Sunday, May 31 of 2020

Daily Messages

A devout soul always willing to give more of itself to God, while they prayed, asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I lift up my voice to the Heavens and pray for the souls that suffer, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the planet, for Your Plan. What more must I do for this prayer to truly reach You and generate merits for the salvation and the redemption of the world?"

And the Lord responded to it, saying: "While you pray, speak with Me, pronounce each word not only to hear your own voice and feel that you are fulfilling your part. Pray, allowing your essence to look into My Eyes, may your heart be within Mine and may your word be an echo throughout all infinity, in all Creation.

To pray in this way, beloved child, My soul, you need to be fully with Me, without caring about time, tiredness, the sensations of the body or those that are around you, as to whether they strive as you do or if they sleep and become distant from their words. You should not care about anything except My Presence and the imperative need the world has for sincere and real prayers.

When you sing, your ears should not care about the sound of your voice, your mind should not care about who is listening to you, but rather your heart should care to attune your voice and be with Me, singing with perfection for the One that is the Master of all sound, the Creator of each note, of each tone, capable of transforming your vibration into gifts that expand through Life, transforming lives. This, little soul, is how your prayer should be."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to go deeper each day in your prayers. May they be sincere and reach God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, May 30 of 2020

Daily Messages

Feeling a profound anguish in its chest that it was not able to explain, a soul asked the Lord a question, saying:  "Lord, in my heart is a feeling that I cannot explain. I do not know if it is sadness or confusion. I do not know if it is anguish or sorrow. I do not know if I lack a feeling for living or if I am feeling Your pain, the pain of the world. Could you explain to me what I feel?"

And the Lord responded to it, saying: - "Little soul, contemplate infinity and the vastness of the universe. Contemplate the greatness and the complexity of life. Contemplate the mysteries hidden in the stars. Life and your own being are so infinite that what you feel and experience many times do not come from this Earth nor this time, but rather from a distant space and time that you now experience today. Many times, the anguish of your heart comes from infinity, from places in your consciousness that dwell in the universe, where life continues its evolution, constantly creating and re-creating itself.

But it does not matter what you feel or where it comes from. If you want to alleviate your little heart, simply come to Me, I Who Am your God, and I Who know the deepest roots of your being, of your thoughts and feeling, of your life, in the end.

Come, to Me, little soul, surrendered and sincere, transparent and fragile. You will not have an explanation for everything, because sometimes it is not the time for you to know certain matters about yourself, but you will have relief for everything, and it is to be found in Me.

Thus, come to Me in humility, knowing yourself to be small. Come to Me as a child that finds refuge in their father, and in what I am able to, I will explain. And when the time is not right, I will simply give you relief, and whatever My response may be, it will allow you to grow, because sometimes you grow through knowledge and, other times, you grow through knowing that you know nothing."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to seek relief always in God, and not always finding answers, but giving thanks for His Silence as well as for His Voice and, above all, welcome the Love of His simple Presence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 29 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that had made many mistakes felt itself to be impure and unworthy before God, and facing the sins it committed, it asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I have sinned many times; I have fallen and, instead of standing up, I submerged even more deeply into the abysses of life. Today I stand before You; You called me to sit at the table of redemption. Tell me, Lord, is it possible that a sinner like me will be called by You? How will I be able to take the steps that You need? How will I heal the infidelities and the deepest sins of my being?"

And with eyes of Mercy, the Lord responded: - "What did the leper do to be healed by My Son when he saw Him approach among the multitude? What did the woman with the flow of blood do to be free from the weight of her impurities while, to her despair, she saw My Son walking by? What did Zacchaeus do to be seen and, in spite of all his errors, be worthy of a single Gaze of the Son of God?

The leper, little soul, uncovered himself, and stood humble in the face of the multitude. With his foul smell, with his wounds, with his broken heart and remaining without hope in a world where, for him, there was no salvation, the only solution was to appeal to Christ, dirty, impure, sick, rejected.

The woman with the flow of blood also risked herself among the multitude. She did not want to be humiliated, but knew that the only way of being healed was to appeal to Christ. That time, it was the Lord Himself who made her noticeable, not to humiliate her, but rather to let the world know that to be healed and become clean, it would be necessary to expose the sins and the wounds to God. It is through the doorway of humility that one reaches the Feet of the Creator.

Zacchaeus knew of his bad behavior, he knew of his sins and imperfections, but in his soul, what spoke more loudly was the need for forgiveness. This is why he showed himself and, in front of the multitude, humbled himself, climbed a tree, where everybody could notice that in spite of all his errors, he was there, facing all the judgments and criticisms, simply by the need for being before Christ.

And the Lord, when He sees that sinners go beyond their sins, also goes beyond in His Love, in His Mercy and in His Grace. For this reason, little soul, nothing is impossible. All illnesses have a cure, all sins can be forgiven; but for this, you need to set aside your pride and vanity and humble yourself before God. Be transparent and sincere, show the Lord your wounds and allow Him, with a single compassionate glance, to heal you."

May this dialogue, children, inspire you to not fear to be exposed, to be humbled, and thus, to be healed, forgiven and redeemed by Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, May 28 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul, sensitized to the urgency of the need for the awakening of humanity, to the urgency of the need to transform and serve, prayed to God, asking Him for more opportunities to serve, more responsibilities and possibilities for acting in His Plan of Love, saying to Him:  "Lord, here is my heart, my spirit, soul, mind, body and feelings; use me for the manifestation of Your Plan. Give me more possibilities for serving, more responsibilities for moving forward with the manifestation of Your Will on Earth. God, do not leave me simply observing the dormancy of humanity, but rather bring me to those places where I am able to serve Your Heart more and more."

And because the Lord knew the sincere momentum of this soul to serve and surrender, with love He said to it:  "Little soul, do not seek just to serve more; seek to serve better. Do not look for opportunities to manifest My Work in great things, because I do not want you to be a martyr in the history of humanity; I do not want you to be a revolutionary soul that will be remembered in the books of this world. I call on you to transform the human condition from the inside out.

I do not call upon you to serve more; rather, I call upon you to serve better, to polish what separates you from Me in each instant of your life. I do not call you to be memorable to humankind, but rather to all of Creation, because My Project is fulfilled when It triumphs within beings, in their consciousnesses, in their souls and in their spirits.

When you serve better in the small things, in the excellence of your surrender, in your love for others, in the sincerity of your prayer, in the transparency of your expression in life, in the living of the Gifts of My Spirit, it is then, little soul, that great work is accomplished.

When you serve better, you will naturally serve more; because the energy itself of life will lead you to greater responsibilities, which will not always be material, but many times, it will be inner, hidden and invisible to the eyes of humankind, because the attention of human beings is on the outer, but the gaze of the Universe is on what is done in the essence of humankind, for it is in this way that My Plan manifests.

For this reason, little soul, let your momentum to serve always be alive, leading you to serve better, more deeply, more sincerely, in a pure and transparent way, in service that occurs within your heart, between your heart and Mine; and My Will shall be fulfilled in you."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to fulfill the Will of God in a sincere and complete way, and to serve Him better each time, from the inner to the outer.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, May 27 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that aspired to deepen their union with God, and mature that union through a true surrender and a pure contact with the Heart of the Celestial Father, prayed to Him, saying: "Lord, my life and all life belongs to You; my heart and each heart belong to You and are living parts of Your Heart of Love. Teach me, then, to feel myself ever more a part of Your Being, of Your Spirit, of Your Source. Teach me to live and move always within You, expressing You and being Your instrument in this world and beyond it."

And after an instant in silence, contemplating the inner self of this soul, the Lord responded:  "To express Me, more than yourself, little soul, you must first do as My Son taught you: enter into your room in silence and pray in secret to My Heart, which hears you in secret. It is there where you strengthen your union with Me. Before demonstrating it to the world, before being an instrument of Mine in the eyes of humankind, first you must not only build, but also, over the coming centuries, consolidate and renew this union with My Heart.

It is in secret that I reveal what I most want from you; it is in secret that I show you My Kingdom within you; it is in secret that I hear your confession and forgive your sins, wash your feet, your face and your hands, and I make you new, every day, so that you may always have a new opportunity to try and come closer to My Spirit, to My Source.

Complete your prayer with service, silent and simple, striving and attentive, but always seeking humility. At first, beloved soul of My Heart, do not even look to be an example, because the one who is looking to be an example is looking for the attention of somebody to observe them and learn with them. You do not want to teach, only live; you do not want to show, only be. Know that you are an apprentice and that you are trying every day to be better, and if for My Glory someone watches and learns from you, let your heart not change, but remain an eternal apprentice of My Spirit, an eternal servant within My Plan, an eternal seeker of My presence. In this way, you will learn through real contact with Me, and I will be within you, and you will represent Me, perhaps, without perceiving it."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to seek God, deepening your contact with Him and being His instruments in this world and way beyond it.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, May 26 of 2020

Daily Messages

Contemplating the world, as well as the innermost spaces of its consciousness, a soul sought peace and could not manage to find it. The confusion of humanity, the imbalances in humankind, illnesses, suffering, a lack of a true meaning to life, this was what this soul saw while seeking peace in the world and even within itself.

So, asking for the help of God, this soul prayed to the Lord, saying: "Lord, if it is possible to feel peace in times of anguish, give me peace. If it is possible to feel You, even while in the desert, allow me. If it is possible to keep faith and believe that after this deep night the light of a new day and a new life will come, then grant me this faith, because I feel lost, alone and empty, and I cannot find anything but anguish and uncertainty around me."

And after observing this soul over a long period of silence, the Lord responded:  "See, little soul, that your feet are spiritually upon a mount; this is the Calvary of the world. To go through it without losing faith and hope, or the peace within you, you must focus your consciousness on the true purpose of your existence.

Thus, contemplate the Cross and each day re-experience the Calvary of the Lord. Meditate upon the moment He would find peace in His Heart. Imitate His footsteps. Perceive how it was in the gaze of the Most Holy Mary and in the certainty of Her silent presence, throughout the whole trajectory with the Cross, that your Lord, My Child, found peace and was renewed so as to continue forward. It was in the eyes of Mary, the Virgin Mother of life, that your Lord would find hope and re-acquire the purpose of each drop of His poured Blood.

The Calvary of these times is designed by the choices of the souls of the whole world. As one humanity, they must go through this test. But you, little soul, can experience Calvary in the unconsciousness of the two thieves, or you can experience Calvary through renewing Creation, the laws and life, as Christ taught you.

If you then lose your peace, seek this peace in the eyes of the Virgin Mary. Pray to Her Immaculate Heart, and She, Who is the very Source of Peace for all life, will respond to you with silence, but with Her deep Love, with Her Peace and Her renewal. That is the way of finding peace in these times of transition."

May this dialogue, children, teach you not to linger in the anguish of the world, but rather to learn to renew yourselves in the Most Holy Mary, and find Her Peace, in spite of any tribulation in the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




Monday, May 25 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul was grieved, feeling old pain in the depths of its heart, records of experiences unknown to it, and of others that it thought had been overcome, yet they were re-emerging. It felt within that there was never a time in which the old experiences left and new experiences emerged in a harmonious way; rather, everything was mixed together and it became difficult to understand and to transform that which was within them.

So, in a sincere prayer, this soul asked God a question, saying: "Lord, time passes by, but within, time seems to not exist. How can I feel and suffer wounds that I am not even aware had existed within me? Today everything is so confused; what seemed to have been overcome emerges with greater force, and when it seems that I have stood up, I fall again into the abysses of my fears and uncertainties, into the pain of wounds newly opened, those both known and unknown. Explain to me, God: how can I heal and overcome that which takes place within me?"

And with love and wisdom, the Lord responded, saying:  "In truth I tell you that not only within you, but also in real life, time does not exist. Time is a form that I created so that creatures of this world would be able to grow in a sequence of divine laws and sciences, which keeps them in an evolutionary school up to the moment of their spiritual maturity. Time happens outside of you, for your human side. Time is perceived by your body, mind and feelings, but within you, little soul, in your deepest essence, there is no time. There you are in likeness with Me, with My Infinity; within you pulsates an eternal life.

The closer the transition of the planet comes, which is the awaited for human maturity, the closer one comes to the moment when that which hides within you will manifest, when truth will express, when time will no longer exist, but rather Eternity will be revealed. It is part of this process of transition that your little soul will see emerging the innermost registers of that which you experienced in other times, because everything emerges to be recognized, to become aware of and balanced, according to the awakening of your consciousness and the love of your heart.

For this reason, in the face of the most ancient pain, simply seek the Love that there is in Me and the Grace of My Spirit so that I may have a place to act in, through you, and, in this way, balance and heal all that which, through ignorance, you experienced, all the open wounds of lives distant from Me. Simply seek Me and give Me space within you, in your mind, body, soul and heart. Thus, I will be within you."

May this dialogue allow you to understand, children, that this is the moment for seeing emerge within you all the records of other times that still need to be healed. But, in the face of what you feel, do not despair, and simply seek God and yield space to Him, because only He has the Grace and the Love to definitely heal you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, May 24 of 2020

Daily Messages

A suffering soul, that in this life seemed not to know the joy or love that others had the chance to experience, asked God a question, saying: "Lord, I come to the world and find inequality, souls that rejoice and souls that despair, souls that are strengthened by You and souls that lose their strength and cannot find meaning in their own life. Tell me, then, You, Who are the God of all, the same and the One, what is the reason for the imbalances in the world?"

And the Lord, contemplating the sincerity of its suffering, responded: - "I Am the God of all beings, Father and Lord of all life, the One and the Triune God, God of Love and Truth. But life, little soul, is designed by laws that maintain the balance of the evolution of all consciousnesses and leads them according to their own choices. My Love for souls is the same; with the same hope, I wait for hearts to return to Me; but the suffering or the joy in this world is not because of a decision that My Heart made concerning creatures.

What is rejoicing for you? Where do you see that humankind finds joy in their hearts? Because a soul, to have true joy, only needs to be in Me, and although they may suffer with the pain of humankind, My Love in their heart does not let them perish.

The suffering of the world, little soul, must make you understand the fragility of human life that is distant from Me. The true pain that souls feel is because they are distant from My Heart or because of ignoring My Presence. A soul may have everything in matter and be profoundly empty and unhappy, just as a soul may not have anything and meanwhile, possess the greatest of all joys, which is to be in My Heart. But that, little soul, is a daily decision, constant and permanent, of souls that choose to be in Me, rather than in the world.

For this reason, when you feel emptiness and suffering in your heart, ask yourself not where I am, but rather where you are. My Heart is within you, but are you within Me?"

May this dialogue remind you, children, that you must be within God to understand that life is made of laws that do not descend by chance from the universe, but rather are attracted by each soul that chooses, through their actions, thoughts and feelings, that which they will draw to their own life.

Know how to choose God, every day, in each instant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, May 23 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that loved God and His Plan, but that was full of itself and its own will, tried each day to empty their heart in order to live the Divine Laws. This soul was preparing for the critical times of the planet, where it knew that only unconditional love and obedience would be the foundation for the transformation of the old human being into that which the Creator was waiting for.

Praying one day to the Lord, and asking Him for guidance for the end of times, this soul said to Him: "Lord, it is difficult for me to be empty of myself, of my ideas and concepts, of what I believe to be correct and what is best for You; it is difficult for me to silence my voice in order to hear Yours and trust when You manifest through my brothers and sisters. Tell me, O God, what I can do to live in obedience to You, in Your Love and in trust, and to remain in Your Will for the times that will come."

And, upon the Lord contemplating the sincerity of this soul, He responded to it: "Little soul, I created you and I know your strength, a strength that must be yielded in order to make room for My Power, which is still unknown to you, because you make more room in your heart for yourself rather than for Me. For each one of My children, I have inexhaustible gifts, the potential not only to lead a life on Earth with wisdom, but to transform universes.

However, My children are imprisoned within themselves, in all they mistakenly conquered and learned throughout their evolution on Earth. They learned that to grow was to constantly affirm and re-affirm themselves in their own will, and they miss all the wonders and true gifts that I grant to those who are empty of self.

For this reason, little soul, to recognize your ignorance is the first step; to silence and to contain your impulses is the next step; be observant, in prayer, of all the gestures of life, and only give your opinion when it is requested. Before disagreeing with another's will, first, live in obedience. Do not desire to place your will above those of others, without first accepting what they ask of you. I forge your consciousness and transform your human pride through those whom I sent so that they may serve with you. Thus, practice unconditional obedience and show your feelings only when they open the way.

Discover the flow of the laws and, while you do so, you will be within My Grace, and it will flow over you like a stream of wisdom when something is given to you to do. Meanwhile, little soul, live in trust, obedience and love, and for you this will be a source of transformation and surrender. And you will reach Me and you will represent Me in the world and beyond it, for I will empty you of yourself and make of your heart My dwelling place."

May this dialogue inspire you to live in obedience and love, so that you make room for God to express within your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 22 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that aspired to know eternity and Paradise, and every day sought merits to come to deserve a place in Heaven, asked the Lord a question about what would be the path to deserve to be at His side, saying to Him: "Lord, life on Earth, in spite of being sacred, is too little for me. My soul ardently aspires to be with You in the Paradise of Your eternity. Tell me, then, beloved God, how do I remain by Your side in infinity?"

And with profound love and wisdom, the Lord responded: "Little soul, what is Paradise to you? In your heart, how do you think that life is in My Kingdom? I created you in order to dwell within you; in this way, I want you to understand that you do not have to desire to be in Heaven to be by My side, but rather discover Me within you. Happy and blessed is the soul that knows how to find unity with Me within its own essence, one that does not seek outside of itself, but rather within, in the depths of its interior.

Many are the souls that say they want to be with Me; but how many are the souls that, in silence, stop to seek Me within their own essence?

Many are the souls that say they prefer My Kingdom over the world; but how many set aside, even if for an instant, the things of the world to seek My Kingdom within their own hearts and know themselves to be the Kingdom?

Many are the souls instructed in My Knowledge, that know of My Words and say they love them; but how many are there that, after having been instructed about something, do not stop to learn and rather seek an experience about what they have been instructed about?

Little soul, My Kingdom is within you, just as I am also within you, and the path to finding Me is simply to truly seek Me, with sincerity and with love. When you simply stop to find Me within you, you will see that My mysteries were not hidden in the stars. My Paradise is not only in Heaven; it is within you."

May this dialogue, children, inspire you to seek God within yourselves, and not only know of His mysteries, but also experience them, each day.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, May 21 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that feared the Justice of God constantly prayed and cried out for Mercy and, one day, feeling that the cycle of that Justice had come to the world, asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, You are the God of Love, of Grace and of Mercy, capable of giving Yourself on the Cross for the salvation of the world, so explain to me what justice is and how a God of Love can act with justice with His children?"

And looking at this soul peacefully, the Lord responded: "Beloved soul, that is ignorant of the true sense of My Divine Justice, the Justice of My Heart is a law permeated by such a great love as Divine Mercy. While Mercy uplifts those that are blind and grants the best of My Kingdom, even to the most ignorant, My Justice first washes their eyes, opens them and then allows souls to be aware of all that I have already given them.

After pouring Mercy out upon hearts and seeing them still submerged in indifference, in ingratitude and in unconsciousness, My Spirit pours out Justice upon them. And Justice is a ray of Love of My Heart that shakes souls and overturns their most ingrained illusions so that, in this way, they may be able to perceive the truth and repent.

What causes suffering in souls is not My Justice, but rather their own ignorance, because they perceive that they were seated on foundations of sand, while I many times offered them the rock of My Heart. Justice, little soul, is a part of My Love, so that none of My children may remain in the world without awakening and perceiving what they truly are and what the path is that they must tread.

For this reason, in the face of Justice, do not suffer, but simply pray so that this new opportunity, which comes through the law of Justice, is not also passed by in vain by ignorant souls, and  may they make of this divine correction the first step toward the straightening of their paths."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to love God, His Mercy and His Justice, and understand that the action of the laws are just and filled with a celestial love for souls.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, May 20 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that claimed not to believe in God nor in a spiritual life, was in a state of great inner emptiness and, in light of its deepest anguish, it looked up and said:  "What is there after death? A new life? From where and why did life emerge? You, Who people call God, do You really exist? Where are You? Why do You not make Yourself visible to those who call themselves Your children?"

And the Lord, contemplating this soul with great compassion, responded: "From Me emerged life, a broad, deep, complex and very ancient life, before the existence of this world, before the existence of the human mind and the time of humankind, in a space that science does not reach, the mind does not explain and not even the patriarchs and the prophets could understand, for a reason that is held within My Heart yet not understood, but only loved and experienced.

I did not create life for a reason, but because of Love. And so I am not reached through an answer, but rather through a deep living of the same principle and gift that allowed Me to manifest all things. This mystery is within your little heart.

Beloved soul, when with humility you embrace the healing of your deepest wounds, you will know that I Am God.

When you allow yourself to be loved by a Love that is not of this world, but which comes from Infinity, you will know that I Am God.

When the knowledge of your smallness and fragility is greater than the illusion of your pride, maturity and vanity, you will know that I Am God.

When you place your forehead upon the ground and yield your mortal mind for an eternal Love, you will know that I Am God.

When in the emptiness of your consciousness and the solitude of your heart, you dare to look inward and discover that I am within you, you will know that I Am God and I am in everything.

Within you, I wait in silence, and within your silence, I will be able to speak to your heart. You will know My infinite Love and, through it, you will know what you call the reasons for which everything was created. What for you is a reason, for Me is a Purpose. There is no reason for life, but there is a Higher Purpose: that of renewing My Love and returning to Me."

May this dialogue with God inspire you, children, to turn inward and experience the Divine Presence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




Tuesday, May 19 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come with the little Child Jesus in My arms to carry you into a new state of consciousness, a state in which you can see the world, not with the limitations of humankind, but rather with the perfection of God, contemplating the true need of these times, contemplating the Laws that are moving, that enter the Earth, Laws that have never before been active on the planet.

Many believe that they have already known Divine Justice, from back when the era of the patriarch's God had spoken to them with Justice.

Throughout the centuries, this Justice gradually developed, deepened, and as the human consciousness transformed, all of Creation transformed.

The Laws and the Rays are no longer the same as those of the beginning times on Earth or the beginning times of this Creation. Each cycle is new, and even if it has similarities to previous times, everything is renewed.

The time of Mercy has come, the New Covenant between God and humankind, sealed by Christ on His Cross, confirmed by Him in His Ascension into the Heavens. And in spite of this Covenant being eternal, to live it you must respond to it.

So that you can be under a law, you must attract that law into your lives. When you do not do so, children, you do not justify the Blood that was shed on the Cross, and even though that Blood may be available, eternally given to all creatures, if your hearts are not open to it, it flows from the Heart of Christ and does not transform your lives.

The cycles will continue to pass by, and the Law of Justice has come, a Justice that is not the same as in the beginning times. It does not come with the wrath of God, because God is simply silent. The Laws work by themselves, because the time has come in which humanity itself, as a potential co-creator with God, may also be the one responsible for its own evolution.

In past eras, God spoke to humankind with Justice and with what you know as wrath, which is actually the profound Ray of Divine Will, which humanity could not understand. This Ray descended on Earth, with all its power, to break the hardest and most archaic structures of humanity. But when human beings began to open to love, the Laws began to work in a different way, and the Creator found room to transform the world in another way, through a greater Love, which transcended all laws, all forms, all life.

That was the Love of God in His Son.

That Love is still echoing in the four corners of this world and in all life. Many times it is poured out upon the Earth without you being aware of it.

God constantly provides opportunities for each being. He gives them His best, that which is most perfect in the universe, the best opportunities for the evolution of those who least deserve it, because His Love does not act according to the justice of humankind, but rather to the Mercy that is born of His Heart.

Today I come with the Child Jesus in My arms so that you may understand this new cycle in light of His Presence.

His Mercy continues to resonate; His Blood continues to be poured out over the world; God continues to give opportunities to humanity, but each being in these times must choose the path that they will follow.

Thus, children, this is a new era of Justice. Mercy will not cease to exist, but the Creator will no longer intercede for His children as before. He will remain silent, a silence that will speak deeply to all of Creation, because the silence of God means a profound prayer, unknown to all beings, including those who, in the dimensions of the angels and archangels, are constantly at the Feet of the Creator.

In the silence of God, His Love for creatures expands, and those who open to hear Him, to let His silence resonate within them, who open to that infinite Love, enter the dimensions of that Love and live an experience of unique transformation, recognizing the true potential of human beings, recognizing the unity that happens between the Creator and His creatures, understanding what it means to open the doors between dimensions and live in likeness to God.

All of this happens when beings simply respond to the Love of the Creator, setting aside their smallness, their imperfections, and strive to transcend themselves each day to leave the human condition and come to know the condition of the children of God.

Thus, you attract the sublime Laws into your lives and, taking a single step, these Laws lead you and elevate you to ever greater, broader and more profound steps.

But, when beings know that God is silent, when they already know His Mercy and ignore all the opportunities that He gives them, the laws that they attract to their lives are different: the law of justice, the law of suffering, the law of loneliness, of abandonment, of anguish, of hopelessness.

I want you to thus understand, children, that it is not God who is designing your lives, but you yourselves are doing so.

This is the cycle of the definition of humanity. You can no longer live as ordinary creatures, when you were designed to be children of God, in likeness to Him, co-creators, who bring within themselves, in their deepest essence, a possibility for transforming Creation, as not even the Archangels can do.

In this way, understand the responsibility that you have for all life and therefore, do not remain any longer in the small things, those that bind you and attach you to this world. Meditate on what I tell you and on what God says to you through each Divine Messenger.

We came to the world as an echo of the Voice of the Creator, which is speaking for the last time in this cycle of humanity. Not because He does not love His creatures and does not wish to speak to them for all eternity; but if it were not this way, you would never discover who you are, and this Earth will self-destruct through the ignorance of humankind.

It is possible to repair suffering, it is possible to awaken beings through love, service and constant prayer, but it is not possible to enter someone else's consciousness to define their steps according to Divine Will. Each being must experience their own definition.

The greatest service you can render today, in the name of all humanity and for the elevation of souls living in ignorance, is to take your own steps towards the Father, to live that infinite Love, discover this mystery that is hidden within you, let that Love expand and transform everything around you. Thus, give an example to the world through your own life, because in this way you will be generating an opportunity for redemption, not only for your own souls, but for all of Creation, for worlds and universes unknown to you.

You are a drop of water in the infinite ocean, but not just any water. A living water that, when it enters this ocean, is capable of transforming it, transforming all the other drops, seas and all the life that dwells within it.

I know that many do not believe in what I say and do not even believe that I am here; but I did not come for you to believe in Me, I have come to give you an instruction, that you live for yourselves the experience of attracting divine Laws or human laws toward your lives.

Go through the experience, children, of letting yourselves be transformed by the Love of God, which descends upon you when you pray, when you serve, when you are silent before something that causes you anguish, that wounds your human egos and contradicts your personalities.

When you allow someone else to express themselves, allowing some else to grow, you grow from the inside out, because when you renounce being a protagonist in the world, it is God who finds a space to be a protagonist within you, and no one will see you, but it is there that the true meaning of life is accomplished.

Give thanks for everything that you have received. Permanently thank the Creator and elevate your consciousness beyond human needs, beyond your aspirations and your wills, beyond your plans and goals for life on this planet. Elevate yourselves through gratitude.

Today the Child Jesus, in My arms, points toward infinity, and within it beats the Heart of God, which calls upon you to return, to return in essence, to return to Him without ceasing to exist, to return to God, being in the world and making this planet part of His Heart.

This is what you are called to live.

Today, on this altar, yet another mystery of God is revealed to you. A rarely understood mystery, because many do not know what a sacred object signifies. Many question and ignore the different Graces that God grants to humankind.

A sacred object, magnetized by the Creator, is something that constantly reminds you what your true mission is, what you are called to live and what the path might be for doing so. 

A sacred object is like a seal that makes you recognizable to the angels and archangels.

It is like a sign, a sign of light that in the darkness of the world will let souls recognize it and know the way.

It is a symbol of protection and of Grace, a symbol of adherence and faith. It strengthens your faith every time you put it on and believe in all the promises we have given you.

A sacred object is a symbol of healing, of reconciliation with God, when a lost, sick soul receives it and they believe that they have received a divine gift from the hands of their Creator, to remind them of how much He loves them.

A sacred object is a mysterious symbol of God drawing closer to the hearts of His children. He is silently there, in each little medallion, in each little scapular, speaking to your hearts, reminding your essences where they came from and to where they must return. That, children, is a sacred object.

For this reason, today, here on My altar, there are medallions of My Most Chaste Heart, which together with My little Son, I have come to bless.

This blessing will resonate and remain, forever and ever, in every medallion coined in honor of My Most Chaste Heart, and the mystery that I bring you today will remain in them and in all those that will come, strengthening the faith of those who believe that the Love of God is there.

With My little Child Jesus, I lay My hands upon these medallions and decree, in the name of Christ and by the authority that God has given me, that the Gifts of His Holy Spirit will remain within them.

May all the blessings and promises that I have given you be fulfilled. May all those souls who will receive them be strengthened, awakened and reconciled with the Father, finding their way through the darkness and no longer remaining lost. May their suffering turn into hope, may their pain turn into reparation for the greater and deeper pain that the Heart of God feels while contemplating the world in these times.

May the souls who receive them hear the silence of the Creator, feel his deep love and choose to live under the law of Mercy, rather than Justice.

May the souls who receive them draw the rays of Grace, healing and compassion to their lives, and may they be consistent with them in all their actions and thoughts.

By the Grace of My Son, today in My arms, I give peace to all those who carry this small medallion with them.

Listening to My words, I know that some souls have asked themselves how to attract into their lives what I have told them in order not to live under the law of justice, of suffering or of pain, but rather, of Mercy, of Grace and of Divine Love.

And I just say to you: serve, be grateful, live each word that we have already given you, study what we have said to you, because with a simple reading of them, each day, the vibration of our words alone will transform you. Adore the Eucharistic Heart of Christ and open the door for Him to express Himself within you.

Do not seek things for yourself, do not desire to accumulate the treasures of the world, but in the silence of your souls, in the depths of your hearts, in a dialogue and in a contact with God, let your celestial treasures manifest.

We have already taught you what to do, we have already poured out blessings, graces like rain over your lives.

You need only create the conditions for them to manifest each day, and I do not tell you to be perfect, but rather to observe yourselves and whenever you are leaving the path of fraternity and of love, stop, ask for forgiveness, and try to do it again in the right way; and it does not matter that you may fall many times, because the calvary of these times also has many falls; you just need to get up from them and continue walking toward the goal of overcoming yourselves in love, every day.

This is what I have to say to you today, but I must also fulfill a request of the Creator, that His children spiritually commune so that they receive His Graces and be strengthened, that they feel His Presence and commune of the Body and Blood of Christ, which manifests in all your cells at this time.

You may bring the altar and Friar Yesua here.

I would like one hundred of these medals to go to a daughter of mine who, trusting in my call, day after day, attracts the Law of Grace, not only to the country where she lives today, but also to the whole of Africa.

I would like two hundred of these medals to go to the House of Saint Isabel, carrying not only My protection, but the Love of God to those who generate merits for the salvation of so many children in this world, through their prayers and their purity.

I would also like the members of the Light-Community Fraternity to receive My medallions, because in their silence and striving, in spite of their imperfection, they also generate merits for the transformation of humanity. And, little by little, let each of the devotees who aspire to answer to this call and receive this teraphim from My Chaste Heart also be able to do so. This is what I most want for these medallions and for all those yet to come.

Just as God granted me the authority to pour out Graces onto the world, He also did so for every priest consecrated by Him. It is thus that in My presence and for the consecration of this Eucharist, you will pray for all the priests of the world, for all those who feel hopeless for not being able to share the Graces of God and for all those who ignore the Presence of the Creator in their vocation and the possibility that they have of drawing the Graces of God to the world.

Spiritually communing of the Body and the Blood of Christ, allow the Mercy of Christ to reach not only those who commune, but also those who share the bread and the wine transformed on the altar, so that this abundant life that is revealed in the Body and the Blood of Christ may permeate their priestly hearts first. Amen.

Friar Yesua:

In union with the Heart of Saint Joseph and the Heart of Our Lord, we unite with the Celestial Church of Christ and humbly offer this Communion to all the souls of the world, to all our brothers and sisters who at this moment are in need of the Love and the Presence of Our Lord.

We remember that moment when Our Lord took the bread, elevated it to the Father, giving thanks, and broke it and gave it to His disciples, saying: take and all eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for each one of you, for the forgiveness of all sins.

We hear the three chimes, consummating the consecration of the bread into the Body of Our Lord.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


And in the same way, Our Lord took the Chalice and, elevating it to the Father, passed it to His Apostles, saying: take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New and eternal Covenant, which will be spilled for the forgiveness of all sins and the salvation of all mortals. Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of times, until I return.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


And together we revere the Presence of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and, in profound union with His Heart, together pray the Our Father in Aramaic.

(Our Father prayer in Aramaic).

May the Peace and Mercy of Our Lord descend to Earth at this moment.

And we ask You, Lord, that through this Communion, our brothers and sisters in the world may also spiritually commune of Your Body and Your Blood. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

And all of us who are in their homes will, at this moment, visualize Saint Joseph with the little Child in His arms, and from the little Hands of the Child Jesus, we will receive the Eucharist, of which our souls commune in the name of all humanity.

May the Peace of My Chaste Heart, all the Graces and the Love that are born in the Heart of My little Son, the Son of God, reach all souls, transforming and healing hearts and spirits, their sick bodies, so that they may find peace.

With My words, I bless you and thank you for reflecting with your hearts upon all that I have said to you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And with the intention that the Healing of God may reach the four corners of this world, we will end this prayer with a song that attracts divine Laws, Grace and the blessings of God toward the planet.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

At the request of Saint Joseph, we will sing “Rains of Love”. Thank you all very much.

Monday, May 18 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that aspired to fulfill the Divine Will, but felt itself to be constantly unworthy and incapable of doing it, in the face of all the great things that the Lord called upon it to live, and it asked  His Sacred Heart a question because it felt itself to be small and poor to accomplish His Task, and it said: “Lord, Your Plan is very great and full of deep Love for humanity and for all Creation. I contemplate Your Will and I am astounded by Your Mercy, but when I try to manifest what you want, I feel myself to be incapable while faced with so many imperfections and difficulties. So I look at the world and at so many precious souls that You created, and those whom You can count on to manifest Your Work, and I ask myself: why did You call on me?”

And the Lord, contemplating this soul with Love, seeing it to be transparent and clear, just as He created it, and He responded: “Little soul, see your reflection in My Eyes. Do not look at yourself in the mirrors of the world, but rather in the mirror of My Eyes. What the mirrors of the world can show you are limitations and defects, imperfections and perhaps skills, but what you truly are, you will only see if you look at your reflection in My Eyes.

I see you just as you are. I know of the potential that is within you, I know your trajectory since the beginning, I know what you were created for and what your essence and consciousness were formed for. Therefore, little soul, it is My Voice that you must hear, and not the voices of the world, nor the confused voice of your mind, which is so often lost through the stimuli of this Earth. Open your inner hearing and listen to My Will, knowing that it relates to you and to no one else.

For each being of this world, I have a perfect Will, a path through which they will reach Me. And this path is not the one known to you; many times it is not the one that you already know how to tread. This path is the one that will forge in you what I need, and the one that will reveal to you what I see when I contemplate your little soul, for it will allow to emerge within your consciousness what you are, and the truth will take the place of the many layers with which you covered your consciousness.

For this reason, beloved soul, when I ask something of you, do not look for references in the mirrors of the world. Look into My Eyes, see your real face reflected in Me and feel yourself to be capable of doing everything that I ask of you, because My Will for you is perfect.

Be open each day to discover within yourself what is reflected in My Eyes: you yourself, as I see you. And it will not be vanities, nor pride or a false humility that will dwell within your heart, but rather it will be Me and My Truth, the transparency and the perfection of My Thought for you.”

May this story inspire you, children, to not look for your references in what comes from yourself nor from the world, but only from the depths of the Eyes of God. It will be there where they will be found.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, May 17 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul, passionate for God and willing to surrender to Him with all its heart, prayed and sang, every day, offering Him its life, its love, every space of its being. And one day, among deviations and offerings, it said to the Lord:  "Lord, I surrender my life to You, my heart and eternity, to always be within You. I surrender all that I am, and I would spend eternity at Your Feet, in prayer, because I only aspire to always be within You."

And looking at it with love, the Lord answered: "Little soul, with sincerity, you aspire to surrender yourself, so surrender yourself then, in every moment of your life, surrender to Me your being, not only in prayer, but also in every act and thought of your day.

Surrender yourself to Me serving your neighbor, saying yes to Me tirelessly, in the eternal overcoming of yourself. Surrender yourself to Me in silence, renouncing to give your opinion in order to welcome the wisdom and advice of your neighbor.

Surrender yourself to Me allowing others to grow and find their place in My Plan, while I grow within you. Surrender yourself to Me renouncing your wills and living in obedience and resignation, that which I thought of for you. Surrender yourself to Me with pure thoughts, not judging, criticizing or attacking your fellow beings with your mind and your heart.

Surrender yourself to Me in an effort to love your neighbor and to always set an example of a patient and kind heart. Surrender yourself to Me with sincerity, with life, with transformation, with desert or with joy, with suffering or while rejoicing. Surrender yourself to Me at every moment, so that you will know that I live within you, because you opened the door for Me, not only of your heart, but of your whole being."

May this dialogue with God teaches you, children, that the surrender to the Creator must be at every moment and in everything in life; the surrender is full, complete and unconditional. This way, you will learn to be within God and allow Him to be within each one of you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, May 16 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that was awake and ready to enter into the celestial mysteries prayed every day to God and asked for His help to detach from the world and to not fear Heaven. That soul feared suffering, the transition of the times and the change in the planet, because all this was unknown to it.

So one day, asking the Lord a question, it said:  "Lord, I believe You are God and that beyond this life there is a greater Life. I know we are experiencing a great illusion but, immersed in it, I am not able to understand the truth. I fear the change of the times, I fear the suffering of the world and I fear everything that we are going to have to experience before the Return of Christ. Will you be able to overcome those fears in my heart?"

And the Lord, contemplating that little soul with a gaze of compassion, responded:  "When a heart is placed in Me, it experiences everything in a different way. For them, suffering transforms into an offering and loses its weight, turning pain into a great Love.

The transition of the times and all that humanity will have to experience will be experienced in a different way by those who are within Me. Their eyes will see the confusion of the world, and within them will lie wisdom. Because I tell you, beloved soul, that it will not be the plagues, the movements of nature nor the signs in the sky that will cause souls to suffer. It will be the ignorance and their lack of connection with higher life that will cause them to be lost.

The foundation upon which they were based, ceaselessly seeking a life of pleasure and comfort, will not exist, and that will be the greatest sorrow of humanity, the root of all suffering.

That heart that is within Me will not fear, because I will give it peace and will strengthen its faith. And the more you pray, the more you will be within Me and I will grant you wisdom. And in the confusion and darkness of the world, your souls will be like lamps showing the way, and you will thus be the salt of the Earth and the light of the world. And My Words will be fulfilled, and the fulfillment of the prophecies will also bring you peace. For this reason, do not fear, but pray and be persistent in your fidelity, because I chose you to be a light on the table, and this is your destiny."

May this story strengthen you, dispel your fears and point you in the correct direction so that you may pray and not stop praying, and thus find peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 15 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that was treading its path of surrender to God, one day, experiencing a profound moment of inner definition, tempted by the forces of the world, thought about abandoning everything and throwing itself into the pleasures and illusions of the world. That soul was tempted to think and to feel that their surrender had no meaning, that it made no difference to the evolution of life and that, in spite of so much effort, they were standing still; so it would be better to leave this path and launch into the world.

Upon inwardly planning the setting aside of their spiritual path, they felt they could not do it and that something held them to God. With a mixture of fear and of indignation, they began to question the Lord, saying: "Tell me, Lord, why do you hold me to Your Heart? What difference do I make for You if I am always the same invisible and imperfect soul in the infinity of Your Creation? Why do you not allow me, God, to abandon this path and that, surrendered to the world, I can learn to find You through other ways that are not this one?"

And with a smile on His Face, showing His celestial compassion, the Lord responded to it:  "Can an organ decide for itself to live outside of the body and leave it? As much as it wants to be independent within that body and create illnesses and imbalances, that organ cannot leave on its own. And if one day, after so many illnesses, it were to be removed from that body, do you believe, little soul, that it would survive on its own?

This is what souls are like that have committed to Me. All the souls I created are cells of My Mystical and infinite Body, but those that committed to Me are organs inside of Me that have a fundamental role in the evolution of life, and even though they do not perceive it, they are part of an infinite Work that does not begin nor end in this world. This being so, beloved soul, it is not I who holds you to My Heart and does not allow you to follow other paths; it is your own life and your condition of union with Me that makes you feel this, in spite of all the temptations, you cannot do it.

But for you, this moment is not the expression of your purest thought. You are going through a moment of blindness and ignorance, in which clouds cover your face and your heart, and you cannot see nor feel the truth. For this truth to be revealed to you, do not distance yourself from My Love and do not stop crying out for My Mercy. Even though you are in the desert, I will give you the strength to persist. And even in the inner dryness, you will feel My Fount that, in the very depths of the depths, rises again within you. In a time of confusion, do not stop seeking Me and I will give you peace."

In this dialogue with God, children, may the souls that today are blind find the strength to seek the light and cry out for Mercy.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, May 14 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that believed in God, in His infinite Existence, could not understand the mysteries of a prayer, and it questioned the Lord, saying:  "Lord, I know that You exist and that You are the God of life and of eternity; but I know there are laws that move this life and that free will exists, which gives us the freedom to be in it. As it is this way, Lord, I do not understand the mystery of prayer and I cannot manage to believe that a Rosary or a simple dialogue with You could transform the laws of the Earth."

As the Lord felt the sincerity of its questions, He responded, saying:  "Little soul, in truth, what you really ignore is not the power of prayer, you ignore My Power and My Love for you. You ignore your ability to unite with Me and the authority that I give you when you pray in My Name, because you are a dear and beloved child. And just like a child who asks for things from their father and receive what they need from him, in this same way, I, Who can do all things, also give My children what they need.

However, the mystery of prayer is still very profound, because I do not expect you to ask Me for just what you need to remain in the world as souls of the world. What I expect is that you ask for that which makes of this world a part of My Kingdom. And when you yield to Me and open your hearts, I grant you forgiveness, I reveal the Love hidden within your essences, and I give you the authority to transform laws and life, as do the angels and the archangels by recreating My Creation.

It is not only the mystery of prayer that is unknown to you, little soul, but the mystery of your own life and the mystery of My Love are still unknown to you. For this reason, even though you do not understand, pray and surrender your lack of understanding at My Feet, at the foot of My Altar, for when I find an open heart in you, I will allow you to not only understand, but to know and experience all these things."

Through this dialogue with God, children, may your souls be inspired to pray and to cry out each day for the transformation of the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, May 13 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that always sought the truth within, was sometimes turned more toward Heaven, and sometimes more immersed in the world. When becoming immersed in the things of the world, it would lose itself in the depths of the waters and, when it managed to return to the Light and breathe, it felt that it was difficult to return to the truth, that it became confused and no longer knew what was true.

So one day, speaking with God within, it asked Him a question: "Lord, a second of feeling Your Presence strengthens my spirit upon Your Path, but the second that I am distracted from You, I no longer manage to find You, and I become lost and I drown in the seas of the things of the world. God, what do I do to grow in You and no longer be immersed in the world?"

And the Lord answered it, also with a question, saying: "Do you see the suffering of souls? Do you see what they endure in wars and conflicts? Do you see how those who have no hope suffer? Do you see how those who walk in darkness cannot find themselves? Does this move your little heart?

So then close your eyes and contemplate My Presence within you. Imagine, little soul, that I am within you. Remember everything I built since the beginning of life: the dimensions, the stars, the sublime realities and the entire Earth. Do you feel how small you are? Do you feel how small your woe is?

When you see the suffering of the world or when you see the greatness of Heaven, there you will find the strength to not fall into the same errors and to not complain about your small difficulties.

Will your effort to bring relief to the world not have value? Will your renunciation to intercede for a soul not have value? Would your striving so that My Plan may be fulfilled not have value? Would your renunciation so that the world may know true life not have value?

And even though you give your life, small soul, so that others may have knowledge of My Kingdom on Earth, know that indeed each renunciation has value, each effort has value, each overcoming has value, each time you chose Me rather than the world, it has value.

For this reason, when you heart is distressed and you feel that you prefer the world over following your path of return to My Heart, think of those who suffer, think of those who endure, and then contemplate Infinity, life, the universe, and think of how all this makes you small and also makes your problems small. May they be dissolved by My Breath."

May this story inspire you to move beyond yourself each day, contemplating that which suffers, contemplating all life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, May 12 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that aspired to live the Christic path and be like their Lord struggled every day with human temptations and tendencies and, feeling themselves to always be defeated by the world, they questioned God, asking Him:  "Lord, how will I be able to defeat the temptations of the world and overcome the vices of the flesh, which seem so dominant within my human condition?"

And the Lord responded to them, also with a question:  "Little soul, did I not give you the example for overcoming the human condition? Did I not defeat the vices and tendencies of humanity, in fragile and mortal flesh, through My Son? So then contemplate the Cross of Christ, for there you will find the answers to your deepest questions; there your body, mind and your feelings will be moved to experience transformation. Through the Love of Christ, you will find the key and the momentum to choose the Christic life, rather than that of the world, in each life situation where temptations should appear.

The Passion of Christ must be your refuge, where you must run to each time the world seeks your heart. When you are tempted to choose the things of the world, place your eyes upon the Cross and contemplate each injury and wound of the Lord. All this was for you, so that today you could choose Love over illusions, so that today you could discover who you are, and not remain with the veils covering your face. 

Human vices are only defeated when your consciousness is captured by a higher Love that allows you to walk toward Christ, and that Love is to be found in the Cross. For this reason, every day, contemplate the Lord of Calvary, and there you will find peace."

I tell you this story so that you know how to defeat the world that is stirred within you, in that constant battle between the old and the new human that is lodged within your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, May 11 of 2020

Daily Messages

A poor soul lacking the basic means to survive in the world was questioning the Lord, asking where He was and what was the reason for its suffering, saying: "Lord, I who so seek and ask, in Your Name, receive no answers, but rather ever greater suffering and woes. Tell me the reason for the imbalance in this world, and why I cannot have as much as my neighbor."

And the Lord responded to it with a question, saying: "Where is your treasure, little soul? In longing for accumulating things of the Earth or in discovering the mysteries of Heaven? So then contemplate those who truly knew Me. The illumination of their consciousness allowed them to give up all goods of the world, and they were made poor among the poor, yet they were rich before Me.

Contemplate My Son. Was He sent to the world to accumulate riches, to experience pleasures, to satiate His Body, mind and His feelings? Will My Son be your example and guide? Is the mirror within Him what you want to find reflected within yourself every day? 

And so, little soul, understand that the suffering and the poverty of this life comes to balance the great many excesses of humanity. They must be a symbol that your school is not through accumulation, but rather in renunciation and gratitude.

Teach the world through a humble example and open the Doors of Heaven for those who are ignorant of this truth, and who look to the world rather than in Me for the way of filling their lives."

I am telling you this story so that you may learn where lies the true treasure of your lives. And when you feel that something is lacking, give thanks, and be an example of the humble Love of God. In this way, you will open the Doors of Heaven for those who are more ignorant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, May 10 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul striving with much effort to fulfill the Plan of God and to become better was afflicted feeling that, in spite of its efforts, it did not know how to love and could not manage to become better, which it so aspired for.

In a moment of prayer, it questioned God and asked Him: "Lord, I make such an effort to love more and to become better, and I feel that I do not move from where I am and that I am far away from the perfection of Your Love and the likeness to You. Where is that which you say dwells within us?"

And the Lord responded, also with a question, saying: - "Little soul, do you perhaps seek Me, you or the world more? Is your attention upon building your own consciousness, in pleasing others or in loving Me with all your heart and all your being?

Understand that it is I Who must love through you, and so that you may achieve the revelation of this profound union with Me, you must seek Me more than yourself. You must keep your attention focused on My Spirit, your heart must be ready in My Presence and, before anything else, you must build your spiritual and essential link with Me. In this way, it will be Me loving within you, and you will feel better because you will feel Me more and your human limitations less. Your life will speak about Me, and those who find you will find Me.

It is this way, little soul, that you will achieve perfection: when I can be perfect within you.

This is a long, daily path in which, each day you must seek My Heart more, and make space within yourself. But if your attention is upon you becoming better and that your love becomes greater and more perfect, then you will always be frustrated and not find peace."

I tell you this story so that you may know in which direction you must focus your efforts so that your diligence may be in loving God, knowing Him and expressing Him more each day. In this way, you will find peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Saturday, May 9 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul who lived immersed in sadness and bitterness asked the Lord what the meaning of its existence was. Knowing that all creatures were made to express Love, and feeling itself to be far from knowing and expressing this Love, it could not find the reason for its own existence.

Its Lord, with compassionate Eyes, contemplated that soul and responded to it also with a question: "You feel that you cannot express My Love and you live immersed in bitterness and sadness, yet every day do you seek for My Heart? Do you ask for My Grace and  strive to overcome your bitterness and the dryness within in order to reach My Thought for you?"

The soul, afflicted and somewhat upset, responded to the Lord that it did not seek Him, that it did not feel Him, and that it was only immersed in its weaknesses and bitterness.

So then the Lord said to it: "You are a loved soul, and I love you as much as you are able to love Me and more, but since I created you, beloved soul, you distanced yourself from My path and you covered yourself with so many garments and veils that you can no longer recognize who you are nor Who I Am. But for Me to show you your true face, you need to ask Me, to go beyond your bitterness and weaknesses, your dryness and sadness, your desires and goals, and all that which you think about as to how I manifest in your life, how I reveal Myself to you, and how you can feel Me.

Let me act within your heart and, for this, you only need to say 'yes' to Me, every day, with humility and persistence. The purpose of your existence is to live and renew My Love but, for this to happen, there is a path of redemption and humility, of renunciation and of surrender, of overcoming and of yielding, in which you become lost from yourself and you find Me, so that only then may you know what it is to express and renew My Love.

My miracle in your life begins when you say 'yes' but it is constant and eternal, and most of the time you will not perceive that My Love acts through your heart but, above all, you must trust in Me."

Today I tell you this story, short and profound, because the souls of the world cannot find the meaning for their own existence, but they also do not seek the One Who can reveal this to them.

It is not in the world or in human goals that you will find realization and wholeness. To free yourselves of the emptiness and bitterness of a life without love, you must seek God, children, and in Him seek the answers for your deepest questions.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 8 of 2020

Daily Messages

When a new cycle comes into your life, in the conjuncture of the stars, beloved soul, contemplate the celestial message that your Creator sends to you.

Receive the impulses that He generated in the manifestation of your essence and, through a deep communication with God, understand His Sacred Geometry and, through that, the designs of the Father for the cycles that will come.

When you become another year older on this Earth, know that your evolution is renewed and your commitment with God expands. The depths of maturity of your human spiritual being will lead you into ever greater responsibilities for God and His Plan.

So then, renew your spirit in this new cycle, letting His Love close the deepest and most hidden wounds that are still open from the experiences of life.

Surrender your most inner sorrows to your Creator, your silent feeling of helplessness when facing that which you cannot offer to God.

For an instant, allow the pain that you share with the Creator, for what He sees of the world, to be eased and healed because to begin a new cycle it is necessary to restore and ease the heart.

Reacquire the impulses lost in the battles of this life, rebuild the hope wounded by the cunning actions of the enemy upon souls and trust, little soul, that each prayer recited by those who were once lost on the path will be the merit that will open the Doors of a new Heaven to them at the last instant of their lives.

Breathe for a moment and receive the Breath of God. His Divine Love renews your consciousness and, in a profound and silent dialogue, everything is made new. This is your birthday with God.

Receive My blessing for the cycle that will come.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, May 7 of 2020

Daily Messages

The month of May, children, could be known as the month of intercession for souls and the planet.

It is the month in which the Laws of Grace and Mercy are more intensely active on Earth, through the devotion of the souls that consecrate themselves and re-consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May is not just a chronological period, but rather the period of a spiritual cycle in which the Mirrors of the cosmos align with the Mirrors of the depths of the Earth, as well as with those that are within the heart and essence of those who pray. In this way, a network of spiritual, divine and planetary light manifests through the simple fact that souls expressed their devotion and love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Queen of all the Mirrors of Creation.

Through the prayers of Her children, the Mother and Celestial Governess manifests Portals of liberation and intercession between dimensions for the most sinful and lost souls. It is in this way that an opportunity for Grace is granted to those who repent from the heart and pray for redemption and peace on the planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature, the elements and the life that dwells on the planet are also touched by the deepest Graces that come from the Heart of your Celestial Mother.

In the universe, as well as on Earth, the angels and archangels remain attentive to the pleas of those who pray in all cultures and religions, those who sincerely cry out for peace, because in spite of their lack of understanding and ignorance, the love in the hearts of those who pray is transformed into merits for healing, redemption and the awakening of all souls.

For this reason, pray, children, and re-consecrate your lives to God in each instant. You are in a cycle of Graces, of Mercy and of intercession, even during the chaotic scene of the planet. Let your souls be in the correct position for your elevation so that you may always achieve peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, May 6 of 2020

Daily Messages


The only thing that God expects from you is that your life be permeated by transparency and truth.

That when you pray, you do so in truth, pronouncing each word with all your being and that, even though you do not understand the celestial mysteries and the Divine Laws that move within a sincere prayer, you simply do it because of knowing that the world needs it.

That when you sing, you do so in truth, emanating each note with the simple intention of praising God, as the angels and the archangels do, who do not sing for themselves nor for the harmony and the good feelings that are generated when singing, but simply because of knowing that singing opens the Portals of Heaven and draws the neediest creatures toward God.

That when you serve, you do so in truth, recognizing your limitations, but always willing to overcome limits, so that each day you may discover that you are capable of giving a little more of yourself and, in this way, in this constant overcoming, you may discover the true potential of the human being.

That when you strive to transform something, may your striving be real, and may the result of your transformation not matter but rather your true striving in the correct direction. If you do it in this way, it will be Divine Mercy Itself that will enter into you and transform that which seemed impossible to you. In this way, you will know what it is to be a child of Mercy and live in permanent Grace.

That when you look to the universe in search of your origin, you do so in truth, opening your consciousness to the unknown, and not limiting existence to your small human understanding. In this way, you will be allowing a sublime reality to be revealed to you and to the world.

Live each instant of your life inspired by truth, breaking away from lies and human illusion, consecrating your spirit, mind and heart with transparency, with striving, with valor and humility, always willing to move beyond obstacles and, at the same time, always open to receive the help that comes through many ways and forms sent by God.

If you did everything in truth, you would remain within Divine Truth and, even in a time of craziness and uncertainties for humanity, in which chaos permeates the world with clouds of confusion, while humankind is blind because of the darkness, your eyes will be beyond the clouds, seeing the sun that hides above the shadows, and knowing that light always remains far beyond that which seems to be darkness.

For this reason, child, keep your heart in truth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Tuesday, May 5 of 2020

Daily Messages

On each new day, may Mercy be, for you, as a light that is kindled in your darkest, most hidden and deepest abysms.

May Mercy be the symbol that you always receive from God of an opportunity to begin again, and more than that, My child, that you always receive from the Father the possibility to go deeper into your healing and transformation, and cure wounds within you that you sometimes do not even know exist.

May, in each new day, crying out for Mercy be your hope, so that you may look to the miseries of the world and also to those that persist within you and that, beyond this, child, your eyes may return to the Heart of God, to His Gaze and to His Love, and that your confidence may be in His infinite Mercy.

Much beyond all the human sins and deviations, the Heart of God, by means of His Son, continues shedding Blood and Water upon the world. May this fountain not pass you by unnoticed, but may it find within your heart a new vessel, clean and empty to be filled.

Thus, with every new day, may your faith be placed upon Divine Mercy. And much beyond all the sins of yesterday, may you know today that you can begin again, repent yourself and walk to the ever-opened Arms of God.

Your Creator is patient and tireless. This way, child, go to His merciful encounter, and remember to bring within your heart the cry for all souls.

You have My blessing for this.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Monday, May 4 of 2020

Daily Messages

Take some time in your day to meditate upon who you truly are, to think about how before this life there was a Greater Life, from which the Purpose and the meaning of all existence came.

Meditate upon Creation and the deep Love of God for you, when He thought of each one of His creatures. And how great His Love was for the life that allowed essences in likeness of His Divine Essence to be born so that they could love as He loves, multiply life like He multiplies, and re-create Creation as He re-creates and renews it, with each celestial breath.

Think about it, child, that beyond all the material chaos there is a sublime reality, that Paradise is more than a heaven of eternal peace, it is the beginning and the end of life, from where creatures come and to where they must return with all the gifts achieved in their evolution beyond the dimensions.

Remember that this planet is a school and that difficulties exist to be overcome, thus leading you into going beyond yourself in love each day through a greater Love, that which in some moment of your evolution will reveal the Love of God to you.

Do not look at the world merely with human eyes, eyes that are imprisoned in a condition of ignorance, eyes of who sees life behind veils. The Love of Christ tore the veils that covered your face. So look for this Love. Look for the point in your consciousness, capable of understanding life more broadly, and focus your heart there, above the waves of the tribulations of these times, walking with your Lord through these waters, for they are nothing more than the Wind of God blowing chaos out of the world, to remove that which was rotten and make everything new.

Elevate your consciousness beyond the atrocities, the battles of chaos and evil on the stage of Earth and, for this world, be a bridge to the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, May 3 of 2020

Daily Messages

When a soul has a commitment with God, God patiently leads it through the path of surrender.

First, He inspires it to transform its life, to go through the path which leads towards His Heart, not toward the world. Little by little, He places upon its path opportunities, signs, encounters that inspire it to assume new steps towards the Heart of God.

As this soul knows the Love of God and trusts It, the Creator starts asking it for new things, new surrenders, new renunciations, until a definitive point arrives for this soul; when the Lord asks it for a greater renunciation, a complete life transformation.

When the soul throws itself into the unknown abyss of surrender, it discovers that it was falling into the Hands of God, into an endless Fountain of Love, which was hiding deep within the soul that learned to renounce and take the risk of living surrender. 

Still, upon this path, the soul, inspired by the Love of God, makes many offers to Him, placing everything into His Hands. However, it offers that which in truth is known, that which had already been surrendered while jumping into the abyss. The Lord then opens a door within the depths of its consciousness and points out that which must be transformed.

A new unknown abyss is then presented. The soul is faced with aspects of its consciousness that were like hidden treasures: its skills, magnetism, self-confidence, its most hidden vanities.

And however much it continues offering its life to God, its Creator always seeks, in the deepest layers of its being, the focus of surrender, that which must be emptied from its heart. Sometimes it hurts and the soul suffers but it knows that every space that is emptied within its heart and consciousness, hidden spaces of its being, are those which are given to the Heart of God, to His Love, to His Spirit, so that there He may have a sweet home, clean and ready to dwell in.

The path of surrender, children, is eternal, deep, a path to emptiness and, at the same time, a path to unity with the Whole.

So never think that you have surrendered everything, but always allow God to go deeper. And even though it sometimes causes pain, know that the pain is human and will be repaired by the Divine Presence within.

Even today and in each moment I offer the Father all that I am, all that is within Me and all that I do, live, experience, think and all that I speak to the world, because surrender is eternal.

I invite you to follow these steps and each day deepen into your union with God.

You have my blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, May 2 of 2020

Daily Messages

Prayer to Imitate Christ

may my eyes contemplate the world with Your Eyes;
may my heart feel life as does Your Heart;
may my soul live upon Earth and beyond it, as does Your Soul;
may my days be an eternal reflection of Your Mercy
so that I may see my neighbor as You see me,
so that I understand my neighbor as You understand me, 
so that I may be patient with my neighbor as You are with me, 
so that I may speak to my neighbor as You speak to those who are Yours,   
so that I may act with my neighbor as You act with those who are Yours, 
and so that I may deliver to them all that You may wish to deliver.
Therefore, Lord,
may I love as You love,
serve as You serve
and live as You live,

Pray like the first companions of Christ, who, gathered around Him, - Jews, pagans, atheists, fishermen, prostitutes, scholars and soldiers, poor people and tax collectors, doctors and lepers - learned to love one another as He loved them.

Through His sacred Presence, their eyes became merciful and they could see beyond miseries and appearances.

This is how, children, you should look at one another today, with these very Eyes. This is how you should recognize one another, in the eternal Presence of Christ; loving, understanding, patient, merciful and compassionate, as His Heart is.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, May 1 of 2020

Daily Messages

Constantly align your consciousness with the Divine Purpose through prayer, adoration, singing, silence, contact with nature and all that awakens true and spiritual love within your heart.

The time has come in which powerful currents descend upon Earth, each time with more intense impulses that will move not only the inner worlds, but each space of the human consciousness, from its cells to its spirit.

This is co because humanity must return to the beginning of its purity, it must enter the Time and the Grace of God so that this world becomes sacred again.

And, when these universal currents find resistance from the souls and in human lives, they generate shocks, imbalance, friction, in order to break through the walls of indifference in the consciousness.

But if a being prays and creates by himself, little by little, the path to reach God, these currents will act in their consciousness as a Grace, as a sublime wind that pushes the boat into deeper oceans, so that this boat moves and reaches its destination.

Therefore, child, do not fear, only align your consciousness with the Divine Purpose and do not resist that which leads you to inner growth and to the maturing of your consciousness. Thus, all will be fulfilled.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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