a New Race, it will illuminate the abysses and will elevate to the Heights the souls that have their hands raised.

That Sun will illuminate the eyes of those who have been blind of soul and spirit. It will ignite the hearts that were cold and about to fade.

That Sun will bring encouragement to those who persevered in their wait during days of great darkness and who never lost hope of finding the Light again.

That Sun will not come alone, but will bring entire galaxies with it, stars that will illuminate the world from many provenances. For this reason it will not be a day like all others.

The Sun will come when that day is desired by all creatures of the Earth; when everyone cries out for a little light in their lives. On that day, the Earth will become a living clamor, and no creature will doubt that the Sun that arrives is the response of God to their clamor.

Those who kept their faith will be exalted, the unbelieving will repent and those who chose to follow the dark paths will wish they did not exist, because there will be no dark path on the return of the Sun, on the return of the Light.

Keep My words, which are simple and pronounced in a few lines; they will be the harbinger of the days of peace and the foundations for you to maintain your faith, when the night will seem very dark and endless to you.

For the Light that will come to the world,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, announcing the return of the Sun.

Tuesday, December 15 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions,

In the face of the current planetary situation, once again I invite you to find the spirit of peace and harmony through a correct inner stillness, which we call internalization.

Pay attention to My words, because I am not telling you to be unrelated with what is happening in the world, but rather, that you create spaces in your lives to be in stillness and come to know your own consciousness, so that little by little, the more planetary side of your beings may adhere to silence and retreat, and you may thus know how to find inner spaces of peace in the moments of greatest outer chaos.

Always choose moments of stillness when you are before situations that cause the misalignment of your bodies. However much the mind and the emotions are more focused on what is happening in the outer world, they must be educated by the will of the soul itself so that, little by little, it gains its place.

However, if you wait for the mind and the emotions to choose the spiritual life on their own, you will always remain at the same point, without understanding why you receive so many impulses and do not take even a small step. The path of prayer has already united your planetary part with your soul; now you must open to learn with the energy of the soul, but for this, it is necessary that you give attention to it through silence and stillness.

The soul is the vehicle that allows you to step out of material laws. It is the bridge to the spirit and higher life. If you do not teach yourself to listen to your own soul now, it will be very difficult to try to listen to it when the noise of the chaos takes over the planet as consciousness.

Let each one follow these instructions and each day, seek for a little more contact with their soul. You will feel the peace of its indications and, on responding to it, you will be more sure to take the correct steps.

For you to know if it is the soul that is speaking to you, feel its peace. Where there is doubt and unease, the energy of the soul is not there. The soul, as a bridge to God, brings peace and leads you always to the fulfilment of the Plans of the Creator.

In instruction and paternity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, December 14 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions in Christ,

With love I tell you that, while there is still time, learn the art of elevation and concentration, the fruit of the consciousness that understands the moments it lives and the Grace of all that it has learned.

In a short time, dissociation will be a law on Earth, and those who do not know how to live by laws that transcend material existence will risk losing their own mental, emotional and spiritual control, when immersed in the laws of chaos.

Today I will ask you not to listen to My Words like so many more you have listened to over the years, because every spoken phrase brings a precise instruction for the end of times. That is why the fact that you have received a certain instruction will already signal to the universe that you are able to bear the trials that will come and that will make you put into practice all that We have taught you.

I ask you to observe, in your lives, how the retrograde energies have already gained a certain degree of incentive with the technologies and astral and mental stimuli in general. Now, think: if within a group aura prepared by God to withstand important negative strikes, the forces of darkness still manage to penetrate and influence, even if not as intensely as the influence of Light, how would be the minds of the governors and consciousnesses that handle in an uncontrollable way the energies of power and of property?

The craving for power is growing in a misguided way and – as these consciousnesses acquire more power and property in relation to things and people – their ambition grows and the sensation that they are invincible seizes their minds and their hearts.

I must speak to you in a clear and direct way, because the forces of darkness are no longer hiding among men and, thus, neither the Light can hide itself, for with the same intensity it must reach the world, so that the consciousnesses can find the balance before themselves and can elect their choices between the Light and the darkness, which in the same proportion present themselves.

It does not mean that Light and darkness have the same intensity in Creation, for they will appear in the world with the same proportion only for the definition of beings and for their learning, because the Light will always prevail and, even though the night seems too dark and endless, it will last the necessary time for all to define themselves and soon a new Sun will rise, more luminous than the one you know, to obfuscate the eyes of those who only see in the darkness.

This will be the hour of awakening, and everyone will be aware of their choices, even if there is no time to turn back. This will the moment to reap the fruits of the planted seeds and assume the decisions you have made.

I tell you this because, before the night rushes into the world, you must be with your eyes wide open and your consciousnesses forged in the fire of Christ for your elevation.

Do not listen to me in a symbolic way anymore. I speak to those who know how to listen, for only they will make of themselves the expansion and transmission of the Message to those who have been deaf when God has issued His Holy Voice to the world.

Growth and peace for all.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, December 13 of 2015

Daily Messages

To be true is a spiritual attribute of those who aspire to be transformed and who do not fear being nothing; therefore, they show themselves as they are. So God can shape them as He needs you to be.

Although everyday you strive to be others, never force something that you have not yet achieved. Each step you take must be true, even if it is small or slow. Every transformation in your lives should take place in a simple and natural way, because if you become accustomed to being true, you can gradually discover what you are in truth and will make emerge that which originally exists in your essences.

What matters most at this moment is that you be simple, that you do not be afraid to be what you are and to give this every day to the Celestial Altar.

To those who are true, God will give them the Truth about themselves, about humanity, about the planet, about the universe and about His Plan. Those who are true and simple will find the path so that they may merge with The One who is the Universal Truth itself, the Truth of Creation, in which all the original archetypes of everything created are kept.

Do you realize, then, that I want to bring you to something broader that embraces not only your little lives and not just this world?

You, my dear ones, are creatures who can unite with God by your nature, for this is an attribute you hold as a human civilization. This possibility of unity with God must be brought into the universe, so that you may compose the unity with the other civilizations of the cosmos and place your part on the Creation table, so that everyone may share the best that every creature of this universe can bring, so that the Perfection of God is manifested.

Begin with simple things, being truthful in your daily lives and not being afraid to express yourselves as you are, but always knowing that the purpose of being true is to find the Truth, which in no way resembles what you are now. Also, keep always in your hearts the notion that all life on Earth is moving towards an unity with God.

Think broadly, feel broadly, pray transcending planetary life, serve a universal purpose, live for the fulfillment of a cosmic plan.

My hands dissolve the frontiers before your eyes and can cross the infinite.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the awakening and maturation of the true human consciousness

Saturday, December 12 of 2015

Daily Messages

To transform the spirit and the consciousness of a nation, it is necessary that its representatives generate in it such a light that first balances the darkness and then dissipates it.

Prayer is the tool to transform one’s spirit and, as a result, to transform everything which, on the level of the spirit, acts and moves, everything that has life there in it. Action exists to transform consciousness and, thus, reach the consciousness of the nation.

When you pray, you are attracting from the superior worlds the Divine Laws, which transcend the laws of the Earth and, thus, generate merits for salvation and spiritual awakening. When you act, following the steps dictated by God and live in the matter the principles that your souls already know and already understand, you are radiating examples, these are the best source of conversion and salvation for the souls, because a lost soul, without faith and without a prospect of life, finding before itself an example, rather than a doctrine, feels in the heart the hope that a superior life can exist in this world and finds meaning for its own existence.

Uruguay, as a nation, has a primordial mission at the end of times, but, as a consciousness, has accommodated itself in what it is and does not want to strive to live a sudden change. This will cause most of the population to awaken from pain, because people will suffer when they see that nothing they have lived had any real meaning. They will also suffer for not understanding the Will of God and, for it being so different from all that they feel and live, many will prefer to deny it. That is why, the Divine Messengers arrive in this city, which corresponds to the material heart of the nation, the point from which a greater transformation and a greater effort must begin.

Work on all aspects that lead you to the comfort and let your consciousnesses be incorporated into the permanent service, the fraternal life and the constant act of conquering oneself to love the neighbor.

Those who are in this nation, in general, and more so those who were born in it should seek the transcendence of their own tastes and their comforts for the love of their neighbor. This will bring them to the awakening of what God truly expects of all.

It is time for each nation to do its part, to prepare in itself the emergence of a new humanity. This impulse will not come from your governors, nor from those you have beside you, for it will come from each one, whose own example will radiate to all.

I hope that, after this impulse of God, rather than to distribute information, you distribute love, fraternity, service and prayer, beginning with those you have next to you and then expanding to those you want to keep far away.

I love you and so I tell you all these things.

May each nation seek its point of transformation and set out to awaken.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the consecration of America to the Heart of God the Creator

Friday, December 11 of 2015

Daily Messages

No longer deceive yourself with the fear or with the lack of inner strength for being as you are in spirit, because your heart only suffers as long as the energies of the world keep establishing their reign in your life. You suffer because you do not express what you are, and you miss the opportunity of being full in the truth, only for giving in to the mental forces of this decaying world.

Do you see how little wise are you that choose to suffer instead of being full in God?

Have you ever thought about of what moves you to internally consecrate your life and not to express such consecration in your actions, thoughts and feelings?

You say that you fear to lose joy, life and lightness, but such attributes are of the soul, that soul of yours that can never manifest itself, because you constantly oppress it to live your own will and keep experiencing the energies of this world.

A time of total and absolute renovation has arrived; because of this, My son, I will no longer speak to you as a father talks to a child. You are already a potential instrument of God, called friend and companion of Christ in the whole universe.

Seek, then, in your days, to deepen yourself in the life of the spirit and free yourself from ignorance. Let your consciousness find new horizons inside yourself and, thus, unveil the mysteries that you do not know about yourself.

Get to know yourself, recognize yourself as child of God and act in the world as such. Recognize yourself as a part of this thread of light that follows up the Christic life on Earth, and do not allow this divine principle to be erased from the human heart.

Abandon, dear son, ignorance, arrogances and stinginess. If you surrender yourselves to Christ, give your all without fear. Do not keep holding what pleases you in yourself because the Lord asks you everything.

While the world suffers and fades way for not knowing the Light, the Heavens open themselves before you and a Messenger of God smiles and offers you to get lost from yourself, so that you can be full in the Creator. Will you take this Divine Hand or will you remain a prisoner in your own tastes?

Humanity awaits your true answer, more than your ephemeral reflection.

This one who impels you to transformation,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, December 10 of 2015

Daily Messages

You will defeat the indifference about everything that is happening in the world when, in your prayers, your heart is one with the heart of your brothers and sisters, no matter where they may be.

When you feel the Heart of God within you, and in it, the love for humanity and for the planet, then for you the pains of the world will be greater than your own. Feel the Love of God for this Plan of His. Feel the hope of the Father for multiplying the Spirit of Christ in His children.

On taking communion, do not simply put a piece of bread in your mouth. In Communion, live the greatest miracle of Christ that, in union with the Will of His Father, gave Himself to the cross and continues to give Himself every day, several times a day, on all the altars consecrated by God, to share Mercy through the Body of Christ.

Every day, the Lord takes on the sins of those who have faith and make the bread the Sacred Body of Christ, and the grape juice, His Precious Blood.

Where are you at Communion time? What do you understand of the great universal mystery of Transubstantiation and Mercy?

Do you know that all the creatures of this vast infinity observe you and, on their knees, plead that this bread become flesh and that you become one with Christ?

Go, small soul, dive beyond your ignorance. Do not allow the cycles to go by and your mind remain sick in the superficialities of life, when you have before you the greatest opportunity for transformation of this universe.

Do not pray only to calm your heart and to find a little more peace in the madhouse that this world is for you. Dive into the universe of prayer, merge with God, discover His Love and His Sorrows, alleviate His Most Sacred Heart. Open the door to the balm that flows until today from the Heart of Christ and allow His Mercy to pour over souls and over the Kingdoms of Nature.

Make your life the reason for the sacrifice of Christ. Make your permanent effort to merge with Him and be a Living Christ, the reason for Him still having His Eyes focused on the beings of Earth and not ceasing to offer His Heart in reparation for the sins of the world.

Transform yourself and fly far.

Have your feet firmly on this Earth so that, in your elevation, it may transcend the dimensions and enter with you into the Real Time, into the Time of God.

I bless you and keep you in My Heart so that you may unveil there the mysteries that I discovered in life and also in the glory of the Heavens.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, December 9 of 2015

Daily Messages

Silence your heart and consciousness a little more so that you may become a self-observer and in this way you are able to deepen into your evolution.

Superficialities will have no place in this new cycle. You will no longer be able to give certain permissions to your inner world, sometimes being spiritual and sometimes earthly.

Become silent, not to observe and correct others; let each one respond for themselves. You will help your neighbor in a much more true way if you were an example for them, rather than a judge.

Be what you must be only to fulfill your part, and not to demonstrate anything to anyone, because intentions are imprinted on the works and dictate the degree of radiation that they will hold. You will not cause the world to evolve with works full of vanity. Be, because you have to be, and nothing else.

This planetary cycle will bring you clear, precise and orderly impulses, so that your response may be like this.

Be precise and objective in what you do. Be true and simple within yourself. Be meek, loving and peaceful, but also be righteous and dedicated in your actions.

Allow that which you hold within yourself emerge, because the time has come for the correlation between the inner and the outer world.

The codes received over the years have already inwardly made you a spiritual being. You have clear goals and true purposes; now, experience them as the most important thing to be done.

Outside of yourself, all around you, the new vibrations will build the path. Place both feet on this path and walk without looking back.

You have the blessing of the Heavens.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, December 8 of 2015

Daily Messages

Seeking the Truth must be the only existent aspiration in the heart of those who walk to God.

Look, for a moment, within yourself and feel the presence of the Creator within you, calling you to recognize the true reason of the life manifested in the world.

Breathe deeply and feel the principle of unity in the air that fills your body. Be for the planet as the air that gives you life, and in perfect unity with you, nurture each space of your being, balance it and take it to perfection.

Be for the planet as the air you breathe in the field. Allow that, in your presence, the consciousness of this Earth takes a deep breath, alleviated to find something pure and clean.

You are a bridge between Heaven and Earth; that is why you exist as a human, to generate balance and to attract the unity with God.

Be as the fresh breeze in a very warm and sunny day. With your prayers and with your unity with God, you bring not only life to Earth, but also encouragement, relief and peace.

Go to a field and, in silence, close your eyes and feel nature, breathe deeply the air that surrounds you, let your soul be joyful when listening to the praise of a bird. Feel relieved from the pressure of life on Earth: see how, before Nature, your soul finds meaning for the existence in the world. You must be like this for the planet. That in your prayers it may find relief; that in your unity with your neighbor it may find hope; that in your communion with the Kingdoms it may find peace. That in your consciousness of the existence of a higher spirit that shelters you, giving life to your planet, this spirit may find the reason for its existence and the faith in the achievement of its mission.

Perceive with the heart that this world has a spirit, a spirit that suffers with the wars and that animates itself in fraternity. A spirit that is wounded by the depredation and restored by the brotherhood among the Kingdoms.

Feel yourselves as part of this consciousness. You can be an ill cell, that generates a cancer in the world, or you can be a miraculous cell, which converts others and brings, thus, healing for the planetary body.

Become conscious of Life. Be part of a Whole and dissolve such beloved individuality of the human consciousness. Be one with your neighbor, with the Kingdoms, with God. Bring the Celestial Kingdom as a living principle in your interior.

Cast away what is old and be yourselves the fruitful principle of the new world, of the new redeemed Earth.

May peace and hope be a reality in the human heart and may they impel humanity to the renovation of life and of spirit.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, December 7 of 2015

Daily Messages

When the Will of God is expressed to the Universe, all stars and all evolutive consciousnesses are united to this Divine Purpose. It is the Laws of Obedience and Unity, which reign among the confederate worlds, which allow the dissolution of all obstacles that are created against this Superior Will.

In order for the Will of God to manifest on Earth as It is in the Universe, those consciousnesses who respond to the Plan and love it above all things, including more than themselves, must unite to that Purpose, under the spirit of love and of fraternity. This is because the triumph of God is a Law. However, the creatures that inhabit this world, as well as all others, need to adhere to this Divine Purpose and show their adherence, not only with their verb, but also with their actions and their conscious effort to live their own transformation.

A new cycle precipitates upon the world: that is the Will of God that will manifest. The Lord has already given the ultimatum on the Plan of the Earth and asks for clear definitions of the spirits incarnated in it.

Internally, beings recognize the need of an imminent and complete change; however, recognizing this need is not enough, because concrete manifestations of evolving spirits are needed, examples that can serve as a guide for those who will awaken at the last second, before they completely lose their evolution.

The cycle that will begin in this month of December aims to give a last great impulse to the incarnated consciousnesses, to the souls lost in the planetary abysses, as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Creator will make descend His Solar Power as a sign, which He will give to the consciousnesses of all the creatures of the planet, that He is delivering the best in the universe as ruler and guide for all, so that you also be impelled to surrender everything.

This universal movement will generate resistances in its concretion inside and outside beings, but if a few affirm their commitment and adherence to the fulfillment of the Plan and of their immediate self-purification, so that It can be a reality, that will be the permission that the Creator needs to act fully in the whole planetary consciousness.

Now, more than ever, you will need to develop the spirit of Faith and put into practice fraternity and unity among beings, something you have been learning lately.

Darkness will resist, but from persistence love will be born, the beginning of the Creator’s triumph in the human heart.

Rather than counting on your own inner strengths, strengthen yourselves to unity among the spirits congregated to fulfill this mission. Remember what I tell you, because unity is paramount throughout the universe in order to fulfill a Purpose from God. Where there is unity, there will be the Divine Spirit.

I leave you My Peace and My paternal blessing for the times that have come into the world.

Your actions of today, of now, will dictate the next second steps of your lives. It is time to awaken to the present and write with the heart your own history, the history of humanity and, consequently, the history of this universe.

Your Companion and Instructor of always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, December 6 of 2015

Daily Messages

Clamoring for peace and for mercy is the first step in the transformation of consciousness.

First, the mind prays, and then gradually it begins to listen to the heart. Then the soul breathes in relief for finally finding a reason to be with its attention in the world.

Prayer after prayer, the mind learns to live stillness and makes room for the heart to also command daily life.

At that moment, while seeing how the heart acts, the mind can no longer pray and ask for peace if it is not peaceful in its actions and its thoughts.

Then comes the second step of conscious transformation. The mind and the personality develop a taste for holiness and they themselves want to lead the steps of transformation so that they may be the best, the first ones in holiness. The heart observes and, with patience, when it can, it whispers to the personality and the mind that, in truth, the path of transformation is long and its result is known only by God. Gradually and with love the heart, which also lives in the consciousness, explains questions regarding virtues and gifts and teaches the mind what humility is.

The third step of transformation is that when the being discovers that they are not perfect and that there is much to still walk to reach even one virtue. This step is definitive because here the being is faced with hopelessness and the strong need of putting all effort aside to surrender once and for all to the world since Heaven seems to be so unattainable.

The fourth step is when the heart makes Mercy known to the mind and to the personality, clarifying questions about perseverance and persistence on the path, even though the path is infinite, because God, who is pure Love and Mercy, will make use of the perseverance of His children to one day cast them into holiness.

The fifth step of transformation is when the mind understands the essence of the spiritual virtues and loves them. Then its surrender begins, along with that of the personality, and they merge with the purpose of the heart, which is the door to the soul. Here, the mind and personality suffer greatly, but they already accept what they are living because they have opened up to overcome themselves.

The sixth step is when the mind becomes one with the heart and the personality becomes a vehicle of the soul. There are no longer conflicts between the life of the spirit and the life in matter, as far as resistances to transformation are concerned. The being, here, continues to make effort and perseveres, but its consciousness already receives the impulses of the superior worlds and flows with the Will of God.

The seventh step is the first of a new cycle when the will of the being merges with the Will of God, and now the being will no longer struggle with itself, but with the world, to make the Celestial Kingdom triumph on Earth.

When I tell you about these steps, it is not simply for you to find yourselves in one of them. It is only so that consciousnesses may have the hope that, despite its imperfection, it is on the path of transformation and by taking the steps, one by one, with love and patience, it will be able to make of its spirit and its essence a triumph of God, an achievement of Christ.

Peace and faith in the hearts of all servants and consecrated of the Plan.

Thanking you, always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, December 5 of 2015

Daily Messages

From the Supreme Consciousness of the Creator, the Ray of Will is born. This ray is a principle of creation, used by God to manifest His greatest works in the world, in the universe and in the interior of all creatures.

The Ray of Will unites the wills of creatures to the Supreme Will of God. He allows beings to transcend force and to act on the basis of Power, which – for a matter of Divine Creation – exists latent in all the essences manifested by the Father.

The Ray of the Will of God is the one that opens the door to the other Rays that unite life manifested in matter to universal life, such as, for example, the Ray of Transcendence, the Ray of the Liberation, and the Ray of Transmutation.

It is the Ray of Will that allows creatures to pierce the layers of illusion and to find the truth.

Why do I tell you this? Because, in times of spiritual inertia in humanity, so that you do not remain stuck in evolution, and even, so that you do not backtrack, you need to know the Ray of Will, which in no way resembles your personal will.

The Ray of Will is the possibility of living in your own hearts the Will of God and, thus, of being as He expects of His creatures.

Treading the spiritual path is like climbing a large spiral staircase and, on every turn you take in this climb, you find an obstacle imposed by your own consciousness.

The staircase is the representation of the being in evolution. It has, within itself, the possibility of rising. All the steps it needs to climb are present in its own constitution, as a creature of God. It just needs to figure it out to get out of illusion and open up to its true inner potential.

The beings of Earth clung to the human way of life and, in the confusion of all energies that direct the third dimension of the planet, they held on more to pleasure than to the unique learning of Christic love, which only in this world they can live.

When the consciousness awakens to the true purpose of its existence, it must overcome all the aspects acquired by life on Earth that are part of its human composition, but which have not adhered to the purpose of its consciousnesses. Then, constantly, you enter a network of conflicts with yourselves, because you want and do not want to live the spiritual life.

As the spirit strengthens and the soul confirms its aspirations, they gain influence over matter and, gradually, begin to draw divine principles from Heaven, such as the Ray of Will, to convert, transmute or transcend these aspects.

The vehicle for you to reach the Ray of Will is the material attribute that precedes it, that which is called effort and also persistence. By working on these two things, with regards to the control of thoughts, feelings and actions, you will find, almost without perceiving it, the Ray of Will.

I do not tell you not to think, feel or act in certain ways, because that would lead you to frustration and hopelessness. I ask you to strive to cut off the flow of thoughts and fantasies that lead you to the abyss, beyond the feelings that lead you to perdition and separateness, and actions that do not build reverence within your cells and your material consciousness as a whole.

Rising after each fall and remaining in the spirit of faith, you will find the Will of God and merge into it, so that you can live your own transformation in Christ.

Peace, persistence and Divine Will, to dissipate fear, hopelessness, false power and the will of the human consciousness.

Your Beloved Father, Companion, Friend and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, December 4 of 2015

Daily Messages

Peace is a divine gift in the heart of those who have entrusted their lives to the Most High Father.

Peace in spiritual life comes from the giving up of all the results of your works. As much as the heart strives to transcend its own limits on behalf of the fulfilling of the Will of God, it does not become attached to the results, not even within itself, in others or in anything.

In these times, to not wear out the heart nor the willingness to continue forward, you must remain in peace and go through the days of inner conflict and of purification with a certain trust in what is to come, rather than involved with the transition that you or others are experiencing.

God has given you the opportunity to be purified under the gift of His holy Peace, under the protection of His Marian Centers, and during a period in which chaos is still beginning its cycle of expansion.

Happy are those who avail themselves of the blessings given by God, for He expects that, in a coming time, you will no longer be walking on the basic paths of your own transformation, but rather that you are helping those who will have to bear the sudden awakening they will experience and the inner and outer changes that will violently, so to speak, take place on the whole planet.

Be more simple, I will not tire of telling you, because when you discover the gift of simplicity, you will no longer entangle your consciousness in the everyday things of life and will not lose spiritual energy in conflicts which, from now on, will be the common experience of the human consciousness, and which will also grow in intensity.

Everything depends on one who goes through their purification and on those who are around them. If you learn to experience everything in a natural way and without fear, you will be able to help so that the process of each will be less painful.

I do not ask that you be indifferent in the face of the tests that you or your brothers and sisters experience, but that you try to bring the balm of simplicity and of peace to these situations, recognizing in a mature way what is to be transformed and moving toward a cleansing of your own inner mud.

I know that inner and outer reactions will happen that you will not be able to control, and that you will only be clear about them when, in an instant of greater lucidity, you will reflect upon what is happening to you. Do not think there is no solution for what you are living, but rather, little by little, try not to become involved so much with your own processes.

Be more direct and even colder with yourselves. Perceive an error and try to transform it. On recognizing that you fell and only realized this on finding yourself on the ground, stand up and continue to walk, for further ahead you will be able to open the eyes of others, so that so many falls can be avoided.

Serve and sacrifice yourselves with peace and with courage, because selfless service will help you to discover the truth of the greatness of the Plan of God and that, in the world and even around you, there exist greater needs than yours and greater problems than those of your own purification.

Love the times in which you live, with the certainty that the triumph of God in your lives will be generated through those transformations that sometimes are uncomfortable, but will always be worth it.

In the simplicity of My words, I leave you My peace, so that from My Divine Spirit you may receive all that you need for consecrating matter.

Let everything be on behalf of the manifestation of the Will of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, peace-bringer and simplifier of human hearts

Thursday, December 3 of 2015

Daily Messages

For your consciousnesses to mature, you must recognize the realities of the planet manifested in the different dimensions. You must be knowledgeable of every good and every grace that you receive as an aid from the celestial worlds and from the superior existence, but you must also be conscious of everything that happens on the surface of the Earth and in the inferior plans of consciousness, states that concern God and make that many and endless be the Graces poured over the human consciousness.

The knowledge of these realities is complemented to forge its fortress in the interior of the beings. If you only were knowledgeable of the planetary reality in the inferior sense of life, you could lose the trust in the Plans of God and even the faith in the existence of the One and Only Consciousness of the Creator. And if you were only knowledgeable of the subtle worlds and ignored what happens with your brothers and sisters in the surface of the planet, you would run the risk of keeping yourselves immature and selfish, living only for your own benefit, for your own elevation.

With the knowledge of all the realities, you will be able to take the emanations of the superior life as an encouragement for the souls that find themselves in the abysses of the planet. And even before so much suffering that the humankind itself generates in the world, influenced by chaos and by evil, you will never lose hope, because you will know that there is something much higher and more powerful than evil and that this which is called God, the Creator Father, will always triumph, because His Will is what animates all the existence. With a breath of His Divine Spirit, life creates and recreates itself constantly.

It is for this reason that now we allow you to access the sublime realities and sometimes we show you what must still be transformed in the life of this world, because in this way you will be able to learn and grow in consciousness. In this way your prayers will be true and will be conducted to the right place.

I love you and, therefore I remain here, tirelessly impelling the human heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, December 2 of 2015

Daily Messages

Calm your heart, giving it to God.

Quiet your mind, surrendering yourself at the feet of the Creator and throwing yourself firmly into the fulfillment of His Will, and not your own.

Make your spirit serene in the certainty of the triumph of God on Earth.

Strengthen your inner self with a simple prayer and discover how easy it is to live in peace and harmony with all Creation.

Seek within yourself unity with the Whole and be a conscious part of the Plan of God.

If you want to be truly humble so that this may be fulfilled within you according to the Thought of God, resign yourself to be a servant to all, and let the others be better than you in everything.

Obey, then, with the heart and with the surrender of the mind, because if the heart seeks to obey, but the mind does not surrender itself, you may even seem to be obedient and good, but you will never reach peace. The mind may appear to be many things, but it will only find peace on the day of its surrender.

To let the mind surrender before God is to give Him your very potential and not to take them into consideration unless God Himself presents situations of life in which they are necessary.

To mentally surrender is to renounce your own ways of thinking, acting and being. To renounce all that you have assimilated as learning so that you can be empty and willing to live the permanent change, characteristic of these times.

To surrender yourself from the heart is simple because the heart is the mind of the soul, and when the soul aspires ardently to find God, the heart does not fear to launch itself into this adventure. But the mind, which is the queen of the senses and of matter, will never want to lose its reign and it will cost a lot for it to surrender the throne to become a servant of a King, so incomprehensible and unattainable for it and its powers.

Start with the heart, which already knows the truth that the soul has imprinted upon it, and gradually, encourage yourself to take even bigger steps in order to achieve that which you came to the world for; that which needs you to be something you have never been in appearance, but which you have always been as an essence that comes from God.

I love you and I leave you My paternal blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, December 1 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions in Christ,

The end of a cycle is drawing close, and another begins, marked by the need for even deeper and more real definitions.

In this year that is now ending, you were able to perceive that in many parts of the world, darkness gripped human hearts. However, those who remain united to the Purpose of God will see growing within them the certainty of adhering to the Plan and the imperative need for continuing to go deeper in their surrender, in their true understanding of all that God is teaching them through His Messengers.

This new cycle will dictate the moment for the concretization of all that was once only held as an intention within the minds of servers. All that which, throughout the course of cycles lived, grew as a sincere and real spiritual aspiration within each server of the Plan, and gradually led them into consolidating their inner definition, as well as building the foundations of their inner fortitude, must now be converted into human behavior, in life expressions and in communion with the life that exists within all Kingdoms of Nature.

What was growing as an aspiration must take on such strength within the hearts of servers, to the point of them living their aspirations and no longer destroying everything they believe to be real, whether that be within their attitudes or in their ways of life that did not have enough inner strength to not live it.

With the impulses that will descend upon the human consciousness, as from December 8 of this year, everything that exists in the consciousness of each being as an aspiration, intention and will, and that has been in need of a stimulus in order to manifest, will grow at such a rate that beings will no longer be able to bear experiencing the things that go against what they believe.

At this moment, you must hold on tight to the inner light that dwells within your essences, to bear the sudden changes that will be forced to manifest through personal need.

The same will happen with the consciousnesses that today are gripped by strong aspects, dark and contrary to the Greater Will. They will give themselves without limits to mundane desires and aspirations, and they will lose all forms of conduct or ethics that held them in a certain balance within human society.

For this reason, We so often ask that you study, within yourselves, your deepest aspirations, for they will then be given an impulse to grow in such a way that the mind will have no recourse other than to yield to them. Also, for this reason, we warn you that purification is necessary so that the impulses that will come will fertilize the correct seeds within the consciousnesses.

I love you and I invite you to a deepening and to inner growth.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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