Friday, September 30 of 2016

Weekly Messages

Pray so that the Plan of God is fulfilled; contemplating, in the universe, the perfect purpose that the Creator has for each one of His Creatures.

Reuniting with the Divine Messengers and being in the presence of the Eternal Father, through the Door of Light and  Peace that we open to the world, means recovering the purity and the potential of love that was given to the creatures in the beginning of all and that, one day, in the hearts of many, was lost.

The task of the Divine Messengers in this time is more profound and, sometimes, incomprehensible and invisible to the human mind, because the definitive moment for the planet has come when the evolution of all will be defined according to the answers you give to the opportunities you receive.

Many open themselves from the heart, even if only for a tiny moment, and this is enough so that the seed of a new being can be sowed within them. There lies the eternal hope of God and of His Messengers: knowing that, despite such numbness in humanity, there is also the possibility of awakening and this awakening happens in a simpler way than what you imagine.

The Divine Messengers are heading towards Central America so that those who have lost their bond with God can recover it. May those who have committed themselves with the manifestation of His Plan in the beginning be able to fulfill it. May those who must become new Christs and who walk behind the Lord, in this and in all times, be able to remember their mission.

There are missionaries spread around the whole world and the time has come to call them by their names, one by one, so that they may fulfill their mission.

New potential Christs will awaken in this time: consciousnesses that will live love and unity with God beyond themselves; that will love their neighbor and that will give their lives, sincerely, for their friends; consciousnesses that will share the bread with Christ and that will join you at this table to share the Chalice of sacrifice and surrender to God and thus make the plan of the enemy disintegrate and the souls no longer lose themselves from God.

I warn you of these events and I thank you for praying so that this Plan is fulfilled.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, September 23 of 2016

Weekly Messages

Children, recognize yourselves as part of an infinite, which you ignore, due to your own smallness.

The fact that the Creation is not understandable for you or that not all knowledge is inside your minds does not mean that it does not exist.

The Work of God in this time must be definitive and generate the awakening that the souls have expected so much for hundreds of years.

In all religions, just as in all spiritual groups that have existed on Earth and that began with pure principles, the interference of the human mind many times diverted the Purpose of God, and this made souls wonder if the religions are, in truth, being guided by God or by men.

This is how faith began to be lost in the human heart and the Creator sent His Messengers, so that will be Themselves those who guide humanity.

The Divine Messengers, children, are not only here among you. We have also tried to guide and warn other groups and religions, but even so, they were not capable of listening.

The Voice of God is trying to silence humankind in order to straighten their path and remove human power and authority that some think they have over souls throughout the whole world.

The human heart has lost confidence in their fellow beings because the one who is not reliable cannot rely on the other. This is why, children, many deny the Words of God pronounced over times.

The one who is transparent and true in their faith recognizes the truth when it is before their eyes, and does not fear or doubt when listens to the Words of God, because they know they are capable of following them, even beyond themselves.

Children, if you want to recognize the truth, be true. If you want to live plenitude and launch yourselves into the Will of God without fear to deceive yourselves, then, do not deceive your neighbor, do not lie, do not manipulate, and attract for yourselves only wisdom and truth.

You will live in peace and without mistrusts when you are able to sow peace and trust in the world through your works, your feelings and your words.

You will be able to proclaim yourselves as apostles of Christ when, in truth, you follow His Words and live for Him and not for yourselves.

Humankind would not fear the destruction of the church if they did not know that it is about to collapse, due to its own actions.

You do not need to fear the destruction of the Work of God if you know that it is truly of God and not of humans and if you know that you will do everything, in obedience of the Designs of God, so that this Work may be sustained.

Today, children, I teach you to be true, because in this way you will recognize the truth. There is no other way to perpetuate a Work but with truth and the living example that you give to the world.

Do not fear the words of humans because the one who points out false lies in their neighbor is the one who tries to hide their own.

Follow the truth and work everyday so that you may be each day more transparent before God. In this way the masks of illusion will fall by themselves.

The one who warns you for you to be true and humble, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, September 18 of 2016


Many still do not understand the times in which they live, just as when My Son was in the world, humanity also did not understand the Grace it was receiving.

The Sacred Family had a special gift of obeying God, because They knew Him, and because They never doubted that His Firstborn Son was among Them.

The faith of My Most Chaste Heart and that of the Immaculate Heart of Mary transcended any need of physical manifestations, of physical happenings that confirmed the importance of the times that we were living.

We did not wait to see the fulfillment of the Prophesies nor of the Scriptures; we did not wait, because we knew that they were already being fulfilled. But time went by, and the human mind developed, as many say.

In those times we were simpler; we did not have so many concepts or ideas about the Plan of God, about His Creation. Our faith was based on the Scriptures, and on what each one of us could feel and experience in the Presence of the Divine.

Today, children, the human mind is very concrete, even though you believed that it is more evolved than in those times.

That evolution of the mind helped you in many ways, but it closed the hearts of many that are not able to develop faith because they think too much; they are not able to believe in the Words of God or in His indications because they need something concrete like their minds to do this.

We always tell you that it is the simple of mind, of soul, and of heart that will be able to be instruments of God, because the Creator can think with their minds, feel with their hearts, and live in their souls.

When I was on Earth as Saint Joseph, My Heart was simple; that is why I did not hesitate to respond to higher Designs; I did not hesitate to believe that the signs and the words that I heard in prayer came from God.

At this moment, children, I know that for many it is hard to have this simplicity; however, you must respond to higher Designs as I responded, because, in the same way that the Plan of God had the Sacred Family as the main focus, today that focus is on the Task that We build day by day through you.

The destiny of humanity will be one or another, depending on the concretization of this Plan that We are charting with your lives.

To only obey in some moment will not be enough, because many obey with the body, but not with the mind nor with the heart.

The moment will come when your minds will speak so loudly that the adversary will hear you; and in spite of your following what we tell you with the body, if you do not completely follow it, that Plan will not triumph.

Remember that this Task is not just something material; you are not building a spiritual physical institution; you are manifesting a Divine Archetype, thought of at the beginning of everything, when not even the Universe knew the Will of God. And it is for this reason that this Task must start with spirit and permeate each space of your consciousnesses.

To surrender your life out of Love for God, you must be filled with this Love.

Because there were many martyrs in this humanity; for many it was easy to act through the impetus of a heroic life filled with challenges. But those that made their lives worthwhile through a triumph of God, and that renounced it for love of the Father, were few.

In order to renounce your life, it is not necessary to die, because this experience of renouncing must be undergone by all; all must live it in these times. You must renounce your own point of view and everything that you have learned until today, so that it is the Creator that thinks, that feels, that lives within you.

Many judged, criticized, mistreated the Sacred Family, My Son Jesus; however, the Plan did not keep from being fulfilled, because compassion was alive in the heart of each one of Us.

And the love for God allowed us to understand the ignorance and the limitation of many. And it was that same love that caused them to awaken, some in time, others when it was already too late. However, the seed of this awakening availed them for another life, so that today they might have the opportunity of redeeming themselves.

Because of this, in each test that you experience, in each challenge, and the more the times are exacerbated, the truer you must be, the simpler, the more empty of self and full of God.

I know that many believe that living in God and God living in them transcends personal will or personal effort. And I tell you that this is a permanent practice, because the Creator can arrive, knock down your mental human structures, and build in you His instruments.

However, you must truly allow it; you must release your personal will, all that which you hold as precious, your way of thinking, of acting, your virtues, your miseries.

Many say they want to be instruments of God and offer Him their miseries, that which they believe prevents them from living in the Creator.

But children, there are many virtues, there are many skills that also prevent the Creator from drawing closer to your lives, because they fill you with yourselves, they cause you to adore yourselves more than God.

This is why the void must be absolute.

I tell you this because I know that your souls aspire to fully live in this time; they aspire to obey, to follow the Will of the Father without questioning.

But you must do something more than aspire.

Think, children, of all that happened on the planet as merits generated by the experience of the Sacred Family. Think on the eternal opportunity that souls received after the surrender of Jesus.

And now, think, feel that these same merits must be generated by your lives, in this moment, because all of the Universe must benefit from the merits of the experience on Earth, of the concretization of the Plans of God in humanity.

Those who persecute you need your love, because in this time they live their last opportunity. It is not the first time they have tried to follow God and do not managed to do so.

Just as those who persecuted Christ, upon receiving His Forgiveness, were able to continue their evolution, and are today in the world, in these times, to definitely live their redemption.

Thanks to God and to such little human understanding, you have no awareness of the grandeur of the Work that we are building through your lives.

And I do not ask you to have this awareness, but only that you embrace divine Will; that you give up yourselves, your own plans, your own goals, even if you think this goal is part of the Will of God, because it is certain, children, you completely ignore what the Creator aspires for you.

Every day offer your lives to God, and respond to His requests with your heart.

Cut off thoughts when doubt appears. Keep in silence if any doubt or fear comes to you.

Pray and do not allow the growth of what separates you from the concretization of the Plans of God for you.

Thank the Father every day for having summoned your souls to accomplish a great miracle in you.

Ask Him for the Grace of being humble and simple so that His Plan may triumph.

If you do what I tell you, everything will be fulfilled.

In omnipresence I will consecrate the communion for those who listen to Me, in reparation for all those who share the Body and the Blood of Christ, but who do not truly commune with Him.

Ask, children, that this Body and this Blood not only transform your cells, but also your consciousnesses.

Pray with Me an Our Father in Aramaic, asking Christ that all His companions, all those who tell themselves that they consider themselves His companions, may truly be so.

Abbun debashmaia
Netkadesh eshmoj
Teite malkutaj
Nejuei sevianaj aikana
Debashmaia af ba-arja
Jav-lan lajma teesunkanan iagmana
Washpocklan jaubein wajtagein
Aikana daf jenan shoaken oljaiaben
Wela tajlan letnesiuna
Ela patsan men bisha
Metul delaje malkuta
Wajela wateshpurjta
Laj-lam almin

In this Communion may you also offer God your intention and your aspiration of being true.

May the essence of this Work not be lost. May it be kept alive throughout the years, and may those who come, who will awaken at the end, find in your examples the living Presence of God so that they may build, in this way, the New World, the New Humanity.

I thank you.

Friday, September 16 of 2016

Weekly Messages

Children, the larger the commitment of a soul is, the larger will be the challenge of its consecration, because more souls are linked to its step and so being, its definition will result in the awakening and redemption of many beings.

The larger the commitment of a work is, the larger will be the challenges to manifest it, because the adversary of God will not silence before the echo of the Voice of the Creator.

I ask you to be firm, brave and united in heart; that you maintain your strength in Christ, in the Universe and in all the revelations you already know so that in this way you will understand that the triumph of God goes beyond this life.

Humanity lives extreme opposites of awakening and of profound ignorance, of love and of much evil, and the battle between the establishment of peace and darkness will take place on all levels of consciousness.

What should never exist in your hearts is rage, because all rage that comes from the human heart only feeds what the adversary is trying to build.

You will not be indifferent to what happens in the world and, facing the attacks of the adversary, you will increase in yourselves the power of peace, of unity and of love. You will take advantage of each test to grow and to strengthen your own faith and thus you will not allow the adversary of God to find fuel to continue lightening the fire of illusions, perditions and mistakes.

Each being will be known for their own fruits. This work will be recognized by its fruits because it will sow peace and will make it flourish and multiply in the hearts.

While the falsehood emerges from the beings and all the lies become visible to everyone, the virtues must also emerge. Unite only to the light and do not see the lies of others as a form to defend and to justify yourselves, because this battle must not be competitive on your side, not even in your mind.

To dissolve darkness and to let evil poison itself, it is necessary not to drink from this poison but rather to drink from the Fountain of Christ that in silence and on the cross wins the battle of falsehood, attacks and defamations.

Children, pacify your interior and pray for your brothers and sisters. Today the Heart of God is more wounded and Christ prays before His Father for the ignorance of those who once more allow themselves to be instruments of evil.

The Lord hopes that there is unity among His companions and this must be built by those who are more conscious of this need. Therefore, pray and ask for the Christ to enter into the hearts of all men and women, purify your miseries and make true those who say they follow His Name.

Never lose sight of the example of the Redeemer and remember not to feed evil, not even in thought.

The Sacred Family returns to teach you that only in love, silence and living the truth, that you already know, you can make the Plan of God triumph.

Follow Our example and do not fear to live and announce what we ask you for, because – in spite of all resistance from humanity in losing its power over the things of the world – there are many who need to awaken in order to fulfill their mission.

One day everyone will make use of what We taught you to take the last step, no matter if you had been against or in favor of the Work of God because the truth will emerge beyond the human will.

I love you and leave you My Blessing,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, September 9 of 2016

Weekly Messages

The reward of the servant of God is eternal service. The Creator renews His servants in the act of serving, and the certainty of being fulfilled by His Plan nourishes them.

Children, the great school of the Disciples of Christ in these times is eternal renunciation. However, I speak of renunciation of the things of this world, of the conveniences and pleasures that humanity as a whole has efforted much to maintain.

Those who fear renunciation, in truth, have never come to know the grace of serving God, because it is by renouncing all that is temporary that you may find what is eternal and nourishes the soul, body and spirit, making you full in God, beyond the appearances of the world.

Those who want to sustain themselves during their own purification must find their peace in renouncing all results concerning themselves, because they suffer much, those who every day look at their wound and do not allow it to heal due to the power of their thoughts about it.

You must recognize that the wounds are there, but in order for the pain to not torment your life and prevent you from doing whatever you are called to do at this time, you have to take your eyes off of yourselves.

Therefore, children, the greater the degree of consecration, the greater must be the renunciation, because a deep surrender will be demanded and you will be lead to live it beyond your own will; but this is not where your consciousness needs to be, because the Plan of God is manifested by undertaking it and not by thinking about it.

Thus, you should know that the one who gives everything will also receive everything, and the one who puts aside their own process, their purification, and even their needs in order to help others, will be rewarded by God and reach the expression of His Plan without noticing it.

For this reason, today I show you the path of service and transcendence and I thank you for trying to overcome yourselves for love to the Plan of the Creator. In this eternal attempt and true aspiration, the Plan is fulfilled. Go ahead.

Your Father and Companion in the path of ascension,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, September 2 of 2016

Weekly Messages

When hearts unite to fulfill the Divine Purpose, imperfections, difficulties and obstacles are dissolved. Because it is in the mystery of true unity that souls balance out one another, so that all of them reach the goal of Meeting God.

Children, each heart, each consciousness has something unique to provide to the Plan, something that is not linked with any material ability. I am talking about spiritual virtues, energies that are so unknown to humanity that are not even found among the concepts of your dictionary. What I am telling you about is not expressed in words. But those who live in the spirit of unity will be able to feel how souls elevate themselves to God more simply and, in an unknown way, tread the path that leads them to the Creator.

Each test that is placed in your lives has a spiritual reason to exist and, even though all seems to be very unpredictable for all levels below God, the Creator does observe in silence the fulfillment of what He has written for the human consciousnesses. The Divine Thought is alive and so is His Plan. Therefore, there is nothing that, for God, is a mystery.

I tell you this so you understand that these are times to build unity, so you may recognize that the instances of approximation to God are not built by anyone individually, but rather by the love that each one has for Him.

The concretization of the Divine Plan is found in the unveiling of unity. That is why it is important that you feel that your miseries disappear when the one you have by your side balances it with their virtues and so one soul does to another, until you build a perfect and immaculate unity, capable of receiving new codes.

For you to reconstruct the world – when it comes the time to do it -, you will need nothing other than unity and love. Try this instances in which you live them not only as something unusual, that you live without premeditating. Reflect about the events and realize how the Creator always prepares you and in any circumstances that are apparently very negative. But when there is disposition and unity, the Creator makes emerge a unique learning experience from it, which will serve for each instant of your lives and much more for the days to come.

Understand, in this way, the importance of responding to the Celestial Call and also the importance of striving day and night to live unity, to let the best of the other transform you and to always provide the best to your neighbor.

Meditate on this learning experience and love the spirit of unity, and that, beyond small instances, it may expand to your daily life in each small detail.

The one who loves you and accompanies you always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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