Friday, November 27 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear companions,

The arrival of a new cycle for the human consciousness and, especially, for the consciousness of the planet itself, the spirit of Earth, which shelters you, welcomes you and with so much love and bestowal sustains you, approaches Earth.

This cycle, which will come, will impel men to offer to the Earth’s Divine Project their true potential and, for that, it will help you to purge from your own interiors – conscious and unconscious worlds of each being – those codes that you have generated as humanity and that, gradually, have been degenerating what you should express as human consciousness.

This new cycle will try to help this Earth’s project, so that the Kingdoms of Nature may no longer be the only ones sustaining the consciousness of the planet, but rather that there are conscious human beings offering the maximum of themselves so that the planet fulfills its function within the Plan of God.

In the Project of the Lord, when creating this world, filled with manifestations of His perfection, through the different cohabiting Kingdoms of Nature, God thought of a living expression of fraternity and unity among His creatures, however different they were.

The Creator tried to make of the Earth a school of love and evolutionary cooperation, so that each Kingdom would bring to the other something vital for its existence. That is why the Earth needs balance to exist, the balance that is generated in the different Kingdoms among each other, including the Human Kingdom.

Above all, the Human Kingdom should bring a special harmony and love within its own Kingdom, as humanity, in order to inspire the evolution of the others Kingdoms of Nature.

All the Kingdoms, in a way, fulfilled with their part, apart from the Human kingdom, which is the great pillar of the terrestrial project. The Vegetable Kingdom is the expression of bestowal, elevation and beauty, as it was expected of it. The Mineral Kingdom is the expression of purification, transmutation and sustenance, as it was expected of it. The Animal Kingdom is the expression of fidelity and love, it is the guardian of the spirit of cooperation and evolutionary fraternity in each species, as it was expected of it. The Devic Kingdom continues to create beauty and praise to the Creator and, together with the Elemental Kingdom, both support and animate the other Kingdoms of Nature, as it was expected of them.

To the Human Kingdom, would correspond be a bridge of communion between all the Kingdoms; the one who cares, supports and protects, loves and helps so that each Kingdom can express itself. The Human Kingdom should create conditions for the devas and plants to express their beauty; for the animals to be able to bring to the planetary consciousness the unique attribute that each species brings in its essence; for the minerals to be able to nourish and assist the other Kingdoms and with freedom act in the world.

The Human Kingdom should be the bridge with the Divine Consciousness, bringing the spirit of constant evolution and growth, so that Creation would never be stagnant and that the Kingdoms would continue to take evolutionary steps and change their spiritual schools. That, in this way, new essences would arise and renew permanently the Creation of God and that, from the laboratory of the Earth, the whole Universe could be renewed. This is a part of what the Project of God represents.

The new cycle, of which I speak, will accelerate the human purification and will be more or less harmonious, depending on the conscious collaboration of each being. This will be so that, as far as possible, the idea of fraternal life may be manifesting itself and, even though it may be manifested only in a few individuals and in islands of salvation and expression of God’s Project, may this Plan be materialized.

After eons of time of experiences that did not have the expected result, the Creation will give a solar impulse to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature, as a last opportunity of concretization of the Divine Plan.

It is important for you to be aware of all this and to collaborate, fulfilling your own part in this Plan of Love. That is why, I tell you all these things.

Your Beloved Instructor and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph