Tuesday, May 19 of 2015

Monthly Messages

My dears,

In omnipresence, I am here today, but I am also in the Marian Center of Figueira, expanding the Graces of the Kingdom of God to the whole world.

When you pray from the heart, impelled by the fire of the spirit, the Sacred Hearts can expand the light of God in the world and this light can reach the most lost.

I am here today to call you to the spirit of consecration, which in truth is a gift in the heart of those who decide to abandon themselves, so that the Creator may work in their beings.

My dear companions and servants, I have come to talk to you about consecration, for it is a gift that disappears from the human heart, and it is only through the true consecration of life and soul that you can become instruments of God in the world.

The end of time accelerates, and many eyes do not want to see it. Many also shut themselves off from celestial warnings, because they prefer submerging themselves into the illusions of material life than entering into the true primordial Origin of all that was created.

In these times, the Sacred Hearts descend into the world to lead humanity to a new awakening. The messages we bring today are not the same as they were some time ago, and only those who know how to read between the lines and who meditate in silence on Our Words will be able to discover the very essence of that which we have come to transmit to the world.

The humanity of the surface is moving further and further away from God, and even those who seek a way to find Him through religion or a spiritual path often deceive themselves and experience disunity and separateness, ignoring that the true God is Love and Unity.

If you think you already know everything about the Truths of Heaven and give little importance to the Words of the Messengers of God, know that you are as lost as those who walk in the dark because however much the Divine Light is shining before your eyes, they will be blindfolded by the greatest ignorance that exists, which is that of not knowing oneself ignorant and believing oneself to know all things.

Those who do not seek the spirit of humility and do not take all the Words of the Messengers of God for themselves will never take steps on their path and will become tired of walking without having left the place.

My dears, I tell you all these things because, as Father and Guide of this humanity, it is up to Me to remove you from the ignorance of the mind and lead you to discover the treasures of the spirit and the heart.

Only those who experience the consecration, as a way of being empty and willing to live according to the Will of God, will understand the greatness of everything they receive at this time. 

Be humble and simple of heart; be obedient, reverent, servants. Be joyful in spirit, available to give to your neighbor even that which you do not know you can give; thus you will discover the hidden potential of your hearts.

A consecrated being is one who allows God to act through them and surrenders to the Lord all their potentials, their intentions, their will, so that God may use them, for the sake of the manifestation of His Sacred Plan.

I invite you today to meditate on My Words, to seek the impulses I have left in each pronounced phrase.

Know that the consecration of a spirit transcends its appearances because the true consecration is profound and only God, who is the one truly acting in the consecrated spirit, knows if this consecration exists.

The Earth will never be able to express the Project of God without consecrated spirits because the Lord needs instruments with which to build the New World.

Those who listen to My Words and take them for themselves, be willing not only to experience the Glory of the Will of God but also all the tests you will find along the way until you reach the absolute consecration.

A consecrated spirit is forged with the will, with the permanent renewal of itself in God. They will be tested and tempted every day, but greater than any temptation will be the Victory of God in the world and the manifestation of His Plan in consecrated spirits.

Be encouraged to move forward. The Messengers of God will always guide your steps and sustain you. You only need to be truthful.

I bless you today and always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Consecrated Servant of God