Monday, November 30 of 2015

Daily Messages

The strength of those who will keep others standing in the times to come will be profound prayer, the one which leads the heart to be in the presence of God and remain there. It will be like being in a world without being involved by all that happens around, seeing only the truth and the real purpose of all things.

Those who build within themselves the union with God the Father and allow Him to be the One who thinks and feels in their beings will be as the apostle John, capable of accompanying the transition, as John accompanied the Passion of Christ.

John learned to contemplate the truth and, by the absolute trust in Jesus, that he had reached, he would see – in each one of His steps with the cross – the manifestation of His words and of His teachings. As well John would see what Jesus had said in the Last Supper being fulfilled, he also remembered that Jesus would reappear. He also remembered the hidden instructions that Jesus had given to His own and that revealed the true meaning of the sacrifice made for love. John knew that He would see the portals of the Divine Mercy open themselves before his eyes.

Today I want to call you to construct with God and with Christ the same union of John with Jesus and that, thus, you be able to see in the coming events the fulfillment of the instructions given in the last years.

May you know to contemplate not the suffering and the pain, but rather the purpose of all that you will live. Participate of this planetary birth labor not with the attention in the contractions and pains of the planet, but rather in the New Humankind, which will emerge inside of each being who accepts redemption to renovate the Project of God on Earth.

Dear companions, the passages of the life of Jesus lasted throughout the centuries because they repeat themselves in the lives of all those who follow God. Study the Gospel of Christ and find there the keys for you to cross over the times you live and reach the manifestation of the resurgence of Humankind, the resurgence of Christ, inside of each being.

I love you and I leave you My peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, November 29 of 2015

Daily Messages

When from your own inner self begin to emerge all that for eons of time has been hidden in the human consciousness, as codes that degenerate the Project of God, many may be destabilized from the internal, emotional and psychic points of view, depending on the bond of each consciousness with this information and the way it has been balancing negative codes with positive experiences over the course of its existence.

When that moment comes, dear ones, it will remain for you to open your heart and trust those whom you will have at your side in greater balance to assist you. You should cling strongly to humility to ask for help and let yourself be guided. You should also cling to fraternity, in case you have to help others.

The development of love will be an opportunity given by God in every instant of your lives, especially in the moments of the inner transition of each being and the own transition of the planet as a whole.

You must remember what I tell you, because many trust that they will be in perfect balance and will always be those who will help others and not those who will be helped. But it will not be so, because ninety-nine percent of human beings are unaware of the roots of all that they live on Earth and ignore that they came into the world to balance codes of their own consciousness that needed such degree of love to be converted and that only on Earth they would reach it, in this small planet, in which the great Project of God was conceived, which had its triumph in Christ.

Not counting on this reality and fully enveloped by ignorance and illusion, it will be expected of most people to open themselves to humility, but this will not be easy in a race that, for centuries, has been the result of the greatest codes of pride, vanity and selfishness, that came to be converted by the Love of Christ, by the Christic life.

However, dear companions, everyone will have an opportunity and no one will be left without being contemplated in this School of Love. It will be up to each one to open himself to the choice of the superior life, of fraternity, of unity and allow himself to be guided by God, trusting in love, more than in his own self.

When I tell you to trust in love, it is also to trust in unity among brothers and sisters congregated for the same purpose and know that, if you are united in heart, you will always sustain each other on the right path. However, if you discredit love and unity and want to follow your paths based on your own will, you will deny the Plan of God, which is based on love and unity among all beings, regardless of differences or even mistakes committed throughout their existences, because love heals all things and, in the spirit of unity, the love of one will suffice and balance the error of the other. This is the Law of God.

I love you and, that is why, I come to the world, as well as the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary, so that, in unity with human beings, Our Infinite Love for all may balance the errors of the past and give you an opportunity to start over in a redeemed race.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, November 28 of 2015

Daily Messages

Be simple of heart, so that you may discover in simplicity the greatness of all things.

Be simple of heart, so that the celestial mysteries may not be inaccessible to you, for in your simplicity Divine Wisdom will be within your reach.

Be simple of heart, to learn to be humble. Through simplicity, accept Graces and adversities as a unique Gift of God, directed to your life to help you and to shape your consciousness according the Superior Will.

Be simple of heart, so that your mind may also know simplicity and may flow in the rays of the Will of God and live according what the universal laws indicate.

Be simple of heart, so that the transition passes within you not as a punishment, but as a great opportunity to finally be what God expects for humanity.

Be simple of heart, so that life can be a gift to you and death can be the beginning of an even greater gift. Thus, there will be no fear within your consciousness.

Be simple of heart, so that comfort and suffering may be, to you, vehicles of God’s providence, so that you may fulfill your part in His Plan.

Be simple of heart, so that prayer may be service, so that service may be prayer and so that service and prayer may be life, just as life, in all its instants and circumstances, may be service and prayer.

Be simple of heart, so that you may find in the complex the simplicity and, in the simplicity, all the wealth and the complexities that your mind seeks by its nature.

Be simple of heart, so that God may have you as He needs and, thus, He may count on you as a complete servant, who He will be able to use at any time, at any place and for any mission. You will become, thus, an instrument of God.

Be simple of heart, because in simplicity you will find the answer to all your questions. You will discover therefore, that within yourself inhabits The One who is in all things and you will see that everything is in you just as simply as these words are.

Seek within yourselves what you seek far away.

Seek wisdom within these words because here I have deposited My Divine Simplicity.

Happy and blessed are the simple of heart, because they will inherit the wisdom of God for the emergence of the New Race.

Your Beloved Companion, simple and humble, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, November 27 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions,

The arrival of a new cycle for the human consciousness approaches the human consciousness, especially for the consciousness of the planet; it is the spirit of Earth that shelters you, welcomes you and, with so much love and self-giving, sustains you.

This cycle that will come will impel human beings to offer to the Earth’s Divine Project their true potential and, for that, it will help them to purge from their own interiors – the conscious and unconscious world of each being – those codes that they have generated as humanity and that, gradually, have been degenerating what they should express as human consciousness.

This new cycle will try to help this Earth’s project so that the Kingdoms of Nature may no longer be that which is sustaining the consciousness of the planet, but rather that there may be conscious human beings offering the most possible so that the planet may fulfill its function within the Plan of God.

In the Project of the Lord, when He created this world, filled with manifestations of His perfection, through the different cohabiting Kingdoms of Nature, God thought of a living expression of fraternity and unity among His creatures, however different they might be.

The Creator tried to make of the Earth a school of love and evolutionary cooperation, so that each Kingdom would bring to the other something vital for its existence. This is why the Earth needs balance to exist, the balance that is generated in the different Kingdoms, including the Human Kingdom.

Especially the Human Kingdom should generate a special harmony and love within its corresponding Kingdom, as humanity, in order to inspire the evolution of the others Kingdoms of Nature.

All the Kingdoms, in a way, fulfilled with their part, except the Human kingdom, which is the great pillar of the terrestrial project.  The Plant Kingdom is the expression of self-giving, elevation and beauty, as was its part. The Mineral Kingdom is the expression of purification, transmutation and sustenance, as was its part. The Animal Kingdom is the expression of fidelity and love, it is the guardian of the spirit of cooperation and evolutionary fraternity in each species, as was its part.

The Devic Kingdom continues to create beauty and praise to the Creator and, together with the Elemental Kingdom, sustains and animates the other Kingdoms of Nature, as was its part.

To the Human Kingdom, it would correspond to be a bridge of communion between all Kingdoms; the one that cares, supports and protects, loves and helps so that each Kingdom can express itself. The Human Kingdom should create conditions for the devas and plants to express their beauty; for the animals to be able to bring to the planetary consciousness the unique attribute that each species possesses in its essence; for the minerals to be able to nourish and assist the other Kingdoms and act with freedom in the world.

The Human Kingdom should be the bridge to the Divine Consciousness, bringing the spirit of constant evolution and growth, so that Creation would never be stagnant and that the Kingdoms would continue to take evolutionary steps and to change their spiritual school. So that, in this way, new essences would arise and permanently renew the Creation of God and that, from the laboratory of the Earth, the whole Universe could be renewed.

This is a part of what the Project of God represents.

The new cycle of which I speak will accelerate the human purification and will be more or less harmonious, depending on the conscious collaboration of each being. This will be so that, as far as possible, the idea of fraternal life may gradually manifest itself – even though it may be manifested only in a few individuals and in islands of salvation and of expression of God’s Project – and so that this Plan may also be materialized.

After eons of time of experiences that did not have the expected result, the Creation will give a solar impulse to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature, as a last opportunity of concretization of the Divine Plan.

It is important for you to be aware of all this and to collaborate, fulfilling your own part in this Plan of Love. This is why I tell you all these things.

Your Beloved Instructor and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Josephaily m

Thursday, November 26 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions,

This is a time in which you will need to be more silent. With the effort to control the word, which is the vehicle of creation with the greatest power used by humanity today, you will at the same time, control the energies that will enter into a process of purification within your consciousnesses.

When you observe the control of the word within yourselves, you can observe the lack of control that exists in all things and, in this way, you will be able to find a more secure and harmonious path for your own transformation.

On entering an intense purification, the consciousness loses control of the different bodies and many times acts, thinks, and feels in a way it normally would not do so. If you are attentive to the use of the word, you will be attentive to the act of creating and emitting information. Little by little, you will observe the silence in the mind, in the feelings, in the movements and in the emanations of the magnetism of the consciousness. In this way, on entering the process of purification, you will not lose control of yourselves and will be able to defeat the desires and the will that will speak loudly within your inner world and in your subconscious, trying to take you onto involutive paths.

What I call "involutive paths" are the ways of life that are normal for ordinary humanity, but that do not build evolution nor a maturity of spirit for a being that is aware of the planetary reality and the Plan of God.

Today I want you to understand silence as a valuable tool for the end of times, something vital and necessary for those who aspire to remain firm.

I hope that you will seek true silence, the result of understanding this inner need of persevering on the path of God. Do not seek muteness nor the rigor that makes the soul rigid and distances it from living a positive spiritual experience, for on the contrary, these feed the forces in purification within the consciousness and do not allow them to be transmuted and liberated from your own self.

I leave you My blessing and the light of a greater understanding for all.

Your beloved companion, servant of the silence,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, November 25 of 2015

Daily Messages

May Peace be a reality in the world, path to life, divine reward in the hearts of the just.

May Peace be the flag raised in Earth’s sky, announcing the Victory and the Glory of the Kingdom of God.

May Peace be the cure for the past, the balsam that restores the wounds of a time of chaos and of fear.

May the Peace achieved by men be established also in the Kingdoms of Nature, permeate the planet and radiate to the four points of the universe.

May Peace, triumph of God in the human heart, be the beginning of the Thousand years of preparation and union with Christ, so that, after the final battle, the Kingdom of God return to govern the interior of all creatures, regardless of where they came from.

May Peace in the heart of those who remained faithful to God be the reason of redemption and reconciliation with Him, for those who have never met Him.

Peace will be the engine that will propel men to salvation.

Peace is what keeps you standing in a world of pain and tribulation.

Do not lose Peace, source of love and life.

Do not lose Peace, the basis for the maturing of faith.

Do not lose Peace, unbreakable fortress of the meek.

Be peacemakers of Christ, so that you may establish His Kingdom in this final time.

Peace to all, Peace in everyone eternally.

Your beloved Companion, Peacemaker in Christ, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, November 24 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Those of you who seek the fullness of life in matter will never find true joy nor will have motivation to tread the path of the spirit, for you will never be satisfied with appearances and outer ways of anything.

I do not tell you that you should be indifferent to material life or be negligent with your practical tasks nor with the search for perfection that you must express in everything, but your goal cannot be on the physical plane nor in the perfection of matter.

Do you understand what I tell you? I am saying that, even though you may have the mission of manifesting a Marian Center or a Light-Community, the deepest goal of your hearts must not be there, for if they were, there will be no spirit in those manifestations. The soul of all the Works of God is in the intention of who manifests them.

It is like this with all things. Even though you are to manifest monastic life, fraternal life, a life in communion with all that was created, your goal must not only be in what these forms express outwardly. So that there may be soul and the Presence of God in your actions, in your works, you must always aspire to the Heights, to a union with the Divine, first seeking the spiritual manifestation of all things.

It is in the unity with the Creator that you will find true joy. In a world in which matter is corrupted and continues to degenerate, souls that place all their efforts only in that, however much they seek to transform it and consecrate it, they will nearly always be wrapped in sadness, frustration and demotivation.

Fix your eyes upon the Heights, on Infinity, on God, and find in Him the joy for continuing onward, so as to be able to smile, lighting up the hearts of those who suffer, even in times of constant pain.

It will be necessary that there may be hearts that keep ignited in their souls the joy of serving God, in spite of everything, but you will only find this joy in the Most High Father.

This is how the spirit rejoices in the Cross of Christ: those who see matter, contemplate the pain and suffering; those who fix their gaze upon God and upon the spiritual strength of Jesus, contemplate Divine Victory and Mercy.

It is time to learn to seek joy again.

Your beloved father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, November 23 of 2015

Daily Messages

Release your souls from the captivity of this world though love for the Plan of God. If you love the Plans of the the Most High for all that has been created, you will transcend the common understanding of all the events that are manifested in the world.

Be willing to love the Plan of God above your own selves and you can then live what the Lord really expects of you.

When your self-love is greater than your love for the Plan of God, you run the risk of getting lost in your own limitations and lose the opportunity to discover the transcendence of all expressions of life, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

When you love the Plan of God above all things, you are able to throw yourself into the impossible to manifest it and, then, you cross the threshold of the human limitations and discover new capabilities which are eternally dormant in the consciousnesses of all precisely because of the lack of love and surrender by the beings.

I know this is an unknown and unattainable love to many, because you have not learned to love the intangible, the Divine, the spiritual. In this world, love is always based on benefits and even the love for God and for the spiritual life has to bring some merit, even if it is holiness.

Those who seek the spiritual life, heading for holiness, begin their journey seeking a benefit, a recognition, a goal; but on the way, they discover that, in order to find what they seek, they must lose themselves. And thus lost, they leave little by little everything they have, all that they are and what they think they are, as well as their aspirations and even the pure intention of attaining holiness.

When the heart feels the most that it no longer wants anything and only walks towards God, when it seems to be even further away of any perfection, because to him nothing resembles the Perfection of the Father, it is when the soul arrives, without realizing, to the first step of its goal.

For this true love I call you: love that transcends the individuals, the benefits, the aspirations, the achievements; transcends the very needs of life and leaves the soul and spirit suspended in the hands of the Creator, so that they may be His instruments in the world, attracting His Peace into times of chaos.

What I tell you and that seems so distant would be the reason for the human existence; however, human beings gave it a name and placed it at a point unreachable to consciousnesses, because even aspiring to it causes you fear, shame or you think you are lacking in humility. This is holiness.

Holiness is the union with God, it is the manifestation of His Plan. Holiness is not an exception, it is a goal for all human consciousness.

To find holiness, it is necessary to love the Only One, but to love the Only One, it is necessary to leave behind the human loves, to discover the love for the Divine.

The world needs hearts that truly love, that attract from the universe the Love left by Christ, because only in this way will it balance such evil that expands on Earth.

I love you and invite you to love with the same Love.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, November 22 of 2015

Daily Messages

When we give you prayer guidelines, such task is not to occupy the hours of your days. The world is agonizing and, in the midst of a prospect of unalterable chaos, God continues to send His Messengers to the world so that, with His Divine Hope, He can obtain – at least from one heart – sincere prayers that balance the planetary reality.

Today I have come to ask you not to pray only to fulfill a request of Mary mentally and, thus, to take weight from your own consciousnesses.

I ask you to truly pray – with your heart – and bearing in mind the planetary reality and the destiny of humanity, which depend, largely, on the beings who pray.

Sometimes, it saddens us more to see one of Our soldiers repeating dead words to the wind, in order to quickly finish with his prayers, than to see in the world an ignorant child who does not pray, because this one does not pray due to his ignorance while the first one deceives himself.

Knowing of the spiritual situation of the planet and being aware of the power of prayer, those who do not truly pray only supply the mind’s need to not be lacking with God, but not only they do not help in anything, they also increase the weight of Justice in the balance of humanity.

It is for this reason that I pray for greater awareness in your prayers, for greater love and greater truth. Because if we cannot count on those who listen to us from day to day, little hope we will have with those who doesn't know us at all.

I love you and, for that reason, I guide you and I advise you always, correcting your paths, so that one day you find perfection and holyness

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, November 21 of 2015

Daily Messages

The manifestation of the Plan of God has as its vehicle the energy of the celestial rays. These rays descent to the world through the law of attraction or the law of correspondence and, thus, permeate those consciousnesses which, both internally and externally, are willing to live, in themselves, the Will of the Supreme God. Gradually, this Will takes its place in the life of the planet and, one by one, permeates beings who are inspired by the examples of others to transform their own lives.

Just as happens with the individuals, happens with the archetypes of live, such as society and the life in different nations. Many wonder where the manifestation of the new humanity will come from and from which principle it will arise.

When the human beings congregate to unite their willingness to manifest the Plan of God and thus attract the creating archetypes of the celestial rays into life, these rays descent not only into individuals, but – also through them – permeate the group consciousness and direct naturally the group life for the manifestation of what God thought for the human society.

Sacred human life, always directed towards obedience to the Divine, will begin to appear in small points of light in the world. Just as individuals inspire others to take new steps through their own transformations, the small communities that exemplify a fraternal and Christic life, in an archetype of human society, will inspire masses of people and even nations to follow the same example. This is how the new humanity is born.

The new humanity is the fruit of the effort of each one. Afterwards, it will have its cradle in the union of the efforts of two or more, which begin to constitute a group life, and thus, little by little, expand this sacred life to the world, consecrating it to the Plan of God.

It is for this reason that I ask you to never think that your efforts will not suffice, because sometimes you will seem to paddle against a current of billions of other human beings who do things contrary to the Divine Will.

Christ was also one, but His love for God and His Plan changed the destiny of mankind. Today, you are much more than one: you are millions of followers of Christ, who must begin to unite to fulfill the goal of changing the destiny not only of humanity, but also of the entire Creation.

I bless you and guide you always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, November 20 of 2015

Daily Messages

For peace to be a reality in the world, it must begin to exist in the hearts and lives of some men, however few that may be.

To be peaceful, you must learn to dissolve the obstacles that your own consciences place on the path of those who try to live in peace. And this can be achieved in two ways: in silence and in service.

Silence should be based on humility and have peace as its goal. Service should be based on fraternity, to reach the goal of peace.

The heart that is willing to silence reaches peace for itself and for others, avoids conflicts, disagreements and arguments encouraged by the enemy. The heart that is willing to serve, that takes to itself what no one wants to do and, willingly, brings peace to the daily life of its surroundings, without realizing it, is being a channel of God in the world, to dissolve distant conflicts and to placate the anger of many hearts that it does not know.

When you consecrated your lives to God, everything that you do with conscience and offering becomes a service to the entire humankind.

Now, I warn you: I do not ask you to be indifferent in your silence or your minds to criticize and judge while you do something that no one wanted to do. If there is no love and gratitude in your actions, you better be like most of ordinary humanity, because worse than not doing is doing without being truthful.

I bring you these instructions not so that you change your own lives, but that you change the planetary life, because you are living cells of the body of this planet. Therefore, everything that you do will reverberate throughout the planetary consciousness.

I love you and I thank you, already, for the response of all and the conscience that you will have turned to the fulfillment of the Plans of God.

Your Beloved Father, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, guiding humanity in the simple things, so that one day you may reach the Kingdom of God

Thursday, November 19 of 2015

Daily Messages

Today, I only ask you to never lose the joy of your hearts. May you be capable of facing the planetary situation with maturity, but never with sadness.

If you lose the joy of your hearts, you may lose faith and hope of one day seeing the Plan of God fulfilled, of one day seeing a Redeemed Earth appear before your eyes.

When My Chaste Heart began this cycle of daily messages, I told everyone that I would lead you to a new humanity, and so it will be, because – despite all that happens in the world – there are a few who will respond to the celestial call until the end of their lives and leave the seeds of a redeemed life on the soil of this Earth.

Today I will ask you to be aware of the great need of the world and also to be like a light that illuminates and warms the cold hearts of men.

My dear companions, after having been in this world in days of much darkness and in times when the Earth was also approaching a great collapse, I come to encourage and instruct you, as I did with Jesus, so that you may find God and, in Him, the inexhaustible source of wisdom, the unbreakable strength to transit in days of darkness and the love that redeems all and forgives all.

I come to ask you to never give up, even when the Divine Messengers are no longer here. There will be days when you will not know what to do, or where to go, and in those moments, you must enter into the precincts of your hearts and search there for all that one day we gave you.

Our words could be only embodied in your hearts, but they are also on paper, to be an enduring guide to all human consciousness.

I want you to know that the days of greatest darkness will dictate the moment of greatest surrender, moment to live the highest degree of love, because from this love, which can emerge from your hearts, will depend the light that will return to shine in the world.

God will never forsake you. If He distances Himself and you do not find Him outside of you, it is because the time has come to live the perfect union with Him in your inner self, time to discover the likeness between the Creator and the creature, time for yourselves to be part of God in this world.

My beloved companions in Christ, follow Our instructions without fear and with precision, because in this way you will never lose yourselves from the path and can guide others who have never found themselves in life.

Today I can ask you nothing more than the permanent prayer and reconciliation with one another. If you do so, your own hearts will tell you the next steps.

I love you and bless you always.

Your Beloved Friend and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, November 19 of 2015


Today I will not ask you for anything more than a sincere prayer from your hearts. That you be peaceful, fraternal and true in all that you do. That you make this place, as you do in your homes, small lights that little by little illuminate the world.

We can no longer count on so many soldiers, because few will persevere in the face of all that will happen in the world. I only ask you to be brave in spirit, in soul, and in heart; that you discover the truth about each one of your lives; that you find fortitude in the existence of the universe, in the Plan of God, in all those that wait for you and that trust in the potential for loving that exists in each one of you.

Find fortitude in the hope and the faith that God has in humanity, for at no time did the Creator cease to believe in His Project. His faith remains alight. Thus, day after day, surrender the best you have to the world. Thus, His Son will return, because, His Passion not being enough, the Lord asked for His Return.

Reflect on this, My beloveds. Seek within yourselves what it is that is so perfect which exists and causes God to never give up on the human heart, in spite of all the atrocities that take place on the planet.

Not only God, but also all His creatures that live in the universe, await the triumph of humanity, that in truth, is the triumph of the Christification of the human heart.

If Christ lives and reigns today among the Blessed, after having been in this world, the whole universe waits for a race of Christs that, one by one, are able to return to their origin so that, as soldiers of Christ, they demonstrate the grandeur of Creation, opening the doors of Heaven and bringing peace to all that exists.

Today I thank you for recognizing Our Presence and I ask that you deepen the awakening of your consciousnesses. May you live in peace, may you live in unity, today and always.

Under the blessing of your Mother Mary, Mother and Queen of this universe, continue in peace and pacify this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


On ending the Apparition, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón read the daily message of the Virgin Mary, and Sister Lucía de Jesus read the daily message of Saint Joseph.

Wednesday, November 18 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions,

Offering Our Hearts to the Celestial Altar as part of this Plan of God, we cry to mankind to establish peace in their lives. We ask that you awaken a little more to the true need of the planet, because in the times that will come you will need to demonstrate a greater awareness and maturity. Those who are blind today in the spirit and heart will seek relief and guidance in those who can be minimally balanced in the face of the planetary situation.

Know, dear ones, that – in the view of the degree of evil and hatred that lives in the hearts of some human beings – the outbreak of a third world war can completely destroy planetary life. The hearts of many rulers are only thirsting to demonstrate power and superiority over others beings in the world. It will be a battle between chaos and evil, because there will be no rules and there will be no mercy. All nations will want to demonstrate their power and they will ally one another to destroy the others according to their beliefs.

Just look at the world around you and be able to see a higher priority than your own lives, because the Plan of God transcends individuals and, if necessary, the Lord will ask for more of those who believe they have already given all, because not just the planet but the universe also needs it.

I ask you to seek to know the truth that is in your hearts, so that you are not taken by the terror that will spread throughout the world. Do not despair in the days to come, for the Spirit of God will sustain you, always when you are His servants and His soldiers of peace and prayer.

I do not tell you that you will suffer nothing; however, all the suffering and all the trials that the Lord places in your paths will be for you to generate merits for the salvation of humanity.

I tell you that from now on you learn to love and to accept differences, because We will ask you to welcome and support beings that are very different from you according to all points of view.

Also on this day, I will beg you to help the missionaries of Mary to reach the Middle East soon, before their doors definitely close and the souls there, seeking a way out, do not find mercy, but only justice.

The service we ask of the missionaries, who are consecrated in spirit and soul to the Plan of God and His Messengers, is not like any other service rendered in the world. Through them, We can enter deeper into the planet and pour out a flow of mercy upon those who would not deserve it in this life.

Therefore, companions of My Chaste Heart, strive every day to be more awake, because We can no longer alert you. The time of change has already arrived.

Your Beloved Father and Friend, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, November 17 of 2015

Daily Messages

Cry for mercy and live peace. Do not let the terror that spreads the world take your hearts and lead you to hopelessness. The soldiers of God must be with the torch of faith always raised high, making Light known to those who walk in darkness.

While the Heart of God suffers from the actions of the majority of humanity, which is distancing itself from His Love and His Peace, the Divine Messengers only ask you to be a breath and a hope for the Kingdom of Heaven which awaits the realization of the Plans of the Most High.

Do not be carried away by the currents of the world. Remember to be a boat of salvation to the unbelievers and the hopeless, to the lonely and the abandoned, both in life and in spirit. Nurture your consciousnesses with the balsam of light that We bring from Heaven and row against the current of darkness with acts of peace, with prayer, with forgiveness and with love.

Do not feed the judgments the world holds about a reality it does not know and do not allow your consciousnesses to help humanity submerge itself in the lamentations. Be a reason for elevation to the world.

Know that everything must be balanced, everything must be corrected and elevated by the human heart itself. If there are many beings who go to the opposite side of the Will of God, those few who listen to His call must multiply their efforts and not give in to the involutive stimuli.

My beloved, be strong and courageous, persevering in God, for this trial is only beginning and mankind will still have to choose love in the face of many atrocities that the enemy will generate.

Know that you must never give up on God’s Plan and even in the face of the worst events in the world, realize that God has not forsaken you. He is within you, calling you to persevere in love and, like His Son, to overcome the suffering of the cross and to rise in spirit through the power of Mercy.

Listen carefully to Our words because they are pronounced to help you to overcome the trials of these times and to persevere in God forever. So did the patriarchs, the angels and the archangels who guided Jesus and encouraged Him to remain in His Purpose of Love beyond the denial of men.

I love you and invite you to pray without ceasing, because the definitive trial is already beginning for humanity. Put aside the pettiness of your lives and dedicate yourselves without limits to God. The need of the world dictates so.

Your Beloved Father and Companion, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, the one who prays for humanity and for the world permanently


Monday, November 16 of 2015

Daily Messages

If you are peaceful in your lives and in everything you seek unity and harmony, you will be able to perceive the union of the times and what it causes in the consciousness of humanity.

If you enter into prayer every day, seeking to truly feel what is happening in the spiritual life of the planet, you will realize that the conflicts and wars that are happening in the world today are not like those that happened in the past.

Just as the good that permeates the hearts at this time sanctifies them and fulfils them in order to bring them to Christification, the evil that lives today in some human beings is destructive even to the essences and the spirits of beings. Everything is intensifying; everything is growing in unbridled proportions, both for good and for evil. And this, the heart that prays can feel and live. I tell you this, dear ones, because you must learn to deal with the situations that are present in the world today.

The real time of the universe is beginning to unite with Earth’s time and human consciousness will also begin to feel its true creative potential, both positive and negative. The thought and the verb will have more power than ever; so we ask you to pray, pray without ceasing to balance and oppose the evil ideas that infernal plans try to shape in the minds of the human beings and manifest in Earth’s life.

You should never fear, because the greatest tool of the human being is the heart, not the mind. There will be no evil thought that is not destroyed and erased by the sincere and full prayer of a heart that responds to the call of God. It is only necessary that you pray, truly pray, with love, with conscience, filling the verb with the intention that the Will of God be reflected in the planetary consciousness.

When God’s time approaches Earth, your spirits also draw near and your souls are filled by the impulses of the true being. Therefore, when you enter into prayer, seek what you truly are. Get in touch with your own essences by means of silence and peace and receive from it all that you need to live today in union with God and His Plan.

You know that humanity is very ignorant in relation to the truth and few understand what the Divine Messengers are trying to transmit to the world. Therefore, it is very important that those who are conscious and who understand, at least a little, the Will of God can live what we teach, thus opening the door for others to follow the same path.

As you take your steps, dear ones, new opportunities will open up so that you can know ever greater truths and so that those who are stuck in their evolutions can be propelled and take the first step.

I love you and that is why I instruct you so that you not only know the Will of God, but also live it.

Your Companion of always, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, November 15 of 2015

Daily Messages

Be like nature that, before a small sigh of love sent by God, shines and restores its spirit. Nature lives from the love she receives from Heaven. Her elements seek, in the fruitful Principle of God, the power to manifest.

The Kingdoms will only continue to exist if they can fulfill their function of also learning to love and to forgive.

Observe animals: how easily they forgive the mistakes of those they love, how joyfully they endure their evils, only by the faithfulness that lives in their hearts to those who care for them.

Human beings share their existence with the Kingdoms of Nature to rise to one another through communion with life in different forms.

In order for peace to be established and for the Kingdom of God to be one with the kingdom of this world, you must discover what each Kingdom and each element brings as experience to contribute to human learning. Because if you do not learn to love the Kingdoms of Nature, that constantly donate themselves to human beings and in every way try to aid your learning of love, you could hardly truly love your neighbor as they are.

If you feel that you do not know how to love or you cannot do it, seek to care for the Kingdoms of Nature, especially the Animal Kingdom, which pours out its love on human beings even when it is so outraged by them.

Realize, observing the Kingdoms, that the school of love is in all things. Above all, the Kingdoms of Nature permanently show you how to live the love that transcends the imperfections and even cures them.

I love you and, clamoring to the hearts to enter the path of learning love and forgiveness, I ask you to commune in unity with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Your Father and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Saturday, November 14 of 2015

Daily Messages

While the world is in agony, I ask you to no longer live in an ordinary way. That in each instant you cry out to the Father so that His Mercy be greater than His Justice and that those who are blind in the world be able to awaken.

I ask that there no longer be any tiredness in your bodies that will stop you from fulfilling a request of prayer from the Divine Messengers. God is giving you everything, including His Son, so that the doors of redemption may be opened for humanity.

My dear ones, the terror, the fear, the hatred and the resentment among humankind continue to spread throughout the world like a great plague in hearts. Who of you are responding to My request of forgiving and being reconciled with your neighbor? Who is defeating resentment in their own heart to dispel that evil from humanity?

While you are distracted and so easily forget the requests of the Divine Messengers, the enemy does not rest and does not forget its goal of causing the possibility for loving to disappear from human hearts.

I ask that you be more attentive and do not allow any resentment to be greater than the love in your hearts. May the love poured out by God within you always be powerful and impel you to continue forward, struggling so that once and for all you may learn to love and to forgive.

When I asked you for the campaign to dispel the hate of human hearts, it was not just so that you could have a beautiful experience and that you symbolically could send your love to your brothers and sisters of the Middle East. I asked you this campaign because the Plans of God are at risk when love is being erased in the human consciousness.

Love is the essence of life on Earth; if there is no love, there is no reason for the existence of humanity.

What today is happening on the planet is spreading hate, anger and resentment very rapidly in all the creatures of the whole world. And the involutive impulse of the enemy are so strong that hate dissolves the possibility for loving from the hearts.

For this reason, today I not only ask you, but I beg you to forgive one another, that you be reconciled, that you be merciful, that you mutually serve each other, that you love each other! Love each other as humanity, as a creation of God, as a living part of His Sacred Heart.

Do not allow the enemy to have you believe that the terror he imprints in the world is greater than your possibility for loving, because true love banishes evil and causes it to disappear.

Trust in your potential for loving and transform it into a living celestial virtue within all of you.

I love you and, for this reason, I am here. I trust in humanity as a project of God. I trust in the love that dwells in your hearts and that is unknown to you. It is time to learn to love.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, November 13 of 2015

Daily Messages

When the Heavens announce the last hour of the salvation of a planet, the souls that inhabit it have a choice: surrender to the abyss of the world and deny the perfection that exists within them, or definitely defeat the doubts and the fears that stop them from fully being within their spiritual mission.

You must understand that the trumpets that sound from the heights of Heaven announce the hour that you are to set aside mediocrity and begin to be completely filled by the Spirit of God.

In each instant of your lives, you must remember that it is now the time to take a leap into the life of the spirit.

Live each day as if it were the last, as if you were facing the last chance for forgiveness, of being reconciled with a neighbor, of providing a service that you were never able to provide, of giving up vain pleasures and likes that were always in your lives as small impediments, and that today have become large, because they do not allow you to reach the goal of your consciousness.

The time has come to assume universal life with the full awareness that you are in the school of Christification for the whole universe, and the time has come for living consequently with the opportunity given to you.

Just for an instant, think of being in the culminating moment of your lives. Think that, in the infinite cosmos, Creation is waiting for you to return with the experience of the Living Christ within your very spirit.

The universe awaits that, from the Universal King, there will come a race that can completely change the Creation of God and allow all creatures, that did not have the opportunity of being in this world, to live the Christic codes of love and unity. 

You came to this planet to learn how to not live for yourselves, but rather for your neighbor. This is the essence of the lesson on Earth: surrender everything and endure everything for the evolution and growth of others. Meanwhile, up until now, you have only allowed for the growth of pride and egoism, which was brought from the universe and does not allow you to act for anything other than yourselves.

Christ left you the example. He did not come to the world to be a king. He became King because He was capable of setting Himself aside out of love for the creatures of His Father. Christ lived within Himself the Love of God for God's Creation. It was for the evolution of all Universal Creation that He surrendered His Life and continues to surrender all of Himself, even while being in Spirit of Divinity.

My dear and so loved companions, the time has come to grow by setting aside the old way of living and opening to the new, to spiritual virtues, to the real being, to love, to unity.

If you are soldiers of an army of peace, live peace, live love, live fraternity.

The Plan of the Most High God will be accomplished, and this will come about through your efforts and with the courage that you may become nothing, so that you may be filled by God.

I leave you My peace and My blessing for awakening.

Your companion of all eras.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, November 12 of 2015

Daily Messages

Keep in your hearts the moments when you were with God. Keep as a treasure, as a stronghold, the moments when Heaven descended to Earth, to show humankind how this world must be.

Thus, in times of chaos, transmit the peace that dwells in your hearts to those among your brothers and sisters who have never felt God in their lives.

Hold as a treasure the moments when the Holy Spirit merged with you to show you that there is a divine essence within each being, which must express itself so that you may be an example for the whole of humanity, just like the Son of God was.

Christ arrived in the world not only to be contemplated, but also to be imitated. And, so that you may follow the steps of Christ, God offers you all that Jesus once received. You are beside His Holy Family, surrounded by angels and archangels and living under the guidance of the saints and patriarchs of all times. Now, the Lord cannot do anything else but wait for you to accept His offer.

May you, as did Christ, take the cross that will lead you to a new humanity, a cross that for the current humanity is not the martyrdom of the body; it is the overcoming of the temptations of the world, with the elevation of your consciousnesses. It is to be able to say “no” to all the stimuli that the enemy imprints in the human consciousness, and that little by little, make the union of creatures with their Creator disappear.

To carry the cross that will lead you to the new humanity, to the new Christs, is to find joy in the humble spirit, and though it is a solitary walk, little understood by humanity, may you follow this path which leads you to God.

May My words fill you, inspire you, and also encourage you to follow this path, which makes you find, within yourselves, the perfection of God.

Your beloved companion and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, November 10 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear companions and servants of Christ,

My Chaste Heart returns to the world, each day, because I trust in the potential of love of the human beings. I trust in the potential that you have to transform yourselves and all things, because you can be united in essence to the One who created everything and who has the power to transform all.

Unite every day with the true essence of what you are. Remember of your filiation with God and assume thus the responsibility of forming part of the project that has had as a result, the King of Universe, Christ the Redeemer.

I ask you to be a little more peaceful in your lives and to opt for being in silence rather than to create conflicts and to wear yourself out. Be more peaceful also with yourselves and, thus, you will have the necessary patience to transit in the current times.

The urgency of times induces the consciousness to demand, from themselves and from the neighbor, things that you may not be able to give from one day to another. For this reason, it is necessary to be with a peaceful heart to discern in the best way in the situations that present themselves in your lives.

With a peaceful heart you will be able find in your own interior the resources to overcome a spiritual test, but if instead of that you are demanding of yourselves and forcing your consciousnesses to take steps with the rigidity of your minds, you will run the risk of believing that you are progressing and, however, you will count on false inner resources, fruit of the creation of your own minds, to relieve tension in which you live, and later on you will find the same test, over and over again. Only the peaceful heart can find the inner source of the Love of God and it is there that the true virtues are fostered.

Never forget that the pressure of the forces of opposition caused by the chaos of the world will be enough for your consciousnesses to be in a tension that will overcome your limits. That pressure cannot come from your own consciousnesses, because – for the days that will come – you will need to be in peace with yourselves and with the planet.

If today you get scared and irritated with the mistakes of the neighbor and lose peace when you see the imperfections of others, you will not be able to stand what will come.

Pacify yourselves! Pacify yourselves all the time.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, peacemaker of the Heart of God

Monday, November 9 of 2015

Daily Messages

The presence of the Divine Messengers at the Marian Centers fills the spirit of each of them and maintains the fountain of peace and mercy alive and fluid for the world.

However, in these times, you must begin to be bearers of this Divine Presence within yourselves.

In the same way that We open the doors that lead you to the Kingdom of the Heavens and withdraw those souls that are crying out for liberation from the abyss of the planet, you also must open those doors with the purity of your hearts.

The day is coming in which the Divine Messengers will no longer be as close to the world as now, but that does not mean that the Marian Centers will lose their life or fervor. 

Understand, dear ones, that over the last years Our celestial presence has been building a stronghold within you, for we taught everyone to be mediators between Heaven and Earth through prayers and actions in union with God.

I ask that you never lose your joy of serving God and that you always enter this house with the same joy in which you come to receive the Servants of God that come to instruct you.

You must be the soul of the Marian Centers, the life that encourages and gives meaning to the existence of these points of prayer.

The souls that are lost must find themselves when they arrive at these points of light for the world, and being there with you, they must find the Presence of God and an example to follow. And this will be so, because God has already deposited His Graces within your hearts and He strengthens them every time you pray with sincerity.

If each day you abandon yourselves as well as your own aspirations a little more, in order to serve God and be an instrument of His in the world, the Sacred Plan of the Most High will be able to be fulfilled.

Always be united, keep in your hearts these moments in which We were among humankind and, in this way, your inner stronghold will never crumble.

I love you and, for this reason, I call on you to be small messengers of God, those who open the doors of Heaven and liberate the world from the darkness that dwells in it.

Be humble and simple of heart and you will be on the correct path. Do not aspire to anything else except fulfilling the Plan of God and so it will be.

Be sincere in your surrender and true on your path. Repent of heart when you make a mistake and do not make the same mistakes again.

Follow Our words, because they were pronounced for this reason. Study the messages that we have given you and give more importance to the things of God than your own tasks and occupations; thus, you will send to the universe a sign that you are trying to love the Plan of God, and the Lord will help you.

Peace to the planet and in your lives.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, November 8 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear servants of Christ,

Today I come to beg the world to help the souls of the little ones, of the children that are on Earth and cannot find a reason for their life.

I ask you to serve the children, not only with a plate of food, but also in union with their souls, help them find the evolutive path.

The degeneration of the current human consciousness is building a youth empty of God, and as a result, the children are walking the same path.

For this reason, I beg the most aware in this planetary cycle that you worry less about your own inner processes, and help more so that the Plan of God may be accomplished and, in this way, you find in the children a cradle for the seeds of the New Humanity.

Today I will ask you to take one more step and that you not only educate your children and family with love, but that you make it possible for other forgotten and solitary children to also be educated, for the building of a new future.

Teach the little ones to love the Kingdoms of Nature, to take care of them and about the importance of helping them in their evolution. Teach them the importance of sharing with the neighbor that which they need, be it something material or even an inner attribute of consciousness, such as meekness, charity, intelligence, joy. Let the children know to help one another and dispel competition and pride from their consciousnesses.

Dear ones, teach the little ones to pray; teach them the power of prayer and the grace it grants to those most in need in the four corners of the Earth.

Make the children aware of the planetary reality, from an early age, not to frighten them, but rather so that they know that prayer, service, love and unity among all creatures are the infallible remedies for the evils of the world.

The planetary purification is accelerating and the correct seed should be planted within the children, so that a redeemed world may blossom.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, father of all the children of the world 



Saturday, November 7 of 2015

Daily Messages

Pray with your hearts for peace on the planet and make this Marian Center(1) a great mirror of light that radiates redemption, love, faith and peace for those brothers and sisters of yours that are in the world and do not know the power of God.

Pray for those who are in the last moment of their lives and are leaving this world in ignorance, in abandonment and in the sadness of their souls, for not having fulfilled their mission or even known of its existence.

Pray today for those who are imprisoned in the illusions of the world, those who materially have everything and, yet, are empty of God.

Pray for humanity to understand that the greatest treasure is that which is found when beings give all of themselves for love of their neighbors and for love of the Kingdoms of Nature, because empty of self, they will be filled by the Spirit of God.

Pray for the poor and the starving, so that they may understand poverty as an opportunity for finding simplicity. But also pray for the imbalances of the world, because the rich and satiated in everything must learn that everything was given to them by God so that they could share it with their neighbors.

Pray so that the youths of the world awake to higher life, so they may find the path of union with the Spirit of God and, in this way, reverse the future of the planet and are able to be builders of the New redeemed Earth.

Pray for the Kingdoms of Nature, so that the spirits of each species, which are already tired of supporting the world, are able to accomplish their mission until the end and, in this way, they also place the learning of a constant giving of self into the experience of the planet.

Pray, but also serve. Give of your word, but also of your hands and the sweat of your brows.

Ask for the Kingdoms, but also take care of those you have by your side and those that come into your lives asking for help.

Be simple and joyful in everything. Be aware in this world that is blind; radiate light for the eyes of humankind with your examples. And instead of following the streams of illusion of the planet, be like a boat that goes against that stream, carrying souls into the new, to redemption, with your nets in the sea drawing forth beings that want to step out of a retrograde life.

I love you and thank you, in the name of God, for praying all day long, so lovingly preparing for the coming of Saint Michael the Archangel. May the liberation brought by the Servant of God, Saint Michael, reach all the spaces of the world.

Peace and redemption to the planet.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



1. It refers to the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay.

Friday, November 6 of 2015

Daily Messages

Today, day on which you are praying worldwide and clamoring for the energy of Mercy of Christ for the planet, I want to help you in the path of prayer.

Dears, the weight of the world will become internally, mentally and emotionally heavier and heavier, mostly for those who are trying to walk an evolutionary path.

On the current days of the planet, to be a praying consciousness is like paddling against a great current of inertia, distractions and quest for pleasure and for gratification. That is why, even more in this time of intense inner purification for all, you must be attentive to what I will tell you.

Throughout all the human existence, all the codes that humankind has generated with the quest for power, for pleasure, for gratification, with competition, vanity, wrath, were impregnating the human consciousness as a whole, and they even reached the depth of the cell consciousness of many beings, those who have never lived an experience of seeking the sacred, the evolutionary, the pure.

In different proportions, these energies, called capitals, are inside of all beings of the Earth, because they inside of the human consciousness and, in certain parts of the world, some of these energies completely control the consciousnesses.

Why do I tell you these things? Because - even if it may not seem it – the small and great distractions during the moments of prayer, the thoughts and the recurrent desires against the evolutionary path, all the impulses that you cannot control in yourselves and that are always taking you to the opposite of what you try to build, all of this has its roots in the human consciousness, and these roots are not so easy to extinguish as it seems, but this is not something impossible.

You must start changing your own deepest interests. For instance: during prayer, observe to where your mind conducts you and what is more important for it than the act of praying. With much peace and harmony, seek the roots of those things, in order that you can transform them. Think about the reason for your distractions and, then, think about the Middle East, about Africa, about the children, about the youngsters and the adults that suffer in the whole world. So, ask yourselves: “What is more important to me: the distractions or praying to reverse these situations of the planet?”

And do it so with everything. Talk to yourselves. When you are before a desire that does not lead you to an evolutionary path, ask yourselves: “What is more important to me: this or fulfilling the Will of God?”

Do not fear the answers, because – even if they are not the ones you expect – they might reveal to your consciousness what is in your most profound inner abyss, in order that you can clean and purify what prevents you to fulfill the Plans of God with perfection.

Review, dears, in your own interior, your priorities, your desires and your aspirations.

Ask yourselves while you pray: “Why am I praying?”. And if your mind answers you: “So that the others can see me praying”, so, tell it: “Well, now I will pray for the planet.”

Thus, transform yourselves with peace, with love and with joy, but do not cease to take a small step each day.

My Chaste Heart tells you in a simple and clear way, because I need that you understand Me definitely and take the steps that God expects from all, because there is no longer so much time left.

I love you and I guide you to the transformation of life.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, November 5 of 2015

Daily Messages

Often the human eyes cannot contemplate the planetary reality and do not find a real reason for their own transformation or something that may impact them in a way that generates an immediate and complete change in the being. That is why, in these times, I come to the world to instruct you, in order that you can know sublime realities of existence that may lead you to a superior quest, to the surrender of life to a higher purpose, which is the Purpose of God. I come to try to open, in humankind, not the eyes of the body, but the eyes of the heart.

I do not come to bring to the minds, concrete facts and scientific teachings that prove the veracity of the existence of a life superior to life of this world. I come so that the heart feels, in the simplicity of My words, that God calls you to remember. And that your own consciousnesses, touched by the presence of the Divine Messengers, may find the lost path to your origin.

As Our Lord, Christ Jesus has told you, the Kingdoms of Nature suffer by the ignorance of humankind that seeks power and usufruct in everything. And this ignorance is the same that does not allow you to find the truth about the human heart.

By saying this, those who know how to listen, and who meditate on the words of the Messengers of God will understand that all of them conform the same thread of light, which is trying to lead humanity to a single awakening.

Listening to the words of Christ1, do not think that they are for the others, but rather try to know, in your lives, in what point you are failing the Kingdoms of Nature; how far you only seek to physically, emotionally and mentally usufruct from the Kingdoms; and from where you are consciously trying to collaborate with their evolution.

Your work group must be only one, united in the Purpose of God. While some are with Christ more directly, liberating and transmuting the roots of millenary evil, the others must be seeking these roots within their own consciousnesses in order to extirpate them with the power of the Mercy of Christ. Thus, all together, you will be able to lead humanity to transformation and to give all human consciousness the opportunity to live something superior, and to seek the life of spirit.

I love you and for this I teach you to understand and live the Will of God expressed in the words of His Messengers.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


1Saint Joseph refers to the extra message of Christ Jesus transmitted to the visionary
friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, on November 4th, 2015.

Wednesday, November 4 of 2015

Daily Messages

In order to find the life of the spirit and fulfill the existence in the discovering of the truth, you must be simple of heart.

I know that for many it is not easy to detach themselves from the lucubration of the mind and from its endless source of ideas and suggestions. But that is why I ask you to exercise silence.

Humanity has transited through periods in which its largest expression was the strength, the body power. In those moments, the human development was based on the strongest.  Afterwards, you learned that the mind controls the strength and transcends it; you learned that with the mind, the body may not be physically strong, but – concentrated – it can move mountains and act even more than those who only have the body strength.

Christ came to the world in the age of the strength and delivered to humanity the possibility of taking a leap, because He already knew the power of the mind, and nevertheless, acted with the heart.

The Master knew that His examples would last in the centuries, because the ordinary humanity should still learn much in order to reach what He was teaching, that was to transcend the strength and the mind to reach the heart and find there the true potential of the human beings.

Today I tell you that in the vast Creation of God in the universe, there were many creatures that expressed the true essence of the body strength and completely developed the different functions of the body. Others entered the powers of the mind and with it developed many sciences and discovered their multiple functions. However, neither the strength nor science reached the celestial dimension, where the Creator inhabits.

What great secret is this, which, once unveiled, unites the creatures to their Creator? It is the development of the heart.

In contrast to all the paths to the discovery of the strength and of the mind, the heart is found in simplicity. To live the strength, you must be. To live the science, you must know. But to find the heart, you must not be, and not know even yourselves.

That is why this moment is so difficult for many, because for many beings of this world it is hard to believe in the path of simplicity; it is hard to forgive, to reconcile, to humble themselves and pray, as a path to such grand encounter with the Creator.

I tell you, dear companions, that you must be simple, meek and humble to find the Doors of Heaven.

I love you and I leave you, in My simple words, the transcendence of all strength and of all science, so that you will find the precinct of the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, humble and simple servant of God

Tuesday, November 3 of 2015

Daily Messages

There is no greater service than a true prayer, in which the heart does not find boundaries and does not need to go so far, neither takes so long, in order to be before those who are most in need.

If you ask God to take you to the encounter with those who are most in need, so, when the Lord places you before each prayer throughout the day, find there the answers to His requests, to His holy will of serving and of helping the most destitute in the matter, as well in the spirit.

However, if in the moments of prayer you were tepid, asleep and without much enthusiasm to encounter God, it is in truth because you have not discovered that the essence of service is found in the praying heart.

The greatest service is the one that takes the divine presence to the hearts; it is the one that places the essences before the possibility of returning to their origin, to the Most Sacred One and Only Consciousness, from which comes all the things created for an evolutionary purpose.

If it were not so, you would be doing social works, which the world has plenty of; but, however, the Kingdom of God has not manifested itself among humanity yet.

All those who accept to live the path of humility, of prayer and of surrender are, in truth, missionary hearts and spirits and they must renovate this spiritual charisma every day and in all the opportunities that they have to find God and take Him, in divine essence, to all those who most need Him.

Make of your lives the perfect work of service to humanity and to the planet. It is achieved with the awakening to the truth that is to know that in everything there is the possibility of serving and that in all of your prayers you can cross boundaries and reach those who are most in need of aid.

Today, for instance, praying before My Most Sacred Heart, you accompanied Me to the Middle East and, thus, relieved the small hearts of many children who have already lost hope to be happy in this world.

Learn, dears, every day, to transcend yourselves, so that the Light of God comes to the most lost and forgotten ones among humanity and among the Kingdoms of Nature.

Learn, with My Chaste Heart, to be eternal missionaries and to carry out on Earth this universal mission, in which the transformation itself will result in the salvation and in the evolution of the whole universe.

I love you and I encourage you to move forward, growing and maturing, as fruits of the Sacred Plans of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, November 2 of 2015

Daily Messages

The essence of a spirit that consecrates itself must be renovated, every day, in the adventure that is losing oneself to find in its place, the Living Christ.

For a new resident to enter your house, it must be uninhabited; otherwise, what a great confusion would it be, when such different inhabitants share a single house, being it so small.

Dears, Christ expects to be alive not only in the Eucharist, because He wants to be the living Eucharist inside every being of this world. But for this to be real, you must commune with Him every day.

Little by little, your bodies must give space to the Mystic Body of Christ, so that He can be the life that animates not only the soul, but also all that composes you, from matter to spirit.

This transformation in Christ is slow and, sometimes, painful, but you cannot escape from it, because Christ is transforming all that you are, and the transformation will be with you wherever you are. Many think that they undo with the mind a commitment made by the spirit, but this is not like that.

With all that you have already received in the last years, the seed of a new heart has already started to pulse inside of your beings: it is the Heart of Christ that asks you for space for Him to be your commander, as well He is in the whole Universe.

These are painful times for those who do not make of their own inner transition, a moment of grace and of surrender.  And the hardest will be when you do not want to see that, not only inside of you, but also outside, nothing will remain as it is.

Go ahead, soldiers! Be a little braver so that you can see, in losing yourselves, the great victory of Christ.

The Lord only wins when He defeats you, because He must be the great King of your inner world, and not yourselves.

Surrender yourselves, because it is already time to let yourselves be conducted by the Universal King.

I encourage you and take you to this great defeat at the feet of Christ.

May My blessing strengthen your consecration and give you the courage to be nothing and to surrender yourselves to The One that is all and that is in everything.

Your beloved Father and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, November 1 of 2015

Daily Messages

Blossom in the gardens of the Creation, as well as God makes a wide garden of small and great flowers blossom before your eyes.

Bring to the world the time of the eternal spring in which each being can express the best that there is within themselves and, in this way, offer to God what belongs to Him and that has been given to humanity, in order that you could give life and shape to the Divine Thought with perfection.

Let the Gardeners of the Universe, who are coming to you with divine clothing, cultivate in your inner world that which is perfect and that you do not know, because it is still a small seed that your eyes cannot see.

May the principles of God, in the interior of humanity, grow and bear flowers and fruit, in order to sow in other hearts the universal life, the perfection of God and the eternal obedience to His Laws.

Those who, in the simplicity of My words, find the grandest mysteries, will be joyful and will be called blessed in the Kingdom of God, because they will have fulfilled His Plan of Love.

I bless you today and forever.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more