Saturday, November 7 of 2015

Daily messages

Pray with your hearts for peace on the planet and make this Marian Center a great mirror of light that radiates redemption, love, faith and peace for those brothers and sisters of yours that are in the world and do not know the power of God.

Pray for those who are in the last moment of their lives and are leaving this world in ignorance, in abandonment and in the sadness of their souls, for not having fulfilled their mission or even known of its existence.

Pray today for those who are imprisoned in the illusions of the world, those who materially have everything and, yet, are empty of God.

Pray for humanity to understand that the greatest treasure is that which is found when beings give all of themselves for love of their neighbors and for love of the Kingdoms of Nature, because empty of self, they will be filled by the Spirit of God.

Pray for the poor and the starving, so that they may understand poverty as an opportunity for finding simplicity. But also pray for the imbalances of the world, because the rich and satiated in everything must learn that everything was given to them by God so that they could share it with their neighbors.

Pray so that the youths of the world awake to higher life, so they may find the path of union with the Spirit of God and, in this way, reverse the future of the planet and are able to be builders of the New redeemed Earth.

Pray for the Kingdoms of Nature, so that the spirits of each species, which are already tired of supporting the world, are able to accomplish their mission until the end and, in this way, they also place the learning of a constant giving of self into the experience of the planet.

Pray, but also serve. Give of your word, but also of your hands and the sweat of your brows.

Ask for the Kingdoms, but also take care of those you have by your side and those that come into your lives asking for help.

Be simple and joyful in everything. Be aware in this world that is blind; radiate light for the eyes of humankind with your examples. And instead of following the streams of illusion of the planet, be like a boat that goes against that stream, carrying souls into the new, to redemption, with your nets in the sea drawing forth beings that want to step out of a retrograde life.

I love you and thank you, in the name of God, for praying all day long, so lovingly preparing for the coming of Saint Michael the Archangel. May the liberation brought by the Servant of God, Saint Michael, reach all the spaces of the world.

Peace and redemption to the planet.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph