Friday, July 27 of 2018

Weekly Messages

When your eyes open each day, My child, contemplate in your heart  the Truth and the Presence of God. Remember that there is a higher reality that calls you and that there is a Greater Plan to be manifested.

When your feet touch the ground each day, My child, remember that you are on a sacred planet that, in spite of often not seeming so, is a great treasure for the Heart of God.

When you breathe the air each morning, remember, My child, that there is a Greater Breath that comes from God and dwells in you to give you the true life, the true awakening.

Thank God every day for still having an opportunity of being in the world to learn about the power of love and how it transforms and redeems all things.

Thank God every day for there being infinite Cosmos, a symbol of the infiniteness of His Love, and because, among so many stars that there are in Heaven, the Creator has His Eyes focused on Earth.

Recognize the mystery of life and the profound ignorance of the human heart every day, and keep alive within you the aspiration to know and live the new.

Thank the Father for life, for Creation, and sincerely emit to His Creator Heart this feeling that unites Universes and dimensions and reaches God, consoling His Heart for so much indifference that He has felt, caused by a part of His children.

Love being part of this Divine Project, and may the transcendence of the human condition be for you a great challenge, rather than a great burden.

Surpass yourself and do so with love. Vanquish yourself every day to give a victory to the Heart of God, who daily contemplates His children defeated in the abysses of the world by illusions and by vanities.

When you fall, offer your hand to the Father. There is nothing that pleases the Heart of God more than a child of His that has sincerely repented, crying out for His Hands. With joy, God will raise you up, and your act of elevation and surpassing will inspire others.

Make your life, My child, a great offering to God through small and sincere actions. From you, God only needs a spirit of gratitude, a humble heart willing to love.

That every day, when you wake up, you may not only wake up your body, but also your consciousness, because not only you, but all of the planet needs this.

I bless you and leave you My Peace so that you may multiply it each new day.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, July 20 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Peace, child, is the state that your heart attains when it unites to the Truth of God.

Peace is the unalterable state that is born from the certainty of a higher reality that transcends human existence.

Peace is a state that awakens or is born in hearts when they open to love and to know the Plan of God, recognizing its greatness and perfection and, as a consequence, recognizing the human smallness.

Peace is a state that the heart finds when it knows it is fulfilling its part, every day, and that it does everything it can for the evolution of beings, for the awakening of love, for the expansion of fraternity.

When the heart is not at peace, it is not because peace is lacking in the world, it is not because God deprives it of peace; it is the being itself that moves away from it for knowing it is at fault, for knowing that it does not do everything it can, for knowing that it is not giving all of itself.

Discover the path to peace through transparency, sincerity, truth, self-giving.

The heart that confesses finds peace because it returns to Truth, because it strips away its lies and vanities before God and renews itself, it becomes worthy of recognizing peace, of being within peace and multiplying it.

The world is in chaos, in pain and suffering. The souls are in agony, in definition, in fear, but it is possible, in spite of all this, to be in peace, to find it and live it, because peace does not depend on the world, it depends only on you.

Peace is not the end of wars and of a humanity living according to its tendencies and superficial needs, because a heart can have everything, all the things it desires, it may not live among conflicts and, even so, it may not know, not find and not live peace.

Peace is an inner state, fruit of the union with God and of the transparency before Him.

Therefore, child, today I invite you to rediscover peace within you, confessing your miseries before God, divesting yourself of your characters to make space for an unknown transparency, which is the door toward true freedom.

Experience being free in a world that has become its own prison.  Experience being in peace and being an instrument so that God can make the world know peace through you.

Enter into a new cycle of true aspirations, of true actions, of true love, of true peace.

In this way, human beings will fall at your right and at your left, but the peace in your heart, which does not have its base consolidated in the things of the world, but rather in your inner union with God, will never be knocked down.

Persist in the search for peace, but follow the correct path. Transparency and truth are your vehicles to attain peace.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, July 19 of 2018


When hearts express gratitude to God and souls praise the Creator in their most pure joy, God also expresses His gratitude to humankind, to His little creatures, those small bits of His Being, of His infinite Heart.

When you express gratitude to God, you unite with Him, because gratitude, children, opens the doors of Heaven and unites dimensions, in spite of the indifference of humanity, in spite of the numbness and of the illusion that still permeates the hearts of so many beings on this Earth.

When some few, but sincere, express their gratitude to God, the doors open to the infinite Universe of His Mercy and of His Love, and not only those who cry out, who are grateful, and who love the Father, receive His Mercy. His Fount is poured out indiscriminately over all souls, because this is the way of the Heart of your God: infinite, infinite in His Love, infinite in His Grace, infinite in His Mercy.

Today I come here not only for you, but for a wounded continent.

I come here for those who are furthest from God, who do not know Him, and for this reason do not love Him.

I come here for those who hang on to their wounds and who, without realizing it, pin their own souls to suffering, to anguish, to emptiness, which is not a spiritual emptiness, but an emptiness of God, an absence of love.

I know that in the depths of each one of you, these wounds are also reflected. This is why I am here.

I am part of this humanity, which does not know itself. I am part of your hearts, I understand you, but I also know how much you can offer God and you do not know it or do not want to know it; because this, children, means effort, valor, courage, and above all, love.

There is no other way of knowing the Love of God except risking to love, trying to love every day, searching for the path that takes you to real love. Do not seek for it in other human beings, because you will only learn to truly love your fellow beings when you love God, because He is to be found in all creatures.

Today I come to stretch out My Hands and touch each one of your essences so that you may awaken.

For a long time, I accompanied you in a silent way, walking on this continent, bringing healing and awakening to souls, but that was not enough. For this reason, I return in the name of God, in the name of My Son, Who is the Son of the Creator, who is God Himself.

I touch your hearts so that you may remember your commitments to God, because the time has now come.

I touch your hearts so that you dare to set aside the human small-mindedness, the conflicts, the grievances, the lack of fraternity, so entrenched in your hearts, so that you may make room for a love still unknown to you.

Just as I come to the world for a wounded humanity, I want each one of you to also be in the world with the same purpose of healing the human heart, of sowing the good, of sowing the new.

We came to this place at the request of God, not because it is what He most needs, but because humanity will have need of it.

Here we came to plant a new life, sow the healing, the Grace and the Mercy of God, so that the Gifts of the Heart of your Father may spring forth here like an infinite fount, where souls will be able to quench their thirst when no other place yields Water for them, the Water of Life, Water that comes from God.

We came to sow purity here, so that you may express it.

We came here to open the door of Heaven, as from the depths of the Heart of Lys, so that you may unite Heaven and Earth, so that this very silent Kingdom may not just be a story to you, a knowledge or some information, so that it may be a reality, a living experience.

Aspire to be instruments of the Kingdom of Lys, instruments of God, instruments of the Heart of your Heavenly Mother, so that you may carry Her Virtues, Her Graces, whatever place you go, so that you may multiply what you receive and serve humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature with your actions, with your word, with your mere presence.

Aspire to transform, aspire to heal, aspire to awaken and move from the point that you are at, every day, because an instrument of God, children, is not the one who achieves perfection, but rather the one who allows themselves to be transformed every day by the Hands of their Father, recognizing the roughness of their wood, but also the potential for it to transform into something sacred in the Hands of God.

Every day more, humanity looks for comfort and all the ways in which to remain more inert.

For this reason, today, with My Heart full of the Spirit of God, I come to bring a Fire to ignite your souls, for the renewal of your spirits, so that you are not like ordinary humanity, looking for comfort in a time in which the Earth is in agony, thirsty for service, for surrender, for the giving of self.

Do not look at the goals of God as something unattainable. Raise your hands and touch that which the Father offers you. His Arms are always stretched out to the world; His offer is permanent, unchangeable. His hope does not whither and His Love never dies, but you need to lift your eyes and your arms to take that which God has for each one of you. Do not be content with the things of the world, do not be content with the knowledge you have already received. Seek an experience that makes this knowledge come alive and thus, broaden it.

Do not have knowledge of the Kingdom of God; live in the Kingdom of God.

Do not have knowledge of the Kingdom of Lys, be the Kingdom of Lys; be part of this Sacred Kingdom and let it no longer be a mystery to humanity, because when those who do not know it ask you "what is the Kingdom of Lys?", you will be able to respond "I am the Kingdom of Lys." And you can be the Kingdom of Lys when you open wholeheartedly so that it may enter and transform you into an instrument of the purity and the peace that dwells there.

I asked for a Reliquary of My Heart here, so that you may definitely awaken, so that you may contemplate it and seek for assistance, so that you may contemplate it and recognize your own imperfection. But know that, even with this imperfection, the Lord performs miracles. This Heart that is before your eyes is not perfect, but Its surrender is absolute.

I never experienced perfection on Earth. On the contrary, every day I had to surrender many miseries to God, but it was the constant surrender itself that drew Me close to the Heart of the Father.

Come stand before this Reliquary to recognize your miseries and surrender them to God so that you may be beyond them, crying out for the world. Contemplate it for those that cannot come here.

Imagine that Its Rays and Its Grace, which do not come from Me but rather from He Who sends Me to the world, are able to reach each soul most in need.

Today I show you My Chaste Heart and I offer It.

Accept this Grace, this offer, and dare, dear companions of Christ, to make the same offer before God.

In each Reliquary, I leave a little piece of My Being, just like in the Kingdom of Lys, which is also My house.

Sing to this Reliquary, so that I can bless it and so that this Heart, which I expose today to your eyes, is able to be reflected in this wood, as imperfect as a human heart, but which fills with graces, with mercies, with love, when it offers itself to God.

Let all the Gifts and Virtues that are born of My Chaste Heart enter into this Reliquary so that not only that which I achieved in My life on Earth is kept there. Let everything that I learned from the origin of My Being to My meeting with God be spiritually deposited in this little Heart so that, in this way, each one that contemplates Me learns to travel that path from origin to origin, from the Heart of God to the Heart of God.

In this way, understand that the Graces of the Lord are infinite and mysterious, for they will never fit in the human mind. But the heart that has faith does not need to understand with the mind that which is in the certainty of its heart.

Now sing and allow everything I told you to become life.

Your heart, My child, represents the heart of all of Europe. That is why I called you here, I asked you to make the dwelling of My Reliquary so that it could go to Europe by means of you sheltering and safeguarding My Chaste Heart. And while your hands worked, not only your heart was healing, but also the heart of Europe so that, in this way, each being could understand that they are not separate from their people and their story and that in a small act, even if unconscious, it can slowly go transforming the story of this humanity.

I called you here not only to grant you a Grace, but so that through you I could grant Graces to this continent, to this planet. This is what the Mystery of God is like: His Heart multiplied, was shared and generated lives and creatures, but never ceased to Be One. You are part of the Heart of God and each one of your brothers and sisters are also a part of you.

Revealing this mystery, I ask all of your brothers and sisters that all that they do from today on, to do in the name of humanity, in the name of Europe, in the name of their nations, and to be aware that in order to transform this world, they do not need great things, but just to expose their own heart so that God may do so.

Live the divine mystery of the Presence of God within you and do not understand His unity, be that unity, and thus, open the doors and the paths so that other brothers and sisters of yours may also return.

As My Son taught Me and taught the heart and the spirit of each priest consecrated by Him, the time has come to remember His surrender, of doing that which He asked you to do in remembrance of Him, so that His Presence might be eternal, not only spiritually, but physically, transforming the cells and the atoms of each being who shares with Him the bread and the wine consecrated and transformed into His Body and into His Blood.

In the Spiritual Presence of Christ, together with His Angels, let us lift up this offering so that He may consecrate it.

Within yourselves find the memory of the Supper of Christ, because in this spirit of unity, everything that was experienced by a human heart is kept within everybody. Remember when He lifted up the bread, blessed it, and shared it with His companions and each human heart. Remember when He lifted up the Chalice, blessed it, and placed His Blood there, His first offering, which would be spilled out for the forgiveness of sins, for the redemption of souls.

Today the Blood of Christ is shed again in this consecrated juice, in this fruit that is offered in the name of all life and all the Kingdoms of Nature so that it may transform in Christ. Just as the wheat and the grapes are offered as a symbol of surrender of nature to the Heart of God, offer yourselves as well so that, when these consecrated elements enter your bodies, you transform them into the Body and the Blood of Christ so that a new life may begin to be gestated, little by little, in you and in each human being.

Together let us pray that prayer that He taught you, which unites Heaven and Earth, which again unites the heart of humankind with the Heart of God.

[The Our Father in Aramaic]

Lets sound the bell for seven times.

My Heart will wait in the room of prayer of this humble house. Let the Marian Center manifest so that it may dwell there and, from there, be radiated to the world.

On this night, I bless you and I thank you for coming here, for that is the symbol that your souls are thirsty to awaken.

May the blessings of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be a reality in your spirits.

I thank you.

Continue singing so that I may say goodbye and, with the same joy, sing so that you may receive your Lord and your Lady, because the Grace of God is infinite.

Friday, July 13 of 2018

Weekly Messages

Go and seek the Heart of God beyond the human miseries.

The errors are a way of recognising your own imperfection and seek, beyond the superficialities, that which is real, which is true.

God, child, offers you to learn through the knowledge of His Grace, awakening in your heart a profound faith in your Father and Lord Who, from the beginning of His Creation, until today, finds ways of demonstrating His Love to His children.

But it is also possible to know God through tiredness, through the constant errors, through the miseries that overflow the human condition without an apparent solution.

There the heart seeks a hope, something that is more real than its miserable condition, something that dissolves, with its truth, the illusion and the mirage of the labyrinth of vanities.

There is when the heart halts and thinks: God.

There is when the consciousness, that knows the occult meaning of life, finds a space, between the distractions of the personality, so that it descends over the being a drop of Grace, and this drop starts to transform everything it touches.

A drop of God satiates the thirst of the souls and gives them back life, but a river of the Divine Presence turns them into His instruments, living sources in a world that has thirst for Truth and that dies for not seeing the source before their eyes.

He who was thirsty and was satiated can no longer see the thirst before his eyes and do nothing, because he knows the emptiness and the illusion, and this makes him despair.

But know, child, that everything has its time and freewill gave men the election of knowing God through love or clamouring for Him in the deepest of the one own miseries.

Know, however, that the Gaze of your Father is always attentive on His children, it does not halt and it does not get distracted. A simple movement is enough for Him to respond with a river of Graces to those who deserve Justice, because the Creator of the world is the God of Mercy and His Heart is renovated and it rejoices in the awakening of each human heart.

Choose, today, to surrender to knowing the Love of God and hold on to it by the power of His Grace or continue to descend deep in the abysses and to clamour to God consumed by your miseries.

The Father will never choose for you. He will only wait for your gaze to meet His, for your hands to reach out for His, for your heart to transcend time, tiredness, distraction, vanity and ignorance and, in a sincere prayer, return to the Father.

Go toward God.

Your father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, July 6 of 2018

Weekly Messages

See how the world is in agony, and pray with the heart.

It is not sufficient that your mind know the events of the world and judge them according to principles that, for you, are spiritual.

See how purity is lost in the heart of human beings, ever more distant from God and surrendered to the world, and search for this purity within you.

It is not sufficient that you verify the imperfections of others and judge them according to the principles that, for you, are spiritual.

See how in the actions of human beings each time there is less compassion, less pity, less mercy, and go seek in the source for these gifts for the world.

It is not enough to see that souls are thirsty and judge their motives based on principles that, for you, are spiritual.

My child, all that I say to you is so that you may dive into the depths of your heart and find God.

Your eyes can see all things and your mind can judge them all with a judgment that disguises itself and hides in all the knowledge that you have acquired in order to feel that you are a spiritual person, but knowledge does not make you spiritual.

Knowledge is a door that opens so that you may know where to walk, but you may have knowledge of all philosophies, religions, and sciences and yet be standing before those doors, contemplating paths which you never entered, because it is only transformation that moves your feet.

Substitute the impulse of your being an example for judgment.

Substitute the experience that brings you wisdom knowledge, and do not be afraid to try and see that it is difficult, and that in your falls and difficulties, your weakness and imperfections appear.

Because I tell you, beloved child, that it is when your eyes are ready, not only to know the world, but also and above all, yourself, that your feet start to walk, even if you feel you are standing still.

The greatness of wisdom is that it is built far away from the mind and from understanding, in the depths of the heart, and when you least expect it, surrendered at the Feet of God, at the peak of your miseries, you discover yourself to be wise, because the love that you submitted to there made you wise.

Therefore, child, see the world and observe it, but afterwards find it within yourself and transform it. Thus, all will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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