Tuesday, May 31 of 2016

Daily messages


With the Purpose of God in your hearts and with the experience of having felt Him and of having been active participants in His Plan of redemption and rescue, try every day not to move backwards and not to turn back to the common way of human living.

May each day conduct you to a new stair, always to the High, always to a deeper and truer union with God.

May the commitment of the servers expand and may you be true servers of the Plan, working for a planetary mission and not just for a personal consecration.

Children, this Work, for which you have been called, differs from all the others already carried out by the Divine Messengers because we are trying to awaken a planetary mission that may involve not only a few, but that may expand to include all those who have committed themselves with the birth of the New Race in these times.

By means of this Work, we are awakening those, among the 144 thousand, who will create the bases of a new world and who will not hesitate to unite themselves to the universal life and to the cosmic reality, which the majority of human beings sought to ignore.

We are trying to bring to the human consciousness the higher living that approaches it to the part of the Creation of God that lives and manifests only to comply with His Will. Because of this, beloved children, the Divine Messengers are intensifying the participation of all in missions of prayer and of service on the whole planet, so that not only you may feel them in your hearts, but that all your being may participate in the renewal and in the redemption of this planet. May, furthermore, your cells awaken to the fullness of complying with the Will of the Creator and that, thus, they may erase from the human hereditary registers the constant tendency of separating themselves from the divine Life to live under the guidance of their own will.

Today I will ask you to be attentive to Our guidance and, with joy, to respond to the higher Call. Gradually, you will understand that a universal and divine Plan is being designed by means of your simplest actions that are however sincere and full of the aspiration of attracting the Kingdom of the Heavens to this world.

Each day, renew the consecration of your lives to the Plan of God. The truer you are in this intention, the greater the Grace that will come to your help.

I thank you and bless you, so that you may keep taking fertile steps in this moment of leaving, on the ground of the Earth, the sprouted seeds of the New Time, of the New Race.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, May 30 of 2016

Daily messages

The greatness of living inside the Laws and the Purpose of the Creator is that, amidst the ignorance of the majority of human beings, you can discover the truth about yourselves.

Children, it is when the heart offers to serve and obey the higher designs, even if it does not understand and know them completely, that the greater Laws permeate your lives and lead you to the awakening of the potential that you hold as creatures of God.

When you accept to follow these designs, you must plunge with the whole of your being into this true adventure that is, for humanity, the discovery of itself, of its origin and of the mysteries of the planet on which you live.

When you are capable of loving the Plans of the Creator more than your own plans and more than yourselves, you will see that other possibilities of understanding will be given to you. You will be able to awaken the power of intuition and the deep feeling of your hearts, and will no longer need so many explanations for the mind, because the heart will be the true knower of all things.

If you plunge into the infinite of the Divine Consciousness, you will not doubt the vastness of His Plan and the more it is revealed to you, the more you will seek it, and the more open you will be to come to know it, because you are a part of this infinite Creation. Just as the Creator expresses Himself in so many ways in the Cosmos, He also created, in the human beings, an infinite potential still unknown by all.

Children, everything begins by saying “yes” to God and letting His Laws invade your lives and transform you, placing you in the correct point of awakening and maturing of the spirit.

Today, once more, I thank you, because – by responding to the call for prayer for Uruguay and by placing all your heart in the sincere response that you emitted to the Universe – you opened new possibilities for the awakening and for human evolution.

Perceive that it is in the simplicity and sincerity of your hearts that the keys to the unveiling of the potential of true love are kept.

Keep this experience inside you and let your evolutionary path leave now from this level to new stairs. Keep climbing in eternal ascension.

The one who follows your steps,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, May 29 of 2016

Daily messages

Great is the mystery of Creation. Grandiose is the Grace that hides, that conceals itself in the depths of the human heart.

Today, the angels and saints give glory to the Creator, because humanity has experienced the power of unity1, and His Plan begins to be fulfilled in the consciousnesses of those who said “yes”.

Magnificent is the mystery of the Lord, and it is a unique gift to be able to reveal it in the simplicity of the inner world.

Children, feel today the power of unity among the creatures of God. Feel what grandiose mystery is revealed to you when, with simplicity, joy and love, you respond to the heavenly call.

The time has come for the apostles to take their places again, and to leave again, two by two, to sustain the world and, in a silent way, to unite with the Divine Hierarchy to fulfill the Plans of the Father.

Children, today a higher Grace has descended to the world, because, for an instant, you were capable of transcending self-love to love the Plan and the Will of God for each nation and for each consciousness.

Today, I thank you for having allowed yourselves to experience the truth of your hearts. Now, with this experience in your own inner world, do not detain yourselves and move ahead, sowing the principles of a new life on this planet in redemption.

When you open your hearts, the Heavens come to your help and the power of Mercy is greater than the ray of Justice.

Today, a new apprenticeship of love has been granted to you; keep it and multiply it within the days that will come.

Your Father and Companion, the One who thanks you for interceding for the nations,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

1Saint Joseph is referring to the work that was carried out by the groups of prayer of Uruguay, by the Fraternity Community and by the Grace Mercy Order, in the 19 states of Uruguay at request of the Virgin Mary. The work was sustained and supported by means of prayers, by all of the Light-Network and by the Light-Communities.



Thursday, May 26 of 2016

Daily messages

While you pray, go beyond your needs, go beyond the peace that you will achieve in your heart.

When you find yourself in a state of peace, allow it to expand and allow the Creator to express Himself through your heart and reveal to your soul the mysteries that will make you grow.

Allow the prayerful state to activate the mirror of your heart and unite yourself to the mirrors of the Cosmos, making the wisdom that is kept in them, the history of the Divine Creation that is written on them, known to you. Comprehend, thus, the existence of each Kingdom, the meaning of the manifested life and to where this life leads you.

Allow this inner understanding to lift up your being, and carry part of the human consciousness with you, because - when you are united to the Father - nothing that you do generates merits only for you. When the mirrors of the Cosmos turn to the Earth to reflect their light on the mirrors of the hearts of those who seek wisdom and divine knowledge, anyone who is united to the Creator and to His Path of evolution receives, in themselves, the radiation of these mirrors.

If you lift up your consciousness to an inner state that allows you to transcend the human mind and enter the divine knowledge, all of humanity, in a very mysterious way, receives the opportunity to unveil such mysteries. Therefore, while you pray do not limit this act to sensations and experiences of the senses. Seek not just to enjoy a state of quietness, when in fact you could enter the divine dimensions and reencounter the life that you once had to forget.

Besides crying out for the world and feeling the pain of your brothers and sisters, discover the face of prayer which is also a service and which leads you to the union with God and with His Plan.

The creatures from this Earth have a unique ability to unite with the Creator and, in such union, comprehend the mysteries of His Plans in a way that not even the angels could achieve.

Do you realize, then, child, the greatness that is hidden in the simple act of praying and how much you still have to go deeper and discover this prayerful mystery?

There is no recipe or a sequence of actions that one could teach you to unveil these mysteries. This union with God depends only on you, as on each human being; it depends on the boundless love that you can feel inside you when you lose the fear of losing yourself to find yourself, as nothing, in God.

It is a matter of letting yourself be conquered by the love that dwells within you and of not putting limits to its expansion. This is your experience with God and there is no one, not even Me, who can lead you to this. I, child, as your Father and Friend, only inspire you to follow this path and signal the direction to you so that you start walking alone in this desert, which at first will seem to be very lonely and, afterwards, you will discover it full of all, because therein lies the Whole, lies the Creator of all things, the One Who contains, in Himself, the whole Life.

Go and walk, go ahead where your heart indicates.

I leave you My blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, May 24 of 2016

Daily messages

Contemplate the world and such great decay of humanity without being absorbed by it. Be the principle of a new life consciously, and before letting yourself be carried by the currents of the world, be a beacon to those who walk in the darkness.

Do not see this decay with criticism and judgments because you are also a part of it. But, child, be conscious that the transformation of life on Earth must also come from those who call themselves awake.

Whenever you are before illusions of your brothers and sisters, do not judge, but emanate the compassion that was given to you by God when He opened your eyes. Let arise from your Heart the same love that the Creator made emerge when He called you to His side.

You do not need to say a single word to transform one heart: a simple gaze and the emanation of the mercy of your heart will be enough. Only be true in your intentions to be a principle of the new in this world, which day by day is declining.

For what I say to you to become a reality in your life, child, it is only necessary to not let yourself be carried away by the influences of the world, and not to want to adapt yourself to the worldly life when you are facing someone who lives this life, just to not look different.

Be what you are. Live according to what your heart indicates to you. Do not fear to express the transformation that is happening inside you and do not worry if you are different to the others because it is precisely the difference in you, which will cause the souls to awaken. It is the example of your transformation that will impel those around you to seek a new life and let go the old man.

Therefore, while you are in this world, do not belong to it. Belong to a Divine Kingdom and attract this higher reality to Earth with your determination.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, May 23 of 2016

Daily messages

On the Path of transformation and surrender, it is about being true. All actions, thoughts and feelings of those who aspire to be in God must be filled by Truth.

It is the sincere aspiration of reaching the divine union, and the real effort to always make the best, that will lead you to the development of your potential, as creatures that come from the Divine Essence.

Children, humanity has always cultivated mediocrity and not perfection. Has always cultivated lies and manipulation and not the truth. Those who strive to live with attention to every detail of what they do, always observing the best, are exceptions. And this world is so out of balance that those who try to find perfection often enter in the decadent spirit of matter, and become ill, confused by perfectionism.

When I ask you to do the best, I am not asking you to be perfectionist, because the perfectionism exists when the search of the being is focused on the matter and the pride of doing everything always better than the others.

I tell you about something spiritual and not material. I tell about the search for perfection as a way to express harmony and balance, and thus, create the conditions for the vibrations and the Higher Laws to penetrate even into the material life of this world.

When I ask you to be true and not liars or manipulators, I am also talking about something spiritual. Many believe that not to think of what they say and what they do is to be spontaneous and true, but to be true, in the sense that I bring to you, is to express the Truth of the Creator after having searched for it.

To be true with the other is to act from essence to essence, it is to find the inner self, and from there, to act and live.

To be true is to live according to the inner truth: speak, act, think and feel with the heart, with the essence, with the truth, with This which lives within each being, This which is like the Creator.

In your essences you can find the truth that I tell you about, but to come to know it, it is necessary search for it with love and sincerity, and ask for the grace of living based on that inner essence.

Ask the Creator for the grace of living in this world, and express yourself in it from the essence and the heart, from the truth and not the personality. Ask Him for the Grace of being true and expressing the likeness of Him. If your intentions are sincere, He will grant you this Grace.

Your Father and Intercessor, The One who prays to God for all to find the truth of the human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, May 22 of 2016

Daily messages

Contemplate the infinite Mercy of God and make known to the world this Divine Fount that rescues the souls and conducts them to the path of redemption.

Announce the Divine Mercy not only with words and prayers; be an announcer of this Mercy with your actions, with your gestures, with your feelings, with your thoughts.

Be merciful; give yourself to all the ones in need, and even to those who do not deserve – especially to the latter, give the best.

God is pure and infinite Mercy. This world is the living fruit of the Divine Mercy and all the souls that inhabit in it are children of the Divine Mercy.

You, child, from spirit to matter, are a result of the infinite Mercy of the Creator and today He calls you not only to receive Mercy, but also to give it. Give Mercy and find out, in this way, the essence of the Love of a God that hopes to be united with His creatures.

Be merciful, searching for the need of your neighbor, forgiving and having pity on all the souls and on all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Be compassionate and, more than that, be merciful. Give the best to the ones who do not deserve. In the place of a just punishment, give your love.

When the creatures are merciful, they send a living sign to the Universe, so that the Creator may open the doors of the fount of His Divine Mercy. But if humanity does not search for, does not clamor for and does not live Mercy with one another, how will this Divine Source be able to pour out its balm over the Earth?

If the humanity only keeps committing the same mistakes, without true regret; if it does not know and does not search for the Creator, not in the Heavens neither in their neighbor; if it only judges their brothers and sisters and does not forgive their mistakes, how will another Law but the Divine Justice be able to descend?

Be like the Father not only in essence, but also in actions and, in this way, He will send to the world – through the door of your heart – that which the world needs.

Mercy is a Law that never ceases to exist, but – for it to express and to go into action – you must clamor for it, search for it and live it.

Your Merciful Father, servant of the God of Mercy,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, May 21 of 2016

Daily messages

To understand the words of the Divinity, it is necessary to live them.

To deepen in your own spiritual path and find new horizons, it is needed to walk on the first pathways that are presented to you.

If you want to know how to achieve a greater surrender, pray.

If you want to know how and where to consecrate your own life, serve.

If you want to reach a true union with God, give from yourselves and you will find Him where you least expected: there, where your own will does not exist; there, where there is no manipulation and no lie; there, where there is only sincerity and the willingness of being empty of yourselves, there, God will be.

If you want to know how to find simplicity, read and live My words. In a few lines, I hand you the universal knowledge.

Happy are the simple of heart, who will know to listen to Me and to follow Me.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, May 20 of 2016

Daily messages

The fortress raised with safety is that one which is on the bases of unity with the neighbor.

The joy that radiates to the world and heals the hopeless hearts is that one which is born when you share the joy of the other and you multiply it, feeling in yourselves a joy that did not come from your own heart.

The Plan of God is fulfilled wherever there is fraternity, wherever the tests are overcome with bravery and you share the joy of having overcome them.

Children, today I come to teach you to live in the Spiritual Community, the one that includes in itself all the life on the Earth, the one that is wherever one lives in brotherhood and harmony.

The Communities–of-Light exist to express an archetype that must expand to the whole world, thus causing the Spiritual Community of the planet to be born.

Cultivate among you the spirit of unity and love and multiply it. Make of all the places where you go an expansion of the Communities-of-Light. Search for the need of your neighbor wherever you are; share the joy of your neighbor wherever you are; make an effort to defeat the judgments and the criticism, to understand the limitations of the other wherever you are.

Build the new world everyday. Find in the invisible of the planet, the Spiritual Community, the one that manifests itself in the levels of the spirit as the perfect Thought of God and that, now, must manifest itself in the planetary life.

With that I place you before an even bigger challenge than the one you live: of loving not only the ones who are by your side, but also the ones who seem to be unknown to you.

Live in the Spiritual Community, live on the planet, discovering the sacred that is hidden on it. Find the sacred that is in each essence.

Your Father and Instructor, The One who leads you to discover the Spiritual Community,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Wednesday, May 18 of 2016

Daily messages


The path of Christification is the path that all those who aspire to the establishment of the Kingdom of God must live.

The new race, the new humanity, is a live manifestation of the Will of the Creator for this project of Earth. To open the path for this race to be able to arise, you must start to live within yourselves the principles of fraternity, charity, humility and love.

I am not saying that these attributes must be perfectly manifested in all human beings for the new race to be able to arise, but rather that all those who remain on Earth have a firm determination to live them until the end of their lives and of their experiences in this world.

When these attributes start to dawn in the horizon of the souls, and the consciousnesses can already express even if a little of this truth, it is when the new world will emerge.

The sacred Archetype of God, that nowadays only expresses itself on the sublime levels of the consciousness and in the interior of Earth, cannot manifest itself in the hearts of the beings who still live the desire of power, lie and manipulation.

It is for this reason that we call you to sow goodness, to live goodness, to live within yourselves the principles of a new life because the purification of Earth is already in course and soon the time will come for the definition of the destiny of this planet.

Wherever there are sincere hearts aspiring to find the truth, there truth will manifest itself. But if the hearts let themselves be conquered by the stimuli of this world and do not make an effort to be worthy to receive the Kingdom of God on Earth, then the destiny of the planet will be another one and the Project of the Creator will take new directions.

Many do not understand or do not want to understand what I tell you not to have to leave the convenience of being how you are and not to have to make any effort to transform yourselves. Therefore, children, I ask you to listen to Me and that you sincerely aspire to follow My words, that you make an effort every day to be fraternal, charitable, humble to awaken in your hearts the Christic love and the unity with God.

When you try to transform yourselves consciously and make an effort every day, the Grace of God descends upon you.

For the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth and for the appearance of the new humanity – as an opportunity of the manifestation of the divine Project – go ahead.

You have My Blessing.

Your Father ad Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, May 17 of 2016

Daily messages


I wish that, for a brief moment, your eyes could see the planetary reality; that for a brief moment, your hearts could feel what is true suffering: that which the Creator suffers, for the denial of His creatures towards His Plans.

For a moment, reflect and meditate on what makes you deny the Perfection of God, the living of His Love, of Fraternity, of Unity that He hopes to be able to print in your hearts. Why do you prefer to keep living in ignorance, in disharmony, in conflicts, in competition?

Children, what is it that nourishes the human heart in such way in the path of darkness that you do not elect to walk to the Light?

Many do not know how to answer Me because they sincerely aspire to follow a luminous path, but they let themselves be defeated by criticism, by selfishness, by pride, by competition and by all the other forces that tie them to the illusions of this world.

Where is the bravery that you have to compete, to get what you want, to establish your own will? This bravery must be converted and used to keep your spirits on the right path.

The closer the definitive times of the Earth gets, the bigger is the density of the planet and more difficult it will be to follow God, if there is not a firm determination inside of you of overcoming even yourselves and your own inclinations to the forces of chaos.

Children, I have already given to you all the keys: the ones who read My words will recognize, in their interior, that I have already marked out the path to a new race and to the absolute transformation of your beings and, as a result of your transformation, the transformation of all the ones who are around you, waiting for an example in order to awake.

The majority of the human beings prefer to surrender to the capital forces, than make an effort to overcome them inside and outside themselves. Only an example of determination will be able to encourage them to move forward. That is why I call you, that have everything and that have received from Heaven all the graces of God, to be pioneers on this path and take your steps.

The one who loves you and, because of that, impels you to go on,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, May 16 of 2016

Daily messages

Live in My Charity disposing your hearts to serve the neighbor.

Live in My Charity, the one that makes you give all of yourself and not only a bit; the one that gives even when you do not have, and allows in this way, that God makes the Law of Manifestation descend in favor of human balance.

Live in My Charity and you will be protected, because the one who is always willing to serve no matter the time, the day, without conditions, will always be sheltered by the Creator.

Live in My Charity in the small and in the great works. Help the neighbor that is by your side, but also leave the comfort to serve the ones who are distant.

Receive with love the ones who come towards you and open the doors of your hearts, just as God opens the Doors of Heaven for you.

Be instruments of the planetary redemption through the union with My divine Charity.

Your Father and Companion, in service and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, May 15 of 2016

Daily messages

You have my blessing to serve, to always give the best of yourself to others, in favor of the planetary needs.

You have My blessing to pray with the heart, to learn with this mysterious act of love and of unity with God, in favor of the evolution of the planet.

You have My blessing to be among the Kingdoms of Nature, to shelter a life, a representative of these Kingdoms, in your heart, to work, thus, in favor of the balance of the universe.

You have My blessing to develop love and proclaim peace.

You have My blessing to sow joy and the good in souls and in the Kingdoms.

You have My blessing to be truthful, to tell the truth, to lose the fear of asking for forgiveness, and to live the reconciliation with God and with the neighbor.

When you work for the Plan of God, I am with you.

When you seek to forget yourself, I remember you and I take care of your heart.

When you seek to follow the example of My Son Jesus, I go behind you, blowing in your ear where you must go, in order for you not to lose yourself and not to make mistakes.

Child, when you are on the right path, I am with you.

When you are wrong, I pray for you, but I cannot work by your side.

When you ask Me for help, I will come.

When you become willing to change, I will be here.

While you are willing to listen to My words and follow what I tell you, I will speak to you.

The presence or the absence of God in your life depends only on you. The Creator is eager to fill the hearts of His creatures and make them return. You, child, only need to say “yes” and walk.

What I tell you is not a poem, it is a law. Live according to the principles of God and He, with all His Kingdom, will be with you.

He who teaches you to tread the paths of the spirit,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Saturday, May 14 of 2016

Daily messages


The Kingdoms of Nature are dying each day, and this makes the spirit of Earth lose its strength, its life and its capacity of supporting the evolution of those who live on it.

The majority of the human beings is asleep for the real mission of the Kingdoms of Nature and can only understand, at most, their material role in supporting life.

Everybody understands that without trees you could not breathe, that without water you could not live, that without animals there would be no balance on the planet, but few understand that those who do not learn with the spirit of the trees do not reach elevation, those who do not live the purity of the waters within themselves will never find their origin, will never return to the Creator, and those who do not learn with the love and with the self-giving of the animals will never develop within themselves the Christic love and will not be able to be a part of the concretization of the Plans of God for this race.

What I tell you is only an example of what the Kingdoms represent for the human and planetary life. Without the Kingdoms, there would be no balance, there would be no evolution. The Kingdoms of Nature bring to humankind all the attributes they need to fulfill their mission: that of uniting themselves to God. The Kingdoms always lead to the unity with the Creator. Contemplate a forest, a river, a mountain, a dog and you will understand what I am saying to you.

With the contribution of the Kingdoms, the human being would reach the unity with the Father, and seeing in front of them this example of perfect union with God, the Kingdoms of Nature would follow the same path of unity and love. This would be a mutual surrender for the evolution.

On this planet, children, everything was created for us to live the Christic love. Life exists due to the giving of all and thus was organized for the inclination to love to be natural in every living being. But the human heart negated this perfection and this love and not only enslaved and martyrized the Kingdoms of Nature, but also their fellow beings and, as a result of this no-ending unbalance even the Heart of the Father suffers outrages by actions of His creatures.

Now, children, it is time to balance, it is time to learn and to live all those principles for which you were blind for such a long time. Because – although the transition of the planet and the decrease of Justice cannot be avoided - the establishment of the new race will take place by means of the expression of these divine and original principles in the hearts of those who said “yes” to the Greater Plan.

Today and every day, I will give you the impulse for the love of the Kingdoms of Nature, for the learning with the essence of each Kingdom and for the self-giving through everyone, to collaborate with the evolution of your smaller brothers.

Your Father and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Friday, May 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Seek peace inside of you and try to be in a prayerful state permanently. Find within your heart the harmony and the neutrality that allows you to establish a contact with God, regardless of what happens around you. 

Child, the moments in which you can be in harmony, in silence, without judgments or criticism, only as an observer of yourself, are of great value in these times because they prepare your inner world, and strengthen you for times of much imbalance within and outside beings.

Today that you have the Grace of the presence of the Kingdom of Fatima in your life, let the purity and the peace of this Kingdom awaken in you the sublime neutrality, the harmony and the trust in God, that come from the inner certainty of the compliance of His Plans.

Let the Kingdom of Fatima speak to your heart and reveal to you the purest you have inside of you, so that it will serve as a contribution for the transformation of the Earth.

Let the Kingdom of Lis, which is simplicity and joy, flood you and bring to your small life the strength that you need to always proceed.

Child, in the simplicity of My words today I only tell you that, more than remembering the passage of Mary in Fatima, open yourself to find out what Fatima expresses today, to find out the greatness of what this Kingdom of peace and humility has become. Not only nourish your heart with the memories of the past, but find alive, in front of you, the Kingdom of Fatima, the sacred house of Your Celestial Mother in this world in redemption.

Open yourself to this mystery and not only you will enter in Fatima, but Lis-Fatima will enter inside of you and awaken the original purity in your interior.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Thursday, May 12 of 2016

Daily messages


Each one of you will live in these times the learning that will lead you to live love, renunciation, and absolute surrender to the Creator, the resignation to His Holy Will.

When your souls chose to respond to the Call of God, they knew that this would be a hard path, sometimes long and endlessly filled with tests and challenges.

In this moment, children, you will be tested in the interior desert and you will fortify within yourselves the capacity of giving to your neighbor what you thought you did not have. It will be when you will feel greater loneliness and unrest that the Lord will place before you the needs of the other – that not always will be greater than yours. Also, several times, you will have to put aside the desolation that consumes you to help your brothers and sisters to get out of situations that seem so small and simple.

Children, it is in this moment, in the simplest tests, that you will confirm within yourselves the Christic path. When it will seem that you need most help, more the Lord will charge from you the permanent giving, because this is how He did it with His Son.

After making Him experience the loneliness of Gethsemane, He took Him to the Calvary, where – besides surmounting His own loneliness – He had to forgive the abandonment and the betrayal of His companions, those who said they would follow Him to the end. He had to forgive those that, little by little and full of hatred, were killing Him. Beyond forgiving them, He had to love them and give them His last drop of blood, without thinking about Himself and His difficulties, only supporting Himself in the Purpose of His Father.

When you are without inner and outer strength to continue and, even so, the Creator calls you to walk, remember that this is how He treats those in which He has placed His Trust; this is how He treats those that He loves most and that He knows will respond to His Call in the name of all those who are blind, deaf and have the heart and spirit closed.

Remember, children, that the tests of today strengthen you for the tests of tomorrow. You must be strong to surpass what you live – and I am not only speaking about physical facts, as I speak about what goes on in the inner worlds – because if you live great tests today, tomorrow you must surrender life for love of those who hate you.

But I tell you that the greatness of the Plan of the Creator and the great reward for following Him is, in spite of everything, that you will not regret to have said “yes” and, even if you seem languid in your body, mind and emotions, you will be full in spirit, full of the Truth of God and of the certainty that there is no other path to follow, but this one that leads you to the Father.

Your Father and Friend, the One who teaches you to recognize with joy and in peace the tests of today to strengthen yourselves for the tests of tomorrow.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Wednesday, May 11 of 2016

Daily messages

Give a bit of yourself to the Plan of God.

Give a bit of the verb that was given to you to pray for those who have it suffocated in their hearts and cannot proclaim their own faith, for the fear that they feel.

Give your arms for a while and serve in the name of those who have no way of working or that forcibly work to construct a kingdom of darkness which has the suffering of innocents as foundation.

Give your smile for those who no longer know how to smile and announce to the world that, even though there is so much darkness permeating the Earth today, those who are in God never lose joy because the reason of their rejoicing does not come from this world.

Give an act of fraternity every day. Give to the neighbor what you wanted to have. Leave for the other something that is very dear to you and renounce, child, the possessions of this world, in the name of all those who destroy lives and entire nations for an asset that will perish along with their souls, for being so involved by illusion.

Give a bit of yourself every day, so that the Creator will have, each day, a reason to pour His Mercy over the world.

Give of yourself and you will see how simple it is to balance the events – that are fruit of human imbalance – when you are sincere of heart. You will see how simple it is to radiate to the neighbor a real example of a life filled of God on an Earth where He is so forgotten.

Child, give a bit of yourself to understand the neighbor. Leave aside your way of thinking to enter the thought of your brothers and sisters, and understand them. Leave your way of feeling aside so that you will feel like your brothers and sisters, and thus you may truly understand them.

Leave yourself aside a bit every day so that you will be an instrument of God, even if it is for a moment.

See before you the Hand of the Creator and ask Him, every day, what He wants from you. Give to the Father whatever He asks you. Even if someday He might ask for your entire life, when this moment comes, the little bit that you have given of yourself, will have made of your soul a servant soul and nothing will cost you to surrender your life to the Lord. You will make it even before He asks you.

The One who teaches you to live the giving to God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Tuesday, May 10 of 2016

Daily messages

Heal your spirit in the union with God and finally discover the meaning of your life in this divine union.

Child, there is no plenitude but in the union with the Creator. There is no real meaning to human existence if the hearts of the human beings do not become a bridge between the material life and the divine life, thus crossing all the dimensions of existence and opening the path for all the creatures to live this union.

Today, child, you behold that many of your brothers and sisters lose hope in life on Earth. Others walk as if they were lost and blind, without knowing where to go or what to search for. And others, for not finding something that motivates them to live, search in distractions, pleasures, drugs and illusions a meaning for life. But these last souls are very unhappy and soon will feel the emptiness that this life brings them.

If the soul does not find God, it does not know for what it is in this world, because there is no other reason for the human existence but the union with God, through the forgetfulness of oneself and the absolute love.

I tell you this, child, because in the present days as in the days that will come, you can be a beacon in the darkness of the world, indicating the path for those who are lost.

Through your union with God and with His Plan of Love, you will never lose the joy and spiritual stimulus to continue living, surpassing the obstacles within and out of you and discovering a power that does not come from your heart, so that you will keep standing in the times of a major planetary chaos. This example will make your brothers and sisters search for this source that nourishes you and they will find, at the last moment, this real path.

Understand, My child, the importance of you really uniting yourself with God, with your neighbor, with the Kingdoms of Nature; the importance of you living these words and becoming a live book of instructions that We bring to the world.

Because time will come when you will no longer have how to study, to research and to search for the path as you do now. It will be by seeing the live example of the neighbor and by imitating them, that the souls will arrive where they should arrive: in peace, in redemption and in unity with God.

I leave you, child, My last instructions of these times and I will not say anything else, but how to live them, because that is the most important now.

Your Father and Instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Monday, May 9 of 2016

Daily messages

Reverence the Kingdoms of Nature and find in them the wisdom and the knowledge of all the history of the Creation.

The Kingdoms of Nature hold within themselves the purest principles of the Creator, that perfect idea which was the basis for all the manifested life.

Children, just as the Earth on which you inhabit is alive and also follows its spiritual evolution, in the same way, the Kingdoms of Nature also evolve, also hold within themselves an evolving spirit. Each species has a unique consciousness, which should interact with the human life, in mutual collaboration.

If you simply observed the development of a tree, for example, and let this growth reflect in your interior, you would be able to learn and understand much about yourselves and about the celestial mysteries.

The Kingdoms of Nature hold within themselves the evolutionary archetype of all the manifested life and reflect this archetype in their lives, in their way of growing, of searching for light, of giving flowers, fruits, new seeds, in the capacity of renewing and keep giving.

If you observe the Kingdoms of Nature, children, you will realize that the principle of unity is alive among them, because a Kingdom depends on the existence of the other, and they are conscious of that. You will realize that the principle of gift of self is alive in them, because the Kingdoms give their existence permanently, in an act of constant service.

Humanity has darkened in itself the spiritual archetype left by God, and thus, the constant imbalances that you live today were born. Now, it is time to rediscover this archetype in your own interior.

I am not saying that, with this, you will change immediately the physical destiny of the Earth, but you will be able to bring the spiritual balance which it needs to begin to form the divine principles on matter.

If you, little by little, reintegrate to the unity with the Kingdoms of Nature and develop the principle of gift of self, of mutual collaboration, of harmony among all the manifested life, balance may come back, at least spiritually, to the planetary consciousness, and little by little, this balance will be able to be manifested on matter.

Therefore, children, today I will ask you to observe the Kingdoms of Nature a little more and let them show you how to resume in yourselves the living of balance and the divine archetype, how to find the perfect Thought of God again, that which was lost in your interior, waiting for an opportunity to express itself.

Feel the peace radiated by the Kingdoms and live in harmony. The living of what I tell you and your examples will be great tools of transformation of the current chaos in which the Earth is found.

This, children, is not only an instruction, but an appeal from the One who knows the need for you to commune with the Kingdoms of Nature in order to find God again and accomplish His Plan.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, May 8 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear companions, children and friends in Christ,

I would like to make you understand that when you truly open the doors of your hearts, these doors expand to the Celestial Kingdom, and not only your hearts open at this time, but also all the doors of Heaven, so that the Light of God may descend to the ones who need it the most.

When you pray and feel that your hearts expand, then, children, at this time, do not think about yourselves: think about the planet and deepen your union with God. Do not limit your prayers to your own needs and neither allow this prayer to let you know only the enclosure of your own hearts. Because the time has come for your souls to get to know the sublime worlds, and for your hearts to unite with the Most Sacred Heart of the Father in order to create a bridge of salvation for humanity.

During prayers, no longer think about yourselves, about your own healing or about your own redemption, because – when you ask God for the healing of the planet and for the redemption of the neighbor – you are already living the healing in yourselves and you are already on the path of redemption.

When you pray alone and in the first person, pray as if all of humanity were enclosed inside your prayerful hearts. And when you say: “I”, may the principle of unity live in this “I”. May the “I” be also “you”; may the “I” be filled by the One Who Is.

The time has come for all of your prayers to be on behalf of the planet. The time has come to achieve the planetary prayer and make of it your permanent work.

Children, you have been called to be instruments of God, and now the Creator comes to give you the Grace of unity with Him so will you become worthy and able to accomplish this mission.

The doors of the Kingdom of God will open before your eyes and your hearts, but before you enter, keep them open, indicating the way to those who have never known how to get there.

When all have already entered and your time to enter and to close the doors comes, you will see that, behind you, waiting for your entry, was the Son of Man, the Universal King, the One who teaches you that, for you to be the first, you will have to be the last.

Your Father and Friend, the One who loves you and teaches you to be true instruments of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Sunday, May 1 of 2016

Daily messages

From the 28th of April to the 1st May, the first meeting of the Planetary Mission Network took place in the Marian Center of Figueira. On the last day, today, Saint Joseph asked to gather with all those present in the community to transmit His daily message.


Today I gather you here so that you will understand, with this sign, that a missionary of peace, before serving, must drink from the source of spiritual healing, must seek in the sublime worlds the encouragement that they will take to those who need it the most.

A missionary of peace that represents the Divine Messengers to the world and that, through their service, give testimony of the Presence of God on Earth must find, first of all, the union with the One.

When We ask you to come to the points of light that My Chaste Heart has established these times, before serving and being part of this Planetary Mission Network, it is for you to nourish your spirits with the true balm that you will take to the souls, from those who you serve in a more simple way, day to day, to those who truly need the Love of God.

I come to ask you, children, that you do not make of this Mission Network a reason for separating the different currents of healing and of charity that this Work expresses on the planet. The Planetary Mission Network must be the active arm of all the expressions of service that we already have as divine Work established on Earth.

The Planetary Mission Network will drink from the source of Instruction and will practice it; it will drink from the source of Prayer and will give meaning to its service; it will learn with charity and with mercy that the House Light of the Hill offers as an experience of healing and service towards the souls; it will learn with the love of the Kingdoms which the Park Francis of Assisi teaches you. And, therefore, you will find out that a service that does not include the Kingdoms of Nature is incomplete and that a soul that does not learn with the unconditional love of the Kingdoms is incomplete. You will learn with the fraternal and compassionate love of the Nucleus of Service "Crer-Sendo" and, thus, children, you will find out that the divine essences are inside the creatures regardless of their appearance and that, when one gives to a soul what it needs in order to grow - even if it is a correction, given with love -, it develops its potential and receives a possibility of healing the past.

And, with the matrix-missionaries of peace, at the House of Saint Joseph and at the House of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you will learn to serve wherever it is necessary; you will learn to have no expectations; you will learn how to be true missionaries of peace, because there, I will place you before all the tests that you need in order to break your resistances and learn to be nothing, so this way, you may be instruments of God.

With all these experiences, you will learn that the Creator does not see the works, but rather the love with which you manifest them. After that, you will be able to serve, even inside your homes, and be healers of your own families – though love and care – and you will permit that many families in the world receive an opportunity.

Children, I want you to understand that the Planetary Mission Network does not come to separate what was united1: it comes to improve and train the spirits of those who, in the name of all, will dedicate themselves in a more specific way to the interior and external rescue of this world.

The Planetary Mission Network comes to place, in the consciousness of all, the need of a more intense preparation for these times and to awaken many from the drowsiness in which they are found, waiting for the next century a transition that is already ongoing on planet.

The Planetary Mission Network is being established to tell you that it is definitely the time to awaken and act, to be prepared for anything, in all levels, because it is not only physical rescue that the world will need. You must be prepared not only to help the souls physically, but to do it with such love that it will awaken them for redemption, even if it is in the last hour.

Your Father and Friend, Servant of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

1 Saint Joseph refers to the four Networks (healing, instruction, prayer and service)
that have united to the Planetary Network of Light.

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