Monday, November 30 of 2015

Daily messages

The strength of those who will keep the others standing up in the times that will come will be the profound prayer, that one which leads the heart to be in the presence of God and to remain in it. It will be like as being in a world without letting yourself being involved by all that happens around you, seeing only the truth and the real purpose of all things.

Those who build within themselves the union with God the Father and allow Him to be the One who thinks and feels in their beings will be as the apostle John, capable of accompanying the transition, as John accompanied the Passion of Christ.

John learned to contemplate the truth and, by the absolute trust in Jesus, that he had reached, he would see – in each one of His steps with the cross – the manifestation of His words and of His teachings. As well John would see what Jesus had said in the Last Supper being fulfilled, he also remembered that Jesus would reappear. He also remembered the hidden instructions that Jesus had given to His own and that revealed the true meaning of the sacrifice made for love. John knew that He would see the portals of the Divine Mercy open themselves before his eyes.

Today I want to call you to construct with God and with Christ the same union of John with Jesus and that, thus, you be able to see in the coming events the fulfillment of the instructions given in the last years.

May you know to contemplate not the suffering and the pain, but rather the purpose of all that you will live. Participate of this planetary birth labor not with the attention in the contractions and pains of the planet, but rather in the New Humankind, which will emerge inside of each being who accepts redemption to renovate the Project of God on Earth.

Dear companions, the passages of the life of Jesus lasted throughout the centuries because they repeat themselves in the lives of all those who follow God. Study the Gospel of Christ and find there the keys for you to cross over the times you live and reach the manifestation of the resurgence of Humankind, the resurgence of Christ, inside of each being.

I love you and I leave you My peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph