Friday, October 28 of 2016

Weekly messages

Children, for the balance of every war and of every conflict in the world, be meek, peaceful, fraternal and silent of heart.

For the establishment of peace, win all that which, in yourselves, impel you to confront the neighbor, either to stand yourselves out, to defend an opinion, or to not renounce, for not accepting your own difficulties and the difficulties of the neighbor.

Children, you already know that every conflict in the world is generated by evil, but also by the mind and by the human behavior. You know that everything can be balanced when you generate sincere acts of peace. Everything can be transformed when each one sincerely assumes the transformation of their own life. For this reason, I ask you to not only pray for peace, but to be peaceful.

How will you ask God to concede the necessary grace for a nation to be pacified, if you daily nourish conflicts and lack of fraternity among humankind?

A soldier of this army of love is more than a praying being, it is a consciousness that makes a difference in the dark abyss of the human life, because daily strives to win, in itself, what generates the wars and the conflicts of the world.

Renovate, children, the Campaign Sowing Love in Humanity. Ask for and grant forgiveness, reconcile yourselves every day, because – in a world of wars – there will always be what to forgive and to reconcile.

Sow love in the human consciousness, making your own life a garden of peace in which the fraternal actions are fruitful and generate hope for this world.

Peace must be a permanent exercise in your consciousness. You must make a constant exercise of pacifying, forgiving and reconciling. Root out the wars and the conflicts of the world, starting by yourselves. Follow the example of The One who pacified first and who, being the Son of God, full of wisdom and Grace, renounced to His Will, to His Opinion, to His Majesty and to His Power, and remained in silence on the cross of the redemption of the sins of the world so that everyone would have a path, a truth, an example for life.

The cross of these times is not the same as the one of yesterday. The Calvary of today is trod day to day, transmuting and transforming, in yourselves, the sins of the human consciousness and making, thus, the difference on the Whole.

Renovate yourselves, children, every day and do not give way to conflicts. Institute peace! Live peace in your hearts!

I know that in these times of injustice and wars it is difficult to pacify yourself. However, these are the impossible things that We will ask you for: to forgive what, for humankind, is unforgivable; to pacify, when you are in the middle of great wars, chaos and confusion; to love and to sow love when around you others sow hatred and fear.

The seeds of love will transform the soil of the Earth. For this reason, do not give up and renovate yourselves in this divine labor.

This One that accompanies you,

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, October 21 of 2016

Weekly messages

Rewrite the history of humanity, building today the new humankind that should be the humankind of all times.

Dismiss from within you the records of a human being who lives to fulfill their own will and experiment their own power. With renunciation, anonymity and humility, find – in the act of being nothing – the Power of God that fills the empty spaces to receive you.

Dive into your inner world and, from inside out, express what you are. Before wanting to be, to show and to appear, try, yourself, to come to know yourself and, as you come to know yourself more, surrender to God more of what you see of you, without fear of being nothing.

Rewrite the history of humanity with your own life. Do not believe, child, that this history is only written with the life of those men and women who are known in the world and who, from their palaces and from their public lives, think they make a difference in the human history with their own power. This history that is written among the apparent great men and women is, in truth, a history that repeats itself throughout human existence.

Now, the moment has come of writing a new history, this one that is not only built with material facts, but above all with the spiritual experience of union with God of those who, in the silence of their hearts, will empty themselves of themselves and will open so that the Creator will enter into their lives, into their spirits and into their hearts.

For this reason I bring today, before your1 eyes, an unwritten book and I call you to be a silent and simple example to all human consciousness.

Then, child, get this book and write on it with the acts of your life, write on it with your thoughts, your feelings, write with the emptiness that you find each day in your quest, in your walking to God.

Rewrite the history of humanity and demonstrate to the universe, as to all the Creation, the true essence of this project of creatures that are so similar to God. This essence has never been revealed because the One who was able to live it was not totally understood, with His Example, by the human heart.

If you enter into the depth of your inner world, you will find the essence of the example of Christ there, and more than that, you will find yourself: you will discover what unites you to the Father. And it is there, in this space of your consciousness, that I want you to get this book, to open it and to start to write.

You have My Blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


1.- I speak to each one of those who will read these words and who will know, in the depths of their beings, that I am referring to them.



Friday, October 14 of 2016

Weekly messages

Children, seek in this time the deepening of your own spiritual life. While the tension in the planetary life increases through the expansion of chaos inside and outside of humankind, you must be each day more secured to the Higher Purpose, each day more adhered to the Plan of God and less identified with the things of the world.

The kingdom of the matter is already in its decadence. As it was in earlier times, it has come the time to cross a threshold in the consciousness and find the Truth that you have always sought.

Many among you think to seek the Truth, but facing it, doubt, have concerns, awaken fears and do not take a step towards it, nor even to discover it and less to live it.

So many times we have already told you that reality is nothing similar to the things of this world, but the minds keep seeking compatibilities between the life of the spirit and the life in the matter. The time has come, children, of renovating yourselves and letting the things of this world go, in order to come know, still in life, the higher reality. Your souls clamor to God for the definitive awakening and your spirits ardently aspire to fulfill your mission.

Today I open you a door before the heart, which is the door of humility, because through this door you shall enter into the life of spirit. After it, I show you a second one, which is the door of sacrifice. After this one, I show you a third one, which is the door of surrender. And after this one, a fourth one, which is the door of absolute faith in God and in His Messengers.

Observe, in your lives, through which doors you have already passed and keep walking until every doubt will be dissipated and you can live, with the bases of humility and the principle of faith, a life guided by the Truth of God.

I tell you this because I wish that, in your lives, you took more concrete steps that can express what you have come to do in this world as a spiritual mission for your own redemption and for the triumph of the Plan of God. And so that it can be a reality, it is necessary to take a step in humility, in sacrifice, in surrender and in absolute faith. If you are willing to live these things, much will be able to be revealed to your own heart and you will not have fear or doubt of following this voice that calls you to walk.

Listen to My words not only as one more message, but truly with an inner need of leaving the point that you are spiritually and finally discover and live what you have come to do in this world, this mission which is purely spiritual and that in nothing resembles what you do today. It is not about a skill, but rather assuming your places in the manifestation of the Plan of God and expressing the spiritual virtue that you keep, latent, in your own inner world.

May the one who is willing to come out from where they are and live what I tell you enter through these doors, clamoring to the Father for the awakening and try, for themselves, this Instruction that I bring you.

I leave you My Blessing so that you can walk.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, October 7 of 2016

Weekly messages

The surrender of life, children, is not something transitory. True surrender includes the entire consciousness, from the body, the mind and the heart to the soul, the spirit and the essence.

Those who surrender to the Creator are placing in the hands of the Father the direction of their lives and renouncing every personal goal, all of their plans, projects and aspirations, even fulfilling the mission God has entrusted to them. Surrender must be guided by the constant exercise of the self-emptying, by the permanent quest of being nothing and not wanting anything.

Many aspire to fulfill missions that, for themselves, demand total surrender of their lives, as the unconditional and selfless service is. However, before you launch yourselves into this surrender, children, you must meditate from the heart on what it means and, thus, dispose your consciousnesses to something more profound, so that this service may be true and its possible consequences be reasons to consolidate the surrender and not to generate a debt towards God – as it can happen if one of you loses their lives serving.

I tell you that because if you truly meditate and launch yourselves into the selfless service and into consecration with this consciousness that surrender must deepen each day, then you might become instruments of God and this condition will bring you the grace of fulfilling your mission with the correct discernment and protection.

However, if you launch yourselves into an unconscious, impulsive and shallow surrender, you run the risk of not receiving from God the grace and the protection that you need and you will live in constant imprudence, by the lack of discernment.

That is why I tell you it does not matter the task you do or the degree of risk you take, but rather the spiritual and conscious depth of your surrender. That is what will differ the service which will have or not the direct presence of God.

I hope  you have understood what I told you.

I leave My Blessing to those who will surrender themselves from the heart. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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